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the time erasing hero: emperor crimson

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midoriya inko was worried for her son. izuku was not a sickly child or one to skip out on school due to a fever, but when izuku fainted in a cold sweat during P.E. and the informed her that he been sick for a week he was told to stay at home until the fever passed. that episode was thirty-five days ago, and the five-year-old was currently dry heaving in the trash can beside his bed.

this goes on any longer and you're staying in the hospital until this passes the mother thought watching her son. the house was quiet since izuku was put on bedrest and his mother feared that he might die. deciding that it was time for the boys’ father was told about his condition inko took out her phone and dialed the emergency contact number her husband gave her in case of emergencies.

inko, what's wrong?” the man on the other end of the phone asked, she could the wind was rustling behind him he was probably on duty

“shouta, it’s izuku, he’s sick and he’s not getting any better and Iknowyoubusywithyourheroworkbutizukuneedshisfatherrightnowand-” the green-haired woman said letting the words tumble out of her mouth before she could stop them before getting cut off by her husband

inko, breath. I’m close and my shift is over, i’ll be right there”


    shouta was having a lousy day (and night) as it was. it all started when hizashi told him for the thousandth time to start to teach a bunch of teenage brats and he somehow got nemuri roped into this and now she was asking. shouta missed his wife and his son, he hatted the lie that they told the public because of him. shouta hated the idea of him not being married to inko, of someone else being izuku’s father it left him with an empty hollow feeling that gnawed at him.

maybe I should surprise them with a visit, I'm sure they would like that the scruffy man thought as his phone started to buzz in his pocket, it was inko why would she be calling his work phone. god, what if she was being attacked by a villain .

“inko, what's wrong”

shouta, it’s izuku, he’s sick and he’s not getting any better and Iknowyoubusywithyourheroworkbutizukuneedshisfatherrightnowand- ” the underground hero barley catching what was being said to him

“inko, breath. I’m close and my shift is over, i’ll be right there”

yep, shouta was having one hell of a day and god forbid if it got any better