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YOONGI scoured his options, mouth agape and fingers flittering around before finally settling on the spine of a well aged tome. He pulled it out carefully, swiping dust off the cover while he stepped around book stacks and felt his way back to his desk. His attention was completely enthralled by the engraved embellishments across the hard leather. His thumb ran down the face of the the book, pulling it open to the title page while his nose was swept up in earthy mute aromatic wisps— a simple magic of its own. The scent of old books alone felt like a second home to him.

He pulled a faintly glowing parchment from a desk drawer, skimming the table of contents before flipping to another page in the tome and grabbing an old fashioned quill. He rolled his wrist a couple times before resting against the parchment and hovering the lightly inked tip a mere centimeter above the page. His eyes flew back to the old book, left hand keeping the binding from closing on itself when squeaky floorboards echoed from across the room. He broke contact with the book for a second, noticing a rather timid man stand in the crack of the doorframe watching him.

“Jungkook, I invited you to observe. You can come closer, you know? You said you wanted to learn spellbinding.”

“I-I.. Right! I just feel really out of place.. I mean this is yours and Namjoon’s.. Sanctuary?”

“It’s a musty study. And you’re welcome to use it anytime. So, come on then. Get closer and I can show you how I do it.” Yoongi rocked his head, ushering the younger inside. Jungkook closed the door behind him carefully, barely letting the latch click before he stepped forward. He navigated many piles of books, stepping around loose papers, and finally settling behind Yoongi’s chair where he stood and peered over his shoulder.

Without a moment more of hesitation, Yoongi began. “Magic is.. an art. And in art you can’t necessarily be wrong in anything you make, but you can definitely can be more efficient. Does that make sense?”

“Kind of? You mean like, the magic we use is art?”

“Yeah. Magic is unique to each person using it. Think of it like this; when you write words your handwriting isn’t the same as your teacher’s nor is it the same to your classmate’s or friend’s.” The tip to his quill pressed against the paper, hand curving letters and odd symbols with absolute confidence. “Transcribing magic follows that same principle. You build magic into enchanted parchment through your own personal lettering. My symbols differ from Namjoon’s, and they’ll definitely differ from yours. But so long as you effectively transmute your magic and the spell composition into the paper, it’s a done deal.”

He gave one final flick, pulling away from the paper to reveal a careful detailing of illegibly brilliant characters. None expressed any combination of familiar human languages but Jungkook immediately understood what it was by the magic aura pulsing from the page. It was a simple sparking spell, one to send arrays of rapid fire popping out from the page and into the air, but Yoongi’s ability to focus intense amounts of his power into his lettering was what made him so infamous.

“Like I said before,” Yoongi kept his eyes locked to the paper, hand naturally returning the quill to the ink jar while he closed the tome. “Be efficient in your spellbinding and lettering, and you’ll be able to do anything practically. You ready to try?” He finally turned around and met Jungkook’s wide, doe eyes. Yoongi’s were tired, heavy bags loomed under each while his disposition screamed exhaustion on a much subtler note. The younger took note of this, and nodded.

“I am. But also,” he glanced over to the sofa beside the window. “Maybe a nap first? For you I mean! You look exhausted.”

Yoongi closed his eyes and let out a long breathy sigh. He rubbed his neck and slowly rose from the seat before slumping onto the sofa under the window, watching Jungkook sit down. “Not until you start.”

The younger carefully moved the finished parchment onto a nearby stack of books, returning to hastily drag out another enchanted paper and reopening the book. “What should I do it on-“

A light snore carried his eyes over to the couch. His chest rose and fell steadily, arms crossed while his head fell back and almost over the backside. Jungkook giggled lightly, looking back at the desk and refocusing himself. He opened the book once more, albeit this time slightly quieter.


“Thank you! Yes, absolutely, sir! Will do. Haha! Yeah..” Jin was pacing about the hall and occasionally into the kitchen, trapped in a never ending call and a never-ending march around the 2nd floor.

A blonde man sat at the kitchen table, picking at a bowl of fruit. He was across from another person, silver hair adorning his head. His nose was stuffed in a book while the blonde one broke the resounding silence,”You’d think with all the business calls he takes we’d be rich.”

“You could say the same about all the fortunes you give.” The blonde popped his head up at that, a frown quick to paint his face while his brain churned for a quip back.

“I just do what Yoongi does; quality over quantity. I’m known for accuracy! And what about your spellbinding— you do so much of it you-“

Namjoon just clicked his tongue, eyes still downcast at the tome under his hands. “Ah, Jimin. You get so defensive so easily.”

Jimin only huffed, popping a grape into his mouth before reaching for another. Suddenly he found It levitating up and away from the bowl— directly into Taehyung’s mouth.

He instinctively reached out for it. “Hey! That-“

“Morning..” Taehyung yawned, pulling out a seat with the flick of a wrist and seating himself beside Jimin.

His eyes were half lidded, slouched in his seat while a string of fruits began to rise up from the bowl. They danced around him while he rocked his head, dozing back into slumber. Jimin started clawing at the fruits, trying to grab a few but failing as if Taehyung’s magic was intentionally taunting him.

Namjoon flipped a page. “Tae, you’re doing it again.”

A muffled grumble emitted from his throat, eyes locked closed and fruit continuing to rise above all three of them. It started to pick up speed, circling the room.

“Oh god he’s really doing it again..” Jimin slipped under the table, watching the ceiling while Namjoon finally looked away, letting out a long breath before flicking his wrist, a blue half-shield appearing above him and covering him like an umbrella. He stepped over to Taehyung, eyes glancing up on occasion before he started slapping his chest to wake him up.

He might’ve hit a bit too hard, pushing Taehyung backwards and causing the boy’s eyes to shoot wide while he slammed against the floor. Just as it happened, the fruits began to rain down on them, Jin entering the room and being met with a pile of sliced strawberries atop his head.

He was unmoving, cut off mid-sentence while he stiffly stood and clenched his eyes shut. His nostrils flared, eyes peeling open while he glared at the three other men in the room, all looking back at him. “Sorry. I meant to.. uh.. say that the order’ll be done swiftly. Expect it it within the week, sir. Yep! I may have to leave soon, but please look forward to it! Yes. Yes, I will. Thank you, have a fantastic morning..” He had a plastered smile across his lips while he pulled the phone from his ear, face dropping the moment he hung up.


A cheeky smile curved across his lips, slowly breaking into a full, toothy, grin. “All in.” He then splayed his cards with absolute confidence, hands folding into each other while his eyes rocked back and forth across the table, astounded faces in every seat.

“Hobi, you’re the greatest!” Soft arms wrapped around his neck, a cheek pressed against his in a warm embrace. He simply patted her hands, a smug expression accenting his features.

“I really am!” He let out a hearty laugh, eyes crinkling and his bright smile on display while he reached over and pulled the stack of chips towards him.

“You’re such an idiot!”

He laughed again. “I know right- Wait. Wait what?” The voice was noticeably deeper this time, a clear aggravation behind it which contrasted the soft and sweet melodic cheer from just a moment ago. He turned around, seeing Jin’s face attached to the body hugging him. He was still smiling, but the words that spilled from his lips said otherwise.

“I’m a busy man and you children bicker so often I can barely work!”

“What the he-“

Everything around him started to fizzle into nothingness. The decorative casino-scape melted into a dark abyss and by the end of it Jin’s form was beginning to vanish as well, the fake smile escaping last until Hoseok’s eyes fired open and he was in the familiar setting of his dim bedroom. He blinked a few moments, eyes and ears naturally drawn to the loud yelling from down the hall.

His body dragged him outside of his room, poking his head into the kitchen to find Jin firing off endlessly at Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung.

One was completely frozen with a book in one hand and an almost apologetic expression on his face, one was pulling himself up from the floor and peeling smashed fruit from his shirt, while the last was still huddled under the table and peeling an orange.

“Why is it every morning something has to happen? Who’s going to clean this!?” Jin’s hand sporadically ushered around the room. Across cupboards and appliances, goop of various colors painted everything. Smashed fruit splayed the walls like abstract art and a glance to the ceiling revealed more mashed strawberries and even a banana peel. It dangled dangerously above Jin, finally slipping until Taehyung caught it right before impact.

“Impressive. Clean this up. Now.” Jin stormed past Hoseok and into the bathroom, fisting a handful of strawberries out of his hair.

Jimin stifled a laugh. “Good morning, Hobi.”

“Mhm..” Hoseok glanced at the bathroom door one more time before entering the kitchen.


While the morning had been more eventful than usual, nothing could truly stagger Jimin’s mood. After a morning of surprise cleanup, he hurried back to his bedroom and pulled out his crystal orb. While many witches have lost interest in the practice of orb reading, Jimin was raised on this base principle of fortune telling. The mist that was encased in the glass could tell countless tales to him. Whether or not they had any relevance to his life, he enjoyed them all and had since he was a young witchling. There was also the case of his weekly review regarding the well-being of the coven. He knew the abstract tellings of his fortunes were never direct, but gaining even an idea of what may come always gave him a sense of ease.

He steadied his hands over the orb, his palms and the back of his hands glowing with a soft pink hue. Like a vine, the magic snaked up his arms in reflective patterns until it wrapped his chest and stopped just under his chin. His irises were the last of it, shifting from their usual black to a light pink while his vision clouded until he saw what the orb projected for him.

His body felt chilled. Which was odd. Readings that gave him direct sensations over visions always caught him off guard as this usually meant something significant was coming. Jungkook’s arrival was an example of that; he was overwhelmed by a warm sensation and even faint fragrances of varying flowers filled his nose. And within a few days, they stumbled upon a coven-less witch with a lot of talent for healing.

The temperature of each sensation wasn’t always telling either. There had been plenty of good and bad instances where either cold or hot flashes filled his body. He released the magic after the chill started to chatter his teeth, arms pulling his body close while he rubbed at himself and darted his eyes around his room in search for a blanket. He found one and coiled up into his bed, mind now processing what the reading could mean.

There’s always the option of following up with a tarot card reading, but at the moment he felt drained as it was. He slumped over onto his pillow and stared at his orb from across the room, eyes unmoving as if he were boring into it’s surface in search for a complete answer.

Change was coming. That was all he knew.