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During Nanba’s staff meetings, there was one guard who always brought a notepad with him. He would focus on each person who was speaking, and after the Warden responded he took copious notes in the little book. This guard was Kiji Mitsuba.

Warden Hyakushiki was rather impressed by Kiji’s hardworking attitude – though not half as impressed as she was by Hajime, of course. There Hajime sat, straight as a pole like a soldier standing – sitting? – at attention. He didn’t need to take notes to remember what transpired during the meetings. Still, there was something admirable about Kiji’s dutiful note-taking. He obviously took the job very seriously, as a Nanba guard should.

Hmm, Kenshirou Yozakura… Kiji jotted the name down and then looked back up. The supervisor of Building 4 had a decent complexion, but he really could enhance that lovely chocolate skin if he tried. His hair color was fabulous, very vivid and striking, but far too unruly. It could definitely use the aid of a comb and brush. Kiji thought it over and awarded the dog guard a 24/100 in his ranking notebook.

Next was Mao Nijimata, the little snarky cat from Building 2. Kiji took a deep breath before evaluating him. This wasn’t about personality, it was about looks. No matter how much of an annoying brat the money-grubbing feline guard was, he needed to put feelings aside and give him an accurate ranking. A perky nose was around 5 points. Mao also dressed well, no wrinkled blazer or ripped tie, but he didn’t wear anything particularly intriguing either. On top of that, his hair looked like straw. 6/100.

Samon Gokuu… His coloring was fine, but he obviously cared very little for his skin. Tiny scars, evidence of his many rough encounters, adorned that face that had so much potential. Kiji sighed sadly and gave the highest score he could under the circumstances. 14/100.

Next was…Kij’s perfect lips quirked with aggravation. The blue-haired pretty boy Seitarou was next for evaluation, but why bother? He’d already won the Nanba Handsome Man Competition, not that such an arbitrary prize mattered. Kiji dashed off a quick 1/100 next to that name and moved on before he lost his temper.

Houzuki Sanzou wasn’t bad-looking, just a little too pale. He was a good balance for Building 5’s wild bunch. Kiji didn’t approve of all of those piercings, but even he had to admit that they added a certain mysterious charm. Very well, Houzuki: you’re new so I shall go easy on you. 31/100.

The boorish gorilla from Building 13 got 5/100.

Inori didn’t even get on the list. Kiji left the space next to his name blank and moved on.

As for Damian, who could guess what he looked like behind the mask? Kiji scribbled in a few quick question marks. ???/100.

Yamato Godai did nothing to enhance his appearance, though his hair was rather magnificent.  He had a good, strong jaw and intense eyes. 10/100.

Ahato was looking as fabulous as usual today, as befitting a guard of Building 3. Kiji smiled with approval and awarded his guard a 95/100.

Ichijou Tomato…ugh, he looked like a hideous stuffed animal. If he just did something with his hair, he might be acceptable. 1/100.

The angel supervisor of Building 7, mysterious as usual. He looked more like a protagonist of a video game than a supervisor, however. Kiji gave Nanairo extra points for that fluffy hair. 20/100.

As the meeting wrapped up, Kiji wrote down a final figure and closed the notebook.

Kiji Mitsuba: 100/100.

Another productive meeting. Perhaps, he thought, the guards and supervisors would take the time until the next gathering to start taking care of their appearances.

Well, he could dream, anyways.