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    “I just never thought someone would ever love me enough to want to spend their life with me,”

    “And I never thought I would love someone the way I knew I was supposed to,”  

    After a long day, Patrick and David reflect on their engagement.

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    He wanted nothing more to have sleep finally take him, but even though he was both physically and emotionally exhausted, he couldn’t fall asleep.

    He tosses and turns for about fifteen more minutes before he throws his duvet off of him, knowing what the problem was.

    He wanted to be wrapped up in Patrick’s bed right now, not alone in his twin bed, listening to his sister snore. It’s been harder and harder to sleep away from Patrick the last few months, but now, with his engagement rings heavy on his fingers, he feels it more than ever.

    So, after glancing at the clock to see that it was only 11 pm, he made the decision to walk over to Patrick’s.

    I’m surprised you were just now showering.”

    “Well, once I got home, I was planning on it, but my parents called,” David tilts his head up to look at him. “They wanted to know if you said yes,”

    “Your parents knew that you were going to propose?” Patrick nods.

    “They’ve known since the weekend they were here,” David couldn’t help the gasp that escaped his lips. “I told them before they left,”

    “That’s how long you’ve been planning it?”

    He nods again. “I knew that after everything you did for me that weekend-”

    “Like accidentally outing you and ruining the surprise party-”

    “No,” Patrick reassures. “Like throwing me a surprise party, inviting my parents, and then once you found I hadn’t come out, supporting me every step of the way,” David shifting against him and Patrick squeezed his arm. “When we were slow dancing after everybody had left, it hit me that I want to spend the rest of my life with you,”
    David blinks rapidly and pokes Patrick’s side. “How dare you make me cry again?” Patrick laughs.

    “Will it make you feel better to know my mom cried too?”

    “She did?” The look on David’s face could only be described as soft.

    “Yeah. They love you, David,” David starts to blink again and Patrick chuckles, placing his lips to David’s temple. “I love you,”

    “Mmm,” David hums. “I love you too,” He’s quiet after a moment and for a second, Patrick thinks he fell asleep, but then he starts tracing lines on Patrick’s chest. “I can’t believe this is happening,” David breathes, into the silence. “You really want to spend the rest of your life with me?” He doesn’t mean for it to come out as a question, but it does, and it makes Patrick move so he can look him in the eye.

    “Of course I do,” Patrick whispers. “I told you, easiest decision of my life,”

    David lets out one of those half cry half laughs and Patrick kisses him chastely. “I’m sorry I keep crying,” David wipes at his eyes. “I just…” He swallows and tilts his head up to meet Patrick’s gaze again. “I never thought I would get married. I always told myself that I didn’t want to, but I knew I was lying to myself,” David’s eyes were swimming with tears for what felt like the thousandth time today. “I just never thought someone would ever love me enough to want to spend their life with me,”

    Patrick moves so he’s facing David, his arm slinging over his waist. “And I never thought I would love someone the way I knew I was supposed to,” David presses closer to him. “When I proposed to Rachel, it was purely out of obligation. I was getting so much pressure from her and her family, and I felt like I was...suffocating. I figured that if I finally did what they all wanted me to do, it would feel better, but it felt so much worse.” Patricks sighs. “I left three months later,” Patrick’s eyes were now swimming with tears. “But with you, there wasn’t any of that. I wanted to propose,”

    David leans forward, their faces so close that Patrick thinks they’re going to kiss, but David just rubs his nose against Patrick’s. “And I’m so happy you did,” Patrick’s the one that closes the gap, and they stay there for a while, kissing slowly.

    “Question,” David says, breaking the kiss.

    “What’s your question?”

    “Can I send someone a gift basket from the store?”

    “Who do you want to send it to?”

    “Eli. Our family’s old money manager that made us lose everything,”

    “And why do you want to send him a gift basket?”

    “Because he’s why I ended up in this town, and if I hadn’t, I never would have been this happy,” Patrick opened his mouth to say something, but David sees the look on his face, so he smacks at his chest playfully and rolls onto his back. “Don’t make fun of me, I know how cheesy that was,”

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