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The Space in My Bed

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Spock was entirely too bored. He did not wish to be here. He was sorry he had even agreed to it. His first instinct had been to say no.

“Oh, now see, I have to kiss you at midnight.”

Spock turned, taken aback, by the words spoken to his back at this very uncomfortable gathering to celebrate the ‘New Year’.

Standing there before him was a cadet, judging by the red uniform he wore, with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a smirk that ought to be wiped off his face.

It was almost…unseemly. And definitely illogical.

“I beg your pardon?”

“The First Footing.”

He arched his eyebrow at this cryptic sentence. Since the cadet carried with him an obvious glass of alcohol Spock suspected he was very intoxicated.

Spock was about to turn around and dismiss the cadet when he spoke again.

“Not familiar with the old Earth tradition?”


“Well.” The cadet shrugged. “Legend, really. Specifically from Scotland. It was considered a harbinger of good tidings if the first stranger that crossed your threshold of the New Year was a dark haired man.”

“That is…dubious at best. Not to mention kissing me would not be crossing your threshold.”

The smirk widened. “I beg to differ.”

Spock’s communicator chirped and he looked away from the cadet to his communication device. As he had anticipated, it was Nyota, indicating she had secured them spots at a table so that they could consume food.

“If you will excuse me, I am with someone, and she has found us a table.”

The cadet’s gaze held his for a moment later before sliding away to another part of the room and the crowd beyond. And then back to Spock.

“James Kirk.”

It took Spock two seconds to realize he was being offered the cadet’s name.

“Spock,” he said in return. “I believe you are set to take the Kobayashi Maru after the New Year.”

“Yes, that’s right. Third time’s the charm.”

And he would fail again, Spock knew. Beating the test was not the point anyway.

“You are persistent, Cadet.  I will allow that. If you will excuse me?”

That playful smirk returned. “I guess we will see. See you later, Spock.”

“There you are,” Nyota said a few minutes later, linking her arm with his, and drawing him toward a table filled with people he did not know and did not wish to particularly. “What kept you?”

“Nothing important,” he advised, and joined her at the seats.

It was much later in the evening, toward the time for midnight, when Spock saw the cadet again. He had been looking forward to leaving, sooner rather than later, but he had lost track of Nyota again. And he was growing tired of looking for her.

He was about to send her a message indicating that he would be departing, and he would see her later in the week. She had plans for the next day to attend a parade Spock had absolutely no interest in attending.

“There you are.” The cadet echoed Nyota’ words of a few hours ago.

Spock turned to face Cadet James Kirk once more. “I am uncertain why you were looking for me.”

“First Footing, remember?”


Kirk was suddenly in Spock’s personal space, so close Spock could smell hints of cloves and cinnamon and perhaps sugar.

“You smell like a cookie,” he heard himself say. Which was quite ridiculous. No one smelled like a cookie and why would he state such nonsense?

Kirk’s hand rested on his arm and though material separated their skin from each other, Spock felt intense heat in Kirk’s fingers. “Won’t you indulge me?”

Spock blinked. “Indulge…”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…1. Happy New Year.”

Kirk’s lips pressed against his, warm, soft, and yielding. It was brief, almost just a mere tease, fleeting and nearly gone.

If Spock had let it end…let him, Kirk, pull away and disappear into the night, go as though nothing had happened...

But just as Kirk’s lips withdrew and he began to move away, Spock pulled him back into his arms, mouths pressed together once more. Kirk let out a little moan, a whimper that set Spock’s blood aflame with such suddenness it was as though Kirk were a magician. Spock’s hands slid down Kirk’s back to find the firm round mounds of his buttocks. Their groins were pressed together, arousal against arousal.

As cheers and good will continued around them, confetti falling upon their heads, horns blowing to a deafening annoyance, Spock took his lips away from Kirk’s long enough to say, “We need to leave.”

He watched Kirk swallow heavily. “Yes. But you…weren’t you here with someone?”

“A friend. I will message her later.”

His hand closed around Kirk’s wrist and he yanked him toward the exit.

Perhaps he was a bit rough in his handling as they made their way down the street, a half block to Spock’s residence, but Kirk did not protest.

“I want to eat you up,” Kirk said, illogically.

Spock did not care, for though his words made no sense, the lust in Kirk’s gaze was certainly quite clear.

He dragged the cadet to his bedroom and quickly divested him of his clothing. Kirk lay on his stomach, displaying the finest derriere Spock had ever seen.   

“Come on,” Kirk pleaded. “What are you waiting for?”

Spock definitely did not know. He undressed quickly and joined Kirk on the bed. He lay across the cadet’s perfect back, fastening his lips to the nape of his neck.

“Oh, God, please.” Kirk stiffened underneath him. “You-you do have lube, right?”

“Vulcans are equipped with natural lubrication.”

“Fuck. Okay. I knew I liked Vulcans.”

“And I like quiet humans.”

Kirk laughed. “Okay, okay.”

Spock turned him until he lay on his back, hovering over him to place his lips on the human’s. They were warm and chapped and entirely too addicting. Spock had never expected himself to be into human kissing, but with Kirk, he realized he had to have it.

Kirk moaned, loud and needy. It was so hedonistic, Spock should be appalled, but instead it thrilled him, spurred him on.

He found himself sucking on the cadet’s skin, marking him with what humans called hickeys.

“I need, please.”

Spock could not deny a begging Kirk was entirely too appealing. He spread Kirk’s legs, and had them wrap around Spock’s waist, as he poised his phallus at the puckered hole. Slipping in felt so incredible, Spock was certain he wished to spend hours there.

In fact, much later, in Spock’s bed, as Spock sucked the cadet into his second orgasm of the night, he was pretty sure Kirk said, “Happy New Year to me!”


Jim walked out of the meeting feeling angrier than he thought, maybe, he’d ever felt. He wanted to hit something. Someone. Hard.

“Jim! Jim! Wait!”

But he ignored his friends shouts and kept on walking, all the way off campus.

Fuck it. Maybe he’d never come back.

Jim.” Leonard “Bones” McCoy grabbed him and stopped his movement forward. “Slow down. What happened?”

Right behind Bones was Gary Mitchell, who annoyed Jim even more by having a big smirk on his face. Maybe Jim would punch him.

“What do you think happened?”

“You were expelled?” Mitchell asked, sounding gleeful.

Bones glanced at him. “Shut up.” He looked back at Jim. “You weren’t, were you?”

Jim’s jaw muscle tightened. “No. Suspended. For a month. Do you know how far behind I’m going to be?”

“Jim, calm down. That’s not so bad. I mean you did cheat on the Kobayashi Maru.”

“It’s a useless test. Who makes a test guaranteed for students to fail?”

Mitchell’s smirk widened. “Commander Spock.”

“I hate his fucking guts,” Jim said. “He’s the one that recommended my suspension. Oh, and there’s more. A blight on my record. And I can never take the test again.”

Bones frowned. “What? A blight? Permanent?”

Jim shrugged. “Who knows? I don’t know if I’m ever even coming back here. I was stupid to come here anyway.”

“What did you think was going to happen?” Mitchell asked this time. “You think because you fucked him, he was going to let you get away with it?”

“That had nothing to do with this.” Jim scowled.

“No? Because it sure seemed that way to me. You thought bedding the guy who programmed the test would make him somehow forget you cheated on it.”

“I just found a new solution.”

“Look, Kirk, I liked the fact you reprogrammed the test. It was clever as hell. You should get an accommodation for original thinking. But you should have known that robot would be pissed. You’re being made an example.”

Bones glared at Mitchell and pushed him away. “Get out of here, Gary. You’re making things worse.”

“Fine, fine. Whatever.”

Jim watched Mitchell leave and then turned to Bones. “It’s okay. He didn’t make anything worse.”

“You want some coffee or something? Talk about this?”

“I have to pack my shit.”

“Pack? Jim, are you really not coming back?”

“I don’t know. But that’s another condition of my suspension. I can’t stay on campus.”

“That damn hobgoblin again?”

“I don’t know. I stopped listening to all their garbage. There was a whole committee.”

“And Spock was there?”

“No. But Pike told me he was the one who recommended the suspension.”

“Well.” Bones put his hand on Jim’s shoulder. “Isn’t that better than expulsion?”

“I honestly don’t know, Bones. Can I even recover from this? Barrett was the one behind the mark on my record. He’s never liked me. Or my dad.”

“Have you told your parents?”

“No. Not yet. But I’m going to have to as I’m probably going there for the month I’m suspended.” Jim groaned. “Dad’s going to be pissed.”

“Probably. You want that coffee?”

“How about a drink? Or two? Or three?”

“Jim. Is that wise?”

He sighed. “No.” He looked back at the Academy campus. “I’m going to find a way, though, Bones.”

“A way?”

“To get even.”


“Are you going to help me pack or what?”

Bones sighed. “Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Come on, Jim. Might as well get it over with.”