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An Actress's Dream

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Today I was walking down town running some errands when I ran into an unfamiliar person I had never met before. She looked around my cousin Jeff's age.. maybe a few years younger.

"Hi. Are you lost?" I asked.

The stranger nodded. "Yes, I am new to Whoville and I'm still trying to learn my way around town."

"Are you from around here?"

"No. I'm actually from Australia on Planet Earth."
"How did you get to Whoville?"
"Well, actually I was originally in the Jungle of Nool staying with Horton the Elephant. I'm not sure how I ended up here."

"What's your name?"
"Kirsty. I'm living with Mr. and Mrs. Mayor and Jojo."
I smiled. "It's very nice to meet you. I'm Demi. Where are you looking to go?"
"The library. I don't know much about this place so I want to learn more about the history and the people."
"I'll walk with you. I need to drop some books off on my way to the store. Will you need someone to walk you home?"
Kirsty smiled. "That's very nice of you. Mrs. Mayor said she would pick me up later."
"How old are you?" I asked.
"I just turned 15 a few days ago."
"Happy Birthday. I have a cousin around your age. Do you go to Whoville High?"
Kirsty nodded. "Yeah, I'm a freshmen. What grade is your cousin in?"
"He's a junior."
"I haven't made a lot of friends yet. Do his friends have any siblings my age?"
I nodded. "Yes. His best friend Randy has a younger sister named Lauren. I will have to introduce you to her sometime."
"That would be great." Kirsty smiled at me.
"Was your cousin drafted into the army led by General Schmitz?"
I nodded sadly. "Unfortunately yes. I already miss him. My other cousin was also drafted but she's too young to fight she's only 12."
We walked the rest of the way to the library in silence.

Later that night at dinner my uncle looked at me.
Demi, how would you like to go a concert this weekend?"

I ginned. "Sure Uncle Charles, anything to get my mind off of this stupid war. Where is the concert?"
"At the community center. A local jazz band is playing."
"Can Abby and Jocelyn come too?"
"The more the merrier."
Abby and Jocelyn are my best friends. Their siblings have also gone to General Schmitz's Military Academy and going to fight in the Butter Battle.

"I met someone new today." I said
"Really, who is it? my aunt asked.

"Her name is Kirsty. She's living with Mr. and Mrs. Mayor and Jojo."
"Is she an exchange student? I didn't know Mr. and Mrs. Mayor were hosting an exchange student."
"I suppose you could say that. She said she's from Planet Earth. She was originally staying in the Jungle of Nool with Horton The Elephant."
My uncle nodded. "Very interesting. What's she like?"
"She seems very shy. Hopefully she makes friends at Whoville High."
"What grade is she in?
"Jeff's friend has a sister in 9th grade. Maybe they've met."
I shrugged. " I don't know."

Saturday night I picked up Jocelyn and Abby around 6:15. The concert was starting at 7:00.
"I'm so excited about this concert!" Jocelyn said.
I grinned. "I am too. I am so glad my uncle suggested this idea. I think it will get all our minds off of the butter battle and how much we miss our relatives who are fighting in it."

My uncle met us on the front steps of the community center with the tickets. He smiled at us.
"You ladies look lovely tonight."
Jocelyn smiled. "Thank you Mr. Daniels. We're looking forward to seeing the show."
We went into the auditorium to find our seats. As I was about to sit down Kirsty ran up to me.
"Hi Demi!! I didn't know you were going to be here tonight."
I smiled. "Are Mr. and Mrs. Mayor here too?"
Kirsty nodded. "Yeah. We're sitting over there." She pointed across the aisle two rows up from where we were sitting.
The lights flickered on and off indicating the show was about to start.
"See you at intermission!" Kirsty said and went to join Mr. and Mrs. Mayor.
My aunt smiled at me. "She seems very sweet Dem."

I nodded. "She is."

The lights in the auditorium dimmed and the MC emerged from behind the curtain.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentleman. Thanks you for joining us tonight for this wonderful night of Jazz Enjoy the show!"


During intermission we met Mr. and Mrs. Mayor in the lobby for some punch and cookies.
"Sophia Charles How are you enjoying the show?" Mrs. Mayor asked
My uncle grinned. "It's wonderful! This definitely helps us to get our mind off of the Butter Battle. Have you heard from Jojo?
Mrs. Mayor shook her head sadly. "No, we haven't."
"Have you met our daughter Kirsty?" Mr. Mayor asked..
My uncle shook his head. "No but Demi has told us so much about her. Welcome to town Kirsty."
Kirsty smiled shyly. "Thank you sir."