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You Are The Father

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Ever since they had found Peter, he’d had a constant fever of 102.2 and looking on the bright side, it hadn't gone up. On the downside, it hadn't gone down either.


Unfortunately, a few hours after Peter had woken up, his fever had gone up to 102.4. Not a huge change, but it was a bit discouraging. May and Tony had asked if the reason why was known, and Dr. Cho told them that she would take a blood test. After that, they continue to sit by a resting Peter’s side.


Peter woke up eventually, and he woke up hungry, which was good because Dr. Cho had asked them to get Peter to eat.


They gave him some chicken noodle, that woke him up enough to allow him to take a shower.

He was fairly weak after not moving for a few days, and from being as sick as he was so he had to sit in a little chair they had placed in the shower. Peter probably would have been embarrassed had he not been so happy to just be moving again.


Afterward, Tony had helped him into some comfortable clothes and tucked him into the bed. May had gone to get her and Tony some food, when she came back she found Peter had fallen asleep to Tony drying his hair with a towel. She couldn't help her smile.


Peter continued to receive antibiotics, but none of them seemed to be helping. Soon enough his fever was up to 102.8 and it was drawing some concern.


Eventually, Dr. Cho was able to let them know that the drug left behind a virus in his system that is still attacking his immune system, but to a much lesser extent.


“So why hasn't his fever been going up this whole time,” May asked.


“Well it seems the virus has been fighting the whole time, and while we were able to boost his immune system, it is still attacking it, so, it's trying to keep up with the virus” Dr. Cho explained.


“So what can we do?” Tony sounded tired. Medical stuff wasn't really his field of work. Taking care of people wasn't either.


Dr. Cho’s face turned sympathetic. “We can keep giving him the antibiotics, but, its gonna get worse before it gets better.”


“Can't we put him in the immune thing again” Tony suggested.


Dr. Cho shook her head. “the capsule is for intensive treatment only and putting him into it now would put his immune system in a state of shock.”


“Okay well, thank you so much, Dr. Cho,” May said.


Dr. Cho smiled. “Of course, let me know if you have any questions”


May smiled back “We will”



It wasn't long after that when Peter woke up in discomfort.  His fever was up to 103.


“Hey, sleepyhead” May greeted as Peter woke up.


Peter shifted in his bed. “Mmm, May?”


“That's me” she answered.


“S’ hot,” Peter said, weakly attempting to push his covers off.


“I know honey, your fever is rising” May explained.


Peter coughed a few time before continuing. “Not nice”


May had to hold back her giggle.“No, it's not”


Peters face contoured to confusion.“Wheres-”


May completed his thought “Tony?”


Peter gave a slight nod.“Mhm”


“He’s just getting some rest, and don't worry, he isn't alone. Pepper is with him” May told him, sparing the details of her memories. It took maybe an hour to coax Tony into going to his room to get some rest. Tony had insisted that he stay with Peter as if he wasn't falling asleep during the argument. At some point, Tony agreed that he and May would switch off, but he was still unhappy as he left the room with Pepper.


“*cough* *cough* Tha’s good,” Peter said.


“Here, let put a light blanket on you, in case you get cold” May offered aware of how unpredictable fevers could be.


“M’kay” Peter curled into the blanket as May put it over him.


“Are you hungry at all?” May asked. Peter shook his head. “not even a little?” May pushed a bit further.


Peter shook his head again, a cough following. ‘ That's not good’ May thought


She’d talk about it with Dr. Cho later. For now, she just wanted to spend time with Peter.


“Do you wanna watch something?” She suggested. She always uses television to put Peter to sleep. Even on a good day, I can knock Peter out.


“You c’n pick this time,” Peter told her.


“Alright,” May said smiling” “ thank you, Peter,” She leaned down and kissed his head.


May ended up picking The Office not only because she liked it but because she knew Peter did too. As the episode started, Peter had tugged on her hand, as to tell her to move closer. After she scooted closer a few times Peter let go of her hand and tapped the bed instead, being more direct, asking her to get on as he scooted to the other side of the bed.


May gave an amused huff of air and slipped her shoes off to sit on his bed with him. Peter settled at her side as she put an arm around him. He barely made it through the first episode without falling asleep and he seemed to have fallen asleep as soon as the episode ended.

May turned the volume down, lightly massaging Peters back.


As Peter fell asleep, he started to feel just a tad guilty. He wouldn't trade the moment he was having with aunt May for anything. He loved her so much and he had missed her so badly too. He just couldn't deny the fact that he had wanted Tony to be there too.