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Accidentally Yours

“Hey!” Furihata exclaims.

He spots a couple of kids hunched over a corner accompanied with a sound of whine from a pitiful pup. The kids all looks over where the sixteen years old brunet is, still in his uniform he walks up to them. The kids don’t seem fazed at all, they smirks and ignore him to continue poking sticks and hurting the tiny ball of fur.

“Stop that!” Furihata says again.

“Yeah, what you gonna do mister?” one of the kids says raising an arrogant eyebrow at him. “You gonna scream at our ears until they bleed?”

“Yes!” the brunet replies, “If that’s what it takes for you to leave that puppy alone.”

The other huffs, and rolls his eyes. The kid who is holding the pup by its neck just laughs. Furihata Kouki knows as much that kids or basically most people don’t take him seriously because of his petite and lanky built, not to mention he’s not exactly that courageous either but he couldn’t stand this.

“Leave it alone.” He repeats.

“Bite me!” the tallest of the three kids says before bursting into a laugh.

“Ah, this is boring anyways.” The kid holding the pup says before tossing it to the ground making Furihata gasps in shock.

The pup whines as it falls to the ground, it lets out a cry making Furihata’s heart sink to the pits of his guts. He quickly runs to take the pup in his hand and look up the children who do not seem regretful of their action, not even an inch if their laughters are anything to go by. They turn around and run to the other direction leaving Furihata on his own with the tiny animal.

The tiny pup squirms in his hold whining and it breaks his heart. Its fur is white as snow, possibly, but due to the amount of beating it got from the kids it looks ashen. It opens its eyes and Furihata found a pair of beautiful marble like clear blue orbs staring back at him. He feels bad for the little guy, he smoothens his fur over his head and it coos to his touch.

“I can’t believe those kids.” He says with a sigh. “Let’s take you to see a vet, that was a nasty fall.”

The puppy only looks at him tiredly and leans to his hand as he carries it to the nearest veterinary clinic. It takes almost half an hour walk back to the vet but it was all worth it. The puppy has woken up from the walk and seems to like him as it remained in his arms unmoving and merely making small howls whenever it seems a stray cat or two. It was quite an adorable sight which makes the brunet wonder how can a couple of kids think bullying him is a good past time.

When Furihata arrives at the clinic, thankfully it is a slow day and there is barely a line for the consultation. The front desk officer greet them cheerily and quickly notes the puppy’s pretty blue eyes.

“Such a cute little guy you got there.” She tells Furihata.

“Oh yeah, uh but she or he isn’t mine.” He admits. “I saw him getting bullied by a couple of kids on my way home.”

The woman gasps and shakes her head hearing the news.

“That’s very mean of them, some kids these days, really.”

“I know.” Furihata says with a sigh, he looks at the puppy who gives his hand a small lick. “I hope I could get someone to get a look at him, I mean if those kids hurt him in anyway.”

“Oh of course.” She says with a kind smile, “We’ll call up the doctors and while we’re at it please get fill up this cutie’s form, alright?”

Furihata nods and takes the paper the desk officer hands over to him. The brunet takes the puppy with and sets him on his side as he begins filling up the forms. The puppy simply sits down, its big blue eyes staring at Furihata as if memorizing his features, it almost reminded him of a child looking at something that interest them. It doesn’t yelp or run around like most dogs and instead remained at his side.

The doctor comes in soon and calls them inside the clinic. Furihata gently scoops up the puppy in his arms and follows the doctor.




“Well there’s some minor hairline fracture in his hind leg.” The doctor says as he puts up the x-ray on the lit board mounted on the wall.

Furihat gasps as he sees the image, there is indeed a small visible fracture. The puppy remains still curled to his lap and looking at the doctor almost as if familiarizing himself with the stranger. Furihata’s soothing and continues petting calms the fur ball’s nerves however.

“Is it bad? D-Does it needs surgery?” Furihata asks in concern.

“Well, not really.” The doctor says. “We need to however bandage the injury so he doesn’t move it too much and allow it to heal.”


“Yes.” The doctor says as he returns to his seat and look at the white furred puppy. “Congratulations it’s a boy Furihata Kouki-san.”

Furihata chuckles at the joke, he looks down at the puppy who notice the brunet’s shift in attention. He looks at him and his blue eyes stare at him for a while and before letting out a small howl. There is perhaps nothing more adorable than a tiny pup trying to howl.

“Does he do that a lot?” the doctor asks raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, uhm a-actually I don’t know.” Furihata says, “I’ve only gotten him just know but yeah he kinda howls a bit.”

The doctor nods and watches quietly as Furihata interacts with the puppy. The small creature wags its tiny tail as the boy coos him like a child.

“Well I have a bad news and good news for you Furihata-san.”

The boy looks up at the man, eyes glazed with anxiousness.

“Uh, y-yes?”

“Well we need to observe your pup for overnight so you will have to leave him over for today.”

“Eh?” Furihata exclaims, “I-Is there a trouble?”

The doctor waves his hand in dismissal, “No, but we just want to make sure he’s alright, infections and such, vaccines and other usual standard protocols for stray pups and dogs. I hope you understand Furihata-san.”

Furihata looks at the puppy whose playing with the sleeves of his gakuran, he sighs thinking about leaving the tiny creature. It breaks his heart, after all he had decided to adopt him. But then again, it must be for the best, he wants him to be well.

“I-I understand.” He says in a small voice.

“Do you plan on keeping him?”

Furihata nods weakly.

“I want to.”

The doctor smiles.

“Well aren’t you a kind man, perhaps it is why this pup likes you so much.”

Furihata feels a blush creep to his cheeks at the compliment.

The doctor however doesn’t stop, he looks at the little guy who pokes his wet nose against the palm of the brunet’s palm wanting to be scratched and pet.

“Well, they say dogs are good judge of character after all.”




As soon as Furihata returns home to his family he tells them what occurred on his way. Thankfully both his parents found the idea of the puppy alright especially after knowing what horrible things happened to the tiny pup. His mother enjoyed the thought and urged the brunet to even begin thinking about a name for him. His kind hearted father even suggested getting the pup a collar so when the brunet returns he can give him a collar already.

It is good until the phone rings and the day takes a turn.

“Is this Furihata Kouki-san?”

Furihata is familiar with this voice, it is the front desk officer on the other line.

“Speaking.” The brunet answers almost immediately.  “How can I help you?”

The person on the other line confirms his suspicion and introduces herself as the front desk officer of the neighborhood’s vet clinic.

“Is something the matter?” he asks.

“Well honestly, I think it is best if you come to the clinic Furihata-san so we can discuss this matter personally.”

It doesn’t have a good ring to it, Furihata thought and he felt fear and worry fill him. It is already pass seven in the evening but nonetheless there isn’t homework anyways and Furihata needed to know what happened to his pup. As soon as he gathered his phone and wallet he explains to his parent the situation and they quickly understood their son’s emergency. His mother kisses his cheek on his way out and hopes everything is okay.

As soon as Furihata arrives at the clinic it is already almost pass 8 in the evening, the sign outside of the clinic is close but the door and the place remains lit. He knocks and the front desk comes at the door to let him in. He’s nervous and scared and the slight furrow of the brows of the young lady doesn’t help ease the brunet’s fears. The clinic doesn’t seem to look any different from when he was there earlier. It doesn’t take a lot of time until the doctor comes out to see him.

“Please come with me.” the doctor says as he takes him to the back of the clinic.

The back room is where most kennels are, there are different types of animals there but mostly felines and dogs. The cats perk up at their presence and some dogs pushes their nose between the kennels trying to sniff the scent of the new comer hoping it is their owner. Furihata looks around quietly until the doctor stops.

“Well I…I don’t really know how to explain this.” the man says, he rubs the side of his temple as he faces Furihata.

“W-What happened to the pup?”

The doctor sighs.

“I’m truly sorry, I really am.” He begins. “We were very careful, we…”

Tear begins to stream down Furihata’s eyes at this point, the foreshadowing is too much and with those words it just seem to point in one direction. He begins to sob thinking the poor puppy may have wanted to see him in its last moment but instead he left him with strangers yet again and left on his own. The thought of the tiny thing whining and hoping to see him in his dying moments sent spirals of emotions in him.

“W-We are truly sorry Furihata-san, we are short in people a-and we didn’t notice he has escaped.”

Furihata stops, his eyes widen. Escape?

“We must have slipped and didn’t realize that he got out of his kennel. It is our fault and we are terribly sorry, stray dogs are very restless, he must have found the kennel suffocating.”

“He’s…not dead?”

The doctor shakes his head.

“Oh, no. We are sure he is well.”

Furihata sighs and almost sinks down on the floor.

“T-That’s good.”

“Well techinically yes but he’s…uh…he escaped.”

Furihata shakes his head, alive is better than anything. If the pup is alive he must be somewhere and there is a fairly good chance of him seeing him again or finding him. Considering his injury as well, the pup surely hasn’t gotten far yet. He can do with that.

“I-I’ll find him!” the brunet teen says before bolting out of the clinic.

The doctor opens his mouth hands midair as he attempts to tell the brunet another news but they fell on deaf ears as the brunet is already by the door in a flash. The man finds himself unsure of what to do at the moment, after all the concerned probably still didn’t know that he’s not dealing with just a domesticated pup but rather…a wolf’s.





“Puppy!” Furihata calls out at the park.

Its already late and the lively park has turned more quiet with just the lights from the lampposts remaining to illuminate the place. The air is turning quite cold and the brunet sadly has forgotten his coat in his hurry, but all of it surely will pay off if he finds the pup. There is still hope that the little guy will recognize his voice.

It must have been scary for the little pup to be on his own, Furihata thought, especially after what happened to him. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to find themselves in that kind of situation, surrounded by suspicious people, vulnerable and hurt. As someone who had been bullied quite often, the brunet could understand what it may feel like to be in that position of helplessness and he doesn’t want anyone or anything to go through that too if he can do anything about it.

“Puppy!” he calls out again to almost no avail.

The wind blows harshly and Furihata shivers from the cold, normally people would be thinking about how they should return home soon fearing the cold for themselves but the brunet felt bad for the pup. He could imagine him shivering somewhere, hungry, alone and now cold. He wants to see him now even more.

“Ah, well what do we have here?”

Furihat turns around and finds two older men walking up to him, he steps back hoping they just ignore him and leave but they didn’t. Instead they walk closer until they are almost arm reach from the brunet.

“You a high school?” one them asks with a smirk.

“I-I…I’m looking for something.” Furihata answers trying to avoid looking at the men thinking they may find it as a sign of his weakness and just let him be. Again, however he is wrong. The two press closer.

“Yeah, heard you were looking for a puppy.” One of them says, “Well, how about you be our dear puppy?”

“I-I’m not interested…a-and uh—“

“Then give us your wallet instead, alright?”

Furihata steps back, “I-I don’t have money with me.”

“Do you?” the man says as he reaches to the back of Furihata’s jeans.

The brunet tries his best to get off the situation and pushes the man away. The man only trips a bit and he manages to quickly regain his balance and now pissed. He grabs Furihata by the arm and pulls him to his face before grabbing his face forcefully. The brunet winces feeling the calloused and rough hands dig on his skin. He could almost feel the bruise forming at the hold.

“You fucking shit, you wanna make this hard for yourself, huh?”

“N-No, p-please d-don’t hurt me I—“

Furihata’s words is silenced as he sees something bright on the back accompanied with a shriek. His eyes widen as seconds seem to pass by in slow motion, one of the two men is set on a fire, bright red flames engulfs him in an instant. And then almost as soon as this happens, a bright light crosses almost inches away from Furihata’s face and drops at the shoulder of the man holding him. It spreads quickly and the man shoves Furihata away but instead of colliding against the harsh surface of the park’s floor he feels warm hands catching him and a firm chest against his back.

His eyes are still fix at his assailants and they begin rolling on the ground trying to put out the fire but nothing works. They cry and beg for help but no one comes, and though the fire seems to be bigger as the moments pass their skin and body doesn’t seem to burn.

Their wails however soon takes Furihata out of his reverie and he weakly reaches up to offer his hand but one of the warm hands in his shoulder stops him, holding his wrist. The men run away to the opposite direction still screaming while the brunet is left dumbfounded.

“What were you thinking?” the man behind the brunet asks, his voice is sultry, cold but intense. There is a tinge of irritation in his voice as well that made Furihata pull himself off to look at him.

If elegance could have a physical body, it certainly is the stranger before him. The man is not towering but just right an inch or two taller than the brunet, he wears a traditional kimono of dark red and a black haori. His hair is cut short but it doesn’t make his scarlet red locks any less stunning, his eyes that are glazed with the glow of streetlamps are gold and red like the colors of a saturated sunset.

“W-Who are you?” the words slips out of Furihata without him knowing, he is awestruck by the gorgeous man before him and well what just transpired. “W-What just happened?”

The man sighs folding his hands under the sleeves of his haori before answering.

“Punishment.” He replies. “I burnt them with my fire.”

“Y-Your fire?”

The man nods, he lifts his hand up and a fire seems to materializes on it without burning his skin. The brunet’s eyes widen. Is he dreaming? The stranger extinguishes the flame and closes them.

“W-Why…what are you?”

The man looks at him, his expression unreadable and calculative. He seems like a predator studying his prey making Furihata shriek in fear.


Furihata blinks as he hears another voice. He looks at where the voice comes from and he finds a small boy reveals himself from the back of the scarlet haired stranger. His eyes widen as a pair of familiar big blue eyes looks at him.

“Ah…puppy.” He almost says immediately.

The child, which is clearly not a puppy, is wearing white kimono over a michiyuki. The boy has powder blue hair and the very same blue eyes as his puppy. Surely he couldn’t be, Furihata berated himself internally for calling a child a puppy, however before he could do or say anything else the child launches himself to his leg and clutches there like a koala.

“Tetsuya.” The red haired stranger calls the boy but the child does not budge.

“W-Who are you guys?” Furihata asks. “W-What…I-I don’t understand.”

“I’m not Tetsuya!” the child exclaims loudly.

“You are.” The red haired man says with a sigh, “I know so because I am your Alpha.”

The boy frowns and turns his head to look at the man just to stick his tongue out, his blue eyes remaining void of obvious emotions.

“No longer!” he says stubbornly. “I am puppy! A-And I won’t leave him, I-I will protect him from the big mean humans too!”

“P-Puppy?” Furihata asks raising an eyebrow, is it possible? But how?

The child looks up at Furihata and his eyes seem to glimmer and glint with affection just as how the white furred pup looked at him and surely that’s absurd but the brunet couldn’t deny how similar those blue eyes are to his puppy. The red haired stranger steps forward, and picks up the boy from his leg. The child stubbornly swings his legs hoping they would get the red head to let go but he doesn’t. He puts the boy down next to him before looking again at the brunet.

He examines him and humans as he finds those kind brown eyes to draw him in. Innocent, brave and kind to a fault, his soul is warm and the red head sees how easily his younger pack member finds himself drawn to him. Kuroko Testuya, is one of the youngest of his pack, the orphaned werewolf has always been quite special for the pack after they took him in. He has always been surrounded by stronger and brash Alpha, and with the number of female werewolves dwindling, the pup sought the comfort and affection of a mother figure.

He sniffs the air quietly as to not shock the brunet and he quickly regrets it, his face heats up quickly as soon as his mind begins giving labels and meanings to them. He didn’t expect to like it, but he does and quite very much so.

Underneath the smell of his obvious mortality there is a fragrance that reminds him of home with a warm tinge of cinnamon and lavender that shouldn’t smell that good but it does. It isn’t sickeningly sweet and not too strong like the trail he is use to as an alpha.

But he’s human, he reminds himself as he turns his attention to the hopeful pup standing beside him still looking at Furihata as if he is the one who puts the stars up the sky and it isn’t difficult to see why. The human saved or so that’s how the pup perceived it, from a bunch of “mean” smaller humans who saw him. And that’s how easily he trusts, Kuroko is a pup who has not yet seen the cruelty of the divide between mortals and their kinds.

“I don’t wanna leave him, I hafta protect him.” the pup tells Akashi weakly. His small hands curled to a fist.

“He is not your Alpha, I am.” The red head tells him. “And you follow me, not him. Do not be stubborn Tetsuya.”

The child stomps his feet and exclaims.

“I am not Tetsuya, I am puppy!”

The two older male is shock when the child in a swift shifts to his pup form, and without second thoughts run to Furihata. The brunet stands still with his eyes wide from shock of the whole ordeal, when Furihata doesn’t move to scoop the blue eyes puppy the pup falls to its feet laying on its stomach and whining against his sneakers. He couldn’t watch it, the brunet thought and he lowers himself to bring the pup to his arms.

“I-I don’t know what’s happening but you don’t have to be so harsh on him.” Furihata says smoothing down the pup’s fur. It trembles against his hold and wriggles closer to his warmth. “I-I don’t know anymore, I-I mean surely h-he’s not what I think he is but…but that doesn’t mean I care less.”

Akashi’s eyes widen. Is this for real, a human who has found the truth about their nature, going as far as watching Kuroko shift in front of him and yet he still cares for Kuroko regardless.

“I am a werewolf, and so is that pup in your arms.” Akashi confesses.

“A-A werewolf?”

“Yes.” He answers. “Are you afraid?”

Furihata wants to say yes but the little pup in his arms doesn’t seem like someone(?) who is dangerous to him or to anyone, and the red head stranger even protected him. He doesn’t answer.

“I…I still don’t know who are you guys.”

“Neither have you introduced yourself, human.”

Furihata blushes in embarrassment.  In his defense after almost getting mugged, seeing two people engulfed in flames then witnessing a perfectly normal looking boy suddenly turned to a puppy introducing himself slipped his mind.

“M-My name is F-Furihata Kouki a-and you and this…uhm b-boy? Pup?”

“I am his ward.” Akashi tells the brunet. “I am Akashi Seijuuro, that pup is Kuroko Tetsuya.”

“He is yours? L-Like y-your son?”

“No, but close.” He replies. “He is special to me and to the pack, and he left and it is due to my shortcoming.”

Akashi and the pup had many similarities but unlike him, Kuroko loss his parents earlier and had no mother or omega figure in his life, and naturally most pups seek that kind bond and care only mothers, omega or mate could give. They have a softer and more tender personalities that pups like but much to Akashi’s case, he doesn’t have any of the three present for the boy and of course he’d make a deal of it like all pups and child alike. The blue eyed pup then slipped off from their home in his pup shift and run around looking for a mother.

Hours later, Akashi found the pup or more precisely the pup found him and allowed him to be found only to insist that the Alpha take him to his new ward whose name is Furihata Kouki and that his name is Puppy. A few moments later they found themselves in this situation.

“We owe you a lot for the things you’ve done for him when he is most vulnerable. But I cannot leave him with you so easily.” Akashi confesses.

“O-Of course, that would be very irresponsible of you a-and I won’t let you!” Furihata says quite loudly.

Akashi almost smirks at the other’s determination, for someone weak and so…well, mortal he seems very insistent and persistent. He cares for Kuroko even if he had known him only for a short while, he’s protective almost like a kind mother and it piques the red haired Alpha’s interest.

“Tetsuya wouldn’t leave you either.” Akashi tells him, “It is a conflict of interest.”

“I-I know…I want to keep him but he’s not a pet.”


“…But I don’t…I don’t to force him to do what he doesn’t want to do a-and I…I was already…” Furihata unconsciously hugs the pup closer as he omits the word that feels careless of him to say. Attached.

Akashi’s eyes widen, his heart skips a beat as he watches the brown eyes fill with affection as he gazes at the pup in his arms. It is impossible and yet there it is, a human, so small and frail and yet so valiant and dare he say loving. A primal instinct in the back of his mind whispers its desire like a traitorous snake, and though he is strong he couldn’t help but picture his warmth against him and the scent of the pups and their joy surrounding them, and his smile.

He must look beautiful under the glow of morning sun, with his brown hair slightly tousled hair and his eyes glazed with the haze of sleep and comfort. He wonders if he can he would learn to purr too, would he seek shelter in his arms in his sleep like the pups would? The thought sends warmth that he doesn’t expect in his chest.

Protect, a louder voice from his primal side whispers, it says another word and it almost makes Akashi explode in a thousand shades of red.

“You’re going to take him, r-right?” Furihata says with a small voice. “Y-You have to swear y-you won’t raise your voice on him, he’s just…he’s still young.”

Akashi makes a decision in a swift, he doesn’t doubt it. His wolf cannot be wrong, this is meant to happen. He walks up to the brunet, and Furihata braces himself for the man to take the puppy from him. But no hand come to take Kuroko from him instead a warm hand reaches to cup his cheek and his brown eyes met gold and red. He couldn’t help but shiver at the intensity of his eyes as they seem to drink the sight of him.

“Well he didn’t have to leave the pack for you, if you become part of the pack.”


Akashi lets out a small smile and damn the brunet to hell if he lies and tells anyone it didn’t make his heart do a little cartwheel. He gasps and as the red head leans to his side cheek brushing against cheek.

“My name is Akashi Seijuuro, and from now on, you shall be my mate Furihata Kouki.”