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The Other Parent AU Drabbles

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He can’t believe Dragon, the bastard the utter bastard!!


He’d been planning on lying, saying their no HIS child died and sending him off to god knows where!


Its pure luck he found out, hearing him talking with one of the doctors of the revolutionary army.


Like hell he’s staying around after that.


Dragon had even tried to convince him this was the best course of action.



He’d left, even leaving behind the one chance to finally get the right body…he didn’t have anyway to contact Iva..damn it, but this was his child.


His child!


And he was not abandoning them or giving them up at all.


He’s better than that man, better than Dragon to apparently.


Fuck him!


Fuck him and his whole army and goddamn revolution!


“looks like it’s just me and you brat” he said hand resting on his stomach, feeling a firm kick that makes him smile as he sits on the top of the railing of the ship he’d ‘appropriated’.





Of course he got captured.


It is quite literally just his luck.


He stared up at the 2 Navy commanders who’d captured this ‘revolutionary’ ship Vice Admiral Tsuru and Vice Admiral Garp.


Just his fucking luck!


And of course they recognised him…just brilliant.


He shifts and keeps his draped coat over him in the room he’s currently stuck in hiding the large bump.

“…I wasn’t aware you were part of the revolutionary army?” Garp questions with a raised eyebrow.


He bites out a laugh “not even a little, I’d be more than happy to watch that shit show burn to the ground”


The vice admirals exchanged a look “then care to explain how you came to be here on a revolutionary ship?” Tsuru asked and her eyes were scanning his form eyebrows furrowed, and he can see her putting the pieces together.

“Getting the hell away from my EX I suppose” he says calmly and shifts towards them, he sees the exact moments they see his current state and their eyes widen comically “apparently your sons views on child care are worst than yours” he states meeting Garp’s eyes.


The vice admiral takes a moment to register the statement, before making a sound like a dying cat and fainting face down on the ground.


Tsuru calms herself and approaches him looking up and less on guard “how bad?”

“he wanted to send the child to god knows where in some random blue and tell me they were dead” he states and watches Tsuru close her eyes and curse “ I don’t plan on being a hopeless father… like mine” he places a hand his stomach and glares “ and if you even think about”.


Tsuru holds up a hand giving him a look “honestly boy shut up and stop that” she shook her head “I am not going to harm you or your child I’m not some like certain more…hot headed marines” she glares off and then gives a thin smirk “besides it’s not like you have any wanted posters or bounties so why would we need to” she states.


Crocodile blinks at that, it had always been an insult Whitebeard had made sure that his bounty posters weren’t for him but for her, even when he had his own crew apparently the marines hadn’t got the message…he’d destroyed so many wanted posters… but they'd kept and he'd hated it, hated it so so much! 


Tsuru put a hand on his arm “when was the last time that you got a check up?”

Crocodile let himself relax only slightly “from a doctor I trust…apparently not at all”


The woman curses and leads him out and onto the navy ship “Well you are now"

“You in the business of helping pirates now?” Crocodile askes quietly watching her warily still


“Young man I was there I’ve seen the father whitebeard was to you, I heard about your fight” she explained and Crocodile fought the flinch at the memories rubbing over his hook “I also happened to know that men of that family are idiots” she added softly before smirking up with a cunning light in her eye “and lastly I believe are interests align and I believe we may have some agreement in the future”


Crocodile smirks back, oh…he really like her.


He’s sitting in her office later when Garp finally wakes up and bursts in eyes wide “I’M GOING TO BE A GRAMPA?”





Giving birth sucks!!!


The pain was overwhelming, his body wanted to become sand but, it was too much of a risk, sea stone also wasn’t an option, because that would make him too weak.


He’d had to explain his water weakness and use that in order to ensure he didn’t become a freaking sandstorm.


That and giving birth on a navy ship, on your way towards Foosha village, as Garp put it ‘somewhere safe for the time being’ and ‘somewhere no Yonko will turn up unannounced’.


He’d thought he still had a few weeks. Apparently the brat disagrees.


Tsuru is a reassuring presence when she’s not ducking her head out the door to scream at Garp to stop pacing and YES this is normal.


It takes almost 10 hours for it to over.

Never again!

He will lose his second hand first.


Lying there exhausted and on the edge of passing out he half expects for his child to be taken away himself put in seastone and told their course is set for impel down but.


That doesn't happen.


“You want to see your son?” he blinks up at the wrapped screaming bundle that Tsuru hands to him.


He stares down at the child in almost disbelief and slight awe, huh he's a dad...holy shit! “hey brat” the words are hoarse, with is fair after 10 hours of screaming and he smirks down “hope you know you’re already causing so much trouble”

Tsuru laughs lightly “with his bloodline there’s going to be a lot more of it” she pats his shoulder before glancing at the door “speaking of bloodline…do you want the old fool in here or”


He snorts as he hears the affronted noise through the door…he remembers Dragon always talking about Garp, being forced into the role of a Marine, he clutches his child tighter but…he seems different from before, even from just his memories of the man…and with all he’s doing.

He’ll give him a second chance.


With extreme supervision.


Also it will piss Whitebeard the FUCK off if he ever finds out.


But mainly it's the second chance.


He nods to Tsuru who opens the door, the large man looks so small and his eyes wide and almost disbelieving, “are…are you sure?”


Giving a long suffering sigh he stares up at the man with a cocked eyebrow “This child has 1 grandfather…it most certainly isn’t my father” he says and tries to ignore when the vice admiral begins openly sobbing.


The vice admiral stares down at the infant in his arms “Luffy” he says fondly.

“You can’t name the child Garp! you old fool” Tsuru scolds him firmly.

Crocodile yawns and leans back down “no…no that fits…honestly I hadn’t thought of a name I’d just called him brat”


“You’ll probably still be calling him that honestly” Garp laughs and smiles proudly down.


“Monkey D Luffy” he nods


Tsuru puts her face in her hands and signs “foolish old man”


Crocodile laughs “well he’s not taking my last name” he smiles


Monkey D Luffy huh


Well it seems to fit.