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MFA's Reylo dolls fanart

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I want to focus on my work and study and avoid EPIX spoilers, so I am not active on VK, Tumblr, Twitter or Discord. Social media is like a black hole which is not good for my fragile health. I'm a bit handicapped because my left hand doesn't work normal after an unfortunate accident. The pictures I take may have bad angles or bad lighting.

I love Reylo so much that I not only write Reylo fanfiction, but also spend a ton of money on their toys and accessories to recreate scenes from MY OWN stories.

I was devastated since someone anonymously posted vicious threats to me and my family, because of the contents I created, obviously they didn't even read my tags and warnings. So I think you'd better read the disclaimer before you go on.

Lie Back and Think of Alderaan and Nutcracker: The Education of Little Miss Rey both contain underage sex and pseudo-incest elements, and those elements are essential to the plot, I won't apologize for what I have written. All my stories contain dark, disturbing elements or fetishes, that is just the way my brain works.

And the postures of my dolls in this post represent the nature of my stories, so they depict NSFW explicit sexual content, including non-con/rape elements. Also, because my dolls have ultra realistic likeness to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley's faces and extremely vivid genital details (from chapter four), you might find some of the pictures very uncomfortable to look at.

These are fanfictions, I don't make money from them, in fact, I spend way too much money on them. The toys and accessories featured in this post are mostly collector's items or custom-made, so they cost a lot (I detail the price and how to buy them in later chapters).

If you are social justice warriors, go do something righteous in real life, stop harassing fetish writers online! I will spam all unkind comments.

Yet I am also overwhelmed by the warm support of most fan girls, so I thought I'd share my dolls on AO3 where most Reylo will enjoy them, and also it will be a great place for my collection as I add more photos in an organized way. But please DO NOT REPOST these pictures anywhere else. I have already put watermark on all the pictures, so don't even try that. 

So I have several HOT TOYS to play with, you can see the unboxing details in Chapter 2, and then we will go on to the lala land of smut.




Good lighting and good filter is everything.