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I'll Stop the World and Melt with You

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"This is embarrassing. I'm not an idiot JJ" Gail Peck schooled the woman trying to lend a sympathetic ear, her childhood friend who grew up to be a lesbian. "I get the freaking point here". Gail was having some last minute, well, more like last week nerves. She liked Holly. Loved kissing her and understood her life was taking a turn for the better. However, she definitely was not used to being so far out of her control zone. The prospect of having sex with Holly had a fire raging inside her and she was scared to death.

"So since this is my territory do you want to hear me out or just keep telling me how great you are at this?" JJ had long ago learned that confrontation was the best way to quell her friend's fears.

Gail dropped her face in her hands and groaned. "I'm not sure what the hell I need right now" she relented. Lifting slightly vulnerable eyes to her friend, "This shouldn't be a big deal right? I mean I never gave you being a lez a second thought. It's just, you know, it's how you are. I don't have issues with gay, bi, trans whatever"

"True, and thanks for that by the way, but I had many second thoughts about it. It's unexpected...risky being different. And you already told you brother, and you haven't even slept with this chick right?" JJ used her opening to frame up Gail's situation for her. "Also, she sounds really different than the guys you usually date so that's a big deal, ok?".

Gail tossed her head back, letting out an exasperated exhale, the ants in her pants were driving her crazy, "I can't sit here any longer, can we get out of here?"

JJ stood up, grabbing her coffee, the women left the cafe and headed down the busy street. "I'm driving, get in" JJ instructed as they arrived at her car. The friends were mostly quiet during the ride to the Port. Since they were teenagers, being at the Port calmed Gail down, something in the industrial nature of it all , cranes moving shipping containers coming from and going to all corners of the globe made Gail feel like she could breathe. There were avenues open, possibilities. JJ learned over the years there was no more loyal friend than Gail but that ability to draw a hard line and stand on it through any storm also left her friend feeling trapped, which is when she started fighting. JJ pulled to the side of the road overlooking the ships and the women walked to a familiar place sitting on the grass to watch the activity below.

"You know, I could get on one of those ships and go anywhere. I've lived here all my life, I could just head out, I'd be fine", Gail was giving herself room.

"True" JJ responded. A few more minutes passed as they watched the large crane moving cargo.

"I'm doing this JJ, I just...I mean I don't need a blow by blow but is there anything I should know?"

"You've had sex before, you know what you li--"

"--well that't the other problem...I've kind of been on the fast and furious track, and ..." her voice trailed off, she was having trouble forming her words. JJ stayed quite. Gail wrapped her arms around her calves, dropped her chin to her knees and looked to the water for solace. Eventually finishing her thought. "When I think about Holly, that's not what I want...for her".

JJ eyed her long time friend. Sooooo, she thought, someone is in range of taming Ms. Gail Peck? "Tell me about her?" she said out loud.

JJ's head almost snapped as Gail's tone changed and her eyes lit up. "She's tall, smart, some kind of a sexy librarian and glasses thing going on. She's a forensic pathologist which seemed annoying the first time she told me but now is really cool. And, she...I don't seem to bug her. You know Nick was always trying to change me. Tell me to calm down, be less direct. far I just dish it out and she goes with it. No head games you know", Gail finished her summary, adding "She's nicer than me too".

"You met at a crime scene?" JJ asked.

"Yeah" was all Gail said.

"And?" JJ turned her palms skyward signaling for details.

"I called her lunchbox I think, she had this kit in her hand and came walking in like she owned the place" Gail explained slightly aghast. "I wondered who she thought she was so I asked her. Then all these huge words came out of her mouth and I called her a nerd".

"Ok, what did she do then"? JJ pushed for more, totally intrigued.

"She basically said she was going to get samples and then went to the body".

It was clear to JJ, Gail still harbored some disbelief that Holly didn't recognize that She owned the place.

Mmm, JJ thought, smart, sexy. Both of them are socially awkward and direct. This Holly character sounds less abrasive about it though. This...could work. But Gail and a bookworm? 

"I think I like her" JJ smiled at her friend, bumping her shoulder. "OK, back to sex, when you think about her, what are you hungry for"? JJ went straight to the point.

"I'm dying to put my mouth on every inch of her, and her hands, I want them on me, I want to be naked...", the words tumbled out before Gail thought about them.

"--that'll work" JJ cut in, cementing Gail's desires before she could try and take them back. "that's more than you need to get started girlfriend. Look at you!" she smiled, bolstering her compadre's confidence.

Gail stretched her legs out on the grass, agreeing with JJ. "Ugh..ok. last question then I need to go do some serious drinking. Give me a run down on the whole freaking south of the border situation. I've never really been into it, seemed like it took too long and all that. But you guys seem to be into it, and I have to learn how to do this thing".

JJ laughed out loud and considered her words carefully. She was happy to talk about it all day but decided instead to give the shortlist. "Dryness is your enemy so keep everything slippery, go Slow and Easy until she let's you know otherwise. And Gail, don't touch anything wet until she's at an 8 ok. Don't go down there to heat her up. Get her heated up, then head downtown".

Gail nodded her head seriously then responded, "Ok, that seems doable".

"Ready for a drink?" JJ posed as she stood up offering Gail a hand up. 

"Yes, please put me out of my misery" Gail responded as they headed for the car. 

JJ laughed, then put her arm around Gail's shoulder. "Don't worry, I've got you" she said, winking at her friend.

Who the hell keeps calling? Gail thought lifting a pillow off her head. Looking at the clock it was only 8:30 pm. She and JJ started drinking and playing pool before noon and by 6:00 she was home passed out in bed. Checking her phone, missed calls and a text from Holly.

"Dinner?" was all that was written at 7:00pm.

"Sorry, long day". Gail considered telling Holly about it but "Raincheck?" was all she added before hitting send. She was somewhere between tipsy and hung over. It had been a big day. She and Holly were in different places and Gail was still figuring out how much to say and how much to keep to herself. Less is more for now she decided. It took a few minutes for her phone to beep.

"Deal :-), sweet dreams" Holly replied. She had no idea if Gail was home or painting the town but did want her to know she was thinking about her.

Gail smiled. Holly has some kind of weird magnet. She agrees with me and now I want to go see her she thought. Instead she texted "Coffee in your office, 7am? I'm buying"

"Yessssssssss" came back immediately.

Gail put her phone down, got out of bed and took a shower, spending the rest of the evening thinking about her lips and fingers touching Holly, and Holly touching her.