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Don't go breaking my soul

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Beep beep beep beep “Ugh.” You groaned as you reached out your arm and fumbled around for your phone to turn off the damning sound of your alarm signaling the end of your day before it even started. Why did you need this job again? Oh, yeah … rent and bills were all like “bitch where’s my money” even though you worked your ass off and barely made enough to cover the rent as it was.

You worked at Cafeteria for a college campus that served nothing but vegan and vegetarian food. Ok, so they had cheese and eggs, but for there was absolutely no meat allowed. You could only eat so much damn veggies before you were sick to death of looking at veggies.

Struggling for a bit before you got up to start your day as you tossed and turned weighing the pros and cons of needing this shitty ass job. The pay wasn’t great, but you fought hard to get your “full time status” which was more of a joke because you couldn’t get more than five hours of work a day.

But you had vacation days, sick leave, and all the benefits that came with it.

Yanking the covers back you got dressed in your typical attire; black shirt, black pants, black shoes, your Harley Quinn Hoodie, and camo messenger bag flung over your shoulder. Making sure you had the keys to your car and the keys to your house you left making sure to flick the lock before you left and drove off to you’re work.

It was just like any other day in Ebbot city, except that this was the day that monsters broke the barrier and soon the news was reporting it everywhere.

“Monsters have just broken the barrier and a human named Frisk is their ambassador. In all my years I thought; just as everyone thought; monsters were myths. Who knew they were real? It seems we have on sight footage of the monsters and their ambassador.”

In the months that followed almost every news channel talked about the monsters, their future with the humans and if they should be given rights.

Your opinion was a very bleak one… why would the monster want to be up here with all the corruption and hostility? Why not just stay in the underground where they were probably far safer from all this bullshit?

But, after enough time you thought about it, hearing their story and sighing a bit. They should be given the full rights of any other being with intelligence; even if this world was utterly shit.

Months passed, and you kept the same horrible job, with the added exception of becoming a p.a to some hot new fashion mongrel. Starting up your new job didn’t prove any fucking better than the other job. Except that now you had to run around getting coffee for the prick and doing what insane jobs he wanted done.

Problem was you hadn’t even met him, and he was already demanding that you show up for work promptly at six am when you supposed to be at work for college café. Calling the agency that appointed you to this monster named “Sans” they said they’d take care of it and you weren’t due in until after 2pm anyway.

Didn’t seem to matter though your phone was blowing up all day while at your first job and once you finally changed and got everything he needed he didn’t even bother to recognize you. So, you just set everything down where you thought he’d want it and went off to do the next task.


Sans was livid, how dare that agency send him someone that could only work part time. The first human he had been sent didn’t pan out. She was too mouthy and insufferable. Trying to tell him what he should be doing or how he should treat humans.


“Yes m’lord.” Mutt grabbed up the woman and shortcut to the office letting her go. “Mr. Serif needs a new p.a someone that knows their boundaries.” Mutt informed the woman behind the desk.

“Of… course. We’ll get right on that.” The lady smiled feeling a bit uncomfortable around the tall skeleton.

The next female didn’t work out so well, she was even lazier than Mutt. Nope she didn’t work out either.

So then the next two p.a’s were you and some poor guy that didn’t know shit. When he got off work is when you were supposed to be in at work, but of course something happened he got the wrong fabric from the wrong store and was fired leaving only you.

Sans had been calling you since that morning leaving message after message. And even though he had been called by the temp agency to tell him that you were only available after a certain time he did not care, he wanted someone capable that could handle his every whim.

You basically fit that role right away. He refused to acknowledge you but did watch you from the corner of his eyesockets as you stepped in with everything he asked for, getting no response from him, he watched as you surveyed the work areas and how they were set up and placed all the items where he wanted them to go. Good you were at least competent.

You’d even be prettier if you just tidied yourself up a bit he thought to himself. Long black hair, blue eyes, and a light tan to your skin. He knew humans came in all different colors. He wondered vaguely if you were naturally tan or artificial like those “fake” women.

Without even having to tell you what to do next you pulled out your phone and looked at the next task as you left to go do that. Great, you followed orders.

This he could work with, if only you didn’t have that other job.


Papyrus nodded “Yes m’lord.” And with that he was gone.