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Bakugou has been living alone for just over a year now. After graduating he immediately landed a job with a hero agency and started work that next week.

It was great, fine and all, except right before graduation, Midoriya mysteriously leaves. Suddenly, he no longer shows up to classes and no one could get in touch with him. Everyone worried the first two weeks. And then the teachers slammed them with so much busy work and tests and finals it was hard to focus on two things at once.

Bakugou should have known. He feels stupid that he didn’t notice anything.

Bakugou has been living alone peacefully with no one bothering him from his class except Kirishima every now and then, calling him to talk on the phone for hours and hours. He would have come over were he not miles away in another city working on his own job.

Bakugou comes home late, the most recent villain they’d brought in gave the agency a hard time, putting up a fight and Bakugou was necessary muscle that had to stay behind after hours while they secured the inmate.

The walk back was filled with cold, quiet air, the stars overhead, and Bakugou rolling the kinks out of his shoulders from where the villain had gotten too close for comfort.

His key shoved into the lock at midnight and Bakugou was ready to ditch his shower and ditch getting dinner just so he could faceplant into bed and go to sleep.

He was tired and sticky and when the door swung open, welcoming him to the darkness of his room.His relief was let out into the room in a long sigh.  His bag was dropped by his shoes and he shed his jacket with a wince. He would have bruises all along his side from where that villain had kicked and elbowed him. He wanted to blast the fucker’s head right off his shoulders but he was told to apprehend the villain alive damnit.

He looks over his small apartment when he puts the keys on the counter. It’s close to what they were living like in the dorms at UA, but here his bedroom and bathroom are thankfully off to the side in a different room. No shared showers anymore.

The unmade bed in the corner of his room calls to him but he knows if he doesn’t take a shower then his muscles will come back at him with a vengeance in the morning. It doesn't  take him long, throwing his clothes off into the corner of the bathroom and opting for a cold shower. He was too exhausted to wait for the water to warm up, and a quick rinse and soap up was all he needed.

It was probably his quickest shower ever. He stepped out and grabbed a towel to rub himself dry, feeling the magnetic pull of his bed now more than ever. His eyes were drooping, guard down more than it should have been. It was why he missed the person in the corner of his room, leaned against the wall and watching him silently.
He made for his dresser, grabbing a pair of boxers and dropping his towel.

Before he could notice the change of air in the room, hear the soft movement of feet on the carpet, strong hands were in his hair, another grabbing his wrist. Sparks flickered to life from his fingertips as he tried to spin around. His heart thudded in his chest as he tried to kick back at whoever was in his room.

The hand on his wrist tightened and pulled behind his back, Bakugou felt the sparks in his palm, ready to blow into the stomach of his assailant. If he killed them then so be it, it was self defense. And honestly, the fear shooting into his veins in that moment yearned to scorch a burn into this person’s stomach. But then a foot was under his ankle, tugging back and sending him pitching forward.

A surprised noise made its way free just before his head slammed into the hardwood in front of him. A sharp, wet pain bloomed across the front of his face and down behind his ear. It dazed him but he couldn’t stop struggling. Had to keep fighting, had to get free and-

Spots danced in his eyes when his head slammed into the dresser again. For a minute Bakugou’s knees wobbled and his stomach pitched, feeling the warm liquid of blood trickle down his temple and cheek.

“Aah, Kaachan , don’t struggle so much, I don’t want to break your skull open.”

Bakugou thought he was really fucked this time; surely he hit his head too hard. The deep voice behind him with that teasing lilt was undeniably Midoriya but...but he was gone, gone to fuck knows where.

Suddenly Bakugou was sinking into the soft cushion of his mattress, pressed down harder with tape going over his mouth.

“Can’t have anyone interrupting. You yell so much, Kaachan. Haha, I bet you yell more in bed.”

The bastard behind him chuckles against his ear, hands back to his wrists and pressing them against the bed.

Bakugou groans, pain pounding in his head and then in his arms when they are pulled behind him again. He forgets he’s still naked until Deku’s fingers are between his legs. He tries to jerk his shoulder into Midoriya’s chin or something, a panicked noise rising up as Midoriya’s fingers go up too. They slip over his balls and then circle his taint.

Bakugou can’t shut his legs with Midoriya standing between them, knees keeping his thighs far apart. He hears Midoriya spit on him before he feels the hot drip of saliva against his hole and the  Midoriya’s fingers are shoving in, two at a time.

It hurts, even though there’s spit slicking the way Bakugou is too tense and Midoriya’s fingers are so much thicker than he thought they would be. He’s so dazed he can’t stop from screaming. It doesn't last long, Midoriya’s fingers keep pushing into him and spreading painfully even when Bakugou struggles.

His head is still pounding, blood roaring in his ears at the shock of what’s happening on top of the fact that this is Deku. Midoriya Izuku. Shy, incapable, small, Midoriya that is pulling his fingers free and spitting on him again and starting to nudge his cock inside.

Bakugou finds the fight in him, whines and tries to shout curses behind the tape and crawl away but the bed doesn’t let him go anywhere further, and Midoriya is following wherever he squirms, takes one of his wrists and moves it to the bed by his face and presses hard.

The pressure builds and builds and builds until Bakugou’s body is opening up and Midoriya is hilted in him. His legs shake from the pain and the weird sensation of being so full. Midoriya’s cock is wickedly thick, so much longer than Bakugou thought.

He’d grown. Bakugou can’t even look at him but he knows the Deku behind him is taller than him now, built heavier and with more muscle than what he used to have.

Bakugou isn’t aware he’s making noise or screaming until Midoriya’s brushing back his hair and grabbing a fistful, mouth pressed behind his ear and shhingg him, gently but firmly. He doesn’t know how he’s to be quiet when Midoriya starts thrusting like he’s trying to fuck himself into his stomach. It’s hard and fast and nonstop, over and over and mind numbingly painful that he’s sure he blacks out for a moment.

When he tunes back in Midoriya is grunting and Bakugou’s other hand is free, shoulder locked up where he lays on it so his arm stretches over his head. Bakugou’s eyes are unseeing on Midoriya’s scarred arm, holding down his other wrist where he hadn’t let go. Midoriya groans again, grinds in deep and hard and leans over him again.

Bakugou feels like he’s going to suffocate.

“And, Kaachan? How does it feel?” Midoriya growls, out of breath behind him, he thrusts again and Bakugou sobs behind the tape, “Not so great, is it? Being pushed down?”

“Ah, but it feels good for me.” He purrs at the end, after another bruising series of thrusts that makes Bakugou’s eyes roll back. His body is betraying him and whatever is happening it’s feeling good. He’s still soft between his legs but Midoriya is knocking against something inside him that’s making his toes curl and his muscles shake.

“Oh? Is it here?” Midoriya asks, slowing down to a grind that makes Bakugou’s breath catch. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck-
His muscles seize and Bakugou grunts, it hurts more than it feels good but fuck, it feels incredible. He doesn’t know how he’s cumming, he’s not hard, he still isn’t hard even as cum drips to the floor and against his sheets.

He’s still whining loud as Midoriya rides him through it, cock just as hard as when he started even when tears slip down Bakugou’s cheeks.

“You’re so strong, Kaachan,” Midoriya giggles, out of breath already and still thrusting like he’s got something to prove, “and so pretty- I could keep you on my cock forever. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Just to serve your purpose as a hole for me to use.”

Bakugou’s stomach rolls and when he gags, Midoriya is ripping at his arms, yanking him to his knees and shoving calloused fingers into his mouth with a dark growl. The panicked shout echoes in the otherwise quiet room.

His arms aren’t listening, neither is his jaw, and the helpless panic is starting to settle in. Bakugou squeezes his eyes shut, hoping this is a terrible nightmare and when he wakes up he’s going to be late for work, shove out of the door with his boots half on and hauling ass down the street to-

“Where are you going?”

Midoriya pants against his ear, licking and biting at skin that’s easy to touch there. Bakugou feels disgusting. He didn’t notice that he’d been trying to lean off the bed to get away.

Green-blue sparks flicker in the dark room, lighting up the sheets and walls as Midoriya uses his quirk to haul Bakugou back into place, twisting him dangerously to the point Bakugou think he’s trying to break his spine. Small explosions burst from his fingertips.

He regrets it as soon as it happens. He sees Midoriya’s angry face for a split second before a fist slams across his face. Bakugou drops heavy on the bed, all of his joints weak like Midoriya severed every tendon and ligament from a single blow.

“I’m being so nice to you and you’re going to try and fight me? Kaachan, do you not like this? You should speak up. Say something! If I’m hurting you you have to tell me!” Midoriya’s voice is soft, a lie. A faux concern that Bakugou’s foggy brain leans on.

“Hurts—“ he gurgles, coughing blood from his lips as he shakily takes in air. Midoriya thrusts harder and Bakugou sobs out, louder, “it hurts!”

“You poor thing. Of course it hurts. I’m sorry, I’m being so rough with you, huh?”

“Deku- Stop… Please stop —“

Midoriya’s knuckles bash into his face again and Bakugou retches from the pain at the back of his head. He can feel the blood dripping down his throat, coming from somewhere on his cheek or tongue. Every thrust makes the numbness spread.

“You should call me Izuku. It’s what you should have always called me.” Midoriya sounds far away, behind a door somewhere.

Bakugou’s vision is fuzzy, dark at the edges or is that the room? The heat in his muscles has started to burn at his nerves and he’s only aware that Midoriya is moving him on the surface.

His eyes are fixed somewhere off to the side, where the wall meets the ceiling or the bed meets the pillows. It all bleeds together. He drifts in and out of being awake. Aware his body is rocking at small seconds of time before it goes dark again.


Midoriya keeps thrusting into the loose body under him. He’s cum twice already but Bakugou looks- oh god he looks so good.

Midoriya watched the light leave his eyes when he pulled out and shoved back in again, blood dripping into the sheets from his nose and lips and ass. Midoriya never got to see Bakugou close up in action after a fight, but he imagines that the villains he has troubles with get to see Bakugou like this often.

Jealousy swarms in his chest and he grabs Bakugou’s hips, thrusting into him harder. He knows the skin on Bakugou’s ass will bruise from the force. Hopefully as dark as the bruises already forming on his face.

Bakugou has stopped making noises now, head lax to the side and only moving when Midoriya rolls his body to a different position. He may be passed out, but it won’t stop Midoriya from finishing.

He finished his last time over Bakugou. He rolls him onto his back before kneeling over his shoulders, hand striping at his dick frantically, smearing at the blood and cum still clinging. The ropes of cum that drop on Bakugou’s cheeks and eyelids slowly run with the caked on blood there. Midoriya pants over him, catches his breath while burning the picture of it in his mind.

He smiles, getting off the bed with sore legs. He laugh to himself, giggling as he positions Bakugou’s arms up over his head, roped onto the headboard. The elation is overwhelming. He has to kneel at the foot of the bed, sheets clenched in his fists and between his teeth as he looks at Bakugou sleeping.

At this angle he can see his abused hole, red and puffy and dripping pink tinged cum onto the bed, his thighs marred with bruises and cum and dried red lines. Midoriya giggles again. He wants Bakugou to be awake again. He wants to tell him how pretty he is, how much he missed him.

Midoriya can wait. He’s waited this long already, he can hold out a little longer.

He makes sure to clean Bakugou up after everything has dried against his skin. A damp, soft washrag still scrubs his skin pink and raw from all the caked on grime. Midoriya thinks it makes him prettier.

Bakugou only sleeps for three hours.

He wakes up with a sob, trying to sit up and take in a lungful of air only to rub pain into his ankles and wrists and elbow. It’s rope. Nothing soft or gentle, the coarse fibers prick at his skin when he struggles and the explosion he lets off only shatters part of his wood headboard.

When he yanks on his wrists it feels like the bones might shatter.

The more he wakes up, the more he becomes aware of his own body. He knows he didn’t get beat up yesterday at his job. Nothing this—

The door opens to his bedroom and he’s met with green curls. His throat stops up and the pain below his waist suddenly doubles.

He feels empty. Still raw and on fire, but he feels like Midoriya had fucked out chunks of his flesh from between his legs. The room spins as he focuses on it. Even his face screams with pain as his face scrunches up with rage and disgust and panic and—

“You’re awake. I was waiting for you to come back to me.”

“You fucking bast —“

Midoriya suddenly cross the room in three quick strides, grabbing at Bakugou’s mouth, palm pressing into his lips hard. His green eyes are dark, pupils blown out in excitement or anger or whatever fucking emotion he’s going through. Bakugou doesn’t want to know, doesn’t want to look.

“Shhhhh. It’s still so late. You’ll wake someone up, Kaachan.”

Bakugou suddenly thrashes. Hearing the nickname from Midoriya’s mouth makes his heart jump. He doesn’t care anymore. He screams as loud as he can against the hand muting him, pulling on his limbs to try and get away. Explosions burn against the headboard and the wall, yet doing nothing to the ropes.

Midoriya suddenly grabs him at the throat, squeezing so tight Bakugou’s voice stops completely. His lungs ache, begging to inhale.

Midoriya giggles, biting at his bottom lip as he stares at Bakugou’s face, slowly going red.

“I think you just like me touching you, don’t you? You only act bad because you want my attention.”

Bakugou couldn’t shake his head no even if he tried. Dark stars dance across his vision, slowly turning grey. Lips press at his temple, Midoriya’s breath fanning over his cheek, lips trembling.

“I can’t wait to have you home. You can scream all you want there. You can fight me and do whatever you want. I won’t stop you.”

Midoriya’s other hand pats Bakugou’s chest before slipping down, slow in its track to Bakugou’s limp cock. His strokes are slow and gentle, Bakugou gurgles as his vision bleeds black.

“It’s been so long since I could touch you. I’ve ached to be able to be with you like this Kaachan.”

His fingers go numb next, the cold sensation creeping up his limbs as Midoriya’s hand gets tighter on both his neck and cock. The pressure behind his eyes grows too much and he doesn’t know if it’s tears or blood.

“We’ll finally be together forever. I won’t let you go this time,” Midoriya groans.

Air flushes in with a rush when he lets go of his throat, Bakugou’s purple face slowly flooding with his normal red and tan color as he gasps. Midoriya watches how his brows pinch together when he coughs, tears still streaming down his face.

Midoriya stands, fingers trembling when he rips his belt off and undoes his pants.

“I’m sorry Kaachan, I can’t wait any longer,” He hooks a thumb in Bakugou’s limp mouth, turning his head to the side so he can line up the dripping head of his cock to his lips, pushing past his teeth and against the hot, squishy tongue beyond it. He groans, hips shoving forward as Bakugou gags.

“I won’t fuck your ass. I was too rough, I’m sorry. I’ll wait until it heals before I fuck you again. I just lose my control with you, Kaachan. You understand right? I don’t mean to hurt you.”

Midoriya grabs at blonde spikes, using his hair to help bob his head against his cock. Bakugou gags again, coughing as spit drips around his lips to the bed. His eyes flutter, still distantly looking through Midoriya’s hips like he’s still trying to pull himself back to consciousness. Midoriya tries to be quick, knowing when Bakugou knows what’s happening he’ll bite.

It’s not long. Bakugou’s limp tongue is doing wonders against the pulsing underside of his cock and he can’t pull back in time before the first hot spurt of cum goes down Bakugou’s throat. The next stripes his lips and nose when Midoriya jerks back. Bakugou coughs and coughs and Midoriya worried that maybe he’s actually choking.

But then Bakugou starts cursing, every sharp tongued name he can spit he does. His voice is hoarse, grabelly when he snarls and spits and Midoriya listens to it all. When he stands up, Bakugou flinches.

“The car will be here in three hours. I’ve already packed your clothes for you.” Midoriya smiles at him as he fixes his pants back up.

Bakugou doesn’t know what to say. He still feels dizzy, like none of this is real. It’s moving too fast. This isn’t happening. This can’t—

“No, no. Shhh. It’s okay, Kaachan.” Midoriya’s hands come for his face. Bakugou tries to scream but all that comes out is a croaked sob.

Thumbs wipe away tears and every swipe makes him tired. He doesn’t understand. He still doesn’t understand and Midoriya isn’t telling him anything.

“Go back to sleep, Kaachan. It’ll be okay. We’ll finally be alone. We’ll finally be together.”

Bakugou wants to shake his head and scream more, wants to deny everything . But the exhaustion is coming back on him again, and his head is throbbing. He keeps coughing, hard enough that now his chest hurts and fuck , everything burns.

It doesn’t last. All he has to do is close his eyes again and sleep curls up around him with welcoming arms.

May 27th, 20xx.

Pro-Hero Ground Zero, or Bakugou Katsuki, has been missing now for three months. Officials are still searching for the missing Pro. There have been no leads on the note that was found at his apartment on February 20th, stating that Pro-Hero Ground Zero will be retiring indefinitely. Along with the note were Ground Zero’s uniform and cellphone.

Police have still been unable to retrieve any video surveillance of the kidnapping. They ask if you have any news or suspicions to please report it to the Chief (xxx-xxxx).

The news articles have gotten shorter. Midoriya smiles as he scrolls through on his phone, reading about other Pro-Heros getting married, apprehending villains, dying, saving businesses from catastrophe.

It’s like the world has suddenly settled down and moved on without even a single crumb of a lead in the case of Bakugou’s disappearance. A cold case is no fun to work on, after all. Of course there won't be any public appearance of Bakugou for another year.

He looks at the time and sets his phone down on the couch before standing. He grabs a glass of water before quietly making his way down the hall, humming to himself as he opens the door at the end on the left. The stairs leading down are well lit, carpeted concrete keeps his arrival quiet until he reaches the bottom.

A moan bounces off the walls when he turns the light on. Off on the far wall is his beautiful treasure, moaning and struggling to hold still on the bed.

Bakugou’s arms are trapped behind his back, elbows to elbows and wrists to wrists ties with smooth, soft, red ribbons, knotted at every inch down.

He keeps his knees apart, legs spread wide to show the vibrator still deep inside of himself, held in place by his fingers, trembling.

Midoriya smiles when Bakugou’s bright red eyes lock onto him and then roll, pressing the vibrator deeper in. He steps closer to the bed, fingers playing at Bakugou’s lips through the cloth gag covering him.

He makes another loud moan, back arching when he tries to gasp. Midoriya sets the water down gently on the table next to the headboard, metal and pockmarked with black from previous explosions.

“You’ve been so good today, Kaachan. I think you deserve a reward.”

His fingers trail the gag across Bakugou’s cheek, moving through his hair before he loosens the knot at the back, letting it loose to fall off Bakugou’s face.

When Bakugou nuzzles his face into Midoriya’s hand, he kisses at his thumb, lips warm and slick from his own drool and struggling. Those glassy red eyes turn up to meet Midoriya's.

“Yes, Izuku.”