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The Tale of the Star-Crossed Tributes

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District 12. The day of the announcement of the new players for the next Games.


Armitage Hux was the son of Brendol Hux, a Hunger Games Champion almost 30 years ago. He was the last one for a long time, so he was well respected in the poorer district. Armitage was his youngest son, and the one that Brendol never thought could have a chance in the Games. His other offspring were now married and moved out of the district. While Armitage was the last of Brendol’s several children, it was his eldest brother who solidified the Game’s brutality.


Armitage walked towards the town square to hear the results of who would be in the games. He kept thinking about his kind older brother, who died six years ago. His death was publicized, as he was impaled to death against a pine tree by several javelins. Blood leaked from his mouth as the career who hunted him showed him no mercy and made sure he was dead. His corpse, luckily, was recovered in one piece and was buried at home at Brendol’s request. It was the one thing he could get from the capital as a past Champion of the Games.


Brendol had become much colder since the day that his eldest son died. It was why all of his children moved out, and Armitage planned to as well. He sighed and walked to the center of town, crowded with young and old people. He looked up and listened for who was going to be in the Games this year.


Hux was on that list with many others, he was at the perfect age to compete in the Games. Of course, his father had made him train in his youth, just in case he would be chosen, but Brendol had never trained him like he did with his older siblings and deceased older brother. He was his favourite, and Hux was the only one to endure Brendol's training regimens after his death.


Hux didn’t really care about the Games; he didn’t want to go and win with many of the other people on his age. Even if it meant wealth and extra rations for his district, Hux was smart and he already knew his odds of winning were really low. Although, if he was chosen, he would definitely use everything he had to survive so he would at least to not die in one of the first days. That would be humiliating; he didn’t want to suffer an awful, public death as his brother had.


Finally, the names of the chosen were being announced and Hux could feel his heart hammering in his chest. He didn’t know if he wanted to hear his name or not. Not hearing his name would mean even more cruel training with a father who abused and hated him. And hearing his name would mean his incoming death.


The capitol spokesperson took the first name and Hux thought his heart was going to break his chest in any moment. “The champions of the district 2 will be...Armitage Hux and…” The woman announced and the ginger could see the people turning at him, some of them clapping with pride, others with pitty expressions knowing what he was about to face.


Hux couldn’t hear anything else, he just stood there, trying to breath and trying to hide the panic attack he was starting to suffer. He bit his lip and tried to look proud, but he was shaking internally. He didn't know which female from his district was also competing, but frankly, he could care less. His stomach was in knots and he tried his best not to faint in front of the others.


Hux didn't go home right away. He went to the outskirts of town with his father’s tablet. He had taken it earlier that day and he wanted to see how the competitors in the other districts were fairing. The districts’ chosen ones were decided numerically in reverse, so he was watching those from districts 9 and upward being selected through broadcast. The richer districts were now being chosen.


Hux watched some of those who were chosen cry, faint, or beg to not be in the games. So he had done well in front of others considering. District 2 was next, and right before the names were about to be read, one person raised their hand.


“I volunteer as a tribute.”


To everyone’s surprise, a man roughly Hux’s age with black hair and dark eyes stepped forward. He was in a Career training suit, indicating that he'd had trained himself to be a bloodthirsty fighter.


“Ben Solo, or shall I call you Kylo Ren? If that's what you please.”


A smile curled on the man’s lips, indicating that he wasn't hesitant at all. As he looked in the camera filming him, he looked like he could see into Hux’s soul from the tablet.


A shiver ran through Hux’s spine. Those eyes, that body, that attitude...that Kylo Ren was a deadly opponent. He could see the confident in his fierce eyes, he was fearless and that could be a very dangerous trait for himself, or well for his opponents depends on how well he would use it.


The giger watched the rest of the district opponents. There was a very young girl, Rey, he thought they said, that looked fragile but her eyes and her posse could tell Hux she was smart and ways stronger than she looked. She probably would use her weak appearance in her behalf. Hux was taking notes of every of them, it was important to have as much information as possible.


When the selections ended, he had two things clear in his mind. One, he was probably the weakest of all the participants, and two, Kylo Ren was going to be his key to the victory, or at least to the second position where he could die with dignity.


Hux sighed and thought quietly, he wouldn't mind dying by Kylo’s hands, but at the same time...he just wanted to know him. Hux hasn't felt a magnetic pull towards anyone before, but Kylo’s dangerous eyes were intoxicating. Hux noted that he had to meet this man before the Games began while they were practicing in front of judges.


Hux heard footsteps approaching. He stood and noticed that they were three neighborhoods boys. Troublemakers around here.


One made it clear what he wanted, “You're going to die anyway, so why not hand over that piece of technology? It'd make us a few extra bucks.” Hux was weak looking, but he wasn't a pushover. As each kid ran at him, fists bared, Hux dodged. He jumped away, holding the tablet with one hand as the kids tried to steal it. Hux didn't hurt them, but instead used the environment and tree branches scattered around them to subdue all three.


Then he walked towards his home to pack. He would be heading to the Capital tomorrow.