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Following Stars

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Spring was ending, and you could notice it by the heat in the air as you rose up from the bed. It would’ve been a common day, as any other, if it wasn’t because you were on vacations from your work at Cinderella.

Your sister, Aya, didn’t want you to come to work because of the murderer that was free around Morioh. Your sister was aware that Cinderella would become a target if it was ever found out that the two of you were Stand Users, which was the reason why she decided to keep you out of the business for a while. You weren’t exactly happy with the decision, but in the end, you couldn’t do much other than accept your boss’ (and older sister’s) orders.

So, today, you could rise slower than normal, you could last longer in the shower, you could prepare a big breakfast— but, you simply decided to take a quick shower and eat a toast. It was early in the morning, so you might be able to run into one of Yukako’s friends – one of those high schoolers that went to speak with Reimi, the strange ghost of a teenager.

When you met them, it was a sad day in Morioh. You felt a tinge of pain in your heart at some random hour in the afternoon and you felt a single tear leaving your eye, and you couldn’t really comprehend why. Yukako called Aya for the two of you to meet them in a certain address, right in the shopping district, and that was when you saw a bunch of people who were, also, Stand Users.

And that was when you realized a young boy was killed. He was barely 13 years old. The introductions were left out short, you couldn’t really remember any of the names other than Yukako’s, Koichi’s (and that’s because they went to the store a few days earlier) and Shigechi (which was the boy who was killed), but you were probably able to recognize their friends’ faces.

You ended up roaming around the school district for a while – and in the end, by twelve, you went to eat in a restaurant that was close by, feeling defeated. You sat outside and asked for something without really seeing the menu at all. The service was fast, or perhaps your food wasn’t too difficult to make.

You had forgotten that the school district in Morioh was as big as it was.

You let out a small sigh, all you truly wanted was to help catch the murderer, so no other children had to suffer Shigechi’s fate. It made you shiver, to imagine what his last thoughts must’ve been. Your eyes roamed around your table, on it, your lemonade and an almost empty plate rested — it was then when you saw a very distinct jacket – it was white, and the sleeves’ ends were purple and blue. You were sure you saw someone using that weird ass jacket with Reimi.

You quickly left a sum of money that surely was enough to pay for your debt and followed the jacket… Long enough to reach the knees… and on the head of the man you were ‘subtly’ stalking rested a white and golden hat. “… You!!” You called him, your hand reaching his sleeve. He turned around (and wow, how beautiful his eyes were, it was hard not to compare them to emeralds…), looking slightly displeased at your hand holding his clothes. You let go immediately, your hands coming up in a sign of defeat. “I’m sorry—” You tried to find the right words for what you were doing but all that came out was your name and your sister’s.

“Oh, you’re one of the Stand Users in Morioh.” He didn’t ask, it was a statement. You replied to him a quick and quiet ‘yes’, and he nodded, his expression going from slightly pissed to indifferent. “My name is Kujo Jotaro.”

You sighed, relieved that he had realized that you didn’t manage to learn his name. Nor any of the others. “I’m sorry for suddenly stopping you, Aya didn’t want me to be involved into any of this but— it didn’t feel right to sit idly by while more children are endangered.” You bowed slightly, as if to apologize for intruding. “I’ve been looking for all of the others, I can remember their faces, but I can’t seem to remember their names. Comes with working in a beauty salon, I guess.” You chuckled. “I knew they were students because of their uniforms so I stayed around the school district but—”

You were rambling, and Kujo simply continued to walk without addressing you. You walked beside him, not entirely sure if he was trying to ignore you or simply too preoccupied with something else to listen to you. However, since he didn’t seem to mind your presence, you continued accompany him.

“Jotaro!!” You heard a voice that you recognized, and you turned around to see Koichi running towards the two of you. “Oh! Miss Tsuji!”

You smiled to Koichi, and you ruffled his hair a little bit. “Hello dear, how’s Yukako doing?” You couldn’t help but remember how much of a gentleman he was when Yukako lost her face with your sister’s Stand. He blushed a little, and you stopped yourself from pinching his cheeks.

Kujo simply looked at the exchange with a suspicious air around him. You moved your hand dismissively. “Koichi has come to Cinderella before, I know him from his visit. My sister didn’t make the greatest first impression but—” You shrugged. “I think he’s a pretty good kid.”

“Miss Tsuji, don’t talk about me as if I’m not here.” Koichi’s face turned into an even darker shade of red. “Anyways…” His gaze turned serious as he looked towards Jotaro. “I wanted to ask if you’ve found something about… about the murderer.”

So, he was worried, as well. Of course, he was. Morioh was such a small and peaceful town, whoever was taking away that from you all, you needed to be dealt with. Jotaro shook his head, his expression unchanged. “Nothing yet.”

Your eyes went from Kujo to Koichi, and you noticed just how truly mortified the adolescent was.

Kujo continued to walk, and the two of you followed him. However, you didn’t feel completely comfortable with Koichi following the two of you, not because he was weak; because with that resolve he showed you and your sister he was everything except that, but because he was so young. However, your worries were silenced by Kujo’s voice interrupting your train of thought. “This is a shoe store?”

You looked at it for a second, it was Centipede Shoes Store. “Yeah, but for some weird reason it also specializes in tailoring. Aya comes by often to fix my shoes and her dresses.”

“Perhaps we should ask, then.” Kujo didn’t give Koichi and you time to react to his statement, he was already opening the door. The two of you simply followed him inside, where a single man was sitting, drinking coffee.

You held Koichi’s shoulders briefly. He turned his head to look at you. “Stay close to me, please. If anything happens, the adults are the ones who should deal with the danger.” You whispered. Koichi seemed a bit offended at your words, but he didn’t say anything. Inside the shop, few shoes rested, three jackets in the back, a desk, and an elderly man sitting behind it. Kujo pulled out from his jacket a button and showed it to the owner. That button was the last thing that Shigechi left in this world; you prayed that it would lead you to the culprit.

“We were looking for the owner of this button.” Kujo asked.

“Oh yeah— actually, I have the suit right here.” The owner pointed towards a purple suit that was on the back of the shop.

You felt your heart stop for a second, your voice coming out almost involuntarily. “Can you please tell us the name of the client!?” Your urgency showed, and your voice was too loud, making Koichi, Kujo and the owner flinch. “Whoops, I’m sorry.”

The owner chuckled lightly. “It’s alright, dear. However, my ears work perfectly, even if I’m rather old.” He joked. “Let’s see…” He stood up, making his way to the jacket. “I can recall the names of all my clients, but since you want efficiency, let’s just read the tag on the suit.” You were relieved that you all were able to find information so fast. You wondered if Kujo had narrowed down the options, because he found the suit way too fast. “The tag says… oh my, how do you read this again?”

“Let me see it!” Koichi came close to the owner of the shop when a strange object flew from a door on the back of the shop. You pulled from Koichi’s arm, bringing him close to you. “W-Wait!” At that same moment, the owner’s fingers were cut and fell to the floor.

You held Koichi even closer to you. “Kujo!” He heard you and almost by command he was in front of you, shielding you two from whatever that was. The strange creature that came out of the door landed in the owner’s shoulder, and he screamed at the sensation. The ‘machine’? entered his mouth, asphyxiating him. A hand came from behind the door and began to tug the jacket, trying to break it free, and Koichi tried to run towards it. “He’s trying to take the suit with him!!” Koichi screamed as you tried to hold him down, but he was much stronger than he seemed.

That was when the small and distinct tic of a clock made its presence known, and for some reason, that sound only made Jotaro jump and hug the two to you. Your eyes were covered by a huge hand, and the sound of an explosion made its way to your ears. “A lady shouldn’t see that.” Was all that Kujo said, not pulling his hand away from your eyes until the only remnant of the explosion was the fog.

“T-The owner… This power…” Koichi and Kujo stood, and you were left on the floor kneeling, looking at the spot where the owner was previously laying. “This is w-why they couldn’t find Shigechi’s body…”

You felt your stomach twisting. He was barely 13. Your hand fell over your mouth as you tried to cover the scream that was threatening to leave you. “… S-So hideous…”

Kujo offered you his hand, and you took it. He helped you stand and kept his hand around your waist, maintaining you stable. The purple jacket was no longer on the back of the store, the man behind the back door already taking it away. “We need to find him!!” Koichi screamed, running towards the door on the back. You tried to catch him, but you stumbled on the first step you tried to give right back into Kujo’s hold.

“Koichi! Don’t act too rashly!” Kujo’s voice was rough and demanding, making Koichi stop. “The Stand is still on this store. We need to retreat.” You felt his fingers digging deep on your hips. He was worried, probably not for himself, but for Koichi and you.

Koichi didn’t seem to comprehend Kujo’s worry, however, and began to move around the shop, as if to test Kujo’s theory. It didn’t surprise you when one pink sneaker morphed into the small bomb-Stand. “Diana!” You called forth your Stand, which looked like a woman with short hair green hair and green skin. She held Koichi and brought him close to you, while Kujo called his own Stand. You heard him utter the words ‘Star Platinum’ and ‘The World’, and everything seemed to stop.

When you recovered your sense of time, there was a hole in the floor, the bomb-Stand nowhere to be seen. “You stopped time! That was a great move!” Koichi, in your arms, cheered for Kujo. So. Kujo’s Stand was able to… manipulate time itself. Incredible. Koichi looked up to you, embarrassed. “Thank you, I’m sorry.”

You ruffled his hair. “It’s ok, but don’t do anything reckless next time, yeah?” You smiled. “The Stand User can’t be too far, however. Perhaps we can catch up—”

“I can look for him with Echoes! He must be close by with a Stand as powerful as this one!”

“No, don’t do anything other than protecting yourselves.” Kujo raises his hand in your direction, and soon, the bomb-Stand was out of the hole in the floor. “… Even after all the hits… This isn’t a Stand of short reach, Koichi. I know from experience!”

“… He is underestimating me…” Koichi whispered, and you didn’t have any time to answer to him. Echoes came out of him, looking exactly as you remembered.

“Koichi wait—” You tried to reason, but to no avail.

“This Stand is too powerful for his user to be far, my Echoes reach is ten meters!” He sent his Stand through the roof, ignoring Kujo’s advice. “I see him!!” Koichi whispered, and his face morphed from pride to astonishment. “He’s beyond Echoes reach!!”

The small bomb-Stand seemed to look between Kujo and both you and Koichi, and he began to approach the two of you. You took hold of Koichi’s shoulders and pulled him behind you, to cover him from the blast. Diana stood before the two of you, ready to take the bomb by herself. Koichi looked at you and you could almost sense his fear. You were sure if the bomb reached Diana you were going to die. Diana wasn’t a fighter. “You’re going to be fine.” You whispered to the teenager.

“Star Platinum! The world!”


Once time began moving again, the bomb-Stand made its way towards Kujo, who had lighted a fire beside himself. “Kujo! You don’t have time to dodge!!” You screamed as the bomb went off at Kujo’s side, sending him flying off and crashing against a piece of furniture you hadn’t even noticed was there. “Kujo!!” You took Koichi’s arm and ran towards the unconscious man. You felt his pulse and sighed, relieved to find that he was alive. However, he was gravely injured.

“The bomb was…” Koichi began, looking right to where the fire was lit. “Following the heat.”

“Diana.” You called your Stand, and she appeared. “Perpetual Surrender.” Diana touched Koichi’s shoulder, and you saw his body relax at her touch. Your power, Perpetual Surrender, was meant to cause an intense sense of peace in the people it touched, lowering their heart rates and body temperature for around fifteen minutes. Afterwards, people would feel strangely relaxed. You used your power along with Aya whenever a client was extremely overworked. You breathed, slowly, also bringing your heart rates down as much as you could. You made Diana help you with Kujo. “Let’s move.” The bomb-Stand was still distracted with the remnants of heat the fire left.

The three of you and your Stand made your way through the house that was behind the shoes’ shop, Koichi turning on the lights to give the bomb-Stand more distractions. “Kujo won’t make it far if we don’t get him help.” He was very heavy, but your stand was carrying most of his weight.

The bomb-Stand kept repeating the same sentence ‘this explosion wasn’t a human’ each time it collided against the lights inside the house. You found yourselves in a kitchen. “We’re lucky! There’s a lot of heat in here!” Koichi went to turn on the oven and cooking ranges, but they were electric. “Fuck!”

Realistically, you couldn’t run away. If you went out to a section with more people, the Stand would simply begin attacking indiscriminately and that would cause one too many casualties. Diana laid Jotaro on the floor and seemed to look around. “Mistress, you’re in danger.” Your body temperate was rising, out of the helplessness of the situation and the distress, you could feel your heart beating rapidly inside your chest. Koichi was calling one of his friends from the phone on the kitchen — you hadn’t even notice there was a phone there. “Josuke! Come to the Centipede Shoes Store! We’re in danger! The killer is here! Jotaro is hurt and it’s my fault!”

The bomb-Stand made his way out of the house and into the kitchen, and it was going directly to you. “I need to keep them safe. They can stop this madness.” You moved away from Kujo, lurking the Stand to a different direction so it wouldn’t explode with Kujo. Koichi’s body temperature was lower than yours due to Perpetual Surrender, but because of his guilt he was still agitated, and it wouldn’t take long for him to return to his previous state. “Koichi, listen to me.” You moved to an edge of the kitchen. The bomb-Stand was slowly making his way to you. “If I die here, make sure you and Kujo get to safety.” You smiled – you were just trying to look cool, you were terrified, but it didn’t sit good in your stomach to go out screaming like a coward. If it was going to happen, at the very least, you needed to act as if it wasn’t a big deal… Even if your legs were trembling.

“No!” Koichi called forth Echoes, and his hair seemed to stand on its own. He was angry, angry at your suggestion, and angry at the killer. “I’m not going to run away! We shouldn’t be afraid of this roach!! He should be afraid of us!” Echoes’ tail joined in with the head of the bomb in one sudden and unexpected attack — and the tail morphed onto a ball that had the word ‘heat’ written on it. The bomb-Stand began to move recklessly, following the ball that was stuck to its head. “This is it!”

You were both relieved and confused – much more relieved than you were confused though. You’ve never seen Echoes power before, you had only seen its form. “W-What did you do Koichi?” He explained Echoes’ power to the best of his ability, but it was still rather perplexing. You did understand, however, that it had something to do with the onomatopoeias. You nodded, and you proceeded to approach Kujo’s unconscious body. You knelt beside him and took off his hat to see if any damage was done to his head – earlier, you noticed how he had very beautiful eyes, but, now seeing him up close, you were able to see that he was in his entirety a beautiful man, but that wasn’t what you came to confirm. “Most of the wounds appear to be on his arms and sides. There are no wounds on his head, thankfully. But… these injuries are too deep.” You could almost see the bone on some of them. “Kujo…” You settled his hat back to his head.

“Josuke can fix him with— wait…” Koichi looked at the oven, and your gaze went to it as well. You noticed the air over the cooking ranges was noticeably hotter than the one around it. “What the… I turned it off after it didn’t work, and now it’s working? What a trashy oven…” The small bomb-Stand noticed the change of heat and began to move towards the oven.

“Koichi— fuck! Diana!!” You called your Stand and made her hold Koichi and take him out through the window beside the phone. You held Kujo by the arms and took him out of the Centipede Shoes Shop before the explosion, just barely. The eery sound of the small voice of the bomb-Stand saying that it wasn’t a human made you shiver. “Koichi! Careful! He’s coming and you’re no longer under Diana’s Perpetual Surrender!”

“This is no good, Echoes tail blew up in the explosion!!” He tried to call Echoes to no avail, since his Stand didn’t answer. “Why isn’t my Echoes coming!?”

You noticed the carcass of a huge bug on the side of the road, and you felt an extreme amount of fear. “I-Is he dead!?” You covered your mouth with your hand, trying to cover a scream. Then, you reasoned, if Koichi was alive, it was impossible for Echoes to be dead – Koichi was, after all, his user.

It was then when a humanoid Stand made its appearance. “Echoes!?” Koichi and you said at the same time.

And it spoke. You hadn’t heard Echoes speak before — and it seemed as if Koichi hadn’t, either. Koichi was asking a few questions, completely understandable and yet not on the right time – since the bomb-Stand was still attacking. At last, Koichi commanded the ‘new’ Echoes to protect you all.

It landed a few hits on the small bomb-Stand, but overall, it appeared as if it did nothing at all. Koichi was almost screaming at how useless Echoes was and you were sure that Echoes spelled the word shit – but then… the small bomb-Stand buried itself in the floor. “What?” It left your mouth just before it left Koichi’s, but both of you were thinking the same exact question.

“I protected you. If he gets close enough to you, he will feel an incredible pressure on him.” Koichi and you were both astonished at how robotic, sarcastic and sardonic Echoes sounded; was he joking when he said S-H-I-T? You didn’t know. Was it a part of Koichi’s personality that was very well hidden? You also didn’t know.

“Well— since it can’t move… I guess we just need to wait for Josuke to arrive.” Koichi scratched the back of his head. “Ah yeah, Josuke’s Stand is Crazy Diamond, he has the ability to heal any wounds as long as the person isn’t dead.”

You looked down to Kujo, he had his brow furrowed even unconscious. He seemed to be in pain, but you didn’t want to use your ability with him to tranquilize him, since there was a possibility that you would cause him a heart-failure. “I’m glad he can fix him up. Today hasn’t been his lucky day.”

“At this point, you would actually wonder which day his lucky day is.” Koichi laughed, and you couldn’t help but do it as well, even though you didn’t know any history behind that statement, Kujo seemed to have a very weird fortune.

You sat beside Kujo, every so often checking his vitals to make sure he was still breathing, and his pulse was still stable. Koichi kept standing close to the bomb to keep it under control with the weight that Echoes’ 3 Freeze was providing.

It wasn’t long until a man appeared before you all. One that seemed to be holding the weight of the world in his hand. He was sweating bullets and you could recognize the color of his suit just by looking at it… He was the Stand User… The murderer. “It took me two minutes to get here…”

You stood up rapidly, taking a stance just in front of Koichi. The teenager was barely 16 – and even if your legs were almost giving up on you, you wouldn’t let the man in front of you damage Koichi if you could help it. Koichi took hold of your arm, looking straight towards the man with an expression filled with fear. “Ah, what a beautiful hand you have.” The man noted, as he approached the two of you. You felt a wave of nausea wash over you as he gave a single step, walking even though he was carrying the weight of 3 Freeze in his hand.

You called forth Diana, aware that you couldn’t do much with Perpetual Surrender but at least you could shield yourself from any strange attacks. “And how lovely that you’re trying to protect little Koichi… A truly worthy woman.”

“You know nothing of worth!” You screamed, and you wished your voice hadn’t trembled slightly. Echoes stood right beside Diana – even though you felt Koichi’s hand quivering against your arm. Your gaze fell on the teen, seeing his expression filled with the mixture of stress and courage, and an infantile fear. Your eyes returned to the blond man, and your voice lowered an octave. “You’re the lowest of mankind, but a roach in the streets waiting to be stepped over…”

That seemed to upset him, for he called forth a different Stand, a feline type of Stand that seemed to be of very short range. You heard Koichi mutter something about just multiple Stands and it was then when the blond man chuckled. “Heart Attack is just part of my Killer Queen.”

You almost didn’t feel it when Killer Queen landed a punch on your stomach, but you felt the blood raising from your esophagus until you had to puke it. The second hit he provided didn’t land on you. It landed on Koichi, who fell right outside the five meters range required for 3 Freeze to keep Heart Attack trapped.

You turned your head towards the blond man, who seemed to be rather enchanted by the blood that was now covering your clothes. “You look lovely in red.” Killer Queen hit you once more and you felt your rib rupturing. The pain was so strong it was almost blinding. You tried to keep yourself steady on your feet, but it was impossible, you felt on your knees when you tried to give one step towards the man.

He didn’t distract himself too much with you, leaving you kneeling on the floor while he walked, slowly, towards Koichi as Echoes wondered who to attack, if the man’s Heart Attack or if the man itself. You couldn’t say anything because you felt, each time that you opened your mouth, how your blood was coming out of your body.

Koichi lasted too long in deciding, and when he managed to use 3 Freeze in Heart Attack, the blond man was already in range for him to be able to kick Koichi utilizing his Killer Queen. You tried to stand, as you saw how Koichi was getting extremely beaten up, and how Kujo was still not reacting. “D-D…” You tried to call forth Diana, trying to reach for Koichi – and once Diana finally materialized, she simply was held against your will by Killer Queen.

“Don’t interrupt now, yes? I have about a minute. I’ll have you in a moment – that gorgeous hand of yours will feel delightful.” He made Killer Queen hit Diana in her face, and you fell back down to the floor, bleeding out from your mouth and now from your eye.

You couldn’t see Koichi, but you heard him. “Your name is Kira Yoshikage!” And it was almost as if he was claiming victory. Why? What was so important about a name? You didn’t understand. You all were very close to death, if he knew that and couldn’t share it with anyone, then why was he so happy? Your last thoughts were pure confusion.

Your consciousness was leaving you, and you were afraid to close your eyes. You didn’t want to leave them to face that man on their own. But at this point, it was out of your hands to keep yourself awake.

You just hoped Koichi and Kujo would survive.


The first thing you noticed was how warm your body suddenly was, the second, how weird your stomach felt, and the third, a pair of blue eyes looking at you with a worried expression. “You’re alright, just let yourself heal for now.” Your eyes were swimming in his, and you nodded – confused but feeling… alive. He stood up, leaving you to look at the clear sky.

There were a few distant voices, two you recognized, one that was familiar but not very known to you. None of the voices were aggressive, however, one was obviously exaggerating and overacting. Why? You didn’t know. You assumed one of the voices you were able to recognize was Josuke, who was probably also the one who had healed you.

It was around two minutes of you being showered in the glow of Josuke’s Stand before you felt like you could sit. And surprisingly, it was Kujo the one who helped you stand up. He wasn’t looking at you when he did, his eyes were fixated in the man who had almost killed Koichi, Kujo and you.

He seemed to be in a very bad shape, you wondered what happened after you lost consciousness. “Kujo… was that you?” You whispered.

“No man should hurt the weak, much less a woman.” Kujo’s voice was dark, and Koichi, who was standing besides you, nodded in agreement.

“Well we’re going to make justice happen right now. Great… just great.” Josuke’s own voice had an edge to it, he was almost disgusted by the man standing before him. It was then that you were surprised by the action Kira did next. He, with Killer Queen’s power, decided to cut his own hand.

Once again, your eyes were covered just before you could see any blood. You wondered if it was some sort of nervous behavior that Kujo had as a result of his life. You heard as Kira proclaimed that he was going to live his life peacefully, and you heard when Josuke began to hit Heart Attack. You knew it was Josuke because you could feel the same soft energy that engulfed you earlier coming from somewhere close. “Josuke, that’s not going to work…” You took Kujo’s hand off your eyes and looked the teenager. “The bomb doesn’t take damage.”

He looked at you with a mixture of confusion and anger — anger that wasn’t meant for you but for Kira. “I’m not trying to break it, I’m trying to fix it.” Just as he said that, the hand began to levitate and move, probably following its rightful owner. “I know this might sound macabre, but let’s follow it! It’ll lead us to Kira!”

And thus, the group began to run after a flying hand. It felt like a dark, sort of funny joke. ‘What was a group of teenagers and two adults following around the streets? Obviously, a severed hand flying around!’. You didn’t intent to chuckle, but it was just… so bizarre. Your life up until that point was simply making your clients happy along with your sister. You didn’t think you would be following around a murderer.

Or, well, a murderer’s hand.

Your strange humor didn’t last long, though, when you noticed the turn the hand made. You knew this street… and when the hand turned again to the right, inside of… of Cinderella, you couldn’t help but fear the worst. You began to run even faster, feeling your stamina starting to run out. “… Aya!”

On the floor inside of the establishment, right beside the sofa and in front of the door that led to Aya’s office… a purple jacket covered in blood rested. You opened the door, and you found your very dear sister laying on the floor, a wound on her throat. You almost knelt at her side when you felt a hand on your waist, stopping you. “Don’t touch her!” Kujo’s voice was rough and alarmed, and that was when you noticed another body on Aya’s office, a man’s.

But you didn’t care, your sister, she was on the floor, cold and bleeding and Kujo wasn’t letting you go. You heard Josuke’s voice wondering why Kira dead was, but Kira’s hand simply ignored the body and kept moving to the door which was slightly opened.

There was a pained sound coming from Aya and you looked down. “H-He came… He made me change his face.” And you were so happy she was alive, and you tried to get Kujo’s grip off you, but he wasn’t letting go. “Lovely…” She used to call you that when you were in high school. “I’m so sorry.”

Josuke called Crazy Diamond, as if to heal Aya, but Kujo simply screamed to not touch her. It was then when you heard a ticking noise, and your eyes simply filled with tears as you saw in slow motion how your sister imploded. Kujo shielded you from the impact; and looked at the door, where the hand was still trying to get out from. It managed while all of you were still recovering from the shock, and all of you followed it, you still trying to contain the screams that wanted to leave you.

The streets were filled with people. The hand was nowhere to be seen. Kira Yoshikage managed to escape. Your legs lost all their strength and you found yourself on the floor, kneeling and screaming, not caring about all the eyes that were on you.

Tsuji Aya was dead. Your sweet, dear sister was gone, forever.

How were you supposed to move on?

Josuke, Koichi, Okuyasu and Kujo didn’t allow you to go home. Firstly, because it was too dangerous now that Kira had an interest in your hand, and secondly, because no one deserves to be alone at such a hard time.

You were in a room at the Hotel both Kujo and his grandfather were staying. A single bed, a few furnitures, a window that led to the outside, and a TV. There was a small living room just outside, and the bathroom right besides the TV. It was perfect for a long stay. Which you didn’t suppose would happen, but there was always the possibility.

…Just enough things to keep yourself distracted, the design on the closet was very stylish, too Baroque to your liking but still interesting… and even though you were fascinated by the designs of each of the doors, you couldn’t stop the tears that came out of your eyes.

Aya and you grew up in Tokyo, she was ten years older than you. She developed her Stand quite early, and she used to play with you with Cinderella throwing you up to the sky and catching.

Both your parents died from a strange sickness when you were just one year old, and you were sent to live with your aunt, who wasn’t the kindest of hearts. Aya began to work at sixteen in her ‘Cinderella’ Salon, and when you turned seven, your own Stand developed. Your sister named her ‘Diana’; you didn’t know what her reasoning behind it was, and now you would never know, but you didn’t want to change your Stand’s name, probably because Aya would be hurt if you did.

Aya always tried her very best to keep you safe, she would always tell you to be a child and that children didn’t need to worry themselves with adult problems. Perhaps it was because she had to grow up so fast, and she wanted you to experience the childhood she didn’t manage to have.

That was the reason why you were so protective of children, for you, all of them had the right to grow healthy and happy— and now there was one that wouldn’t, and now your sister wouldn’t grow old and have her own family because of a man that had stolen from her… everything.

Aya would’ve loved the Baroque furniture.

A knock at the door on the living room got you out of your thoughts. You stood from the bed and walked towards it. You stood right in front of it and asked who it was, and multiple voices came as an answer — Koichi, Okuyasu, Josuke, Kujo, a baby and someone else. You tried to wipe away the tears from your eyes and opened the door to receive them all. You were surprised to see Josuke holding a bag of recently baked bread, Okuyasu holding a few cans of coffee. “Well, introductions aren’t necessary for most of us but, this is my father—” Josuke pointed at an older man, who was holding a baby (was that Kujo’s grandfather?); the older man’s eyes filled with joy at being introduced as Josuke’s father, for some strange reason. “Joseph Joestar.”

They all sat down on the few chairs and the sofa in the small living room; Josuke and Okuyasu giving you the food for you to eat. You simply stood there, rather dumbfounded at their overly friendly behavior and yet, glad to have some company.

“We didn’t want you to be alone.” Koichi said as he sat between Josuke and Okuyasu. “You know… with all that happened.”

“Thank you, that’s very considerate.” You sat yourself in an armless chair and began to eat the bread that they brought you, it was soft and warmth, tasted as if it was just made. You wondered if Josuke used his power to keep it warm all the way to the hotel.

Everyone fell into a pleasant conversation, and everyone made it a point to avoid the subject at hand. You appreciated the thought, but it didn’t make you feel better, you wanted to speak about your sister’s murderer. Who was he? Why was he doing what he was doing? What made him the way he was? How were you going to find him? So many questions danced in your head.

You interrupted everyone’s conversation with your soft and yet darkened voice. “What are we going to do?”

There was a silence, strong, heavy.

You knew it was a complicated question. Kujo straightened his back where he was sitting, his brow furrowing even more than before. “In my state of semi-consciousness, I remember him saying something about your hand.” You closed your eyes, trying to remember. “… Yes, he told me my hand was beautiful. But what does that have to do with anything?” You looked down to your fingers, and for you, they were nothing out of the ordinary.

“That’s the only clue we have right now… that fascination for hands. Even though it was just yours, it’s very strange for him to be fixated over such a minor detail as your hand when he was about to fight both you and Koichi.” That was right, the man was focused intently on your hand; which was a strange fixation to have. “In any case, we’re planning to go tomorrow to his old house. There might be something that he left behind, a clue of his old life that might lead us to him.”

You nodded – at the very beginning, you were into the mission just because you wanted to protect the children, you wanted to protect Morioh, the city that gave you a home, but now, you were in for something way more personal. You wanted justice to be served. You wanted that man to die by your hand, you wanted him gone from existence and sentenced to Hell, if it even existed. You knew you didn’t have enough power to kill him, yourself, but you swore to all the Gods you didn’t know if existed… That you were going to do everything in your power to eliminate him.

You were looking down to your thighs, and you didn’t even notice the eyes of everyone else on you; when your gaze graced everyone on the group, you stared, confused, tilting your head as if asking a question.

You realized just then, that your hands were shining with Stand energy, even though you hadn’t called Diana from within you. You turned your head around, as Koichi whispered “That looks like…”

Diana was behind you, but her body was morphing right before your eyes. Her short hair was becoming longer, her skin was turning to a soft pink, her eyes turning golden – previously, she was unclothed, now, in her, the phantom of a dress rested atop of her body – so transparent it almost seemed to be inexistent; and yet, Diana still appeared to be Diana, but different… She looked so much like… “Aya…?”

Your Stand didn’t answer – even though she usually would; she looked at you silently. There was a soft, sad smile lingering on her face, as she leaned down until her forehead to touch yours. “…Diana?” You didn’t know what to call her, you didn’t even know it was possible for a Stand to morph that way – even if you had seen Echoes transform. Diana – or Aya, closed her eyes and whispered words you didn’t understand in what sounded like multiple voices speaking at once. Then, it came to you. Her new name, Daia. She vanished not long after. Your eyes were filled with tears as you turned around to face the group of men. They all seemed at a lost; and neither of them wanted to interrupt the thoughts that were crashing inside of your head. Why did your Stand suddenly appeared to be different? Why did… Why did she look so much like Aya? You only could think of one solution, a single person that could answer your inquiries. “… Let’s go see Reimi.”

It was almost nighttime, but you were sure a ghost didn’t have a sleep schedule.

The walk was silent – you were confused, hurt, tired, too many emotions, too much to deal with. Kujo would stand close to you, in case you were to accidentally fall. Mr. Joestar stayed behind with the baby, not wanting to cause unnecessary stress to the child; Josuke and Okuyasu were leading the group, but sometimes they would turn around to see if you were doing alright, Koichi stood right in front of you, doing the same as Kujo. You appreciated their niceness, and the thoughtfulness of keeping silence while you all walked, considering what had just happened.

Reimi appeared almost instantly, and the first time you didn’t notice just how beautiful she was. It was a shame that she had died so young, she, as every single person that had perished on the hands of Kira, deserved to live their entire lives – filled with happiness and with ‘dreams becoming true’. You looked at her with your eyes pained, and you searched for your small wallet that you kept in your pocket for a picture of your sister. “Has this person crossed?” You asked, not even bothering to say hello – too tired, too confused.

She looked at the picture, exanimated it for a few seconds. “Yes, and no.” She noticed your confusion and proceeded to explain. “She came by, walking, instead of flying, but I knew she… wasn’t alive. I told her that she needed to move on, but…” She paused, looking behind her, as if there was more than a mere shop there. “But she told me that she needed to go back. To someone important. I told her that even if she walked back, she wouldn’t be able to return to the world of the living, and yet, she kept insisting. I walked with her, and once we reached this world, she vanished. She was very kind, and soft spoken, I wonder if she reached the important person she was looking for.”

You took two steps backwards – only for your back to touch Kujo’s body. You looked up to see his intense blue-green eyes, not looking at you as if to give you privacy on your pain. Each one of the others did the same, they turned around – so you wouldn’t feel like your space was being invaded. You couldn’t help yourself, you turned around and hugged Kujo – him being the person closest to you – sobbing horribly as you repeated once and over again your sister’s name. Your chest felt tight and in pain as Kujo’s arms surrounded your back – not quite a hug, but as a sign of support.

Aya found her way back to you, not wanting to leave her sister alone. Daia was the result of her last will – the last breath of her life.

Your eyes were red as you laid in the bed. You looked at the ceiling as you felt your heart breaking at the remembrance of each of Reimi’s words. Your sister, even though she was dead, asked to return to the world of the living and came back to you, because she wanted to protect you. It hurt, the amount of pain you felt was tremendous.

Lying in bed, you called forth Daia. She materialized right above you, flouting and looking at you with her intense golden eyes. She still had in her face that sad smile that simply destroyed you. “Daia, do you remember being my sister?”

She nodded – of course she did. It was illogical that she wouldn’t. “Are you my sister?” She shook her head. No, she wasn’t. She wasn’t Aya, she was Daia. They were different entities, Daia was Aya’s last will. You sat down, crossing your legs. Your head was hurting too much from crying – and your eyes were heavy from exhaustion, but there were so many questions you wanted to ask. “What can you do, now that you’re… you.”

She continued to float above you, looking slightly pensive. “We… I…” Two voices – so that was the reason why you couldn’t understand her earlier – her body was still adapting to the new circumstances. “Deliverance.” She whispered, and her hand became a fist. “Disarray.” Those were the names of her attacks, but you didn’t understand what they meant.

“Can you use them with me?” She shook her head again. No, she couldn’t. You sighed, scratching your head. “Diana could use Perpetual Surrender – and it was an attack that could calm the person to the point of deaccelerating their heartbeats, body temperature, stress, and the like… Is it like that?”

Daia looked pensive once again, as if she was trying to realize her own nature. Perhaps it was the confusion of Aya’s humanity. “Yes – but no… Deliverance, but not Disarray.”

You were about to ask another question but a knock at the door interrupted the conversation. It had to be almost 10p.m., so you wondered who it could be this late… Your mind didn’t want to go to Kira, but it went, so as you approached the door, you had Daia close to you in case anything went south. When you opened the door slightly to see who it might be, you were surprised to find Kujo with a tray in hand. There were about three seconds of confusion before you opened the door completely, letting him in.

He entered the room silently, but he bowed a bit as if saying thank you. He wasn’t a man of words, you came to understand. “Earlier you weren’t in a good state to eat, but it’s not healthy for you to go without food for too long, and you’ve not eaten since early in the afternoon.” He settled the tray over the coffee table in the living room, sitting in the sofa behind it. “What were you doing with Daia?” It was then that you noticed you still had Daia out, and you called her to return to you.

You sat on one of the chairs in front of the sofa and coffee table, scratching the back of your head. “I was talking to her. Diana was able to speak to me so I didn’t find it weird when Daia could, as well.”

Kujo rested his elbows on his knees. “What did you want to know?”

“I wanted to know if… if she was Aya.” You looked down to the tray. On it, a soup rested, a bit of bread – and a glass of juice… You thought for a second, Kujo had said that you’ve not eaten since the early afternoon, but you did eat a warm bread that all of them had brought to you like three hours ago. Was it an excuse? Was he worried? You looked up to him and he was gazing at you, expecting you to continue. “Ah, I’m sorry. It turns out… She remembers being Aya, but she isn’t Aya. I also asked her about her powers, and she says she can use two different abilities, one called… Deliverance, and the other… Disarray.”

He pushed the tray towards you a little, reminding you to eat. “Are you aware of what they do?”

You took the spoon that was on the tray and decided to taste the soup, it was warm, as if it was recently made, and it was good. “Deliverance seems to have the same effect as Perpetual Surrender, or something like it. Disarray though… No idea. She can’t use them with me so I couldn’t get a taste of what they’re like. It’s not like I could use Diana with me but still, no harm in asking.”

“We’ll find out when we need to find out.” Kujo sighed, and it didn’t feel as if it was out of exasperation – he just seemed… Tired. The day was a long one and you all were very lost into what to do next, but he was still trying his best to keep his mind cold and relaxed, even under the situation at hand. He looked up to the ceiling, and then stood up. He tried not to but ended up stretching. “Please finish your food and try to rest.”

He was about to head towards the door, but you stood and took hold of the sleeve of his jacket. “Let me help you ease up. To thank you for taking care of me today. You didn’t have to and yet you haven’t abandoned me.” The words came out all the types of wrong, and you tried to rephrase it. “…I mean, I know Deliverance can destress you and help you sleep better, I can’t use it for myself but…”

Kujo smiled – soft, small, a little bit forced around the edges, but he smiled for the first time in the entire day, and you were blown away (he was indeed very beautiful). He had a few wrinkles besides his eyes, and they made him seem a little bit older, but other than that, his face, which was already a gorgeous face, seemed to become a marble statue just by the edges of his mouth turning upward. “If you don’t mind.” You didn’t. He was taking care of you. Somehow, you wanted to pay him back.

You called forth Daia the second you got his permission, and she flouted right beside you, looking at Kujo with an expression that was a mixture of gratitude and shyness. You wondered if those were Aya’s feelings or your own. Daia took Kujo’s hand between hers, and she began to glow. The essence of roses began to fill up the room, and Daia let go of Kujo’s hand, resting both her palms against his chest. It took just a second for her power to work. Deliverance worked slower than Perpetual Surrender, but it seemed to be more intense. Kujo stumbled a little when Daia returned to you, and you held him by the arm, trying to keep him up. “Let’s walk back to your room, Kujo.”

You offered to help him reach his room, which was exactly besides yours – and even though at the beginning he was trying to act as if he didn’t need any help, by the end of the walk he was leaning heavily against your side. “I’m sorry.” He told you, in the middle of your ‘small adventure’ from one room to the other. You looked at him, rather taken aback by the sudden apology. “I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.”

Now that he was more relaxed, he could speak the feelings that lingered deep inside of his heart. You shook your head – you were sorry too, but it wasn’t his fault, nor it was yours. It was Kira’s. “Don’t be – I don’t blame any of you for Aya. I blame Kira… And I’ll make sure he knows just how much pain he has caused.”

The two of you reached Kujo’s room, and he opened with his key. You wondered if he would be able to reach his bed on his own, but he didn’t let you ask, separating himself from you as soon as the door was opened. He probably wasn’t comfortable enough with you yet to let you enter his room, which was understandable. “Goodnight, Kujo.” You smiled at him and bowed slightly.

He bowed too, his eyes almost closing against his will. “Call me Jotaro.” Was all he said before he closed the door. Ku – Jotaro… Seemed to be a strange fellow. He wasn’t good at expressing himself, it appeared. It made you smile. In his own bizarre way, he wanted to help you feel better, which you appreciated. You made your way back to your room, the hallway completely silent. The moonlight shone through the two windows between Jotaro’s room and your own. You looked outside – and the full moon shone over the sky with a unique strength. “Aya, I’ll avenge you.” You whispered – Daia appeared beside you and nodded. You wondered if she missed being Aya, or if she missed being Diana. “We’ll avenge her.”

“Yes… We will.” Daia, with her soft double voice, replied to you, with your same conviction.

The night was long, and lonely. You hated the feeling of void that you felt in your chest when you reached your room and closed your door. You hated the tears that streamed down your face when your head touched your pillow. You hated the endless darkness that welcomed you when you closed your eyes to sleep.

You hated that the last voice you heard when you finally fell asleep was Aya calling you lovely one more time, one last time.

The next day, you were surprised by just how relaxed Ku – Jotaro… seemed to be. Even though in his face you couldn’t really tell any difference, his shoulders were less tense and his entire being was just… Shining (perhaps, that was just your perception). You never got to see your clients the next day, so you wondered if these were the effects of Diana’s original power. You used Perpetual Surrender with Koichi and he just seemed slightly less agitated than he usually did. Maybe that was just because he was a very anxious kid, and he didn’t really follow any instructions that you usually gave to your clients after a session with Diana.

It didn’t matter though, you were just content to see that Daia had such a strong effect – Perpetual Surrender could only last fifteen minutes if there were no complications, such as Koichi’s guilt; but Deliverance seemed to have a long-lasting effect which would help against Heart Attack, if you ever came to face it again.

Koichi, Jotaro and you were waiting by the park for Okuyasu and Josuke to arrive at the park – they were a little late. You chuckled at the memories of your teenage years, Aya would wait for you at the front door of the school for the two of you to go eat something together, then she would return to work until five; sometimes, however, you would be late because you wanted to see what your crush was up to before leaving the school, and Aya would get extremely pissed because you made her wait for twenty minutes. Your giggles turned into a sigh; if you went to your apartment today, your sister’s room would be empty, and she wouldn’t be in the kitchen cooking some ‘healthy’ food for you.

You felt a hand on your shoulder – Jotaro’s hand was becoming a constant support, which you deeply appreciated. He wasn’t looking at you, which was also normal, but in his silence, you understood that he was trying to comfort you.

In the distance, you saw both Okuyasu and Josuke coming, and they were both running and out of breath. They probably overslept. “We’re sorry!” Josuke panted out. “I overslept.” You guessed it.

You chuckled – if you’ve understood the family situation that both Jotaro and Josuke were in, they were somehow related, and it showed in their physique, but not one bit in their character. Jotaro was the opposite of Josuke. Your giggle called Josuke’s attention, and he scratched the back of his neck while blushing, wondering, without really asking, what did you find so funny. You covered your mouth, still a bit amused. “You look so alike to Jotaro, but you’re so different, that’s all.” Your smile turned into a sad one. “Family is just that way, isn’t it? Well, let’s go to Kira’s house!”

And so, you all went, Jotaro and you slightly behind the teenagers. They were talking excitedly, even though the situation was dire – the way they all laughed made your heart rumble; they were so innocent, you wanted to protect that. “They’re good friends, aren’t they?” You whispered just loud enough for Jotaro to hear. He nodded, a phantom of a smile lingering on his lips. “Young friendships, huh? They’re fast to form and if well-cherished, they’ll last a lifetime.”

“I’ve never been too kin to keep many friends.” Jotaro kept the conversation going to your surprise. “But those I have, I would do anything to protect.”

“You do seem like the type to have trouble making friends. I think back in high school, I would’ve been afraid to hangout with you.” You laughed a little, and Koichi turned his head around to smile at you, confused by your sudden outburst. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh that high.”

Koichi shook his head and returned to his own conversation with Josuke and Okuyasu. “Afraid?” Jotaro asked, a bit amused, when the teenagers were distracted enough not to pay attention to the two of you.

You nodded. “Aya was a very protective sister, she would turn on the TV back on our apartment and she would see news about gang members, and she would tell me ‘not to get close with anyone who looked shady’. No offense, I know you’re not like that, but you look like you used to be in a gang.” He rolled his eyes, but he didn’t seem bothered in the slightest. “Were you, though?”

“I got into a few gang fights, but I was never in one.” You hummed, that made sense. If he wasn’t the type to make friends, he wouldn’t had gotten along with any gang members.

“Heh, so Jotaro kicked some gangs’ asses?” Josuke turned around with a grin on his face. “I can imagine you looking all cool while beating some punks up.” You giggled and nodded in agreement. “Old man told me you used to say, ‘good grief’ a lot.”

“I really can’t imagine Jotaro fighting people like that, he’s just so calm.” Okuyasu joined in the conversation, and it seemed as if all the teenagers were more focused into yours and Jotaro’s conversation than their own.

You looked at Jotaro, and he seemed to be thinking on exactly how he was going to take the attention off himself – did he not like to be on the spotlight? You clapped your hands together. “That reminded me, did I ever tell you about the time Aya busted some guy up that was trying to peak underneath my skirt on a train?” The surprised, collective sounds of the teenagers made it easier for you to take the attention off Jotaro. “Yeah, I was still just in high school – my last year, maybe. Aya was sitting down and I was standing just before her, it was really crowded but I wasn’t going to make my older sister stand up for me. The guy took hold of my skirt and pulled it all the way up until my undies showed.”

He was a very nasty guy, now that you remembered. You shivered at the memory and the disgust. The teens’ gazes were intense on you, waiting for you to continue the story – they seemed to be curious of Aya’s aggressive tendencies, since she seemed so tender. “Aya took his hand and called Cinderella. Her power was supposed to be changing physical appearance of a person, but Aya used her to attack him. She pierced his arms so much that he had to be sent to the hospital – pretty sure she also got one of his eyes.” Your finger went to your lower lip as you tried to remember more details, but that was as far as the memory went. “Aya is…was… kind until you gave her a reason not to be.”

Koichi, Josuke and Okuyasu then began to speak about their own experiences with crazy strong females, letting go about Jotaro’s past at long (short and unappreciated) last. You smiled up to Jotaro, and he nodded to you, gratefully.

It wasn’t long before you all reached the Kira residence. It was an old, traditional Japanese home. The entrance was painted green, as well as the ceiling, and the walls were painted white. When you all made your way inside, you realized that the house was extremely tidy. There wasn’t a single speck of dust on the floor or in the air. You touched one of the white walls while the others went ahead to explore the rest of the house. A kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, restroom, etc. The house had such a curious structure – the designs of the furniture were very minimalistic. There were a few pots with flowers, and on the garden a rosebush. The floor was wood, probably oak, and so was the furniture.

There was a cabinetry next to a door that led to the garden. You knelt on the floor beside it and opened it to see what was inside. Most of the drawers were empty – but one in particular had a book with a picture of a child on the front. Jotaro came beside you not soon after as you discovered it was a photographic album. “He seemed like such a normal child.” You mentioned, as you passed through the pages.

Jotaro was intrigued by the pictures, he was inspecting each one of them. “Kira Yoshikage, 1.75 tall, weights around 48kilos, son of a pair of older parents…” You didn’t know if he had previously investigated Kira, or if he was able to tell so much information just by looking at his pictures. However, being able to remember that much information was impressive anyways, whatever the case might be. “We need to keep looking, there must be something inside the house that can be used.” You nodded and left the album alone on the cabinetry. On a storage bench on the other side of the room, a potted plant and a polaroid camera rested.

You got close to the storage bench, to look closely at the camera – just for it to take a picture of both you and Jotaro, on its own. “Huh?” You got closer to it and picked up the picture, it still was dark, so you couldn’t see it. “Jotaro, this camera went off by itself.” He came closer to you and looked down to the polaroid. You swung the picture side to side, trying to reveal the image – it was beginning to appear. “It’s us too… Wait.” There was a shadow on the edge of the picture that didn’t seem to belong there. “Huh?” The clearer the picture became, the more you began to realize. It was a man, and old man. You turned around, but there was no one on the spot. “Jotaro! There’s… A ghost?” You didn’t know if you were surprised, or what.

“Yes, indeed, I am a ghost.” The… The picture replied to you, and if it wasn’t because your Stand had evolved in front of you because of your sister’s soul and because Reimi was a very real person as well, you would’ve had a heart attack. “I’m not going to let you hurt my dear Yoshikage!” It was truly commendable that the ghost was still trying to protect his son, even after death; there was some respect to have for the older man.

Jotaro, who was beside you, looked down to the picture, and indeed, there was a ghost there, the ghost of Kira’s father. Your trembling hands began to rip a bit of the picture, but Jotaro held them to stop you from going any further. “Very wise from you – I control the reality of this photography! If you try to hurt me, you’ll only end up hurting yourselves!”

“If he can only domain the space of this picture then…” You walked towards the exit of the room – but the moment you were outside, you ended up on the inside of the room again, on the other side. “H-Huh?”

“This is a pocket dimension.” Jotaro said on a low voice, and you felt yourself beginning to panic.

“Now I’m just going to cut your heads off!” You didn’t know if he was able to interfere with you and Jotaro but you weren’t valiant enough to contain the shriek that left your body. You looked down to the picture and saw the old man taking a knife from the storage bench and cut the heads of both you and Jotaro from the photography.

The scream called Josuke’s and the others’ attention, and they were soon running to the room; when they tried to enter, the same that happened to you happened to them, they appeared just outside the room, in the hallway that led to the garden. “What’s going on!” Josuke asked, confused and stressed. Jotaro didn’t lose any more time, he acted just as a knife began to ascend from the real storage bench.

“If he can only control the spaces of the picture...” He took the photography from your hand, and with the polaroid camera, he took another photo to the photo – damaging the original polaroid with the intense light and trapping the man in another photography. “There.” And before the man could even think on doing anything else, Jotaro broke the polaroid camera. Josuke and the others came running to the inside of the room once it was safe and made sure both you and Jotaro were alright.

The old man could still stick out his hands from inside the photography, so Jotaro was about to surround him with tape, but you stopped him with your hand on his forearm. “Let me ask him a few questions first.” He looked at you, both concerned and intrigued, before he passed you the photography.

“We don’t need to ask him questions, we already know that there’s something important in this house, that’s the only reason he came out…” Jotaro tried to reason with you – but there was a thirst in your heart. For vengeance. Even if it this was nothing but Kira’s father, his father allowed his monster of a child to go around killing and even covered up for him – you knew he was aware of what Kira was doing, that was why he wanted to protect him. If it wasn’t for him… Perhaps your sister would live.

You held the photography between both your hands. “Tell us what’s Kira hiding.” It was more a warning than it was a question. He didn’t answer. He tried to bite your hand. “Ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” You began to fold the photography, listening to the pleas of the old man.

A pair of voices inside you whispered something, voices that weren’t your own telling you what to do next. “Disarray.” From within you came Daia – and the old man screamed with an intense and agonizing pain. Everyone in the room seemed confused, but you weren’t.

You realized what Disarray was capable of.

It was terrifying. You were able to peak someone’s anxiety to the maximum, making them feel constantly as if they were having a panic attack. Not being able to tranquilize themselves and every minute that passed by, they would become more and more hysterical. It was the opposite of Deliverance.

“Tell me what your son is hiding in this house and I’ll stop.” Your voice turned one octave lower – you brought the picture close to your face. “I can keep this up… And I swear that I’ll make you go insane – can you imagine? Spending the afterlife hearing voices in your head? Oh, poor sweet old man…” You made Disarray stronger, and the screams became higher and higher. “What’s that? More?”

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” You smiled sweetly – lowing the power of Disarray slowly, then passing the picture to Jotaro. When he unfolded the photography, the old man was crying, sweating and was drooling. “Kitchen.” Was all he said, and half of you went to the kitchen to investigate, while the other half stayed behind to check the rest of the rooms.

“That’s a terrifying power.” Jotaro told you as the two of you walked to the kitchen. “It’s directly messing with the enemy’s emotions. That could be tortuous to experience. How did you realize that was Disarray?”

You coughed a little. “Winged it, actually. It was pure assumption and a lot of bluffing that ended up on my side – there was also the voices of Daia in my head helping me. Daia told me that Disarray was different to Deliverance, so I just thought it had to be the contrary. Glad it worked in our favor.” Jotaro didn’t seem too pleased with your explanation. Maybe ‘winging it’ wasn’t the best term to use. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. It helped with the investigation.” You reached the kitchen, and there was a lot of drawers and cabinets to investigate. It was a slow process, opening one cabinet, seeing it was empty, closing it up, checking another, nothing as well. The only spot on the kitchen left unchecked was one storage bench right beside a window – it had just two drawers. You opened the first one, and it was empty.

The second one, though… A bow, and an arrow. “Jotaro…” You called Jotaro, that was still checking the other parts of the kitchen, and he came by fast. “Would this be it…?” The conversation was interrupted, however, by Okuyasu’s scream and a photography coming up flying and biting your arm, making you let go of the arrow and taking it. “No! Daia!” You called for your Stand, but the old man moved faster due to the wind, getting off your range and getting out of the house. “No!” There was nothing you could do; none of your Stands had enough range to reach the photography. Kira’s father had gotten out of the shock surprisingly fast; was that the power of the love he felt for his child?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It was my fault!” Okuyasu came into the room with his eyes almost teary, and you felt so bad for him. He was just a boy for all this stress. You were about to tell him that he wasn’t at fault, but Jotaro intercepted the statement first. “No, it wasn’t your fault, Okuyasu. We just lost to this family’s will to live.” Familiar love, huh… You looked up to the sky, the picture already disappearing. Love.

You would show them love. The type of love that kills. There was a question still lingering in you, though. “What was that arrow?”

All the Stand Users in the room turned to see you. “Weren’t you shot by one like that?” Josuke asked. You shook your head. “Ah, natural-born. That arrow can create Stand Users.”

You nodded while humming, understanding. Then, the realization struck you like a truck, and you didn’t want to scream, but it came out louder than you originally intended. “He’s going to create allies!”

Koichi was sweating bullets. “Allies for his son…”

There was a feeling of doom in the air. You were not going to lose. You couldn’t lose. Morioh’s happy future and peace depended on it. Your hands became fists at your sides – you would show them what true love was meant to be. You swore on your life.

At night, you were still staying at the Grand Morioh Hotel – and it felt as if you were leeching from Jotaro’s money at this point. However, you couldn’t try and go out to the world, since your account was frozen due to criminal investigation, and your house was still dangerous because you didn’t know if Kira would be able to find it. So, you sat on a chair besides the window of your restroom, simply staring at your reflection.

You called forth Daia, who instantly materialized, flouting beside you in a sitting position. “Can you take hits?” You asked her, and she shook her head. She was beginning to be more aware about her limitations, as were you. “What’s your range?”

“Around seven meters.” Ah, so it was a medium-range stand. You nodded and looked back outside. It felt awkward to simply make her dematerialize, so you allowed the silence to linger between the two of you for a bit longer. “Do you miss Aya?”

You didn’t think a Stand was capable of understanding feelings, even though they were born from the human will… or at least that was what Aya once explained to you. So, to have such a blunt question be asked to you by your Stand, who shared part of your sister’s soul… It was strange, to say the least, and saddening. “Yeah, why?” You looked at her, and Daia looked down to her hands.

“I think she misses you too.” Ah, that statement made you even sadder. You closed your eyes, letting the coldness of the crystal against your head clear your thoughts. “Do you want to leave Morioh?” She asked, ever so innocently. Of course, it was innocent, it was an entity that was just born. Diana grew with you, but Daia wasn’t Diana, nor was her Aya.

“Once this is all over… Maybe. This town is filled with good memories and lovely people, but I don’t think I can be alone here. So… maybe.” You raised your hand to the ceiling, as if trying to reach for something that wasn’t there. “I probably will leave. After all is said and done.”

Daia nodded, and then went back to her silence. It was probably time for you to call her back to within you, but it didn’t feel good… to be alone. With Daia, even if she was an extension of you, you felt a presence in the room that pulled you out of your dark thoughts. “You’re going to have to deal with those emotions, sooner or later.” Ah, so she was able to tell what you were thinking.

“Later. I’ll deal with them later.” You whispered, and you knew she could listen. You stood up and began to stretch. “I wonder if Jotaro is awake.” It was a naïve question, born from your desire to have company. ‘Friends’… You didn’t have any. You were too preoccupied with Cinderella – with making Aya’s dream come true. You had acquittances, but people you trusted? People you sincerely loved? Perhaps you should’ve dedicated yourself a bit more to it. Perhaps you should’ve asked your crush out, but… It was never right, it never felt right.

Daia hummed, then, she vanished.

You blinked twice, you did not order her to come back. “Daia?” She reappeared seconds later, smiling. “What was that?” She didn’t reply, but a knock at the door did you the favor of doing so. “Did you…”

“Seven meters.” She replied, and then vanished for real, dematerializing against your will. The knock at the door persisted, and you couldn’t do anything but answer. Jotaro was there, both without his hat and without his jacket, and he seemed to have come running from his own room.

“Are you alright? Daia came to my room suddenly and—” You simply nodded and allowed him inside your room.

“I asked if you were awake, I hope she didn’t wake you up. She has a will of her own, seems like Aya influences many of her actions.” You sighed. “I’m sorry that she scared you.” Jotaro shook his head, clearly relieved. It seemed that your Stand didn’t give him any explanations, she simply appeared and almost gave him a heart attack. “Do you want to sit?”

He took your offer, sitting on the sofa again. He seemed to be a man of habit – it was the second time that he sat on the same spot when the two of you were alone. “Do you want coffee? Or tea?” That was such a casual, domestic question. After a long day working, you’d ask Aya if she wanted tea, or hot chocolate. She’d always say yes to tea. The memories were overflowing you tonight, and Jotaro seemed to realize, looking at you with worry; silently reading you. You smiled at him softly.

You hadn’t known him for long, but… He was like a place of comfort for you. In his silent demeanor, he always tried to be the best for everyone around him. When people needed space, he would give them space, and when they needed company, in his calmness, he’d kept them company.

“I would like coffee, if you don’t mind.” You nodded and went to the coffee machine that was over one of the tables in the spacious hotel room. He was drinking coffee late, but you weren’t one to judge. “Why were you wondering if I was awake? I was, anyways. I was working on my thesis.”

“You’re studying? Ah, I didn’t mean to pry. Sugar? Cream?” You went for two cups, if he was going to drink coffee, so were you.

“One of sugar, please. And yes, I’m doing my doctorate in marine biology.” For some reason, you expected him to be a detective or the like, but a biologist seemed to be the perfect fit for him. You imagined him in an aquarium – with his usual white jacket that would reflect the blue of the tanks, and his hand over the crystal, wondering about the animal he would be looking at. “There are a few species in Morioh that are very unique to the area.”

The edges of your mouth involuntarily went upward. “Yeah? Keep telling me.” The soft bubbles of the coffee machine made a very comforting sound, and the smell of the coffee made you feel warm, full. “What have you seen in the beaches of Morioh?”

You went to him with a tray and two cups of coffee. Instead of sitting on your usual spot, you sat on the sofa beside him and gave him his coffee.

He took a sip of his coffee and, you saw his eyes wander away as he began to speak about a random stingray he saw that was white and immense and he just couldn’t get it out of his head because it was so big, and he just didn’t understand how it had gotten so huge without been killed because it was an albino. You heard him ramble and ramble away in his own little world about how beautiful the colors of a marine worm were and how strange it was, and about a jellyfish that was the side of a nail that was so poisonous that it could kill you in five minutes. You couldn’t help but get lost in the way his eyes shone. He loved the sea, so immense and mysterious, profound. He talked about it with love – so much emotions he didn’t bother to hide away due to the shyness. It was so… enchanting, to see him like this.

“… And all of this is in Morioh’s sea, the ecosystem here is wonderful.” You were brought out of your mind when he looked at you, as if expecting for a reply. You laid your head against the backrest and nodded. “What else have you found?”

He was sincerely so excited, talking about the life underneath the ocean, that it made him seem even younger. There was an anemone that was unique to a certain area in Morioh’s cost. He spoke about a strange glow that shone around it at night. You wondered if he went diving at night. He probably did.

By the time you remembered you had to sleep at some point, it was almost midnight. The two cups were empty, and Jotaro and you simply sat in the quietness of the hotel room, after he finished speaking about the language of the whales.

He stood up, stretching a bit before straightening his back entirely. “I think we both need to rest. I better go.”

The next sentence you said, you didn’t expect to say, but it came out anyways. Maybe you didn’t want to feel the same void you felt the night before’ perhaps your need for company was greater than your pride.

“Don’t go.”

It was a small plea for company, you didn’t want to be alone today. If he decided to go anyways, Daia would return. The case was that you truly didn’t want to be lonely (you didn’t want to think of the allies Kira would get, you didn’t want to think of your sister’s death, you didn’t want to listen to your own voice inside your head) – not after Kira’s father had gotten away. You expected him to turn down the invite, at the very least say a vocal denial – but all he did was walk out of the room. He didn’t even say goodbye. Too much to ask? Maybe. Perhaps he was already tired from your constant nagging. You sure hoped not, though – how were you going to look at him in the eye tomorrow?

You sighed and stood up to close the door, but Jotaro came back inside of the room just as you were about to slam the door shut. “O-Oh, welcome back…?” You tried to contain the dumb smile that wanted to paint your face, but you honestly couldn’t. He gave you a small explanation about closing his door and checking if everything was fine back in his own habitation.

There wasn’t even a discussion of who would have the bed. The two of you simply sat on the sofa and talked for a few more hours until both fell asleep – It didn’t feel unnatural, nor did it feel awkward. You simply didn’t want to leave Jotaro alone, and he didn’t seem to mind the company. You weren’t sure who was the first one to fall, if you or him, and in the end, it didn’t really matter.

When you woke up in the morning, the two of you were resting against the two arms of the sofa. Jotaro was still asleep, and to your surprise, he wasn’t frowning. Perhaps it was the tiredness from staying awake until late. He was leaning against the arm, his hair bewildered and freed. One of his arms was behind his head, above a cushion, working as a second pillow. Maybe that was how Jack felt when he saw Rose laying in the sofa, completely naked in Titanic? It had to be a similar feeling, seeing a person so gorgeous and completely exposed and vulnerable in front of you.

You sat on the couch, careful not to wake him up – you didn’t want to disturb his sleep. It was a rather calm morning, there were no sounds of cars in the distance. You stood up, and went to the coffee maker, making two cups. While you waited for the coffee to be ready, you went to the bathroom to brush your teeth and fix yourself a little. Waking up from sleeping in the sofa left your entire being a little sore and your face looking a little bit less than presentable. There were bags under your eyes from the bad night, but they were better than you expected.

The sound of the coffee maker announcing that the coffee was ready got you out of your mind. When you came out of the bathroom, Jotaro had his eyes slightly opened, but he was still laying in the couch in the same position you left him. “Good morning.” You told him and went to him with a cup ready – but you didn’t remember how much sugar he liked his coffee with, so you added two small spoons, just in case. “Want some?”

He nodded and sat up. He held the small warm cup and took a sip. His face instantly morphed into a grimace, and you knew you made a mistake. He didn’t stick his tongue out just because it was going to be ‘uncool’ but, he was very close. “Sweet…” Jotaro whispered.

“I’m sorry, I added two of sugar. I can make you another one if you’d like. I would offer mine, but I take it with three of sugar.” You scratched the back of your head, and he shook his head, taking another sip of the sweet coffee, grimacing again, but this time a little bit less obvious.

“If you take your coffee with three of sugar, it barely tastes like coffee anymore. That’s dessert.” That was true, it was more sugar than coffee, but so early in the morning after spending the night speaking, you needed more sugar in your system to keep investigating. “I’m going to meet with someone from Speedwagon Foundation, would you like to come?”

Speedwagon Foundation? The petroleum enterprises that became a research laboratory? “You work for SW Foundation?” Was the first thing that left your mouth. Of course, you should’ve assumed so, the name ‘Joseph Joestar’ should’ve come to your mind sooner – he was the CEO of the Speedwagon Foundation! “I mean, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t. I’ll come get you in half an hour.” You nodded, ready to go wherever you were needed. He looked at you up and down for a few seconds, and you noticed that you hadn’t changed out of your clothes last night – you hadn’t gone to your apartment since the incident, so you simply had been repeating clothes and sleeping without them – but since Jotaro spent the night over you didn’t change out of them. “Did you bring more clothes with you?” The question wasn’t ill spirited, but it made you feel a little ashamed to shake your head. “I’ll lend you a few shirts.”

“You don’t really have to, I can just go to my apartment and look for clothes…” You looked down to the floor. It was nice that he was looking out for you, but you didn’t want to abuse, something that you already felt you were doing – he spent the night in your hotel room, for God’s sake; just because you didn’t want to be alone! Now you were going to take his shirts?

Jotaro stood up from his spot on the sofa, and you felt his hand on your shoulder, his fingers tightening his grip around your clavicle. “I don’t know how much information Kira is able to recollect from his subjects, and he already seemed to have a fixation with your hands, I would prefer to avoid as many causalities as possible and I’d feel better if you didn’t go close to your apartment for the time being. For your own sake.” He was right, and you knew he was right. You reluctantly nodded – the dangers of the situation were true, and as such, it wasn’t wise for you to return to your apartment just yet.

You hated the feeling of uselessness you had inside your chest.

Jotaro’s turtlenecks weren’t your perfect fit, but it was better that going around with just a pair of jeans and a sweaty shirt. It was indeed the weekend, you confirmed so in the reception of the hotel, and as such, the streets were emptied from the usual student turmoil and the people on their way to work. Jotaro and you walked side by side on the streets of Morioh, and he hadn’t disclosed where the meeting with the person of Speedwagon Foundation was supposed to be – but the two of you seemed to be heading towards the beach. “What do you want the Speedwagon Foundation to investigate, Jotaro?”

“From the man’s build, I can gather that he must’ve been at least 30 to 35 years old – I want most information that can be gathered about the men in that age range. That’s what I asked to investigate for today. Kira is still Kira, underneath the new face. At some point, he’ll commit a mistake and that will lead us to him.” You nodded, that much was true. He was still the same serial killer.

“You’re right. I just hope we’re not…” Late. You didn’t want more people to die needlessly. Your sister had her entire life stripped from her, Shigechi and Reimi too. You sighed, feeling a coldness in your stomach. Anxiety. Perhaps if you had run a little bit faster, you could’ve saved Aya. But you were late. You just wished you wouldn’t be for another person. “Anyways, I’m surprised about the amount of people that’s at home today, why would that be? Morioh is filled with youth, but everyone who is outside today is at least in their forties.”

He nodded, not really commenting anything on the subject. He was probably too concentrated into some other thing to really pay attention to your random comment about ages. Because of last night, you’ve forgotten how hard it truly was to keep a conversation going with Jotaro. He seemed to be unable to keep it going if there weren’t subjects of importance to the situation at hand. It was fine though, for some reason, it didn’t bother you to continue to walk silently.

Your eyes did end up going to his figure though, more than once. Jotaro had a very strong build, he was tall, taller than most people you’ve met. He had a very strong jawline, and his eyes were of a very distinct color. You couldn’t really tell if they were green or if they were icy blue. “You’re staring.” He turned his head to you. “Is there something wrong?”

Wrong? Yeah. Wrong. “I was just thinking on how much Josuke looks like you.” You took the cheapest of the excuses you could find from your wagon and let it out. If he bought it or not, you didn’t know, but he didn’t pursue the subject further. Ten minutes went by and you two reached the beach and sat down in one bench that was very far from any tourist. To anyone that was walking by, you two simply seemed as a couple taking a stroll on a Saturday morning.

Five minutes passed, and then a man in a very particular suit sat behind the two of you. You assumed he was Speedwagon Foundation’s informant. Jotaro was the first to speak, in a very low voice. “It’s safe.” He probably meant your presence. It was rather obvious that you were no enemy, if you meant any evil, you would’ve done something by now. The conversation was kept short and sweet, the informant barely uttered two or three sentences before he passed the two of you many archives of every single man in Morioh between the ages of 30 to 35. “Investigate about the disappearances, too. But for that information I’ll require an investigation of one month.”

One month? He was going to wait one month? You were about to intervene, but you were shut up by Jotaro’s eyes. It was better to remain quiet. The man with a very strange suit said his goodbyes, and as he appeared, he vanished into the small crowd that was beginning to form in the beach. Once he was gone you decided it was time to speak. “A month? An entire month? Did you even have the patience to wait for a month? You waited for the SWF informant to vanish before you threw Jotaro the inquiry. “How many lives are we losing in a month Jotaro?” You asked the most important question first.

“We can’t expect him to act instantly.” He was looking at the horizon. “I know this may sound cold, but to catch him we need to wait for him to make a move. We don’t know where he is, and we’re relying into his mistakes.”

“But… A month…” Other than your worries about any other person that may die in that month, you were also concerned about your situation. You wouldn’t want to depend on Jotaro and his kindness for the entirety of one month. “I’ll return to my apartment, then.”

Jotaro sighed; you already knew this was going to be a long, long conversation. “We talked about this in the morning.” He explained. And yes, that was true – but still, you were depending too much on a man you had met a few weeks back. You didn’t like the idea of coming back to your apartment, but you also didn’t like the idea of living off Jotaro until the killer was found.

“If I become a target, I can defend myself. Josuke, Koichi and Okuyasu are also endangered. My accounts are frozen due to criminal investigation, but I have canned food at home… I can’t keep doing that to your money. I don’t know you, not that I think you’d held this against me, but I don’t feel comfortable doing this.”

The frown he always had in his face (except when he was sleeping) became even deeper. It was true that the two of you didn’t know each other well enough, but the fact that Kira killed Aya made Jotaro uneasy. How much information could’ve had gotten out of Aya? In her desperation she might’ve mentioned her sister; and Kira was meticulous, he would tie loose ends. Knowing that Aya had a stand meant that her sister probably did too, if he had realized that Aya was a natural-born Stand User. There were too many probabilities of things that could go wrong, but… he didn’t need to ‘care’ about such things… You were an adult, and as such, you had enough common sense to know what was right or wrong – and yet, here he was, worrying over someone he barely knew. “Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi have Stands strong enough to defend themselves.”

That was true, your Stand wasn’t meant for a direct confrontation. If you found yourself cornered in a dangerous situation, you would probably end up dead. “I’m… Sure I can defend myself if such situation comes to happen.” That was a lie. An obvious lie, at that.

“There’s also the possibility that Kira believes that you have the same power as your sister, he’ll hunt you, just in case, to make sure someone else switches his face.” That was the end of the argument – you didn’t have anything against that statement. There was a possibility that Aya left out your name when she thought she was dying, there was a possibility that she spoke about her sister out of mercy’s sake, and not knowing if the sister possessed a stand ability, Kira would hunt you down. Even without knowing you were Aya’s sister.

You sighed. “I don’t want to depend on you. I don’t want you to waste your money on me.” It was sincere. You didn’t feel right about it.

“Then, I’ll make it easier for you. From today on, you’re working for Speedwagon Foundation in the investigation about the Serial Killer. The Hotel Room and the food expenses will be your payment. You’re now officially an agent of the SWF.” Jotaro stood up and offered his hand to help you stand.

Dumbfounded, you took his hand, and he helped you up – the moment you were standing, he continued to hold your hand, and began to shake it. The contract was closed. “W-What?”

“You’ll help us, so let us help you.” You couldn’t do anything but nod, and he graced you with one small, satisfied smile. Jotaro had just given you a job, just to keep you safe – and that made you remember your crush back in high school – the way your heart sounded like it was about to burst from inside your chest. For the next hour that you spent walking around Morioh, you couldn’t look at Jotaro in the eyes.

You felt incredibly indebted to him.

When you reached the Grand Morioh Hotel, the two of you went directly to Jotaro’s hotel room, he told you that the two of you would read all the archives that were sent by the SWF. His room was almost the same as yours, but in the coffee table there were a few seashells. You sat on the sofa behind the table and took one of the seashells between your hands – it was pink, with a few blue tones. “You like to collect seashells?” You asked Jotaro as he entered the room and closed the door.

“My daughter likes seashells.” Your stomach fell to the ground – daughter? Jotaro was a married man? Of course, he was. He was too beautiful to be single (lucky whoever managed to get the ring in his finger though...). “My ex-wife asks me to bring her some when I visit her.” The hard rock that had fallen on your stomach lifted almost instantly. You looked down to hide up the blush that was beginning to spread out on your face. You felt Jotaro’s eyes on your figure, but you acted as if you didn’t pay heed to them. “Anyways… Here’s the half of the archives. I’ll read the other half.” He settled down the group of papers right in front of you, then he sat on one of the chairs in front of the coffee table.

You took the archives, reading each one of the pages slowly and meticulously. Since Morioh was a small town, they weren’t as many men between the ages of 30 and 35 as you thought – however, it was enough for you to take the entire day reading. You and Jotaro spend the time silently, sometimes you would hear a noise of Jotaro writing a note, and other times you would hum lowly as you read. By 7p.m. you had a small headache from reading, and a cup of coffee in your hand that Jotaro had given you. So many names and so much information and not even one of them seemed suspicious.

“Do you want to take a break?” Jotaro’s voice brought you out of the many, many words. You didn’t even hesitate, throwing the papers over the coffee table. Jotaro coughed, but it appeared as if he was trying to cover a laughter. “I’ll take that as a yes.” You’ve read too much for one day and that was enough. “Do you want dinner? I’ll call room service.”

Your stomach growled. You two had something to eat in the afternoon, but you tried to eat little to avoid getting sleepy after finishing the food. “Yeah, I’m hungry. What will you get?” You laid yourself in the couch, feeling your back stretching. Jotaro didn’t answer right away, as if thinking. Beside the phone was a small menu with the things that were available, maybe he was reading it.

“I’m going to get a steak, rare.” He finally answered. You looked at him and he was indeed reading the menu, the phone still plugged. “Do you want to see the menu?” His eyes left the menu and went to you; you nodded, standing up and going to his side to see what they could cook in the kitchen. You looked at the menu while Jotaro was still holding it.

Honestly, you didn’t care much about what you were going to eat, you just wanted your growling stomach to calm down. You rested your head against Jotaro’s shoulder as you continued to read – for a second, he tensed, but the stress on his body was short-lived. You were slightly happy that he didn’t ask for you to keep your distance. “I’ll have a pasta.” You signaled him with your hand to what type of sauce you wanted; then you decided to take a step back, leaving him be. Jotaro’s eyes were covered with his hat, and you wondered if you’ve overstepped your boundaries. You didn’t know why you had the strange need to touch him – even though you barely knew him; earlier today the two of you spoke about how little you knew about each other and yet, here you were, resting your head against his shoulder, acting as if you ‘were his friend’. “I’m sorry, maybe I should go.”

You were about to turn your back on him to pick up the archives and go away, but you felt a hand on your shoulder that stopped you. “It’s alright, you didn’t do anything wrong.” The thing was more psychological than you thought – Jotaro was slightly aware of what was going on. In your sadness, you were looking for a place of comfort, and you found that comfort in him. He didn’t mind, he knew how hard it was to lose a person close to your heart, and as such, he could comprehend your need of company.

Your bottom lip trembled slightly. “I’m not your friend.” You told him. “And yet, you slept in my room yesterday when I asked you to and allowed me to hug you when I was crying – got me to work with the Speedwagon Foundation so I wouldn’t feel like I’m a dead weight. But I’m not your friend. We’re strangers.” That was a fact. “I’m just too friendly, and you’re too kind for your own good.”

There was a silence.

His hand didn’t move. And you felt yourself becoming more and more agitated each second that passed. “You’re not wrong, we’re not friends.” Hearing him say that was hurtful, but necessary. “But we’re joined by grief. I know it’s like to mourn alone, I lost a group of good friends once, and I didn’t know how to let out all the anger and frustration I felt. You lost your sister.” You felt a punch in the guts. “And the last thing you need is to feel like you don’t have anyone to rely on.”

You felt inadequate. Relying too much onto him, and yet you couldn’t help but seek whatever comfort he was willing to give. “I’m sorry. I want to be your friend.” You whispered, your eyes filling with tears. You didn’t want to feel lonely. “But I don’t want to force you into taking care of me.”

Jotaro’s hand finally moved, letting you go. “You’re not forcing any of us. If you were, do you think I wouldn’t tell you?” He had his back turned to you when you looked at him. “Let’s have dinner, then we can keep reading the documents.” You sighed. You didn’t know if you were relieved or if you felt even more guilt. One thing was for certain, the Joestars didn’t seem like they would abandon you if you needed them.

The month passed in relative normalcy. Sometimes, you would wake up in the middle of the night crashing in Jotaro’s hotel room’s couch with a bed sheet over your body, and the archives you were supposed to be reading on the coffee table. Some other times, the two of you would wake up the next morning in your own hotel room’s sofa, having fallen sleep while talking about the men that you thought were strange from the number of archives you were given. Yeah… the month was spent in relative peace. ‘Peace’ meaning that no one was killed and that the Stand Users that you all had to face were defeated.

There was one Stand User that surprised you; the one with an incredible sense of smell. That was when you met Kishibe Rohan (not that you didn’t know who he was before… But meeting your favorite mangaka in such circumstances was rather special, his power was so very fitting for his ‘unique’ personality). Other than those particular events with Stand Users, you spent your month investigating alongside Jotaro, or even on your own. Sometimes you would wander around the city – but you couldn’t find anything extremely interesting. Each person seemed as equally innocent as they looked guilty. Kira could be anyone.

So, you were happy to be on your way to the beach once again, to see the papers of the disappearances. Jotaro was walking beside you, and at this point, it was strange to see one without the other. Some old ladies, sometimes, whenever they saw you on your own, would ask you about that tall fellow that they see with you all the time, and you couldn’t help but blush because they assumed, he was your lover instead of your friend. And honestly? You weren’t sure where in the spectrum of friendship did the two of you fall – whenever he was stressed, you tried your best to bring him down from his peak, and whenever you were sad, he tried his best to keep you distracted, either by soft touches on your shoulders or arms, or by speaking to you about the sea and his discoveries of the beyond.

It became a dance. One you weren’t too used to having. One Jotaro didn’t want to make easier and yet, there you were, the two of you, ‘dancing’ on the uncertainty. And to add to the spice of the incertitude; you were staring at Jotaro the entire way to the beach. He had gotten used to your staring, and no longer you used the excuse of how similar he was to Josuke. You two had spent an entire month with each other (you knew the way he drank his coffee in the morning – you noticed how he used to go around his hotel room without socks, how he liked to call Jolyne at least once every three days at eight in the morning, just before she went to school), so there was not real point in lying; you simply shrugged if he ever asked, and told him the truth. That you thought he was beautiful.

The first time it happened, it was around twelve in the morning and you two were still reading reports. You stopped reading for a few minutes, and just looked at him as he sat on the chair where he usually sat in his hotel room. The only lights that were on where the ones beside the couch, barely enough for the two of you to continue to read – they reflected on his skin, making him look like a sculpture. His long, rough fingers holding the slightly yellowed paper, his other hand scratching his chin lightly.

His eyes abandoned the paper, and they looked at you. He asked what you were looking at, and you were sincere. Your gaze went back to your paper, so you didn’t look at his reaction, but you told him that you thought he was beautiful. The conversation died there, but he didn’t shy away from you afterwards, nor did you shy away from him.

And so, the dance continued.

The two of you reached the beach and sat down in the usual bench – summer was in its midst so there were much more tourists, but all of them were too distracted with their own fun to notice the two of you taking a sit, waiting for a man in a suit to make his appearance. “Kujo, Tsuji.” He called the two of you with a small voice. He sat on the bench that was on the other side to the one you both were sitting, and he passed on discreetly a few archives. Way less than you expected. Of course, Kira was trying to contain himself – he wouldn’t go around killing people if he was trying to blend in. Jotaro passed you the archives for you to check, while he talked with the informant.

You looked through them, checking most of the names. Some were females, some were males – most of them seemed to have run away from home, and due to their ages, it wasn’t as surprising. Once or twice did Aya think of running away from your aunt, but never did because she didn’t want to leave you. You checked where they were last seen. There were a few that picked your interest. There were two that you thought were the most mysterious…You didn’t even notice when the informant was gone, only brought out of your thoughts by Jotaro. “What do you think?” He asked, looking down to the papers that you were holding still.

“Most of these girls look like runaways, but it might be good for us to check on them. The ones we should check first are the ones who were seem close to apartment buildings instead of the airport or train stations.” You pointed out four of said cases. “Look, these are runaways that are still in Morioh for sure.”

Jotaro nodded, standing up and helping you. “What about these two?” He signaled two girls that were seen in two different parking lots, close to the arcade.

“They could’ve gotten a car and that’s why they were in a parking lot, but honestly I’m not too sure. Close to that arcade there are a few residences. Maybe we can scout the area and see if we can find them. In any case, we can also ask around people to see if they can recognize any of them.” You were extremely happy, this was your first big lead. Your heart was pulsing heart inside of your chest – but that same feeling of exhilaration was mixing with dread. As much as this was a lead, it also meant one of these girls had to die for it to point you in a direction.

“Let’s go then.” You nodded rapidly, and your first stop was on the shopping district.

You asked about one of the girls that was seen there – and you mostly dedicated yourselves to asking the shop owners, since they were the ones who were always around the zone. By twelve in the afternoon, the two of you had localized two of the girls – they both were living on their own on apartments of one person, and the two of them were safe and willing to speak. None of them knew any other of the girls, but one of them had seen another one walking around the working district at around 6 o’clock. Morioh was small, so you weren’t surprised. The girl’s names were Hanako and Ai, and Ai had seen Fumi walking around the working district.

Fumi was easy to find – she was pregnant and crashing at a friend’s because she didn’t want her family to find out. It was a rather hard situation the one she was at. You couldn’t really find any advice to give her, but you told her to trust on her gut feeling. If she thought it was dangerous for her to be at home, and if she wanted that baby, then it was fine for her to keep hiding. The next few girls were a little bit harder to localize, but in the end, all of them were safe. By 8, you just had one more person to check. Her name was Minako. For what you two were told, she was a runaway living with her boyfriend.

“They’re living on a one-person apartment. I used to live with Aya in one when we just moved here, but it was very uncomfortable. We used to share a bed and all.” You told Jotaro as you walked down the streets, nights in Morioh were very as you expected from a town filled with young people. Filled with life in the bars and young love all around. “There, I think it’s on the third floor.” You pointed towards a grey apartment, seemed to be recently painted.

Jotaro looked down to his clock, it was almost 9. The apartments were very silent as you two made your way upstairs. The door of Minako’s apartment was slightly open, and the lights were turned off. You knew something was wrong the moment you saw that. You were about to touch the door when you were stopped by Jotaro, who used Star Platinum to open the door. “We don’t want to leave fingerprints.” That… was true. You hated the possibility of it being a new murder case.

The apartment was empty, the kitchen was filled with utensils as if someone was about to cook something. “They…”

Jotaro pointed in the floor, a single drop of blood. “They’re dead.” He finished your sentence. Minako and her boyfriend were both gone. And her family, the one who filled for her disappearance, would never understand what happened to their dear daughter. “Kira made his move.”

You inhaled deeply, trying to remain composed. “I… I think he lost it.” Your voice trembled. Only a few particles of the people that used to be here remained. They were no more. Gone, like Aya and Shigechi. “He wouldn’t have left the door open and that drop of blood, if he hasn’t.”

“You’re right.” Jotaro went to the door, opening it with Star Platinum. Underneath the balcony, you could see a few people walking around, and to you, they all looked the same. All of them could be Kira, and all of them could be not. “I was happy earlier, because the first lead with had were the disappearances, but just know I realized how useless they truly were.” It felt rather like an empty victory. You were able to slightly read Kira’s movements, but you weren’t fast enough. “Jotaro, this place gave my sister and I a place to call home. Once this is over, I’ll look for another place to call my own. So, I can leave all this behind me.”

He shook his head. “I don’t think we can ever leave this behind.” But if you were far, you wouldn’t have to be constantly reminded about it. Once Kira was done, you’d move out of Morioh. You still needed to settle a grave for Aya, and you still needed to sell the apartment, but you’d go away. To seek a new dream, a new life. “Let’s go, we need to inform the others about what we’ve found.”

You nodded, not really feeling all that well. You called forth Daia, and she closed the door of the apartment where Minako… Used to live.

The way to the Grand Morioh Hotel was quiet. You almost couldn’t hear the voices of the pedestrians around you, every sound was muffled. Minako was a beautiful girl, with her hair blond and her long neck and slim figure (she would’ve lived a long live). She seemed to be difficult, or so said his father to the police, but he thought she was a good girl. Everyone would wait for her to return home, and how could you tell someone that their daughter was nothing but dust? Reaching the Grand Morioh Hotel, you saw both Koichi and Rohan standing in front of the hotel, Rohan leaning heavily against Koichi.

You didn’t think before you ran up to them; checking Rohan to see if he had any injuries. “What happened to your back, Rohan?” You asked worriedly, looking at his deep wounds. “Let’s go to my room, let’s call Josuke.” You didn’t even give them time to explain, you turned your head around to look at Jotaro, who understood what you meant and helped you to held Rohan. The look you got from the receptionist was between confusion and panic, and Koichi went to handle her. The sentences ‘he fell down some stairs’ and ‘He’s a doctor… kind of’ were all you could hear from down the hall. Once you were inside your room, Jotaro went to your phone and called Josuke.

Now all you had to do was wait. You looked at Rohan, who was sitting on the sofa and tainting it with his blood – you didn’t worry about the sofa, Josuke would fix it. “Your back is completely torn apart, Rohan. What happened?” He was pale, and he seemed to be in a great pain. You called forth Daia, and with her you used Deliverance in Rohan – careful to use just enough to soothe his pain until Josuke arrived – since his wounds weren’t as life-threatening, you managed to keep him at bay. He seemed to be grateful, even though he was still in pain. Koichi entered the room, then, with a satisfied smile. He probably managed to get the receptionist off his case.

“There was a Stand on me, Koichi helped me get it off but…” It still managed to get him hurt. “Reimi told me something, she found this child strange.” Just now did you notice that Rohan had a notebook with him. Koichi headed to Rohan, and took the notebook from his hands, and opened the page the mangaka probably meant.

“This one.” Koichi said, and he pointed a child that was filming a group of people. “One of the persons in this group is his father. His name is name is Kawajiri Hayato. Reimi noted that this man.” Koichi pointed at a black-haired, well-built man in the same picture, and then at one of the photographs that Rohan had taken from him alone, underneath it, his name. “His name is Kawajiri Kosaku.”

You held the book. That was one big lead, if it turned out to be correct. “Why would a child be firming his own father?” Your voice was filled with a strange hopefulness. “You… Rohan… Thank you so much.” There was the hope you’ve been waiting for the entire month. Someone to point your finger at. Someone that would pay for your sister’s early demise. You brought the book close to you, to your heart. He would pay, for everything he had done to Morioh. For taking away Aya’s life and dream. He would pay.

The door slammed open, and every single Stand was out except for Rohan’s, and each of you were in a fighting position. When you realized it was just Josuke with Okuyasu, you took one of the cushions of the sofa and threw it to them. “Do you know the meaning of knocking!” Josuke caught the pillow and hid his face behind it. After the fright passed, your shoulders relaxed, and you grinned at them. “Please, would you mind healing Rohan? We’ve got good news.”

“We’ve got some news too.” Josuke got close to Rohan, who had fallen asleep due to Deliverance. When Josuke realized he was still breathing, he proceeded to heal him, but after healing, Rohan didn’t wake up. “He’s breathing, why isn’t he waking?”

Jotaro stepped close to you, and his hand was on your shoulder as he took Rohan’s notebook from you. “Daia’s technique, Deliverance. Rohan fell asleep due to it. Doubt he’ll wake up anytime soon.” It was true, Rohan was probably extremely stressed from the experience and after all that stress left his body, he probably was exhausted. “What news did you bring?”

“We found two new Stand Users. One is a Transmission Line.” Josuke explained. “It was rather dangerous, if you stepped inside you would be caught forever if the other person steps out. I would much rather stay away from that place. Forever.” He seemed rather blue on the face, and you knew you probably shouldn’t laugh, but it was just such a funny expression that you couldn’t help yourself. “Hey, hey, don’t make fun of me… And let me finish.”

“Sorry, sorry… It wasn’t my intention.” You raised your hands in submission

“The other one was a man that could turn you into paper if he saw what habit you had when you were afraid…” That was a power you weren’t expecting. It sounded extremely dangerous, and your fear must’ve shown in your face because Josuke quickly added “I turned him into a book, don’t worry.” You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were containing and turned to Jotaro, to let him explain the current situation on your side of the coin. He did, and the expressions of everyone in the room became slightly cheerier. It was a lead, a real lead. Everyone felt the excitement, one step closer. You only hoped that it wasn’t a feeling that would be taken away from you. You wanted to hold onto that hope so hard that it would break. It was a feeling shared along everyone in the room.

Josuke got close to Jotaro, looking down to the picture of Hayato. “I know that school uniform, we can meet on the street in front of the Pepsi’s board, right before the school’s district.”

You inhaled, feeling a strange coldness in your stomach. It was both excitement and fear. “It can be a dead end…” You told to yourself. You felt two hands on your shoulders, and realized they were Jotaro’s, the notebook forgotten in one of the chairs of the room. Koichi was looking at the two of you with a mixture of emotions. It was wild to see Jotaro showing emotions and open contact with someone, but then again, you two had spent a lot of time together – and Jotaro was more prone to express himself by his actions more than his words. You blushed lightly and looked down to your feet, deciding it was better to simply not meet anyone’s eyes; yet, you allowed the hands on your shoulders to remain there, feeling the warmth of Jotaro’s body close to you and filling you with confidence.

“If it’s a dead end, we’ll just continue looking.” Jotaro’s voice was strong and clear, and it made you believe, without a doubt, that you would find Kira, no matter what.


You were sleeping in the bed of your hotel room for the first time in a long time, always crashing on Jotaro’s couch or sleeping on your own sofa with him. It was 7:00a.m. – and you knew Rohan was sleeping in your sofa, or at least, was supposed to be. When you opened the door to the living room, you found a small note written with a very distinct handwriting. ‘I can’t believe the great Kishibe Rohan fell asleep like this. Thank you for letting me stay the night, though. See you at 8:30’.

The only thing that surprised you more than him calling himself ‘great Kishibe Rohan’ was that he was able to retain the information about the meeting. You wondered if the note counted as an autograph, and if crashing at a person’s hotel room instantly made it too awkward for them to sign an autograph for you. You shrugged, called forth Daia. “Go wake up Jotaro, please.” Daia nodded happily and vanished. You were sure Jotaro was awake, but you liked the idea of waking him up in the mornings anyways.

While Daia was waking Jotaro up, you took a quick shower and brushed your teeth. You were nervous about meeting Hayato, but you didn’t want to forget the essentials due to nervousness. Daia appeared soon after, with her smile and golden eyes shining. “He’s already up. He’ll be here soon, though.” You nodded and giggled. “Why are you chuckling?” Daia landed in the floor, giving a few steps towards you.

“After spending a month with him, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss him when he goes away.” The thought hadn’t even crossed your head, but it was true. He would go away, he was going to leave Morioh behind, and you were probably not going to hear from him again. You weren’t planning to stay on Morioh either way, so the only way for you and him to communicate would be lost. “I guess that’s just life.”

Daia didn’t reply, then. But her eyes didn’t leave your figure. You prepared two cups of coffee and added one sugar to Jotaro’s. When he knocked at the door you opened it up almost a second after the first knock and didn’t even let him salute before giving him his coffee. “Thank you.” He bowed his head a little and took a sip. “It’s almost eight, we should probably get out now.”

You took one deep breath, feeling your heart rumble inside of your chest. “Yes, let’s pick up Koichi on the way too. Let me call him so he goes to the avenue.” You went to the phone and called to Koichi’s home. His mother was the one who picked up, and you had to exchange some weird introductions of ‘I’m one of Koichi’s teachers and I need to speak with him, I’m sorry for calling so early’ and the like. You were lucky that mistress Hirose seemed to be as naïve as her son. When he picked up the phone, you told him to meet you in the avenue, since his house was close to the hotel. “Alright Koichi, we’ll see you in around five minutes.”

Both of you were on your way to the four-way street before the school district that had the Pepsi sign – and it was a tense walk. Even Koichi joined you, the conversation simply didn’t seem to fluctuate normally. You were too stressed thinking about all the circumstances that could result from meeting Hayato. The street was close already, you were probably going to be a bit late to meet Rohan, but it was fine, he was probably still rather tired, anyways. You looked down to your clock, it was 8:29a.m. “Rohan’s going to get so pissed if we’re late.” Koichi sounded as if he wasn’t in the mood to deal with Rohan at all – they were honestly such a strange pair of friends.



“After spending a month with him, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss him when he goes away.” The thought hadn’t even crossed your head, but it was true. He would go away, he was going to leave Morioh behind, and you were probably not going to hear from him again. You weren’t planning to stay on Morioh either way, so the only way for you and him to communicate would be lost. “I guess that’s just life.”

Daia didn’t reply, then. But her eyes didn’t leave your figure. You prepared two cups of coffee and added one sugar to Jotaro’s. When he knocked at the door you opened it up almost a second after the first knock and didn’t even let him salute before giving him his coffee. “Thank you.” He bowed his head a little and took a sip. “It’s almost eight, we should probably get out now.”

You took one deep breath, feeling your heart rumble inside of your chest. “Yes, let’s pick up Koichi on the way too. Let me call him so he goes to the avenue.” You went to the phone and called to Koichi’s home. His mother was the one who picked up, and you had to exchange some weird introductions of ‘I’m one of Koichi’s teachers and I need to speak with him, I’m sorry for calling so early’ and the like. You were lucky that mistress Hirose seemed to be as naïve as her son. When he picked up the phone, you told him to meet you in the avenue, since his house was close to the hotel. “Alright Koichi, we’ll see you in around five minutes.”

Both of you were on your way to the four-way street before the school district that had the Pepsi sign – and it was a tense walk. Even Koichi joined you, the conversation simply didn’t seem to fluctuate normally. You were too stressed thinking about all the circumstances that could result from meeting Hayato. The street was close already, you were probably going to be a bit late to meet Rohan, but it was fine, he was probably still rather tired, anyways. You looked down to your clock, it was 8:29a.m. “Rohan’s going to get so pissed if we’re late.” Koichi sounded as if he wasn’t in the mood to deal with Rohan at all – they were honestly such a strange pair of friends.

Finally, you saw Rohan’s car in the distance. The door was wide open. You found that strange. Beside the door, a kid stood. One that you had the tingling feeling that you’ve seen before. You ran towards the car, and saw that Rohan was nowhere to be seen. The child seemed very upset from some reason. “Hey, dear. Have you seen the man that was driving this car?” You knelt beside the child; he had red hair, and some freckles. His eyes were of a strange brown hue – and they were damped. Was he crying? Why? “Are you feeling alright dear?” Jotaro and Koichi soon joined you, and they were both holding a copy of the photography of the child you were supposed to interview. Ah, so that was were you’ve seen him before! “Hayato?” You turned to see the child, and he began to run, only to be caught by Jotaro.

You caught Jotaro’s hand with your own, and brought Hayato back to you, making him spin around so he was facing you. “We won’t hurt you, we just want you to answer a few questions, would you, please?” You called forth Daia, to try and calm the child with Deliverance. It seemed to work, but when his stress was gone, he began to cry even harder than before. He was holding in so much, you didn’t understand what was wrong. Josuke and Okuyasu joined you after two minutes but didn’t manage to excuse themselves because they were too distracted by the child crying. “Why are you crying? What’s wrong? You can be honest with us…” You told him your name, and where were you staying, to see if you could get across the message that he could trust you.

He turned around and crouched – you tried to hold him in your arms, bringing him back, but then you realized he was holding a razor to his throat – and the razor was held back by… Killer Queen. “Now that you see me, it means that I’m already inside of your eye. It’s too late.”

Your body began to crumble. Everything went dark.



“It’s almost eight we should…” The phone interrupted Jotaro – and both of you were slightly confused. Who would be calling you at your hotel room? You picked up the phone, both curious and dumbfounded. “Hello?”

“Miss Tsuji… It’s Kawajiri Hayato.” You covered your mouth to conceal a gasp. “I’ll be one street before the Pepsi board.” He whispered on the other side of the line and hung up. You didn’t even finish processing what you were told when you ran towards the door and took Jotaro by the arm, having no time to explain. You didn’t know why you trusted that call, you didn’t know what you were hoping for, but you ran, pulling Jotaro with you.

“What’s going on?” You heard Jotaro behind you, but you didn’t know what had just happen. You just turned your head around and replied to him with all the confidence you had on your system. “Trust me.”


You felt your entire body drained of energy from running so fast. There was a man standing right over Hayato – and he screamed “I’m Kira Yoshigake!” And Jotaro didn’t need any more explaining for your sudden outbreak. You called Daia, and without waiting for the man to realize that you were there, you activated Disarray – making the man fall to his knees. “Jotaro, it’s on you.” You told him softly. He ran two meters ahead of you and…

When time returned to normal, Kira Yoshikage was on the floor, bleeding, almost dead but not quite there yet. Hayato was kneeling close to who would be his father, and you took one step towards the crying child. “Hey… Hey… Hayato…” You ruffled his hair. “It’s fine. You’re fine now.” You didn’t expect him to hug you, but he did. You hugged him back, calling forth Daia to calm Hayato down, while Jotaro looked down at Kira, who was unconscious. “How did you know this was going to happen?” You asked the small child. He sobbed and tightened his grip.

“I didn’t.” He cried in your arms. “But you told me where you were staying, and I trusted you.” You did? You didn’t remember telling anyone that you were staying in the Grand Morioh Hotel. “He’s not my dad… My dad… He was killed by him. Please, please let this stop.” You turned your head to Jotaro, and you wondered if he planned to finish the job or what was the next step to be taken. He was a serial killer, but none of his kills could be confirmed by the law. Perhaps Reimi’s, but it was so long ago… “Miss Tsuji, please, don’t let him hurt my mom.”

Your gaze fell to the child that you were hugging. “I won’t, he won’t go anywhere near your mom anymore.” You wondered how you were going to deal with this… If necessary, you would kill him yourself. You knew how you could do it… But were you able to live with the life of a man hanging over your head? Some people would call it Divine Justice.

“Jotaro… I’ll stop his heart.” Hayato was still sobbing between your arms, and honestly… His trembling body, and weak cries were the primordial reason for your decision. If Kira walked free from court… He would simply continue with his killings. You couldn’t allow it. You called Daia again from the depths of yourself – and she materialized right behind you, looking straight to the unconscious body of Kira Yoshikage. “Deliverance make someone feel at peace, lower their heart rates and their body temperature. It can make you feel well… If used with enough willpower…” You breathed in and breathed out. “These ‘beautiful hands’ will deliver you to Hell.”

Daia touched Kira’s chest. You felt your Stand energy fluctuating around you. You were going to kill a man. You were bringing justice to everyone who lost someone to him. You were bringing justice to the small child that was crying in your arms. “Deliverance.” You felt his heartbeat reducing underneath your own fingertips; you felt his skin turning cold – you kept pushing, you didn’t let go until you were sure his heart was completely void of all movement. You would kill him – he would die by your hand. By the hand of your Stand. You kept pushing on and on, until you were sure he wouldn’t be able to rise anymore. He was gone.

Josuke, Okuyasu, Rohan and Koichi came down the street around three minutes later, and they were asking what had happened. You didn’t answer, still having Hayato between your arms. Jotaro explained what transpired, or at least, an idea of what had happened, and asked Josuke to fix Kira’s body. It would appear as an accident. A heart-attack. Justice was served. You felt nauseous from your own actions, but you knew it was what needed to happen. Kira needed to die for Morioh to be at peace.

You looked down to Hayato and smiled weakly. “Your mom will think it was a heart-attack. You two can be at peace now and begin anew. I’m sorry we couldn’t save your dad… We’ll call an ambulance. Wait for it and go with him to the hospital, where they will pronounce him dead. This way… You’ll have some closure.” He nodded against your chest. You felt sorry for him, you didn’t know what he had to face, and even with Deliverance under effect, he was still traumatized and saddened by what he had experienced. “You and your mom will be fine, I promise you.” You lowered your head until your forehead was touching his scalp. He was a smart child, of course he was going to be fine.

Now that Kira was gone for sure, there was one last thing that Morioh owned to someone. A farewell to an angel. And quite the farewell it was. Even the ‘great’ Kishibe Rohan cried as he saw the beautiful Reimi sailing to the skies, to the great unknown along with her dog. She looked beautiful as her gaze met with every Stand User that helped with the process of capturing and eliminating Kira; and continued to look beautiful right until the point where she vanished in the infinite horizon. Your heart broke for that beautiful young soul that met her demise so young; she finally was at peace.

Kira Yoshikage was dead. However, the man that was pronounced dead was Kawajiri Kosaku – Hayato’s father. It made things easier for his household, his mother was able to comprehend the circumstances better than if her husband just disappeared. You kept in touch with him, you didn’t want to him to feel alone. He lost his father, and that wasn’t easy – you asked him for his number, and once every few days, you would call him, just to check if everything was alright.

In Morioh, though, everything kept moving, the summer went by like every other for most people – a funeral was held for Kosaku, and none of you really went, not because you didn’t want to, but because it was a time for a family to mourn the loss of a person (even if that person wasn’t exactly who they thought he was). At least, Hayato’s mother got closure.

Okuyasu, Koichi and Josuke were back in school – and they were in the normal schedules at last – were they happy about it? No, but you were sure they would appreciate it in the future. Yukako was dating Koichi, and the other two were as single as they could be. You thought Okuyasu probably was hurting more than Josuke in that aspect, though.

Cinderella was officially closed, you weren’t going to open it again. You were standing right in front of the building – the signboard was dirty, probably the man that bought it was going to destroy it, maybe make another shop. You didn’t know. Aya wouldn’t like that, but Cinderella was her dream, not yours…

As for Rohan, you asked him a small favor. He was happy to oblige. He simply told you to come visit him occasionally after all was said and done; he wanted to see what your life was going to become. You agreed. You wanted to see all of them again, not soon… But someday. Someday you wanted to return. To Morioh. The place your sister called a home.

There was a grave with her name in Morioh’s cemetery; there was nothing buried, but at least there was proof of your sister’s existence in the town, the town that she had grown to love as her own; you went and settled flowers one last time earlier in the morning. You checked your pockets. The important things were with you; your password, credit card, and a paper with everyone’s number, including Hayato. Everything else, you left behind.

You knew what was going to happen today, and you hoped you were in time. You took one deep breath; and leaped forward, running towards the harbor. You saw Josuke standing tall and laughing while holding a wallet in his hands – just by the edge of the dock. He was screaming goodbyes. And you knew to who. You smiled at Josuke as he saw you, throwing yourself off the port towards a boat that was in the distance.

“Daia!” You screamed as you reached the edge of the harbor. Josuke was both surprised and confused as you jumped up and made Daia held your hands a throw you to the particular boat – Jotaro’s and Mr. Joestar’s boat. “Miss Tsuji!” Josuke screamed.

Mr. Joestar and Jotaro were looking at you, and you swear that was the first time you’ve seen Jotaro surprised. “Star Platinum!” He called his stand, and you were exactly five meters away. Star Platinum caught you when Daia let you go, and he seemed as confused as his user. You hugged the Stand’s neck and laughed, completely unapologetically – you knew Jotaro could see your smile. Once you reached the floor of the boat, you saw two men with an open mouth, and a baby laughing. You heard Josuke’s voice in the distance and saw him dumbfounded in the distance. “I didn’t think this was how you were going to confess!” He screamed, and Jotaro’s eyes went from him, to you – a question lingered in Jotaro’s gaze.

“I… Might’ve fallen for you. Honest to God? Since the first moment I saw you walking in Morioh with your damn jacket.” You pointed at him. “And I was going to miss you, and either way I was going to leave Morioh… So, I asked Rohan to write in me the courage to do this. I know this may be one-sided but, I wanted to follow through with this crazy idea because, hell, I don’t even know.” You laughed awkwardly and scratched your head. You weren’t looking at him, you were looking at the ocean – wondering if it was too late to throw yourself on it. The few seconds of silence that followed, you were seriously considering throwing yourself at the sea – but Rohan’s ability wasn’t letting you.

What you felt next, however, made your heart roar. The two arms around you, you knew well enough to recognize. He had given you an endless amount of support when you needed it the most. Jotaro’s hug felt asphyxiatingly strong, and you welcomed him, you hugged him back, feeling grateful to be engulfed in his essence. He smelled like the sea.

Mr. Joestar laughed, and he bounced the baby girl up and down in his arms. “Well, I’ll leave the two of you to settle a few things on your own.” He went inside with the baby in arms, and you felt your face burning. You had completely forgotten that Mr. Joestar was there when you uttered your excuse of a confession.

After a few minutes of silence, the adrenaline was beginning to leave your body. You felt a wave of nausea from the nervousness, and you separated yourself from Jotaro, covering your mouth. He smiled – full blown, completely open and without restrictions – and you’ve never seen a man more beautiful in your entire life. He massaged your back while the nausea passed; it was probably a mixture of motion-sickness and the anxiety of what you just did settling. “There was a much less dramatic way of doing this.”

You chuckled, feeling another wave of nausea. “I can say I ‘jumped’ at my chance. Not many people can say they did, literally.”

“Heh, I guess so.” He shook his head, the phantom of a grin still lingering on his lips. “It was a last-minute decision, wasn’t it?”

You truly didn’t want to say it was, because you made Rohan write you courage… But it was. Since you were still thinking about the possibilities. Having courage doesn’t mean you will always follow through with what you wanted to do. You needed to do the last push. Jumping off the harbor was that last push. “It… might’ve been. I was still deciding. But Josuke saying goodbye to the two of you made it hard for me not to jump – I wanted it to feel righ—"

It was then when he took your face with his two hands, and kissed your lips softly, chastely. Your words were eaten away by his lips. Your face was bright red and your eyes wide open. “That felt right.”

It did. And when his hand found its way to yours, it felt right, as well. There was a chance for a dream of your own, it seemed.