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New Found Friends

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Seymour and Audrey Krelborne were very happy to move away from Skid Row. They had not had a great start but were certainly ready for a new beginning after demolishing Audrey II. They were excited about starting their own family with the addition of Seymour's cousin Claudia who Seymour had adopted six months earlier.
Audrey always wanted to live in a nice little development with a picket fence and a flower garden. Her wish came true. They moved to a small town in Long Island called East Stanwick which was about 20 minutes from where Audrey's family lived. The only bad thing was that they had to move away from their three best friends Crystal Ronette and Chiffon who were budding musicians trying to start their career and traveling cross country.
One Saturday morning Claudia and Audrey were working in the garden when an unfamiliar blonde woman came up to them.
"Hi. I noticed you guys are new to town and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adelaide. I live up the street in house 77."
Audrey extended her hand and they shook. "Nice to meet you Adelaide. I'm Audrey and this is Claudia, my husband's cousin. She's almost like a daughter to us though."
"Do you have any kids Ms. Adelaide?" Claudia asked
"No sweetie we don't but there are lots of kids in the neighborhood about your age. How old are you?"
" Almost 13."
"You will have to all come over for dinner. We'd love to have you..."
Audrey smiled. "We'd be happy to. What day and time?
"How about Thursday at 5:00?
"Sounds good. See you then:"
That night at dinner Audrey told Seymour about the dinner invitation.
Seymour grinned at the news "See, I told you it wouldn't take us too long to meet new people."
Thursday finally came. A tall man answered the door when Seymour rang the bell at 4:45
"Hello, It's nice to meet you, and welcome to our home. I'm Nathan Detroit. Dinner is almost ready. Adelaide, Seymour Audrey and Claudia are here"
Adelaide peeked out of the kitchen "Food's just about ready. We're eating in the dining room,"
Once they sat down Seymour directed the first question at Nathan.
"So where are you guys from originally?
"Oh really, we are too. Where abouts?"
"Close to the theatre district. We lived in a an apartment near the club where Adelaide used to perform."
"Ms Adelaide you're a singer?" Claudia asked
"No honey. I dance at a night club called the Hot Box."
"Is it fun?"
"It is but I'm actually going to be going back to school in September to be a teacher. Dancing doesn't quite pay me enough."
"What grade do you want to teach?" Seymour asked.
" I actually want to teach dance to 3-5th graders maybe eventually open my own studio."
Audrey immediately thought of Crystal Chiffon and Ronette.
"Our friends are actually singers too. They sing at a night club down by where we used to live." Seymour said
"Oh, really ? What part in Manhattan are you guys from?" Nathan asked.
"Skid Row.. a really bad area near the projects. We were really happy to get out of there." Audrey said "Not exactly the best of living situations. Lots of drugs and violence. Part of the reason why we moved here was because we want to start a family and we didn't want our children and Claudia to grow up in a bad area."
"I know how that is. I used to gamble. Glad I got out of that while I did." Nathan said.
"What do you do now?" Audrey asked
"I work at an accounting firm in the center of town. It's been busy lately because of tax season."
"What are your friends who sing in the night club doing now?" Adelaide asked
"They're actually trying to further their music career and traveling around the country trying to find gigs. The next time they're home we'll have to take you down to the club so you can meet them." Audrey said.
"I'd like that. I'm sure we'd get along great." Adelaide said
"I'm sure you would too." Audrey said
Dinner began. Before eating Audrey said a little prayer thanking god for her new friends.