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Ouran High School Host Club x Reader - Seven Minutes In Heaven

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    You walked down the empty hallway towards the infamous abandoned music room, invitation in hand. The invite was to a party to be held by the Host Club, which was about to start. You came up to the door and raised your hand to the knob. Resting it there for a moment, you took a deep breath and opened the door.

    Rose petals fluttered down around you as seven voiced chorused ‘Welcome’. You saw the Host Club standing in the typical formation, with Tamaki on the throne and the other hosts surrounding him.

    “Hi” You replied, stepping into the room.

    “Hello my Princess, what brings you here today?” Asked Tamaki as he made his way towards you, as graceful as ever.

    You flicked your wrist, raising the invitation to eye level so that he could see it.

    “Ah, but of course! The lovely Lady has come for the party. Well, why don’t you go and sit with one of the hosts until the other guests arrive?” He said.

    You smiled politely and complied, moving towards your favourite host, when all of a sudden Honey came running towards you. He jumped and wrapped his arms around your midsection, looking up at you with those innocent eyes of his.

    “Hey, Y/N-chan? Do you want to have some cake with me and Takashi?” He asked, pleading with the look in his eyes.

    Unable to resist him you agreed. He cheered, a bunch of flowers surrounding him as he dragged you towards the table he and Mori now occupied.

~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~

    After all of the guests had arrived the party began; people danced, ate, and chatted amongst each other, however, after a while most began to yearn for something a bit more exciting.

    “May I have everyone’s attention please?” Tamaki requested, standing in the middle of the room. The gentle hum of chatter went quite and all turned to look at him. “We are going to play a game!” He announced. An excited whisper went around the room, even your curiosity was peaked. “This game is a commoners game called seven minutes in heaven! The rules are as follows: all gentlemen will place an object into the bag. Each Lady will have a turn to pick an object out of the bag. Whoever owns the object you pick is the person you will be stuck in a closet with for seven minutes. Now, without further ado, let us begin.”

    All Ladies were asked to leave the room while the Gentlemen put their objects into the bag. Before too long you were all brought back in again and seated in a large circle. In the centre stood Tamaki, the bag clutched in his hands. As he excitedly looked around the room to find the first victi- I mean player, his eyes landed on you.

    “Ah, why if it isn’t the Princess who arrived at our little get together first. It seems only fair that you should start our little game off don’t you think?”

    As the gaze of everyone in the room turned towards you, you quickly made your way to Tamaki. He opened up the bag and told you not to look as you cautiously reached inside, feeling around until your hand brushed against…