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“Kawase.. When you said you wanted to go out this isn't what I had in mind.” Subaru shrinks in his seat, hands gripping the sides of his coffee cup a little too tightly.

He can't help it. Despite having growth in social situations he still didn't like to go out much. Kawase was the complete opposite and since relationships were a two way street he had to power through it.

If it was for Kawase’s happiness he could handle it.

He just didn't think he'd have two cats resting in his lap as he tried to finish his coffee.

“It just opened up and like a divine revelation I knew we had to come. It's a perfect dating spot and it has a lot of positive reviews!” Kawase hums happily after he's done taking photos of the café, eagerly petting the calico cat that rests on his lap. It's oddly different to find a cat not hissing at his eagerness to be near them.

“They're not as feeble as Haru..” Subaru says more to himself. It's a simple observation and he notes how one of the cats on his lap nuzzles their face against his knee.

“If Haru were here she'd be all over the place.” Kawase looks briefly lost in thought before he picks up the cat he's holding and nuzzles the back of its head. “I wish Haru was affectionate like them too..”

The cat looks mildly annoyed and Subaru is able to let out a breath he doesn't realize he's holding until Kawase sets the cat down and returns to his drink.

“I think she's warming up to you.” Subaru nearly spits his coffee by Kawase suddenly throwing his hands down on the table, somehow not spilling his own drink.

“You think so?!” Kawase looks and sounds so hopeful that Subaru can't help but smile.

“The other night I saw her lick your face before she went to sleep.” In all honesty it was probably because Kawase may have had a bit of food on his face from dinner and Haru just wanted a taste.

“H-hey are you okay?” Kawase looks nearly on the verge of tears, sniffling as he rubs his eyes.

“I-I’m so happy, she's learning to love me..” Kawase smiles so brightly that Subaru has the urge to lean over the table and kiss him.

“Subaru.” The sudden seriousness from the other makes him tense and confused. He tilts his head looking at Kawase as he awaits for him to continue.

“Haru must have saw me kiss your cheek before and she's learning from both of her dads.”


“We must be more openly affectionate around her! When we get home you're getting butterfly kisses and nuzzles!” Kawase says in a matter of fact way as he leans back in his chair looking satisfied.

“I-isn't that a little over the top just to teach her to be more open with you..?” And he's pretty sure cats probably don't work that way. From what he's read he can't recall seeing anything like that in the books Kawase sent him.

“Nonsense! It's a win-win! I get to shower you in affection to teach Haru a loving life lesson when it comes to family.” Subaru isn't sure how to respond so he merely smiles.

“I'm lucky to have family like you too.” Kawase says it so softly Subaru nearly misses it. His face feels warm and he has to hold onto the warmth also in his chest every time Kawase makes his heart flutter.

“I believe I'm the lucky one. Thank you, Kawase.”

Kawase gets up and leans across the table to kiss Subaru’s forehead. He lets his head rest their for a moment before getting up and taking Subaru's hand; the cats on his lap gone to give other people affection.

“Come on, let's go back home to the rest of our family.”

Subaru smiles softly, grasping the hand in his and entwining their hands as they leave.

He never thought his life would blossom so much. And for that he's thankful.