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The True World of Light

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Kirby woke, all alone, hurting all over. He'd never gone so fast before. He never knew he could. He never had to try. But he was just so afraid, seeing everyone he loved die. Die, right before his eyes. Die. They weren't supposed to die. They shouldn't have been able to. But this is the way things were, and he would have plenty of time to rack his brain about it as he began the long trek across what looked like a seemingly endless sea of mountains and valleys.

Mario, chained up and conked out, was at mercy for once in his life. Though not one thought passed through his slumbering brain, one might assume he was already trying to figure his way out of this. So was everyone else. Wherever they were. Mario dreamt of the crooked subspace as his body was used to fuel the evil plan of his captor. Nobody was safe now.

Nobody was awake to witness their dark chambers fill with glowing red eyes.