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Journey of the West: Age of Redemption

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It's been a year since the Starz Gang has been established. A Gang of heroes and Outlaws who rob slave companies and crime organizations and do the right thing. But as the months went by, other gangs begin to rise to power. Some who do good, and some who do bad. And also a bounty hunter organization called "Telmarine Rampage Force" Or "TRF or Telmarines". Their task is to hunt down those gangs so and get paid well. The Starz Gang however, are hard to find. Until one day........

Blackwater, West Elizabeth.......

At the plains near the town, Kim Possible Leader of the Starz Gang (Mounted on a Dutch Warmblood) waits patiently with the rest of the gang members, (Mike Mounted on a silver Bull, Rattlesnake Jake, Puss, Miles, Bolt, Arbiter, Diego, Hiro, Baymax, Bubbles, Felicie, and new members, Boog, Hayley, and macawnivore named "Chunky").

"Any time now," mutters Kim.

Then suddenly, two riders are heading towards them, it's Darwin , Blue, and Violet (Who has a new mount a Black Panther "Sean").

"Did you get it?" asked Mike.

"We got it, two stacks of dynamite," said Darwin.

"Ok, let's go rob ourselves a train," replied Kim.

She turns around and leads rids down the hill, with the gang following her lead.

"Listen up, all of you," said Kim. "This will be one last heist, and we disappear. So let's make this count."

"It's all coming together Kim, just as we planned," said Hiro. "It's so inspiring how we manage to do something impossible, as long as Jake doesn't cause any problems."

"What'cha talkin about Hiro," said Jake. "I'm just a snake doin his job as long as you keep your head for once."

"Guys," said Mike. "Let's keep it down, we don't wanna draw attention to ourselves."

They rode through the plains entering the passing the Chapel.

Violet turns to Hayley one of the new members. She looks a little nervous.

"You Ok Hayley?" asked Violet.

"Yes, I'm just ready for anything," said Hayley.

"Hayley it's ok," said Felicie. "This plan's gonna work, I think."

"I hope so," said Boog who is also nervous.

"Trust me, this will work," said Arbiter. "We already have Lola, Dipper, Marie and Cozy set up the traps for the bridge. That will stop the train."

"And that is when we step in and collect," said Puss. "Easy Pickens, Hahhah!"

"Yes, and when we do we gotta move fast," said Miles. "It won't be long before them Telmarines arrive."

"Oh relax," said Bubbles. "We dealt with worse before. We'll be gone before they spot us."

The Gang rode into the town of Blackwater, an industrialized Settlement as a port of flat Iron lake. They approached the train station near the center of town, and prepare to make their approach.

"Ok," said Kim dismounting. "Bolt, Chunky, you board halfway along, Violet, you and Felicie board the back, everyone else follow Darwin, Mike and I at the train."

All of as sudden, the train begins to arrive.

"Here she comes," said Bender.

The Gang stood back as the train begins to arrive. But everyone just stares, and stood still. Not knowing when to approach.

"Should I just...... sneak on now?" asked Darwin.

"Dadgumit," said Kim. "Well, Everybody mount up."

"We're still going through with this?" questioned Violet.

"Of course we are," said Mike. "Let's go."

Darwin mounts up Rachel (The white warg he named) and rides out with Violet, Felicie and Bubbles to catch up to the train.

"Come on, we gotta catch that train," said Bubbles.

The four caught up to the train, pushing forward. Bubbles and Felicie were able to jump up the train cart. Darwin and Violet jumped up the train as well. Once on board, Darwin takes cover. Two terminators shot at them. Darwin manages to gun them both down.

"You Ok?" asked Violet.

"I think so," said Darwin. "We gotta push forward."

The four pushed through the carts. They got through one by one. But suddenly, there are more covenant troops. Grasshoppers and Shokan, were guarding another cart. Felicie fires her Double-Action Revolver on the covies, but suddenly, the bullet hits the a lightbulb, blowing up the cart. The train is on fire!

"We can't through the smoke," said Felicie.

Then suddenly, Kim and the Gang arrive just in time,

"Climb on," said Kim.

Darwin jumps onto Kim's horse. And the others jump on as well. She rides through pass the cart in flames and to the other side. Darwin jumps on board into the train. The others jumped.

"We gotta Uncouple that carriage before it blows us all up," said Darwin.

 "On it," said Hayley who is now on board.

Darwin turns to Kim.

"How much further from Big Horn Valley?" asked Darwin. 

"It's not far," said Kim. "We gotta push forward."

Meanwhile, Big Horn Valley 70 miles west from Blackwater

Other new members (Lola, Dipper, Marie, and Cozy Glow) were waiting until the train arrives, ready to blow the tracks above the Gorge. Lola was seeing if the train would arrive.

"It should be there by now," said Dipper.

"Patience," said Marie. "It takes a while."

"You're the one to talk," said Cozy Glow. "You complain about things take forever."

"Shut up Cozy," said Marie.

"Girls," said Lola. "We're here to rob a train, not bicker about it."

"Well let's just wait for the signal," said Dipper.

Cozy turns around. From a mile away, she sees a very large herd of Bison, Wildebeest, Zebra, and Whitetail bucks grazing in the fields. She smiles.

Meanwhile, the Gang managed to uncouple the carriage but suddenly, Hayley was shot in the shoulder! It reveals to be a T600 on board. Jake shoots the robot, but the bullets were impenetrable. All of a sudden, Blue pounces on the robot, and pushes it off the train. Felicie turns to a wounded Hayley.

"I'll be ok," said Hayley. "We gotta push forward."

"I'll go stop the train," said Bender.

"Stop the train," said Darwin. "Whatever you do, do NOT stop the train!"

"Secure up ahead, but keep us moving," said Violet.

Bender moves ahead.

"I'll ride up ahead," said Kim. "Give out the signal."

She, Puss, Hiro, Diego, Bolt, Boog and Arbiter road ahead of the train, and into the valley.  The others pushed through. But suddenly, Covenant patrols were catching up.

"I'll hold them off," said Jake. "Get that money." The others pushed through. Jake fires his gattling gun at the patrol.

"Come and get some you maggots!" shouted Jake.

The others pushed through the train. They finally reached the armored car.

"This must be it," said Bubbles.

"Ok, let's blow this thing," said Miles.

Violet sets the dynamite onto the door. The door blows up. Darwin and Bubbles waked into the cart. And in it is bags of Gold, Silver, cash and coins. Darwin turns to the others.

"We got something!" said Darwin. "Catch!"

He passes out the bags to the the girls and Miles. They pass it on, taking what they can carry on that cart. As they continue to loot, Bender appears with bad news.

"Guys, the driver's dead," said Bender. "And the Brakes are jammed!"

"We gotta get off this train," said Bubbles.

 Big Horn Valley...

Lola spots the train, and Kim and the riders.

"Blow it!" shouted Kim.

Lola turns to Dipper.

"Blow it," said Lola.

Dipper pushes the she holster, and the bridge blows up.

The others jumped out of the train, Jake was the last to jump out, but before Darwin and Violet can jump out, Violet gets shot in the leg. She screams in pain from the shot.

"Violet!" shouted Darwin. It appears to be another Shokan. Who grabs Violet, but Darwin takes out his lightsabers and slashes at the shokan, Blue pounces on him forcing him to let go of Violet but before the fight can go on, the train us heading down the bridge.

"Brace yourself!!" shouted Darwin.

The train falls off the broken bridge falling into the gorge with the gang watching in horror.

"No," said Bubbles. "We have to help them."

But there's another problem. The ground begins to shake. Bubbles, Felicie, Jake and Bender looked to their left, and see a the same large herd of Bison, Zebra, Wildebeest and Whitetail Bucks  running down the hill and into the gorge. They stared shocked. This is not good at all. It's a Stampede!

"Uh-Oh," said Bender. "We gotta warn Kim." The others ran as fast as they could to warn Kim.

At the Gorge, Darwin, Violet and Blue begin to recover.

"You Ok Violet?" asked Darwin.

 "I'll be fine," said Violet. "Let's take the rest of the money and get out of here."

Darwin looks ahead, shocked.

"Nevermind that," said Darwin.

Violet looks ahead and sees the large stampede running down the gorge towards them. There's no time to get the money. The Stampede is coming up fast!

"Run," said Violet.

The trio ran towards the wrecked wooden train cart, taking cover as the stampede soared through the gorge fast. The same Shokan recovered from the crash, and sees the stampede. He tries to make a run for it, but ends up getting trampled by the lead bison, along with the herd.

At the valley, Kim and the riders ran up the hill to Randevu with the others.

"You got the money?" asked Dipper.

"Darwin and the others have it," said Kim. "We got what we came for."

"Ok," said Cozy. "Now let's get out of here."

But before they can move out, Bubbles, Hayley, and the boys appeared.

"Kim, quick, stampede! In the gorge," said Bender. "Darwin! Him, Violet and Blue, They're down there!"

"What," said Diego. "Where?"

"Follow us," said Jake.

 "But We gotta get out of here," said Cozy. "We still have a chance to live!"

"We are not leaving them behind Cozy!" shouted Bolt. "Let's go!"

The gang mounts up and Bubbles leads them down the hill and into the gorge. Where the herd continued their never-ending stampede. Hiro and Baymax flew down to the gorge, to see where they are. Then suddenly, Hiro spots them and gasps. Darwin, Violet, and Blue climbed up a train cart, and stood. She spots Hiro and Baymax.

"Help us!" shouted Violet.

"Kim's on her way," said Hiro. "Stay there."

"Well she better hurry," said Darwin. "I don't know how long this cart would hold."

Baymax flies up, Kim and the others have arrived just in time for Hiro to tell them.

"There," said Hiro. "On that Cart!"

Kim spots them.

"Don't worry guys," said Kim. "We're coming to get ya."

Suddenly, a Bison and a Wildebeest hit the wooden cart, then Violet slips and falls down as she screams but Darwin grabs her hand leaving her hanging from the cart. Darwin slips as well, but Blue grabs his right foot, holding on tight. From the gorge up ahead, Kim Mike, and Diego rushed down t to save their friends as the others watched, worried and horrified about this crisis.

"Guys, this is awful," said Lola. "What do we do?"

"No need to panic," said Puss. "We need a plan."

But suddenly, there another problem. At the other side, there's a patrol. But not covenant troops. A patrol of armored men with mengu-style metal masks riding Black Cape Buffaloes. They were running down the gorge as well.

"Oh no, that can't be good," said Miles.

"It's the Telmarines!" shouted Felicie. "They knew we were coming."

"So now what?" asked Hayley.

"We hold them," said Jake. "Keep them away from Kim."

Felicie, Jake, Arbiter, and Dipper (With a Lancaster Repeater) fired their weapons at the patrol driving them away from the gorge. Meanwhile Kim, Diego and Mike rode through the stampede running past the cart as Blue struggles to pull Darwin and Violet up. The trio turned around and rushes to the cart, but Diego gets hit by a running Zebra. Kim and Mike kept running towards the cart. But Mike gets hit as well by a Bison causing him to fall off his mount. Kim stops and turns to the fallen Mike, but turns around to the cart. A Bison hits the cart, and Darwin trips as well. Diego jumps up and grabs Violet, carrying her while running with the stampede. On the bank, the gang continued their firefight with the telmarines. But Cozy Glow just stood and watched all of the commotion.

Darwin lands safely on Mike's mount and grabs Mike.

"Thanks for the save," said Mike.

"Don't thank me yet," said Darwin.

The six ran through the stampede, but all of a sudden, two telmarines fired their weapons at them causing Diego bump into a Buck and trip, dropping Violet as she falls right the middle of the stampede. With the telmarines shooting at them and the stampede moving, all hope is lost. But suddenly, Kim jumps in and grabs Violet by the hand, and Diego gets up and run. A Temarine shoots, but misses and hits a wildebeest causing it to fall down, lying dead. Blue jumps over the wildebeest corpse and runs to the side of the gorge. Kim quickly carries Violet to safety as Darwin and Mike, followed the trio. They ride off to the side of the valley, climbing up the gorge. They meet up with the other gang members, who in the middle of their firefight with their attackers.

"I got them," said Kim.

"We have to move," said Dipper. "Telmarines are on our....."

Before he could finish, he gets shot in the shoulder, and falls into the gorge.

"DIPPER!" shouted Kim.

The gang rushes to see if he's still alive. Luckily he manages to grab onto the ledge. And climbs to the other side.

 "Go to the bridge," said Dipper. "Ill catch up!"

The Gang rushes to the bridge as Dipper climbs up the ledge, with Cozy Glow now standing there. Watching as he struggles.

"Cozy," said Dipper. "Help Me!"

He couldn't hold on for much longer. But Suddenly, Cozy stamps her hooves on his hands. He screams in pain. He looks up in horror, and Cozy smiles wickedly.

"What are you doing?" asked Dipper.

"Sorry Dipper," said Cozy. "But there's no one to save you, this time. You've always been Kim's favorite, but not anymore."

Then suddenly, she throws him off. He falls down the gorge, to his death. But before he hits the ground, Baymax swoops in and grabs him just in time.

"You need a hand," said Hiro.

"Thank you," said Dipper. Dipper looks back at Cozy, who had a disappointed look on her face, then leaves. Dipper couldn't believe it. Cozy tired to kill him. But now's not the time to worry. Baymax carries Dipper to safety and randevus with the gang.

"Dipper," said Hayley. She runs over and hugs him. "Thank goodness you're safe."

Dipper looks at Kim, and smirks. He turns to Bubbles.

"Please tell me you got the money," said Dipper.

Bender and Miles pulled out the bags. Which carries 600 dollars and 40 gold.

"That's all we got," said Miles. "The rest is in that train."

"They Probably got tampled by the stampede," said Violet.

Darwin turns to Lola.

"What happened at the valley?" asked Darwin. 

"I don't know," said Lola."There was a stampede. Somebody must've spooked the herd."

"We can talk of this later, but we have to move" said Arbiter. The Telmarines are hunting us."

"Let's head back to Fort Mercer, and pack up," said Kim. "We need to leave."

The Starz Gang mounts up. Darwin looks at Dipper, who seems shocked. Something did happened. But what? The Gang moves out of Big Horn Valley. This Robbery has been a complete mess. And this will be a crisis that changed everything.



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Somewhere in the Grizzlies, weeks after the stampede......

Here in the snow, the gang were transported in two wagons. On the run from the Telmarines or anyone else after them. One of the new members, Spongebob, exits the wagon and catches up to the driver, which are Kim and Mike.

"Violet said Dipper's freezing," said Spongebob. "We'll have to stop some place."

"Ok, Darwin's out looking I sent him up," said Kim.

Spongebob heads back inside.

"If we don't stop soon we'll all be dying," said Mike. "This weather, it's winter. I just hope the Telmarines got as lost as we did."

"Look," said Kim. Up ahead, there's Darwin, riding back towards them.

"Hey Darwin, did you find anything?" asked Kim.

"There's a place we can find shelter," said Darwin. "It's and old town near a river not far from here. Follow me."

Kim and Mike drove the wagon following the direction Darwin's heading. It's an old town called "Spider's Edge." A town that was run by sugar dealers, and now abandoned due to a avalanche. Mike opens a door and sees if anyone is inside, but there's no one there.

"We're good," said Mike. "We can bring them here."

Quickly, the Gang enter the household where they'll be safe. Peter (another new member) and Boog carry Dipper inside as well. Dipper doesn't seem too well despite the storm and the fact that he was nearly murdered.

"Hayley, get that fire lit quick," said Felicie. "Lola, bring in any blanket that's left, Boog, see what we got in terms of food or supplies."

Violet looks at Dipper, then turns to Kim.

"Dipper's past out," said Violet. "He may be out for a while."

"What are we gonna do?" asked Mike. "We'll need supplies."

"Well first off, you should get yourself warm," said Kim. "Now I sent Jake, Cozy and Hiro scouting out ahead. Darwin and I, we're gonna ride out and see if we can find one of them."

Kim turns to the gang.

"Listen up, for a bit," said Kim, giving a speech. "I know we have a bad couple of weeks, we failed our last job, we uhh...... have the Telmarines on us, Marie's missing, and Dipper is out. I sure hope they're okay. Now, if I could throw myself in and risk my life for theirs,.... I'd do it. But we're gonna ride out there, and we're gonna find some supplies. And soon, we're gonna be long gone. We've been through worse than this before.

"Felicie, Boog, Diego, I need you to turn this place into a camp. We may be here for a few days. And everyone, stay strong, and stay with me, we're not dying here today!"

"Come on Darwin."

She and Darwin exit the household as everyone else got to work.

"They must've head down the hill," said Kim.

"Sure," replied Darwin.

Arbiter appeared with Rachel, Blue, and Kim's horse.

"You need these?" asked Arbiter.

"Sure," said Kim. "Blue come with us. And Arbiter, get yourself indoors."

The trio walked down the hill.

"I'm not sure what we're gonna find out there," said Darwin.

"We have to try," said Kim. "Stay close to me, don't get lost. Blue, lead the way."

They followed Blue down the hill and through the stream. With this snowstorm, it may be hard to travel. But they must find the remains of their comrades and some supplies.

"At least we don't need to worry about the Telmarines on our tail," said Darwin.

"Just a few days," said Kim. "Then we'll be long gone. I need you to help me with this."

They continued their way through the storm, and up the hill.

"Hey Kim, do you think its a trap, in Big Horn Valley?" asked Darwin.

"Well, with Telmarines shooting at us," said Kim. "I guess they knew we were coming. There was money on that train though, why didn't you and Violet grab it?"

"The Stampede came before we can try," said Darwin. "It all happened so fast. I wonder what spooked the herd."

"That doesn't matter anymore," said Kim. "Right now we need to get these folks warm."

Suddenly, Blue sniffs. Something is coming right towards them.

"You up ahead, who goes there," said Kim.

It appears to be Rattlesnake Jake carrying Cozy.

"Jake, Cozy," said Kim.

"Kim, Inquisitor," said Jake.

"Found anything?" asked Darwin.

 "We sure did, we found a homestead up ahead," said Cozy.

"Okay, anything there? asked Kim.

"Sure," said Jake. "The place is blazing like crazy with light and it sounded like a party. There's people home. Follow us, we'll show you the way."

"How's Dipper?" asked Cozy.

"He's past out," said Kim.

"Shame, he's a real fighter," said Cozy. "Not that he's your favorite."

"Oh please Cozy, Kim doesn't have any favorites," said Jake. "It's about loyalty."

"By the way, have you seen Hiro?" asked Darwin.

"Didn't seen anything once this storm came up," said Jake. "He'll be fine. Things turn out right with that boy. He's strong."

"I hope Marie's out there too," said Kim.

The five continued their way through the snowstorm.

"Have you run into anyone else? asked Darwin.

"I reckon we're the only ones out there," said Cozy. "I just hope we're not crazy to be out there."

"Don't talk to me about crazy," said Darwin.  "And one thing, what happened at Big Horn Valley?"

"I don't know, the bridge blowing up spooked the herd," said Cozy.

"Well I don't think it's just the explosion," said Darwin.

"Guys, let's focus on finding supplies," said Kim. "We can talk about it later."

Blue sensed something, they finally arrived at the house. Down the hill, there was a small homestead, with lights and heard by music. Someone's down there. The five head down the hill very slowly, so that they won't attract any attention. Darwin and Kim dismounted.

"Now let me do the talking," said Kim. "Stay outta sight, wait for my signal."

Kim approaches to porch as Darwin, Blue, Jake and Cozy hid for cover.

"Excuse me," Kim called out. "Hello."

Then suddenly, the music stopped. Three strangers exit the house.

"I am sorry to disturb you," said Kim. "My friends and I got into some trouble on the way. Lost in the storm."

"We can't help you madam," said the stranger.

As Kim tried to reason with them, Cozy finds something in a wagon.

"Uh Darwin, we got a problem," said Cozy. "There's a corpse inside."

"Get your eyes up," said Darwin.

Darwin pulls out his gun and points at one stranger, ready to fire. As Kim walks closer, the lead stranger recognizes Kim.

"It's Kim Possible!" shouted the stranger.

Before he can pull out his gun, Darwin fires and hits the third stranger. Starting a firefight. Jake fires his gattling gun at the lead stranger gunning him down. The second stranger tries to run away, but Blue chases the fleeing stranger and lunges, mauling him to death. All enemies are cleared out, for now.

"The White Dragon Band, here?" asked Kim. "Why would they be here?"

"Probably the same as us," said Jake.

"Cozy, bring the mounts to the house," said Kim. "Darwin, let's go search for any supplies."

Darwin and Kim enters the household once belong a couple and with a few friends, now taken over by the strangers.

"Darwin, grab anything useful, food or supplies," said Kim.

Darwin searches the kitchen for any food. He did find some can of meat and pineapples. And he did find a bottle of booze and whiskey. Bender would love that. It'll keep him fueled up, since he needs alcohol. He also finds a bag of potatoes and meat and On they are still fresh. At least he found some food.

 "Kim, I found supplies," said Darwin.

"Good work, now let's go see if there's anything in that barn," said Kim.

Darwin and Kim exited the Cabin and walked into the barn. It is somehow abandoned. There as nothing and no one inside, but three horses, a Hungarian Halfbred a tiger-stripped Mustang and a gray Turkoman in three stalls.  But suddenly, a stranger tackles Darwin, pinning him to the ground. But Darwin kicks the stranger off him, getting back on his feet.This stranger is another one of those "White Dragons."

"I'm gonna break your neck," said the stranger.

"Well come an try," said Darwin.

Kim walks inside as Darwin fights this stranger. Darwin pins him in a wall.

"This White Dragon jerk jumped me," said Darwin. He throws the stranger to the ground.

"What should I do to him?" asked Darwin.

"Find out what they're doing here," said Kim. "Make him talk. Ask where Taffyta Muttonfudge and her band are."

"Oh he'll talk," said Darwin.

Darwin grabs the man, and punches him in the face.

"Where's Taffyta, TALK!" said Darwin.

"With the others," said the man. "At a mining camp near a cave."

"And what are you doing here?" asked Darwin. "Why are you here?"

"We're finding metal to make weapons to rob an automobile," said the man. "I don't know more I swear!"

"Thank you," said Darwin.

He releases the stranger.

"Get out of here," said Darwin.

Darwin turns to Kim.

"What now?" asked Darwin.

"Bring these horses, they may be useful," said Kim.

Darwin grabs three reins and turns to the turkoman, which is a bit wild.

"Easy boy," said Darwin. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

He slowly approaches the turkoman, calming the horse down. He walks slowly, patting the horse's side to calm it down.

"See, we're friends," said Darwin.

He leads the horse out of the barn with the two other horses following.

"These look like decent horses," said Kim.  "We should keep them for the gang."

But suddenly, there were screeching and snarling inside the house. Darwin and Kim rushed inside the cabin. They find Blue standing off against a White Deadly Nadder with red stripes and orange eyes. The Nadder shoots a stream of magnesium fire making a wall. Blue was ready to pounce it, but Kim stops her.

"Blue, at ease," said Kim.

"Cozy, put out the fire," said Darwin.

Cozy uses her magic to extinguish the fire.

Blue stands back. Kim slowly approaches the Nadder. But it screeches like a cougar, standing its ground. Somehow, there was someone behind her. A little girl, who was traumatized.

"It was protecting it's friend," whispers Darwin.

Kim approaches the Nadder and it's owner. The Nadder calms down, consider her not a threat.

"Now, it's gonna be okay," said Kim. "You're safe now. We mean you no harm."

The girl gets up, and approaches her. Kim comforts her.

"We need to go," said Kim.

They exited the barn which is now on fire due to an accident with Blue's encounter.

"You okay miss?" asked Kim.

"They came a day ago," said the Girl. "And my buddies...they."

"It's okay, you're safe now," said Kim. "But you can't stay here."

The Girl and the Nadder look back. Seeing the household burn, with nothing left.

"Come with us," said Kim. "Darwin."

He nods. He helps the girl up, mounting her in the Turkoman.

"We're not that good," said Darwin. "But we're not them."

He helps her up.

"We'll keep you safe until you figure out what you wanna do," said Darwin.

The five head out of the household. Blue gestures the Nadder to follow them. They headed down the hill into the snow.

"What's your name miss?" asked Kim.

"Vanellope," said the Girl. "Ans this is Doublestripe."

She was referring to the Nadder due to her stripes.

Back at camp, Miles scouted ahead and spots the seven and the horses.

"Guys they're back," said Miles.

The riders stopped to their destination and regroup with the rest of the gang.

"Cozy and Jake found a homestead," said Kim. "But they weren't alone."

"Taffyta Muttonfudge and her White Dragon scum beaten us to it," said Darwin. "We found some of them there, wiped them out. But there's more out there."

Darwin and Kim dismounted. Helped the girl "Vanellope" down as well.

"We did find food, supplies and Blankets," said Kim. "And these poor souls, Vanellope and Doublestripe."

"Lola, Hayley, Bubbles, can you warm her up?" asked Kim. "And give her a drink or something? And Vanellope, you're safe now."

The three escorted her to the cabin. Doublestripe whines, having been separated from her friend.

 "Doublestripe, you're with these fellers," said Felicie. "Blue will show you the way."

She follows Blue into a room with the mounts.

"They wrecked her stuff and left them for dead," said Kim. "White Dragon scum!"

"I need some rest," said Kim.

"You're over there," said Felicie. "Mike will show you the way. Darwin, we put you in a room with Violet and Arbiter over here."

"Thank yo Felicie," said Darwin.

She turns to Jake and Cozy.

"You two are with the fellas over there," said Felicie.

Jake slithers over to the cabin, but Cozy uneasy.

"But, how come Darwin gets a room and I get a bunk-bed next to Dipper Pines and a bunch of disadvantages."

"Just get yourself to bed Cozy," said Jake.

Felicie escorts Darwin to a room, as he closes the door. They'll be safe in this camp. For Now............










Chapter Text

Spider's Edge

Darwin writes his diary about this whole mess. With the Stampede, and now Taffyta and the White Dragons around. This is a pretty tough time for the gang. Especially on the run from the Telmarines. But the sooner they get out of this mountain, the better. Darwin closes the diary and lays back. Violet approaches him.

"Hey Darwin," greeted Violet.

"Violet," said Darwin.

She sheepily tries to say something.

"Darwin, I'm sorry to ask but....."

"I know," said Darwin. "It's Hiro. He's got himself lost again....."

"He hasn't been seen in days," said Violet.

"He'll be okay," said Darwin. "He's got Baymax, besides he can handle himself."

"Darwin, please take a look," Mike interrupted. "Hayley, will you and chunky, ride out with Darwin? You're the best guys we got?"

"Now?" questioned Hayley.

"Well, Violet, she's........well, we're a bit worried about him," said Mike.

"I know," said Hayley.  "If the situation were reversed, he'd look for me."

The tho exited the cabin.

"Thank you," said Violet.

Darwin mounted up Rachel and Hayley mounted her horse (The Tiger stripped Mustang) and headed out there. Chunky wakes up from his nap.

"Chunky, lead the way," said Hayley.

He gets up and heads out, leading the couple.

"Last I know, Hiro was up the lake," said Hayley.

"For all I know, he kept riding west and never looked back," said Darwin.

"I like that," said Hayley.

The trio headed up north to the mountains, following the trail of their old friend through the snowstorm. Then all of a sudden, Chunky smelled something. There was smoke.

"There's smoke," said Hayley. "Let's take a look."

The trio followed the smoke and see a nearby camp. That must be where Hiro and Baymax were.

"They headed this way through the river," said Darwin.

The Trio continued their journey north.

"How's your arm by the way?" asked Darwin.

"I'll be ok," said Hayley.

"This may not be the time but, you and lola were close," said Darwin. "Where did she get that dynamite? Since the explosion might have spooked the herd."

"She told me they stole it from miner up east in tall trees," said Hayley. "Cozy shot a guy with her magic, and just smiled.

"That's not like her though," said Darwin.

"Yeah, but who knows, maybe the crash and the explosion spooked the herd," said Hayley.

"We'll talk about this later, right now we gotta find Hiro," said Darwin.

They headed up the hull following the trail. Hours later, they find a dead body, which eaten by predators.

"This is Hiro's horse," said Darwin. "They've been ambushed. We gotta keep moving, they must've climbed up that mountain."

The trio climbed up the mountain through the snowstorm. Rachel is panting really hard. Darwin patted the Warg to comfort her. However, she's a strong one, and can still go on.

"Our mounts are getting tired," said Darwin. "I don't know about this Hayley."

"Let's keep pushing," said Hayley. "We're getting close."

They kept pushing up the hill. Then, suddenly Chunky stops. There was a dead end, Hiro is not far from here.

"Let's dismount," said Hayley. "We can walk from here."

The two dismounted.

"Chunky, stay here," said Darwin.

He stays put with the mounts. Darwin and Hayley continued their way on foot. Traveling through the cliffs, trying not to fall. They now climbed the mountain. The tracks are fresh, they're getting close.

"Hiro!" Darwin Called out. "Hiro, are you there?"

"Hiro!" Hayley called out.

"Hey Darwin, pull out your gun see if he can hear us."

Darwin pulls out his gun and fires it in the air. All of a sudden, there was shouting. A call for help.

"That must be Hiro," said Darwin. "Let's keep moving."

The couple push forward, following Hiro's shouts.

"Over here," shouted a voice. "Up over a ledge!"
They're close now. The two move towards the ledge, and finally, they found him. Stuck on a edge of a cliff with Baymax who is completely at low battery and nearly torn to pieces.

"That's quite a scratch you got there," said Darwin. Referring to Baymax's armor.

"Never thought I'd say this but, it's good to see you Darwin, said Hiro.

Darwin hops onto the ledge, and helps Hiro up, along with Baymax.

"You don't look too good," said Darwin.

"If it weren't for Baymax I'd be dead," said Hiro.

Darwin helps him up and carried him.

"We can't go back the way we came," said Hayley. "Let's try the other path, south."

"Violet's real worried about you," said Darwin.

"I can't argue with you there," replied Hiro.

"You know she'd skin me alive if I'd say no," said Darwin.

 They carried the two heroes down the hill where chunky and their mounts waited patiently. 

"Chunky, here's your baggage," said Darwin.

He places Hiro on Chunky's back, along with Baymax.

"You take good care of him before Violet has our heads," said Hayley.

But suddenly, a roar was heard. They're not alone. Up on the hill, there's a 13-foot Black bear with huge claws, a misaligned jaw, and long sharp teeth. He targets Hiro, personally.

"It's him," muttered Hiro.

"Go, I'll distract," said Darwin.

Hayley runs off with the trio as Darwin distracts the bear.

"Over Here you dad gum animal," said Darwin.

The Bear turn to Darwin, seeing him as his new prey. Then charges. Darwin pulls out his ready to fire, but the bear was too fast, pouncing on Darwin. Clawing, and biting. But suddenly, Rachel jumps out and pounces on the bear, biting it's back, forcing it off of her rider.  A standoff assures between a warg, and a bear. The two circled each other, growling. Rachel snarls at the bear, taunting him. The both charged and clashed at each other, biting, clawing and scratching. The Warg is faster and agile, but the bear is bigger and stronger. Rachel bites the bear's left arm, but the bear stands on its hind legs and manages to throws her off. Before it can kill her, Darwin fires his shotgun at the bear(even though his hide is so tough bullets couldn't kill him, but wound him). The bear runs off the mountain, living to fight another day. Darwin turns to Rachel who's arm is hurt, but she'll live.

"It's okay girl," said Darwin, patting his mount. The two have a close bond. The Warg is pretty loyal to him and will give her life to protect her rider.

"Let's go, this won't be the last of this bear," said Darwin. He mounts her up, and rode down the mountain and to catch up with the others. Finally they reached the bottom of the mountain where Hayley and the others waited patiently.

"Well it took you long enough," said Hayley.

"We had little standoff with the bear," said Darwin.

He turns to Hiro.

"So that's the thing that attacked you and Baymax?"

"Yes, we had to run," said Hiro. "It was coming for us fast. So we had to hide."

"Well, it's not after you no more," said Darwin. "For now."

"Let's head back to camp," said Hayley. "It's getting dark."

"So where's everybody now?" asked Hiro.

"At an abandoned old town called Spider's Edge," said Darwin. "We had a run-in with the White Dragons."

"Here?" questioned Hiro.

"Yeah. We ran into them at a barn," said Darwin.

They traveled through the woods, safely back at Spider's Edge, not far. The riders slowly pulled over to the household, with Violet, Mike, and Kim waiting for then just in time.

"A little help here?" asked Hayley.

Violet rushes to help him down.

"Hiro you're alive!" shouted Violet in excitement.

She's happy to see Hiro alive and safe after being missing for days. She helps him down.

"Thank you, thank you both," said Violet to Darwin and Hayley.

The two nodded.

She carries Hiro inside the cabin, safely putting him to bed, with Baymax following.

"Thank you Darwin," said Mike.

"You got any girls need saving?" joked Darwin. "Aside from one who has a temper?"

"Not today I believe," said Kim.

Hayley heads back inside camp to rest.

"We're getting out of this place," said Kim. "Mike and I are thinking of ideas."

"I hope so," said Darwin.

Chapter Text

Spider's Edge/ The Next Day

Darwin exits his cabin, walking to stables where the mounts lie with Boog,who is struggling since there's not enough food. The Beasts don't look so good.

"How ya holding up Boog?" asked Darwin.

"I don't think we can hold for much longer," said Boog. "The Beasts are starving, and we ain't got no food left. All we got is a few cans, mice, and a rabbit, for what 15 to 20 people."

"Shoot, I'm starving," said Bolt.

"So am I," said Diego. "And the beasts are craving here. Especially Blue, no offense.

Blue didn't take that offense.

"Anyway, when I was a bodyguard for the president....."said Boog.

"We all know you were lightning's bodyguard," said Darwin. "It's a shame you retired six months later."

"Let me finish," said Boog. "I was stranded at a desert for two months."

"And you unfortunately survived," said Darwin.

"When we ran away from Fort Mercer, I wasn't able to get supplies in." said Boog.

"But when Bounty Hunters are hunting you, sometimes there's no time for shopping," said Darwin.

"We'll survive," said Diego. "But if it needs to be, we can eat you, you're the biggest aside from Chunky."

Arbiter enters the room.

"I sent Bender and Spongebob hunting and they found nothing," said Boog.

"Well Spongebob is more into Jelly fishing than a hunting and Bender's an idiot," said Bolt.

"Enough of this," said Arbiter. "Let us go find something."

"Okay, let's go," said Darwin.

The two mounted up and headed off east of the woods to find something.

"So, you reckon we're gonna find anything?" asked Darwin.

"This place is a game reserve aside the snow," said Arbiter. "There will be meat. When the weather rested off, they will be needing to feed."

The two rode into the woods, east from the mountain. Past the river.

"It's been a bad few days," said Darwin. "The Stampede, the storm, riding to save Hiro from a 13-foot bear. And this thing with the White Dragons."

"I do not know what happened at Big Horn Valley," said Arbiter. "What have spooked the herd."

"Me neither," said Darwin. "But something did happen."

Hours Later....

Darwin and the Arbiter stumbled upon a lake, where they found something nearby. The two dismounted.

"There is something fresh here," said Arbiter. He examines the tracks.

"Let us go. You will need that bow. A gun will scare it."

Darwin grabs the bow and the two moved out. Tracking hoof prints. After miles of seaching, they spot something. A Moose.

"Try to hit it in the neck or head," said Arbiter.

Darwin aims the bow at the moose's neck, and fires, hitting the moose, causing it to drop dead. This is a success.

"Pick up the carcass," said Arbiter. "I will find another game to hunt."

The two split up. Darwin grabs the dead moose, and stowed it onto Rachel's backside. Despite her not liking a carcass on her. He mounts up and regroups with Arbiter who has had a huge elk carcass stowed as well.

"I'd take it you got your share," joked Darwin.

"It had a quick death," said Arbiter. "Let us go back to camp."

The Two rode out of the river and into the woods.

"So what is your past with the White Dragons?" asked Arbiter.

"Well, we've been scrapping scores over each other for long," said Darwin.  "A big Gang of savages. Nasty, mean as heck."

"So you two have been stealing scores from each other," said Arbiter.

"You could say that," said Darwin.

The two traveled back to camp with Boog just standing, waiting for them. Along with Peter Griffin waitng too.

"We brought some food boys!" Darwin called out.

The two grabbed both carcasses and head to the cabin, much to the beasts delight.

"Drop it down here, if you mind," said Boog.

Darwin drops the moose into the floor.

"What a surprise to see the camp parasite loitering around in here," said Darwin.

"That a way to greet a friend," said Peter. "We haven't spoken in days."

"I'd do my best to avoid you," said Darwin. "Now get lost."

Peter leaves.

"You got on great didn't ya," said Diego.

"Well, Arbiter and I found ourselves some big game meat," said Darwin.

"Hey, Arbiter, mind helping me do the skinning?" asked Boog. "It's easy if we do it together."

"Does he get to skin you?" asked Bolt.

"You're always the one with the jokes bolt," said Boog.

Darwin chuckles. Then he hears chattering on the cabin where the other gang members rest.

"Excuse me gentlemen," said Darwin.

He departs.

"Let us know if you need anything," said Boog.

He enters the cabin with the Gang members have a little discussion.

"..Up with you people with the action," said Jake. "Because all of you like action. We're living, we've always been."

"I guess, folks miss them, that almost fell," said Puss.

"Yeah, but when I fall, I don't want no fuss," said Cozy.

"When you fall, there'll be a party," joked Bubbles.

Jake, Bender, Puss, and Miles laughed at that joke.

"That's a good one," said Miles.

"Oh, that funny," said Cozy.

"Sure," said Bubbles.

Cozy punches her with her hoof. Then Bubbles punches Cozy in the face. They both are gonna fight each other, but the boys broke it up, holding them both back.

"I don't like to be laughed at by the likes of you," said Cozy.

 "SHOW SOME RESPECT!!" shouted Bubbles.

Kim enters the cabin.

"Stop it!" Kim yelled. "Both of you. You Imbeciles punching each other when Taffyta needing punching hard."

"You wanna sit and wait for her to find us? Everyone we got work to do."

Darwin, Kim, Bubbles, Bender, Puss, Jake, and Miles exited the cabin and mounted up.

"You sure about this?" questioned Darwin.

"The last thing we need is to be bushwacked by Taffyta Muttonfudge," said Kim.

"Look, I know you hate her, I do too," said Darwin. "That's why we're doing this."

"Okay then let's go," said Kim. "Mike, Felicie, Boog can you please look after the place? There are White Dragons out there."

The three nodded.

The Gang rode out Northwest from camp.

"So where is she exactly?" asked Kim.

"The Jerk said she's at a mining camp near a cave," said Darwin. "It's not far from here."

"Okay, let's find them before they find us," said Kim.

The Gang rode through the across the river, heading northwest. After a few miles, they find something on the road.

"Tracks," said Kim. "They must be close."

The Gang follows the tracks.

"You okay Kim?" asked Puss.

"Of course," said Kim. "Now listen, I know you don't think much of our ideas, but this is the right idea."

"We got your back one way or another," said Miles.

"I learn months ago that you hit her," said Kim. "Wait for her, and people will die or worse."

"This feud between you two and her," said Jake. "It needs to be put to rest."

"Oh it will be," said Bender.

"Some things we can forgive and some we can forget," said Kim. "And for what she and Randall did to Ron, I can't do neither."

"I destroyed her 200 dollar automobile after that," said Darwin. "Probably my biggest mistake. But I couldn't just sit there and watch Ron weep."

"They had it coming we both know that," said Kim. "And I hope these animals are reunited soon enough."

The Gang see smoke ahead.

"See that smoke?" asked Kim. "Let's cut up and take a look, they said it's in a cave, we must be getting close."

They rode up the hill, and dismounted.

"Okay, are we ready?" asked Kim.

"Yes Kim," everyone responded..

"Good," said Kim. "Now, Darwin and I are gonna head here and we can get a closer look at the camp."

"Jake, you take up a hidden position outside the camp. Bender, Puss, you two hold position here, and Miles, Bubbles, you two head up that ridge near the cliff, see if anyone escapes. Now let's go."

Darwin and Kim walked up the hill and grab their binoculars to see what the White Dragons are up too. At the camp there were a group of savages, accompanied by a clan of hyenas as their companions. A group of savages were somehow dancing, and enacting their hunting strategy when one of their own acts like their prey and the hunters pretend to kill that actor. At one cabin was a full of pigs what were hunted. (Even Piglets) feasted by the hyenas. Along them were white hooded people wielding axes and motorcycles accompanied by five giant athletic monsters called "The Monstars".

"That's definitely them," said Kim.

Then suddenly, the dancing stops. A roar was heard. From the sky landed a monstrous nightmare dragon 65 feet tall in strength and is vibrant red and purple. On it's back is a little girl with Chibi-like proportions: she has a large head in relation to a small body. She has tan skin, rosy cheeks, glossy pink lips, and short platinum blonde hair in a bob-cut with low front bangs that cover her dark brown eyebrows. She has a small rosy jellybean-like nose. Her deep periwinkle eyes are large and animesque. She has dark thick upper and lower lashes that are varnished in mascara and a helmet on her head that doubles as a visor when she's racing. Underneath her hot pink racing jacket, she wears a lighter frosted pink dress, and white-and-pink-striped leggings with matching sneakers. She tops her outfit off with white racing gloves. She dismounts her dragon, and from her right comes a monster with 3 fronds, green eyes, 4 arms and legs. It has to be them.

"It's them," said Darwin.

They continued to spy on the two White Dragon leaders. Two of the monstars escorted one of their own, one who's not like the others. A girl with red hair, glasses and a lab coat.

"Who's she talking too?" asked Kim. "She doesn't seem very happy."

And there was yelling, from her eventually. She grabs the White Dragon and barked orders. She began to run away.

"They leaving?" asked Kim.

"Seem to be," said Darwin. "Should we get her?"

"Nah," said Kim. "Taffy can wait. Best to get some of them out of here. And less fun to rob her and her score if she finds out about it."

Taffyta mounts up her dragon and flies off.

"Okay, let's go pay our friends a visit," said Darwin.

Darwin and Kim rushed down the hill to meet up with Jake, who is ready to fight. But they kept quiet, to not spook them.

"Okay, let's get in cover," said Kim

The three went into position, ready to fire on command.

"So, you wanna take the lead?" asked Darwin. "I can take it if you want?"

"It's your call," said Kim.

"You take this one," said Darwin.

"If you insist," said Kim.

She cocked up her pulse rifle, and fires at the savages, disrupting their dance and initiating a firefight.

"COME AND GET SOME!!!" shouted Jake laughing.

Some flee for cover while some fired their weapons at the trio. Darwin gets out of cover and fires his weapon at the White Dragons, wounding six of them.

"We got snipers to the left," said Kim.

Jake fires his gattling gun at the snipers from the poles. He sees a fuel tank and fires at it causing it to explode. That's when Bender and Puss come in, battling the savages. Some tried to escape, but ended up being stuck on spider webs. Miles and Bubbles come in, blocking their escape routes. The Savages flee the other way, only to be blocked by Bender and Puss. The Gang has them surrounded, forcing them to get on their knees. One by one, Bubbles punches them in the face knocking them out cold.

"I think that's all of them," said Bubbles.

"Search the bodies," said Kim. "Strip everything we can from those animals!"

The gang loots the bodies, picking up anything useful, Food, Money, Supplies, treasures. Anything they need for the camp.

"You recall any of them?" asked Bender.

"Of course not Bender," said Darwin. "Taffy doesn't care about those people. She'll just find more."

"Such Loyalty," said Puss sarcastically.

They had everything they need.

"I found explosives," said Miles.

"And I found this," said Bubbles. She runs over to Kim and gives her a scroll. Which is the White Dragons' secret plan for a robbery.

"Just what we need," said Kim. "Good work everyone!"

"Okay, let's get outta here before any more of them show up," said Kim.

The gang quickly rides out of camp. Bender drops a piece of dynamite on campfire, blowing the entire camp to kingdom come. Kim reads the scroll about their plan.

"This must be about the armored automobile they were gonna rob," said Kim. "A stockblade, AKA "A Chancellor Neighsay."

"I guess we got ourselves a score," said Darwin.

"Can't wait to tell Mike, Violet, Hiro and the others about this," said Kim.

"You know, those savages will come after us," said Miles.

"Oh he will, only for her to find snow up their graves," joked Bubbles. "Ain't that right Darwin."

Then suddenly, someone is ahead of them. It's the same girl from the camp.

"Hey, it's one of them," said Jake.

"Leave her to me," said Darwin.

"Okay, we're gonna head back," said Kim. "Bring her to us alive. She could be useful."

Darwin rides out after the girl. Pursuing her. Ensuing a chase. The girl tries to out ride him, but is suddenly no match for Rachel's speed. (Since she's a White Gunabad Warg).  Darwin grabs a lasso and throws it at the girl throwing her off of her horse. He ties her up to make sure she doesn't escape, then picks her up and stows her.

"Now you're coming with me," said Darwin.

He mounts up.

"What's your name girl?" asked Darwin.

"It's Susan," said the girl.

"Susan what??" questioned Darwin.

"Test, Susan test," said the Girl.

"Well, this is a real bad day for you Susan Test," said Darwin.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Susan.

"Somewhere you're not gonna like," said Darwin.

"What are you gonna do to me?" asked Susan.

"Something you're not gonna like," said Darwin. "So I would kindly advise you to save you breathe for screaming."

"No!" shouted Susan.

Darwin rides out through the woods carrying the girl Susan with him. Finally he heads back to camp.  He dismounted.

"Here we are," said Darwin. "Now let's introduce you to my trusted partner."

"Please don't hurt me," begged Susan. "I'm innocent."

"Oh we won't," said Darwin.

He picks her up and walks over to Kim, who sees amused that he found one of their prized enemies.

"So you found the she-beast" said Kim.

"Yep, I got her," said Darwin, dropping Susan.

"Welcome," said Kim. "I hope you're happy here."

"Hey Kim, you want me to make her talk?" asked Darwin.

"Oh I'm sure we'll get is lies," said Kim. "Bender, Hayley, tie this lying maggot up someplace. Get her hungry first."

"I can't believe it," said Darwin. "A White Dragon on our camp!"

"No, I'm not a White Dragon," said Susan. "I HATE THAT BRAT!!!!"

Bender and Hayley drag her away.

"Oh whatever you say Douchebag," said Kim. "Nice Job Darwin."

"I'm just sorry we missed out on Taffyta and Randall," said Darwin.

"I know, but they can wait," said Kim. "Now, I'll come up with a plan to his this score."

"Okay," said Darwin.

She closes the door, and Darwin heads back to the cabin. Now all they need is to rob that armored securicar Automobile.















Chapter Text

Spider's Edge/ The Next Day........

Darwin walks into the cabin, seeing spongebob examining Hiro as he rests.

"How's he holding up spongy?" asked Darwin.

"I think he'll be just fine," said Spongebob.

"Well, I hope so," said Darwin.

Spongebob leaves the cabin, excusing the both of them.

"Still here then?" asked Darwin.

"I owe you," said Hiro.

"Oh, you'll pay me," replied Darwin. "But for now, just rest for a bit."

Just then, Kim and Violet enter the cabin.

"Darwin, it's time," said Kim.

"Can I come?" asked Hiro.

"Of course, but you need to rest," said Kim. "I mean, look at you."

"I've been through worse," said Hiro.

"I guess I could say I'm glad you didn't lose a limb, not that I was expecting to see a loose arm or leg," joked Violet.

"Very funny," said Hiro.

"I'm just kidding," said Violet. "I'm glad you're safe."

"He's still living," said Kim. "That's all that matters. Now, railway folks."

The three exited the cabin as Felicie kept an eye on Hiro.

"Bender, you ride up ahead and set the trap at the stream down the road," said Kim.

"With pleasure," said Bender. He mounts up his new mount (A Moose) and heads out to set the charges. Mike approaches the three, disapproved.

"Guys, why are we doing this?" questioned Mike. "Weather's breaking we could leave, I thought we're just lying low."

"What now Mike?" asked Kim.

"I just don't want anyone to get hurt," said Mike.

"We're alive mike," said Kim. "But we'll just need the money before we leave."

"Kim, I'm not trying to question you, I just wanna stick to the plan, now all of a sudden we're about to rob an automobile," said Mike.

"What choice do we have," said Kim.

"Chancellor Neighsay is no joke," said Mike.

"Who is Chancellor Neighsay?" asked Violet.

"He's a headstallion of a unniversity, employee of the EEA," said Mike.

"Well good for him," said Kim. "Looks like he needs to share more for the poor."

"Kim!" said Mike.

"Alright Everyone!" Kim called out. "It's time to make something of us!"

Darwins nods to Mike. Then follows Kim to their mounts.

"Get your mounts ready," said Kim. "We have an Automobile to rob!"

Darwin and Kim mount up. The two rode out with those who would partake this robbery. Kim was leading with Darwin and Violet riding beside her. Blue, Arbiter, Diego, Puss, and Miles followed suit. Cozy and Jake covered the rear. They crossed the river and headed around the mountain, following the path into the woods.

"Okay Listen up, all of you" said Kim. "According to the info provided by the White Dragons, the vehicle will be coming up west past the river. Let's pick it off before it crosses the border from the mountains."

"Arbiter, you and Bubbles look out for any outriders. I'll run point. Miles and Puss, you and Bender deal with any guards. Darwin and Cozy, you head straight for the trunk, try to break the door open. The rest of you make sure nobody escapes. We don't want the Telmarines knowing about it."

"Yay! You and me Darwin," said Cozy.

"Great," said Darwin, sarcastically.

"You got a problem with that?" asked Cozy.

"Not if you keep your head," said Darwin.

"Why don't you worry about yourself," said Cozy.

"That's enough," Kim interrupted. "Once Bender sets the trap, we're gonna have to move fast. Now come on, LET'S RIDE!"

The Gang rode down the hill to the bottom of the mountain. Trees started to thaw out. And grass started to appear from the ground below.

"Out of the snow finally," said Darwin.

"Feels great doesn't it," said Kim. "We need to get this done."

"Oh look at us. This is what I call "A crew", Cozy Glow, Thel Vadam, Rattlesnake Jake, Violet Parr, Darwin Watterson, Puss in Boots, Miles Morales, and our two best beasts Blue and Diego. Always the two who never back down."

"Glad we're back in action," said Diego.

"You ready Miles?" asked Puss.

"Of course I'm ready," said Miles.

"Okay, no mistakes," said Kim. "Not this time."

"So, we do this, we head back to that train to collect," said Cozy.

"Cozy, you know darn well why we can't go back there," said Jake.

"That's a lot of money sitting on that train," said Cozy.

"I decide when we go back," said Kim. "Now, all of that money is trampled by the stampede. And the borders are flooded with Telmarines."

"Now let's go rob this automobile!"

They continued down the mountain and stopped at the road.

"There's Bender," said Darwin.

"Head down, see how Bender's getting on," said Kim.

Darwin rides down the hill to check on Bender, who has the trap set.

"You okay?" asked Darwin.

"Yep, just dandy," said Bender. "The trap is set, now all we need is bait. Now I already set up live bait to force them to stop."

"Live Bait?" questioned Darwin.

There was woman that walked up in the middle of the road. It was a blonde woman wearing red bikini and red shoes. She's a stripper. Now, where did Bender get that woman?

"I hired this woman at a strip club on the way, her name's Juliet ," said Bender. "And I also planted some landmines up ahead."

He referred to the landmines ahead of them; landmines are everywhere on the road, nowhere to be seen. Perfect for the trap.

"Can this work," asked Darwin. 

"Oh please, it works everytime," said Bender. "I paid this woman to help me out after I slept with her."

"Okay, I'll go tell the others," said Darwin.

He rides back to the hill, the Gang were standing on, reporting to Kim about Bender's little trap for the guards.

"How's Bender holding up?" asked Kim.

"The trap is set," said Darwin. "He kidnapped a woman to use her as bait or something. He also said  he paid her to do this after he slept with her a months ago."

Violet and Miles chuckled. Why would Bender come up with a stupid idea to hire a stripper he slept with and use her as bait? But it's all part of the plan.

"Okay, folks y'all know what to do," said Kim.

The Gang put on their Masks and Bandanas on, suiting themselves. The Robbery is on! Up ahead, there was a large command truck, having a large module in the back and an access door in the passenger side. However, the box is fully enclosed and carries two spare tires in the rear end, as well as two camera devices in the roof and the rear end, between the spare tires. A large missile battery can be fitted in the back, which is seemingly hidden within the rear module. Different than the Gang expected.  Escorting the truck were men riding Horses, and men driving motorcycles on the back. Once in position, the hosts shouts for help, prompting them to stop. The Truck pulls over and the escort stops. One man rushes over to the woman, examining her in case if she's hurt. Some other guards dismounted their horses, rushed in as well. The Guards have taken the bait. Bender readies the detonator to blow up the mines. He pushes it. But there was no explosion. Something's wrong. The Batteries are Dead! Up the hill, the Gang notices that.

"Dang it!" shouted Darwin.

"Where did you find that moron," said Violet sarcastically.

"Okay Plan B," said Kim. "CHARGE!!"

The Gang rides down the hill, towards the guards. The Guards notices that it's a trap. But before they can fire, Kim blasts the mines, blowing them up sending the guards flying. The other guards mount up and take off along with the truck.

"We can't let that truck get away!" said Kim.

Darwin rides to pursue the truck with Blue following. The two manage to catch up to the armored vehicle, but were met by two riders shooting at them. Darwin grabs his gun and fires at one guard, sending him falling off his horse. Darwin finally manages to jump on the vehicle with the Gang in pursuit.

"I'll stop the driver," said Kim. "Take out the guards."

Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots any guard that tries to catch up. The bike riders manage to climb up the vehicle, cornering him. He pulls out his lightdsabers getting into a fighting stance. The Guards fire their weapons. But Darwin deflects the blasters, and manages to hit the the guards off, sending them falling off the truck. Kim rides up ahead and jumps onto the front of the truck, pushing the driver off. The Gang catches up to their leader. Kim pressed her feet onto the brakes. However there's no Brakes!

"What is wrong?" asked Arbiter.

"There's no brakes!" shouted Kim. "This thing's not stopping!"

All of a sudden, there's a dead end just up ahead. Kim turns the wheel, gets off the driver seat preparing to jump.

"JUMP!!" shouted Violet.

She jumps onto her horse, leaving the truck driver less. The truck tips over, crashing onto the wall. Luckily, it's not completely destroyed, but badly damaged. The Gang moves closer.

"Puss, Bubbles, see if you can pry the doors open," said Kim.

Puss and Bubbles dismounted and walked towards the back of the truck. Puss pulls out his sword and cuts the lock. The two pulled the doors open revealing to be piles of gold and cash. 40 thousand dollars inside.

"We got it," said Puss.

"Great, let's grab what we can and get out of here," said Kim.

Puss, Bubbles, Cozy and Arbiter loot the stacks as quickly as possible. Miles shuts the doors. They mounted up and before the Gang leave, Bender lights up one last stick of dynamite and throws it at the truck. Blowing it up to kingdom come leaving no evidence.This Robbery has been a complete success and a very decent take for the entire Gang to leave the mountains. But this is only, the beginning.......

Chapter Text

Spider's Edge

Darwin rides back to camp to meet up with the Gang. Who seems to be packing up the wagons ready to leave. He dismounts and walks to Kim and Mike.

"So, we're getting out of this place?" asked Darwin.

"Oh, we'll try," said Kim. "Weather is stable."

"And we just robbed a Chancellor Neighsay automobile," said Mike.

Kim groans.

"W got money in our pockets Mike," said Kim. "The Worse is behind us. So the question is what now?"

"I told you, we should head back to Horseshoe Overlook, our old camp," said Mike. "We'll be able to hide out there no problem, as long as we keep our heads up."

"Well, I should be able to contact Optimus," said Darwin. "See if they can help us."

"I guess let's go," said Kim. "Clean noses and everything. Darwin, take that one with Chunky, bring Mike. I know you two like to talk about the old days and when we get out of this whole mess."

Darwin and Mike boarded a wagon (one that Chunky's pulling) and the Gang heads out of the mountains. The Journey was very long. They traveled for countless miles, passing the a frozen lake across the borders. At noon, they have already reached down the hill and out of the hill and into the trees. In which they're finally out of the mountains.

"Cozy, Miles, Bubbles, can you come here for a second?" Kim called out.

The Three move closer to Kim's wagon.

"Yes Kim?" asked Cozy.

"You three ride up ahead, make sure there's no trouble," said Kim. "We had enough of those for one day."

"Me? With these two?" questioned Cozy.

"Just go!" ordered Kim.

The Three rode out ahead leaving the Carvaan behind. The Gang continued their journey to the old camp Horseshoe Overlook. They traveled for another hour before crossing a river near a waterfall. They managed to cross the river, but Suddenly one of the Big wheels from Darwin and Mike's wagon fell off. And everything start to fall apart from the wagon.

"Ah no," cursed Darwin. He looks at the mess.

"Okay, let's see," said Mike, hopping off the wagon.

They hopped off the wagon stood where they were supposed to be, looking down in frustration. The wagon ahead of them stopped. Puss and Bender looked back at them.

"You alright back there?" asked Bender.

"Does everything look okay?" responded Darwin sarcastically.

"What is going on?" asked Puss.

"ARGH! I broke the Dad Gum wheel!!" shouted Darwin in frustration.

"Okay, let's get this fixed," said Mike.

"You need any help?" asked Puss.

"We can handle it," said Mike.

Mike and Arbiter positioned themselves at the rear ends of the wagon and held it up as Darwin puts the wheel back on.

"Well, I guess we ain't useless after all," said Darwin.

Then suddenly, they see something from a cliff up from their right. There were three warriors, Sangheli warriors. Just standing there. Watching.

"What do you think?" Darwin asked Arbiter.

"If they were looking for trouble, they would've attacked," said Arbiter.

Mike gives the Elite minors a small wave, before the Elites disappeared into the woods.

"Poor guys," said Mike. "They're really doomed over. Let's go. We don't wanna push our luck."

The three boarded the wagon. Continued their journey.

"What Happened?" asked Darwin.

"Since new factions are arriving, my in these parts got sold off a very raw deal," said Arbiter.

"This is the heartlands we're going back to," said Mike. "Decent fields, big country, they once had a stronghold, and roam this place, and they lost it all. Stolen clean away from them, killed, captured or herded west from here in the middle of nowhere."

"Other races are being more superior," Darwin guested.

"Yes, and I heard one race, the Tarkatans, were not pleasant about that," said Arbiter. "Savages, thirst to kill. They wiped out half of my people in the stronghold. They were forced to flee."

They continued their journey to their old camp, taking the same path as planned. The journey was long and quiet. Everyone remained silent, as Darwin kept driving. Their journey pressed on until they reached an area surrounded by trees. From there, they met Puss, who has been waiting for their arrival. He quickly jumps on and they pressed on. Finally they reached their destination. Their old camp Horseshoe Overlook, and it still looks the same since they left that place.

"Ah, home sweet home," sighed Mike.

The three hopped off the wagon and walked to the camp. They see Kim, who is helping out setting up camp.

"You're not wrong Mike," Kim called out.  "This looks just perfect! Just like usual."

" I hope so," said Mike.

"We have survived," said Kim. "For now. And now, we have to prosper."

"Darwin and I were about to prosper in Fort Mercer," said Mike. "We were onto something big, then Cozy got all excited about the train and here we are."

"Now, we all made mistakes," said Kim. "But I kept us all together and alive. And we're safe, we make money here, move again, try get some help from the Warlords, be west from Uncle Sam, and we're safe and sound. No Problem, that's what we do.

"I really hope so Kim," said Mike.

"Just look around," said Kim. "This place has its freedom! And so shall we."

Just then, Peter Griffin approaches the three.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna head to town and strike up business," said Peter.

"Of course," said Kim.  He heads out.

"I prefer robbing banks owned by bad guys," muttered Darwin.

Kim, clears her throat.

"Okay people," she called out. "Gather around."

The Gang gathers around as Kim gives out the big speech.

"Now this have been tough, but we're safe here, but we it's time to get to work. Now let's get out there and see if there's anything we can find. Spongebob, Dipper, no more passengers, unless for information, or bait in case if you wanna be like Bender over here."

Everyone chuckles.

"It is time, for all of us, to earn our keep!"

"Now, I heard that the locals in Valentine built a warehouse North of the Heartlands, called "The Strawberry Triangle"," said Mike.  "A place where Cowboys, and Dancing Girls do their little dirty work. That'll be the place to start."

"And we need food," said Boog. "Fresh Food, everyday anyone."

"And remember," said Kim. "Whatever you find, the Gang gets its share." She pulls out a box from Kim's tent (something each Gang member puts whatever they find."

Everyone gets to work. Felicie walks over to the three.

"The Girls have your tent ready Darwin," said Felicie.

She escorts Darwin to his new tent.

"We put you over here, just they way you like it," said Felicie.

"I'm sure everything's okay," said Darwin.

"Well most of your stuff from Fort Mercer got saved," said Felicie. "Apart from our money."

"Don't remind me," muttered Darwin.

"We can always make more money," said Felicie. "We're gonna have too."

"I'll find a way to contact Optimus," said Darwin.

She walks away, but sees the girls slacking off.

"Ms. Lola!" shouted Felicie. "I've seen crap more common sense then you! Just do it!"

Darwin chuckles. He grabs a phone operator and dials the number to contact the Furious Squad. But there's no answer. They may be out for a while.

A Few Weeks Later......

One Morning, Darwin gets exited his wagon, and sees Mike stretching out from all that rest.

"Mike," said Darwin.

"Darwin," replied Mike. "Quite a day."

"Let's hope so," said Darwin.

"There's a bunch of the boys already in Strawberry Triangle Dipper, Puss and Bender," said Mike. "And Spongebob found something down at the train station nearby. And Peter camp back with that creepy smile on his face. I'm sure he found a list of Bad Guys stealing money."

"Thank you," replied Darwin.

Now that he's out of the mountains and Spider's Edge, it's time to get back in action, just as the Gang always do best. Especially on the run from the Telmarines and the White Dragons.



Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook......

Darwin walks over to Violet who is laying down in her reading her journal, minding her own business.

"How ya doing Violet?" greeted Darwin.

"I'm doing fine," replied Violet. "I'm just glad we're out of the snow."

"Yeah me too," said Darwin. "Hey, you wanna come with me to Valentine, see if we can find anything out?"

Violet closes her journal gets up.

"Sure why not," said Violet.

The two walked through camp, to the wagon.

"You know, I've been thinking, what's your business with Hiro?" asked Darwin.

She blushed.

"I don't wanna talk about that," said Violet.

"Come on, you can tell me," said Darwin. "I can see you blushing. I know there's something about you and him. Don't worry, I won't tell a soul."

She turns to him.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but promise you won't tell anyone," said Violet.

"Oh, not a sole," said Darwin.

She whispers in his ear. His eyes opened really wide.

"So you have a crush on him don't ya," said Darwin.

"We had a thing for a while," replied Violet, awkwardly.

"That's great, as long as Hiro still as a brain or two," joked Darwin.

"Shut up," said Violet.

The two chuckled.

Walking towards the wagon, only to find Peter Griffin just sleeping there. Not doing any work. Violet crossed her arms. Not amused.

"Look who just came back from money loaning," said Violet.

Darwin kicks Peter, waking him up.

"What What I didn't do it!" barked Peter.

"Careful not to work yourself to death Peter," said Darwin.

" I was thinking," said Peter.

"So, while, everyone is busy stealing, saving people, lying, fighting to survive," said Darwin. "And you get to sit, sleep think all day,"

"Well would you mind, I'm trying to sleep here," said Peter.

"Really," questioned Darwin. "So, you wanna come with us to Valentine?"

"Sure, I'm gonna go to the town square and paint myself brown just for the hell of it," said Peter.

"Good, go check the horses are ready," said Violet.

Peter grumbles and checks the horses.

"Lazy Parasite," whispered Darwin. "Always trying to get away from doing some work."

Lola and Hayley appear.

"If you're gonna take the fat guy over there, can you take us too?" asked Lola.

"What ya got planned?" questioned Darwin.

"Nothing, we'll find something for y'all to do," said Hayley. "But we're bored out of our minds. We've been cooped up here for weeks. Lola was about ready to eat Felicie."

"Well can Felicie spare you?"asked Violet.

"Can Felicie spare you?" Lola mimicked. "What's up with you two? Two young healthy girls want you to take robbing, you're worried about house chores. Let's go!"

Darwin and Violet looked at each other. Shrugged.

"Fair enough, come along," said Violet.

The Girls cheered, and hoped onto the wagon. Darwin looks at Blue, who is picking scraps and bones.

"Hey Blue, come with us," Darwin called out. "Take a break. We can find you some food."

Blue gladly follows the group. Peter starts the wagon and off they go. Back to Valentine.

"I can't wait to see civilization," said Lola.

"That's right, back to good old Valentine," said Darwin.

Peter drives the wagon through the roads of the heartlands. But up ahead in the middle of the road, a stagecoach nearby starts to break off. And the next thing they knew, two horses were loose from their harnesses and bolt from every direction. Leaving the driver frustrated from this accident.

"Is one of you gonna get that horse?" asked Hayley.

"Well I got the Blorbs," Peter declined. "Very serious."

Darwin hops off the wagon.

"I'll see what's going on," said Darwin. "Blorbs really......"

It's a fake Back pain disease. Another one of Peter's attempts to get away with working. Darwin walks over to the driver.

"Excuse me sir," said Darwin. "You alright?"

"Oh hey, can you help me get my other horse back from over there?" asked the man.

"Sure," said Darwin.

"Thank you, it's the black long one over there," said the man.

Darwin rushes over to the horse, which is a bit wild. Darwin manages to calm the horse down, just like that Turkoman he found from the barn at the mountains. He leads the horse back to its' owner.

"Thanks you," said the man.

"Anytime sir," replied Darwin.  He hops back onto the wagon, and they continued their trip to valentine.

"You really are a fairy godmother," teased Peter.

"What are you talking about?!" questioned Darwin.

"He's saying you got a heart," said Violet.

"Oh, you know me, I do have a heart," said Darwin.

"And he hasn't that fat parasite," said Lola.

"Hey! Parasites have hearts!" argued Peter.

"I doubt that," muttered Violet.

The group reaches Valentine, same as usual. The Livestock town.

"Wooh, smell those pigs, or is that Peter," joked Hayley.

"Real funny," grumbled Peter.

"This looks like a decent town," said Lola. "With different people finally."

"Yep, I remember this place," said Darwin.

They headed to main streets. Muddy as usual, Sheriff's Office is on the right, which is new. Perfect to pick up bounties to earn some money or other rewards. Near the bar is the general store. Where they parked near the stables.

"Well, here we are," said Violet. "Back here and ready."

"So Peter, what are we doing?" asked Darwin.

"Oh, we're gonna do what any folks like us do," said Peter. "Something Stupid!"

"Now now, Peter we need to lie low," said Violet. "Ladies, you can do some mischief things, while we head to the general store."

"With pleasure," said Hayley. "Let's start at the saloon."

"Well, I need to get something from the store," said Darwin. "We'll see you at the general store after you're done."

Hayley and Lola head to the general store, as Peter wanders off to do something stupid, leaving Darwin, Violet and Blue heading to the general store.

"So that's how Peter enjoys himself," said Darwin. "Doing stupid things."

"He's a very strange man," said Violet. "But he's very funny."

"Truly, he's my favorite guy" joked Darwin. "Nope, Blue's my favorite . He's my second favorite. I lied, Kim with her Cheerleading outfit, then him."

Violet laughs. The two enter the general store.

"So, what do ya need?" asked Violet.

"Well I need a couple of things to do," said Darwin.

"I'll check the catalogue, see if what I can find," said Violet.

A Few Hours Later.......

Violet waits outside with Blue. Just then, Darwin exits the general store, wearing a Black Gunslinger hat, and brought bags of meat, for Blue.

"You've been busy," said Violet.

"I felt my look is missing a little something," said Darwin.

 "You didn't miss anything," said Violet. "But it does suit you."

Hayley approaches the three.

"Guys, I think I got something," said Hayley. "I snuck into this fancy place, and someone was saying her cousin's saying her cousin is taking a trip to Florida, I guess. A train full of rich folk heading to Rhodes and off to Jump City."

"Sounds good," replied Darwin. "Where's Lola and Peter?"

"Lola's over at the hotel," said Hayley. "She's picking up some fella to rob."

"Why?" questioned Violet.

"Seemed easy," said Hayley. "And Peter's probably at the middle of the street trying to embarrass himself."

"Just as I suspected," muttered Darwin. "I'll go see if there's any trouble."

Darwin gets up, Hayley points at another direction.

"There's Lola," said Hayley.

They see Lola encountering a guy, in a bad situation.

"That doesn't look good," said Violet.

"Excuse me," said Darwin.

He runs over to the alley to see what's going on.  It seems that Lola is being attacked by rich boys she knows. It's two members of the Hammerhead Gang (Now dubbed the Hammerhead Brothers).

"Hey! Get off of her you dad gum animals!" shouted Darwin.

The boys turned to Darwin.

"It's that fish who stood up to our boss," said the boy.

The two boys run away, just before Darwin can shoot them.

"That's right, you better run," said Darwin.

He walks to Lola.

"You okay?" asked Darwin.

"I'm fine," replied Lola. "Who are these jerks?"

"Those are the Hammerhead Brothers," said Darwin. "Rich folks, mean as heck. Come on, let's go get Peter and get out of here."

He escorts Lola back to the others.In the main street they see a couple of wild thing dancing in public with everyone cheering, but all a sudden they were all shot from the back, everyone screamed an run, leaving a boy alone, mourning his wild friends. It turns out to be Peter, who is carrying a sniper rifle walking over to the boy.

"I Owe ya max," said Peter. "You led me right to them. Now help me grind their horns into boner pills."

"PETER!!!!!!!" yelled Darwin and Violet.

 Peter turns around.

"What the Heck did you do?!!!" shouted Lola.

"What, I need those," said Peter.

Blue pushes Peter away from the corpses in a threatening way. Unaware that the Sheriff is alerted by the gunshot noise. He checks the crime scene, examining the bodies. The Group takes advantage and rides out of town, escaping before the law can see them. They drove the wagon into the woods, to hide from the law. It's all clear.

"I think we lost them," said Peter. "That was......."

Before he can finish, Violet punches him in the face, very hard. Causing him to cough out blood and spit out a tooth.

"WHAT THE HELL?!!!" yelled Peter.

"We left you for five second and you cause trouble!!" shouted Violet. "FIVE SECONDS!!!"

"Oh calm down, nobody's gonna notice," Peter argued.

"You just alerted the sheriff you Idiot!" yelled Darwin. "You know, this is why we don't take you because everything you do is WRONG!!!"

"Which one, the Wild things or the part when I farted on the bartender's face one time?" asked Peter.

"EVERY PART!!!" shouted Darwin. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!"

"Like I said, I do what any folks like us do, something stupid," said Peter.

Violet groans in frustration.

Darwin whistles.

"Hey, where're ya going?" asked Peter.

"I'm gonna ride to Strawberry Triangle, check on the boys," said Darwin. "I knew something like this could happen so I thought I'd clear my head from you."

Rachel arrives shortly, Darwin hops on her back.

"Violet, can you take the other back to camp?" asked Darwin. "I'll meet you there. And make sure you're not followed. Thanks to a certain stupid fat guy who just attracted attention."

"I will," said Violet. "And Peter's got some explaining to do as soon as we get back."

Everyone gives him a stern look. Peter gulps, knowing that Kim's gonna be furious when she hears about it.

"I'll see you guys later," said Darwin.

Darwin rides out east to the heartlands to the Strawberry Triangle, where the Cowboys and Dancing Girls do their WILD business in certain times like this.



Chapter Text

Southeast of the Heartlands.......

And so, Darwin rides through the fields and across the river, into the woods. He can't believe what Peter has done in Valentine. One minute they try to lie low, and stupid guys like him ruin everything and immediately blown their cover. But that matters not no more. He continues to ride through the woods. Finally he reaches his destination, a Warehouse with disco lights flashing from the roofs. There was a sign ahead that said "Strawberry's Triangle: Turn and Burn".  Darwin dismounts, hitches Rachel near the door. He walks over and enters the warehouse. There's a whole room full of dancers and cowboys. The center is  divided into a stage (which resembles and 8 figure). At the right corner has a piano, a table of poker , a floor where the Cowboys fight for money. There's even a barbershop in the back. At the left corner is the bar, private rooms, a small office and the stripper's dressing room. Darwin takes a look around. Suddenly, he spots two of the boys, Dipper and Bender. Who were hanging around with a young stripper short black hair, wearing black panties, and tattoos on her lower back and leg, with purple thigh-height boots, and a young gunslinger with brown hair, wearing a blue shotgun coat, red vest, a black fancy pants, cavalry boots, and a black Estate Boss hat. Both were about the same age.

"Hey Darwin!" Dipper calls out.

 Darwin walks over to the couple.

"Dipper, Bender, how's it going," greeted Darwin.

"We're just having fun," replied Bender. "Hey, I want you to meet our friends."

"Good to meet you," said Darwin.

"Hey Danny, he looks kinda cute," commented the stripper.

"Actually Nikki, he's looks like a tough guy" said the Gunslinger.

"Oh, I may be cold one," said Darwin. "But I do have a soft spot in me."

"I like him," said Nikki.

"So, where's Puss?" asked Darwin.

"Oh he went out to look for Jake," said Bender. "He'd figure he invite the snake to the party."

"Okay," said Darwin.

Just then, the door opens. It reveals to be Puss, with Rattlesnake Jake right behind him. Everybody stares at the two. Jake somehow didn't mind. He spits at can near the door. Everyone goes back to their business. The two approaches Darwin and the Gang.

"Good evening lady and gentlemen," greeted Jake. "Rattlesnake Jake, sorry I'm late, I had some uh... unfinished business with the bar."

They chuckled.

"So, what brings you here?" asked Danny.

"Oh, we're just humble boys struggling to survive," said Puss. "Maybe you can help us find a simple score."

"You sure about this? Now?" questioned Bender.

"Let him handle this," whispers Dipper.

He turns to the couple.

"Well, there may be something in mind," said Danny.

Darwin looks at the boys, then looks back.

"We're listening," said Darwin.

"I heard that there's a train, heading down from Rhodes, carrying stashes of cash inside," said Nikki.

"Just like the one Hailey told me," said Darwin.

"What do ya mean?" questioned Puss.

"Hailey told me something about a train taking a trip to Florida I think," said Darwin.

"Anyway, be advised, the train is boarded with guards and passengers," said Danny.

"And is the take good?" asked Dipper.

"We guaranteed it is," said Nikki.

"Well then, thank you," said Darwin. "Now, excuse us, we'll  be on our way."

"Now, don't mind us, we're just a couple handling our business," said Danny.

The Boys walk away, only to be approached by two prostitutes, Bertha and Viola, two rivals of Nikki.

"Where ya going sugar," said Viola to Dipper. "Not sure you don't want some company."

"Actually we're just leaving," said Dipper.

"Leaving already?" questioned Bertha. "Why don't you stay for a while, so we can have a "party".

Dipper, nervously gulps. He's not ready for an intercourse. Jake slithers over.

"Sure," said Jake. "How much ya cost anyway?"

"Ain't that a nice way to talk to a woman," said Bertha.

"Oh I'm sorry," said Jake. "I didn't know I was talking to a "woman".

The two prostitutes leave, uninterested. The Boys looks back, as Darwin winks his eye. Nikki seem to not mind that Rattlesnake Jake just ripped off her rivals. She didn't like them anyway. The boys exited the Strawberry triangle.

"You really have a cold sense of humor eh Jake," said Puss.

"It's my way of saying get lost," said Jake.

The boys mounted up. But before they can leave, Darwin sees something coming from the woods. There were two riders talking to a old folk. The old guy points at Darwin's direction. There's trouble.

"Uh guys," said Darwin.

"What?" questioned Dipper.

The boys looked to their left, and see the riders charging towards them.

"Bounty hunters!" whispers Dipper.

"MOVE!!" shouted Jake.

The boys ride out, with the bounty hunters pursuing them. Just then, three theropod dinosaurs charged from the woods. A Blue gorgosaurus, a Giant Red carnotaurus with large tails, sharp teeth, an tan albino Giganotosaurus with orange eyes, diamond-shaped pupils.

"They set a trap," said Puss. "IT IS A DAD GUM AMBUSH!!!!"

The Carnotaurus snaps its' jaws at Darwin, but misses. The Giganotosaurus grabs one bounty hunter off of his horse, devouring him. The Boy ride into the fields of the heartlands, with the three monsters in hot pursue. The Riders head to the  mountain nearby, that way they can try to shake them. They ride through the rocks, but are unable to outrun the monsters. Suddenly, Darwin spots a narrow rock pass, and thinks of an idea.

"Let's try to lose them in the rocks," said Darwin.

The Riders run to the mountain pass. The Gorgosaurus slams against the rocks, and manages to pursue them. They ride faster to the narrow, pass. Finally they ran through. The three dinosaurs try to run through, but end up getting stuck, and wedge in the rocks. The Boys ride to safety through the fields and into the woods, losing them. They're safe, for now.

"I think we lost them," said Darwin.

"What were those beasts?" asked Puss.

"I don't know, they must've been partners with the Indominus Rex," said Darwin. "And I think those bounty hunters followed me here."

"And how did that happen?" questioned Jake.

"It's a long story," said Darwin. "I'll head to the train station. Make sure our old pal Spongy doesn't get hurt, or in trouble."

"Okay, we'll meet you back to camp," said Dipper. "I can't wait to tell Kim about this train."

Darwin heads out.

"Boys, we just got ourselves a score," said Jake. "Now, we sure as hell have a lot of planning to do."


Chapter Text

Train Station.....

Darwin rides over to the train station, hoping if spongebob is okay. No doubt that he could take care of himself, but with Bounty hunters alerted and the three dinos encounter, he has to find spongebob before more trouble happens. He arrives at the train station, hitches Rachel near the door. And enters the station. He finds Spongebob playing checkers with a group of boys, and he looks like he's having a good time.

"Hey, I took your advice Darwin," said Spongebob.

 "Then heaven has forsake you," responded Darwin. "What are you talking about?"

"I took your advice," said Spongebob. "I have removed myself from the Devil's embrace."

He walks over to Darwin.

"I m Free! I am Free!"

"Spongy, you don't seem free, you sound like you have too much sugar," said Darwin.

"Uh, sir, we ain't finished," said one boy.

"Ain't finished?" questioned Darwin. "Look at him, he's pretty much done."

"Alright folks, this one goes to my bestest friends in the whole wide world," said Spongebob. "Darwin, and this peanut guy, it's this thing called WAITER!!!!!!!"

He drops down , laying unconcious. Everyone is silence.

"Hey, uh how about you come play with us?" asked another boy.

"Sure," said Darwin. "Let's go a few rounds."

He sits down on the table, ready to play the game.

10 minutes Later.........

After a few rounds Darwin wins the game.

"Now, you're one lucky cold guy for a fish with legs," said a boy.

"Oh I'm not sure about cold," said Darwin. "But I am a lucky guy."

He gets up from the table.

"Alright, I guess I'll take my friend and be on my w......"

Before he can finish, Spongebob is gone!

"Spongebob," said Darwin. "Where did he go?"

"Who?" questioned one boy.

"The sponge, he was......," said Darwin. "Excuse me gentlemen."

He exits the train station to find spongebob.

"SPONGEBOB!" called Darwin.

He sees two men talking saying something about a creepy sponge guy.

"Excuse me, have you seen a sponge guy," said Darwin.

"The creepy guy," said the man. "Yeah, he went that way."

He points at the field. Darwin sees spongebob who is being attacked by a guy. He rushes over to the two, and try to save spongebob.

"Get your hands off of him," said Darwin.

"Hey! You stay out of this!" shouted the stranger.

Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots the man in the leg, wounding him.

"NOW!" said Darwin.

The man runs away. But suddenly, there's a witness who has seen all of the commotion. Darwin recognizes this, the witness runs away. Darwin whistles. All of a sudden, Rachel jumps out of nowhere, growling at the witnesss. He quivers in fear, having a Warg pinned to the ground. Darwin walks over to the witness.

"Now, I only did it to save my friend," said Darwin. "Please, don't tell the law Ok."

"Ok, not a word," said the witness.

The witness runs away, without trying to tell the law. It works everytime. But all of a sudden, they see Spongebob on the train tracks.

"Spongebob!" shouted Darwin. "GET OFF THE DARN TRACKS!!!"

He mounts on Rachel and rides over to the bridge to save Spongebob again. He rides faster and reaches the bridge.  He dismounts and rushes (but carefully) on the bridge. And finds spongebob's foot pinned into the tracks.

"What happened to your foot?" asked Darwin.

"It appears to like this place and wants to stay," said Spongebob.

Darwin grabs Spongebob's leg, and tries to pull it. Suddenly, there's a train coming right towards them. With little time, Darwin pulls harder, and finally pull Spongebob free. He grabs him and pulls him aside the track, saving him and himself as the train passes by. Darwin carries him safely out of the tracks.

"Thanks sir," said Spongebob.

"Uh-uh oh no you don't," said Darwin, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground for almost getting them killed.

"What the heck is wrong with you?!"

"What is wrong with you?!" shouted Spongebob. "Throwing me off a bridge like that?!"

"There was a Dad Gum train!" shouted Darwin.

Spongebob drops again. Passing out. Darwin carries him over to Rachel and stows him. He mounts up and rides west, back to camp Horseshoe Overlook.

Horseshoe Overlook.......

Darwin carries Spongebob back to camp, with some gang members watching him.

"I'd take it you found him," said Hiro.

"Well, I'd bet he had too much Ice cream," said Darwin.

He walks over to Spongebob's tent and gently places him onto his bed, safe and sound. Felicie approaches the two.

"What happened?" asked Felicie.

"I guess the same," said Darwin. "He got himself crazy again."

"Poor guy," said Felicie. "Thanks, Darwin. I'll keep an eye on him."

"Please watch him so he doesn't get himself in trouble," said Darwin.

"I will," replied Felicie.

Darwin walks away.

Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook......

Darwin walks over to Kim's tent. She was minding her business.

"Darwin," greeted Kim.

"Kim," greeted Darwin.

 "Well, I guess we're getting back on our feet," said Kim.

"So, when are we heading west?" asked Darwin.

"Soon," replied Kim. "But I don't know. With Peter's stupidity and the Telmarines on us, I'm not sure."

"By the way, how did you get on with Peter?" asked Darwin.

"Let's just say, I had a little chat," said Kim.

They look at Peter, sucking his thumb, with a black eye. They handled it pretty well (Or did they?). The two chuckled.

The two hear some shouting. And checked to see what's going on. And see Bender and Diego interrogating Susan who's been tied up to a tree.

"Woah, hold your horses Bender," said Kim. "It seems that the cat has got our little friend's tongue. I'm thinking that our friend Darwin and I can make her talk."

"I told you I don't know anything," said Susan. "They're not my friends. I just rode with them for a bit....."

"HORSECRAP!!!" shouted Bender.

"Look, we heard that before, so why don't you tell the truth," said Diego. "Guys, what do you want me to do?"

"Well something," said Kim. "So that when her mouth opens, it's to tell us what's going on. Dah, who am I kidding? Every word she'd say is a lie. Screw it. Let's just have some fun."

She turns to Diego.

"Scare her," said Kim.

"Oh yeah!" shouted Diego in excitement.

"Where's he going?" asked Susan quivering.

"Oh don't worry, they're only legs girl," said Kim. "Just gonna make sure you don't walk."

Diego sharpens his teeth. He trots over to the trio, ready to do some, "FUN" business. He snaps near her legs scarring her.

"Oh god, you sick BUSHWACKERS!!!" shouted Susan. "What do you want from me?!"

"We just wanna know your deal with them White Dragons," said Kim.

"Help!" shouted a voice. It appears to be Miles and Bubbles, with bad news.

"They got her!" shouted Bubbles.

"Woah, woah, easy you two," said Kim.  "What's wrong?"

"They got Cozy Glow in the sheriff's in "Deadwood" east of strawberry"," said Miles. "And there's talk of hanging him."

"Here's hoping," joked Darwin.

"Darwin..." scolded Kim.

"What? She brought it on herself," said Darwin.

"And there's more," said Bubbles. "I think we found Marie."

"Marie?" questioned Violet, who approaches them. "You found her?"

 "Well it seems that we know how that happened," said Kim. Turning to Susan in a threatening way. Susan Gulps.

"She's been captured by bounty hunters in Saint Denis," said Bubbles. "But there's talk of them moving out."

"Well if we head down to Saint Denis, we'd be dead in 10 minutes," said Darwin. "But we can save her but I don't know about Cozy."

"Darwin, she'd do it for you," said Kim. "Besides, I can go there, I'm wanted in that town."

"I don't know if she'd do it, but okay," said Darwin. "I'll see what I can do."

"Bender, Hiro, untie this White Dragon up," said Kim. "See if she can lead us to her."

The two untie her. Darwin turns to Bubbles and Miles.

"You two okay?" asked Darwin.

"Yeah, we're fine," said Bubbles.

"You and Violet take these two to Strawberry Triangle," said Kim. "Have fun. And Darwin, no crazy business."

"Oh please, I'd given that up," said Darwin.

"And when you're ready, meet them near Saint Denis," said Kim. "And get Cozy out of that Jail."

Darwin turns to Violet, shrugged a little. He turns to Bubbles and Miles.

"Come on fellas," said Darwin.

Darwin, Violet, Miles and Bubbles mount up and ride out of camp.

"Follow me," said Darwin. " I know a short way to Strawberry Triangle."

The four ride east through the heartlands.

"We rode as fast as we could," said Miles. "Didn't stop for anything."

"Well as least you two are alive," said Violet. "That's all that Miles."

"We came down the mountains and we got this," said Bubbles. "Cozy and her crazy ideas."

"What Happened?" asked Darwin.

"We ran into some folks, Cozy knew and we tried walking away, but she was all like "You worry too much"," said Miles. "We drank some more, but this is supposed to be a poor town we're in too."

"And I'm guess she shot some of them," said Darwin. "I know."

"It all happened so fast," said Bubbles. "There was too many of them, we had to run."

"You're okay now," said Violet. "So where is this "Strawberry Triangle" you were Darwin?"

"Just across that river, into the woods," said Darwin. "You're gonna love that place."

They ride into the woods, reaching their destination. Back at Strawberry triangle. They dismount. Darwin hitches all four mounts near the entrance, and leads the three to the door. They enter the warehouse. Violet, Miles and Bubbles were amazed by the place. Since they never been there before, and Darwin the only one (besides Bender, Puss, Dipper and Jake) who's been there.

"This place looks, nice," said Violet.

""Sure, we got ourselves some wild looms in here," said Bubbles.

"Now, we'll just get one or two drinks, that's all," said Darwin.

The four sat by the bar, order four apple juices. And talk.

"So Cozy seems to know some people," said Miles. "That's the problem."

"How do ya mean?" asked Violet.

"Well, she seems to do some crazy stuff," said Bubbles. "And, but now she....."

Suddenly a drunken cowboy near the bar stumbles upon them.

"Done a lot of crazy crazy stuff," mocked the Cowboy

"Shut up," said Violet.

"Shut up" mocked the cowboy.

"Get lost buddy," said Darwin.

"Oh, they're dullards," said the cowboy. "Man, you kids are dull."

 "Look dude, you're a charming guy, one of the best," said Darwin. "But my friends and I are trying to talk business. So can you possibly leave us alone?"

The Cowboy walks away. The four collided their cups and drink. And drink, and drink, and drink. To the point when they get a little woosy. Darwin's having a good time, but suddenly, Violet, Miles and Bubbles are gone. He searches all over the triangle for his friends. He finds all three upstairs.

"What ya guys doing?" asked Darwin.

"Hellooooooo Darwin," greeted Miles.

 Miles drops his drink 16 feet down. The four continue their time, laughing dancing.

"You know Bubbles, why did you never date?" asked Violet.

"No one would have me," said Bubbles.

Darwin jumps up and down. He sees Bubbles on the bar downstairs, holding off some cowboys.

"Leave her alone you dad gum animals!" shouted Darwin.

"Who ya taking too," said the cowboy.

"Nobody. I'm talking to nobody," said Darwin.

He shoves the cowboy.

"Get lost buddy," said Darwin.

"Shut up mister," said the cowboy. "Yeah, shut your mouth, buddy!"

Then suddenly, everyone in the bar started dancing in the bar. Having too much of a good time.

Next Morning............

Darwin wakes up at the bar. He sees  Violet, Miles and Bubbles are still inside, who seem to be waking up as well from passing out that night.

"What happened here?" asked Violet.

It seems that the whole Triangle is a complete mess from the night. Everything trashed, strippers and cowboys passed out, the disco ball still lighting up. It really was that bad.

"I think, we had too much fun in here," said Darwin.

"What was in that juice?" asked Bubbles.

"They must've drugged them with chemicals that'd make us crazy," said Miles.

"Well I ain't drinking that again," said Violet.

The four exit the triangle, which seems to be a mess outside too.  Bottles scattered and curtains ripped. And a cowboy throwing up all over the mud.

"Let's get out of here before anything else happens," said Darwin.

The four mounted up and ride out of Strawberry triangle.

"You guys head back to camp," said Darwin. "I'm gonna save our friend Cozy."

Violet nods. The three ride back to camp while Darwin rides to Deadwood, so he can get Cozy out of the jail.

Chapter Text

West Elizabeth.......

Darwin rides west, through the woods past North of Blackwater and West of Strawberry. He finally reaches hid destination. A town called "Deadwood." A rich town, almost like Rhodes but more industrialized like Saint Denis. The Population is 10-20 thousand citizens. With such fine buildings and a one concrete road just like Blackwater. It is heavily guarded by lawmen. And there are newspapers on the walls of town saying something about "The Hanging of Cozy Glow for High Treason." It seems like they're gonna hang Cozy pretty soon. Darwin thought lately, should he save Cozy Glow, or leave her to hang. Because over the months, he does have a mistrust over that pony. But as Kim would say, they never leave a member behind. He rides over to the Sheriff's office at which is pronounced "The Jail". That's where they're holding Cozy. He dismounts, hitches Rachel near the post. He walks over to the door, but before he can enter, he hears something. Screams and shouts for help. He walks over to the back and sees the Cozy holding behind bars on the window.

"Hello old friend," said Darwin. "Having a good time ain't ya?"

"Are you gonna get me outta here?" asked Cozy.

He leans near the wall.

"I haven't decided yet," said Darwin.

"Very funny," said Cozy.

"I'm not joking," said Darwin. "I heard so much Blabber about you for the past three months, and now I finally get to watch you be silent."

"Well you gotta help me!" grumbled Cozy.

"Yeah? Why should I?" questioned Darwin.

"I looked up to you," Cozy lied. "I did everything for you."

"No ya didn't," said Darwin. "And if you did that'd be your first mistake. There's only one problem, there's one of me and a whole town who want you to swing."

"You have to help me," begged Cozy. "PLEASE!!"

Darwin sees a stream donkey. He grabs the hook and places onto one of the bars. He pulls the lever and all of a sudden, the machine pulls the hook so hard, it rips the wall. Cozy quickly runs out of her cell. The Impact attracted the attention of the Sheriff and a couple of lawmen. Darwin pulls out his gun and fires at the sheriff and his men initiating a firefight.

"Let's get out of here," said Darwin.

"Not yet," said Cozy. "I got some unfinished business. Trust me Darwin."

"Trust you?" questioned Darwin. "Are you crazy?!"

The two shot their way through the lawmen. Cozy fires her magic at a couple of lawmen, disintegrating them. There was an army of lawmen, but they continued their way through town.

"We should be gone by now," said Darwin.

"They got something that belongs to me," said Cozy.

The two reached a house in the center of town. Cozy barges inside while Darwin waits outside to see if there's anyone else coming. There was noise inside. Screaming and loud shot from magic. Something's not right. Then suddenly, Cozy exits the house with one thing they stole from her that she'd want really bad (otherwise that she'd die for).

"My Tiara," said Cozy. Putting on the tiara in her head.

"That's the mayor's house," said Darwin. "What did you do?"

"Let's go," said Cozy.

The two move out. Darwin spots Rachel near the sheriff's office. He whistles, getting the Warg's attention. Darwin mounts up, and rides through town. Cozy flies aside him. The two run through the town with Lawmen in pursuit.

"Yeah, I showed the mayor," ranted Cozy. "He deserves that one!"

"You lost your mind!" shouted Darwin.

The two ride through the town's entrance. And into the woods hopefully that they would lose the law. Cozy fires her magic making a wall of fire in the middle of the road, slowing them down. This bought them some time to escape through the woods and into the fields of the heartlands. Finally, they stopped.

 "I think we lost them," said Cozy.

"Well I hope so," said Darwin.

"Thank you Darwin," said Cozy.

"Thank you?" questioned Darwin. "Here I was having a bad day for you to have me help you shoot up an entire town."

"Very funny Darwin," said Cozy. "You're a funny fish ya know."

"And you're not funny at all," said Darwin. "So cut the act for once. Like you always do."

"Look, I'm sorry but we're like family Darwin," said Cozy. "You and Me, Kim's favorites. And sometimes we make mistakes. Now I'm gonna head back to camp, have an apology to Kim."

"Okay, I'm gonna go somewhere that has nothing to deal with your sorry butt," said Darwin.

"Well, bye now," said Cozy.

She flies away. Darwin rides out east, to do another rescuing that has nothing to deal with shooting up half a town or any other funny business dealing with Cozy or Peter Griffin's actions or anything that would attract the Telmarines and getting into situations worse than this and Valentine.

Chapter Text

Bayou Nwa, near Saint Denis.........

Darwin rides over to a nearby camp near Saint Denis and sees Bender, Hiro and the White Dragon fugitive Susan. Who are looking out for their friend Marie.

"Have you guys seen Marie?" asked Darwin.

"Nope, not yet," said Hiro. "Let's hope this White Dragon isn't lying."

"It's true I swear," said Susan. "If I were lying we wouldn't be here."

"Okay, just so ya know, if you're lying and if you have us waste our time, I'm gonna stick a knife right up your ass," Bender threatened.

Susan gulps.

"The place is crawling with cops," said Hiro. "That Auction Massacre did it all didn't it."

"They ain't got a lot of money in that city," said Darwin. "I guess that's where it remains for now."

Suddenly, they spot a truck nearby. It appears that something is inside. Or someone.

"Come on, Marie must be on that truck," said Darwin. "Now Susan, where are those bounty hunters taking her?"

"They're taking her to an outpost called  "Van Horn"," said Susan. "To be on a boat and try

"Van Horn?" questioned Hiro. "That place is flooded with Pinkertons. We don't want them on our tail."

"We have to stop them before it reaches Van horn," said Darwin. "Okay, follow me, we gotta follow them."

The three mounted up, and ride down the hill, into the swamp, following the truck near the road.

"So how do you boys wanna do this?" asked Hiro.

"You and Bender ride up ahead, block any escape routes," said Darwin. "I'll hide behind the trees, when that truck stops I'll go attack."

"You sure this is gonna work?" questioned Bender.

"Trust me, this will work," said Darwin.

Hiro and Bender rode ahead with Susan, while Darwin stays behind and continues to follow the automobile. Slow and steady, so that he doesn't attract any lawman or pinkerton's attention. On the road, the automobile pulls over. Bounty Hunters go to the back of the truck and grab a bag. They carried the bag to a convoy just up ahead. They open the bag and somehow, Marie drops onto the floor. Quivering in fear. Then Suddenly, Darwin sees this as an opportunity to launch an ambush. Darwin rides towards the convoy and fires his gun at the bounty hunters. Just then, Bender and Hiro burst out of hiding as well.

"AMBUSH!!!" shouted a bounty hunter.

The Riders battle the bounty hunters protecting their friend. One bounty hunter grabs the kitten and tries to run away. Only for him to be met by the jaws of Rachel as she grabs the lawman. Mauling him to death. The other bounty hunters flee in fear. Everything is pretty much clear now.

"Did ya miss us Marie?" asked Bender.

"Boy I am glad to see you," responded Marie.

But suddenly, there's more lawmen coming from down the hill. But not just lawmen and Bounty hunters, but cops and Pinkertons, hordes of riders coming right towards them, and fast.

"Okay, let's get you out of here," said Darwin.

He gently grabs Marie, and rides out with Bender and Hiro with the Pinkertons in pursuit. They ride as fast as they could through the meadows and into the woods. The Law is still on their tail. Darwin thinks of some ideas to escape the law. Suddenly, he finds a swampy pass near the lake, too muddy and narrow for the law to try to cross. Perfect escape route.

"This way," said Darwin.

They ride to the muddy steep, where they're able to cross the muddy swamp. The Lawmen stop on their trail. Unable to cross that pass. The riders run quickly to safety back to the Heartlands. Safe and sound, with their friend safe as well.

"You know, you really are a generous guy Darwin," said Marie.

"Well, like we say, nothing means to us more than this gang," said Darwin. "The bond we share, it's the real thing to me."

"I'd kill for it and I will happily die for it," said Bender. "But I would have left you there to rot if Hiro hasn't stopped me."

"Bender...." scolded Hiro.

"What? She can be so annoying," said Bender.

"Because I'm a lady, that's why," said Marie.

"Okay, let's head back to camp," said Darwin. "Before the law find us. You two go on ahead, I'll catch up."

"Okay," said Hiro. "It seems like this White Dragon isn't bad after all."

"You can thank me," said Susan.

They ride to the heartlands back to Horseshoe Overlook. It seems like they got the Gang back together despite this commotion and the deal with the law so far in this journey.

Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook.........

One Evening, Darwin returns to camp. Everyone is making preparations for a celebration.

"What's going on here?" asked Darwin.

"We're throwing a party, Darwin," said Kim. "Marie and Cozy are back, It's time to celebrate!"

"Well, what are we waiting for," said Darwin. "Let's get this party started!"

"Now, Jake should be back by now," said Mike. "He said he's gone loan sharking."

Just then, Rattlesnake Jake arrives just in time.

"Jake, you're back," said Kim.

"Am I too late," said Jake. "I sharked this one Burgular not far. He's a real sneak."

"Okay, everyone," said Mike. "Tonight, we're gonna party like OUTLAWS!!"

Everyone cheers.

Late at Night....

The Gang continued their celebration. Dancing, Drinking and Playing a little party games. Blue, Diego, Jake and Marie are just hanging by the mounts, chilling out, talking about the good old days. The girls dance along. Bender, Dipper, Puss, and Mike play a game flash cards. Darwin finish dancing along with Bubbles. He sees Hiro, who is with Baymax repairing him from the damages in the mountains. Darwin walks to him.

"How ya doing Hiro?" asked Darwin.

"Good, Puss told me something about a train," said Hiro.

"So, what did he say?" questioned Darwin.

"Hayley overheard something about a train, full of rich folks rolling down through the Heartlands just down to Lemoyne," said Hiro.

"Yes, she did," said Darwin. "But, I'm not sure about doing it."

"Come on, Darwin at Night, not too guarded, it's perfect," said Hiro. 

"Yes, but starting the train, a real pain," said Darwin.

"Yeah, but what if we force the train to stop," said Hiro. "We steal a wagon, full of oil and put it in the middle of the tracks. They see it, and either they'll have to stop or die. Nobody wants to get burned alive."

Darwin thinks about that.

"That's actually not a bad idea," said Darwin. "And I think that's the first great idea you ever had."

"Shut up," said Hiro.

"I mean, even Violet would agree to an idea like that," said Darwin.

Hiro Blushes.

"Okay, so are we doing it?" asked Hiro.

"Well we'll need some ammo, guns, and a plan," said Darwin. "And we'll also need bait to draw the driver out."

The two look at Peter Griffin. Who seems to be bullying Lola. Shoving her face on his arse and farts on it. Then runs away laughing. Darwin and Hiro look at each other.

"I think we got something in mine," said Darwin, smiling.

"I'll look for a wagon first thing in the morning," said Hiro.

"Okay, I'll gather the plans," said Darwin. "We're gonna get ourselves a score."

A Day Later......... WEST IN THE HEARTLANDS.....

Darwin rides to a post nearby camp, and sees Hayley practicing her shooting with Marie watching.  He dismounts and walks to the two. He looks unimpressed by the fact that Marie's just watching there.

"Well at least it ain't your job," joked Darwin.

"Shut up Darwin," said Marie.

"Your job's starting the fights not winning them," said Darwin.

"Oh, why would you care walking fish," said Marie. "You don't got use for me. I try to find you work, and then you're cutting off jobs from other folks, and the lady Marie doesn't get a look in."

"Because we don't wanna get shot that's all," said Hayley.

"Ah, very funny you two," said Marie. "Very freaking funny."

"Calm down," said Darwin.

"You better sleep with your eyes open," said Marie.

"Well, you're gonna sleep with your chest open if you're not careful now," Hayley threatened.

"Oh I love ya," said Marie. "So, you gonna let me come on the raid with ya?"

"Raid?" questioned Darwin.

"Oh, I know there's something about a train now," said Marie. "Well, you're going to need guns, and members."

"So, Hiro told you," said Hayley. "This isn't a big show. If we take you I might as well bring Cozy."

"Don't compare me to that pretty pony again," said Marie.

Just then, Hiro arrives with Blue, Dipper, and Felicie, carrying a large bag.

"What ya doing here Marie?" asked Hiro.

"I'm coming with you on the job," said Marie.

"Why?" questioned Dipper.

"Because I'm a lady, that's why," said Marie.

"Marie, you're just a kitten, not a lady," said Felicie. "But, we do have a little use for you."

"Hey Felicie, did you grab the bait?" asked Darwin.

"Oh, I sure did," said Felicie.

She drops the bag onto the wagon, which reveals to be Peter Griffin all tied up, squirming.

"Now relax Peter, this will be over soon enough," said Felicie.

Peter struggles. They board the wagon.

"Okay, let's go rob ourselves a train," said Darwin.

Felicie drives the wagon through the fields of the heartlands with Blue leading the way.

"So, did you find a spot?" asked Dipper.

"Just follow the trail North West," said Hiro. "Not far. It's a good spot."

"So how did you and Felicie get him tied up?" asked Darwin.

"We had a little chat with him," said Felicie. "We offered him to participate in the train job. He was all like "No. I'm too chicken to do some train job" so we did it the hard way."

"You kidnapped him," Dipper guested.

 "Yep, we did," said Hiro.

"Now that is extraordinary," said Marie. "Serves that fat man right."

"Okay, this is it," said Hiro.

They pulled the wagon over the tracks. And make their preparations for this score. Darwin and Dipper untie the horses from the wagon. Blue screeches scarring them off.

"Okay, folks, get over to trees," said Darwin. "When the train slows down, board her."

He grabs a ties up Peter Griffin and places him in the middle of the road.

"And you?" asked Hayley.

"Blue and I are gonna make sure she slows down," said Darwin.

They wait for the train to arrive. Darwin climbs on top of the wagon, pulling out his gun, while Blue walks over to Peter, placing her foot on Peter's back, making it look like a hostage. Suddenly, the train is arriving and coming closer. Darwin puts on his Black Hat and a red Bandana on his forehead. The Train comes closer, and finally the train stops. Blue hides behind nearby rocks as the driver steps out of the train.

He sees a tied up fat man in front of the wagon.

"What's going on?" questioned the driver. "Are you hurt?"

Before he got any closer, Blue jumps out of her hiding place, and attacks him. And then, the Gang come out of the trees and run towards the train.

"Hiro, Hayley, with me," said Darwin.

Darwin hops off the wagon, and joins Hayley and Hiro as they climb the train.

"Okay, let's do this," said Hiro.

Hayley kicks the door open and the trio board the carts, frightening some rich folks.

"Alright everyone listen up!" shouted Hayley. "Cooperate and nobody gets hurt! Now give us anything you have, money, valuables, anything!"

One by one, he trio loot any folk who has any jewelry that's worth a price. One man however, refuses to cooperate.

"I ain't giving you nothing!" shouted the man.

Darwin hits him with his gun. Forcing him to give up his money. A few dollar bills he had. The Trio head for the other cart, to continue their score among the train. But Darwin takes the lead on this cart.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is a holdup!" shouted Darwin. "Let's make this fast."

The trio loot any valuables from the crowd. There are a family couple with two kids. Darwin instead doesn't rob them, but leaves them be. Continuing to the third cart, near the baggage car.

"Why didn't you take them?" asked Hayley.

"We don't steal from families with children, remember," said Darwin.

Marie and Dipper ahead found something.

"Hey guys, we found the baggage car," said Marie.

Hiro  and Hayley watches the crowd as Darwin rushes to the third car.  He and Dipper, get ready to kick the door open.

"Okay, 1, 2, 3" said Darwin.

The two kicked the door open, and find the baggage car. Inside was a guards, which Dipper shoots with his repeater.

"This time we'll do the looking and you provide some cover," said Darwin to Marie.

 "I'll do my best," said Marie.

"Of course, because you're a "Lady" right," joked Dipper.

"Very funny," grumbled Marie.

Darwin and Dipper searched the entire private car for any money, jewelry, or any valuables. Dipper finds some jewelry like a gold pocket watch, a silver ring and diamonds. Easy price for money. Darwin finds a box, opens it and finds a stash of cash 12 thousand dollars worth a take. And he also finds a box, 10 stashes of gold inside. They got what they came for. Darwin and Dipper exit the cart, but there's trouble.

"Guys, we have a problem," said Marie.

"What is it?" asked Dipper.

"There's two savages riding hyenas," said Marie.

"It's the White Dragons!" shouted Darwin.

Among them, a deer approaches the train. A fawn deer.With budding antlers but no spots One of Taffyta's men.

"Ronno," said Dipper. "Look who decides to show up."

Dipper points his gun at the deer.

"Hello Dipper," greeted Ronno. "You left without saying goodbye? i thought we were pals."

"First off we ain't your pals," said Darwin. "So take your filthy boys and get lost!!"

"Oh I'm afraid I can't do that Fishface," said Ronno. "You see, that train is our score!"

"Well we got to it first," said Marie.

"Okay, well here's the deal," said Ronno. "You give us what you took, and we'll be on our way."

Hayley points her gun.

"And why the hell would we do that to scums like you?!" questioned Hayley.

"Come on guys, we won't wait forever," said Ronno.

But suddenly, one savage gets shot in the chest. Falling out of the hyena.  From their left, Shokans, Grasshoppers, and Terminators started firing at them. The Covenant Troops have arrived. This gives Darwin and the Gang some time to jump out of the train and escape from the firefight between the White Dragons and the Covenant Republic. Darwin whistles, calling for Rachel. He and the others mount up and ride out, with Blue running aside them.

"Let's ride through the woods," said Darwin. "They won't see us."

"What about Peter?" asked Marie.

"He'll be fine," said Hiro. "He always gets away. Besides, he'll find a way back."

They quickly ride towards the woods, now that the Bad Guys are distracted. They ride fast, and finally they stop. They're safe, for now. And they're easily paid, with another successful score.

"Boy, that was fun," said Marie. "I could tell that turd deer Ronno didn't see that coming."

"Guys, the White Dragons are still on us," said Hayley. "They're probably mad that we robbed that automobile."

"Hey, at least we're paid," said Hiro. "Besides, Marie did pretty good out there."

"Ah, just like old time," sighed Marie.

"Okay, let's head back to camp," said Darwin. "That Firefight might draw the Law's attention."

Darwin and the Gang ride west, back to camp.

"Hey Hiro, do you and Violet have a thing with each other?" asked Marie.

Hiro blushed.

"Well, I guess," said Hiro.

"How romantic," sighed Marie. "You know, I thought lately, that you two......."

"Shut up," said Darwin and Hiro and Hayley.

"Fine, damn you two," ranted Marie. "Sulky, angry, Fish head."

The Gang rides back to camp, with a very good take they've been planning for.

Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook........

One Morning, Darwin just finished contributing in the donation box. He puts the Pocket Watch and a Steel Pen (which was in that train) inside, and closes the box. But suddenly he hears some shouting coming from Boog's wagon.  He rushes to see what's going on. It seems that the girl, Vanellope and Boog are having an argument, making threats and shouting.

"Guys, that's enough," said Darwin, breaking up the fight.

"I'm not doing chores for a living!!" shouted Vanellope.

"Oh, I'm sorry madam, are there  insufficient feathers in your pillow," teased Bender. He was passing by.

"I'm not lazy Mr. Watterson," said Vanellope. "I'd work, but not this!"

"Well isn't chores work?" asked Darwin.

Vanellope explains.

"Look, my buddies, and I share this work," said Vanellope. "I'm out in the fields, I can carry a knife, hunt, or do duels. But I'm telling you now, if you guys leave me here, I'll skin this fat bear and serve him for breakfast!"

"You better watch your mouth girl!" shouted Boog. "Or I'll cut your legs and serve them for dinner!"

Just then, Doublestripe lunges, but is stopped by Blue, who screeches.

"Okay, you wanna hunt," said Darwin. "Come with me. But more know this, we're more than just hunting, we're hunted. And whatever's hunting got weapons of their own. It's no joke."

"I'm not afraid," said Vanellope. Doublestripe nuzzles her. Knowing that she's got her back no matter what.

"Good," said Darwin. "Hey Boog, need anything? Blue, Vanellope and I are gonna do some hunting."

"Well, we'll need some meat for the beasts," said Boog. "Something big, so they won't beg for scraps."

"Okay, let's go," said Darwin.

He walks to Rachel and mounts up.

"Hey Vanellope, are you coming or what?" asked Darwin.

Vanellope mounts up Doublestripe, and follows Darwin and Blue as they ride north to the fields of the heartlands, to catch some game meat.

"So, I graduated from chores to hunting?" joked Vanellope.

"Shut up," said Darwin.

They search for anything to hunt.

"You okay?" asked Darwin.

"I'm alright," said Vanellope. "But I ain't taking orders from that Bear!

"Well, we gotta do what we gotta do," said Darwin.

"Hey, I gotta joke to tell ya," said Vanellope.

"I'm listening," said Darwin.

"Why does the hero flush the toilet?" asked Vanellope.

"Why?" questioned Darwin.

"BECAUSE OF HIS DUTIES!!" she joked.

Darwin laughs.

"Oh, that's a good one," said Darwin. "Tell me another."

Ten minutes later........

Darwin and Vanellope continue to tell jokes. One was also about the duck saying "GOT ANY GRAPES?!" That Darwin bursted out laughing.But the funniest one was the joke a cow that doesn't get any milk, which is  "A MILK DUD!!" But suddenly, Blue stops. And so does the couple. She sees a herd of Bison and Zebra on the watering hole in the fields near Emerald Ranch. Grazing, this is a perfect hunting position.

"Okay, let's go," said Darwin.

"So what's the plan, Doublestripe and I blazing the herd," said Vanellope.

"No, that'll spook the herd," said Darwin. "Let's wait for Blue's signal, then we can go blazing."

"Okay Blue, you know what to do."

Blue goes into position. Hiding in the bushes, but moves closely to the herd, quietly. Darwin rides behind the rocks, into position as well. Blue moves closer to the herd, ready to launch the ambush. All of a sudden, Blue jumps right out of hiding, causing the herd to panic and flee. The Hunt is on. Just then, Darwin rides out of hiding as well pursuing the herd. Blue catches up to the left side of the herd, as Darwin catches up on the right side of the herd, flanking them.Both enacted their plan with military positions.  The Herd runs into a water stream, crossing the river. Suddenly, Doublestripe breathes a stream of fire in the middle of the river, separating the young and the weak from the herd. Darwin blocks all escape routes, forcing the young and the weak to face Blue, who snaps at them, which is the third phase of their plan: see which Bison or Zebra would break. Like picking ice cream on an ice cream shop. Blue snarls at the herd, frightening them. Suddenly, Vanellope and Doublestripe flew down and grab one Bison, carrying it in the air. This forces a male Zebra to break from the herd. Now is Blue's chance. She pounces on the Zebra's back. It tries to buck her off, but she holds tight. She takes a bite on the Zebra's upper neck, severing its' spinal cord, finally bringing it down on. The Hunt is a success! Darwin rides to the Zebra corpse. And dismounts.

"Nice job Blue," said Darwin.

Vanellope and Doublestripe fly down with the Bison carcass, dropping it and landing.

"Not bad," said Darwin. "You really are a girl who's not afraid."

"I told you, my buddies and I share the work," said Vanellope.

Darwin and Vanellope examine the carcasses.

"You think this will do?" asked Darwin.

"Well with an old Bison and a male stubborn zebra, this could do," said Vanellope.

"That's quite a kill you got there," said a voice.

The couple look to their left, they see a  jumbo, teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. Dismounting a large Black Cape Buffalo wit Red Eyes and gray, bloody horns. With him was a snow leopard wearing purple pants, who's also riding a Cape Buffalo.

"Darin is it?" asked the snow leopard.

"Who are you?" asked Darwin.

"Yes, Darwin Watterson....." said the teddy bear. "Possible's most trusted companion. You know the files, fish with legs, brought down by the crime lord Bowser,  to prove himself to the Warlords of the Bright Horde. Lotso Huggin Bear. Tai Lung. Telmarine Rampage Force. Group of Bounty Hunters finding a price. Good to finally meet you."

"We've known a lot about you," said Tai Lung.

"Do you?" questioned Darwin.

"You're wanted here," said Lotso. "10 thousand dollars for your head alone."

"10 thousand dollars, for me?" asked Darwin. "Can I certainly turn myself in?"

"We want possible," said Lotso.

"Kim? Well I haven't seen her in weeks," said Darwin. "There might be a miscalculation for this."

"Oh really," said Tai lung. "Because we heard something about an Automobile being robbed belonging to Headmare Neighsay."

"That was years ago, that has to be a mistake," said Darwin.

"Look, bring us Possible, and we'll spare you," said Lotso.

"Oh, you'll spare me," said Darwin. "You see, I work for the Warlords, this isn't my business."

"Quit the speeches Mr. Watterson," said Tai Lung. "We heard it all from Bowser himself."

"Bowser?" questioned Darwin. "But he's in jail."

"Well let's just say, we offered a good price to hunt you down in exchange for his freedom," said Lotso. "It was a pretty decent deal."

Darwin couldn't believe this. All that price, is because they broke Bowser out of prison! Enraged, Darwin slams his gun to the ground, causing Tai Lung to go into a fighting stance. Blue growls at the two, getting ready to pounce.

"You enjoy being a madman's toy do you," said Darwin.

"Look, I enjoy society, unlike you and your savages friends," said Lotso. "And you will die savagely! You, your friends, and the Bright Savages!"

"Oh we're gonna die," said Darwin. "Starting with you!"

"Good day Mr. Watterson," said Lotso.

He and Tai Lung mount up both Cape Buffaloes and leave. Vanellope walks to Darwin, who heard the entire conversation.

"Who are these men?" asked Vanellope.

"Kinda hard to explain," said Darwin.  "Let's grab the meat and go back to camp."

Darwin stows the Zebra onto Rachel's backside. It may be too heavy for her, but she's strong. For a Warg.Doublestripe grabs the Bison corpse with her talons. And the two ride west.

"Why did you lie to those men?" asked Vanellope.

"Loyalty matters Vanellope," said Darwin. "To protect your friends, you gotta lie."

"So, Bowser's out of prison isn't he," said Vanellope.

"No wonder the law, and the covenant are on us," said Darwin. "That turtle jerk put a price on our heads. But that doesn't matter."

"So, you think I did good at that hunt?" asked Vanellope.

"You sure did," said Darwin. "You know, you're not useless after all."

They ride back to camp with both carcasses. They walk over to Boog's wagon.

"Well, you didn't get yourself killed kid," said Boog.

"Not quite," replied Vanellope. "I enjoyed myself out there."

"Yes, Vanellope did okay," said Darwin.

"At hunting?" questioned Boog.

"Yes, at hunting," said Darwin.

"Thank you Darwin," said Vanellope.

"My pleasure," said Darwin. "I gotta go speak with Kim."

Darwin walks away, leaving Vanellope with Boog, who kept his distance. He walks to Kim's cabin to break the news.

"Kim, we got a problem," said Darwin.

"What is it?" asked Kim.

"I......I just met some men while hunting," said Darwin. "A guy named Lotso and uh..........this other guy, I forgot his name. A snow leopard."

"Tai Lung," Kim corrected.

"Yes, Lotso and Tai Lung," said Darwin. "And they are founders of the Telmarine Rampage Force. They know about the truck and they know we're around here."

Kim gets up from her seat.

"And they just broke Bowser out of prison," said Darwin. "That's why we're being hunted. He putted a price on our heads."

"That snake," Kim hissed.

"And they want you Kim," said Darwin. "They offered me to turn you in."

"How come you didn't take it?" asked Kim.

"Yeah, that's real funny," said Darwin. "But what are we gonna do?"

"I'll think of something," said Kim. "But they're trying to scare us Darwin. Nice try."

Kim walks away. The Telmarines have found their whereabouts. What can the Gang do now? But all they need to do is stay calm, and not draw they're attention towards them before something bad happens.

Chapter Text


Darwin meets Hiro in an alley, near an auction for farm animals.

"How ya doing Hiro," greeting Hiro.

"Feeling better from our score," said Hiro.

Darwin chuckled.

"So, are you standing around or you got some leaks?" asked Darwin.

"I got something," said Hiro.

He points at a corral in front of them. It was full of cattle.

"You see them?" asked Hiro.

"What, the cattle or the ranchers," said Darwin.

"The cattle, for sure," said Hiro. "Come on. There's some in the plains."

The two ride out of town, to the plains.

"So, where is that herd of cattle?" asked Darwin.

"They're coming down from Emerald Ranch," said Hiro, "People in town said the owner's stamping every farm from here to Tumbleweed."

"I know that place," said Darwin. "You know, I was thinking that, maybe you should make a move with Violet."

"How do ya mean?" asked Hiro.

"I mean, you two have a thing right," said Darwin. "Why wait around when you can just ask her. Not that Baymax doesn't mind. Ain't that right."

"My calculations see that you have feelings for her," said Baymax. "I would certainly not mind. Or otherwise."

The two laughed.

"Why are you so interested in secrets?" asked Hiro. "Don't you got any secrets."

"No," said Darwin. "I'm just giving you a little advice."

"Thank you," said Hiro. "Now, we got some herding to do. Let's go up that ridge, get a good view."

The two ride up the hill in the heartlands. In hopes of getting a view on the ranchers.

"So I've been thinking, the herd would make it to the auction alright," said Hiro. "But, a couple of new hands would collect the sale. You got your gun Darwin?"

"Yep," said Darwin. "I put a scope in it two. I'd thought I take a closer look on the ranchers."

"Good, we're gonna need it," said Hiro. "Okay, let's head up that cliff, see what we can see from up there."

The two dismount, and walk towards the cliff.  Darwin pulls out the scope from his gun, and aims. He can see a herd of cattle with a trio of riders. That must be the ranchers, heading to the auction. 

"I think it's over on that plain," said Hiro. "Try shooting at them. I'd figure they'd high tail on the other direction."

Darwin fires his gun. The impact scared two riders, sending them running on all directions, scattering the cattle herd. But one rancher stays put, confident that he's unharmed.

"Looks like this guy ain't scared," said Darwin. "Allow me to wake him up a bit."

He fires again, and that send him running away. The herd seems to be scattered.

"Okay, now's our chance," said Hiro. "Let's round them up."

Darwin mounts up, and the two ride down the hill, to round up the hill. Darwin herds a few cattle on the road. Hiro and Baymax herd the cattle off the road, assembling them all together. Darwin rides behind the herd.

"Leave the cattle to me," said Darwin. "You guys look out for any trouble."

"Okay," said Hiro. "A warg would be enough to scare a herd of cattle."

Rachel snarls at the cattle, prompting them to move out. Darwin herds the cattle through the plains. He continues their journey around the mountain, one cow tries to run off, but ended up being stopped by Baymax, forcing it to move with the herd into the town entrance. Finally they reach the auction yard, he herds them straight to the pen as the ranchers open the door letting the cattle inside the barn and close it.

"Those are fine cattle," said Hiro.

"They'll be okay," said the auctioneer.

"So, what's our price?" asked Darwin.

"Forty, my friends," said the auctioneer.

"You know, how about twenty five," said Darwin. "We have our hands full."

"Deal," said the auctioneer.

The two shake hands.

The ranchers paid them twenty five dollars. Darwin and Hiro leave the yard, mounting up.

"Kim's waiting for us at the saloon," said Hiro.

The two ride into town.

"So twenty five dollars," said Hiro. "We could have taken forty."

"It's still good money," said Darwin.

They finally reach the Keane's Saloon. The two dismount and enter the saloon, and find Kim and Peter Griffin having a rough argument. It might be about what Peter did in town a while back. Or the fact that Kim doesn't like the way Peter treats the girls back at camp.

"Kim, Peter," greeted Darwin.

"Now, where have you been?" asked Kim.

"Oh, we're just working with Hiro's thing with Cattle," said Darwin. "We'd thought we herd them into the auction for some good money. We were gonna get forty dollars, but I lower the price to twenty five."

"At least it's good money," said Kim. "Now, Peter my good fatass friend, as long as you're here, why don't you and Hiro check if there ain't no trouble."

"Okay," said Peter.

He and Hiro walk out of the saloon.

"Don't even think about farting in my face," Hiro hissed.

Kim and Darwin chuckled.

"Ah, Peter Griffin," sighed Kim. "Talking to him makes you wanna blow your own head off. Nothing but trouble. We should've left him out at that street in Blackwater. A fat funny man getting beat up by security guards."

"Well I guess that Kim Possible students has some creepy graduates," said Darwin.

"To our freedom," said Kim.

They clashed cups, and drink. But suddenly, there's trouble.

"Possible!" shouted a voice. "Come out now!"

The two peek out from the window. They see Peter and Hiro being held hostage by Telmarine Zealots. Among them was a firmed elderly pony with green eyes and a black mane. He doesn't look too happy.

You don't know me, but you keep robbing me," said the pony. "I am Chancellor Neighsay, employee of the EEA and ambassador of the Covenant Republic! I am not a pony that is to be messed with by you! Come out, or I have these boys shot dead like animals!

Inside the saloon, Darwin and Kim see him.

"What now?" asked Kim.

"You start spinning the wheel, and when the it's right I'll make our move," said Darwin.

"Okay, follow my lead," said Kim.

The two slowly sneak to the door. Neighsay grows tired of his speech, and leaves his men to deal with them. Darwin and Kim opened the door with both of their hands up. Kim starts talking.

"Now please, this has been misunderstanding," said Kim. "It's a case, of a mistaken identity of another person. Now who wants to be the messiah of this? Not me, nor this Kim Possible. What is worse is the adomishing of a person, for the truths of another."

Darwin looks, to see if he can make a move. His hand is ready, for the right moment. Like gunslingers, it's a quick draw if the moment is right. Just then, Darwin draws out his gun and shoots fires at a Telmarine holding Hiro. All of a sudden, Kim draws out her Pulse Rifle and fires at the at the Telmarines, initiating a firefight as Hiro and Peter break free. Darwin and Kim fire their guns at Telmarines from the buildings of the town.

"Come on, let's go," said Kim.

They run to the main street.

"Guys, that's right at them," said Peter.

"We don't run from a fight," said Hiro.

They push through, but the town is now surrounded by Lawmen and Bounty Hunters. Who start shooting at them.

"There's too many of them," said Kim. "Hiro, Baymax, push that wagon. Darwin, cover us."

Baymax pushes the wagon as Darwin fires at the lawmen, pushing forward.

"Come on, you can push harder than that," said Peter.

"You can talk, we hear you wine and complain about doing some hard chores," said Darwin.

They continue to push through the shootout. Darwin shoots whatever's left of the lawmen. The area's clear, for now.  Despite Peter being traumatized by the action, but this is not the first time he's been in this situation.

"Mounts are just up ahead, let's go," said Kim. "Darwin, stow Peter onto my horse."

The five rush to their mounts. Darwin carries Peter (Though he's a bit heavy) and stows him onto Kim's horse, as Kim mounts up.

"Okay, let's go back to camp, gather everyone and move out," said Kim.

Darwin mounts up. The five ride out of Valentine before more lawmen have arrived in the crime scene.

"This could've been avoided if Peter's dumbass didn't shoot those wild things in the middle of the street!" shouted Darwin.

"I needed to grind their horns into boner pills!" Peter argued.

"Well let's see, one moment we try to lie low, and your stupid things and stupid ideas like this attracted the law, the Pinkertons and the Telmarines," said Hiro. "Don't you have anything better to do? Huh?!"

"He's an idiot guys," said Kim. "We all know it. But now we have to move."

The group ride back to Horseshoe Overlook. Now that Chancellor Neighsay and the Telmarines know they're here (due to Peter and Cozy's actions, and a few scores), they have to pack up and move out to another camp.




Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook.......

Darwin walks to Kim's tent. She and Mike are planning on where to move, now that the Telmarines know they're here.

"I guess maybe we should head west," said Kim.

"Obviously we can't go east," said Mike. "We robbed that Bank in Rhodes, we all know about Saint Denis, and Annesburg is where the Telmarines roam. That town is their outpost. So, I guess we gotta try."

"So, where are we moving now?" asked Darwin.

"Violet and Felicie were talking about a place where we can lie low," said Kim. "A place in the Great Plains, north of Blackwater. "Dire Wolf Hollow" they call it."

"Hey Darwin, why won't you and Arbiter take a look," said Mike. "See if anyone's there. Before any of us walk in."

"And how are we gonna do that?" asked Darwin.

"I don't know, start dancing," joked Kim.

"Well, I'll see what I can do," said Darwin. "Just make sure Peter doesn't do anything stupid."

"Oh, we'll make sure of that," said Mike.

Darwin exits the tent.

"Hey Arbiter, come with me," said Darwin. "We got some work to do."

Darwin and Arbiter mount up, and move out of Horseshoe Overlook, riding west of the Heartlands.

"So where are we going?" asked Arbiter.

"Finding a new place for the camp," said Darwin. "Violet and Felicie were talking about a place in the Great Plains called "Direwolf Hollow".

"I take it we are moving again," said Arbiter.

"We have to," said Darwin. "The Telmarines know we're here due to that massacre in Valentine."

"That does not sound good," said Arbiter.

"Yeah, we were ambushed, had to run," said Darwin. "You know, I'm gonna miss that place. Valentine. It was a good place to lie low, it that weren't for a certain fat a#s who doesn't know when to lie low!"

"His ignorance has already blown our cover," said Arbiter. "He shall not do that again."

"Oh he won't," said Darwin. "Otherwise the Telmarines would find us. Anyway, Kim wants us to take a look at the place, make sure it's clear and a good place to lie low."

The two ride west, out if the Heartlands and entering the Great Plains, a decent country in West Elizabeth. They continue to ride west, passing Beecher's Hope, a ranch north of Blackwater. After 3 miles, they see a trail near near the Montana River the place is not far. They ride closer near the river. They spot something. A deserted camp at a relatively small bay just near the river. The land is decent, dry grass, rolling hills with low-lying vegetation and less trees. Perfect place to lie low.  Darwin and Arbiter dismount, and walk to the camp to take a closer look. They see a man tied up on the ground struggling. Darwin rushes to untie the man, starting with the bonds on his mouth. But suddenly, there was something firing upon them!"

"Take Cover!" shouted Darwin.

"I see three coming this way," said Arbiter.

Approaching them are a group of native men holding rifles, with tamed Wolves by their side. Darwin and Arbiter fire at the Outlaws, ensuing a firefight, but strangely, the Native Outlaws hightail the other direction, fleeing with their wolf companions. Leaving the two and the tied up man alone in the camp. At least they know who roam there.

"Yeah, that'd show them," said Darwin.

"That must be the Ark Raiders," said Arbiter. "Native Outlaws guided by Dire Wolves."

"No wonder it's called Dire Wolf Hollow," muttered Darwin. "It seems that they didn't wanna fight us."

"They have known that we are desperate," said Arbiter. "So they have surrendered this camp."

"That's pretty honorable," said Darwin, who is finished untying the man.

"I will take this man to his family, you secure this place," said Arbiter.

"Okay, meet me back here when you're done," said Darwin.

Arbiter escorts the man to his mount, and moves out to find the man's  family. While Darwin lays by the tree to get some rest, who knows the Gang will arrive sooner or later.

Next Morning.........

Kim and the others have arrived to the new camp. Kim seems amazed about this place.

"You were right Darwin," said Kim. "This place is Perfect!"

"Hey Kim," greeted Darwin.

Kim stops the wagon, and hops off, and turns to Felicie who's driving the wagon with Boog.

"Felicie, Boog, can you kindly, put everyone to work?" asked Kim. "Male this place home."

They nodded.

"Ah, I don't know where we are, but let's make the best of it," said Kim.

The Gang move to their new camp of Dire Wolf Hollow. They'll be safe, for now. Now to continue their business without attracting the Telmarines or Pinkertons, or even the law itself.





Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow........


Darwin meets with Kim and Mike, who were saddling up.

"So, what are we doing next?" asked Darwin.

"Oh, we're gonna ride out to town," said Kim. "I really need to get out for a bit."

"Okay, let's go," said Darwin.

Darwin mounts up and the trio ride out of camp. To see what work they can find in the Great Plains.

"Ah, it's good to be back in the west," said Mike. "Good times in Blackwater."

"Hey, remember when we were out, riding through the plains that evening?" asked Darwin.

"Yeah, that was a good memory," said Kim.

"You know, I've been thinking about going back to New Austin when this is over," said Darwin. "I really miss that place. Especially Fort Mercer."

"Me too," said Kim. "But for now let's stick to the plan: Make enough money to pay the bounties on all of us. Then we can go back, to New Austin. Just like old times."

"I hope so," said Mike.

"Now, I don't want anyone to cause no trouble," said Kim. "After what happened in Valentine."

"Well, who knows what kind of idiots would be om this place," said Darwin. "I'd be perfect for you you Mike, you'll be able to play them like fools."

"It would be a great pleasure," said Mike. "But I feel like putting someone on our side. I don't want people against us."

"I know," said Kim.

The Trio ride, but suddenly, they spot something in the middle of the road. A wagon, carrying prisoners.

"It looks like law up ahead," said Kim. "Let's act natural."

They ride closer to the wagon. Acted normal. Kim approaches the driver, who is a spaceman with fair skin, blue eyes and a jet pack. Beside him is a slender, black panther. He has a gray muzzle, a pink nose, and black eyebrows. He has yellow eyes with black pupils, and a pair of numerous whiskers. a small pink rabbit with a white tail wearing an orange dress with a white trim and white socks. 

"Hello, gentlemen," greeted Kim.

The Panther snarls at the prisoners, silencing the prisoners.

"How are you boys?" asked Kim.

"We're fine," said the spaceman.

"That is quite a beautiful country here," said Kim. "We do love it very well.

"Name's Buzz Lightyear," greeted the spaceman. "This is my partner, Bagheera. And this is our Deputy, Anais Watterson."

"It's good to meet you," said Kim.

Kim looks at the wagon, and sees someone familiar at the back,with the prisoners. It seems to be a human with Purple skin, purple eyes, with pink and magenta strips on her purple hair, wearing a a blue school girl outfit with a light purple tie, a dark purple skirt with a pinkish-purple bursting star on it, and boots with purple knee socks.

"So, what did this, purple magic-like girl do?" asked Kim. "Nothing too horrible, I trust."

"She's been accused of robbing a folk blind," said Anais.  "We had to catch her for questioning and......"

She looks at Darwin, and quickly recognizes him.

"Darwin?" questioned Anais.

"Anais," said Darwin.

"Now, what a surprise," said Anais. "Hey, Bagheera, looks who's here."

Bagheera recognizes him as well.

"Ah, Mr. Watterson," greeted Bagheera.

"It's good to see you Bagheera," said Darwin.

"Wait, you know each other?" asked Buzz.

"He's my brother," said Anais.

"And he works for the Warlords who work with the President," said Bagheera. "I was his bodyguard."

"Well, it's an honor to meet you," said Buzz.

"What brings you here?" asked Anais.

"We're kinda on the run," said Darwin. "Me and my friends have a price on our heads for something we didn't do."

"Unfortunate," said Buzz. "Sounds like you can use some help."

As they're talking, the prisoners secretly have a key. They carefully use it to open the lock. Then Suddenly, the doors are open. The Prisoners are escaping!

"I wouldn't do that," warned the Girl.

But too late, the prisoners are running to a nearby train.

"Oh No! The Phillips Boys!" shouted Bagheera. "We cannot let them get away!"

"Well allow us to help," said Kim. "Hey Darwin, mind if you fetch some of these men."

"With Pleasure," said Darwin.

"Oh, and take Anais with you," said Mike.

Anais mounts up behind Darwin and he rides in hot pursuit. Chasing the Phillips Boys on that runaway train.

"Come on, we gotta catch up to that train," said Anais. "But don't shoot, we need them alive. Nice Hat by the way."

"Thank you," said Darwin.

He rides faster to catch up to the train. One of the Phillips boys, boarded on the train cart, bragging and cheering. All of a sudden, he ends up getting hit by a pole nearby, falling off the train, unconscious.

"Dummy," said Anais. "Get after the others, come on!"

He continues to ride faster, the train is slowing down. Darwin rides faster to the side of the train.

"You think you can jump from here?" asked Anais.

"I think so, why?" asked Darwin.

"Because you ride like dad," said Anais.

"Don't remind me," said Darwin.

Darwin hands the reins to Anais, gets up and jumps onto the train. One of the Phillips boys is throwing bottles at him, but he manages to tackle one down and knock him out with his gun. He sees two of the Phillips was running on the train. Darwin pursues the two outlaws. They climb on the top of the train cart, but Darwin grabs the other outlaw and drags him down, throwing him off the train and onto the station. Darwin pursues the last Outlaw, who tries to escape into the private car near the tank engine. Darwin gets him cornered.

"Hold it right there," said Darwin.

"You talking to me," said the outlaw.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you," Darwin taunted.

"That does it!" shouted the outlaw.

He pulls out a wrench, and swings at Darwin like crazy. He dodges every attack. Darwin kicks the outlaw in the leg, but the outlaw grabs his face and slams him to the ground throwing a wine bottle at him. Darwin moves away as the outlaw steps on the ground cursing.

"Who the heck are you speaking to," said the Outlaw. "Who? Who? I'm talking to you huh? You maggot! Next time you get in my face you....."

Darwin hits him from behind with a frying pan knocking him out cold.

"You talk too much," said Darwin.

Darwin picks the outlaw up, and carries him out of the train, as Anais waits for him.

"Sounded like a commotion," said Anais. "Is this him?"

"I hope so," said Darwin.

Anais examines the Outlaw's face.

"Ah, Trevor Phillips," said Anais. "He thought he can escape eh? Stow him on my horse."

Darwin stows the outlaw, "Trevor" onto Anais' horse, which is a Black Shire Horse.

"That's quite a horse you got there," said Darwin.

"I found him at a horse auction in Blackwater," said Anais. "I named her Daisy, by the way."

Darwin figured why. After, that doll "Daisy the Donkey". But it does suit her.

Anais rides out with Darwin following.

"So, how are things so far?" asked Darwin.

"Things are pretty good," said Anais. "I signed up as a Deputy after the war. Hey, are you familiar with this area."

"All I know is these plains, Dire Wolf Hollow, and Blackwater," said Darwin.

"One your right, these Corn fields." said Anais. "This is part of Castle Hall, big estate belonging to this foundation called "The Royal Guards"."

"Looks fresh," said Darwin.

"They've grown since the rain last week," said Anais. "Let me tell ya. The Royal Guards built this place after the Battle of Jump City. Fine People. The foundation's owner, Queen Elsa is my boss."

"Okay, that's a bit decent," said Darwin.

"And they have business in town," said Anais.

"What town?" asked Darwin. "The only town I know is Blackwater."

"It's three miles from there," said Anais. "The town's called "Westville". Where we're heading right now. It's a bit diverse after the war, but it has its charms. I'm sure you know about the Circus Thugs."

"Circus Thugs?" questioned Darwin. 

"Another foundation in these parts, have an east from here," said Anais. "Horrible people. They run a circus show with Ballerinas, Clowns, Elephants, Penguins that can sing, a Tiger, and dogs that can jump through hoops."

"That's actually not bad," said Darwin.

"But I have to warn you," said Anais. "They've been fighting with the Royal Guards for a very long time. And It's not pretty."

The two have finally reached Westville, a small livestock town with a such fine buildings (Like Rhodes, and Valentine) with a saloon two blocks from the train station.Next to the Saloon is the Doctor's office.  And they have a giant Fence full of cows and Horses and some stables. Three blocks from the stables is the Gun/Blacksmith, where weapons are crafted and Guns are customized. There's a General Store just across the street.  At the corner of town is the Church, where People pray to the lords and have weddings. Next to the church is the Orphanage. Between the General Store and the Church is the Sheriff's office.

"Welcome to Westville," said Anais. "There's the Sheriff's office. My Boss is waiting for us."

The two head to the Sheriff's Office as Kim, Mike, and Buzz wait for them. With them is a woman with white hair and a Blue dress. That must be Queen Elsa Anais was talking about.

"We got him boss," said Anais.

"Nice job, Deputy," said Elsa.

"I told you Darwin would deliver," said Kim.

"The fish has a passion for justice," said Elsa.

"Thank you, Milady," said Darwin.

"Buzz, would you kindly, put Mr. Phillips in his cell?" asked Elsa.

"On it," said Buzz.

He grabs Trevor and carries him into the Sheriff's Office to put him in jail.

 "So, about our friend, Mrs. Twilight Sparkle," said Kim.

"She's free to go," said Elsa.

Anais opens the doors, releasing Twilight from the wagon.

"Now, make sure she causes no trouble," said Anais.

"I promise you, this is a big misunderstanding," said Twilight.

"It better be," said Anais.

"Mrs. Kim Possible, it has been a real pleasure," said Elsa. "Afterall, I know about your deal in Big Horn Valley."

"So, you're not gonna turn us in?" asked Mike.

"Of course not, my foundation doesn't answer to the law," said Elsa.

The trio sighed.

"But, I do have a favor to ask," said Elsa.

"We're listening," said Kim.

Elsa explains.

"I'm sure you know about the circus thugs," said Elsa. "So, would you mind, doing your little outlaw work on them, like Rob them? They've done a lot on my foundation, so I want you to give them a little payback for us."

"Oh we will," said Darwin. "It'd be an honor."

"Thank you," said Elsa. "They have an estate with a circus stage south from here. Their owner is  "Regine Le Haut" very sick bushwhacker."

"We'll see what we can do," said Mike.

"Then we have an agreement," replied Elsa. "Good day, lady and Gentlemen. Whenever you need us, let me know."

Elsa walks into the Sheriff's office with Anais following. She winks at the trio and enters. The Trio leave with Twilight Sparkle.

"Couldn't thank you enough," said Twilight.

"Now, what have you been doing here?" asked Darwin. "I thought you was in Jump City?"

"I heard about the Stampede in Big Horn Valley," said Twilight. "So I came looking for you. I was worried."

"Well, no need to worry," said Darwin. "I'm still alive. We all are."

"So where ya staying?" asked Mike.

"I'm renting," said Twilight.

"Renting?" questioned Kim.

"A Caravan, behind the saloon," said Twilight. "Most of the Squadron and I started moving to the country."

Darwin rolls his eyes.

"This town is isolated with that feud between the two Foundations," said Twilight. "Her lot, the Royal Guards and the Circus Thugs. Two Companies, Circus Thugs robbing the Royal Guards blind."

"We know," said Kim. "Darwin, Mike, poke around a bit. See what we can do with that favor Elsa asked."

"I've missed you guys," said Twilight. "I heard about the bounties."

"Well, we plan to make enough money to pay all of our bounties," said Kim. "And we do it the hard way, you know Robbing Bad Guys."

 "Well I heard that there are field agents," said Twilight. "Hired by Bowser to hunt you down."

"Field Agents," said Kim. "Huh, I'd like to meet one. It's only talk.

"I'm sure it is," said Twilight. "But I can't tell you."

"Stay outta trouble," said Mike.

"Thank you," said Twilight. She nods.

"Nice hat Darwin."

"Thanks," said Darwin.

Twillight leaves to the caravan she just rented with the Fearless Squadron.

"I'm surprised your Squadron decide to come here," said Kim.

"You clearly have no idea," said Darwin.

"Let's go back to camp," said Mike. "I'll try to think of our brilliant plan for our deal with the Royal Guards."

The Trio mount up, and ride out of the town of Westville. Back to Dire Wold Hollow. It seems to be a good start for the Gang so far. Now they have to fulfill what was promised to the foundation that is clearly now on their side.

Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow........

One Morning, Darwin is sleeping in his fish bowl. Until someone's is gently shaking his bowl. Waking him up. It turns out to be Felicie, who seems to be in up to something.

"Hey, Darwin," said Felicie.

"Felicie," greeted Darwin.

He hops out of his fish bowl.

"Jake and I need to talk to you," said Felicie.

"What is it?" asked Darwin.

Jake appeared. And explains.

"We got something you might be interested in," said Jake.

"Well, am I gonna like this?" questioned Darwin.

"Been cooking since Horseshoe, but we all got kicked up with that commotion in Valentine," said Jake. "Now, Cozy told me about being a bank in the town that hated Cozy and want her to swing."

"Deadwood," said Darwin.

"Now, I'm thinking about hitting the bank in there," said Jake. "Until that Fat Idiot got us all involved in that nonsense and I don't know. it felt like unfinished business."

"So, what do you want me to do?" asked Darwin.

"Hit the bank with us," said Felicie.

"I don't know, 6 in the morning," said Darwin.

"Three of us could hit the bank pretty easy," said Felicie. "But I'll tell you, the place is guarded with Tarkatans. And they'll notice if we linger. So, if we hit it quick and quiet, early in the morning, they'll never see us coming."

"And is the take good?" asked Darwin.

"Oh it's good," said Jake. "That bank is full of cash worth taking. It's in the end of the stock sales, where we can take as many money as we can."

Darwin thinks for a moment.

"Okay, let's do it," said Darwin.

The two cheered.

"Now, this better be good Jake," said Darwin.

"It's good," said Jake. "I've done a little research on this one."

Darwin and Felicie mount up, and follow Jake as they ride out of camp to hit this big bank in Deadwood.

"So, what's this big can't-go-wrong plan of yours," said Darwin.

"We'll approach the bank like usual," said Jake. "I'll take lead on this one."

"And what's our "master escape plan" if the Tarkatans arrive?" asked Darwin.

Jake froze.

"That's a good question," said Jake.

"You don't have an escape plan?" questioned Darwin.

"We only planned to get in the bank," said Felicie.

"Well in that case, we'll just fight our way out," said Darwin. "Just as simple."

"Once we get there though, we'll need to move fast," said Jake. "Now, we have a score to do."

They ride into the woods north of Blackwater. The town wasn't the same ever since that shootout. The entire town is guarded with Tarkatans, who are on the patrol. They need to move quickly. They spot the bank which is at the corner of town. A very large building with a sign that says, "DEADWOOD SAVINGS BANK" . And so far, there are no Tarkatans watching over. This is a perfect approach for this bank job. Darwin and Felicie, dismount, and follow Jake to the doors, getting to their positions.

"Okay, everyone ready?" asked Darwin, putting on his hat.

"Ready," said Felicie. She puts on a bandana to cover her face. As Jake puts on a mask around his eyes.

"What's with the mask? asked Darwin.

"Just makes me look cool," said Jake. "Alright fellas, it's showtime!"

Suddenly, Darwin and Felicie kick the door open, pulling out their weapons. Jake slithers right in front of the couple, frightening the people inside. Some are citizens, but some are other criminals running the place.


The people slowly lay down on the ground.

"We don't wanna hurt you," said Darwin. "Cooperate and nobody gets hurt."

"You, robot on the right, open the vault," demanded Felicie.

"But you must understand," said the robot. "I am programmed to do........"

Felicie fires her double-action revolver in the air, scaring him.

"Do as she says," said Jake.

"Okay, I am opening it right now," said the robot.

The robot approaches the vault, cracking the code. Darwin watches over him, to make sure he hurries up before the Tarkatans arrive. Luckily, the vault is nearly open, it just needs a few seconds. Finally, the code is cracked. Darwin kicks the door open, to the stock sales. Which is a sale deposit box room. It wasn't what Darwin expected, but easy to collect.

"Hey Jake, you never said anything about a box room," said Darwin.

"I thought there would be safes," said Jake.

"Jake, be on the lookout for Tarkatans, I'll go collect with Darwin," said Felicie.

She rushes over to the box room to collect. One criminal, tries to grab a pistol laying down, but Jake hisses at him scaring the criminal.

"Stay where you are," hissed Jake.

Meanwhile, Darwin and Felicie, took whatever they can carry and put it in one bag. So far, they collected 25 thousand dollars. On the corner, Darwin collected 790 stacks of Gold. And fills them in a bag as well. They got everything. They exit the box room and meet up with Jake. Who is still keeping the people in check, making sure they don't run off.

"We got everything," said Darwin.

They walk to the bank doors.

"Now let's get out of here before......."

Before they can exit the doors, the Tarkatans have arrived. Surrounding the trio on all sides. The Tarkatan leader walks past his fellow comrades holding a flag with the symbol of Tarkata. He screeches in fury, and places the flag down. Felicie gasps in fear. It was the mightiest Tarkatan that ever lived. One that has the more hate and anger within him. Which makes him more superior to all Tarkatans.

"Baraka," said Jake. "Fancy for you to show up."

Baraka retracted his long blades extending from his forearms.

"You think you can rob my bank," said Baraka. "You filthy wretches!"

"Now, just so we're clear, you let us take that money and we'll go," said Darwin.

"And why would I do that? Walking Fish," said Baraka.

"Because we're getting out of this, one way or another," said Darwin.

"I will feast on your flesh," said Baraka. "Kill them!"

The Tarkatans charge. Jake fires his Gattling gun, sending some to run for cover. Others, not so lucky. The mounts have arrived just in time for them to escape. Darwin pulls out his lightsabers and gets into fighting stance, facing the Tarkatan leader. Baraka charges, and they clash blades. Baraka's blades are so tough, it can combat the lightsabers. But Darwin is faster, and agile against the Tarkatan. Darwin sidekicks him in the legs, forcing him to the ground. Rachel runs to his rider. As Darwin mounts up, Baraka grabs his foot tight, pulling him down from the warg. Darwin struggles to pull back up. He kicks the Tarkatan in the face breaking free. Darwin rides out, catching up with Felicie and Jake. Leaving Baraka screeching in rage

"This is not over walking fish!!" shouted Baraka. "You will regret this!!"

 The trio ride faster into the woods, escaping the town. And heading back to the Great Plains. No law, no Tarkatans pursuing them. They are safe, and they are paid well again.

"Whoah, that was close," said Felicie. "I think we lost them."

"Now, that is extremely dangerous," said Darwin. "Thank you Jake."

"Huh-huh, we're alive, and we're paid," said Jake.

Darwin gives his share to Felicie and Jake.

"And we just got 25 grand," said Darwin. "That, is a very good take. Kim would be happy."

"Well it was fun," said Felicie.

"You're right about that," said Darwin. "Let's go back to camp, before any more Tarkatans or the law go after us. We got a story to tell."

They ride out to the Great Plains back to camp. With another great take, and it was a good one. Kim will be pleased about this job, especially with a bank that is heavily guarded by Baraka and the Tarkatans.


Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow........

Darwin finishes telling Kim about the job in Deadwood. She's somehow impressed and proud about the take.

"That's a well done job you did Darwin," said Darwin. "Well done."

"You can thank Jake," said Darwin. "It was his idea."

"I know," said Kim. "Mike's waiting for you with a wagon. He might have stole some of it while you've been doing that bank job."

"Okay," said Darwin.

"And Darwin, you did good," said Kim.

"Thanks Kim," said Darwin.

Kim walks back to her tent, and Darwin heads over to Mike, who has a wagon full of Beverages.

"Hey Mike," greeted Darwin.

"Darwin," greeted Mike.

"So what's all this for?" asked Darwin.

"We're selling this back where it came from," said Mike. "I don't have a market for it. They made it. They must have somebody to sell it to."]"Oh, now I get you," said Darwin.

"You and Kim are doing your part of the deal," said Mike. "Now I'm doing mine."

Darwin hops onto the wagon.

"Blue, come with us," said Darwin.

Blue follows the wagon. They take off out of camp and into the great plains.

"Okay, let's go to the Circus Thugs' estate," said Mike.

"So, what exactly are we doing?" asked Darwin. "That's the Sunshine beverage you stole while I've been robbing a bank full of Tarkatans?"

"I thought the good citizens take trouble to return their stolen stuff deserve some reward," said Mike. "Don't you? And it's time that we'd make a formal introduction, just like Kim told us too."

"I thought our deal is to try to rob them Circus Thugs," said Darwin.

"I'm pretty sure there's money in there somewhere," said Mike. "Besides, we could play them like a yokel."

They arrive at the Circus Thug estate. A giant plantation mansion, and right next to it is a enormous Circus stage with lights flashing from the inside. That must be quite a circus. Upon the entrance, were a few guards up ahead. They move closer to the wagon.

"Hello gentlemen," greeted Mike. "How are you?"

"What that in the back?" questioned the man.

"Sunshine, my fellas," said Mike. "May I have a word with the, woman in the house? I mean no harm. No harm at all. I just wanna talk."

"She's uh.... near the stage," said the guard. "We'll escort you to her."

The guards escort the wagon to the circus stage, leading them pass the Manor. They lead them to the stage, which is filled with circus performers. And just like Anais said, there were Ballerinas, Clowns, Elephants, Singing Penguins, and a Tiger. And among them was their Ringmaster, A  haughty woman wearing a green dress.  And her daughter Camille, a girl with blonde hair tied up in a bun. She has blue eyes and wears a black ballet top with white leggings and peach ballet shoes with pink socks. She notices the guards entering.

"Mrs. Le Haut, we got visitors here," said the guard.

"What do you want?" questioned Regine.

"We found something," said Mike. "Out in the hills. So, we thought that maybe you was in market for a bit."

"For what," said Regine.

"Some beverages," said Darwin.

"I am not in the market for what's already mine," said Regine.

Darwin and Mike hopped off the wagon.

"Well, the way we see it, it's ours," said Mike. "With us possessing it. We checked all over it. I couldn't see your name on it."

"Look, we ain't here to rob you," said Darwin. "We just wanna do a deal. What do you sell these for?"

"2 dollars a bottle," said Regine.

"Hand us forty cents," Mike offered.

"It's already ours," said Regine.

"Look, at it as a reward," said Mike. "Alternative is we go sell it somewhere else."

"The alternative is you get shot like a dog," said Regine.

Two guards point their guns at them. The Elephants are ready to attack, Blue growls hostilely to the animals, who are hostile to Darwin and Mike. But Mike continues to reason with Regine.

"Now, who wants to get shot over beverages," said Mike.

She holds her men back.

"Pay them," said Regine.

The guard tosses them 10 dollars.

"It's been a real pleasure," said Mike.

"Now, drive this stuff to Westville and hand these out for free," said Regine.

"Mom," said Camille.

"Hush, now," said Regine.

"Okay, as you wish," said Darwin.

"And come back some time and tell me how you got on," said Regine.

Darwin and Mike board the wagon, and head out.

"Okay, next stop, Westville saloon," said Mike.

"Here we go," said Darwin.

The two drive north of the Great Plains.

"It's a good thing she didn't order her men to pull the trigger," said Darwin. "Otherwise Blue would've snapped and we'd be dead."

"I guess, you and Violet have that thing know her too well," said Mike. "As far as helping a foundation win a blood terrible feud."

"They never know that we're selling Circus Thug beverages," said Darwin.

The two, continue their journey to town. Darwin puts on his hat, as a disguise. Mike worked on his voice acting.

"You sure this could work?" asked Darwin.

"Oh you have no idea," said Mike.

"What about Blue?" asked Darwin. "What's her role?"

"Blue, shall be the mascot," said Mike.

Blue growls.

"Oh don't worry girl, it's not that bad," said Mike. "No one's gonna think you're a big hungry monster."

Blue rolls her eyes.

They arrive in town, parking the wagon near the saloon.

"Okay, let's get to work," said Mike.

Darwin and Mike collected all of the sunshine from the back, and head to the saloon. The owner notices them.

"Hello, sir," greeted Mike. "The name's Michael. This is my best friend Caspian and our pet Blare. Try not to madden her, she'll bite."

They walk to the back of the saloon, received their money from the owner.

"We're in the new trade of advertising," said Mike. "Two dollars should give us half an hour. Go along now, enjoy the money."

They enter the saloon, behind the bar.

"Hey gentlmen!" Mike called out. "My name is Michael, this is my brother Caspian. He's funny, but boy, he can pour drinks as quick as a flash. For the next thirty minutes, these drinks in this bar,  are firmly free!

The men cheered. Now that the drinks in the bar are out for free.

"Now, our pet Blare, she'll be your waitress and can hand out some of the drinks if you don't feel comfortable," said Mike. "But don't make her mad though, she's not too good with strangers, she'll bite."

The trio our now going to work. Darwin pours the sunshine in cups and passes them on to the men. Blue passes the bottles to around the saloon for anyone who hasn't felt like getting up. Throughout the day they did their part. However, more people  start to arrive in the bar, for their new advertisement. And people play the piano to for the entertainment.

A few hours later........

All the townfolks are going crazy. It's almost like a frat party. Darwin and Blue continued their job. Passing down the moonshine to any customers that arrive, again and again. But suddenly, the door is barged open. Three outlaws enter the bar, and some looks unbearably familiar.

"It's the Phillips boys," said one customer.

"Good evening gentlemen," said Mike. "How can we help you."

"You're the bushwacker who stole that beverage we was gonna buy," said the outlaw.

"Look, we're in advertising," said Mike. "Have a drink."

"That was our beverage!" shouted the outlaw. "GET 'EM!!!!!"

The crowd scattered, as Darwin hides in the bar for cover. The outlaws shoot at them, initiating a firefight. Darwin shoots the lamp above them, causing it to fall and crush the outlaws.

"Let's go," said Darwin.

He catches up with Mike and Blue who run upstairs to escape the bar. They quickly jump through the window, safely boarding the wagon.

"Okay, let's get out of here," said Mike.

Mike drives the wagon, but suddenly there's more of Phillips Boys riding on horseback. Darwin provides cover for Mike, shooting any outlaw that needs shooting. The pair drive the wagon out of town. But the Phillips boys are on pursuit, they need to lose them fast before they get killed or worse, destroy the beverages. There's a train nearby.

"We gotta beat that train," said Darwin.

"On it," said Mike.

They quickly drive through the tracks, beating the train. They drive into the woods, so they can lose the outlaws. Finally, they stopped.

"I think we lost them," said Mike.

"Man, all of this for bottles of Booze," said Darwin. "No wonder Bender couldn't live without it."

"I reckon they don't want another gang like us on their batch," said Mike.

"You think that woman set us up?" asked Darwin.

"I hope not," said Mike. "This place however, is a bit.....odd."

"I guess the Phillips boys never forgot what I did to their leader," said Darwin. "Or, they don't want another competition."

"I guess so," said Mike. "I'll go visit Mrs. Le Haut, see what's up."

"Why?" questioned Darwin.

"We made money for sure," said Mike. "But we still need a lot of money in our pockets. Besides, I'll take up good info in case if we wanna rob them. For now, let me give Mrs. Le Haut some of this Sunshine, as....."

He looks at the back, sees a bit of Sunshine bottles left.

"Let's just say, to her good health," said Mike.

"Sure," said Darwin.

He hops off the wagon.

"I'll take Blue home," said Darwin. "She'll need ab bit of rest."

"Sure," said Mike. "That was fun, Caspian, Blare, we can make actors of you alright."

Mike drives off. As Darwin and Blue return to Dire Wolf Hollow. It's been a long day. Just a fight for a little bottle of Sunshine, and a slowing progress on getting to know the Circus Thugs. Or is it?

Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow.......

Darwin walks to Kim, who is with Cozy, talking.

"So Darwin, what do you think?" asked Kim.

"About what," said Darwin.

"These fine people in town," said Kim. "So, we got one part, the Royal Guards. Loyalists, Scots, never answer to the law. Fine people. And we got their mortal enemies, the Circus Thugs. Sunshiners, Hypocritical, Circus performers with Ballerinas, Elephants, singing annoying penguins and Vice Versa."

"And there's gold, we believe," said Cozy.

"And we just got the Royal Guards on our side," said Darwin. "So the question is how are we gonna fulfill our deal?"

"Okay, about sides, Boog and I have something to tell you," said Cozy.

They see Boog rushing to them, like Cozy said, something to tell them.

"Tell them," said Cozy.

"So, I ran into some White Dragons in town," said Boog. "Thought I was gonna be skinned but we ended up talking."

"And," said Kim.

"They said something about a peace offering," said Boog. "To end things, like ordinary people."

"Ordinary people? Taffyta Muttonfudge?" questioned Kim. "Have you lost your minds?"

"You always say do what you have to do, but don't fight wars not fighting," said Cozy.

"They want a parley?" questioned Violet. "It's a trap."

"Of course it may be a trap," said Cozy. "And if it is, we shoot them. But if it isn't there's a slim chance......"

"Well I don't see the point of any of it," said Kim. "Look, Randall ruined Ron's life."

"And I blew up her car," said Darwin.

"As you said Kim," said Cozy. "That was long ago."

Kim thinks, for a moment.

"Let's go," said Kim. "You, Me, and Darwin, no one else."

"So, we're doing this?" questioned Darwin.

"Yes," said Kim. "To see if it's a trap."

Darwin and Kim mount up, and follow Cozy as they ride out of camp.

"So, you really think that Taffyta Muttonfudge, our mortal enemy, would try to make a peace offering?" questioned Darwin.

"Her boys said they would," said Cozy.

"What if they're lying Cozy?" asked Darwin. "I mean, we've been fighting them for so long, we know darn well when they tell a tie."

"Oh, here we are doubting Thomas," said Cozy. "You never know when their tired of fighting."

"Well we're doing this just to see if it's a trap," said Kim. "That doesn't mean we'll need a "peace" offering from those bushwhackers."

The trio ride through the Great Plains past Macfarlane's Ranch. They ride towards the borders of New Austin, where they see a White Dragon militia waiting for them from a mile away. From the sky, the same Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare lands in front of the convoy, and they see Taffyta on its back. Right next to her, is a Brontops, a rhino-like creature with  thickly-built with tough, thick hide, a short tail; four short, stout, three-toed legs,small ears and a large, heavy horn, which was, unlike other rhinos, flat and curved, ending in two dull points and is almost as big as the Monstrous Nightmare. And it's rider, is Randall Boggs dismounting it. Their mortal enemies have arrived.

"Cozy, watch our backs," said Kim.

"Sure thing, boss," replied Cozy.

Darwin and Kim dismount, and walk straight, to confront their Nemesis, about this so-called peace offering.

 "Hello, Kim," greeted Taffyta. "It's been a long time."

"Taffyta, Randall," greeted Kim.

"So how are your friends?" asked Randall. "They still believing in you? Better place, huh? How did that get on?"

"Just dandy," said Darwin.

"Yeah, how's that score you stole off us?" asked Taffyta.

"Which one?" joked Kim.

Randall laughs.

"That's a good one," said Randall.

"Oh, Darwin, you're so you," said Taffyta. "But you're not gonna survive this one. Yeah."

"And what makes you say that punk?!" said Darwin.

"You know something, life's just not fair, isn't it," said Taffyta. "Some people, are born to feast, while others just spend their lives in the darkness, begging for scraps. Whole lot of trouble."

Taffyta licks a lollypop.

"They offered us a price, Kim," said Randall. "To turn you both in."

"Why didn't you take it?" asked Kim.

"We still would," said Taffyta.

"Listen Taffy, I don't know what's what, but I am very sorry about your car," said Darwin.

Taffyta shrugged.

"It was a very expensive one," said Taffyta. "Liked it the most."

"But I...... liked....... Ron," Kim growled.

"He was a miserable boy anyway," said Randall. "We both knew that."

Darwin steps over to Taffyta.

"So what are we doing here?" asked Darwin. "Is this thing really over?"

Taffyta tosses her lollypop away.

"Oh this is over," said Taffyta.

But suddenly, Darwin hears some screaming and screeching coming from a cliff nearby. It was Blue, attacking a White Dragon sniper from the cliff. Darwin looks back at Taffyta. Who just drew out her two pistols, but Darwin draws his weapon quickly and shoots, but the bullet hits Taffyta's left pistol.

"So this isn't over!" shouted Darwin.

"No it isn't," said Randall. "Have at 'em boys!"

Kim pulls out her Pulse Rifle and fires at the charging savages. They quickly retreat to their companions. But more savages and hyenas are coming up fast. But are met by a wall of fire blocking their path. It turns out to be Vanellope and Doublestripe who provide cover for Darwin and Kim. They mount up and ride as fast as they can, but the White Dragons are on pursuit. One hyena n front of them jumps out of nowhere, but is tackled by the panther Sean, with Violet on his back.

"How did you follow us here?" asked Kim.

"Long story," said Violet.

"Talk later, we need to get out of here," said Darwin.

The three ride out, evading the White Dragon convoy, who are shooting at them. Darwin fires his gun at the lead rider. They try to shake them. Doublestripe shoots a stream of fire at the riders, buying them some time to escape to safety.  They ride quickly to the great plains, making their escape. Finally, they lost them. Blue and Vanellope arrive as they stop.

"We lost them," said Darwin.

"I thought I said no one else," scolded Kim.

"I told you it was a setup Kim," said Violet.

"But we had it under control," said Kim.

"Hey, we saved your lives," said Vanellope. "If Blue hadn't spot that sniper, you'd be dead already."

"Yeah, you're right," said Kim. "We really appreciate that. It's just...... Those White Dragons will never change. Just as I suspected."

"And besides, Cozy bailed out on you guys were talking," said Vanellope.

"What?" questioned Kim.

"It's true, we saw it with our own eyes," said Violet. "Honest."

"She really is a coward," said Darwin. "Bailing out on us."

"Well I'm gonna talk to her when I get back," said Kim. "Darwin, any luck with them Circus Thugs."

"Mike just went back to their estate, to talk to Regine," said Darwin.

"And I met with her daughter," said Violet.

"Camille?" questioned Darwin.

"I met her at the saloon," said Violet. "Drank a bit, she said there something about gold in the circus."

"Gold, just like Cozy said," said Darwin.

" It's hidden. There's like 900 stacks of it," said Violet. "A whole lot worth taking."

Darwin and Kim look at each other.

"You're one clever girl," said Kim. "I like it."

"I tried," Violet blushed.

"Okay, let's go back to camp," said Kim. "Try to continue with our business."

They ride back to Dire Wolf Hollow, to continue with their plan to fulfill their deal with the Royal Guards without dealing with Taffyta and the White Dragon band and their nonsense.

Chapter Text

Westwille/ A few weeks later........

Darwin rides into town where Violet, Mike, Bender, Cozy and Marie were waiting for him.

"We've been waiting for you Darwin," said Cozy.

"Well I'm sorry if I kept you waiting," said Darwin.

"Big news, Regine told me about the gold," said Mike.

"And what did she say?" asked Darwin.

"She said meet Camille at the saloon," said Violet. "She can show us where it is."

"Okay let's go," said Darwin.

They walk into town.

"So how's that talk you had with Kim, Cozy?" asked Darwin.

"It didn't end pretty well," said Cozy. "But we made up for it."

"Boy, I can't wait to see what kind of gold is in there," said Marie.

"No sweat, I'd bet my beer it's gonna be here," said Bender. "And it better be a whole lot of gold."

"It will," said Mike.

"But can we trust here?" asked Marie.

"Can we trust anyone," said Darwin.

They continue to walk in town, but something's very wrong. It's quiet. Too quiet. Nobody's around here.

"Hey guys, it's seems quiet here," said Bender. "I don't like the sound of that."

"Oh relax, maybe they're just minding their own business," said Cozy.

"I don't know Cozy," said Violet.

They head to the saloon entrance. With a royal guard on patrol.

"Excuse me sir," said Mike. "We're here to meet with someone."

"Sorry but, this place is on lockdown," said the Royal Guard.

"Lockdown?" questioned Violet. "What happened."

"There was a shootout," said the royal guard. "The Bushwhackers got away, but we're now on the patrol and........."

Before he could finish, he gets shot in the neck, and drops dead. They look shocked.

"Get down!!" shouted Darwin.

The run for cover as they're being shot at. It turns out, from the roof, there's a few clowns with rifles shooting at them. Darwin fires his gun at the clowns.

" That greasy little jerk! She set us up!" shouted Violet.

"You think?!" joked Cozy.

But suddenly, Marie gets shot in the shoulder as she screams in pain. Bender sees the clown that shot her. He grabs a shield from the ground and fires a machine gun at the clowns ahead.

"He's gonna get us killed," said Darwin.

"Clowns to our left," said Mike.

Violet shields Marie with her forcefields, protecting her from the blasts.  Bender continues his killing spree, shooting every clown in town, until all the clowns are dead. But there's more coming from behind them. Darwin fires his gun at the clowns. They fought the clowns, every last one of them. The area seems to be clear, for now. But there's only one little problem.

"Anais," said Darwin. "We have to go to the Sheriff's office now."

"What about the gold?" asked a wounded Marie.

"Mike, Violet, you guys and Marie search the saloon," said Darwin. " Cozy, stay with Maire. Bender and I are gonna search for Anais.

Violet, and Mike head to the saloon, while Darwin and Bender run to the sheriff's station to check on Anais. Before Darwin could enter the office, a clown bursts out of the door, holding Anais hostage.

"Guns on the ground now," said the clown. "Both of you."

"You know we can't do that," said Darwin.

"Why don't you put the gun down," said Bender. "You clowny snake!"

"I'll blow her head off," the clown threatened. "You wanna join your little friend here don't ya?

"First off that's my sister," said Darwin. "And second......."

Darwin draws out his gun and shoots the clown, as Anais breaks free.

"......You don't even think of hurting her."

Darwin runs to the porch and helps Anais up.

"You okay?" asked Darwin.

"I'll be fine," said Anais.

"What happened?" asked Bender.

"They came at dawn," said Anais. "Held the townfolk hostage until you came."

"Is everyone alright?" asked Darwin.

"I think so," said Anais. "You saved me. And this town. Thank you."

"With pleasure," said Darwin.

Violet and Mike rushed to them.

"Darwin, we got a problem," said Mike.

"And let me guess, there's no gold," said Darwin.

"Not only that, but there's a cameraman on the roof, he just filmed the whole thing," said Violet.

Darwin gasps. They just been exposed!

"Oh no," said Darwin. "Now we're doomed."

"And how should I know that," said Cozy.

"Oh, let me see," growled Darwin. "Regine set us up once before. They didn't like us, we stole their beverages SHOULD I GO ON NOW?!!!!!!"

"Guys, let's not argue about this," said Mike. "We just saved the town."

"And now everyone knows who we are," said Darwin.

"Now all you do is complain when things don't work out," said Cozy. "Except when things is your own fault."

"You don't know what you're talking about," said Violet. "Marie just got shot and we almost died. You don't give a darn about anything but yourself!"

"Oh you two act so high and mighty," said Cozy.  "But nobody's perfect."

Darwin carries a wounded Marie, in hopes of getting her back to camp for treatment.

"I'll make sure the royal guards defend your actions," said Anais. "We got ya covered."

"Thanks," said Darwin.

They walk to their mounts.

"Bender, take Marie back to camp," said Darwin. "Keep her safe."

"Darwin, I'm afraid," said Marie.

"It's gonna be okay," said Darwin.

He gently puts her on Bender's mount. And Bender rides back to camp.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Mike.

Darwin sighed.

"I don't know," said Darwin. "But, what a mess we're making of things."

Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow.........

Darwin returns to camp after a long ride. He sees Kim and Mike talking with Hayley and the girls. He walks to them to see what's going.

"Guy Darwin, have you seen Felicie?" asked Kim.

"No," said Darwin.

Violet appears with Blue. She seems a bit worried.

"Where's my friend?" she asked desperately. "Where is she? They took her didn't they?!"

"Who did?" questioned Darwin.

"We think, Mrs. Le Haut took her," said Mike. "Last time she told me is that she's gonna try out dancing to get closer. She never came back ever since."

"They took me friend," said Violet. "If anything......"

"Don't worry Violet," said Kim. "We'll find her, we're gonna bring her back and hurt anyone who has the guts to touch one hair on her head. Violet, you have my word."

"I just don't want her to get hurt," said Violet.

"We're gonna get her back so help me," said Kim. "Let's go."

Arbiter, Puss and Bubbles just came back to camp.

"Kim, we have heard about Felicie," said Arbiter.

"You will need extra men," said Puss.

"Why not," said Kim. "Cozy, Susan, Spongebob, Boog, if anyone strange comes here, you drive them back. Lola, watch over Marie. Everyone else, let's ride."

"Hey Vanellope, come with us," said Darwin. "You could use a little sense of action."

"Sure," said Vanellope.

Darwin, Kim, Mike, and the gang mount up and ride out of camp.

"Okay, let's get our friend back," said Kim.

The gang rides out. With Blue, Diego, Bolt, and Chunky who also heard about Felicie.

"They must've found out that we were on Elsa's side," said Mike.

"Yeah, we just got ambushed by their clowns," said Bender.

"I know, I heard," said Kim. "And about Marie, too. I don't wanna think about it. We gotta focus on Felicie."

"I swear, I will super bark everyone there," said Bolt.

"Bolt, try to stay calm," said Diego. "We'll get her back."

"I know," said Bolt.

"How the heck did they know about her?" asked Bubbles.

"I don't know, but we're gonna get her back, and they're gonna pay for what they did," said Kim.

"No sweat, they humiliated us," said Mike.

"We saw the newspapers," said Hiro. "Everyone knows who we are. We've been exposed."

"Yeah, and what about this "Hidden Gold" they were talking about?" asked Hayley.

"Who cares about the damn gold," said Jake. "They got our friend. And they're gonna wish they never even existed for what they did."

"I don't think there's any gold," said Violet. "Camille lied to me, just to lure us into a trap."

"What?" questioned Miles.

"For the lord's sake Violet," said Hayley. "After all of this? Another scheme to turn us in. They think we're stupid."

"We underestimated them," said Mike.

"No, underestimated us," said Kim. "Now, let's go get Felicie back, and make those Circus Frauds pay for what they did to us, Marie, that town and the Royal Guards. Now come on!"

The Gang rides through the great plains. After hours of riding, they finally reach the Estate of the Circus Thugs.  There are lights flashing in the circus stage, almost like a party or a celebration, or maybe even a show.They better hope that Felicie is okay, otherwise this is more than a rescue.

"Okay everyone, dismount and come to me," said Kim.

"First Marie, now Felicie," said Miles. "We should've stayed out of it."

"Been late for that," said Bender.

They dismount at the gates.

"Hey Bolt, are you sure you're okay?" asked Hiro.

"I'm fine," said Bolt.

"Okay boys and girls, let's go get our friend," said Kim. "Follow my lead."

The Gang walk towards the estate.

"They thought they can humiliate us," said Jake. "I don't think so."

At the estate, they can see guards and clowns on patrol. And a few elephants performing a pyramid stunt and penguins singing.

"There they are," said Mike.

"Who steals a kid," said Bender.

"I'm gonna let fly on those bushwhackers," said Bolt.

"Bolt, I need you to stay calm," said Kim.

They continue to walk. The animals spot them, especially and elderly emperor penguin.  The guards readied their guns.

"Come out now!" shouted Kim. "You oversized maggots!"

The elder penguin approaches the gang, accompanied by the guards.

"So, you dare come back," said the penguin.

"We've come for the girl," said Kim. "You known we would."

"You should've messed with our business," said the penguin. "Now you, BE GONE!!!"

"Now whatever excuse or complaint you have, with us, or otherwise," said Kim. "That is a young girl. That's not how it goes. Hand it over, and then we'll go."

"Get off of our property," said the penguin.

Then suddenly, there's more clowns coming from inside the estate. And the elephants have gotten off their pyramid stunt. The Gang just stands there. It was quiet. There's only one way to settle this mess if they don't cooperate.

"If you're not gonna talk about this ......." said Kim.

Kim pulls out her Pulse Rifle, and fires at the Penguin and some clowns, initiating a firefight. Darwin fires his gun at the clowns on the roof. The elephants charge at the gang, only to be met like Chunky who herds them away like cattle as they flee, driving them away from the fight. Jake fires his gattling gun at the clowns who just got out from the estate door, slowing them down. The gang pushes forward, clearing any circus thug that stands in their way. But there's more clowns coming from the estate. Bender takes out a machine gun and fires at the clowns like crazy. They continue their fight with the Circus Thugs. The area seems to be clear. Now, they just gotta find Felicie, and their leader, Regine Le Haut.

"Darwin, Mike, Jake, Violet, Blue, with me," said Kim. "The rest of you search that estate for Felicie, we'll search the Stage."

The gang splits up, Darwin runs with Kim, Violet, Blue, Jake, and Mike to the Circus stage. Darwin shoots any clown that stands in their way. They run to the stage doors, preparing to barge in.

"Okay, on me," said Kim.

Dariwn and Kim kick the doors open.

"Get in there! Find Felicie! And find that LE HAUT WOMAN!!!!!!" Kim ordered.

 They search the stage.

"Felicie! you here?" Darwin called out.

"Felicie! can you here us?" Jake called out.

Darwin hears some punching, coming from inside that private room to his left. He opens the door, and sees Violet having a fistfight with Regine's daughter, Camille. And Violet wasn't too happy. She tackles the ballerina on the ground and punches her in the face.

"You lied to me! You little snake!" shouted Violet.

"It was my mom's idea, I swear," begged Camille.

Violet punches her in the face.

"Wrong answer" Violet growled. "Darwin what should I do?"

"Make her talk," said Darwin. "Ask her where's Felicie."

"Darwin, got a problem," said Mike. "More clowns coming up fast."

"On it," said Darwin. "Violet, have her spill the beans, I'll hold them off."

Darwin runs towards the circus entrance and sees more Circus Thugs on horseback coming up fast. Darwin and Rattlesnake Jake fire their weapons on the Circus Thug riders, holding the perimeter. Mike takes out a turret, places onto the ground and fires it at the riders. One by one, the Circus Thugs were hit by the horses. But Mike knows to hit the rider and not the horse. They fought the Circus Thug riders, but suddenly one was hit by a spider web from behind. Miles, webs the clowns down. The Gang has arrived. Bender cuts down one rider with his lightsaber. Bubbles shoots her laser eyes at a horse's hoof, causing it to trip over.Vanellope and Doublestripe shoots fire at the calvary, blocking their path. They stood their ground until a few Circus Thugs begin to flee. Chunky roars at the fleeing clowns. The area is clear.

"Yeah, that's right! Run away you cowards!!!" shouted Bender.

"Who steals a child," said Puss.

"Okay, let's go find her," said Kim.

Darwin runs back into the stage, and sees Violet still beating Camille to a pulp.

"Where's your mother?!" asked Violet.

"She's in that room, to your right," said Camille, pointing at another private room.

"Kim, help me with this," said Darwin.

Darwin and Kim walk to the door, where Regine seems to be hiding in. Kim kicks the door open, and sees Regine inside carrying a sledge hammer. Regine swings the hammer, but Kim catches it and punches her in the face. Kim grabs the woman's head and drags her out of the private room. Then pins her against a wall.

"You want us to kill you too old woman?!" Jake threatened.

"You bushwackers!" barked Regine.

"Where's the girl?!" asked Mike. He holds her up against the wall.

"We had this business for 40 years," said Regine. "We never had any problems except you and that wretched girl......"

"Where is Felicie?!" asked Mike. "Who took her?!"

"You murdered my boys," said Regine.

"And we will sure as heck hurt every last one unless you talk," said Kim.

"I know your deal," said Regine. "Incompetent Wretches!"

Kim leans over to Regine.

"Where is Felicie?!" growled Kim.

"I'll never talk," said Regine.

Kim just about had enough of her nonsense.

"Let's get her out of here," said Kim.

"But what about her?" asked Violet.

 Kim shoots up in the air, frightening the woman. Kim grabs Regine by the head and drags her. Darwin checks the back of the stage to see if there's more reinforcements. But there's none so far. Darwin walks back with the others.

"Any more of her clowns to deal with?" asked Kim.

"Nope, reckon they're all gone," said Darwin.

Regine breaks free, but Blue pushes the woman to the ground, forcing her down.

"That's right, burn this stage to the ground!" Kim ordered.

Doublestripe shoots a stream of fire all over strange. While the others grab torches and place them all over the stage.  Kim drags Regine outside of the stage as fire burns all over the stage. She drops her onto the ground, pointing her Pulse rifle at her. Violet drops Camille to the ground.

"I never liked you," said Regine.

"Why did you take the girl?" asked Mike.

You stole my beverage!" shouted Regine.

"Girls are off limits," said Jake.

"Oh I know Mr....." said Regine.

"Wazowski," said Mike.

"Yes, that's it," said Regine.

"Where is she?!" questioned Violet.

Regine talked.

"My men, gave her to Chester V," said Regine. "So my guess, is Central Diablo, either there, or on the boat to another country."

"Let's go," said Kim.

"So what do we do with her?" asked Darwin.

"Leave her," said Kim.

The Gang leaves as Regine, along with the circus employees and animals watched and weep as their biggest stage burns to the ground.



Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow........

Back in camp, Darwin is having a little chat with Violet, Km and Mike about the crisis with Felicie. This whole situation is a complete mess. First, the stampede, then the whole commotion in Valentine with Headmare Neighsay and the Telmarines, and now this. Felicie just got captured by the Circus Thugs and sold to this guy named "Chester V" and their entire stage is burned to the ground. But all they can worry about is deal with this, Chester V and get their friend back.

"This is gonna work out Violet," said Mike. "Trust me, listen to Kim."

"You're doing the right thing," said Kim. "Now, we all know where she is."

"Yes, but if I don't get her back, I'll never forgive myself," said Violet.

"I know, but logically she's fine," said Kim. "She's smart, brave, she can handle herself. Those circus frauds took her to scare us. That clearly didn't work."

"She's right Violet," said Mike. "What do ya think Darwin?"

"Well, she'll be okay," said Darwin. "But we just burned a stage to the ground, got into all that trouble. And for what?"

"For living, Darwin," said Kim. "Now, we get her back. Trust me. We will. Now, Regine said that she's in Central Díablo, what do we know about that place?"

"I heard it's a big city with such good fortune, " said Mike. "Quote on quote "The City of the Devil" if I remember right."

"Okay, where is this  "City of the Devil" they're talking about?" asked Violet.

"It's Southwest from Blackwater, near a river in the borders of New Austin," said Mike.

"Good," said Kim. "Now, Darwin, why don't you go ride out with Violet to the city, ask about this Chester V, I'll meet you there soon."

"Sure," said Darwin.

"And Violet," said Kim. "We'll get her back, I promise."

 Darwin and Violet depart from the table and head to their mounts.

"Okay Violet, let's go," said Darwin.

Darwin and Violet mount up and ride out of camp, and travel west.

"It's gonna be okay Violet," said Darwin.

"I know," replied Violet. "I don't even know what to think anymore."

"We just gotta be smart about this," said Darwin.

"Smart? Are you kidding?" questioned Violet. "We just made too much noise again. Shoot, we've been exposed. Now everyone knows who we are."

"I just hope the Telmarines aren't too far," said Darwin. "We're just lucky the Royal Guards are defending our actions."

"Yes, but it's Kim playing her games," said Violet. "Mike too. Getting involved with this big feud."

"Elsa asked us to do our duty with them Circus Thugs," said Darwin. "That was the deal. Remember?"

"Yes, and look where that got us," said Violet.

"Look, I don't know, but we do what we gotta do to survive," said Darwin. "This thing? It didn't work out the way it's supposed to do."

"Felicie's gone, our commotion in valentine, the mountains, the stampede, and for what?" said Violet.

"We can't change what happened," said Darwin. "We can only move on from it."

"But we gotta learn from our mistakes," said Violet.

"I know," said Darwin. "Maybe we could once this whole thing is over."

"You know, before the train job, Hiro and I thought of running away and no one would ever know," said Violet.

"But a large herd thought otherwise," said Darwin. "But for now let's go to this "City of the Devil" we've been hearing about and get Felicie back."

The two ride west, towards the borders of New Austin. They take the left passage, roughly 20 miles from Thieves Landing. They ride pass a bridge with a sign that says "Central Diablo: City of the Devil". And here they are. The Big City of Central Diablo.

"Ah, here we are," said Darwin. "A big city. The Future."

"Uh.. this looks homey," said Violet.

"Oh it sure does," said Darwin.

Central Diablo. A Big industrialized city, like Saint Denis, that incorporates paved streets, has a uniformed constabulary and has a network of tram lines. Some areas of the city are dark, covered in a blanket of fog. Except with no factories, which is good for the weather. To the east of the city, there are large mansions, manors, and estates, belonging to the wealthiest citizens of the entire country. To the north of the city were Ranches, a church an an orphanages. To the south is a large industrialized zone full of warehouses, slaughterhouses, cargo ports, and storage facilities. To the west of the city is the National Bank and a movie theater. the city also has stables, a saloon, a trolley station, a general store, a tailor, and a hotel. And on the center of town is the city hall, where the mayor of the city lies. However, there are newspapers and Magazines saying something about "Teen Titans sucks!" or "Serve the Titans right!" everyone in the city pretty much hates the Teen titans ever since Jump City's evolution years ago. And wherever Felicie is, she might be the luckiest person to be alive in that city.

"Okay, let's split up, ask around for Chester V," said Darwin.

Darwin and Violet split up in the city, to go ask around for Chester V.

2 Hours Later.......

Darwin keeps asking the local citizens about Chester V, but all they ever said is "I don't wanna talk about that fella". Seems like nobody in this city likes this Chester V. Darwin must try the saloon. There must be someone who knows about him. But suddenly, Darwin felt something ringing from his saddlebag. He reaches from it and grabs a phone device. It's a call from Optimus Prime! He answers it.

"Optimus," greeted Darwin.

"Darwin, are you alright?" asked Optimus.

"I'm fine.....I can explain," said Darwin.

"I know," said Optimus. "We have heard of a stampede in Big Horn Valley. Is your Gang okay."

"Yes," said Darwin. "We moved from Fort Mercer, to the mountains, almost died, but got off and came back from Horseshoe Overlook, had to leave and move to Dire Wolf Hollow. We met some folk there, the Royal Guards and the Circus Thugs. It turns out, the Circus Thugs set us up and Felicie got captured and sold to this guy named Chester V."

"I am sorry," said Optimus. "Where is your location now?"

"Violet and I are in Central Diablo," said Darwin. "This Regine punk told us that's where Chester V is."

"Once Felicie is safe, I have a solution for your way out of this," said Optimus.

"What is it?" asked Darwin.

"There is a boat passage in the city docks," said Optimus. "Flame Princess and Toothless met the ship captain. He is willing to take you back to Nurnen or New Austin."

"There's a boat here?" questioned Darwin.

 "Yes, but you will need enough money for passage and land," said Optimus.

"Thank you Optimus," said Darwin. "I'm heading to the saloon. I'll see you soon."

"May you survive once more," said Optimus.

The device hangs up. Darwin puts it away and rides to the saloon. He dismounts near the sidewalk and approaches the doors. But before he can enter, a gun is being pointed behind his head.

"Stick 'em up, cowpoke," said the stranger.

Fearing that he's gonna be killed or robbed, Darwin puts his hands in the air. But the n't stranger is to be Kim. Who laughs and holsters her gun. It was a prank. Darwin chuckles to that.

"Hah hah hah, that's very funny Kim," said Darwin.

 "I guess," said Kim. "Here we are in a strange land filled with fortunes and paradise. The City of the Devil."

"Big cities look one of the same," said Darwin.

"So, how did you get on?" asked Kim.

"Well, I haven't found him, but I heard that he's some guy scientist working on "Food Bars" and all I got is "I don't wanna talk about that fella," said Darwin.

"Okay, now we know who he is," said Kim. "But now to ask, where he is."

Then suddenly, Violet appears. And she's got some big news.

"Hey Violet, where have you been?" asked Darwin.

"Getting robbed," said Violet.

"By who?" questioned Kim.

"By a bunch of street rats, almost got me, but I disappeared," said Violet. "And, I found Chester V, they say he's at a private auction in the Orphanage opposite from the park."

"Okay, good work," said Kim.

"What now?" asked Darwin.

"Now, we pay him a little visit," said Violet. "I'll get Mike, Hiro, Jake, Bender, Puss, Diego and Blue. Meet us there. And we get our friend back."

Chapter Text

Central Diablo.........

One evening, Darwin and Violet meet up with Kim and the boys who are waiting for them in the park. This is the moment of truth. It's time to get back their friend, Felicie from this Chester V.

"You guys ready?" asked Darwin.

"Of course," said Mike. "What else do you guys know about him?"

"Not much," said Violet. "But some sick, little greasy genius who's got power and money."

"Good, I'd like to meet him," said Bender. "And have a little beat-down if he hurts our girl."

"Now listen, if we go in there and cause trouble, Felicie's gonna get killed," said Darwin. "You know that right?"

"Oh relax, nobody's gonna get shot," said Kim. "Trust me."

"Besides, we'll start with a little charm," said Diego. "What can go wrong?"

They walk across the street where the orphanage lies near the church. This is where Felicie is being kept.

"Is this the place?" asked Kim.

"Yep, the right place," said Darwin.

"You okay Vi?" asked Hiro.

"I'm fine," said Violet.

The Gang approaches the orphanage's gates. Which is in the watchful eye of the security guard. Who spots them. Now they gotta act like ladies and gentlemen on this one. If they don't want Felicie to get shot dead.

"Hello sir, we have an appointment with Mr. Chester V," said Kim.

"Who are you?" asked the guard.

Kim grabs the guard by the neck and slams him to he gate.

"Get your boss down now," said Kim. "So we can talk this out."

 But suddenly, there's more guards coming from the doors. Kim lets the guard go.

"Is this the charming Kim I heard about," said Jake.

"Relax I got this," said Kim.

The guards open the gates, and they held their hands up.

"It's okay, we come in peace," said Kim. "We just wanna talk to your boss."

The Gang enters the front gates, and the guards guide them into the orphanage. The Guard takes them to the private office where they see a tall, slender and elderly man in a orange vest and black pants and shoes. He has a short white beard and wears thick eyeglasses. His head, neck, and the collar of his vest resemble an incandescent light bulb. He is accompanied by a few guards. Kim spoke softly.

"Now, we came here for our friend, Felicie Milliner," said Kim.

"As I suspected," said Chester. "She told me you'd come."

"Now, why did you take our friend?" asked Kim.

"Excuse me?" questioned Chester.

"I said, why did you take our friend," said Kim. "Now, we don't have any business with you sir. Neither you with us, but if you wanna start one, be my guest."

The guards pointed their guns. Blue hisses, in defense as Diego growls. Protecting his friends if they shoot. Chester spoke.

"So, you thought you could come into my city, scrambling like dogs and tell me how to act?" questioned Chester. "You asked me to show honor? Have I already shown you honor by letting you breathe into my presence?"

"Indeed you have," said Kim. "Now, we're just folks out to survive. And all we have is each other. And you took our friend, over some billion dollar deal with disgusting, lying inbred circus frauds. And we have nothing to deal with it."

"And you didn't have anything to deal with the theft of their beverages?" asked Chester.

"We're just innocent witnesses," said Kim. "And that we weren't always innocent, but also ignorant if you know what I mean."

"You know something, you are a terrible liar," said Chester.

It seems like a fight may start.

"I like it," Chester laughs.

The guards put their guns down.

"Can somebody gives these people drinks," said Chester.

He shakes hand with the gang. Introducing himself, and so did they. The Gang sits down and drink, and Kim speaks softly.

"So, can we have our friend back?" asked Kim.

"Of course, of course," said Chester. "Bring her here."

One guard comes out of another room and brings Felicie, unharmed and safe.

"Guys!" she exclaimed in excitement.

She rushes over to Kim and gives her a hug, having to reunite with her beloved friends.

"Ah thank goodness you're alive," said Kim.

She hugs Violet, then the rest of the gang.

"Boy we're glad to see you," said Bender.

"Thank you Mr. Chester," said Kim. "It's a real honor."

"Oh I am just doing my duty," said Chester.

"Now, excuse us, we'll be on our way," said Mike.

"Wait, before you go, I offer a little score maybe two," said Chester.

"We're listening," said Darwin.

"There's money in a trolley station just south by the docks," said Chester. "They keep a lot of cash in there. And there's money in a big warehouse, they have a safe that has a certain amount of cash if I remember right. Now I don't intend to get myself involved, but as an Honored guest, I'll gladly allow you to do it."

"Thank you," said Kim. "And uh.... good day sir."

The Gang step out of the room and escort Felicie out of the Orphanage.

"We were worried about you," said Puss. "Especially Violet, she was worried sick."

"I'm okay," said Felicie. "I'd suffer worse."

The Gang mounts up and rides out.

"I'm very sorry," said Violet. "About taking so long."

"You don't have to," said Felicie. "But I knew you wouldn't let me go."

"Well, I guess we don't leave anyone behind," said Darwin. "Ain't that right Jake."

"Yeah, I wouldn't know what to do without you," said Jake. "Otherwise I'd be shooting folks and drinking."

"Speaking of that, Kim I think we have to move out," said Darwin. "Since that commotion and the Telmarines and all."

"I know, which is why we're moving out at dawn," said Kim. "But for now, we celebrate."

The gang rides through the borders of New Austin and right back to Dire Wolf Hollow, with their friend. Miles spots them from the camp entrance.

"Hey guys, they got Felicie," said Miles.

Everyone from camp stopped what they're doing and rushed over to the riders, now that Felicie's back. They each give her a hug and a shake of a hand.  The riders watch their reunion with Felicie.

"So, what do ya think?" asked Mike.

"Fine man," said Kim. "Alright everyone, listen up."

Kim gives the big speech.

"Now, we greatfully, have our dear friend Felicie back," said Kim. "But our celebration is a bit short-lived. The Telmarines know we're here. And we might have to move out. Now, we'll just need a bit of money as we leave. But for now, we celebrate! For our friend's return!"

The Gang cheers. And everyone's having a little party. Darwin and Violet watch the whole celebration, with Felicie's return.

"Thank you," said Violet. "I, uh...... I don't know how to say it, but thank you."

"I understand," said Darwin. "Come on, we got some work to do. Interesting work."

Darwin and Violet joined in their celebration. They may have gotten Felicie back, but this isn't over.



Chapter Text

Central Diablo/ Few days later.........

Darwin rides through the streets of the city. Think about these past events that just happened. The Starz Gang has been through a lot to come this far. The Stampede, a run-in with the mountains, The heartlands, the feud with two foundations, and now in a Big City with this man named "Chester V". A man who would kindly hand over their friend Felicie. Who seems a little better ever since. Her eyes are bright once more, feeling confident as usual, and having her little deals with Violet. Which seems to be new, the two may be close, but this is the point when they had their little talks. About Hiro, their previous scores, and other things. But they seem to be a little better. Now they just need enough money for them to buy a boat to sail off the country and disappear. And after that, who knows. Maybe they might return to New Austin or build a life in Jump City. Either way, that should be a way to run away from the Telmarines, the White Dragons, or even the law. But first, all it takes is a big score. Darwin rides to an alley, where Kim and Bender are waiting for them.

"Darwin, you're late," said Kim.

"What's the rush?" asked Darwin.

"We need to leave," said Kim. "Forever. We've been doing well the past few days making money, but for all of us to leave together, we need enough money for the boat you were talking about."

"Optimus told me Flame Princess met a friendly boat driver at the docks," said Darwin. "He's willing to take us to New Austin, Jump City or Nurnen. Now we just need some money to pay for passage and give him money when we get there. No more questions asked. We could disappear."

"Well where the heck is Nurnen?" asked Bender.

"It's an Island in the land of Mordor," said Darwin. "Capital of the Bright Horde. I may have been there before. An untouched paradise."

"Who lives there?" asked Bender.

"Nurneans, I guess," joked Darwin. "Just kidding, orcs."

"I guess is worth a shot," said Kim.

"Yes, but we made a bit of money on carriages in the city for the past few days," said Darwin. "But not enough for us to leave peacefully. So where's the rest coming from?"

"Right in there," said Kim. She points at the Trolley station up ahead.

"So we are gonna rob that place," said Darwin.

"I don't know, but we're on the clock," said Kim. "I reckon we have a few days until the Telmarines arrive and we're dead meat. Now we need money."

Kim and Bender put on their bandanas on as Darwin puts on a mask.

"Chester said this place has got money," said Kim. "Come on."

Bender kicks the door open and retracts his lightsabers, frightening the citizens.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a holdup!" shouted Bender. "Cooperate with us, and none of you will die!"

"Now remember, we're just here for money," said Kim.

Darwin did his part, robbing the careless rich folk who don't have a thing for charity. All they gave him is jewelry and a few dollars. Not that much. Bender robs the employees in the station, which is not much either. Kim approaches the clerk.

"Can you kindly open that gate and let my acquaintance in?" asked Kim.

"Yes, of course," barked the clerk.

He sheepishly opens the gate, letting Darwin inside.

"Mr. D, go check the safe," said Kim.

"With pleasure," said Darwin.

Darwin turns to the clerk.

"Open it," said Darwin.

The Clerk turns the lock.

"I don't think they keep much cash in here," said the clerk.

"Open it!" growled Darwin.

The clerk opens the safe. Darwin loots the safe, but there's one little problem. The safe is barely has cash inside. It's almost empty.

"There's  almost nothing in here," said Darwin.

"What There's gotta be something in there. Look again," said Kim.

"There's no cash inside," said Darwin.

"Darn it!" shouted Kim.

"Guys, we got a problem," said Bender. "There's a ton of cops outside!"

Outside the station, hordes of cops come out of hiding, surrounding the entrance. It was a setup!

"That greasy snake!" shouted Kim. "He set us up!"

"What do we do?" asked Darwin.

Kim spots the trolley outside.

"Follow me boys," said Kim.

Darwin, Kim and Bender break out of the windows and run to the trolley. Kim kicks the driver out of the trolley.

"Does this trolley go to Nurnen?" asked Bender.

"I hope so," said Darwin.

They pull out their guns and started firing on every cop that catches up with them, fighting their way through the city. There's more coming from buildings, but Darwin quickly guns them down. Bender attempts to pull the brakes, and stop the trolley. But he pulls it so hard that the brakes are pulled off. The brakes are broken, the trolley is going too fast.

 "Guys, there's no brakes," said Bender.

"Hold on!" shouted Kim.

The trio held on as tight as they could, as the trolley tips off the rail, rams through a wagon and crashes in the middle of the street. The three lay in the crashed trolley, shaken. But as they get up, there's gunfire penetrating the trolley. Cops are surrounding the trolley, firing everything they got. Luckily, Kim fires her pulse rifle at any cops that went closer. Forcing them to fall back. The trio come out of the trolley and fire their weapons at the cops, fighting their way in the middle of the road. Darwin whistles. Then all of a sudden, Rachel and the mounts have arrive just in time.

"Okay, let's get out of here," said Darwin.

The trio mount up and ride out of the streets, with the cops in pursuit. They ride through the city trying to shake them off their tail, but there's too many of them to outrun. But suddenly, there's a fence that leads to the very end of the city. Now is their chance. They ride fast to that fence and they jump from that fence, losing the cops. They ride out of the city and as far as possible. At last, they stop.

"I think we lost them," said Darwin.

"Good job boys," said Kim. "We may not be paid much but we're alive."

"And we each got, 25 dollars," said Bender.

Bender gives Darwin and Kim his share.

"And a quarter, don't forget the quarter," said Bender.

"Shut up Bender," said Kim. "He played us. Put the law on me. Just like the Circus Thugs. He gave us our friend back, and what did we do to him? What did we do to him?"

"Maybe he thinks he's king around here," said Darwin. "So, what are we gonna do Kim?"

Kim thinks for a bit.

"We'll just need, one more decent take and we're gone," said Kim. "The Bank is our only bet. Mike agrees, if the Warehouse doesn't work."

"I guess," said Darwin. "We should head back to camp."

The trio ride back to Dire Wolf Hollow. This might not be the last score after that setup.

Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow............

Darwin and Kim talk to Mike about their plan for the Bank robbery, and the fact that Chester V betrayed them to the law. Mike disagrees about taking revenge against a guy they barely know.

"Look, are we just gonna take an insult and run off like cowards?" questioned Kim. "Or are we gonna teach him a lesson the hard way."

"We don't need to take revenge on him," said Mike. "We barely know the guy."

"This isn't about revenge," said Kim. "This isn't about revenge, this is about the fact that we're planning to rob a bank he owns."

"Ut doesn't feel good Kim," said Mike. "Remember what happened with the circus thugs?"

"Now that is different," said Darwin. "Besides, we all know he's hiding in the warehouse. And he told us that they keep a lot of cash in there."

"This is it," said Kim. "One last job and we're gone. And before the year's out, we're gonna be harvesting apples in Nurnen."

"That place doesn't have apples," said Darwin.

"You get the point," said Kim.

"I hope so," said Mike. "This better be worth it."

"Trust me, it will," said Kim. "Come on Darwin. Let's go."

Darwin and Kim depart from the tables and walk to their mounts.

"Now I sent Violet, Jake, Bender and Spongebob up ahead," said Kim. "They'll meet us there."

They mount up and ride out of camp, back to the city. To deal with Chester V before robbing the bank.

"So this move on Chester," said Darwin. "Is it about revenge or for the bank robbery."

"Neither, I guess," said Kim. "He played us and took Felicie."

"Yes, but we don't need to kill him," said Darwin.

"Of course we're not gonna kill him," said Kim. "Why would I kill a guy in cold blood? We're actually gonna send him far away from this country."

"Like Nurnen or Jump City?" asked Darwin.

"Further," said Kim. "Probably in the middle of the ocean."

"I hope so," said Darwin. "So, is this plan gonna work?"

"You tell me," said Kim. "Is it? Have some dad gum FAITH!! I am doing what I can to keep us alive."

"I understand but, what if it doesn't work?" asked Darwin.

"Then we'll be dead," said Kim. "Okay, let's bicker about it later. Right now, we got some unfinished business."

The two ride to a creek nearby the city. Where Violet, Jake, Bender and Spongebob wait for them. They seem to be ready for the assault, only when Kim's go. Although they waited hours for her arrival.

"It took ya long enough," said Jake.

"You guys ready?" asked Kim.

"We're ready boss," said Spongebob.

"Good, let's go get him," said Kim.

The Gang sneak very quietly past the creek and climb up the city walls, sneaking past the guards or lawmen that patrol the city.

"There's the warehouse," said Violet.

She points at a large building at the back of the city.

"Okay, Bender, spongebob on me," said Kim. "Darwin, Jake, Violet, you two take the left side. If you see a shot take it."

"Yes boss," said Jake.

The Gang splits up. Darwin, Jake and Violet sneak to the left side of the Warehouse entrance. Sneaking past the guards on their patrol. They sneak to the warehouse doors, waiting for Kim's command. Kim gives out the signal, Darwin and Jake come out of hiding and fire their weapons at the guards, alerting them. Just then, Kim and the boys come out of hiding as well and fire their weapons, initiating a firefight.

"We're coming for you Chester!" shouted Kim. "That's right, send every man you have!"

The Gang fight their way through the facility, taking out the guards that stand in their way. They infiltrate the warehouse searching for Chester V and the safe inside there.

"Okay, let's split up, he's hiding somewhere Darwin, Violet, check upstairs," said Kim. " Spongebob, check the basement. The rest of you check every room in this warehouse."

Darwin and Violet run upstairs, to check the rooms for Chester V. Darwin checks the rooms from the left, and Violet checks the room from the right. But there's nothing in each of those rooms. All there's left is one room in the middle. Darwin kicks the door open and sees Chester V with the safe, and the window open. Overconfident, Chester pulls out a pistol and shoots at them, but the gun is empty. Instead, he throws the gun at Violet's face. Big Mistake. Because it only made her mad.

"I am very sorry," pleaded Chester. "Uh....I got money! Name your price!"

But Violet punches him in the face, knocking him out cold. They got him. She spits at Chester.

"You should've taken the money," said Darwin.

"I know," said Violet. "I'm an idiot."

Darwin spots the small safe Chester was holding. He pulls out his lightsaber and jabs it onto the lock, turning it like a key. He opens the safe, but there's no cash inside! Just a ruby diamond inside.

"Just as I suspected," said Darwin.

"Should we kill him?" asked Violet.

"Nah, we take him to Kim," said Darwin.

Violet picks him up and Darwin takes the ruby. The two run off the room to meet up with Kim and the boys.

"Did you find him?" asked Kim.

"Yep, we got him," said Violet.

"And what about the safe?" asked Spongebob.

"There's no cash in there," said Darwin. "Just this, Ruby diamond."

"Dadgumit!" Kim cursed.

Just then, Bender appears.

"Guys, we got a problem," said Bender. "Law Reinforcements!"

"He knew we'd come for him," said Jake.

"Come on," said Kim. "We'll deal with him once we're outta this."

The Gang storm out the warehouse and fend off the city policemen. Rattlesnake Jake fires his gattling gun at the police, forcing them back, while laughing. The others ran through the city streets back to the wall. Bender and Spongebob climbed up first. Violet passes a knocked out Chester to spongebob. Then, the others climbed up as Ratttlesnake Jake continues his firefight with the cops.

"Jake, we're leaving!!" shouted Kim.

"I know," said Jake.

He quickly rams the walls and the Gang runs through the creek, with the cops in pursuit. Luckily, their mounts are not far. Spongebob stows the unconscious Chester to his mount (A pale elk). They mount up and ride as fast as they can leaving the police shooting at them. They ride out of the city, with the lawmen in pursuit. The Gang runs past the waterstream, but the cops couldn't cross because some of their horses are afraid of that river. The Gang rides out, escaping the cops.

"Come on guys, I know where to take him," said Kim.

MagThe Gang rides to a place where they can send him to the middle of nowhere. The River of Blood. A magic river in the borders of New Austin, that leads to the ocean. They ride to the lake, where lies a boat. They dismount.

"Spongebob, place him on that boat," said Kim.

Spongebob grabs him from his mount, and the gang walks to that boat. And he places him on it, as Kim leaning towards the boat. She slaps him, waking Chester up.

"Hello Chester, you gonna pay us or what," said Kim.

"You're stupid Kim possible," said Chester.

"Oh I am," said Kim. "All of your money, your men, your business and just for a disagreement."

"You're nothing," said Chester. "And you will always be nothing."

"Oh is that so?" Kim taunts. "Because it seems to me that you have always been a pathetic lying man who cares about himself. And now look at you, beaten by a bunch of bumpkins."

"You won't get away with this," growled Chester. "I will cut these bonds, and I'll swim out of here if I have too."

"That's unfortunate for you,"said Kim. "You see, this river of blood is bottomless, try to escape, and you'll fall for all eternity."

She places her foot on the end of the boat.

"Good luck Chester," said Kim. "It's been real fun."

She kicks the boat, sending Chester V to the river of blood where nobody would be ever to find him.

"Darn Kim," said Violet. "What part of your philosophy is there, sending a guy to the middle of the ocean?"

"It's a part that covers weakness," said Kim. "I know it's not nice, it could be worse, but I'd figure we could hide evidence. Now, if we killed him, we that would start more trouble. I couldn't allow that."

"I understand," said Violet.

"Come on, let's head back to camp," said Darwin. "Now that Chester's outta the way, let's go rob ourselves a bank."

The Gang rides out back to Dire Wolf Hollow to prepare for the Big score. The City Bank.

Chapter Text

Dire Wolf Hollow........

The Starz Gang gathers around in the table, discussing their plan for the City Bank Robbery.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" asked Darwin.

"There's more than one armed gone patrolling at the center of the city," said Mike. "Now, if Violet, Lola and I cause the diversion, and that'll be the opportunity."

"What do you think Darwin?" asked Kim.

"Well we don't have a choice," said Darwin.  "If we linger here, we're dead as well."

"But the plan," said Violet. "We may have a decent bunch. I mean those cops don't seem to be tough. And we know how to fight."

"I reckon doing it in the day, and with this distraction, this plan might work," said Mike.

"I think I agree," said Arbiter. "If we do it at night, there is no guarantee that the Pinkertons or the Telmarines would pick us off one by one. This must be our chance."

"Well every plan is a good plan if we execute properly," said Mike. "And every plan goes wrong because we don't execute at all. Even that train job in Big Horn Valley I suppose."

"You're right," said Kim. "Let's go rob ourselves a bank."

The Gang departs from the table.

"Get everyone ready," said Kim. "We ride out, in 20 mikes."

20 minutes later.........

Darwin, Kim, Mike and all of the gang members packed up everything in camp. There are two wagons they have. One is for the Bank Job, and the other Chunky was pulling is the one moving out. Boog, Susan, Felicie, Spongebob, Bolt, Marie, Dipper, and Hayley boarded the moving wagon while Mike, Violet, Lola, Peter, Hiro, Puss, and Miles boarded the robbery wagon. Darwin, Kim, Jake, Cozy, Arbiter, Vanellope, Blue, Diego, and Bender ride out.

"We'll see you there Felicie," said Darwin.

"Meet us at the river of blood when we're finished," said Felicie. "The boat will arrive tonight. Good luck."

Darwin winks his eye. Felicie drives the moving wagon away and the gang splits up. Kim's group rides back to the borders of New Austin and to the city of Central Diablo.

"Okay folks, this is it," said Kim. "The big job."

"And how are we shipping out?" asked Cozy.

"After what happened in the warehouse, the docks is closed," said Kim. "But the boat is heading to the river of blood. We'll move out there."

"What about the money in that train?" questioned Cozy. "We're just gonna leave that behind?"

"Forget the darn money," said Jake. "It's gone."

"Look, this is not a million dollar operation," said Arbiter. "This is a city bank. With guards and police. Mike has already done the planning."

"Hey Vanellope, you nervous?" asked Diego.

"Well, this is my first time robbing a bank," said Vanellope.

"Don't worry, this will be quick and efficient," said Darwin.

"Okay, the plan, Mike, Violet and Lola go distract the police," said Kim. "We go in calm and fast. Hiro, Miles, secure the front doors, Puss and Diego take the exits. Jake, Arbiter, Blue, Vanellope and Cozy, control the crowd. Darwin and I will deal with the manager and the vault. Got it?"

"Yes boss," said Cozy.

"Okay, let's get this done," said Kim. "Hey Mike, how long do you need."

"30 minutes or less," said Mike.

"If anything goes wrong, head straight to the sea of blood," said Kim.

"Good luck to you," said Mike.

"Let's ride!!!" shouted Kim.

The riders ride pass the wagon and run through the bridge and into the city. They slowly ride through the city streets acting natural. After a few blocks, they ride west of the city, passing the movie theater. A tall large building 50 feet high, with a sign that says "CENTRAL DIABLO NATIONAL BANK". The riders dismount across the streets. Waiting for Kim's orders.

"Okay, Mike, Violet and Lola are doing their business," said Kim. "Follow me."

They follow Kim and walk towards the bank doors, getting into their positions.  They put on their bandanas as Darwin puts on his black hat. It's time

"Let's do this," said Kim.

Darwin and Kim kick the doors open, pulling out their weapons. The rest of the gang storm inside the bank. Jake fires his gun in the air, scaring the entire crowd.

"Alright everyone! This is a robbery!" shouted Kim. "Nobody do anything stupid."

Blue screeches frightening the crowd. She and Diego pin the entire crowd to the corner. Bender  grabs the manager and drags him to the vault.

"Here's your manager Kim," said Bender.

"Okay," said Kim. "You, open that vault."

Kim points her pulse rifle at the manager, forcing him to turn the lock. The Manager opens the vault, Darwin hits him with his gun, and he and Kim enter the vault. Which is an entire room of deposit locks.

"Okay, I'll get the drawers, you take the safe," said Kim.

"Got it," said Darwin.

Kim loots all of the drawers in the bank while Darwin tries to get a combination in the safe. He turns the lock with three code numbers. "36. 24, 19" The safe is open and Darwin sees a whole stacks of cash and gold.

"I got it," said Darwin.

"Okay, put them on this sack," said Kim.

Kim passes a sack that has all the money from the drawers. Darwin takes what he can carry and puts them all in the sack. But Something's wrong.

"Uh guys, we got a teeny tiny little problem," said Vanellope.

Darwin and Kim exit the vault to see what's going on. From outside, somebody familiar has got Mike into a hostage, along with Violet and Lola. It was Lotso Huggin Bear.

"Come out now Kim Possible!" shouted Lotso. "Get out now!!!"

Darwin and Kim hide behind the windows.

"It's Lotso," said Darwin.

"Let my friend go!!" shouted Kim.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," said Lotso.

"It's over," said Kim. "You can always cut a deal."

"I had enough of this," muttered Lotso.

He shoots Mike in the leg, wounding him as Mike screams in pain. Dropping to the ground. Lotso points his gun at Mike's head to finish him off.

"You have 3 seconds," said Lotso. "1......2.........3!
Before he can pull the trigger, Doublestripe flies in and rams Lotso down to the middle of the street. She spineshots the other Telmarines in the area. She roars in fury. But suddenly, one Telmarines shoots her forcing her to the ground.

"DOUBLESTRIPE!!!" Vanellope exclaimed.

Darwin comes out and shoots the remaining Telmarines in the area. Darwin rushes over to Mike and picks him up. Rattlesnake breaks out the window and shoots any Lawmen or Telmarines coming from the streets.

"Let's go," said Kim.

The robbers rushed out of the bank to randevu with the others, boarding the wagon.

"I got Mike," said Bender.

"Good," said Miles. "Now let's get out......."

Before he can finish, he gets shot in the arm. It reveals to be Lotso.

"Take another step, and he dies," said Lotso.

But suddenly, Darwin tackles the Telmarine leader from the back, holding him off.

"Go, I'll catch up," said Darwin.

Kim drives the wagon as Darwin faces Lotso. The teddy bear throws him aside, and the two circle each other.

"You're gonna pay for that!!!" shouted Darwin.

"Oh, I surely enjoyed shooting your friend Wazowski," said Lotso. "And I'm gonna enjoy killing you."

The two battle each other in combat. Darwin kicks him in the stomach, and headbutts him. Lotso grabs him by the head, squeezing it. But Darwin uses his hands to crack Lotso's fingers. Not broken but hurt.

"Darn!" cursed Lotso. "COMMIE MOTHER!!!!"

Lotso punches Darwin across the street. Darwin charges and kick the Teddy bear 10 miles across the streets. He whistles, summoning Rachel. He mounts up and rides as fast as he can to catch up with the others. Who are being pursued by the law. Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots at the lawmen riders. Buying the Gang some cover. Bender tosses Peter the sack.

"Hold this," said Bender.

He takes out a machine gun and fires it at the Telmarine hordes, them off. Kim drives the wagon as fast as she can. There's a steep passage at the borders.

"Let's lose them there," said Kim.

She drives the wagon pass the steep pass, losing the Telmarines. Darwin catches up with the wagon and faces Kim.

"Kim, we're good," said Darwin.

But Kim couldn't stop.

"Kim, ease down, we're safe," said Darwin.

Finally, Kim stops the wagon. And checks to see if everyone's okay.

"Is everyone alright?" asked Kim.

"Super duper Kim," joked Violet.

"Well, we're alive," said Jake.

Kim kneels to a wounded Mike, who seems alright.

"I'm okay," said Mike.

"Mike, you're hurt," said Kim.

"I'll live," said Mike. "I just, need to rest."

Darwin dismounts and walks to the wagon.

"Well, they knew we were coming," said Darwin. "Just like that train job in Big Horn Valley!!!"

"It's nothing like that," said Puss.

"Relax, people,at least we got the money," said Vanellope.

"I gave it to Peter," said Bender.

They all turn to Peter, who seems to be shocked.

"Uhh.....," muttered Peter.

"What?" questioned Jake. "What do you mean "Uhhhhh?"

"I think, I dropped it at the stream," said Peter.

Everyone groaned.

"You dropped the money?!" questioned Hiro.

"Okay, I swear to god I thought it could teleport," said Peter.

"You just costed us our job!!!" shouted Lola.

"Darn it this is the second time!!" shouted Miles. Who groans about the pain from the shot.

"Hey it was an accident!" argued Peter.

"Way to go Peter," complained Diego.

"Enough," said Kim. "We'll deal with him later, but we gotta think of something."

"I got it," said Darwin. "A boat. Remember."

"Yes, let's go to the sea of blood, meet Felicie there," said Kim. "We got explaining to do with the captain."

Puss drives the wagon, as Darwin mounts up and follows them to the river of blood. This job is a complete disaster, and a Failure.

Chapter Text

River of Blood.....

Felicie and the others start packing their things inside the boat. When suddenly, she spots something coming from the creek. It was Darwin, guiding the wagon, that has Kim and the rest of the gang. They seem to not be in a good mood. The wagon pulls over. Violet and Bender carry a wounded Mike out of the wagon. Felicie gasps. She notices Miles' arm wound and Blue and Diego carrying Doublestripe. Who seems to be wounded. They got hit pretty bad.

"What happened?" asked Felicie.

"Telmarines knew we were coming," said Darwin. "Mike, Miles and Doublestripe got shot, and we had to run."

"And what about the money?" asked Susan.

"Ask Griffin," said Puss. "He had it."

"Okay, that's enough," said Kim. "Let's get on that boat."

The Gang boards the boat, taking the wounded inside.

"So, yeah we lost the money," said Kim.

"Well we have enough money to pay him to take us back to New Austin," said Darwin. "But not to Nurnen or Jump City."

"So, what now?" asked Hiro.

"I don't know," said Kim.

The Boat sets sail out of the country. However, Kim was able to pay the captain for passage. But this situation is a bigger mess than they even thought. The Stampede, the mountains, the commotion in Valentine, the foundation feud, and now they got a failed Bank Robbery. And what's next? Nobody knows. Darwin leans over to the ledge of the boat, watching the ocean. He thought about this mess that's happened in the past few months. This is awful. But they will get out of this mess, but how? He didn't know what to think. Vanellope steps up and joins him.

"Hey, uh....I'm sorry about Doublestripe there," said Darwin.

"It's okay, he's a strong one," said Vanellope. "Besides, it's just a scratch. There's not much of a big deal."

The two chuckled.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" asked Vanellope.

"That's just it," said Darwin. "I'm not sure. We came this far, but we almost lost some folks."

"Look, I know how you feel," said Vanellope.

"Do you?" questioned Darwin.

"Oh I sure do," said Vanellope. "I lost my buddies before you found me in the mountains. They were the best people I ever known."

"I understand," said Darwin.

"But the point is, don't let that put you down," said Vanellope. "It's a chance for you to get back up and do the right thing."

Darwin thought for a moment.

"You're right," said Darwin. "Thank you."

"Anytime," said Vanellope.

The Next Day.......

The Boat reaches the surface in the border of Mexico. The Gang departs them as Kim gives money to the ship's captain.  Darwin walks over to Kim.

"What now?" asked Darwin.

"Try to ride to Fort Mercer," said Kim. "See what's left of it. We might be able to lie low."

"Fort Mercer?" questioned Darwin.

 "Well, we don't have a choice," said Kim.

"I know, but I'll have to go alone," said Darwin. "I know a quicker path there."

Darwin mounts up Rachel.

"Be careful out there," said Kim.

"Don't worry, I'll be okay," said Darwin.

"Good luck," said Kim. "We'll see you there."

Darwin rides out west. Traveling across the desert. Alone. It is a beautiful country last time they been there. The cacti, the mountain, the wild animals there. This place never gets old. Darwin thinks about the times they spent together back in the old days. Robbing bad guys, paying back to the poor, loan sharking the people who steal the money. Good times. Then, this whole crisis began. The Stampede, the failed Bank Robbery, the feud, all of it. How can the Gang get themselves out of this mess. But that doesn't matter anymore. They will survive this. Up ahead, Darwin sees a sandstorm coming. He puts on a bandana and covers his mouth with it. He rides through the sandstorm, which seems to be strong. Rachel seems to be getting tired, but they kept pushing through. The sandstorm clears out. Darwin sees the town of Armadillo. He must be getting close.

A few Miles later.........

After hours of Riding, Darwin finally sees the old abandoned campsite of Fort Mercer. A sprawling collection of military buildings surrounded by a high, khaki and broken down perimeter wall. Two sets of large wooden gates lead into the fort. It feels a little different than last time, but it's still home. Darwin dismounts Rachel behind the doors, and carefully opens them. Inside the fort, it is empty. Nothing like last time they've been in there. Darwin examines the entire fort. He remembers these front walls. They use to battle Covenant troops back in the old days. It's getting dark. Darwin sets a campfire for the night. He lays down in a bedroll he pulls out of Rachel and settles in for the night.

In the morning.......

Darwin wakes up, and hears a new noises coming from outside the fort. Darwin grabs his stuff runs outside the fort doors, and sees the entire Gang arriving to their destination.

"Welcome home," said Darwin. "All of ya, to our humble abode. We got fine living. Well, ignore the scary walls and all, it's paradise."

"Ah, it's good to be back," said Kim.

Kim hops out of the wagon, and the two open the doors letting everyone in.

"Felicie, Boog, can you kindly work your magic?" Kim joked.

Everyone is put to work.

"So, have you find anything?" asked Darwin.

"Yeah, I think I found our friends the Royal Guards," said Kim. "We stumbled upon two riders on the way. They may have moved to the country after our deal with the Circus Thugs."

"And what did they say?" asked Darwin.

"Well, they said Elsa thanks us for saving their business," said Kim. "And they said that the Circus Thugs went out of business."

"Out of business?" questioned Darwin.

"Yeah," said Kim. "They did."

"Darn, we really did  hit them hard," said Darwin.

"They had it coming," said Kim.

"So, the Royal Guards," said Darwin. "Where are they now?"

"They might be helping Raiden and the Elites fight their battle with Tarkata," said Kim.

"Tarkata? Here?" questioned Darwin.

"It's a longer story," said Kim.

"So, what do we do?" asked Darwin.

"I don't know," said Kim. "I guess, we'll just make do something good besides scores. But for now, let's just lay low until something happens."

"Yeah," said Darwin.

The Gang continues packing into Fort Mercer. After that mess, there might be a few changes around here. Even within the Gang.



Chapter Text

Fort Mercer.........

Darwin walks through the fort as everyone seems to be doing the chores. And he sees Peter waving at him. He walks towards Peter. He might have something important for once.

"Peter," greeted Darwin.

"How are ya Darwin?" greeted Peter.

"About how things are," said Darwin.

"Hey Darwin, are you interested in some work?" asked Peter.

"What is it?" questioned Darwin.

"There are some debtors," said Peter. "There's a petty thief in a homestead at Chollas Springs. Stole a bunch of cash there."

"Can't any of the others do it," Darwin complained.

"I tried," said Peter. "They lacked your will."

"Will eh," said Darwin. "Okay I'll do it."

Darwin walks away.

"And make sure you're not followed" said Peter. "I don't wanna lose our camp because of you."

Darwin freezes.

"Excuse me," growled Darwin.

"Nothing, just go on," said Peter.

Darwin walks to the stables and sees Violet talking with Hiro.

"Hey Violet, are you available for work?"asked Darwin.

"Sure," said Violet.

"Let's go, there's a thief in Cholla Springs that has a debt to pay," said Darwin.

Darwin and Violet mount up and ride out of Fort Mercer  to collect the debt Peter assigned. That was seriously rude what Peter did back there. Testing him about causing problems. He shouldn't tell Darwin what to do. Peter was the one who caused them in the first place. And that's hypocritical because he's telling Darwin not to be followed, yet he costed them the Bank Job in Central Diablo. That is the coldest thing Darwin ever heard.

"Hey Violet, something's up with Peter," said Darwin.

"What about him?" asked Violet.

"When he told me about the debt, he told me to make sure I'm not followed," said Darwin. "And you know what he said? He doesn't want our camp destroyed because of me."

"Well, he's the one to talk," said Violet. "You know, he's a very rude fat guy."

"I know," said Darwin. "And it seems to me, since he's been riding with us there's nothing but trouble. And yet he talks to me like that."

"Well, let's just, get this thing over with so we can deal with him later," said Violet.

The two ride across the town of Armadillo, and head north to Cholla Springs a largely desert with saguaro cactus and desert scrub. Most of the land is too arid and dry for farming, making cattle ranching a more preferable choice. Criminals and gangs roam freely across the region, meaning that getting lost can lead to dire consequences. The region consists of wide open desert plains and low lying hills with small rocky canyons and cliffs with jagged peaks. Trees are few and far between, with the largest source of water in the region being Lake Don Julio. At the hills behind he canyon, lie small homestead. With a large coral filled with Horses and Cows, and has a chicken coop. The place seems to be small. Darwin and Violet dismount at the entrance and see a girl very familiar sitting on the porch, reading. A girl wearing glasses and a pink beanie even underneath other headgear. She also commonly wears a pink and white T-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. Violet speaks softly.

"Excuse me madam," said Violet.

"Yes," said the girl.

Darwin recognizes her.

"Meg?" questioned Darwin.

"Oh, hey Darwin," said Meg.

Darwin takes off his hat.

"We....uh.....we come here because, someone lend you some money," said Darwin. "And uh........"

Meg knows what he's taking about. She gasps.

"My dad sent you," said Meg. "Son of a b*tch."

She gets up from her chair.

"What did you want?" asked Meg. "The food from our stomach? The stuff I had?!"

"No, Meg," said Violet. "We...

"I didn't steal the money," Meg interrupted. "I just payed everything to pay the bills. It was all I have. There's nothing left for me!"

Darwin and Violet look at each other. Meg seems to be desperate. Having a chance to start a good life, until they'd ruin it. But not this time.

"Meg, we uh.......come to say that, the debt's cancelled," said Darwin.

Violet pulls out money from Sean's saddlebag.

"And, take this," said Violet. "It might not change anything, we know. But, you need the money, and we don't."

Meg exhales.

"Thank you," said Meg. "You're good people. That's the nice thing anyone has ever done for me."

Meg walks to the door, but stops, and turns to them.

"You know, maybe you could've taken it instead," said Meg. "Done my father's work."

"But we're not him," said Darwin.

"We're very sorry Meg," said Violet. "We really are."

Meg goes and closes the door. The two mount up and ride out, to the desert. Yes, they could have taken it and ruin her life, but they're not like that. They never ruin people's lives. But, it all makes sense now.

"I can't believe he lied to me," said Darwin.

"So that was Meg, not a thief," said Violet. "So he wants to collect from his daughter. Using us as leverage so he can ruin her life."

"Well, she deserves better," said Darwin. "Now, let's go back to camp and tell about our work. He's got something he didn't tell me."

Darwin and Violet ride back to camp to confront Peter about this "Debt" he had with his daughter Meg. Back at camp, Bender and Puss kept watch and see the couple riding back.

"Open the doors, they're back," said Puss.

Bubbles and Bolt open the doors letting them inside.

"You guys okay?" asked Bolt.

"Yeah, we need to speak to Peter," said Darwin. "You know where he is?"

"He's at back of the fort upstairs," said Bubbles. "Why?"

"We just got back from a debt," said Violet. "Excuse us."

They walk over upstairs to the back of the Fort. They see Peter Griffin sitting on his chair, drinking. Minding his own business.

"Hey, Peter," greeted Darwin.

"Oh hey guys," greeted Peter. ""How did you get on?"

"Just dandy," said Violet. "As a matter of fact, this "thief" you said was your daughter Meg. You didn't tell us."

"Uh, I figure you'd take it anyway," said Peter. "She'a just as stupid as Lola. She ain't worth it"

They gasps. Darwin looks to his right, and sees Lola crying. With spongebob comforting her.

"What happened to Lola?" questioned Darwin.

"Well, things got a little hairy while you were and she thinks she's pretty so I called her ugly," said Peter. "And I called her a stupid doll. Because she is."

Darwin gasps. Peter is being too disrespectful to the girls. And he just about had enough.

"Get up," said Darwin.

Peter looks up.

"What," said Peter.

Darwin grabs his ear.

"GET UP!"  shouted Darwin.

He pulls his ear downstairs.

"What's wrong with you?!" asked Peter.

"Nothing's wrong Peter, nothing's wrong at all," said Darwin.

He pulls harder.

"OW! What are you doing?!" shouted Peter.

"Something I should've done all those months ago," said Darwin. "Violet, get his bag."

Violet searches the campsite for his bag, and finds a big Black suitcase.

"Is that it?" asked Darwin.

"Yep," said Violet.

"What's going on?" asked Peter.

Violet passes Darwin everything that has he had. Clothes, Supplies, belongings, anything that says "Property of Peter Griffin". Darwin packs some of it in the suitcase.

"We're not gonna end you, even if we want to," said Darwin. "But, you disgust me Peter Griffin. And you disgrace all of us!"

"And if you could disrespect us now, than you did enough," said Violet.

Darwin packs everything.

"This should do," said Darwin.

He shoves the suitcase in Peter's arms.

"Now Go!" shouted Violet.

"But Guys, I don't wanna leave!" Peter begged.

They both grab him from the back, carrying him to the doors.

"Go, now! And Get a JOB!!!!!" shouted Darwin and Violet.

They throw him out of the doors, as the Gang members watch. Peter lays down on the ground, with his suitcase. He gets up.

"But, we were friends," said Peter.

"Now, first of all, we're not friends," said Violet. "You disrespected me the moment we took you in! You were selfish and irresponsible. And you care about yourself!"

"It's not my fault I needed money for a business," argued Peter.

"Well you want money eh," said Darwin.

He takes out a few dollars and throws them to the ground.

"Here's your money," said Darwin. "Now here. Take that!"

Peter looks at the money. And looks at Darwin.

"Take that, and GET LOST GRIFFIN!!!!" shouted Darwin.

Peter takes the money from the ground, and looks back at them.

"But guys," said Peter. "I'm......"

"Leaving," Violet interrupted.

Peter takes his suitcase, and walks away, and never looks back. They done it. They finally did what they should've done months ago. They kicked him out for disrespecting his partners. The two walk back inside camp. Kim and Mike walks towards them. Having heard about the situation.

"Guys, uh..... you could've done this sooner," said Mike.

"We figured, that it was time," said Darwin.

"I agree," said Kim.

"Yeah, it was time," said Mike.

Chapter Text

Fort Mercer/ a few weeks later.........

It's been a few weeks, and there's nothing. The Gang has been in a big struggle. Since Peter Griffin's disloyalty, people seem to have trust issues. But things are going okay so far. Darwin is wondering the fort, and sees the gates open. Someone came in. Darwin searches the entire Fort, nobody strange there. He looks at the front walls upstairs, and sees Kim and Cozy along with two new people. A grey and white domestic cat standing on two his hind legs and a teenage girl with red hair with a ponytail, pink eyes, pink lipstick, and she usually wears a short green midriff T-shirt that shows her stomach, and black pants and shoes. They seem to not look happy.

"So who are they?" asked Darwin.

"Two of Cozy's friends," said Kim.

"Well, we'll need people for this fight," said Cozy. "Vicky and Tom are the people you need."

Mike steps over and sees them.

"These your friends?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, we're her friends," said Vicky.

"Good to meet you," said Darwin. "We've been on the run for so long."

"We know fishface," said Vicky. "Cozy told us about your little quest."

"Hey, show some respect," growled Mike.

Tom smiled sinisterly. They don't seem to be nice.

"Kim, can we talk to you for a second?" asked Darwin.

Darwin, Mike, and Kim walk downstairs and have a little chat.

"Kim, are you sure about this?" asked Mike.

"We're gonna need more people," said Kim.

"Yes, but after what Griffin did, I don't know if we can trust anyone," said Darwin. "And they don't seem nice at all."

"I know, these are challenging times, for all of us," said Kim. "Besides, they're only temporary. Just because I let them in, doesn't mean I trust them at all guaranteed."

"I hope so," said Mike.

But suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared, it was Raiden, the thunder god. Although he's a different than the Raiden they met back then. Blue and white clothes, a black bamboo hat, and blue lightning instead of red. Aside him is Elsa. They come at an emergency.

"Darwin Watterson, Kim Possible, we need your help," said Raiden

"What is it?" asked Kim.

"The Elites, they're going to attack," said Elsa.

Arbiter steps up.

"Attack where my lord?" asked Arbiter.

"San Bravo," said Raiden.

"That's Tarkatan stronghold near Tumbleweed," said Darwin. "Why would the elites attack there?"

"They are irreparably pushed from their colonies," said Raiden. "They can no longer wait until Baraka's legion slaughters them one by one. We must strike them immediately."

"Now, we sent some of my Royal Guards to assist them, but haven't returned ever since," said Elsa.

"And that's when we come in," said Kim.

"You are the only ones we can trust," said Raiden.

"And what about the Warlords?" asked Darwin.

"They too are on their way, but they had technical difficulties," said Elsa. "It may take days for them to arrive so. Can you please help us? Our men, they'll die if we don't assist them."

Darwin, Mike and Kim look at each other. This is their one chance to make something of themselves.

"We'll do it," said Kim.

"Meet us at the hills of Gaptooth Ridge," said Raiden.

Raiden takes Elsa and teleports away with a flash of lightning, leaving Darwin, Kim and Mike. The other gang members looked.

"Okay, Kim, let's do this," said Darwin.

Kim nods.

"Who else will ride with us?," Mike called out.

Violet, Hiro, Dipper, Bubbles, Jake, Bender, Puss, Cozy, Vicky, Tom, Blue, Diego, Arbiter, and Miles volunteered.

"I will," said Violet.

"Me too," said Hiro.

"And me," said Bubbles.

"And me, I guess," said Bender.

The Gang mounts up.

"Okay folks, let's ride out," said Kim.

The Gang rides out of camp, traveling west of the country. They Ride west, through the canyon of Pike's Basin. This fight, between the Elites and the Tarkatans is one chance to make something of themselves. At least it's worth helping a team that is losing a battle. It's a good thing the Telmarines aren't involved in this, because it they did, they would side with the Tarkatans. Who knows.

"So you think this would work?" asked Kim.

"We'd need their support if we're on the run, so I think it's worth a shot," said Darwin.

"Why would they attack a Tarkatan fortress?" asked Bubbles.

"What do you mean? It's perfect!" said Cozy.

"This was your idea?" questioned Darwin.

"Partly," said Cozy. "Baraka, the Tarkatans. They took everything from these people, wouldn't you wanna fight back?"

"You handed them a death wish," said Jake.

"Just like Felicie if we hadn't rescued her," said Mike.

"Don't doubt her! She has a plan," said Vicky.

"What plan?" questioned Hiro. "What Dad Gum plan? The train? Big Horn Valley?"

"Okay folks, that's enough," said Kim. "It doesn't matter how we got here. Right now, Raiden, Elsa, and the Elites need us. Our lives depend on this whether you guys agree or not.Now Come on!"/'

The Gang rides through the canyon, and across the desert plains. Then suddenly, they see something up ahead of them.

"Look, it's one of them," said Mike.

It's and Elite Honor guard riding a Hunter Shade Dracolisk. He seems to be tired.

"My commrades...." said the Elite. "They need help."

"Somebody help him," said Arbiter.

"No, I will be fine," said the Elite. "Go. I'll be......"

The Gang continues to ride through the desert plains. Darwin looks back at Dipper, who nods. They ride out up the hills 4 miles from the fortress, which is in flames. There's a battle going on. The Gang finally arrives to the fortress attack, meeting up with Raiden and Elsa along with Royal Guards and Elite Minors preparing for the assault.

"Thank goodness you have arrived," said Raiden.

"Are we too late?" asked Kim.

"You're just in time," said Elsa. "We're ready to attack whenever you are."

"Well, you got what you wanted Cozy," said Darwin.

"You coming?" asked Cozy.

"I'm gonna join Raiden, you stick with Elsa," said Darwin.

"Have it your way," said Cozy.

"Meet us at the center of the fortress," said Kim. "Let's ride!!"

Kim, Hiro, Cozy, Vicky, Tom, Bender, Puss and Dipper ride out joining the charge with Elsa. Darwin turns to the others.

"Go with them, try to help them," said Darwin. "I'll do it alone."

"We are riding with you walking fish," said Arbiter.

"Come on then," said Darwin. "HYAH!!!!"

Darwin and the others ride out, joining the charge alongside Raiden and the Sangheli in battle.

"To Victory!!" shouted Raiden.

The Elites charged to the Tarkatan forces, which they charged as well. The Battle has begun. Both armies collided with a mass of bodies. Darwin fires his weapon at the Tarkatan grunts, taking them out. The Elites seem to have a chance against them. But the Tarkatans have the savagery advantage. This seems to be a fair fight. Raiden summons lighting, and strikes at the Tarkatans, taking some of them out. The Elites continue to push forward through the Tarkatan army, storming the Fortress once and for all. The Starz Gang assists the assault in their fight against the Tarkatan Army. Fighting as much Tarkatan Warrior that stands in their way. Suddenly, Darwin spots Elsa, having to struggle fighting off the Tarkatans. Darwin charges and fires his gun at the warriors, protecting the snow queen at once.

"I owe ya," said Elsa.

"I know," replied Darwin.

But suddenly, he sees Kim battling a large Tarkatan at the Bridge. It was Baraka! Darwin rushes over to safe Kim before she gets hurt. Baraka swats Kim to the ground, but she jumps back up her feet. The goes for a few punches but were blocked by the Tarkatan leader. Kim manages to punch him in the hip, grab his arm and slams him to the ground. Baraka gets back on his feet, only to be met by her foot to the face, forcing him on his knees. She punches him in the face, forcing him to the ground. But before she can deliver the final blow, Baraka grabs her arm, and she grabs his arm. Resulting to the struggle. Kim may be faster, and agile, but Baraka is stronger in combat. Baraka manages to place his leg onto her arm, putting her on a lock. But suddenly, Darwin fires his gun at Baraka's back, forcing her to let go. Kim gets back on her feet, and gets into a battle stance. All of a sudden, a blast hit the concrete of the bridge causing it to crack on Kim's side. The bridge breaks Kim tries to run to the other side, but unfortunately, she was too late. She falls as Darwin watches in shock. He body hits the river. Darwin gasps. Kim's gone. He looks at Baraka. Darwin charges at the Tarkatan Leader and pounces on him, punching him in the face. Baraka shoves him to the side.

"You again?" questioned Baraka.

"You'll pay for what you did to my friend!!" shouted Darwin.

"I did not do that," said Baraka. "But I will feast on your flesh as a replacement."

Darwin kicks Baraka in the forehead, leaving a mark on it. Enraged, Baraka retracted his blades and slashes out on Darwin but misses. Darwin pulls out his lightsabers, and the two lock blades. Darwin manages to gain the upper hand. He kicks the Tarkatan in the leg, forcing him on is knees. Darwin points his lightsaber at the beaten tarkatan. Just then, Raiden, Elsa, Violet, Arbiter, Diego, Mike, and Blue appeared along with the Elites.

"It is over Baraka," said Raiden. "You and your men are surrounded. What will you do now?"

Baraka gets up on his knees, knowing that he and the Tarkatans are now outnumbered, and dying is not an option, there is only one thing to do.

"We surrender," said Baraka.

The Elites have cheered. They have won the war. The Tarkatans got on their knees and surrendered as well. They searched them, taking them alive or giving them a chance to flee. Darwin turns to Raiden, Elsa and the Gang.

"You have saved us, Darwin Watterson," said Raiden. "Thank you, all of you."

"We honor your courage," said Elsa.

But, something didn't feel right.

"Where's Kim?" asked Mike.

Darwin thought for a moment, then spoke.

"She, didn't make it," said Darwin.

They gasped.

"The bridge collapsed, and she fell from the river," said Darwin. "She may be dead or alive, I don't know."

 They look down, grieving. They have lost their leader.

"I am sorry," said Raiden.

Cozy and the others arrived as well.

"Dipper's gone too," said Cozy. "He's been killed by a Tarkatan convoy, and we had to run."

Darwin couldn't believe it. They lost Dipper too. Darwin returns to Raiden and Elsa.

"It's been an honor," said Darwin. "But I think we should get going."

"Of course," said Raiden. "Thank you."

"Whenever you need us, let us know," said Elsa.

"Thanks," said Darwin.

Darwin mounts up  Rachel and the whole Gang rides out as the Resistance celebrate their victory. But they have lost their leader and their friend.



Chapter Text

Somewhere in New Austin..............

The Starz Gang (or whatever's left of them) ride across the desert. All they were just trying to make something of themselves. But it turns out, the situation just got much worse. Now, they just lost their leader Kim, and their friend Dipper. What could they do now? They keep riding. But on the way, they see someone coming towards them.

"They came and took Vanellope!" shouted a voice.

The Riders stop. They see Hayley, Lola, Boog, Bolt, Spongebob, Chunky, Marie and Felicie riding towards them. Something's very wrong. They don't seem okay.

"I saved the others," said Felicie. "We hid but they took Vanellope!"

"Who did?" asked Darwin.

"Lotso and his men," said Hayley. "They took her to El Presidio, and there's talk of hanging her for treason."

"I am sorry to hear that," said Cozy. "We gotta let her go. Kim is.......I'm sorry."

Felicie gasps.

"Look, Vanellope's just a kid," said Cozy. "They won't do anything to her. Me and my friends know it."

Vicky and Tom nod.

"We all gotta keep riding on this one," said Cozy. "We all know it."

"So we're just gonna leave her to die?" questioned Miles.

"It's not like that," argued Vicky.

"What is it like?!" shouted Darwin.

"I wanna live fishface!" argued Cozy. "We got a chance. Boys, she's just a kid. She ain't worth it."

"We ain't leaving her," said Bender. "Kim wouldn't want that!"

"He's right," said Puss. "We leave no one behind."

"Well have it your way," said Cozy. "Come on fellas."]

Cozy, Tom, and Vicky ride off, leaving the rest of the Gang behind.

"I guess that's it," said Darwin. "She really wants to live eh?"

"Come on, let's go get her," said Violet.

"You and us is all we need," said Arbiter.

Darwin thinks for a minute. They Gang might not be safe if they're gonna linger around in this desert. He grabs a sack from Rachel's back, and walk towards Lola.

"Mrs. Lola, take this," said Darwin. He places on the back of Lola's mount. He pulls out 200 dollar cash.

"You take this money too," said Darwin. "You take them, and wait for the others at Thieves Landing."

"Thank you Darwin," said Lola.

"You're a good girl," said Darwin. "You build a good life now."

"I will," said Lola. "I'll miss...."

"Me too Lola," said Darwin.

He nods. He turns to Bolt, Spongebob, Boog,  Susan and Hayley.

"Be strong, all of you," said Darwin.

"If we don't make it, run and don't look back."

"We will," said Spongebob.

Darwin turns to Marie.

"Be brave Marie," said Darwin.

"I'm gonna go get our friend."

"I will," said Marie.

Darwin turns to Jake.

"The boys and I will head back to camp," said Jake. "Get everything we have and we'll meet you there."

"Okay Jake," said Darwin. "Be careful."

Jake, Bender, Puss, and Miles ride away back to Fort Mercer, leaving Darwin, Violet, Mike, Arbiter, Blue, Diego, Bubbles and Hiro behind.

Darwin mounts up.

"Everyone," said Darwin. "Ride with me!!"

The Crew rides out, with Felicie leading the way as the others ride on the other direction. They ride south towards the southern Borders.

"So where is she?" asked Hiro.

"The stronghold's just across the river," said Felicie.

"So now, Cozy doesn't care if our friend hangs as long as she gets rich?!" questioned Diego. "Has she lost her head?!"

"Sure, she began to think she's a messiah," said Violet.

"I don't know," said Darwin. "I'm sorry about all of this. We should've stayed in Fort Mercer instead of robbing that train."

"We cannot change that," said Arbiter. "All we can do is move on."

"Man, I thought I could get us all out of this mess," said Darwin.

"Start a new life. I was even trying to stop this mess from getting worse. Clearly that didn't work."

"Kim wouldn't wanna leave Vanellope," said Bubbles. "If she'd be there right now, she would've even hesitate to save her."

"You're right," said Darwin. "We owe this to Kim, and Dipper. Now let's go get her."

They ride pass the border to Nuevo Paraíso, across the river. After a few miles, they finally reach the Stronghold of El Presidio. A large prison Stronghold now in the property of the Telmarines, where they keep 10 thousand captured outlaws there. Legends say, that whatever captured outlaw goes into that prison, doesn't come out alive, and anyone who did is probably the luckiest out of them all. But it turns our, none were so lucky after all.

"There's the place," said Felicie. "Let's ditch our mounts at that hill to the left."

They travel up the hill close to the prison. Then dismounts. Darwin and Felicie pull out binoculars and look closely inside the prison, trying to see where they can find Vanellope. Darwin sees her. But also sees an old enemy, dragging her into a cell.

"Lotso," said Darwin. He sees Lotso open her cell door and throws her inside.

"So what now?" asked Bubbles

"Darwin, you and Arbiter cover us, we're gonna go in and get her," said Violet.

"What about you guys?" asked Darwin.

"We'll be fine," said Hiro. "Besides, we'll just sneak in, grab her and sneak out, what can go wrong."

"But guys, there's too many of them," said Darwin.

"And we got the next best thing," said Felicie. "We got each other."

"It's okay, Darwin, we got this," said Violet.

Darwin nods. And pulls out his gun.

"Arbiter, you take that roof to the left," said Darwin. "I'll take the lighthouse."

"I am on it," said Arbiter. "Good luck."

They split up. Darwin runs over to the lighthouse. Arbiter climbs up a roof miles from the prison as the others run straight into the stronghold. Darwin climbs up the spiral staircase, then goes up the ladder. He reaches the top of the Lighthouse and pulls out his gun. He puts a scope on it to keep his friends on his sight, so that he can see if anyone is close to them. He can see them battling the Telmarines, pushing through. He shoots some who come very close, aiding them. Some of the men are hard to see. Darwin makes sure to get the men in the balconies on the buildings so that they won't get them from above. Finally, they reach the prison doors. Mike and Violet get into position close to the door. Blue rams the door open, but unfortunately, they are overpowered by savages. There are White Dragons inside!

"Oh no," said Darwin.

It seems like the Telmarines and the White Dragons are working together. But that matters not. He must save his friends in time.

"Okay, Mr. Lotso," said Darwin. "We're gonna have to talk this out."

Darwin holstered his gun, and climbs down the lighthouse, and runs to the stonghold streets. Up ahead, there are White Dragon savages and Telmarine Zealots coming up fast. He pulls out his lightsabers and gets into a battle stance. As the enemies charge closer, Darwin swings his sabers at them, taking them out with a few blows. He pushes through, fighting off the enemies. But there are snipers in the balconies, and more savages approaching fast riding hyenas. Darwin pulls out his gun and fires at the snipers, who fall on the streets. He fires at the lead Hyena causing it to trip and crash down and sliding. A second hyena rider behind him trips and hits the ground doing a front flip. One by one, the hyena riders trip and bump into each other, causing a big pile of hyenas. Darwin runs past the hyenas and rushes to the prison doors, getting into position on the door. He pushes the door open and sees a Savage on Violet, who looks back. Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots the savage, gunning him down. He holsters his gun. He sees Blue and Diego with muzzles in their mouths and sees the others tied up. And he sees Vanellope tied up in chains, who gasps in excitement.

"I knew you come for me," said Vanellope.

"Okay, people," said Darwin. "Let's get outta here." He pulls out his lightsaber and cuts Vanellope's bonds. But suddenly, there's a gun pointing at his back. It's Lotso! Aside him is Taffyta.

"Calm down Mr. Watterson," said Lotso. Darwin gulps. As Taffyta pulls out her gun and points, Darwin raises his hands up high and turns around. He's outnumbered two to one.

"You got me Mr. Lotso," said Darwin.

"You should've taken the offer," said Taffyta.

"I'm an idiot Taffy," said Darwin.

"I guess, not all of you are a bunch screw ups," said Lotso. "Old Cozy Glow...."

"Cozy?" questioned Darwin. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, isn't it obvious," said Taffyta. "She offered us a plan, to set a trap on you guys, way before."

"The stampede," said Darwin. "That was her?"

"Well, she had my carnotaurus chase the herd off to the gorge," said Lotso. "She said Kim knew that'd she come for you."

"Even though, our plan failed, she offered us information along the way," said Taffyta. Darwin gasps.

"The Bank Robbery? The Feud? The Peace offering?" asked Darwin. "It was all her?!"

"Yeah, and she's been a good girl ever since," said Lotso.

Darwin couldn't believe it. Cozy's has betrayed the Gang! Ever since the stampede and this who mess. It was all Cozy. Darwin seems to have given up, but he lunges at Lotso, grabbing the gun, the two struggle. But Taffyta punches him in the leg, causing him to trip on his knee. It looks like Darwin is on the range of the bullet, losing his strength. But Suddenly, Lotso gets shot in the head, collapsing to the ground. Darwin swats Taffyta in the face, knocking her out cold. Darwin turns around, and sees Vanellope holding a gun. She saved his life. Vanellope walks to the corpse and spits it.

"Big Bully," said Vanellope. She drops the gun. She grabs a knife, and walks to Violet, Mike, and Felicie and unties them. Darwin removes the muzzle off of Blue's mouth, then Diego's.

"Come on," said Darwin. "Let's go."

Before they can leave, Darwin turns to Mike. Who also heard of what Lotso said.

"So it was her," said Mike.

"Yes," said Darwin.

"I knew there was something about that parasite," said Hiro.

"Okay, we'll talk about it later, right now we need to get out of here," said Vanellope. But suddenly, there's an army of White Dragons just outside, surrounding the prison doors. An army of Hyenas riders and Buffalo riders. Ahead of them is Chancellor Neighsay.

"Oh this is bad," said Mike. "What are we gonna do?"

"I have an idea," said Darwin.

The Telmarines aimed their weapons at the door. In case if anyone comes out of those doors.

"Come out now!" shouted Neighsay. "And surrender if you wish to live!"

Suddenly, the door opens. Mike, Diego, Felicie, Hiro, and Bubbles come out with their hands (except Diego) up high.

"Okay, Okay, you got us," said Mike. "Here we are."

Neighsay smiles.

"We'll cooperate," said Mike. "But before you kill us, I have one thing to say."

He pulls out a slab of chicken.


He tosses the meat at Neighsay, all of a sudden, the savages and hyenas pounce on him, fighting over the meat. This gives the others some time to run as fast as they can. The Buffalo riders spot them, and chase them across the city. Some end up being shot. It appears to be Arbiter sniping them from the roofs, providing cover for his friends. From afar, Darwin, Violet, Vanellope sneak and run to the other direction. Neighsay spot them.

"They're getting away," said Neighsay. "AFTER THEM!!!!"

Darwin whistles, as they run. The White Dragons pursue, them. Just then, Rachel, Sean and Doublestripe arrive just in a nick of time. The trio mount up and ride as fast as they can as more Telmarines pursue them. Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots whatever Telmarine comes close, slowing them down. They ride to the San Luis river, in hopes of crossing. As they cross, the Telmarines stop, because some of their Buffalo couldn't swim. They swim across the river, finally they're through. They ride to the plains of New Austin losing the Telmarines.

"The Jerks grabbed me outside camp," said Vanellope. "It all happened so fast. I couldn't do anything."

"It's okay," said Violet. "The others are okay, they're at Thieves' Landing."

"I just hope that Mike and the others are okay," said Vanellope. \

"They knew the drill," said Violet. "They'll meet us there."

"Guys.....hold up," said Darwin.

They pulled over.

"Darwin, there's no time," said Violet.

"There's time," said Darwin.

He helps Vanellope down.

"Where's Kim?" asked Vanellope.

He hesitates.

"We lost her," said Darwin. "She might be dead or missing."

Vanellope gasps.

"I'm very sorry," said Darwin. "She was at the fort, and the bridge collapsed. I didn't see where she landed."

Vanellope drops.

"All I wanted was to prove myself," moped Vanellope. "I've ruined everything."

She hugs Darwin, crying.

"This isn't your fault," said Darwin. "Listen, Violet will take you to Thieves' Landing. But Kim.......I want you to know this."

Vanellope looks up.

"She's proud of you," said Darwin. "And I am too. We weren't perfect, but you.....You were the best. Now, you gotta go. Now."

"And where are you going?" asked Violet.

"I'm gonna go have a little chat," said Darwin. "Before things get even worse."

He helps Vanellope up.

"You're good people," said Darwin. "The best. You go now. There will be sorrow later."

Before he mounts up, Blue nudges at him.  Darwin looks, and sees Blue holding a key in his mouth.

"What's that?" asked Darwin.

"If you're heading back there, there's a chest inside the fort," said Vanellope. "Hidden by a wagon. "Kim's" Chest. With a plan, for a big score. Maybe the last. Blue and I talked to Kim about it, we knew where it was."

Blue gives the key to Darwin. He examines it.

"Vanellope Von Schweetz," said Darwin.

He turns to her.

"I was a good thief," said Vanellope.

"Bet you was," said Darwin. "Now, go all of you."

The girls depart. And  Darwin mounts up Rachel. He takes out his Black Hat from his Saddlebag. He looks at it, then he puts it on. Then, he rides out North to the desert plains of New Austin. After all of this mess, losing Kim, the Stampede, even the Failed Bank Robbery, he must put an end to this nightmare once and for all. To do that, he must take out the Traitor, Cozy Glow. And he must retrieve the chest with all of Kim's plans for a final score. Darwin looks to his left and sees the sunset reflecting the Canyon and the Lake. It is very beautiful, watching the sunset in the plain desert in a ride like this. He use to have some of these rides back in the old days in Blackwater. That was a good memory.Darwin kept riding Finally, he reaches the campsite of Fort Mercer. And takes a deep breathe. They may not be easy, but he has to try if he'd to put an end to this.

Fort Mercer.........

Cozy, her friends, Jake, Bender, Puss and Miles are packing their things. She seems to be in a hurry.

"Get packing Jake," said Cozy. "Hurry! All of you."

"We're doing our best," said Jake.

"We don't have much time," said Cozy. "Come on."

Just then, the gates open. It was Darwin.

"We got plenty of time Cozy," said Darwin. "We need to have a little talk."

"You're back," said Cozy. "YAY!!!!"

Darwin dismounts, and walks slowly.

"I just saw Lotso boys," said Darwin. "Vanellope shot him. She's okay."

He turns to Cozy, Vicky and Tom.

"Not that you, care very much about that," said Darwin. "You maggots."

He turns to Cozy.

"Seems old Cozy is perdy close with Lotso," said Darwin. "And our old friend Taffyta."

"What are you talking about fishface?" hissed Cozy.

"You squealed," said Darwin.

"Me?!" Cozy lied. "Why would you think that?"

"Don't trifle with me," growled Darwin. "Your pen pal Lotso told me."

"And you believe him?" asked Cozy.

"It all makes sense now," said Darwin.

"Yes, it all makes sense," said Cozy. "The Telmarines sent him to catch us! We have to defend this fort."

Vicky and Tom pull out their guns and point at them. Darwin pulls out his gun in self defense.

"Boys, think," said Darwin. "She's not who we think she is."

"He's lying," said Cozy. "He turned!"

They seemed confused on who's lying.

"COZY!!!" shouted a voice.

The Gates opened.

"Dipper....." said Miles.

It reveals to be Dipper, who is holding his arm. It appears that he survived the battle. But he's definitely not happy. He looks at Cozy.

"You...You ran away," said Dipper. "You left me to die!!!"

Cozy hesitated.

"Dipper.....I couldn't save you," Cozy lied.

"Yes you did!!" shouted Dipper. "You had the chance! But you ran away!!"

The boys gasp. Now they know how she would betray them.

"Everyone," said Darwin. "You pick a side now, because this is over. After everything we did for you Cozy. To turn on us?! Why?"

Cozy growle

"Why? Because everything is POWER!!" said Cozy in an obsessed look. "And with Kim out of my way, I will become the new leader of not only the Starz Gang, but with all Gangs in the west!!"

"You snake!!" shouted Jake. "You're a traitor!!"

They side with Darwin, and so did Dipper.

"Give up Cozy," said Darwin. "You lost!"

"Or did I," Cozy taunted. "You're always weak!"

But before this resolution could go on, there's someone's coming fast.

"Put your guns down!!" shouted a voice.

A gunfire was heard, causing them all to jump.

"MOVE!!" shouted Cozy.

Cozy and her friends run over the walls as Darwin and the boys run to cover, hiding in the stables.

"You ready guys?" asked Darwin.

"Yeah," said Puss.

The Telmarines storm the front gates. Rattlesnake Jakes fires his gattling gun at the incoming Telmarines, forcing them back. Darwin and Dipper fire their guns at any Telmarine that tries to through the gates. The boys run to the other side of the fort, only to encounter a dead end at the walls. Jake slithers up the wall and uses himself as a rope.

"Climb up," said Jake.

Bender climbs up first, then Dipper, then Puss, then Miles. But before Darwin can climb up, he sees a chest hidden next to a wagon. Just like Vanellope said. He quickly grabs it and carries it.

"Miles, take this," said Darwin.

He gives Miles the chest.

"What is it?" asked Miles.

"It's Kim's plans for the next score," said Darwin. "Vanellope knew where it was. Blue gave me the key."

"Clever Girl," Puss commented.

They climb up and hop down the walls, to the other side. They run quickly further from the fort as the Telmarines storm the fort.

"That Bushwacker Cozy left me for dead," said Dipper.

"Seems what she does now," said Bender.

"As a matter a fact, Cozy was the rat," said Darwin. "Lotso told me."

"That little brat," said Jake. "I should've killed her months ago."

Darwin whistles, waiting for the mounts to arrive. Dipper turns to him.

"Are the others okay?" asked Dipper.

"They're all safe," said Darwin.

"Where?" asked Miles.

"They're all taking refuge at Thieves' Landing," said Darwin.

The mounts have arrived.

"Thank you, brother," said Jake.

"Now, I'm gonna get you all out of this, if it's the last thing I do," said Darwin.

Darwin and the boys mount up. From afar, Cozy and her friends are coming up fast. Shooting at them.The boys ride off as fast as they can, with Cozy and her friends in pursue. But suddenly, there's more Telmarines coming towards them. Luckily, they manage to evade them, causing them to turn Cozy and her friends, keeping them busy as they try to escape. They ride up hill between the mountains. But suddenly, Rachel hits a rock and trips over, causing Darwin to fall as well. The boys gasped. As they try to help him, there's more Telmarines shooting at them. Jake fires his gattling gun at the reinforcements, gunning them down one by one. The area is cleared.A worried Darwin rushes to Rachel's mount. He comforts her.

"It's okay girl," said Darwin. "Everything's gonna be okay."

Rachel will live, but her leg's broken. She might not make it.

"Come on Darwin," said Bender. "We gotta keep moving."

"Nah, you go," said Darwin.

"What?" questioned Puss. "But we gotta move, there will be more."

"I can't leave Rachel here," said Darwin. "You go."\

Dipper dismounts and turns to Darwin.

"We don't have time for this," said Dipper. "Not now."

Darwin takes off his hat.

"We're not all gonna make it," said Darwin. "I can't leave her."

Jake, Puss and Bender look at each other.

"Now go," said Darwin. "I'll hold them off."

He puts his hat on top of Dipper's hat.

"This would mean everything to me," said Darwin. "Please."

He pulls out his gun.

"Go," said Darwin. "Now."

"But Darwin..." said Miles.

"Get out of here and live another day," said Darwin.

He climbs up the hill above Rachel.

"You're our friend," said Dipper.

"I know," said Darwin.

He climbs up the hill. Dipper mounts up and the boys ride off, leaving Darwin behind. Darwin cocks his shotgun. He turns to the injured warg.

"Don't die on me girl," said Darwin. "Please, stay with me."

Rachel whimpers. From afar, there's Telmarines coming towards him fast.

"Dad Gum you Bushwackers!!!" shouted Darwin.

He fires his gun at the Telmarine Riders, protecting Rachel at all costs. He guns them down with every bullet he has, fighting them off one by one. But Suddenly, someone rams him from behind. It's Cozy!

"I got you now Fishface," said Cozy, as she pins him.

"You Rat. You Rat!!!" shouted Darwin.

She stamps on his face with her right hoof.

"I'm a.......survivor Fishface!!!" shouted Cozy.

She stamps him.

"I survive...."

She stamps him again.

"A survivor....."

She stamps him again.

"Is all there is....."

Darwin grabs her hoof.

"....Living and Dying!!!"

Darwin throws her off the ledge, as he falls down with her. Both hitting the ground, near Rachel. They groan in pain. Darwin gets up and pulls out his lightsabers. Cozy uses her magic to pull out a long-handled hammer with a heavy metal head, as a weapon, and the two circle each other.

"I trusted you, like a brother," said Darwin.

Cozy laughs maniacally.

"You're only a brother to Dipper!"shouted Cozy.

She swings the hammer at Darwin, but deflects it with his sabers.

"I.........fight for the Outlaw's survival," said Cozy. "I shall free Outlaws!!!!"

The two locked blades.

"No you don't," said Darwin. "You fight for nobody but yourself!!

Cozy shouts. She swings her hammer, as Darwin blocks every attack.

"And you wanna know something?" asked Darwin. "You......"

She swings her hammer.


She swings.

"......In Tartarus!!!"

She swings harder, hitting the sabers as Darwin drops them. Cozy goes for one last swing, but Darwin dodges the attack and punches the filly in the face. But Cozy swats him with her hoof, and the two fall down. Darwin can see his gun right next to Rachel. He crawls his way to the gun as Cozy gets up.

"You know, you're not gonna reach that gun," said Cozy. "You've lost, my aquatic friend."

Darwin keeps crawling.

"In the end Cozy," said Darwin. He keeps crawling.

"Despite my best efforts on your behalf......"

He crawls.

"It turns out I've won. And you lost."

He keeps crawling, and finally he reaches the gun. Rachel uses her head to pass the gun to Darwin's hand.

"Dad Gum you," growled Darwin.

He grabs it, but suddenly, a foot steps on his hand as he screams in pain. It's Taffyta!

"It is over, now Darwin," said Taffyta.

"Uh.....Taffy," said Darwin. "You rats! She's using you. You know it, and I know it."

Taffyta seems confused.

Cozy growls.

"Don't listen to him," said Cozy. "He's talking crazy."

They hear hoofsteps coming their way. More Telmarines are coming!

"What would this be worth?" questioned Darwin. "Killing me over a car?! Huh? Would that mean something to you?!"

Taffyta hesitates.

"I....."she spokes.

She moves away from Darwin. Cozy grabs her hammer.

"Come on, Taffy," said Cozy. "Let's go. We made it........We've won."

"The Gang made it," said Darwin. "They're the only one. Me, no. But, I tried.........and in the end, I made it. I never gave up. Because that's what the Starz Gang does."

Cozy growls again.

"Come Taffy, let's go, we can make it," said Cozy.

Taffyta looks back at Darwin. She steps back.

"Come on Taffy," said Cozy. "COME ON!!!!!"

But too late, Taffyta just, leaves the opposite direction. Cozy groans in frustration, then leaves as well, leaving Darwin alone. He exhales. He looks to his right, and crawls, to his injured Warg. Then, he just lays back. The two just laid down on that hill. Darwin risked his life to save the Gang. Even though he almost lost the fight, but Cozy's gone now. That is what matters. He looks to his left, and sees the sun rising. But from the sun, is something flying towards him. Before he could tell, he drops, passing out. As he sleeps, the object grabs him and the Warg and lifts him from the air. Whoever is that, just saved him from death.

Chapter Text


It was black. Blurry. Darwin wakes up. He finds himself in a large room. Somewhere even he does not. Someone comes in from the door. It was Flame Princess.

"Well,  at least you're alive," said Flame Princess.

Darwin sits up.

"Where am I?" asked Darwin.

 "You are in a safehouse in Armadillo," said a voice.

It appears to be Optimus Prime who enters the room with Hellboy.

"Optimus......" said Darwin. "I......I can explain."

"I know," said Optimus. "We have seen you in a fight with Cozy Glow, we came as soon as she and Taffyta left you."

"Where's Rachel?" asked Darwin. "Is she okay."

Suddenly, Toothless enters the room, along with Rachel who is in good health. Darwin gasps in excitement. She's okay! He gets up and hugs the warg, as she nuzzles him. She's alive and safe.

"I missed you girl," said Darwin.

"Pheobe and I were able to treat her," said Hellboy. "Let's just say.........I did a little cracking."

"Well, after that, she's felt better," said Flame Princess.

Darwin lets go. Facing the warg.

"I'm just glad you're safe," said Darwin.

"Yeah," said Hellboy. "About that........we also have some rescuing."

"What?" questioned Darwin.


Flame Princess and Hellboy open a door to a nearby room. Letting Darwin inside. He sees someone sitting on a bed. It was Kim Possible! She has survived. She looks up and sees Darwin.

"Hey old buddy," said Darwin.

The two embrace each other. Having a reunion after a long fight.

"I thought I lost you," said Darwin.

"Well, you know me," said Kim. "I survive."

"Kim, I have to tell you," said Darwin. "But......"

"I know," said Kim. "You've been through hell."

"Everything changed when those Tarkatans destroyed that bridge," said Darwin. "We had to run."

"Yeah, but it's not a Tarkatan that did this," said Kim.

Darwin lets go.

"It was Cozy," said Kim. "She did it."

Darwin gasps.

"Why?" asked Darwin.

"Well, when her friends arrived, we had a disagreement," said Darwin. "I've been planning for a final score, but she's been all freaky about it, wanting to attack now. But, I couldn't because we weren't ready. So she insisted that we'd do it now and her way, but I told her, that she will do as she were told. She agreed.But I didn't know she was that mad."

"But Cozy betrayed us, from the start," said Darwin. "Ever since the stampede."

Kim shook her head.

"No," said Kim. "I chose to trust her, because she's one of us. I thought, that we were better than the White Dragons, the Hammerhead Brothers, the Phillips Boys, or any of those Gangs. Now I know, how much we're like them."

Darwin froze. Even Kim knows about Cozy's betrayal. Even one of them, could be Power-Hungry corrupted as the fellow Gangs or the Telmarines.

"Where's Cozy now?" asked Kim.

"I don't know," said Darwin.

"There are reports about armed robberies around the globe," said Optimus. "Armadillo, Valentine, Blackwater, Saint Denis, Macfarlane's Ranch, even Saint Denis."

"And she's kept it all in somewhere impossible for an outlaw to rob," said Flame Princess.

"Los Santos," said Darwin. "That's out of the country."

"Yep," said  Hellboy. "And I gotta warn you. She got a whole gang there. Ex-Telmarines, White Dragons, crimminals every gang member from New Austin to Los Santos. Bad people. Doing bad things. Robbing banks, trains, churches, orphanages, restaurants. Man......they even rob a whole town."

"And, we heard yesterday that a local family has been shot dead killed," said Flame Princess. "And we believe Cozy's name is on it."

Darwin and Kim gasped.

"And what about the others?" asked Kim.

"They're safe," said Darwin. "While you were gone, I had to save Vanellope from that fur ball Lotso. She shot him by the way."

Kim smiled.

"Anyway, they left with Violet, in Thieves' Landing," said Darwin.

Kim realizes something.

"What about the plans?" asked Kim. "Tell me you haven't forgot it yet."

"Don't worry, I gave it to Dipper," said Darwin.  "Blue gave me the key."

Kim exhales.

"Thank goodness for that," said Kim.

"So, what now?" asked Darwin.

Kim thinks for a minute. She gets up.

"We ride to Thieves' Landing," said Kim. "We rally the Gang, and put an end to this."

"But be assure, Kim Possible," said Optimus. "Cozy's Gang is on watch at a Bank merely impossible to rob. It could be suicide."

"I know, but we gotta try," said Kim. "We've been on the run for too long. Cozy started this whole mess. And we're gonna finish it, whatever it takes."

They nod.

"Well, if  you're gonna do that, you'll need a little help," said Hellboy.

 Thieves' Landing........

In a small apartment in front of the Dixie Rose, here lies the rest of the Gang. (Or whatever's left of them: Violet, Mike, Blue, Arbiter, Diego, Miles, Felicie, Bubbles, Hiro Jake, Bender, Puss, Dipper, and Vanellope). They're all are asleep. But suddenly, the door opens. Waking them up. It appears to be Darwin Watterson, who enters. Everyone gasps.

"What? Should I just knock?" asked Darwin.

"Darwin!" exclaimed Violet in excitement. "You're alive!"

She rushes in and gave him a hug.

"Good to see you too Vi," said Darwin.

The others (Arbiter, Miles, Bender, Puss, Vanellope and Dipper) gave him a hug as well. Darwin turns to Jake.

"How ya doing Jake," greeted Darwin.

"As fine as a cobra," said Jake. "Good to see ya."

Just the, Kim enters the room. They seemed a bit shocked, to see their leader.

"Hey, Kim's here," said Diego.

Mike hugs Kim as well.

"We thought you were gone Kim," said Mike. "You had me worried."

"I guess I don't know when to drop dead," said Kim. "How did you all find each other? What Happened?"

"We've been here for couple of weeks," Hiro explained. "We hoped, you arrive, but you never did. And now, here you are."

"Wait, where's everyone else," said Darwin.

Everyone froze.

"Susan left," said Vanellope. "Lola ran off with Spongebob. Boog, left, old Bolt, "The boys" both gone at dawn."

"They told me, they're running because they don't feel safe," said Felicie. "I think Hayley, Chunky, and Marie left as well."

Darwin and Kim gasped.

"So it goes," said Darwin.

"They are Dad Gum cowards, guys," said Bender. "Cowards. All the time we spent to run off?"

"I guess they didn't wanna die Bender," argued Bubbles.

"She's right," said Arbiter. "It is not safe for them anyway."

"I understand," said Kim.

"We know about Cozy," said Miles. "She's gone crazy man. Spending time with us to throw us away?"

"Yeah, she left me to die," said Dipper. "And she tried to kill me at the Stampede. What does she want with us."

"Well I'm guessing that she used us," said Kim. "She's wasn't trying to save anyone but herself and her own principals. I know, she shot the bridge."

Everyone gasped.

"I know, things are tough," said Kim. "No doubt about that. But we're gonna find her, and end this mess once and for all. This isn't over."

"Now, the Warlords know where she is," said Darwin. "She's at the MAZE bank West in Lost Santos where she....."

"Wait, "The" Warlords? Here?" questioned Violet.

"Yeah, they uh.... saved Kim's life, and are gonna help us," said Darwin.

"Yes, but, what are you saying?" asked Puss.

"What we're saying is........Why don't we take on last job," said Kim.

Everyone looked at each other.

"Kim, I don't know about this," said Mike. "That Bank is heavily guarded. We'll never break through."

"Which is what the chest is for," said Darwin.

He nods to Miles, who grabs the chest and hands it over to Kim. Darwin pulls out they Key (the one Blue gave him) presses the lock, turns it and opens the chest. Kim reaches inside the chest and grabs a 9 foot scroll.

"You guys think we're gonna do something crazy," said Kim. "But I have a plan."

 Kim sets the scroll on a wall and unscrolls it to a blueprint, that has the Bank, the map of where to go, photos of nearby the bank and a few drawings. The Starz Gang and the Furious Squad gather around for Kim's big plan.

"Okay, we only have two options for this approach," said Kim. "One, we try to create a diversion, keep Cozy's gang busy. We go in quickly and quietly. No one would see us."

"Who's the diversion?" asked Bubbles.

"We have hired a man named "Michael De Santa" to drive a food truck to the compound," said Optimus.

"What's he serving?" asked Violet.

"I don't know," said Hellboy. "Something Peter Griffin would like, no doubt."

"Why a food truck?" questioned Bender. "Why not just have Rexy chase them off? I mean she's a T-Rex."

"Her ferocity will attract the cops," said Optimus. "And we need their help to catch Cozy's Gang."

Rexy nods in agreement.

"And if it doesn't work?" asked Hiro.

"Trust me," said Hellboy. "If the guards get uppity, I'd shoot 'em."

"Toothless and I will lure the cops away," said Flame Princess. "We heard that Cozy sent her pen pals Vicky and Tom to rob a jewelry store in Rockford Hills.  So I thought we can lure cops to them. That way, they'll focus on her gang than you guys."

"Okay, and what's option two?" asked Felicie.

"We try to disguise ourselves as employees," said Kim. "Make ourselves look dumb. We try to intercept a driller in a construction site, and drill the through the side of the bank, and take everything we carry. But the only problem is that one noise and everyone comes for us and we're done. But it'd be worth a shot."

"So which on would you choose?" asked Darwin. "A diversion, or a drill hole."

Everyone voted a diversion.

"I think I would prefer a diversion," said Bender.

"Okay, a diversion it is," said Flame Princess.

"Now, once we're inside, we'll need to move fast," said Kim. "Miles, Dipper, you take the exits, make sure no one gets out. Felicie, Hiro, Bubbles, you guys cut the power, make sure nobody calls the cops, or Cozy's pals. Puss, Jake, Bender, you guys control the hostages, they might not be innocent people. Darwin, Violet, and Blue, find and break through the vault, blow it or crack the code it's your call."

"What about me?" asked Vanellope.

"You.......Can take the lead once we barge in," said Kim.

"With Pleasure," said Vanellope.

"Mike, Diego, Arbiter and I will fight off the gangsters inside said Kim. "We'll make sure no one escapes. Now, any questions?"

Everyone is silent. Bender raises his hand.

"Yes, Bender," said Kim.

"You know this is really impossible to rob," said Bender. "You sure this is gonna work?"

"This will work," said Kim. "If it doesn't I wouldn't know what to do. Besides, the Bright Horde's not ready for another war. We gotta take out Cozy now. Before she could bring them to Jump City."

"Then let's do it," said Bender.

"Okay, let's go rob this nightmare," said Kim.



The Starz Gang are getting ready for a long ride, as the Furious Squad have little chat with Talion.

"Now, I am not use to robbing Banks, but I hope you return well," said Talion.

"Oh don't worry," said Hellboy. "We'll be back."

"May the light guide you," said Talion.

Toothless growls softly. Flame Princess nods.

"We shall return in a day," said Optimus.

He transforms to his truck form and drives off as Rexy, Hellboy, Toothless and Flame Princess follow. The Starz Gang mounts up.

"Okay, Los Santos is not far right?" asked Kim.

"It'll take hours for the ride," said Flame Princes.

"Well, lead the way," said Darwin. "Everyone, let's RIDE!!!!"

The Gang rides out, as the Furious Squad guide them to their journey to Los Santos. Toothless flies ahead of the group, to scout the city of Los Santos. After a few hours, they ride across the border to Sandy shores, a desert town more different than what they expected. On the eastern side, there are mostly trailers and small houses in which the local hillbillies dwell in. The town possibly turned into a neglected, run-down community due to the increasing toxicity of the Alamo Sea, caused by people dumping waste into the water and the large influx of drug production turning its residents into addicts, and deterring potential tourists as a result. The town is once roamed by  "The Lost MC" an honorable gang that honors all their friends who had been killed in battle. They take in prostitutes, rob trains, and evade the law pretty easily. But almost all of the members were wiped out by the Phillips boys. Now they take over this part of the town. Murdering folks in cold blood, robbing restaurants and do the worse crimes ever. However, this town is not far from the city. They kept riding, to the south of the region.

Finally, they reach Los Santos. A major city way different than Central Diablo and Saint Denis. Los Santos is a huge and sprawling metropolis with various different cultures, ranging from the prestigious film-making industry of Vinewood to the suburban hood life of Strawberry. The city itself is flooded with a massive Gangs of Outlaws, Thugs, Muggers, Thieves, Criminals and Bandits. They travel to the hills in Vinewood neighbor. On the way, Toothless flies to the group, with important news.

"T what is it?" asked Flame Princess.

Toothless nudges to his right, it appears to be Helicopters swarming the southern streets.

"That has to be the cops," said Darwin.

"Cozy's Gang is doing a heist," said Optimus. "We will aid the police and take out what's left of them. Good luck."

The Starz Gang and the Furious Squad split up. The Gang takes to North Los Santos, to the Del Perro street near the beach. Where lies the MAZE bank west. It takes the design of a trapezium office building with lower garage space (inaccessible). On top of the building is a helipad.  And this place is guarded by a ton of Gang members. They ride across the street and dismount from the Del Perro station.

"Okay, follow my lead," said Kim.

They move across the streets and hid behind a bush near the bank entrance.

"Let's hope "Michael" planned a heck of a diversion," said Darwin.

The guards just stood there, on patrol. Then suddenly, an food truck droves right at the curve. The guards are were starving and easily attracted. They rushed over to the food truck. They have taken the bait.

"Let's go," said Kim.

The Gang sneaks past the guards who are unwillingly distracted having to go to the food truck. They run up the stairs to the bank doors.

"Felicie, Bubbles, Hiro, you know what to do," said Kim.

The three head down to the routine maintenance, to cut the power.  They reached the circuit breaker box, the source of the power. Hiro pries it open and they see a big switch. Felicie pulls out a radio.

"Okay Kim, we're in," said Felicie.

"On my go, cut it," said Kim.

They walk up the stairs to the front doors. Darwin and Violet get into position at the doors. He takes a peak inside, and sees a bunch of Thugs dancing like crazy and messing around, with strippers inside. It sounded like a party.

"Okay, ready when you all are," said Darwin.

Kim pulls out her radio.

"Cut it," said Kim.

Downstairs, Hiro and Bubbles pull the control switch cutting the power in the bank. Frightening the thugs inside.

The Gang put on their Bandanas (except Darwin, Miles and Violet).

"Darwin," said Dipper. "You'll need this."

He tosses Darwin his Black hat. The one he gave to Dipper at the Assault on Fort Mercer. Darwin puts it on.

"Let's go," said Darwin.

Vanellope kicks the door open and the Gang bursts inside, pulling out their weapons. Bender fires his machine gun in the air, cutting the thugs and strippers off guard.

"Lllllllllllladies and Gentlemen! This is a Robbery!" shouted Vanellope. "Get on your knees now!!"

Doublestripe spine shots the ceiling forcing the thugs to get on their knees. Puss and Jake watch over the strippers.

"Okay, don't wanna hurt you," said Mike. "We're here for two things: Money and Cozy Glow."

Darwin turns to the lead thug.

"You, where's the vault?" asked Darwin.

"It's.....downstairs," said the thug. "Take the elevator to the left."

Darwin turns to the elevator.

"Jake, Puss, Bender, secure the crowd," said Kim. " Dipper, Miles, check for any backup. The rest of you on me!"

Darwin, Kim, Mike, Violet, Blue, Arbiter and Diego run to take the elevator.

After a few floors, they finally exit the elevator and walk through the halls. But suddenly, someone pounced on Darwin. It was Tai Lung.

"You think you could rob us could ya," said Tai Lung. "Well you're just on luck."

Mike pounces on Tai Lung's back, putting him on a lock. But Tai lung elbows Mike and throws him to the ground. As he can deliver the final blow, Kim kicks him in the chest, sending him flying toward the wall as his body hits it. Kim helps Mike up.

"You okay?" asked Kim.

"I'm fine," said Mike. "Let's go."

The walk across the halls (with Darwin in front and Kim, Blue and Arbiter on the right, and Violet, Mike, Diego and  to the left) to the door on the other side. W Darwin kicks the door open. And sees more thugs at a room. With them is Randall Boggs. The thugs point their guns at them.

"Look who it is, you got a habit of just showing up," said Randall.

"Well we got something to take care of," said Darwin.

A standoff ensures.

"We were kinda hoping we'd meet again Randy," said Kim.

"Likewise," replied Randall.

Darwin draws his gun out, and fires at the thugs. Randall draws out four guns from his arms and fires at the Gang, initiating a firefight. Kim and Mike fire their guns at the Thugs. Arbiter activates his energy and roared a furious battle cry that caused his mandibles on his mouth to flare open, charging at the thugs. He swings his energy sword cutting them down. Blue lunges at one thug, mauling him alive. Darwin focused his attention on Randall who fires his gun at him, but misses. Darwin loads an electric ammo and fires at Randall (which didn't kill him, but tazed him) as he drops tot he ground. The area is clear.

"That was Randall," said Diego. "We gotta be close."

They push forward to the other door. Kim kicks it open and sees more thugs coming from the halls. She fires her Pulse rifle at them, gunning them down. But all of a sudden, there's more thugs coming the stairs. Violet counterblocks the lead thug, elbowing him in the face. Diego bites another thug in the leg, dragging him down the stairs, knocking his head. They kept pushing forward, fighting off any thug that stands in their way, room by room. Finally, they reach another door, the end of the line. This must be where the vault is. Darwin kicks the door open, and they see a room inside with hundreds of lock boxes and a table, with a larger metal box. And also has a lot of vault doors across the room. But at the back of the room is a giant armored wall vault door. With all of the money stolen from the local town. Even the entire Gang's money.

"There's the vault," said Violet.

"Okay, let's pry this thing open," said Darwin.

"Hello fishface," said a voice.

They look to their left. It's Cozy Glow!

"Did ya miss me?" asked Cozy.

"Not much," said Darwin.

"It's been a pleasure meeting you guys," said Cozy.

Mike and Arbiter step forward, but Cozy moves in their way, blocking the vault. Laughing.  She really doesn't want them to take all that money.

"How's that.......favorite of yours Kim?" asked Cozy.

"He's good," said Kim.

"You know, we figure we shouldn't waste our time bringing you down," said Violet.

"But we felt different," Mike finished.

"So it seems eh," said Cozy. "Well maybe when we're finished here, I'll go pay them a call. Hm? And the Warlords."

Darwin steps up.

"Whatever you say, "Buddy"," said Darwin.

But suddenly, Randall barges through another door and fires his guns at them. They scatter and run for cover as he and Cozy start shooting at them.

"We got more men coming," said Randall. "You should run away!"

"We look forward to meeting them," said Diego.

Darwin pulls out his gun and shoots at Randall but misses. But suddenly, Violet runs from behind and tackles Randall to a window, in which Violet trips to a ledge, hanging 80 feet from undrground. Randall stands over her.

"Look at everyone's finest Invisible girl," taunted Randall. "You stupid, pathetic waste!!"

He steps on her left hand, as she screams.

"You guys been taking our score for too long!" shouted Randall. "Now you're time is up!"

He steps on her other hand.

"But don't worry....."

He presses hard.

"I' of the Gang!"

Before he could step on her hand, Kim attacks him from behind, pulling his fronds very hard as he screams in pain. She wraps right her arm on his neck, strangling him and pulling him back.

"Now you gonna listen?! Now you gonna listen you little punk!" Kim taunted.

She punches him in the back with her free hand. She throws him to the ground.

"Don't you ever threaten my friends!" shouted Kim. "You hear me!!!!"

She picks him up and delivers a few punches, beating him. Then suddenly, Arbiter grabs him by the neck, and restrains him into a chokehold, holding him at bay.

"Fight back Randall!" shouted Cozy.

Before she can fire her magic, Mike points a Schofield revolver at the back of Cozy's head.

"You make a move, I'll put a bullet in your head," Mike Threatened.

"Okay, you got me," said Cozy.

Mike forces her to the vault doors.

"Now, tell us how to open this vault," said Mike.

But suddenly the door breaks open. An old enemy has come to pay a visit. It was Bowser! The crimelord himself.

"Hello Inquisitor," greeted Bowser.

He walks forward, aside him is Taffyta.

"Mrs. Possible. It has been quite a while."

Just then, Cozy swats the gun from Mike's hand, and holds him hostage, just as Blue helps Violet up.

"Now, Darwin," said Cozy. "What were you saying?"

A standoff ensures, with Cozy holding Mike hostage, Arbiter and Diego holding Randall hostage, Darwin pulls out his gun. He turns to Bowser.

"What are you doing here Bow Bow?" asked Darwin.

"Same as you," said Bowser.

"Bowser and I are teaming up once more," said Cozy. "We got money, we got troops. Join us Darwin."

"Let him go," said Darwin.

"Oh I can't do that buddy," said Cozy.

Darwin turns to Taffyta.

"Taffy....." said Darwin. "Taffy come on now!"

"You shot at me," said Taffyta.

"You started it," said Darwin.

"You destroyed my car," said Taffyta.

"And you ruined my friend's life," said Kim.

"Whatever," said Taffyta.

"Join us," said Cozy.

"Why would I do that?" asked Darwin.

"We got that money," said Bowser. "It's in that vault. Take a look."

"We know that," said Kim.

Darwin turns to Taffyta.

"Look, I told you, what's worth killing me for a car," said Darwin. "It ain't our fault, it couldn't be replaced."

She freezes.

"Taffyta, killing me won't solve anything!" shouted Darwin.

"Put down your gun Watterson!!" shouted Bowser.

"Say something Taffy," said Darwin. "SAY SOMETHING!!!!"

Everyone remained silent. Taffyta spoke.

"I don't have anything to say no more," said Taffyta.

She points a gun and shoots Cozy in the hind leg, forcing her to let go of Mike. Everyone gasps. Taffyta has betrayed Cozy. She holsters her gun.

"You shot me," muttered Cozy.

She laughs maniacally as Darwin gets into a stance.

"You shot me good," said Cozy.

She tries to fire her magic, but Darwin quickly draws his gun and shoots her (with electric bullets) in the chest tasing her to as she drops to the ground.  Darwin turns to Taffyta.

"Thank you," said Darwin. "I....."

Taffyta, just walks away. Bowser tries to do the same, but is met by Kim and Mike's guns pointing at him.

"Tell us code," said Kim.

Realizing he's outnumbered, and is without full power, he gives up.

"95, 42, 29," said Bowser.

Darwin rushes to the lock, turn the combination code and open the door. He and Violet enter the vault, and there's a whole deposit room. The entire room is full of millions of stacks of cash.

"Kim, you might wanna see this," said Violet.

The others enter the deposit room and smile. They have what they came for.

"Pass me the sacks," said Kim.


Back at the bank entrance, the rest of the Gang watch over the hostages and kept an eye out for backup. Then suddenly, they hear the elevator open. From the Elevator, they see Darwin carrying an unconscious Cozy Glow, along with Blue, Arbiter, Mike, and Diego holding the sacks that has the money. Kim exits the elevator last.

"People," said Kim. "Let's get out of here."

They cheered. Having what they came for and getting the justice they deserve. The Starz Gang exit the MAZE Bank West. They have completed their Final (and the most impossible) score.

Chapter Text



Here in town, everyone is minding their own business. Talion is having a lesson with the Fearless Squadron. Then suddenly, Twilight and Gumball spot someone coming into town.

"Hey guys, look," said Gumball.

It's the Starz Gang riding back to town along with the Furious Squad. With Puss, Felicie, Miles, and Bender holding the sacks that has all the money. The squadron rushed on to see them. Darwin dismounts Rachel, and walks over.

"It's over guys," said Darwin. "It's all done."

The Fearless squadron rushed over and hug their former leader. Having him safe once more. He turns to Talion.

"You did good out there kid," said Talion.

Darwin nods.

"So, what now?" asked Bender. "We got Cozy and the money. What's next?"

Darwin turns to Kim.

"I guess, first things first, we pay back the bounties," said Kim. "But for now, we celebrate!!"

Everyone cheers.

The Gang follow Flame Princess, Hellboy, Talion and the Squadron to the saloon. As Blue, Diego and Doublestripe follow Rexy and Toothless elsewhere. Having to celebrate, surviving a living hell.

Ever since the Last score, everything has changed. The Gang has successfully paid their bounty price on their heads, so the Telmarines, Pinkertons, or even the law itself won't be able to find them. Some of the money were returned to the banks, others were paid to the poor.But most of them, they've been sold to the members who left for their own safety. As for the fellow Gangs, things changed for them as well. The White Dragon Band has been disbanded. The Phillips boys are out too, since Trevor was imprisoned and hanged for mass murder. The Hammerhead Brothers went their separate ways. And as for the Royal Guards.....they formed an alliance with the Thunder God Raiden and his Sangheili resistance and fend off what remains of the Covenant Forces. And Bowser.....he's been caught and sent back to prison. But who knows. As for Cozy, she would stand trial for her betrayal.

Saloon/ A few months later...........

Darwin and the Gang gather around in the saloon bar, having their celebration of a reuinion after a few month. Kim gets their attention, having to give out a big speech.

"Okay everyone," said Kim.

Everyone got her attention.

"Now, I am glad for you guys to be here," said Kim. "We had, a great journey for a few months. Some are pretty good times, we did a few scores, and met a few fine folks. And some, are pretty dark bad days. Now, I loved Lola. Boog, Spongebob, Marie, Hayley, Bolt,Chunky.......and Cozy. They uh.......may have left, but if they could listen.....I advise them too."

And yes, they're listening through radio cameras from different locations.

"If I could throw myself, in the ground for them, I'd do it," Kim continued. "Now, the stampede may have hit us pretty hard, but we never gave up. We kept pushing, and pushing, and now, here we are. We have money, and we are safe now. And how we did it? We just did it. Now, I honor you all with my faith. And I am honored to have a toast, to my good friend, Darwin."

Everyone looks at Darwin, who seems a bit shocked.

"If it weren't for him, we all wouldn't be here, on this table now," said Kim.

Darwin smiles.

"So, a toast, to the Starz Gang, to our great Journey in the country, and to Darwin," said Kim.

"To Darwin!" exclaimed Bender.


 Everyone clashed their drinks, having a toast to their friend.

 As for the gang. They all moved on. Retired. Went their separate ways. Darwin remains with the Fearless Squadron, participating in battles with the Bright Horde once more. But he may have known this. No matter how, gruesome it is, no matter how much guts it will take, the only thing that will remain for now on, is to believe. Not only in himself, but to his comrades, his family, and most of all: His Friends. And that's the great, dangerous journey in the Wild Wild West of the Starz Gang.