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Matters of Principal

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Magnus stands behind the curtain and tries to stay still. It’s not an easy task, because he can still smell Issy-Missy’s bubble gum in the air. She walked past him a couple of seconds ago and she looked incredible. She still does. She is wearing her red cheerleader jacket, probably nothing under it. Her hands are in the jacket’s pockets. She blows a pink ball of bubble gum between her red red lips, and there is a wicked spark in her eyes, peeking through the long, thick fake eyelashes. The pleated skirt barely covers her ass, and does nothing to hide the suspenders that are holding up her long, white cotton stockings, decorated with two red stripes around her soft, smooth thighs. The white Converse shoes have red laces and complete the look perfectly.

Shit, just seeing her makes Magnus so hard. They haven’t even started yet, and he is aching and throbbing.

He has the best girlfriend ever. And boyfriend, and his boyfriend has the best boyfriend one can imagine and Magnus doesn’t mind it’s not him. He is more than happy to be dating Evak, because it feels like he’s dating true love itself. And the sex is hot as fuck, even if he’s not taking part in it.

A bit like now. He is standing behind a curtain, holding his phone, filming the scene unfolding in front of him. It’s all part of the game. He has been bad, and he is in trouble, and Issy-Missy is here to get him out of it. The filming was her idea, she said they need to get some leverage on the principal in case Magnus gets in trouble with him again. So here Magnus is. More than happy to be witnessing this scene, and equally happy to record it.

Even raises his eyes from his papers. He’s sitting behind the kitchen table that is now doubling as a desk. At least it’s sturdy enough.

“How can I help you, miss?”

Issy-Missy pops her bubble and draws the gum in her mouth with her tongue, with no hurry at all. Then she flashes the man a smile.

“You run the place?”

Even lifts his brow at her.

“One could put it like that, yes. I’m the headmaster.”

She nods and blows another bubble. She keeps her eyes locked with Even’s as she does so. The bubble pops and Magnus can smell the gum again.

“Well, mister boss-man, I have a bone to pick with you.”

Even puts his papers away, slowly. He can’t take his eyes off of Issy-Missy, and Magnus can’t blame him. He flips the phone horizontally so he can fit them both on the screen. Even looks hot too, in his dark gray suit and his hair combed back.

“How come? I don’t remember seeing you around here before.”

Issy-Missy throws her head back when she laughs. Her curls bounce seductively when she does that, and she knows it. She curves her back as well, grabs her own fingers above her head and stretches for a bit. The hem of her jacket rises and both Magnus and Even can see that she really isn’t wearing anything under it. They see her waist, her lovely skin, and Magnus bites his tongue to keep quiet.

“Oh, it’s my first time around. My boyfriend goes here.”

The word still feels warm inside Magnus. Boyfriend. He is Issy-Missy’s boyfriend, and Isak is his boyfriend, and every day he gets confused all over again by how okay he is with that. It feels so natural.

Issy-Missy walks around the room, fondling everything she meets. The potted plant, the picture frames, the books in the shelf. She drops a pen and bends over to pick it up. She makes a point of showing off her ass to the headmaster.

“Miss, how can I help you?” Even asks again. He sounds a bit impatient. Or maybe it’s just hidden heat. Magnus can totally relate. His dick is hard as a rock. It has been ever since he saw Isak change his clothes and turn into this creature of fantasy and lust. The longest ten minutes of his life, really.

Issy-Missy looks at Even over her shoulder.

“Actually I’m here to see if I could help you, sir.”

Magnus can see from Even’s face what that word does to him. Sir. He knows Even is just as hard as he is. Fuck, this is awesome.


“You see, my boyfriend has passed his ten percent limit.” Issy-Missy opens her eyes wide and pouts her lips as she turns around. She does it fast enough to make her skirt spin and reveal her black lace panties. Issy-Missy does not colour co-ordinate her lingerie, she’s too cool for that. “But it’s all my fault, sir. He shouldn’t have to suffer because of something I’ve done, don’t you agree?”

“The rules about absence are same for everyone, miss. And simple enough for every student to follow.” Even’s voice is thicker now. Darker. It makes the hair on the back of Magnus’ neck stand up in the most pleasant way.

“Oh, but sir, please. Let me explain.” Issy-Missy walks back to the table, around it, and sits on it. She leans back on her hands and shows off her belly button. Isak’s dick is making her skirt bulge very prominently, too, and she spreads her legs a bit to give it a spotlight. “He’s been staying up at night.”

Even doesn’t say anything at first. He’s too busy staring at Issy-Missy’s hip area. Then he coughs a bit.

“Does he have trouble getting sleep?”

“Oh, yes sir, yes he does. He can’t possibly sleep from all the moaning I’m making when I ride his dick.”

Magnus stifles a chuckle. Issy-Missy is impossible. And funny, and beautiful, and perfect. Principal Even doesn’t seem to be amused. But he doesn’t look away. How could he, really?

“Perhaps you should try not riding his --” Even pauses, then decides to just fuck it. “Dick. All night long.”

Her mouth is so round when she opens it in shock. She doesn’t suck dick, but Magnus sure would like the idea of those red lips wrapped around his.

“But sir, have you seen him? How could I possibly resist that?”

Her words make Magnus blush. He is happy he is behind the curtain so they can’t see him. He’s still having a bit of difficulties to believe it, but still hearing Issy-Missy say that she finds him hot feels really nice.

“I don’t look at my students like that. I’m their headmaster. And married.”

“She’s a very lucky girl, sir.”


“Oh..does that mean you don’t like me?” She tilts her head, batting her eyelashes, pouting her lips. Magnus has to fight the urge to dash out and pin her down on that table.

“Well --” Even is staring at the suspenders. They’re white, and they are simply begging to be snapped. Even does just that. The sound makes both Magnus and Issy-Missy gasp quietly. “I wouldn’t want to lie. It’s impolite.”

“Sir, in case you haven’t noticed, so am I.” Issy-Missy flings her leg over headmaster Even’s head. She is now straddling the lucky bastard, sitting on his desk in front of him, her legs spread. Magnus can smell her heat, just a hint of it, and it makes his mouth water.

Even snaps the suspender again, sharper this time. Issy-Missy squeaks and slaps his fingers lightly.

“Stop that. That’s rude.”

Magnus smiles in his hideout. That’s his girl. Snappy. You don’t cross her just like that. Principal Even hums apologetically.

“Sorry, sorry. But, miss --?”


“Miss Issy-Missy, your boyfriend has missed over half his classes. I can’t possibly simply let that slide.”

“How about you let this slide in between my legs?” Issy-Missy asks, stroking at Even’s groin with her foot. She has slipped her shoe off without anyone noticing, sneaky little thing. The touch makes Even moan involuntarily, at the back of his throat. Issy-Missy takes note and keeps going. “Has anyone ever given you a footjob, sir?”

Magnus feels his mouth dry up all of a sudden. It’s so surreal, so bizarre, so abnormal, that the thought arouses him. He’s not into feet, in general, but right now this very moment that mental image, of Issy-Missy giving him a footjob wearing those girly, innocent stockings, makes him squirm a bit. Ffffuck.

“No, thank you”, Even says. He grabs Issy-Missy’s ankle gently but firmly and moves it aside. His fingers travel up her leg, past the knee and along her thigh all the way under her skirt. Just on her thigh, he’s not touching any naughty bits yet, those bits begging to be touched. When principal Even squeezes on that milky flesh tighter Issy-Missy makes a delighted little oh.

“Alright. Maybe we can come to an agreement about your boyfriend’s absence. But then there’s still your arrogance and misconduct to consider, hm?”

Arrogance and misconduct are on top of Issy-Missy’s resume, Magnus thinks, smiling. He is so turned on and so happy at the same time it’s almost freaky.

Issy-Missy flashes one of her signature filthy grins. She’s still chewing her gum, and now blows a big pink bubble at headmaster Even’s face. He’s not impressed, fool. He takes a pencil and pops the bubble with it, then he pulls out a tissue and holds it on his palm in front of her face.

“Come on. Give it to me, please.”

She sticks her tongue out, holding the gum on its tip, and presses it down on Even’s palm. Suddenly Even bends his fingers and grabs her jaw, pushing his thumb on her tongue, holding it against the bottom of her mouth. By the turn of his wrist Magnus figures she’s trying to bite.

“Do not bite me, young lady”, Even says. His voice is different now. It’s stern. It makes Magnus shiver and Issy-Missy squirm, delighted. Magnus is so fucking privileged to be able to watch this scene like this. Issy-Missy and mister Even playing together. They keep wrestling for a moment until Issy-Missy yields. She relaxes, letting Even hold her from the mouth. Even stretches his index finger out and strokes at her cheek.

“Now that’s a good girl”, he whispers, and Magnus has to unzip his jeans.