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Crazy in Love

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A long moan escaped from the bottom’s lips, he huffed hard and his mouth hang open as his partner worked on him, thrusting harder and harder every time. Bids of sweats formed on his forehead and body, a strong hand tugged back his bangs revealing his sweaty forehead.


“Do you like it baby?” he spoke with a low, raspy voice earning a muffled moan from the bottom just by the sound of it. “Hm…Jimin” He grinned harder for a moment, rotating his hips at the same time. His partner leaned closer and bit down his neck gently, then started to suck a reddish-purplish hickey against his sweaty skin.


“Ngh~.. J-JUNGKOOK” The bottom screamed of pleasure of his partner’s action he threw his head back panting heavily, giving better access to his neck, what Jungkook used happily. The smaller’s body was covered with sweat, hickey and slight bruises as his partner parted his legs to get more access to his hole and gripped his milky thighs strongly.


The silky material of the bed sheet was soaked with their sweats, pre-cum and lube what was gushing from Jimin’s abused entrance as Jungkook kept thrusting into him restlessly. The room soon was filled with only muffled moans, groans and the sound of skin slapping mixed with the bed’s squeaking.


Jimin gripped onto the sheets and turned his head to the side to bite down a moan. He opened up his teary eyes seeing himself and Jungkook by the wardrobe’s mirror. He was wrecked. His face was flushed and sweaty, his eyes were filled with tears by the amount of pleasure Jungkook gave him, saliva was slightly covering his chin as it dropped to the sheets.


Jungkook on the other hand had a victorious smile on his face as he thrust into his love, feeling his orgasm close and Jimin’s too as the smaller kept clenching around his length. Sweat covered his body sticking his hair to his forehead, his naked body revealed his scars from past fights and confrontations as well as a gorgeous tattoo on his back.  


“J-junghh~.. Jungkook.. I-I c-can’t…” Jimin tried to form the words, but they came out as a whimper or moan, he shut his eyes close as Jungkook grabbed the bottom’s length and started to stroke it, dipping his thumb into his slit gently and spreading the pre-cum all over the length.


“Come for me baby” Jungkook spoke in a husky voice as Jimin was at the edge of pleasure, when Jungkook found his prostate he let out a screamy moan biting down his bottom lip in pleasure shedding blood from it at the same time as he grabbed onto Jungkook’s back and scratched his skin leaving pinkish lines after himself.


Jungkook let out a groan as he thrust faster chasing his own orgasm, making Jimin gasp. He pulled roughly Jungkook closer attaching their lips as both of them came at the same time, Jungkook filled up Jmin completely as the bottom came all over Jungkook’s and his torso.


Jungkook pulled out of Jimin, earning a slight whimper from the bottom because of the empty feeling he felt now. Jungkook rested his head at Jimin’s shoulder trying to catch his breath, Jimin did the same relaxing his worn out body giggling a little when Jungkook gave a gentle kiss on his neck.


“You are mine..” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s neck, his hot breath fanning Jimin’s skin.


But in the reality he may have owned Jimin’s body, but not his heart.



Crazy in Love © Enniana.

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- Music -



"Did you get him?" He asked in a monotone voice. He sat there at penthouse looking out from his balcony to Seoul. It was basically his. He ruled everything and just the thought made him smirk slyly.


The Jeon family was always a powerful mafia family since Jungkook’s grandfather built it up from the dust and mud, Jungkook inherited his position from his father who after 40 years of being charge decided to hand it over to his son.


No one dared to go against him or his family. Or if someone tried they met with Jungkook's hitman. Min Yoongi.


"Yeah, are you doubting in me? How many times did I miss my target, huh?" Yoongi groaned irritated by Jungkook's so called stupidity. It was 2 am and he stood there at a warehouse with a deformed bloody corpse in front of him. He should be sleeping.


He lit up his cigarette so naturally, like being around dead bodies was just like a daily routine for him. Well, it was.


"I'm just making sure, hyung. It's not something bad" Jungkook answered amused by his hyung's irritation. They knew each other from childhood, since Jungkook's and Yoongi's father were business partners.


"Shut it you brat, or I will shoot into your ass "


"I can feel your love hyung" Jungkook chuckled ending the call not waiting for his hyung's cursing. He sighed and looked out of the balcony, the cold spring air was stroking back his raven black hair, hitting his cheeks slightly. Despite the fact that it was already past midnight Jungkook was bored but not that to go sleep already.


So he decided to visit his casino, one of the most famous one in Seoul. It only opened after 10 pm and was open until 5 am. A lot of people came there, making deals with each other and playing, what often cost to their life. Or they just enjoyed the view of the beautiful men and women who worked there as strippers.


Jungkook had no problem employing them, he didn't care about the reason he just needed people to entertain others and nothing more. Some of them worked there because they had debt to pay, or they needed money for college or surgery.


Neitherless Jungkook paid a good amount of money for their services there. But he didn't allow them to fuck around in his casino. Only if Jungkook wanted to taste them. And it didn't happen so often. They looked good, danced sexily, but Jungkook found them all boring. He wasn’t exactly the most romantic type, but he liked if the other had something what caught his attention, whether it would be their eyes, personality or even their asses.


He stepped out from his car as his driver stopped the car and stayed there waiting for another command of Jungkook. The boss stood in front of his casino, it was a three levels building. LED light were inviting people there. The name of the casino was shining in bright red.






On the first floor was full of sloth games. Mostly teenagers were there, playing their pocket money away. Although there was no age strict in his casino, the kids know not to take their dirty foot into the two next floor. Lights were flashing from the machines, loud chatting were filling everything, a stair led upstairs.


A big guy in black stood there checking the people who wanted to go upstairs. The second floor was where the bar was found, card games like poker were played there. Every table were separated by a thin mid high wall from each other. The lights were slightly dimmed and the whole room was danced in red. The chairs were more than comfortable, since people could spend their whole night here, or until they didn’t run out from their money.


In contrast with the first floor it looked elegant and slight jazz music was played. A deep voice was singing sometimes when he got bored. He was Kim Taehyung, Jungkook's friend and second in command.


The third floor was the crown of the casino. It was Jungkook's favourite place out of the all level. Lights were flashing, and music were playing loudly as people danced to the beat of the music seductively, peeling their thin and almost see through clothes off.


Poles were placed around the big saloon, most of the strippers danced there, but few of them were giving lap dances to people. Around the poles there were multiple cushioned seats where people could seat comfortable enjoying the show. At the wall there was another bar, two bartenders worked here. One of them was very handsome, Jungkook always thought the guy would be a great stripper judging by his looks.


Touching, kissing, sucking was not allowed and whoever misbehaved to these rules whether it was a guest or a stripper Jungkook took care of them.


"Ahh, Jungkookie. What are you doing here?" A voice called after him, he looked behind ad saw his old friend, Kim Namjoon who worked to Jungkook as a hacker. The guy was smart as hell and was also an underground rapper.


"Me? Just letting out the stress" He grinned looking at the direction of the bar, eyeing the prince like bartender. His black hair looked great on him, and his broad shoulders were the first thing someone would notice after his handsome look.


"No fucking hyung" Jungkook glared at him warning him, Namjoon just only chuckled a little.


"I have no intention to looking at your strippers Jungkook, I have another prey on my radar" He held his chin in his hands slowly raising up his drink to his lips.


Jungkook followed Namjoon’s hungry gaze and scoffed “How can you be so desperate, hyung?” Jungkook arched his eyebrow looking at Namjoon. “You are crazy”


“No, you are the crazy. Did you see him? He is gorgeous like a fucking prince! You should have employed him as a stripper, I would pay a 100 bucks to see him undress!” Namjoon claimed earning a surprised look from Jungkook. He was sure, his hyung went crazy.


“You have some serious brain problem”


“Shut up. I don’t understand him, he is avoiding me. My charm doesn’t affect him, I tried to flirt with him like a million time, and do you think he responded?” Namjoon asked slamming his hand to the table.




“Of course not! Does my charm fade away? Am I not a sexy beast anymore?! What’s wrong with him?” Namjoon sighed gulping down his drink just to have an excuse to go for another drink.


“Maybe he is just logical” Jungkook shrugged


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows.


“Well, you fuck someone twice a day, so who knows... Maybe you got some STD or something. I wouldn’t touch you too knowing that. No offense” Jungkook dead panned looking at his hyung snatching away his glass and drinking the remaining alcohol from it.


“Someday I will slit your throat in your dreams, you brat” Namjoon groaned but Jungkook only chuckled a little.


Jeon Jungkook. He was sure he wouldn’t crave for someone like his hyung, it was stupid and more over pointless. He didn’t seem to understand the magic of love; even if he grew up seeing how his father spoiled his mother.


For Jungkook, love was just a useless affection, and nothing more

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 - Music -


It happened around 4 am, when Yoongi joined to Namjoon and Jungkook. The man looked grumpy, but he always did so it was nothing really new for the other two. The difference was that now, a beautiful girl was by his side, she had short blonde hair, obviously dyed and short silver dress, a choker on her neck, however a fresh hickey still showed despite the material around her neck.


“And who she would be?” Namjoon asked arching one of his eyebrows. They would always see Yoongi with a girl, but he never had a stable relationship, he liked to taste everything and live his life like no tomorrow.


“Jiwoo” Yoongi introduced the girl slightly, lighting up a cigarette and stealing Namjoon’s drink from the man who looked angrily at him.


The girl only smiled to the boys, not really caring about them too much. She leaned closer to Yoongi, massaging his thigh with one of her hand, under the table, kissing Yoongi’s neck slightly. Namjoon and Jungkook didn’t even bother by the fact, it was common for them.


While Namjoon craved for love, Yoongi just fucked people and left them after a week or so, when he got bored with them. Jungkook knew it would have happened with this girl too.


Bold is to think from anyone of them that they can tame Min Yoongi’s wild personality and make him love them.


“I see… Did you get the work done?” Jungkook asked looking at Yoongi who looked unbothered, didn’t even react to the girl’s touch.


“All of them is six feet under the ground” Yoongi smirked thinking back to the group who he killed and tortured just a few hours ago. They were an organization who wanted to get rid of Jungkook and his empire, but being a sly brat like he was, Jungkook had spies all over the country, including this group.


“Ah, hyung. What would I do without you?”


“Probably being dead by now” Yoongi dead panned exhaling the smoke.


Before Jungkook could say anything, a man jogged to their table whispering something to the younger’s ear what made Jungkook frown and sigh. He excused himself and followed the man, who led him to the second floor.


There was a table, where almost every people from the floor were gathered around, gasping and cursing under their breaths. Jungkook heard a familiar laugh what made him growl almost, he made his way to the table, when people noticed him they opened a way to him immediately.


At the table, there was a man in tuxedo and cocky smile, while on the other side another man who looked like a ghost and stared his cards with big eyes without even blinking.


“What are you doing there?” Jungkook groaned, his face was expressionless, but his eyes were burning with rage and hatred.


“Hello you too, little brother” The man didn’t even bother to look at Jungkook as he took another sip from his cigarette, and placed down another card looking at his opponent with a smile what even the devil envied himself. “That’s how you welcome your hyung?”


He had blonde hair, and intimated gaze when he looked at people, also there was something about him, what reminded him to a cobra. Maybe his bright green contacts, or the snake tattoo at his neck, but Jungkook only addressed him as a ‘Fucking Snake’


“You are not my brother” Jungkook answered with a cold tone


“Well, perhaps our father is not the same, but we definitely share the same mother” He smiled at Jungkook, for other’s it looked like a sweet smile, but for Jungkook… It was dripping from poison.


“Get out of here, Taemin” Jungkook grabbed on his arm pulling him up easily and at once.


“Yah, I was at the middle of the game” Taemin huffed and put out his newly lighted cigarette.


“Do I look like I care about it? Get out”


“Ahh, why you are so cruel?~ Just because you are the favourite little child doesn’t mean you have to be this grumpy.”


Jungkook felt a cold metal at his neck, he quickly turned around and grabbed Taemin’s hand. He had a pocket knife at his hands, pointing at the younger’s neck with a sick smile. When Jungkook pressured more his wrist, the older just smiled even wider. He loved the pain.


Lee Taemin. Jungkook’s half-brother, his mother remarried to Jungkook’s father when he was only 3 years old. Through his years it was clear to the family that something was not okay with Taemin. So Jungkook’s father decided to hand the business to him, and not to Taemin. While the older wanted it more than anything.


After that, he disappeared but showed up a couple of days ago again. Jungkook expected him to show up, but still hoped that maybe he died and root in Hell by now. It seems he didn’t really have enough luck for that.


Jungkook groaned, but suddenly Taemin landed on the floor as Yoongi placed his feet at the older’s throat pressuring it until he started to choke slightly. Yoongi had an unamused expression on his face, like he did this shit all day at least twice.


“What a surprise… I almost started to miss your fucked up face” He tilted his head a little then looked at Jungkook for further command. He would most likely be honoured to choke Taemin here and now and Jungkook knew it well.


“Well… W-well. What would you do little brother?” Taemin chuckled then Yoongi silenced him placing almost all his weight to the older neck earning another choke.


“Shut up or I will cut out your fucking tongue” Yoongi hissed at him


“Let him be Yoongi… I don’t need to deal with his shit. Just get him out of here!” Jungkook growled in a frustrated tone.


“Hmmm…” Yoongi didn’t say anything, however when Taemin opened his mouth Yoongi welcomed him with the bottom of his shoe giving him a bloody nose and some unconscious moment. “Why can’t I kill him?” Yoongi asked almost like a child who lost his toy.


“Because I need to teach him who is the boss in the town” Jungkook said with a monotone, cold tone.


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- Music -


“Because I need to teach him who is the boss in the town”


Taemin woke up with a terrible headache and metallic taste at his lips. He was bleeding, he groaned slightly but when he wanted to move he couldn’t. He was tied down by thick leather pieces to a chair at his wrist, ankle and even at his neck.


He could smell some strong chemicals what people usually use to dissolve things, sometimes even bodies what was Yoongi’s way to get rid of the bodies. He knew where he was, at Jungkook’s warehouse where all his enemies end up dead and in pieces.


Taemin was not afraid, nor shaking. His heart was beating fast, but because he felt excited.  


He couldn’t see much thing since everything was covered in darkness, little light come through the glass windows at the back of the building, but it was not too much.


“Well-well, I got invited to my little brother’s playground?” Taemin tilted his head and grinned widely as he looked at the approaching Jungkook. The younger wore all black, he was almost blended into the shadows of the building.


Jungkook on the other hand didn’t say a word, Yoongi was there too at the back leaning against the wall lighting up a cigarette as he watched the starting show.


“What, the cat took your tongue?” Taemin teased him, but he quickly shut up when Jungkook switched the lights on in the building, and Taemin could see all the little and big equipment’s what they use for torturing people.


It was all stocked up in front of him, when he looked up a big hook looked back at him, with dried blood on its surface.


“I see you like to play a fisherman” Taemin spoke again, but Jungkook didn’t spare a look at him, nor spoke to him. He completely ignored him. Taemin knew what was it, his father taught Jungkook to this, how to turn off his emotions when he tortured someone.


Taemin made a ‘tsk’ sound and tried to turn his head to see more of the warehouse, when he shouted from pain what went through his whole body. His hand was burning, Jungkook pushed a burning iron needle into his hand.


“YOU FUCKER” Taemin shouted for response Jungkook pushed the needle deeper into his hand, soon the slight smell of burning flesh filler their noses. Taemin gritted his teeth as he looked at his step-brother who didn’t even show any emotions.


The needle soon showed up at the other side Taemin’s palm drawing blood with it too. Taemin got blood eye just by the sight of it, he hated to get a scar or see his own blood. And Jungkook knew it well, just this fact made it more enjoyable to him.


“I think it’s time to show you who is the boss in the town, hyung” He added with a sarcastic smile.




Soon Taemin was covered in blood. His lip was swollen and bloody just as his nose, he had a deep cut at his face coming from his cheekbone to his jaw. His neck and wrist were bruised by the thick leather piece as he tried to move around but couldn’t, his chest were revealed but it was decorated with cuts caused by flaming hot knifes what Jungkook heated up.


Now Jungkook unlocked his right hand but soon it was trapped again by a handcuff what was attached to a bloody table. Yoongi smirked in the background as he knew what was going to happen. He personally didn’t like this method, but he liked how Taemin looked covered in his own blood.


“What are you doing?” Taemin’s voice came out raspy and cracked, his throat was sore from the shouting and screaming when the burning iron made contact with his skin.


Jungkook didn’t say anything, he just pulled out pliers from the shelf and looked at Taemin, soon a smirk appeared on Jungkook’s face when Taemin realised what he tried to do.


Yoongi dropped his cigarette and step on it as he walked away from the walk, at Taemin’s direction. He grabbed the man’s hair roughly holding and turning his head to look at his trapped hands, while with his other hand Yoongi hold down Taemin by his wrist.


“No! GET THIS AWAY FROM ME! YOU FUCKERS I WILL KILL YOU!!” Taemin shouted with rage, as Yoongi only chuckled at his action.


“I would love to see that” Yoongi hummed in amusement.


Jungkook took the pliers and grabbed his older brother’s thumb nail with it, slowly pulling it down. Waves of pain shot through Taemin’s body as soon as Jungkook started to pull his nail, He couldn’t move his hands since Yoongi’s nails crawled into his skin as he held him down.


He couldn’t look away, he saw every second of how his nail was detached and how his blood was running out of the nail bed, revealing its flesh. He screamed when Jungkook pulled it down finally with a sudden move. But soon his index finger followed it not giving Taemin a second to catch his breath.


But it was not enough, Jungkook pulled down all of his nails from his right hand, but Taemin soon felt a cold object at his ring finger. He looked at it with his bloodshot eyes and started to panic finally.


His heart was beating faster and faster at every moment, as he looked in Jungkook and knew… His brother going to do it.


He screamed from the top of his lungs, as Jungkook cut through his flesh and soon the cold metal made contact with Taemin’s bone, but it soon broke as Jungkook pressured the knife more.


Blood covered everything, Jungkook’s hand, the table even the floor as the blood from the table was dripping down slowly. The knife hit the table and a cruel smirk appeared on Jungkook’s face when he saw the blood gushing from Taemin’s ring finger, more likely... From the place of it.


He cut it off.


“YOU FUCKING CUNT! I WILL KILL YOU, I WILL CUT YOU DOWN!!” Taemin was outraged the cold air hit his new wound what made him squirm around in pain, but the thick leather bruised him even more. Jungkook didn’t care about his brother’s shouting, but soon Taemin was silenced.


Yoongi grabbed his neck, pressuring his Adam’s apple with his thumb not so gently, the older started to choke as Yoongi didn’t even try to be gentle.


“Are you still that bold?” He arched one of his eyebrows “Do you want me to cut out your tongue? So you can shut up… Or perhaps cut your throat…” Yoongi spoke in a low but threating voice.


“Yoongi” Jungkook warned him before his friend really could cut Taemin’s throat open. “Just let him be… I think he already learned his lesson”


“So the boys can get him?”




Taemin laid down on the cold floor of the warehouse, he was almost beat to death, he lost a big amount of blood. He couldn’t even move as everything hurt and when he tried to do it the pain got ten times worse.


Soon he heard footsteps and thought someone came here again, probably Jungkook’s or Yoongi’s man to beat him up again, or torture him.


“I told you not to get into trouble with Jungkook” The person stopped in front of Taemin and crouched down. Taemin tried to look up, but he couldn’t, however he knew the voice. It was Minho, his friend.


“Idiot” Minho frowned and picked up Taemin, as it seemed Jungkook called Minho to clean up his trashy and probably half dead brother before they would drop him into any kind of acid to dissolve his body.


Jungkook didn’t do this because he had mercy or anything, no. He didn’t kill Taemin… rather, rather, he let the man’s mind kill him slowly, as the memory of that night was burned into his memory and body.


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- Music -


Jimin stood in front of a full size mirror attached to the wall in his dressing room, back of the casino. The air conditioner gave a slight buzz sound as the loud music could be heard in the room too.


He had an almost see through loose white dress shirt which had the first three buttons unbuttoned exposing his collarbone and chest slightly. At front the fabric was tugged in his black ripped jeans while at the back it was left out.


The rips revealed his thick, sexy thighs and cupped his ass perfectly also the boy had a shine black shoe to complete his outfit. He had a black choker on his neck with a half-moon medal, he was the only one whose choker didn’t spell ‘JJK’. He let out a sigh and ruffled his blonde hair a little bit just to look a little messy.


The door of the dressing room opened without a warning, but Jimin saw the person who came there from his mirror. It was Jeon Jungkook. He had a black button up shirt what hugged his upper half of the body perfectly showing every curve and bump of muscle of his body, he wore a matching black slack and shoes.


Jimin and Jungkook knew each other for a long time, in fact, Jungkook owned the boy in front of him, who looked like an angel but stripped and seduced people like the demon of lust. It was hard to believe that the boy was still a virgin.


But Jungkook made sure that no one touched his angel from the start.


Jimin was 15 when his parents kicked him out because they found out that their son had a boyfriend. That night when he became a shame for his family, one of Jungkook’s man tried to rape the boy in an alley almost next to the Casino.


4 years ago


Jimin POV.


Dried tears were shown on my reddish cheeks as I wandered on the streets. My eyes were filled with emptiness, my own family… Disowned me. Kicked me out. Called me on names what I always feared to hear.


My father beat me. My mother screamed at me, and I couldn’t do anything just cry. I feel pathetic. I thought my family would accept me, but I was wrong. Maybe it would be better if I just pretend to be straight, marry a girl in a future and have kids and then die at old age.


I didn’t even know where I go, my legs just moved by their own, when someone grabbed my arm and I yelped by the sudden move and pain. I turned around and saw a really tall and buff man, looking at me with hungry eyes and a grin on his face.


I looked around noticing that I didn’t know where I was. I screamed when he pushed me against a wall trapping me between his big arms.


“What are you doing here alone, pretty boy?” The man spoke with a low voice leaning closer to me, I tried to wiggle away, but he held one of my arm so strongly what later were bruised by his strong grip.


“L-let me.. Go.. Please, let me go” I pleaded to him but instead of letting me go, he leaned closer trapping me now with his body too. I became frozen and started to panic when I felt that something was poking me on the lower area.


“Don’t worry baby boy, I won’t hurt you” He chuckled by my terrified expression and crashed his lips with mine, biting and sucking on it. I tried to shove him away, hitting his chest until he grabbed my wrists and slammed them to the brick wall I yelped into the kiss, and he only smiled more of my painful sounds.


He bit down on my lower lip hard that I could taste blood and a salty taste from me tears as they slipped from my closed eyes. I was shaking and panicked, when he broke the kiss I spat on his face and tried to free my hands.


“You little slut!” He shouted at me and grabbed my neck pressuring it hard, while his other hand touched my centre. My eyes widened and disgust filled me as he touched more and more while he started to choke me lightly and biting my neck.


“Let me go.. Please!! NO!!” I shouted terrified as he tugged up my shirt and started to unzip my jeans. “DON’T TOUCH ME! Let me go!!” I begged in a raspy voice as he was still choking me, I looked up the sky with my glassy eyes and sobbed harder as he slipped his hands into my pants.


“Oh, I will enjoy every moment of you as I will fuck you hard. I will fill you up, like a little slut. Scream, come on. No one will hear you, soon you will scream my name anyway, baby boy” He chuckled with a dark voice, my heart beat fast but not because of the pleasure I felt. I was horrified, silently I prayed in my mind that someone would hear me. Someone would stop him…


“NOO! No!! Don’t do this!! DON’T TOUCH ME” I screamed harder as he grabbed my member hard what I refused to enjoy. No, he can’t do this! He can’t rape me!! “Please.. L-let me go” I pleaded to him while he choked me more to the point where I couldn’t even speak or scream for help.


Until I heard someone’s voice. It was low, dangerous and angry. I thought it would be his friend, because he called him on his name. I shut my eyes closed as I bite down my already bloody lip, I just wanted this to end.


I heard a sound of a shoot, my eyes snapped open in fear and I jumped a little bit. Because of the panic I had I thought he shot me, but no… I was fine. I didn’t bleed.


In fact, the pressure on my neck disappeared as I heard a blunt noise like someone fell down. I slide down the wall as my leg finally gave up and lost all its energy. I cupped my face, sobbing harder than ever. Every part of me felt dirty, I felt disgusted as I remembered how this man touched me.


I didn’t even realize this man was lying down the dirty alley ground, dead. A bloody spot on his forehead.


I heard someone approaching me, I wanted to disappear as the said person stopped in front of me. I couldn’t see them since I was still cupping my face and crying.


“P-please… Don’t h-urt.. Me” I hiccuped and spoke with a raspy and weak voice from the screaming and choking. I felt a light pat on my brown hair, it was gentle and soft, but I still didn’t dare to look up.


“I won’t hurt you” The man spoke; his voice was the same but the anger was missing from it. I gulped big and raised my head to meet his chocolate brown eyes. He had black hair, and wore a tuxedo. He looked really good, handsome, yet there was something in him what just made people fear from him.


“Are you okay? Who are you, and why are you here?” The man asked taking of his, obviously expensive, suit and placed in my back. I just looked at him without telling him a word, I was afraid of him… But somehow I also wanted to be near him.


“I’m.. Park Jimin” I whispered, I felt his gaze on me demanding my answers for his questions. “I was… Kicked out… When he..” I broke down suddenly crying again just by the fresh memory of his disgusting touches and words.


The man stayed silent for a while, I was sure that he was judging me. Seeing me as a filth just as my parents did, just as this man did. But instead he grabbed my hands and pulled me up, reaching to my zippers just like that and I felt panicked again, I wanted to yank his hands away when he looked at me, deep in my eyes.


“I told you that I won’t hurt you” He spoke with a calm tone, and zipped up my jeans grabbing gently my chin with his thumb and index finger to turn my head a little bit. I gulped just as I felt his eyes on my skin. He touched the fresh hickeys with his long and rough fingers and groaned slightly.


“W-what… What are you.. Doing?” I asked with a shaky voice trying to look at him, but when I saw his eyes my heart missed a beat. He looked angry again, his gaze turned into dark.


“So you were kicked out… Do you have anywhere to go?” He asked me letting my chin go and looked at me waiting for my answer.


“N-no…” I looked down to the ground. I didn’t see my attacker since this man turned me around a little when he pulled me up, so his body was not on my sight. I knew what happened to him in the back of my mind, but I don’t want to face with the fact.


“I see” He said and grabbed my wrist but not rough and aggressively. He started to walk away with me, I didn’t understand. What was happening?




“You said you don’t have anywhere to go. I will give you a chance to a better life. By the way, my name is Jeon Jungkook” The man said as he walked towards his black car, with tinted black windows.


“Jeon… Jungkook” I spoke his name under my breath, he stopped at his car and looked at me, but didn’t let my hands go.


“Do you accept my offer?” He asked arching one of his eyebrow. He looked intimidating but also there were something in him what pulled me close to him. Maybe it was the fact that he saved me?


“Yes” I breathed out almost whispered but Jungkook nodded, and with that night… Jeon Jungkook became my saviour, friend… and poison.


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- Music -


4 years ago


Jungkook POV.


What am I doing? Did I really just save someone? And then more over offered him a better life?


Am I high?


2 days passed since I found him, with one of my man. I just arrived to the casino, but I heard someone screaming. I don’t care what people do, but at that moment I just felt that… I needed to go see what it was.


And then I saw him. Crying and sobbing for mercy to an animal like Ravil. That fucker was always a dust in my shoe and that day I finally could get rid of him. But I didn’t even think about how the things would turn out.


Am I crazy?


I was sitting in my living room of my penthouse, gazing out of the big wall windows. I had a drink in my hands but honestly I didn’t feel like drinking tonight. I was like this since I saw this fluff ball.


He was really cute I had to admit it, but he was still scared a little bit. And he had a reason for that. I was a mafia boss, the biggest and most feared in Korea and all over Asia. What I of course told him, since that he didn’t come out of the guest room what I think I should consider his room now.


I sighed and placed the glass to the coffee table. I stood up and made my way to Jimin’s room. I knocked on the door and surprisingly it was open. I went inside of the room just to find that little fluff ball over the big king-sized bed curled up and sleeping calmly.


I walked over there and sat down at the edge of the bed, I gently stroke up his brown hair, I watched his calm expression as he pouted a little in his sleep.




He whimpered a little and opened his eyes a little bit, he looked at me I guess he was way too sleepy to even be scared of me.


“How are you feeling?” I asked him pulling my hand back he looked at me a little confused and blinked a little then everything clicked to him.


“Jungkook-sii..” He whispered as he looked at me under the big cover. “What did you mean when you told me that you offer me a better life?” He asked finally.


I stayed silent. How could a mafia boss make someone’s life better? I thought about it, I even spoke with Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-hyung, who were still surprised by me actions. Or should I say, they thought I finally lost my sanity.


“Let’s just make something clear. I kill people, I torture them physically and mentally. I steal without guilt, and make people’s life miserable. I sell and buy people, I smug drug all over Asia. I’m not a good guy... “ I looked down at him, deep into his eyes “But I don’t know why did I save you, Park Jimin. I have no idea no matter how long I will think about it. But I know that I will do everything to help you make your life better and forget what happened. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know myself either…”  I finished my little speech waiting for Jimin’s answer.


“What should I do?” He asked a little bit timidly but with curiosity too.


“Work for me”




“If you sign this up, there is no turning back, Jimin” I told him sitting in my… Our living room. He lived here for a month now. I kinda used to his presence, he also met with Namjoon-hyung, Yoongi-hyung and Taehyung, since they work with me they came here often.


“I know it, Jungkook-sii” He said with a cute giggle. He grew more comfortable around me over this month. I bought him clothes, phone, laptop... Everything what he needed, even if he didn’t ask for it.


Taehyung said that I had a soft spot for this fluffy cuteness, deep down maybe I agreed with him, but I didn’t say it out loud.


Jimin read through our contract, so he knew what he was getting into. Being a stripper at my Casino, while I provide him everything what he need and protect him from people like Ravil. That’s why I banned any kind of sexual intercourse in my Casino!


Yes, before that people could fuck around as they pleased, but not now. Not when Jimin was there. No one can touch him.


No one.  


“Jungkook-sii… Are you being serious here?” He asked me looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. I leaned closer to the piece of paper to see what he was talking about. When I found the line I started to smirk and leaned back.




“So I… Can’t have any boyfriend while I will work for you?”


“Yes. And oh, it also means that you can’t sleep with people. Not even for a one-night stand. Understood?” I smiled at him he looked at me confused, clearly he didn’t understand why I wanted this. Me neither.


I just couldn’t bear even the thought of someone touching or kissing him, making love with Jimin. Of course, he is now young only 15, but he will be older. His body will develop and I can already see that he will have a desirable body.


I can’t allow him to fuck around.


“Understood?” I asked again with a sterner voice.


“Y-yes” He spoke he gulped big. He hated when I spoke to him like this.


“And Jimin…” I spoke again, my little fluff ball looked at me again. “You are mine from that moment… Remember that” 

Chapter Text

- Music -


Present days


“What are you doing here, Jungkook?” Jimin spoke looking at Jungkook through the mirror, as the boy stepped behind him and eyed Jimin from the bottom to the top. He reached out his hands around Jimin and unbuttoned another button of his’ shirt.


“It’s better” The man spoke with a slight smile, then went to sit down to the puffy couch what he bought for Jimin even if the younger didn’t ask for it.


“It doesn’t really matter, I will have to take it off anyway” Jimin chuckled a little bit, feeling Jungkook’s gaze on him. “Why are you looking at me like this?” The younger asked from the mafia boss.


“I’m just observing” Jungkook shrugged, Jimin rolled his eyes as he put some lip gloss over his plump pink lips and smiled at his reflection. He loved his body, how he looked. Jungkook was right, Jimin really became handsome and attractive. Also the boy was at college majoring in dance, so it was no surprise that his body looked so slim and toned.


“You sound creepy” Jimin commented as he passed in front of Jungkook to grab some earrings for himself, when Jungkook grabbed his wrist and pulled Jimin into his lap.


He did this more and more often, it was very strange first for Jimin, but now he kinda used to it. Over the years he wanted to move out from Jungkook, but the older being himself didn’t let Jimin.


Sometimes the younger felt trapped, but before his thoughts could conquer his mind, Jungkook always did something sweet like going to a restaurant, watching movies and cuddles.


They were not a couple tho, for Jimin this kind of actions were totally normal, even if his friend, Jung Hoseok, who worked here as a stripper too thought it was pretty strange.


“Do I?” Jungkook chuckled a little holding Jimin by his waist while the younger placed his hands to Jungkook’s shoulders.


“Did something happen yesterday?” Asked the younger suddenly making Jungkook confused a little.


“What do you mean?” He tilted his head a little.


“I found blood on the hallway. Did you have a fight again?” Jimin asked, he didn’t like Jungkook hurting or even killing people. But he had to accept the fact that it’s Jungkook’s job as a boss, he couldn’t always make his men to do that kind of job.


Jungkook hummed in response, shamelessly eyeing Jimin’s collarbone and neck. The younger suddenly folded Jungkook’s tie around his knuckles and pulled the older closer to him, their noses were almost touching, Jungkook grabbed tighter unto the younger’s waist for response.


“Did you hurt someone because they looked at me again?” Jimin asked with a low voice, his breath slightly fanning Jungkook’s hungry lips.


“I would burn down the whole city for you, baby” Jungkook grinned Jimin just scoffed and shook his head climbing down from Jungkook’ lap, the older groaned in annoyance as his fluffy sexy angel abandoned his lap.


“I’m not that special, Jungkook”


“You are to me” Jungkook answered with a casual tone as he observed Jimin’s plump and neat ass.


Jimin smiled a little at Jungkook’s words as he put in his earrings. He would never have thought for a second that he could live a life like this. Although Jungkook made a stripper from him, the Mafia boss always protected Jimin from the hungry eyes and touches.


It happened more than once, when Jungkook was ready to hurt someone just because they asked Jimin to have sex with them.


Someone knocked on the door, and soon a pinkish haired man appeared in a slightly same outfit as Jimin, but his shirt was completely see through. He had a big smile on his face what resembled to a heart.


“Ahh, Jungkook-shii” The boy looked at Jungkook first than back to Jimin. “Yoona and Hyuna is done for the night, we have to take their place” He looked at Jimin.


He was Jung Hoseok, he was there almost since Jimin, they are in the same college too. The boy got here by Yoongi, but what relationship they had no one knew, not even Jungkook.


“I will be there in 5 minutes” Jimin smiled at him then Hoseok nodded and left the room, soon Jimin would do the same but Jungkook suddenly gave him a back hug and snuggled his head to the crock of Jimin’s neck.


“Dazzle me tonight too” He said and gave a peck to Jimin’s choker and then left a room. Jimin refused to admit that his heart was beating fast, but this kind of actions from Jungkook were really-really confusing.


Sometimes he didn't understand the elder, but even if someone would say that Jimin was only a toy to Jungkook that person would be very wrong. Jimin was more special to Jungkook than anyone can tell.




Taehyung was sitting on a black leather couch, watching the TV without any interest probably already zoned out. The whole place around him was decorated in black and white, at some places there were traces of brown, grey and cream colour.


Yoongi’s house was pretty boring, at least according to Taehyung.  And why he was here? Well, he was bored.


Tae’s house had his own playing room, cinema room and stuffs what a 21 years old rich young adult would have. He even dyed his previous black hair to blonde for a little change. But he was bored still.


(Also he could have done the trading with Namjoon tonight, but again… It was all boring. Taehyung were more like the action guy than negotiation one.)


Not like Yoongi’s house would be more entertaining, the younger thought that his hyung would watch a movie with him, or just have dinner, although it was only 3 am. Taehyung also could have sleep, like a normal person would, but… Sleeping was just boring too.


But when he arrived he saw a pair of shoes, what was clearly not Yoongi’s size and style, lazily thrown around the hall.


He frowned at them like they would be some kind of poisonous snake, so he naturally kicked them against the front door and went to the living room. Thank God he didn’t hear any sound from Yoongi’s room, but even if they would be too loud the blonde haired wouldn’t hear them since Yoongi’s room and the living room is pretty far from each other.


It didn’t change the fact that Taehyung would gladly march to the room and kick out that boy who his hyung probably fucks now. Just by the thought of it made him sick and angry.


The truth is, Taehyung may or may not had feelings towards his hyung. Don’t ask him why, or what caught the attention of the 15 years old Kim Taehyung, when he first met with Min Yoongi and fell in love with the elder.


Was it painful seeing your love fuck people for years?


Yes, it was.


But Taehyung didn’t say a thing, he knew Yoongi doesn’t do relationships, he had this stupid philosophy about love, what the younger never understood despite being smart as hell.


So he left the whole thing, hoping maybe he would find someone else. But no, seeing Yoongi every day wasn’t helping him too much, so here he is, sitting on Yoongi’s couch, watching Yoongi’s TV and probably later he will eat out Yoongi’s fridge for revenge.


Yes, he will do that.


He turned his head back when he heard a surprised gasp, he turned around his eyes widened by the person in front of him.


Jung Hoseok.


The boy had his clothes on, however Taehyung still could see the fresh hickeys around his neck, his swollen lips and the slight limp in his steps.


“Hi, Taehyung-ah” Hoseok spoke finally, Taehyung didn’t say anything just nodded. He was kinda in shock seeing the stripper here.


They were staring at each other for a few seconds, Taehyung never knew Yoongi’s fuck for the night, but Hoseok was another case. He and Yoongi had a mysterious relationship, and no one knew how this two knew the other and since when.


He felt his stomach flip, but not in the good way. He felt nauseous as his heart started to beat faster and faster. The other didn’t say a word neither, just gathered his shoes and coat, leaving the house.


“What the fuck are you doing here?”


Taehyung got scared suddenly, as he heard Yoongi’s voice coming from the back of the room. The younger looked at him, he was way too pale for his natural skin colour.


Taehyung felt relieved a little seeing Yoongi’s pale but slightly well-built body. Yoongi never let his fucks to leave a mark on him.


Yoongi only groaned for response as he sat down next to Taehyung.


“You didn’t answer.”


The younger examined his hyung’s face, he had thin unamused expression on his face, he decided not to question him and pretend like he didn’t see anything. Even though if in his mind the questions were racing, even though he was confused as hell, because Hoseok were a stripper at Jungkook’s casino.


“I was bored”


“You are here at ass o’clock because your ass was bored?” Yoongi dead panned at the younger who just grinned showing his cute boxy smile.


“I was also hungry”


“I’m not a fucking restaurant!”


“But your maid has awesome skills for cooking!” Taehyung whined, pouting a little bit, not really affecting Yoongi with that.


“Then hire a chef for yourself, not like you can’t afford it” He rolled his eyes, yawning a little.


“Nah. I like your house better!” Taehyung smiled, suddenly startling Yoongi with his actions, as he placed his head to Yoongi’s thighs, and buried his face to his hyung’s stomach.


Yoongi didn’t say anything, he let the younger stay like this with an unamused look on his face. And for Taehyung, it was enough, he fell asleep on Yoongi’s thighs with a little smile on his lips.


However, he couldn’t ignore the bad feeling what crept into his heart by the sight of Jung Hoseok.


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- Music -


“What can I give to you, Namjoon-sii?” Seokjin asked, resting his elbow at the marble counter of the bar. He had his usual uniform, a white shirt, sleeves rolled up and black slacks, with black shoes.


“Your number” Namjoon grinned cheekily, Seokjin only chuckled at him, then placed a glass in front of him, with a few ice cubicles in it, and poured Namjoon’s favourite whiskey on it.


“You are way too stubborn”


“And you memorized my favourite drinks, what it could mean, Jinnie?” Namjoon quirked his eyebrow in a suggestive way, leaving Seokjin laughing a bit.


Namjoon’s behaviour was pretty entertaining for the bartender, and Namjoon was attractive to his manners, but he knew better than being someone’s one-night stand or just someone who can Namjoon fuck for a week or two.


And then here comes the part, where Namjoon is actually working and dealing with illegal stuffs, being a bartender at a casino what owned by Asia’s one of the well-known and feared mafia boss, was enough for Kim Seokjin, for a life.   


Then you would ask, why is he here?


Pretty much the same reason as everyone, whose short in money and in debt. Seokjin didn’t really have the best life, his father was an alcoholic, and his mother left him and his sister when Seokjin were only 10.


Long story short, his father left him with a pretty big and serious debt after he died because of liver damage, so Seokjin is about to pay them off as soon as possible, for his own sanity and peace.  


So being the caring brother he is, he started to search for a well-paid job, he was a chef originally, but how he did end up in Jungkook’s casino?


You can blame it on Jung Hoseok’s pretty ass. But it’s another story for another time.


“It means that you drink way too much, Namjoon-sii. Your liver will cry later because of that” Seokjin shook his head a little as he scanned the whole level, or… The part what he could actually see by the crowd and dancing strippers.


Jimin was there tonight too, so it meant Jungkook would be there too, watching Jimin like some kind of protector or (as Seokjin likes to refer him) stalker.


“Ohh, are you worried about me? How sweet, maybe you can come and visit me, or better nurse me” Namjoon grinned, placing his hands at the counter looking at the bartender with a daring look and smile, showing off his dimples.


“Namjoon-sii” Seokjin spoke with a sweet voice “I don’t know what do you think of me… But I’m not an easy fuck. I don’t care about your wealth or how good you could make me feel in the bed. If you interested in me, better man up or leave me alone. Got it?” He asked with a sweet smile, but there was nothing kind in it.


Namjoon stared at him, disbelief in mostly. No one would ever speak with him like that, even if they would Namjoon would probably show them who he is. But with Kim fucking Seokjin, he didn’t.


There was something in Seokjin’s voice and stare what challenged Namjoon, and oh boy, he gladly accepted it without a second thought.


“So better man up… Hmph… Sound interesting.” He glared back.


A few minutes passed, just staring each other, Namjoon was really amused in the bartender’s behaviour, he wanted him, but not just for an easy fuck… OH, no. He wanted this man to himself, to be his and only his.


Seokjin just laughed a little then by Namjoon’s words, he went back to his work, serving the other douche bags (as Seokjin called them, again) giving them unnecessarily expensive alcohol and bearing their rant about how Seokjin would feel if they would fuck him.


But the bartender had none of their shit. Especially not tonight.


If Namjoon didn’t want Seokjin well enough, now he would even kneel down and ask for his hands. The bartender suddenly punched the guy who spoke to him, about his fantasies over Seokjin’s body and their sessions.


The black haired boy had enough, and silenced the man with his fist.


Namjoon never ever felt that kind of flip in his stomach as he saw Seokjin’s flaming eyes with rage and flushed cheeks from anger.


Later at the night, when Seokjin were cleaning up the counter, he got Namjoon’s glass, the man already disappeared, he found a little note under the glass:


“Be ready by 8 pm tomorrow, I’m gonna show you the world, baby”


Maybe he had a thing for the man more than he thought, because damn, Kim Seokjin is a fierce man, and Kim Namjoon likes him that way. More than he thinks, more than it would be appropriate and safe.

Chapter Text

The new semester started finally, Hoseok and Jimin was there too, laughing and talking like normal students, forgetting their night jobs or their life actually.


Here, they are just Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok, two friends majoring in dance, and nothing more. Jungkook’s protect full eyes are still following Jimin and the younger knows it, even if he didn’t say a word to the older, yet.


On the other hands, Hoseok had no idea that they are being watched, maybe to Jimin’s luck, because his friend would be freaked out if he would know Jungkook heard every bullshit he ranted about his boss.


They made their way to the familiar wing of the big building, what was called: ‘Academy of Art and Music’. Suddenly someone jumped on Jimin’s back almost startling the blonde haired, while Hoseok was laughing at his friends.


“Ah! Finally, why didn’t you answer to my text, Jimin oppa?!” A blonde haired girl almost shouting in Jimin’s ears, securing herself at Jimin’s back basically.


“Yeri! Get down!” Jimin was laughing at his friend, but she only wrapped her legs around Jimin’s waist and hands around his neck tighter, almost suffocating the boy.


“No! Answer me first, you smurf!”


“I’m taller than you!”


Hoseok was almost dying as he laughed, when someone touched his shoulders, and he got freaked out, screaming loud, so a hand landed on his mouth quickly.


“Geez, you are really a scaredy cat” Another girl was chuckling lightly at Hoseok, who was clutching his chest, almost getting a heart attack by the sudden appearance of their friend.


“Seulgi, you could have killed me for fuck’s sake” The older boy was white as the wall as he tried to catch his breath and calm his heart, while Yeri and Jimin almost started to wrestle at the middle of the hall.


“Yeri, let go of Jiminie” Seulgi smiled at her warmly, so the blonde haired girl jumped off and gave a glare to Jimin.


“Oh, come on, it was just a text!” Jimin whined


“It was important!”


“It was about getting ice cream at ass o’clock!”


The two looked like they were ready to fight the world’s cruellest and dangerous fight in a second, but then suddenly both of them burst out laughing.


These moments were Jimin’s favourite, where he could just behave like a normal young adult, who lives for his dreams, and not a stripper who works for Asia’s most feared mafia boss. Of course Seulgi and Yeri didn’t know about their work and life.


“Okay, I will forgive you if you are coming to get ice cream with me over the weekend! And of course Hoseok oppa will come too, and Seulgi!” Yeri announced it with a big smile on her face.


“I will see what I can do” Jimin giggled


“Ice cream? We are getting ice cream? Of course, we are going!” Hoseok butted in with a big grin on his face.


“But we are wor-“


“Oh, I’m sure you can do something about Jungkook~” he smiled at his friend, whispering the words, because none of the girls knew they were working late at night.


“So?” Seulgi perked in with a little smile on her lips, looking at the two whispering friend. She found it a little odd, but didn’t say a thing.


“Okay! We can do it” Jimin smiled at them.


Truth is, Jimin never really had friend (expect Hoseok and Taehyung, but it’s another story for another time) because Jungkook would get him change school when he would get close to a boy for example, or even threaten the other one to leave Jimin alone.


He knew Jungkook won’t get freaked out if he has female friends, but still, Jungkook was very overprotective over him, and rarely let him out do anything.


So even convincing Jungkook to let him go and most importantly don’t order Yoongi or Namjoon around to spy on him, will be a very though mission. But he wants some alone time, he wants to feel normal for a day, or even for some hours.


“Great!” Yeri smiled happily and hugged Jimin as the other giggled a little, they bid farewell to each other, then went to the dance studio where they will spend their whole day hopefully.




“She likes you” Hoseok mumbled as he stretched every part of him, but even his flexibility couldn’t reach Jimin’s whose basically bend himself in half like it was the easiest thing in the world.


“Who?” Jimin looked at his friend upside down, hugging his calf.


Hoseok show a painful expression when he looked at Jimin, he remembered when he tried to do that, it was not a pleasant memory, let’s say it.


“Yeri, who do you think?”


“Well, I like Yeri too, so I don’t know why are you commenting it” He furrowed his eyebrows and straightened up from the half bend position.


“I’m not talking about friendly liking, Jiminie” Hoseok grinned at Jimin’s confused expression. The boy was showing his well-toned body, dancing seductively almost every night, yet he had no idea about romance stuff.


Well, he never really experienced it deeply, so… Hoseok understand it and didn’t mock the smaller because of that.




“I mean; she likes you as a woman likes a man. Unfortunately, you don’t really swing that way” Hoseok shrugged, feeling sorry for the girl a little.


Jimin’s lips formed an “o” shape for response, but he couldn’t say a single word, when their teacher crushed into the studio, and started the class in lightning speed.




They were on break finally, Jimin was sitting by the wall, gulping down a bottle of water greedily and panting hard. His white shirt was soaked totally, and his black sport pants were stick to his skin.


Suddenly a towel blocked his vision and heard someone plopping down next to him.


“You were great, Jimin” The boy next to him smiled and patter his shoulder.


"Ahh, thank you, Junhee-hyung” Jimin smiled at the black haired man next to him, after he wiped his face with the towel.


“I was meaning to ask, but… Would you like to accompany me to a dance festival in October?” Junhee asked with a little smile, what was rare to him, but he always smiled around Jimin, at least show some kind of lip curving.


“W-what?” Jimin looked at him widened eyes. “The festival what’s hold in Daegu?” he asked excitedly.


“Yes, yes that’s one. So, what do you think? I was invited to show a performance, but I need a partner for it. And knowing how enthusiastic and talented you are, I would be glad if you could come with me” The older explained it to Jimin, earning a little squeal from the exited boy.


“I would be glad if I can go with you Junhee.hyung!”


“Thank you, Jimin. Let me know when it’s okay for you and then we can start practising” Junhee suggested, standing up and stretching his arm a little.


“Okay, hyung”


However, for a moment Jimin forgot the most important thing, what could crush his excitement and happiness: Jeon Jungkook.

Chapter Text

Jimin looked at his phone, it was 2:30 pm, he was still home, getting ready. Well, actually he was already ready, for like an hour now. He was just a little nervous.


He wore a simple black jean, white shirt with a denim jacket and boots. He gulped big as he peeked out from his room, checking for any sign of living creature.


When Jimin were sure that he was alone, he confidently made his way out of his room towards the living room, when he saw Jungkook lying around the couch shirtless. He was quite surprised, he stopped immediately and even held back his breath.


Jungkook was asleep, almost snoring. Well, Jimin wasn’t surprised, the man was busy in the past week. Maybe that’s why he didn’t say a thing about Junhee. At least Jimin hoped.


He tip-toed out of the living room, grabbing his keys from the counter and prayed silently not to wake up Jungkook, or he will be done for life. Truth is, Jimin never really tried to sneak out, especially not for a boy and when Jungkook was home, so he was a little anxious… Very, anxious.


He exhaled in relief when he was out of the building, leaving behind his thoughts and the voices inside of his head, screaming at him to go back, because if Jungkook would find out this, sure as Hell that Park Jimin would never ever will be free to do what he wants.


But can you blame him? He just wanted a few hours to feel like a normal kid.




Junhee was at the park, he was sitting on a bench scrolling through his phone in a bored expression. He suddenly felt like someone is staring at him, but when he looked around no one was there.


He furrowed his eyebrows, then shrugged it off. The boy put his phone to his pocket as he saw Jimin running towards him. He smiled at the smaller, while Jimin tried to catch his breath.


“Why did you even run? Were you that excited to see me?” Junhee teased him a little with a smile on his face.


“I just… I don’t like to be… Late” Jimin panted plopping down next to Junhee.


The older of the two chuckled a little then ruffled Jimin’s hair. “Ah, I hoped you were just eager to see me” Junhee pouted, even tho his sharp features made him ridiculous instead of adorable.


But Jimin found him cute anyway.


“I’ve never said I didn’t look forward to seeing you” The blonde shot back with a daring smile.


“Ohh, so do I have an admirer now?”


“You are not that good at dancing!” Jimin laughed, showing of his squeaky laugh.


“Your laugh is cute” Junhee spoke with a soft tone, surprising Jimin with his words.


“Uhm.. W-what…?” He blinked at the older. People said his laugh was indeed cute, so it shouldn’t be astounding to him. But hearing it from someone who you like is a totally another story.


“Your laugh is cute, Jiminie. Indeed, your whole being is cute” Junhee chuckled at Jimin’s expression and brushed off a stray curl from the smaller’s face.


“T-thank you… Hyung.”


Junhee looked at him with a curious look as he leaned closer, freaking out Jimin a little, so he leaned back a little until he hit the cold wood surface with his back. He blinked up the black haired boy.


“W-what is.. it?”


“Aren’t you going to compliment me?” Junhee looked at him innocently, although a slight hint of mischievousness was sparkling in his dark eyes.


“Ah! You are so full of yourself hyung!” Jimin whined with flushed red face as he tried to push away Junhee.


“Why? Am I not deserving a sweet little compliment, Jimine?~”


“Ah, fine.. Y-you are handsome. Are you happy now?” He sputtered out without care, or he tried to. His cheeks were painted with a darker shade of red.


“More than happy” The older spoke placing his head at Jimin’s shoulder, closing his eyes.


“You are unbelievable… You are just fishing for compliments.”


“But I am a good fisherman at least”


They stayed like this, they didn’t share any word for a while, but even without words Jimin had a sweet smile on his lips. He subtly looked at his hyung for a few seconds admiring his handsome and beautiful face.


Park Junhee was perfect in Jimin’s eyes. They knew each other for a year now, Jimin doesn’t really have any clue when did he started to have gentle feeling for the older though. Maybe it happened when Junhee was helping Jimin with a choreography. Or when Junhee walked him home at a rainy night, when they practised for late hours.


Maybe Junhee was just a safe point for him, where he could felt free even for minutes, even for a few hours.


He knew if Jungkook would be aware of Jimin’s feelings the other wouldn’t hesitate to destroy every bond he has with Junhee. Not like he is in love with him, but his heart beats faster whenever the older is close to him and feels an exited flip in his stomach.


He likes Junhee, but doesn’t love him with all his heart. He is afraid of loving someone.


“Am I really that handsome?” Junhee asked suddenly, peeking up at Jimin behind his long lashes, pulling Jimin out from his deep thoughts.


“Huh?” the younger blinked at him, confusion filled his gaze.


“You are staring at me for like a couple of minutes now” Junhee smirked, still resting his head at Jimin’s shoulder.


Jimin’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed in embarrassment as he jumped up from the bench, making Junhee fall to the hard wood surface.


“Ah~ Why did you have to do this? It was so comfortable”


“O-oh… I’m sorry hyung”


“For what?” he asked slyly. “For letting me fall to the bench or looki-“


“Both! For both!” Jimin shouted almost, interrupting Junhee at the middle of his sentence.


The other one got up with a smirk still painted on his face. He got closer to Jimin, bending down a little to the younger, so they were in eye level.


“Are you really sorry, or just saying?”


“What? Oh, God. Yes, I’m really sorry, hyung”


Then go on a date with me




“What it is?” He spoke with a monotone voice, sitting on his expensive couch, lighting up a cigarette at the same time.


“Boss, it’s me. You may would be interested in it. It’s about Jimin”

Chapter Text

Jungkook finally come home after an eventful night. He didn’t really plan to kill off one of his trading partner from China, but if the dude were trying to snitch on him to the police, he couldn’t do anything.


He sighed and made his way to the bathroom without even checking if he is alone in the house or not, like he usually does.  He closed the door behind him, stripping down from his bloody and ripped clothes.


His body was well-built, it showed off his hard work at the gym and field through the years. He also had some tattoos, but the most eye-catching were his back tattoo, what showed a white tiger and cherry blossoms around it.


He got it when he was only 18, it was his first one actually, but he loves it the most still. Jungkook made his way towards the shower and let the hot water wash away all the dirt and blood he had on his body.


After like 30 minutes Jungkook finally climbed out, feeling refreshed yet still tired. He doesn’t even know when was the last time actually had a good sleep.


He just wrapped a towel around his waist and walked down the hall to his room. Jimin was probably home as Jungkook thought, but now he really didn’t care if the younger would see him like that or not.


He just wanted some rest now.


Jungkook walked into his closet, he chose a simple boxer and grey sweatpants. He didn’t feel like wearing a shirt now, after being trapped in tight button ups for days.


He heard some noise from the living room, so he decided to investigate it before taking a nap, but when he stepped into the room no one was there.


“Hm… Maybe Jimin is doing something again in his room” He sighed plopping down the couch, and staring blankly in front of him.


He felt empty. Jeon Jungkook felt empty, despite the fact of being one of the richest person in Asia, having people around him who would die for him and loyal to him until their death.


He had friends, he knew Namjoon, Taehyung and Yoongi would be there for him at any moment if he would call them now.


His father wasn’t really a douche this month when they met, so it should count as a happy point for him. But Jungkook still feels empty.


And when he thinks about Park Jimin, he feels emptier than ever. Jungkook didn’t even notice when his eyes fall shut and tumbled down to the leather surface of the couch, thinking about Jimin before he was sent off to dreamland.




“Boss, it’s me. You may, would be interested in it. It’s about Jimin”


Jungkook just woke up from his nap and heard his phone. It was the guy who always watched Jimin and reported to Jungkook about every movement the younger made.


“What?” Jungkook asked again with a much darker tone in his voice. First thinking about the worst situation where Jimin got hurt or even worst.


The guy over the phone gulped before he answered. “I think… He has a date”


“You think, or know?” Jungkook growled at him as he trembled at the other line.


“I… I know. They went to a café now. But previously the other was laying on Jimin’s shoulders and were all over him.”


Jungkook took a deep breath as he was looking at the wall in front of him, with furious eyes.


“Which café?”


“B-boss…” The man’s voice shook when he heard Jungkook’s tone. He knew well what was Jungkook capable of, he saw it several times with his own eyes. Once even experienced it on his own skin.


“Answer me!”


“O-one café.”


“By the night I want every information about that boy. Get it? Everything!” He disconnected the call without even caring what the other one wanted to say.


His blood was boiling. Jimin was on a date. His Jimin. On a date. Even the thought made him mad to the point where he just wanted to destroy everything around him. But oh, no.


Jeon Jungkook could be crazy like an animal, but he could be merciless too. And now he wanted to make Jimin suffer. Badly.


“Oh, my dear Jimin… How stupid it’s from you… Didn’t you learn from the last time..” a smile started to appear on his face, while his eyes remained dark and cold.


Jimin never saw Jungkook’s bad side, but right now, he was about to wake up the beast inside of Jungkook and the older was glad to let it out, if his little angel wanted to play, he will show him who is his opponent.




Jimin started to laugh delightfully squealing a little bit after a time, while Junhee watched him with soft eyes as he sipped from his coffee.


“You are unbelievable, hyung!” the younger giggled, his eyes disappearing into a cute crescent.


“I swear I said the truth! Sometimes it’s very hard for me to understand people that I’m not an idol. But can you blame them? I’m way too handsome!”


Jimin just shook his head. The younger didn’t even notice how the time has flown while they were together, thanks to Junhee every little part what was filled with anxiety and worry, just disappeared from Jimin for a while.


“But…” The older tilted his head a little as he rested his jaw on his palms. “You didn’t answer about my question, Jiminie”


“Huh?” he looked at his hyung furrowing his eyebrows showing his confused look. A few seconds after his cheeks flushed red, remembering his hyung’s question. “Uhmm…”


“So, will you go out on a date with me, Jiminie?” Junhee asked with a slight smile, but never averting his gaze away from Jimin.


Jimin let out a sigh, he felt puzzled, never really asked him out of a date, or didn’t have time since Jungkook moved him quickly. His heart was pounding faster, threatening to just break out from Jimin’s chest.


“I.. I thought it was a date” Jimin whispered embarrassedly, eyeing his ice tea avoiding Junhee’s dark chocolate brown eyes.


The older chuckled, reaching out towards Jimin, gently getting a hold on his chin with his thumb and index finger. He slowly uplifted the blonde’s face and looked into his eyes.


“If it’s a date, then I would like you to ask for another”


Jimin gulped a little, a faint voice telling him to stop, to say no, because he will get into trouble, but did Park Jimin listened to it?




“Jiminie, you have been under Jungkook’s watchful eyes for eyes, but you still have free will. Do you understand me?”


He remembered exactly to Seokjin’s words. Once he had a free will, through the years he lost it….


Jimin started to smile, red tint showing of on his cheeks as he looked at Junhee. “Yes. I would go on a date with you, hyung”


The older nodded letting Jimin go, but showing him a smile full of charm. Just when Jimin looked out the big window of the café, his heart skipped a beat.


There he was. Jungkook. Leaning back to his black sports car, with crossed arms in front of his chest, looking at them.


Looking at him.


“The game has begun, Jimin. Let’s see who will win”

Chapter Text

“Fuck you Jeon Jungkook.” Taehyung groaned when he had to manoeuvre around the city just to get the boy’s address. He was an excellent spy among Jungkook’s man, so a part of him wasn’t even surprised that his friend asked him.  


But being honest, Taehyung still thought that it was stupid. Stupid, idiotic, lunatic, crazy. You get the point.


While Namjoon was good with electronics, being one of the best and dangerous hacker out there, and Yoongi being the sadistic hitman, Taehyung were working in the shadows. He liked it, look at him, he started as a pickpocket at age 14, and now he is an excellent spy and second in command for the Jeon mafia.


“What does a 20 years old do in that kind of luxurious neighbourhood?” He mumbled to himself as he started to walk down the street abandoning his car at a super market’s parking lot. He found that way unobtrusively. Not like his black Lamborghini with tinted windows would be conspicuous in that neighbourhood, but Taehyung didn’t want any kind of unnecessary attention.


Even at almost midnight the streets were still alive, full of people who came from a party or an extreme shopping marathon. It was kind of strange that a young adult lived there, alone. He must have rich ass parents, as Taehyung thought.


His phone started to buzz as he walked towards an apartment complex.




“Are you there?” Jungkook spoke on the other side of the phone with a groan.


“Easy boy. Yes, I’m here, almost… I’m getting into the building. Why? Jimin is not home or what?” Taehyung asked annoyed a little.


“Shut up. Jimin is home, I’m not calling you because of that. I want you to break into his flat.”


Taehyung stopped immediately and frowned. “I think I’m not well-paid enough to endure all of your shit, Jeon Jungkook” He groaned into the phone.


“Tae. I said break into that fucking flat, and that’s it.” Jungkook said firmly, not accepting no for answer.


“Oh, God, what the heck do you need from that flat?!”


“His file is defective; I need more information about him.” He spoke impatiently, and was probably smoking.


“Defective? What’s missing?”


“His life?” Jungkook scoffed. “Only his name, his address the Academy is listed there, plus a few pictures about him. No family, no birthplace or even date. Not even Namjoon-hyung could dig deeper. I want you to look around his flat. Got it?”


Taehyung sighed, he knew Jungkook was being in his possessive and overprotective mode, but even this kind of situation made him a little suspicious about that whole case.


“Okay, I will call you if I find something worthy.”


They ended the call, Taehyung got his steps faster to get over this shit. Somehow he didn’t have a good feeling about all of that, cold crippled around his spine when he thought about that kid.


And Taehyung’s instincts were never wrong.


For his luck, he found an old lady who were taken her dog to a walk for the night. The lady was kind enough to let him into the apartment complex, passing through the ring security. He would be happy how easy it was, but that cold feeling didn’t leave him even for a second.


“4th floor, door 14”


They knew Junhee isn’t home, at least that’s what the man said who were following the boy since he and Jimin departed.  


Taehyung climbed up on the stairs to his destination, when he got there everything was calm and silent, perfect. Being a professional he is of course the boy had a pick lock, that kind of key what even can open the British Queen’s bedroom to you. (Not like Taehyung had any intentions to use it for that purpose.)


The lock made a little noise, opening up without any problem. He pushed down the handle and entered to the flat, switching up the light, looking around.


Everything looked totally normal, more like dull too. It was strange how the whole flat looked so soulless. Like no one really lived there.


“Let’s dig a little deeper” A smirk appeared on his face, then in about half an hour he already looked through half of the house. Being as stealthy as he could, if someone would return or to place everything back to its respectful place.


He was taught to hand-to-hand combat and can handle guns as well, however he prefers not using them if it’s not necessary.


Taehyung entered to the bedroom, scanning it through too, finding the boy’s laptop and other electronics, but he doesn’t really know the whole hacker stuff like Namjoon does, so he has to abandon that step.


Rather, he went through all the drawer, even checking the wall behind the paintings. When he arrived to the walk in closet he found a very interesting thing. A handle. Behind a pile of unused and hanged dress shirts.


Suddenly a buzzing noise got Taehyung almost a heart attack, when his phone started to buzz in his jean’s pockets. He quickly calmed himself, but not forgetting about the door he got a hold on the handle.


He got his phone to look who has disturbing him now? Then he saw Yoongi’s picture and ID showing the incoming call.




“What the fuck are you doing Kim fucking Taehyung?!”




“Drop the attitude, you were supposed to come here for the trade, why the fuck is that Destructive imp is here and not you?”


“Did Namjoon-hyung broke something again?” Taehyung asked with an unamused voice as he listened to his hyung’s ranting.


He pushed down the handle and opened up the door. It was dark inside, he squinted a little and tried to find a switch, only listening to Yoongi with little attention. He felt proud when he finally found that damn switch.


“Taehyung, are you listening to me?” Yoongi groaned into the phone frowning to himself, when he didn’t hear his response he slowly started to get worried.


A wall, full of Jimin’s pictures. When he smiles, dances, laughs, talks or even eat. When the younger gets into the cars of Jungkook’s, or.. Even more disturbing when the boy is half naked and chancing into his training clothes.


“Oh, boy… You are gonna be dead” he whispered in a slightly audible tone, almost dropping the phone.


“Taehyung! What are you talking about? What did you find? Answer me goddammit!”


“You are gonna be so dead”


Yoongi heard an unfamiliar voice, then the only thing what he heard was a gunshot.



Chapter Text

A few hours ago, before Jungkook called Taehyung.


Jimin felt a lump in his throat, as he suddenly got up from his seat, pushing back his chair with full force. Junhee looked at him confusedly and some other customers too, but Jungkook only smirked at him.


The younger felt weak when Jungkook signed him, with his index finger to come to him.


“Everything is okay, Jimin?” Junhee asked looking up at the standing Jimin.


“Uhm, y-yes.. I-I just… Now I need to go.. Thank you for the date hyung. Bye!” He blurted it out really fast, it took Junhee a few seconds to understand what was the younger talking.


But when he realised Jimin was long gone, he looked out the window seeing Jimin approaching a man in full black.


The black haired blinked surprised, then a slowly a smirk crept onto his face, tapping patiently on the table with his fingertips.


“Jeon Jungkook… What a surprise. He was right. You are way too possessive with this precious angel”




“J-jungkook…” Jimin stuttered as he looked up at Jungkook, who just nodded his head towards the car, signalling him to get into it. Now.


Jimin didn’t say a word just did as he was told, he buckled himself up then Jungkook started the engine and drove off. The younger fidget with his fingers in his nervousness, he didn’t know what to actually expect from Jungkook.


The ride was silent more like awkward and threatening for Jimin. He stole glances towards the older, however he didn’t get any for return. He didn’t even notice when they arrived home, but quickly escaped from the car following Jungkook along towards the building.


When the elevator dropped them at the door of their penthouse Jimin felt the tension between them. He didn’t know what to do, what to say. He was bushed.

Jungkook left him in the hall and went straight to the living room, plopping down at the couch, but before that he retrieved a bottle of wine for himself.


“Jungkook” Jimin asked again, sitting down next to the older cautiously.  


“That outfit looks good on you” Jungkook finally spoke, but his voice was filled with poison and coldness.




“You never dressed up like this for anything... Was it a date, my little angel?” Jungkook looked at him, then poured wine to his glass. It was red just like his enemies’ blood what stuck to his hands through the years, and soon it will increase.


“J-jungkook, please…”


“I asked something, Park Jimin”


Silence settled down between the two. Jimin watched as Jungkook drunk his wine. While others were drinking mostly because they were happy or sad, even heart broken. Jungkook drink when he felt like killing someone.


Jungkook placed down the glass and suddenly got a hold of Jimin’s two wrist, pushing him down to the leather couch, caging him with his strong body.


“Are you perhaps forgot, how our little deal goes?” He whispered dangerously close to Jimin’s plump lips.


The smaller’s eyes widened and started to squirm around to free himself, but he wasn’t successful. “Stop this Jungkook!! I don’t want you to spy around me! Let me live for once!” He shouted at the man out of nowhere.


“Let you live? Without me you would have died or sold as a fucking slut! You can thank your life to me, Park Jimin. You are mine.” Jungkook stated coldly, not even caring the world slipping out of his mouth.


Jimin had enough and was able to free his leg enough to kick Jungkook enough in his groin and push the older away from him. He got up quickly from the couch watching Jungkook’s angry eyes landing on him.


“And what did I get?!  Even if you bring me those fucking restaurants, amusement parks and buy a shit load of expensive dress I still am a prisoner to you Jungkook!! A possession what you can show around! You can’t buy me with money!” He yelled at him, face flushed in red as anger boiled in his veins.


“I gave you freedom! You have friends and you are on the fucking Academy you always wanted to go!”


“Friends?! I never, never had friends! People who are not under your command! I bet even Hoseok and Taehyung tell you every shit I’m doing! You got me into that Academy, they didn’t even want me because of my talent, but because of your fucking name!”


“Oh, so you have problem with my name? Yeah? This fucking name gave you shelter and protection that night, don’t forget it Jimin! That name gave you money and chance for a better life, and suddenly you got it, now you hate it?!” Jungkook shouted at him throwing away the glass to the wall, what shattered into little pieces just like their trust in each other.


“I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THAT!!” Jimin almost screamed at Jungkook, his voice cracked as tears veiled up in his eyes. He felt angry and hurt, he wanted to choke Jungkook right now. He said it like Jimin was begging for all of that.


“Then why did you even accept my offer?!” Jungkook shouted suddenly losing his control over his voice, marching towards Jimin, trapping him between his arms.


Jimin’s breath hitched when he met with Jungkook’s cold and dark stare what could burn a hole into his soul.


“I was vulnerable and shocked! I was just kicked out and almost raped!! I would even shake hands with the Devil at that point! But maybe I already did!”


“So you think I’m the Devil? Oh, you know nothing Park Jimin… Be glad that you never experienced my dark side, the beast what lays beneath this skin. But if you want to play this game, you can… Nicely…” He leaned closer to Jimin, never breaking the eye contact with the younger. “Or… Dangerously” Jungkook’s breath were fanning Jimin’s plump lips as he spoke in a low and cold voice.


They stayed in silent for a while, looking into each other eyes with so much dare and anger. Jimin was stubborn, just as Jungkook. They could be a perfect pair, but also a deadly one. Depends on where do you see it.


Only the ringtone of Jungkook’s phone broke the silence between the two. A smirk appeared on Jungkook face, and slowly pulled away from Jimin.


“It’s your choice, darling. But chose wisely, because I’m not going to be gentle with you”




“N-no… No, please.. I-I promise.. I will bring you the supply… I-I.. Please” The man pleaded hard, his face was a mess, Yoongi was especially proud the fact that he hit two teeth out in one punch.


“Ahh, how many times I heard that. Come up with something new, come on… Work your fucking brain if you still have any. But judging from your stupidity to play with the Jeon mafia, you don’t really have” Yoongi smirked as he punched the man in the stomach again with his knuckle duster, what has blunt spikes already covered in blood.


The man coughed hard as felt pain run through his body, he screamed as he endured another punch and another.


On the other hand, Yoongi had a devious smile on his face. He was enjoying it. Min Yoongi found entertainment in other’s torture and seeing them suffer. Call him a sick bastard if you want, and he would thank you it.


He never cared about what other’s thought about him, Namjoon and Jungkook who knew what kind of dark man he is never judged him, but knew not to cross a line at Yoongi. Maybe that’s why he never did relationship.


He would eventually just hurt the other person, emotionally, physically or even mentally. He was totally okay with fucking people senseless then just forget about them. That was his life, he already accepted it.


“Let’s see… What to do with you…” He spoke with a low melodious voice what sent shiver down the man’s spine. His eyes widened when Yoongi’s gaze fall to a meat carver.


“N-no… No, please!” The man pleaded but find to deaf ears. Yoongi was about to punch him again just to shut up finally, when Jungkook interrupted him. 


“Let me finish him” Jungkook spoke, he didn’t even bother to close the warehouse’s door after him, he marched to the chained up body and punched him on the face awful, breaking his nose at the contact.


Yoongi didn’t ask why did the younger was so tensed and aggressive, he let it for another talk. So he stepped aside, watching his boss punching and torturing the man, who owned them a shit tone of money and weapon supply.


“PLEASE! I will bring you everything! P-plea…se… Please” He mumbled and cried his heart out, but Jungkook didn’t listen as he grabbed a metal bat and stroked down the poor man, breaking his ribs on the right side and pelvic bone.


The man screamed out of pain, even though he already has broken and dislocated bones, bloody and swollen wounds. He knew his death was waiting for him in the corners.


So without any word or further action, Jungkook took a good hold of the bat and aimed to the man’s head working every muscle in his body. When the bat hit the head, the man died instantly, and blood were covering the bat and even Jungkook’s face and clothes.


But he didn’t say a word as his eyes fell on the deranged body in front of him, he dropped the bat to the bloody ground, and the warehouse fell into endless silence.


“Dispose it” Jungkook spoke with a low and dangerous voice, Yoongi just sighed. He preferred to kill people not disposing them. Such problems.


“I need to get your freaking supplies with Taehyung, what do you think what I am? A robot? Ask another one” Yoongi groaned, earning a chuckle from Jungkook.


“You sound like a grandpa”


“I’m going to kick your ass to the Moon.”




It was around 10 pm, when Jungkook got a call. It was from one of his man who could get finally the address of Park Junhee. Jungkook smirked through the call, when he ended it the mafia boss called another one.


“I have a job for you Taehyung.”


“I’m getting your supplies Jungkook tonight, I can’t. Ask another one” Taehyung spoke with an unpleasant voice.


“You and Yoongi-hyung have the same line. Are you two going out?” Jungkook teased him, and he was sure if his friend would be here Taehyung would kick him in the ass.


“Shut up. What job you have that only I’m qualified for that?”


“I need you to go that address and see the guy whose in there.”


“Who? Someone tried to fuck you up again?” Taehyung asked amusedly by now.


“No, It’s Jimin’s new admirer. And I don’t anything what you are saying, as long I’m the boss you will do what I say. Got it?”


Chapter Text

In parallel with Taehyung’s break in.


Jimin stayed at home, he heard the front door close, so he knew Jungkook was not around. He turned his room upside down, clothes were lying around the floor, the things he got from Jungkook mostly ended up at the floor or even thrown out the window. His big full length mirror was lying around in scattered pieces.


He was panting hard as he observed the mess he did. His chest was aching by his harsh breathing, little drops of blood were falling into the white fluffy rug under him, staining and painting it to red.




“If you want the boy to be alive even tomorrow, I warn you Jimin… Cut everything off with him” Jungkook whispered into his ears, as he traced the younger’s jawline and neck with his index finger gently, causing goosebums all over Jimin’s body.


Jimin even forgot to breath for a moment as he saw Jungkook’s smug and dangerous smile. His heart started to bit faster than ever as he gulped and watched Jungkook answering the call.




He stood there, at the middle of his room, remembering clearly about what Jungkook told him, his phone started to buzz when he looked at it, his blood started to boil again.



Call off the festival and the other shit.



Fuck you


Jimin felt satisfied to finally say that two words to Jungkook without any fear, however he knew the older will be very much furious when he will get home. But at that moment, Jimin didn’t give a flying fuck about it. 


He just wanted to punch Jungkook. Really hard.


He grew up basically next to Jungkook, but the older was way too protective, controlling over the younger, it was a matter of time for Jimin to snap finally. He was tankful to Jungkook for saving him, yes. But he never asked Jungkook for a luxurious life.


Nor he asked him to got Jimin into the Academy without applying or going to his entrance exam. Or asked him to get revenge at Jimin’s parents, or move him into another high schools because Jimin finally had friends who didn’t have to report to Jungkook about everything he did.


Jimin was thankful, but he wanted a normal life too.


Being a stripper, knowing a lot of people are lusting over your body and waiting for a moment to Jungkook turn his head around and fuck him to oblivion, isn’t a really good feeling.


He was grateful to Hoseok and Taehyung, they were his friends since the beginning, but deep down Jimin knew the other two were telling everything to Jungkook. It was obvious when Jimin had a crush over a boy, he was really nice and sweet with Jimin, but the next day suddenly the boy disappeared with his family too.


That was the first time Jimin felt he was suffocating, that he can’t have normal things. He can’t go on dates; he can’t have crushes or friends. As the time passed, he felt the rope around his neck were stronger and stronger, and he became distanced from the world day by day.


He knew a lot of people, if it wasn’t for Jungkook he would never knew Hoseok, Taehyung, Yoongi or Namjoon, who became his family over the years. But he also hated them on the inside.


They knew how Jimin felt, yet they never did anything against it. Jimin still remembered when Yoongi came to find him in a club, a year ago. He told everything to the older, yet nothing happened.




Yoongi basically dragged him out of the club, making Jimin almost fall three times on the way. The chilly night wind hit Jimin on the face, his heated up body started to cool down immediately.

C’mon Jimin, I don’t care if I will have to fucking drag you all over that shitty city” Yoongi groaned at the younger, gripping on his wrist more, causing bruises all over it.


“Hyung!” Jimin screamed in panic as Yoongi tugged him forcefully into the car and slammed the door.


“Don’t you dare coming out the car or I will cut your hands off” he threatened the younger, who knew his hyung wouldn’t hesitate to fulfil his promise. 


“Hyung, please.. Just, please. I need to feel alive. I want to fell alive, I can’t do this anymore”


“I’m sorry Jimin, but I’m doing what I was told… I know, how you feel. But I can’t help you” Yoongi answered him pity in his eyes and sadness in his voice. “I would love to help you, Jiminie. But you know how Jungkook is… He would never let you go” The older said while he started the engine and drove away from the club.


“How could you not help? You are his best friend, hyung!” Jimin whined in a broken voice. “Please…”




The memory of that night went through Jimin’s mind as he laid on his bed, half-asleep. He closed his eyes slowly, drifting away from the reality to his dream land, where he was free and had a life what he always wished for.


He woke up for a gentle touch around his cheeks and someone brushed his hair out of his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw Jungkook looking at him. They didn’t say a word, Jungkook only laid down next to him (with fresh and clean clothes now) and hugged Jimin close to his chest.


“I’m sorry…” Jungkook whispered as he closed his eyes, feeling Jimin’s arm wrapped around his waist and buried his face to Jungkook’s chest.


Jungkook fall asleep with a smile on his face as he felt Jimin close to him, forgetting all of their argument what happened a few hours ago, or the mess the younger made in his room. He only cared about Jimin.


Jimin knew that his boss fell asleep already hearing his steady breathing and calm heartbeat. However, he couldn’t sleep. The arms around him, what meant shelter and a safe place for him, are now like cells and ropes.


“You can’t take away my free will from me, Jungkook…” the younger mumbled into Jungkook’s chest as his own heart were beating fast by the decision he made.


He is thankful for Jungkook.


But he wants his freedom back.

Chapter Text

“TAEHYUNG” Yoongi shouted in the phone. Panic shot through his body as he only heard a grunt and another gunshot, then the call suddenly ended leaving Yoongi with pounding heart as panicked thoughts went through his brain.


He didn’t even say a word to Namjoon, he got his jacket what contained the keys of his car and drove away to the location what Taehyung got.


Not even Yoongi understood why, he loved seeing blood, feeling the warm liquid running down his fingers as he killed someone. But now. Now he prayed for not to see Taehyung covered in blood, unable to breathe anymore.




Fortunately, the first bullet just skimmed Taehyung’s arm as he was able to jump away when he heard the voice, but was not that lucky at the second time. The bullet got through his thighs leaving him with a bloody wound, slowly blood soaked around the fabric of his jeans. Waves of pain shot through of his body when he got onto his leg and swiftly dodged the next attack.


He clenched his jaw in hurt, but didn’t stop. If he will, he might die here too.


“Funny how you believe in every information what you get” The guy, who had way much bigger body than Taehyung chuckled and aimed at the spy again.


Just not Taehyung were faster and kicked away the gun, with his unharmed leg but immediately regretted it as the other one knocked him down, and got a hold of his neck.


“You fucker” the smaller chocked out, trying to claw away the other’s hand, sinking his nails into the skin, girthing his teeth’s.


The guy groaned when Taehyung kicked him full hard with his legs, but quickly solved the problem as he put pressure over the wound, pushing his thumb into the raw flesh, earning a painful scream from Taehyung.


Waves of pain shot through Taehyung’s body, leaving a burning feeling around the hurt skin. He grew angry and eventually using all of his power he was able to free his leg and knee at the guy’s side several times, until he lost balance.


Taehyung swiftly changed their position and were kneeling with one leg at the guy’s middle of chest, pressuring it, while trying to ignore the shooting pain from his thighs. He launched his curled up fist and punched the guy a several times.


“Who the heck are you, and who sent?” He asked with girthed teeth’s mainly from pain and to avoid his voice from shaking.


The other one just laughed with his swollen lips and broken, bloody nose. “You guys are so fun to mess with.” He played with Taehuyng’s nerves easily, but the smaller didn’t give in. “Soon you will see his revenge over your precious bo-“


Taehyung didn’t wait to finish his monologue as he blew another fist to the guys face, unfortunately he didn’t notice how the other one got out a pocket knife, he could only catch a glimpse at the metal, before it pierced into his skin.


“I suggest you and your boss, to do a little cleaning among his – he chuckled slightly – faithful men, before he will end up like you…”


Tae were coughing blood as the other one pierced through the metal through his stomach without hesitation, he even rotated it cruelly launching a fist at the other one’s jaw. Taehyung bite down his tongue drawing blood out of it too.


He kicked Taehyung in the face before the other one could dodge it. He felt dizzy from all of that. Maybe he lost way too much blood over the short period he was with that guy, who were probably an assassin as Taehyung realized it now.


“Now, you would be a good little play for us… Looking at you, you are not that bad, indeed handsome” The other one showed a sick smirk at Taehyung, while he laid there trying to gain consciousness and sit up.


“G-g..Get your… Hands away f-from me” He choked on blood, trying to look at the assassin, but only black and white dots were showing in front of him as he tried to focus.


The other one chuckled, but suddenly he felt a cold metal at the back of his head, without realizing what happened or, what would everything blacked out to him, as the bullet pierced through his skin and killed him.


He lifelessly dropped to the floor, a pool of blood forming under his head. Yoongi stood there, looking extremely pissed off. In his eyes that man was a worm, a cockroach, that needed to be stamped on and killed.


The hitman spotted Taehyung and went to him, just to find him hardly breathing. “Fuck. Fuck, Taehyung, don’t die on me, fucking shit” He groaned quickly taking the boy into his arms, leaving the flat just to get him at the hospital as fast as he could.


While he drove like a crazy man, thought were rushing in his head, ignoring the phone calls what his phone received from a certain red haired stripper.


Taehyung is in verge of dying because of blood loss.


And someone betrayed them, giving out false information.


Someone had the nerve to betray them, this only made him smirk, in the most dangerous way.

Chapter Text

Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon were at the hospital. When Yoongi called both of them about what happened they stormed here instantly. Taehyung is at the operating room for an hour now, making the three friend anxious.


“So you are saying there were an assassin?” Jungkook asked following Yoongi with his eyes as the older walked up and down in anger.


“Did I fucking stutter Jungkook?” he shot back, ignoring his phone’s buzzing again.


“Calm down Yoongi. Don’t make a scene at least not now”


Before Yoongi could say anything, a doctor came to them with a worried expression, making Yoongi’s heart drop again.


“How is Taehyung?” asked Namjoon instead of the two.


“He will survive, he received blood-transfusion, his wounds were all stitched up. If he won’t get internal bleeding through the night, then there’s nothing to worry about. A few days and he can be discharged.” The doctor spoke with a small smile on his face as he saw the relieved expression in their face.


“Thank you” Namjoon bowed slightly, what the doctor returned, then walked away leaving the three alone again.


“Go, see Taehyung I will find that scum” Yoong spat and were about to walk away, when Jungkook gripped on his arm stopping him.


“You will stay, hyung. It’s obvious that the guy who monitored Junee gave the wrong information. First we need to know who they are working. Understand?” Jungkook tried to see the situation clearly, however anger tried to blind him at every second.


His best friend almost died, just because a small mistake. He won’t let it slide, don’t get him wrong. But right now, he can’t act without thinking further, the only ones he can trust right now are here. He needs to be careful this time.


“Jungkook’s right, Yoongi. Let’s not rush into things, who monitored Junhee?”


“Doyun” answered Yoongi with a frown on his face. Then realization hit them.


Doyun is Jimin’s bodyguard.




Jimin was getting ready for school, Jungkook purposely didn’t say a thing to him, fearing he will panic. Rather, he waited until they would have another news about Taehyung’s condition.


For the younger it was not strange when he saw Jungkook leaving so hastily. So he didn’t pay too much attention to that. When he left the building, he was greeted with Doyun’s smile and morning questions, like if he is okay, how did he sleep etc.


“Thank you, hyung. I’m okay.” Jimin smiled at the man, who was way older than him, at his 30s, but was working for Jungkook for years.


“Do you want me to stop somewhere?” Asked the man getting into the big black car with tinted windows. It was a tradition that he would get Jimin into the campus, then wait for him and bring home. Or if the younger would go somewhere Doyun accompanied him usually.


“No, let’s just go to the campus” answered Jimin with a smile and buckled up as Doyun started the engine and drove off from the parking lot.


Not so much after Jimin were scrolling through Twitter, when received a call from Jungkook.




“Where are you?!” Jungkook sounded breathless and more worried than angry by now.


“Uhm.. On my way to the campus, why?” the younger found Jungkook’s attitude rather odd, and somehow made him anxious too. He didn’t notice how Doyun eyed him through the rear mirror.


“Doyun is with you?”


“Yes, but wh-“


“Listen here, got out of the car. Now! I will go get you, just get out of that car right now” Jungkook demanded, while Jimin could hear Jungkook fumbling with something, probably his car keys.


“Jungkook, somethi-“


“Just get out of that fucking car Park Jimin, please!” Jungkook begged. He begged to Jimin with a desperate voice. It made Jimin panicked, Jungkook would never do this in normal situations.


“Okay.” He answered finally locking eyes with Doyun through the rear mirror.


“What did boss want?” He asked casually, Jimin didn’t disconnect the call, so Jungkook could hear everything.


“Oh, he just didn’t find me at home... He got kinda panicked, probably forgot I had school today” Jimin smiled a little, faking it perfectly. “But hyung, can we stop at a café? I feel like I need a coffee, or I will sleep right now!” Jimin joked, however the air was thick with tenseness.


Jimin gulped and gripped on his phone more, when Doyun looked at him, eyeing the boy with an odd expression.


“Of course. Which café do you want to go?” He asked casually, making Jimin more nervous for some reason. His phone buzzed lightly, making him jump a little.



Tell him to get at the nearest!


“Can we go to the nearest, hyung? I’m really tired, I would like to drink that coffee as soon as possible.”


“Of course”


Jimin felt more nervous than ever, as he felt the car sped up, leaving behind the familiar buildings. He didn’t know what happened, he hated Jungkook at some point sometimes, but when something occurred he knew Jungkook can be trusted.


But the older’s desperate voice made him more anxious, Jungkook never spoke like this, at least he never heard him. Another buzz of his phone made him snap back to reality to look around and find him at an unknown neighbourhood.



Which café?



“W-where are we going hyung? We could have stopped at the Cherry café” Jimin looked out of the window not recognizing any store or building. It was not the way to the campus.


“Ah, no. We still have time to get you to the campus, now I’m going to show you one of my favourite café, Jiminie” The man smiled at him, it only sent shivers down at Jimin’s spine.


“Really? Which one is?” He tried to get that damn name out of Doyun before he would hypervaliate and get a panic attack.


“You probably didn’t hear about it”


“I’m still curious”


“Don’t worry about it”



I’m going to kill that son of a bitch



We’ve just left the West End plaza



You are in the black Maserati?






I’m on my way, don’t end the call.


Jimin did as Jungkook asked and just turned the phone’s screen to his thighs so Doyun wouldn’t see it’s on.


“Hyung, are you sure we are at the right place?” Jimin asked curiously, trying to mask his nervousness.


“Are saying that I don’t know the route, Jiminie?” The man laughed, Jimin just scoffed.


A slight two minutes passed in silence, Jimin’s heart were beating so fast that it caused his chest to hurt. He was trying to breathe calmly, but failed miserably as he saw the unfamiliar buildings passing by.



At the next red stop get out of the car.


Jimin subtly looked at the outside rear mirror to see Jungkook’s familiar Lexus car just two cars behind them. He felt relieved, Jimin placed his hands as the belt, so he could get out of it quickly when the time would come.


He eyed the road, his body tensed up as he saw the next traffic lamp getting closer and closer to them.


When the car stopped, he freed himself or the belt, the car door flew open as Jimin jumped out of it, running at the direction of the familiar Lexus car.

Chapter Text

He heard a shot, but didn’t turn away. His only direction was that damn Lexus car, what’s back door opened up and pulled Jimin in roughly. The younger looked around panicky, and saw Seokjin’s handsome face in front of himself.


“Everything is okay, Jiminie… Don’t worry” He reassured the younger with a smile, patting his head gently and warmly.


“Are you okay, Jimin?” Jungkook asked as he didn’t care about the traffic or their surroundings, he took a sharp turn and drove away. Jimin heard the gunshot again, making his heart jump.




“It’s Namjoon-hyung. Don’t worry Jimin, he is okay. I won’t let anyone to get hurt again” Jungkook growled as he gripped onto the wheels tightly








Jimin didn’t even care about that Junhee did, or he has pictures about him like a freaking altar. He wanted to see Taehyung only.


When he stormed into the room, he saw Yoongi sitting next to the bed, caressing Taehyung’s pale cheeks softly, as the brown haired boy laid there, sleeping still.


“H-hyung…” Jimin stuttered a little, Yoongi looked at him, seeing fear and sadness in his eyes. Jimin lived in the mafia world, but everyone of them tried to exclude him from that kind of things.


It seems they couldn’t do this for a long time.


“Come here” Yoongi spoke with a hoarse voice and the younger went next to his best friend, tears blocking his eyes slightly.


“He will be okay?”


“Of course. Taehyung is strong. He can survive it, don’t worry. Okay?” Yoongi tried to smile at the younger, to make him less worried. “What about Doyun?” he asked suddenly.


“H-he… I don’t know hyung… Jungkook took me, and then I heard gunshots, and he said it was Namjoon-hyung, but…” Jimin’s voice started to shake as he thought back what happened. Yoongi tried to comfort him, but he was not really good at it.


Rather, Seokjin came into the room, and hugged Jimin close to himself, letting him to cry as his mind processed everything what just happened or what could have happened.


“Can you stay with him?” asked Yoongi, looking at Seokjin who nodded. Yoongi showed a grateful smile, then left the hospital in a matter of time.


He knew they didn’t kill that bastard, of no. He was not that lucky, they didn’t let him slide. Not this that.


Taehyung could have died because of him, and just that thought made Yoongi’s blood boil.




When the hitman arrived at the familiar warehouse, the other two already started it. Doyun was chained down, his face was swollen up and was bloody. He probably had a broken nose, and some missing teeth.


“Starting without me?” Yoongi scoffed, freeing himself from his leather jacket, throwing it to one of the man, who was there to later clean the place and get rid of the body, or what will remain of it.


“You were slow, hyung” Jungkook answered, holding a meat carver in his hands, pointing it to Doyun’s pathetic thighs.


“But you can always join to us. You like it more than me” Namjoon sighed looking at Doyun who get panicked at the moment when Yoongi placed his leg into the building.


“You just have a weak stomach” the black haired just shrugged without care, and landed his eyes at Doyun’s figure “Let’s continue it, shall we?”


In a matter of time, Doyun were screaming like a pig before its slaughter. They didn’t go easy on him, oh not after what he did. He played with the Jeon mafia, like they were some kind of easy target.


He sold them out, causing one of their close friend’s hurt and tried to kidnap Jimin.


“So, who are you working to?” Yoongi tilted his head. Sitting on a table in front of Doyun’s bloody figure, next to him, the man’s hand was tied down by thick ropes. It looked deranged, swollen, purple and at some points bloody, while Yoongi twirled a hammer between his fingers, looking at the man in front of him.


“I… I didn’t betray the.. Jeo-“ A pathetic scream ripped out of his chest, when Yoongi aimed at the back of his hands, crushing the bones in it, without care.


“Let’s start it again… Okay?” He got a got hold of the hammer and suddenly placed it at the temple of the man “Or I will crush your skull, do you understand me, you worm?” His voice dropped, Doyun shivered as he looked into Yoongi’s ice-cold eyes.


“Seokjin called, Taehyung woke up a few minutes ago” Namjoon interrupted them, making Doyun flinch even by Taehyung’s name.


“Oh, what a luck… Isn’t it, Doyun?” Yoongi began with a sweet tone. “Hm?”


“Y-y-yes.. Yes, it’s.. It’s great…” The man stuttered weakly.


“So, who are you working to?” Jungkook asked from the behind, placing cold and strong hands at Doyun’s shoulder, pressuring it. “Just a name… “


“I.. I want a deal” He blurted out, making the three man looking at him in disbelief.


“Are you joking?” Namjoon arched his eyebrow


“N-no… I will tell you everything, in exchange… My life”


Silence filled the room, as the other three communicated through their eyes, completely understanding each other through it.


“Okay, start to chirp birdy”


“I-it’s Taemin… He is behind all of that… I’m working for him for months now, before he even… Stepped into the Casino.” He confessed making Jungkook’s blood boil just by the mention of his stepbrother’s name.


“And Junhee?” asked Namjoon stepping closer to the chained man.


“He.. He was an orphan; he was only 8 when the Jeon mafia killed his parents… It was in your father’s time” Doyun looked at Jungkook “Taemin found the boy, giving him a new name… Making him into a weapon… B-but.. I’m afraid he grew obsessed with Jimin… He wants him”


“And the assassin?” this time Yoongi were the one who asked it


“It was one of Taemin’s man. He sent him to finish off Taehyung, since he knew he was a close friend to Jungkook….”


“That’s it?” Jungkook looked at the man, who nodded, hope in his eyes for a free life.


“Hm… Good night then” Yoongi jumped off the table, hitting the man’s temple hard with the hammer, what break through the bone.


None of them felt pity for him. It was the price of the betrayal he made.


“Dispose him” Jungkook spoke to the other men, who did their work after the three left the building.


“What will you do?”


“If Taemin wants a war… Then he will get one”

Chapter Text

Before Yoongi would get to the hospital to see how Taehyung was, he went home to change and shower, he couldn’t visit his friend in bloody clothes. However, when he parked in front of his big ass mansion, he didn’t exactly expect a certain red haired stripper to show up.


He looked pissed off, but Yoongi really couldn’t care less at that moment.


“What are you doing here, Hoseok?” Yoongi asked with a tired voice.


“I’ve called you. Numerous times” He scoffed, not really caring about fact that Yoongi was bloody and grumpy at some point.


“I’m not obligated to answer your every damn call Hoseok.” Yoongi sighed as he made his way to the house, Hoseok following behind him like a puppy. “We are not a couple, or something. I told you it hundreds of times.”


“I belong to you, and you knew it well too.” Hoseok shot back without care


Yoongi looked back at him, eyeing the other one like a predator. “You belong to me, by the words of my father. And as you know, I don’t give a damn about that old dick.”


“You didn’t have any problem with that a few years ago”


“People change Hoseok. I grew tired, I’ve never loved you, you know that too. I don’t do relationships.” Yoongi shrugged and started to unbutton his dress shirt.


“That’s why you made a stripper of me, at Jungkook’s casino?” Hoseok stepped closer to Yoongi not letting the topic die down.




“You are ridiculous”


“Says the one who can’t understand the case of us” He exhorted Hoseok, signalling to finish off that stupid talking.


“I completely understand it, Yoongi. I’m doing what I’m obligated to do, but as it seems you forgot what is your duty. It is because of him? Because you grew fond of Taehyung, or what?” Hoseok asked with a ridiculous smile on his face. “Are you trying to cut off the deal, Yoongi?”


“That deal was made between your father and mine, years ago. I didn’t care about it, and I won’t even for a second. And leave Taehyung out of that, or you will regret even mentioning his name” Yoongi narrowed his eyes, threatening Hoseok without even thinking twice.


“You are going into dangerous waters Yoongi…”


“Get the fuck out” He growled and left the burning Hoseok in the hall, without care.


“You will regret it, Yoongi… With your whole being”




“I’m sorry Taehyung…”


Jimin turned around to saw a freshly clothed Jungkook, he was still at the hospital. Seokjin went to by something to eat for the younger.


“Oh, don’t worry. I’m still alive, so it’s okay” Taehyung smiled showing his boxy smile to his friend. “Don’t blame yourself, Jungkook…”


“But if I don’t send you there you weren’t in that situation, Tae”


“Ahh! Jimin get him out of the room! He is going crazy again with his stupidity” Taehyung whined cutely, making Jimin giggle and Jungkook blink for a few times.


“He got strong painkillers, maybe that’s why he is that bubbly” Jimin explained giggling constantly.


“Ah, get out. I want to sleep, you two are just getting on my nerves!”


“I didn’t even do anything!”  the youngest of the three shot a glare at Taehyung who just whined in response.


“Your cuteness getting on my nerves!” He started to nudge Jimin with his legs, as Jungkook suddenly started to chuckle, surprising Jimin but not Taehyung.


“Your chuckling getting on my nerve too. Get out, I need sleep!”


“You sure has some relations with Yoongi-hyung” Jungkook mentioned, his reward was a pillow thrown into his face, what he dodged quickly “Let’s go Jimin, let Taehyung alone then”


“You are being way too dramatic Taehyung-ah” Jimin pouted, but hugged his friend for goodbye, then left the room and the building too with Jungkook on his right.


“I’m sorry Jimin” Jungkook spoke while he was driving through the city. “I wasn’t aware of the fact that Doyun was a threat to you”


“I.. I don’t understand clearly… What really happened?” Jimin pondered “Seokjin-hyung didn’t say anything when I asked him, and even Tae refused to tell me what happened with him…. What’s going on really, Jungkook?” the younger’s voice became stern and serious for a moment.


“When we get home I will tell everything, okay?” He exclaimed with a sigh knowing it will be a hell of a ride, but he wanted Jimin to know everything. (More likely because the younger would know what a snake Park Junhee is in real life)


However, the thought was disturbing Jungkook on the inside, if he just thought about the fact he could have been late and Jimin would be gone. 


“Okay.” Jimin agreed with a slight nod.


The rest of the ride went in silence, but if was comforting rather than awkward. You know, no matter how many times Jungkook and Jimin argued, no matter how bad it was, they would always could go back before their argument and act like nothing happened.


But not now. Jimin was anxious about their fight, and Jungkook seemed to share this feeling.


“Can.. Can we talk about what happened… Yesterday?” Jimin asked finally, breaking the silence between the two.


“If you want yes… I’m sorry for what I said. But you should know you are important to me Jimin… I have this feeling since I’ve met you that I need to protect you… Maybe I’m not doing a wonderful job at it, but-“


“I know Jungkook…” Jimin interrupted him with a little smile. “I don’t hate or despise you… Just… I need air, sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating, because I know you are everywhere and get people to spy on me..”


“I can change that if you want” Jungkook proposed the idea what caught Jimin’s attention.


“Really?!” He squealed excitedly, making Jungkook smile too.


“Yeah… I won’t send any person after you, but will get a GPS debugger in your phone”




Jungkook laughed at Jimin’s reaction as he parked at the basement parking lot and get out of the car after he turned off the engine. Jimin followed him rambling and ranting about how Jungkook has no right do to it! It was cute, Jungkook find it cute and only chuckled.


However, none of the two noticed the dark figure among the already parked cars as he followed the two’s step with his dark eyes, making a frown and growl as he saw how close they walked to each other.

Chapter Text

Jimin just sat there, zoning out as he stared the glass coffee table in front of him. Jungkook sighed and rubbed his back a little, comforting the younger.


“Do you believe in me?” Jungkook whispered in a shooting voice.


Jimin only nodded not speaking a word, but it was enough for Jungkook. He was afraid if Jimin would flip and accuse him for lying, just because he was jealous of Junhee. Which he wasn’t. Not at all.


“I just… It’s.. Crazy” Jimin exhaled a deep sigh and leaned back to the couch, Jungkook’s hand landing on his thighs.


“I want you to be safe, okay? I don’t know what my brother or Junhee capable of. Taemin is more like the crazy psychopath type, but he has unpredictable moments… On the other hand I don’t know anything about Junhee” He groaned in annoyance.


“Even Namjoon-hyung can’t get any information about him?” Jimin asked looking at Jungkook. The older had dark circles around his eyes, and a frown in his face what never wanted to fade away.


“He tried, we are still trying… But don’t worry, I will handle it” Jungkook flashed a smile at Jimin, patting his head gently.


“I want to help”


“No, you won’t”


“Yes, look, Junhee is obsessed with me as you said… Maybe I can or do something to help you catch him and get closer to Taehyung” Jimin removed Jungkook’s hand from his head and just observed the older’s big hand.


“Are you trying to die or what? You don’t know how to do a hand-to-hand combat or even use a gun, not like I will tell or show you that by the was – he added quickly – So yeah. You will sit on your ass” corrected him and shook his head.


“You can’t stop me!” Jimin protested making Jungkook lean closer to him


“Watch me” and he suddenly scoped Jimin up in his arms, making the younger let out a surprised yelp as Jungkook made his way towards Jimin’s room.


“Let me down, Jungkook!” Jimin whined and tried to free himself, but realizing he would only end up on the floor, he stopped.


“Oh, good Jiminie~” Jungkook cooed, obviously mocking him jokingly.


“Muscle pig”


“I didn’t hear it”


“I said nothing!” Jimin yelped again when Jungkook dropped him onto the bed, and climbed next to him casually, settling down, making himself comfortable.


“What are you doing?” asked the younger, squinting his eyes at Jungkook’s laying figure.


“Getting some sleep?” he answered without opening his eyes, laying there like a corpse


“You have your own bed”


“It’s far away, yours is closer. Now get here, I need your warmth” Jungkook tugged Jimin closer to himself, until the younger were cuddled to his chest.


“You know, there is a thing called, blanket” he bickered, poking Jungkook’s cheeks so the older wouldn’t fall asleep so quickly.


“If you keep poking I will bite your finger”


“Hah, of co- YOU FUCKING BIT IT!” Jimin freaked out as Jungkook gently bit down on Jimin’s cute and chubby index finger. “YAH, DON’T LICK IT!”


Jungkook let go of Jimin’s finger laughing his ass off because of the younger’s expression and how Jimin tried to wipe of Jungkook’s saliva on his fingers into the older’s shirt.


“Dirty muscle pig”


“Sleep Jimin” Jungkook mumbled into the pillows and draw Jimin closer to him, finally they settled down calmly. Jungkook hugging the smaller’s slim waist, while Jimin rested his head at the taller’s chest.


“We are way too complicated Jungkook…” sighed the smaller, and snuggled closer to Jungkook, the older only hummed in response signalling that he was listening.


“One moment we are arguing like some bad bitches, then we end up cuddling at night… Were we always like that?” He glanced up at Jungkook, who was already half-asleep.


“I don’t know… Maybe… Maybe you just started to be more and more important… To me through the years…” Jungkook mumbled and whispered at once, not really caring about what he is talking about in his sleep.


“Huh? What are you talking about?” Jimin was aware of the fact that Jungkook were free mouthed when he was half-asleep or freshly awaken, so he used his chance.


“I might just… I’m might just fell in love with you… Park Jimin…”

Chapter Text

“You are all crazy” Jungkook folded his arms in front of his chest, looking at his friends and a certain blonde haired culprit. It was not even a question; it was a statement. A strong one in particular.


A week passed, Taehyung was discharged from the hospital a few days ago, but Jungkook still put him on rest, not letting him to do anything basically. Jimin refused to go to school in the past days, and Jungkook didn’t blame him because of that.


But he would never ever think that his friends would betray him, in that way.


“Who’s idea was that?” The raven hared arched his eyebrow, looking at first Yoongi, who looked unamused, holding up a gun in his hands. His eyes wandered to Namjoon, who had a laptop on his lap, probably trying to get any information about that Junhee.


And then there was Taehyung, playing games on his phone, and lastly Jimin, a loaded gun in his hands. Smiling sheepishly at him.


They were at a shooting field.


“Calm your horse down. This smurf wanted to learn how to use a gun” Yoongi answered earning an angry yell from Jimin, what he ignored with grace.


“And you brought him here?!” Jungkook snapped with widened eyes. But could he blame his hyung? Not really, unfortunately Jimin had this charm and cute pout what could earn him everything what he wanted.


“Why? It’s ours… We don’t have to pay for rent or anything” Taehyung added not looking away from his phone for any moment.


“Plus, he needs to learn how to protect himself” Namjoon butted in showing off his dimple smile looking at Jimin “He learns fast”


“Learns fast my ass! That motherfucker almost shot me!” Yoongi groaned looking at Jimin with a deathly glare.


“It was accidental, hyung~” Jimin showed off his angel like innocent face, but Yoongi only scoffed at him.


“I shouldn’t leave him alone with you” the mafia boss just sighed, face palming himself a little bit


“I would have come alone, so it’s not really count if I’m with them or alone” Jimin stated with a mischievous glint in his eyes, smiling at the older.


“So shut up, and let me work”


And with that Jungkook were forced to stay silent and still, whenever Jimin loaded the gun and fired it, aiming at the target. For him seeing Jimin like that was a little surreal, he never wanted the younger to know these kinds of things.


Deep down Jungkook was afraid that if Jimin would learn how to protect himself, he won’t need Jungkook anymore and will just left without any trace or word. He still didn’t remember about his conversation with Jimin when he was on a sleepy state, but he found it rather odd how Jimin was… Teasing him?


The younger was never really shy in front of everyone, but he never walked around with only a towel around his waist when he finished showering. So when Jimin appeared like this last night, Jungkook almost choke on his wine.


It’s not like Jungkook didn’t see him half-naked yet, the thing is that, Jungkook never saw him with water dumped hair, little water droplets around his toned body, flushed cheeks caused by the hot water. More importantly in a short white towel what was disturbingly playing with Jungkook’s mind and fantasy at that night.


Not to mention that he would place his hands on Jungkook’s tights more often if they would sit next to each other, or randomly tracing Jungkook’s muscles through his shirt, with a smug smile on his plump lips.


“How did you find us anyway?” Namjoon asked, closing down his laptop with a frown in his face.


“I have a tracking device in Jimin’s shoes”


“Are you serious?” Namjoon blinked a few times before he would even think about all of that. “And you are the one who call us crazy”


“I wonder if you have cameras in his room” Taehyung chimed in, turning his phone off, since this topic seemed more interesting than his game.


“He probably has” Namjoon agreed immediately ignoring Jungkook’s presence now.


“Do you think that he had ever je-“


“Stop! Jesus, what the fuck are thinking about me?!” Jungkook snapped suddenly, making the other two smirked like they caught someone red-handed. “I’m not that perverted”


That” They said in unison


“Shut up”




Was Jungkook envious? If you would ask him, the raven haired would say no with more confidence than a model who dressed up in the most ridiculous piece of clothes in the world.


But in reality, he was burning. Very much.


Did Yoongi knew it? Of course, and he loved it.


Jimin didn’t really pay attention when his hyung would make his stride wider with his legs, or fix his posture, turning his waist a little. Or standing behind him, placing his hands on Jimin’s little hands, fixing his grip on the gun.


Yoongi could hear Jungkook growl behind him, what made him more amused. Not to mention Namjoon and Taehyung were at the verge of dying as they tried to hold back their laugh.


“Okay, that’s enough!” Jungkook shot up from his place and launched forward, snatching away the gun from Jimin as the younger looked at him with a confused frown. “If I recall you have some things do to hyung”


“Nah, it’s my furlough” He crossed his arms with an amused grin on his face.


“Then go and take care of Taehyung, he need to rest properly”


“I’m okay!” Taehyung shouted from his place waiving happily and grinning driving Jungkook mad.


“And I didn’t even finish everything… I couldn’t even have shot at the right target” Jimin whined, who was actually enjoying all of that. “But if hyung really has to go, maybe you can stay with me Jungkook!”




“Yeah, it’s a perfect idea Jiminie” Yoongi smirked handing over his gun to Jungkook.


“Wait, n-“


“Come on Taehyung, I will give you a ride and if I believe Namjoon you have a date with Seokjin soon” Yoongi was about to turn and walk away leaving the two behind him.


“Ah, yes.” Namjoon nodded. “Well then, have fun kids! Be careful!” he waved at them and before Jungkook process what really happened they were left alone.


“Those fucking bastards” He mumbled gripping onto the two gun, feeling like he would gladly shoot them in the ass. He felt Jimin’s eyes on him, so he slowly looked at the younger who were smiling at him, with these cute little smiles what could give Jungkook a heart attack.


“So? Will you show me how can I shot something properly?” He asked sweetly what made Jungkook a little suspicious like he felt into a trap or some shit.


He just sighed and handed the gun to Jimin. “Let’s start it, shall we?”


Jimin nodded getting into the starting pose, but his stride was still smaller than it should have, and his torso was facing the wrong direction. His hold was at least right now. Jungkook made his legs further by pushing them with his own.


He placed his big hands to Jimin’s narrow waist and turned him to the left direction, resting his hands on the younger’s torso maybe more than he should have or it would be necessary. He abruptly drew his hands back, placing them into his pockets instead.


“Go ahead. Shot the target in 3m” Jungkook demanded what Jimin copied and did as he was asked for. The older furrowed his eyebrows when Jimin hit the target, at the centre.


“6m” He squinted his eyes, scanning Jimin’s face.


He only tore away his gaze from Jimin when he heard the bullet hit something. It was near the centre.


“12m” Jungkook looked at Jimin again, who had an innocent smile on his face. The older took a few steps closer to Jimin as the younger fired the gun again. This time Jungkook didn’t even look, he just heard the familiar noise when the bullet hit the wood.




Jimin fired again, easily. The innocent angel smile slowly disappeared from his lips, forming a little a smirk on his plump lips when he felt Jungkook closer to him. Under Yoongi’s command Jimin was like a wuss, not hitting even the target, but now… The younger actual got dangerously close to the centre.


“What’s your game, Park Jimin?” Jungkook whispered, grabbing Jimin’s waist suddenly pulling him close to him, as the younger carelessly dropped the gun to the ground and placed his hands onto Jungkook’s strong chest.


“I don’t have any idea what are you talking about” He tilted his head cutely, showing off a smile filled with mischievousness and something more what Jungkook never saw on Jimin yet.


“Sure you don’t, hm…”


“Why are you trying to accuse me? That’s so cruel…” Jimin pouted, making a hurtful sound. Jungkook only gripped onto the younger’s waist.


“Am I cruel? What kind of game are you playing with me…? That’s just pure cruelty.” He growled, not willing to let Jimin go, not like younger wanted to go anywhere. It seemed he enjoyed this whole situation.


“Yeah?” He breathed out slightly making any sound.




 “Cruel me”


“Very, very cruel..”


Jimin nibbled on his lower lip as he observed Jungkook’s face closely, letting out a slight and faint chuckle.


“You speak too much in your sleep Jungkookie”


Chapter Text

“You speak too much in your sleep Jungkookie”


Jungkook looked rather confused at Jimin than anything else, not like he wasn’t distracted by those sinful plump pink lips. No, not at all. Not to mention his friend started to getting oddly excited in the South area.


Was Park Jimin pain in the ass?


Yes of course, 100%.




“I figured you don’t remember… So I won’t tell you” Jimin chuckled just, enjoying the feeling of having Jungkook totally wrapped around his finger.


“Is that why are you being such a pain in the ass lately?” Jungkook arched one of his eyebrows, trying to remember what the heck he could say to this little Mochi in front of him.


“I thought you were enjoying it.. At least the noises from your room made me think like that..” Those plump lips started to turn into a grin slowly.


“You little fucker” Jungkook groaned a little, not even being embarrassed by the fact that Jimin knew he was jerking off.


“I bet you would… I bet I would feel better than your hands” He winked at the older, quickly freeing himself from Jungkook’s hold, walking away casually.


Jungkook didn’t miss how Jimin was swaying his hips. Just standing there, trying to process all the things what happened. Gulping hardly, only noticing how dry his mouth was.


Did Park Jimin really just implied to have sex with Jeon Jungkook?




“I can do it for myself hyung” Taehyung whined as he sat on his bed, half naked revealing his upper body what was mostly covered in bandages, hiding his toned chest and abdomen.


“You hate the sight of wounds” Yoongi sighed, placing his hands to his hips.


“It’s different if I see it on myself and on others” The younger explained like such a smartass. Yoongi didn’t really have the patient to listen all of that, so he simply just grabbed a scissor and cut open the bandage without any warning


“Just shut up, will you?” He asked while he peeled of the bandage. It didn’t really too much task, rather just keeping Taehyung from scratching the stitched up wound or poke it.


Taehyung didn’t say a word, just tensed up a little bit as Yoongi’s cold fingers were brushing his skin slightly. He observed Yoongi’s face while the older was occupied by throwing away the bandage then cleaning up the skin a little around the wound.


Dark circles were decorating under his eyes making a sharp contrast with his pale skin. Taehyung grew worried knowing his hyung was working hard and most of the time unsuccessfully about all of that Taemin case.


He was more sure of that Yoongi lost weight too, he looked more skinny for sure not just paler.


“Are you getting enough sleep, hyung?” Taehyung asked as Yoongi worked fast and oddly skilled.


“Don’t worry about it Taehyung… I will sleep when that bastard will be buried six feet under the ground” He grabbed another roll of bandage and covered up the operated area with it, securing it too, so if Taehyung move around a lot it won’t just fall off.


“I don’t want you to overwork yourself.” He looked up at him with a worried expression.


Yoongi just looked at him curiosity in his eyes as he watched Taehyung’s face. Sure the younger grew up from being that little kid when they first met. “Are you that worried for your hyung?” He titled his head a bit.


“Is it wrong to be caring?” Taehyung furrowed, as silence fell over them.


“No… It’s not” Yoongi answered, placing his long fingers along Taehyung’s jawline tracing it. He looked at the younger when Tae let out a slight gasp by the contact. “Maybe I just don’t deserve it…”


“Let me decide... Who I will be worried. Okay?” He grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand, showing away the fear of being rejected. But Yoongi didn’t pull away he rather stepped closer to the younger.


“You are stubborn. You brat” Yoongi scoffed making Taehyung laugh a little, soon it died down when Yoongi’s hands dropped onto Tae’s thighs. “Now let me see your wound here too”


Taehyung never became as red as a tomato this fast ever in his life.




Jimin was living the best of his life. He loved messing up with Jungkook’s head, was he cruel? Maybe.


Did Jimin care about that? Not at all.


After their little moment at the shooting field their way back to home was silent and filled up with tension. Not awkward as Jimin would expect it, so he was kinda glad about it.


Hearing Jungkook say those words made him feel butterflies in his stomach for sure, he would never ever imagine if Jungkook felt like this towards him. The truth is, Jimin only thought the older looked at him as a possession, but knowing how the older feels towards him…


Makes him nice. Makes him feel wanted.


Knowing how Junhee was messing with his head and actually working to someone who wants to hurt his friends just makes him angry. He really wanted to learn how to protect himself.


He hated that feeling around Doyun, he felt vulnerable, of Jungkook wouldn’t come after him God knows what would happen to him. He never ever wants to feel that again, not if he has the opportunity to actually how to defend himself.


When they got home he expected Jungkook to storm out, and lunge towards the elevator. But no, rather he walked closely to the younger. They stopped in front of the elevator waiting for it to arrive, when the door slide away with a little ding, Jimin stepped forward but quickly gasped as he felt a hand on his butt.


“Hmh..” Jungkook only hummed as he slapped Jimin’s but, then stepped into the elevator too. “C’mon Jiminie, I won’t bite” Jungkook showed a playful smile, as Jimin still just stood there half into the elevator and half outside.


“Did you just…”


“Yes. I did. Now, come on” He grabbed the younger’s wrist and pulled him in, then pressed the button what showed their floor.


“Dirty muscle pig”


“I wasn’t the one who started this game”


“Oh, you think you can win?” Jimin looked up at him, dare and excitement shining in his beautiful dark eyes.


Jungkook leaned closer until they were in eye level “Wanna bet?”


“You are way too cocky” Jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes, but Jungkook’s arrogance just made him boil. What did Jungkook think about himself! “Okay! Let’s bet then” the words rolled out of Jimin’s tongue before he could stop them.


The older of the two showed a smile, leaning closer to Jimin, making him stumble to the wall behind them. “I can’t wait to hear you moan for me” He chuckled, earning another surprised gasp from Jimin, as he bit down his earlobe gently.


Chapter Text

He panted heavily, throwing his head back into the soft pillows. He let out a choked moan as waves of pleasure shot through his body. “J-jung..kook” Jimin huffed trying to compose himself, but the older’s hands worked magic on him.


“Yes, baby?” Jungkook asked with a soft husky voice, leaning closer peppering kisses all over Jimin’s clavicle up to his neck and jaw. He gently nibbled on his skin, sucking a deep purplish bruise.


His hands were slowly massaging Jimin’s inner thighs, giving them a good squeeze before he slipped down to his ass, circling around, teasing his rim with one of his fingers.


“Quit teasing!” The blonde whined earning a chuckle from Jungkook as the older attacked his lips, kissing him passionately, slipping into his mouth, exploring it fully. Before Jimin could register Jungkook had his index finger into him, teasing him more than he slipped in and out in a slow pace.


Jimin suddenly bit down Jungkook’s tongue, as a sign that he wanted more and now. The older only just smiled doesn’t even break the kiss as he entered another finger right away and started to scissor him.


The younger gasped and let out a pleasurable moan, breaking the kiss with it. “Do you like it, hm?”


“Y-y..yes..” Jimin nodded and soon Jungkook had his third finger on too, aiming for the younger’s prostate what he found soon enough, and jabbed into it with his long fingers.


Jimin’s mouth hung open letting out slight huffs and moan along with short mantra’s of Jungkook’s name as the older were nibbling and biting his sensitive hardened nipples.


Jungkook detached his mouth looking at Jimin, opening his mouth up to tell something, however


“Beep! Beep! Beep!”




Jimin snapped his eyes open, breathing heavily. He was sweating and obviously had a very hard problem down there. However, he just ignored it and looked at the ceiling, letting the alarm to do its thing and be as loud as it wanted.


His cheeks flushed red in embarrassment as he registered what really happened or what not.


It was only a dream. A very vivid, wet one.


With Jungkook.


“God dammit!” He shouted suddenly throwing away his pillow to the wall. “How.. Why.. That bastard!” Of course, he blamed Jungkook, who else he could.. Not himself, it was not his fault. Right?


“Shut up Jimin! It’s only 7 am! Don’t shout!” Jungkook ironically shouted from the hallway as he made his way to the bathroom and closed the door after himself.


“It’s your fault…” He mumbled to himself, closing his eyes, trying to actually forget about his problem and dream, but he couldn’t really bash away them as he still could hear Jungkook’s husky voice or feel his feather like touches on his heated up body.


“No, no.. It didn’t happen… I didn’t have a wet dream with him…” He shook his head, opening his eyes up and bracing himself to kick away the blankets and see the tent in his boxer as he liked sleeping only in a boxer and an oversized shirt.


“Are you fucking kidding me….”


He sighed and tumbled into his soft bed. Jimin tried to reason with himself, he couldn’t step out of the room like that, also couldn’t take a damn cold water because Jungkook occupied it currently.


“I could just go there…” He thought, then he felt the urge to punch himself.


It’s not like Jimin was an innocent little flower in this world. He knew how stuffs went down, he watched porn and pleasured himself numerous time, even if no one touched him in his life expect himself.


But he never had a wet dream, especially not with Jungkook. And the biggest problem was that his hard member just gave him more trouble as it begun to throb at the thought of the naked Jungkook under the hot water.


His mouth got dry for a minute just by the thought. So Jimin just closed his eyes tightly, and snaked his shaky hand into his boxer, giving himself a slight stroke what made him tremble a little.


He grew braver as he tried to banish the naked Jungkook from his mind and think about anything else. For example, his favourite porn star. Yes, he will do that.


“It’s your fault…” He thought in his mind as he let out a quite moan and stroked himself more intensely, thumbing his slit as he imagined the muscular Taeyang manhandling him. But suddenly the handsome face in front of him transformed into a more handsome Jeon Jungkook, who was panting into Jimin’s ear.


“FUCK!” Jimin snapped out of his daydream, retrieving his hands right away almost screaming into his pillow.




“What’s your problem?” Jungkook asked, sipping from his coffee, leaning against the marble counter. They usually had a maid preparing breakfast and cooking for them, but since what happened with Doyun Jungkook started to look into every one of his man.


So the maid was not here for a week now, because of that reason. Since then, they mostly lived on take outs and poorly made omelettes.


“Shut up” Jimin squeezed his eyes, looking at Jungkook like he wanted to strangle the older. Jungkook only arched up his eyebrow, putting down his cup stepping closer to Jimin.


Jimin, without hesitation, he jumped on the sofa, then behind it, leaving a distance between him and Jungkook. “Stay” He pointed at the part of the room where Jungkook was, signalling that it was the older’s territory and behind the sofa it’s his.


“Did you take drugs?” Jungkook asked suddenly, trying to find any reasonable explanation for Jimin’s strange behaviour. Then his eyes darkened a little, stepping closer mimicking Jimin’s actions as the younger stepped back.


“W-what are you.. Doing?”


“I have a feeling that you are scared because of our little bet. Are you really that afraid of me seducing you?” Jungkook accused him, purposely mocking Jimin while he stepped closer and closer.


“Hah! What are you talking about! You can’t even seduce a chicken!” He pointed at the older, frowning and huffing. Now they were at the big and straight hall. Jimin could easily escape to his room from there. And that was exactly his plan.


Because hell no he won’t stay with Jungkook in a shared atmosphere after his dream. Because he is not attracted to this arrogant bunny muscle pig in front of him!


“Yes? Then why are you blushing?”


“It’s hot here”


“It’s September”


“Shut up”


But before Jimin could realize what happened, he was at the wall and Jungkook was in front of him an arrogant smile plastered on his face. He leaned closer, hooking his index fingers into the loop of Jimin’s jean, pulling him closer.


“Now… It’s quite ironic how you told me that I talk in my sleep” He began leaning closer to Jimin “When you moan beautifully”


At that moment, Park Jimin was 100% sure, that he hated Jeon Jungkook. For a life, maybe for two.


He blushed into a tomato red shade, as Jungkook kept his gaze on his blushy face, locking their eyes together.


“The cat got your tongue?” He leaned closer his hot breath fanning Jimin’s parted ones.


The younger gulped, averting his eyes from Jungkook’s then a heavenly idea struck into his head.


“Oh, Jungkookie. Don’t be so full of yourself, who said that I was dreaming about you?” Jimin arched an eyebrow of his, with a playful smile on his lips. He sneaked his hands around Jungkook’s neck teasingly, ignoring his rapid heartbeat.


They stayed like that, Jungkook’s fingers in Jimin’s jeans hook, and the younger’s arms around Jungkook’s neck, dangerously close to the other.


Jimin refused to admit the butterflies in his stomach and the dream what slowly crept into his mind again.


Chapter Text

“So…The two of you finally fucked?” Yoongi asked, lying around one of the expensive couch at the Casino.


For response Jungkook spit out his whiskey, as Yoongi watched him with an unamused expression and a slight disappointment in his eyes.


“What the…” Namjoon stopped midway, looking at Jungkook who was wiping his chin and the yawning Yoongi.


“I’m just very disappointed in this dick” He pointed at Jungkook. “You two are circling around each other like cats in heats. I’m still surprised that you got hold of yourself… “


“Hyung, just because you sleep around, it doesn’t mean that everyone will. Like… At some point you have to stop, you can’t do this until you will get old” Namjoon reasoned, plopping down next to Yoongi.


“Who said? Just because you two are weak asses for falling for someone, I don’t have to be like that”


Jungkook and Namjoon looked at Yoongi, like they didn’t want to believe what he was saying. It’s true tho that a few years ago, before Jimin got into the picture or Namjoon chased Jin for a date, they were pretty much considered playboys.


Jungkook still can remember the nights in his Casino, where one of the strippers or even guests were all over him. However, he doesn’t miss them, he forgot their faces, names… They are just faint memories in his mind.


None of them could gouge any emotions out of him except lust. On the other hand, that little tease Mochi could touch his heart even without giving him any physical pleasure. Jungkook felt content even if he just saw Jimin smile or heard his laugh.

“You have a soft spot to Taehyung tho” Jungkook mentioned giving a bickering look to his hyung who was ready to throw his shoe at him.


“I don’t know what are you talking about” The older just shrugged as Namjoon just smiled fondly. Both of them knew that Yoongi was soft for Taehyung. Very much.


“Oh, don’t be like that hyung~. I bet you were with him all day yesterday, helping and pampering him. Am I right?” The youngest of the three just smiled, cooing at his hyung.


“If you don’t shut up I will cut out your tongue”




Later on Jungkook was on his way to pick up Jimin from the college. He didn’t trust anyone else, expect his friends, after Doyun, so he decided to just handle Jimin’s picking up by himself.


When he pulled off by the school, a few eyes glued to the black car, what looked luxurious and expensive. Jimin always asked Jungkook to not make a big show, that’s why the older bought an ordinary car for picking up the younger.


However, today he felt a little show off. Jungkook didn’t exit from the car, rather he pulled his phone out to call the younger, but he quickly changed his mind when he noticed Junhee approaching Jimin.


Jimin were walking out of the huge building, someone suddenly grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.


“Jiminie~. I thought something happened, are you okay? Was you ill?” He asked like nothing happened. Like he is not Taemin’s spy or whatever, or like he wasn’t after Jimin.


The younger stayed silent, refusing to say anything.


“Hm? What’s wrong Jiminie?” Junhee asked concerned, trying to touch Jimin’s cheeks, however he was stopped midway as Jimin grabbed onto his wrist.


“Don’t call me Jimine, neither touch me”


Junhee just looked at him, then his innocent face turned into something dark. He averted his hand back, but didn’t break his eye content with Jimin.


“Are you trying to play the brave boy, huh? Sadly, you are nothing without your Jungkook. Especially here” He whispered so no one would hear them.


It was funny how oblivious people are. They wouldn’t even think for a moment; it won’t even appear on their mind that people are not always like they would think. Junhee always loved to play with people, their emotions, their heart then crush them. However, when Taemin showed him a picture of Jimin, he felt amazed.


He wanted the boy. For himself.  


He grew jealous and obsessed over him, until the point where were basically stalking the boy, following him and taking pictures of the younger boy. Junhee can’t even count how many times he imagined Jungkook in blood, as he stole Jimin from him.

But the truth is that Jimin was never his, however neither Jungkook’s. He was just a boy, who they were crazy in love.


Jimin groaned slightly “I don’t need Jungkook to protect me. I can defend mys-“


“I’m surprised you had the guts to show up.” Jungkook’s strong voice called behind Jimin, and in a matter of a few seconds, he wrapped his hands around Jimin’s torso, resting his head at the younger’s narrow shoulder. “Are you that bored with your life?”


“J-jungkook” Jimin stuttered, the older caught him by surprise especially on how he pulled Jimin closer to himself.


“I can ask this from you too” Junhee tilted his head showing off a rather sick smile. “Taemin has big plans for you… Both of you. I can’t wait to see you in a blood pool”


Jungkook was about to move, but Jimin quickly caught upon it and hold Jungkook’s hands on his waist with his own. “Let’s go Jungkook…” he muttered pressing his back to the older’s chest.


“Now…” He nagged him, until the older finally moved away leaving the building and Junhee behind them.




“Are you okay?” Jungkook asked driving away from the school as Jimin only nodded silently. “I asked something Jimin”


“Ugh, I’m okay Jungkook! It’s not like he hurt me or anything” Jimin sighted, sinking down in his seat more, hiding his shaky hands to his pocket. “I’m okay… I just... Didn’t expect him to show up”


“Me neither…” Jungkook groaned, he thought after the incident Junhee would stay put. But he mistook the boy pretty much.


“Can you… Can you please teach me how to defend myself?”


“Huh?” the older looked at Jimin as he stopped at the red light. “Like hand-to-hand combat?”


“Uhum… I can’t have you or the hyungs always with me. I need to learn how to protect myself. I hate to feel so.. Vulnerable around people who are threat to me or to my friends” Jimin spoke with a serious tone, however he just looked out the window observing the people come and go.


Proud slowly crept into Jungkook’s chest, as he thought about the Jimin he first knew. The boy was so shy and scared of everything, he didn’t even want to leave Jungkook’s side after a time. But now, as he speaks Jungkook can’t banish the thought from his mind, as he realized how much Jimin grew since the moment they met with each other.


“Okay. I will teach you” He agreed without an argument and convincing.  


He trusted in Jimin.

Chapter Text

Every afternoon after school Jimin faced with his training with Jungkook. It was not pleasant, not at all. Even though Jimin had stamina thanks to his dancing routines and the nights he spent on the pole it was harder than he thought.


Apparently Jungkook had a gym for himself, what he used regularly, sometimes Namjoon and Yoongi would wander around there too, but it’s mostly for the boss. It was under a phantom name, what Jimin found extremely ridiculous; Justin Seagull.


When he first heard it, he cracked up for about 20 minutes and was not willing to stop at all.


Junhee didn’t show up in front of Jimin again, however a gentle rumour was spreading about Jimin having a handsome and probably rich boyfriend. And the fact that Jimin didn’t even try to defend himself, should tell you something.


“Is the best you can do?” Jungkook arched his eyebrows and let out a sigh, easily blocking Jimin. He caught Jimin off guard as he grabbed his wrist and twisted it to his back, and hooked his other arm under Jimin’s jaw, slightly pressuring his neck. “Try again” whispered into Jimin’s ears.


The younger was panting quietly, sweat running down his temple to his neck. His face was flushed, and he looked worn out, Jungkook liked the sight in front of him. Not like Jimin could have complained, Jungkook were in grey sweatpants and a tank top what showed of his decorated muscled arms.


But Jimin were way too occupied by erasing Jungkook’s arrogant smile off his face whenever the older would beat him. Embarrassingly easily.


“Not everyone came out of their mother’s womb knowing how to taekwondo someone off!” Jimin whined and groaned at the same time, trying to get out of Jungkook’s hold.


“Quit complaining Jimin. It’s not that hard” He chuckled then let go of the younger. “Try again instead” His tone became softer as he watched Jimin getting into combat pose.


As usual Jimin took the lead, and launched towards Jungkook. The older, since they started their training, tried to explain Jimin that his short height could be his advantage, but the younger would always throw a fist saying he is not short.


Also, they established that Jungkook won’t go easy on him.


And Jungkook loved it.


The older dodged the incoming attack, grabbing Jimin’s wrist, but the younger steadied his legs and launched a fist towards Jungkook’s side.


“Hah, good one” He complimented Jimin in a rush before getting down and let go of Jimin’s wrist. “But not good enough” with that Jungkook easily unseated him, sending Jimin straight to the ground with his back.


“I start to think you don’t even want to win against me” He crawled on top of Jimin, caging him as the younger panted under him.


“Believe me, I really, really want to kick your ass” The younger frowned as Jungkook let out a simple chuckle. “You are pissing me off!”


“If you are mad, why don’t you use your anger on me?” Jungkook stand up quickly, giving a hand to Jimin too, helping him to stand up. “Beat me at least once




It was around 11 PM. They were there for 5 hours and Jimin made an impressive progress, unfortunately it was still not enough. He could block and dodge Jungkook’s attack, but still couldn’t beat Jungkook.


“Maybe it would be better if we stop for today” Jungkook stood in front of Jimin who were still at the cold floor, chilling his heated up body. A towel fell on his face, but he didn’t even bother to wipe off his sweat.


“Ahh, don’t tell me that you are dozed off” he sighed, crouching down to grab the towel, however Jimin’s hands shot up getting a hold of Jungkook’s, pulling him down to himself and rolling them over.


Now, Jimin was on top of Jungkook, sitting comfortably on his abdomen as the older one blinked a few times up to him.


“Does it consider beating you?” Jimin smiled cheekily.


“No, it considered cheating”


“In love and war everything is allowed”


“What a smart ass” Jungkook scoffed not making any effort of trying to shove of Jimin or anything. Subtly he even liked the sight in front of him.


“I learned from the best”


“Are you telling me I’m a smartass?”


Jimin just smirked, moving a little bit “No, I’m talking about Namjoon-hyung! You don’t even get near to my glorious mind”


“You spend way too much time with Yoongi-hyung”

“What can I do, everyone loves me” He cupped his own face, smiling cutely. Jungkook’s heart didn’t drop at the sight of it. No, not at all.


“You just make people crazy…” Jungkook spoke in a lower tone suddenly, it caught Jimin’s attention, but he didn’t stop.


“Yeah? How crazy?” Jungkook felt more pressure around his waist, meaning Jimin steadied his thighs next to his body.


“Dangerously crazy…”


Without any word, Jungkook hold Jimin’s narrow waist and flipped themselves with a light thud. He supported himself with his hands next to Jimin’s face. They didn’t speak, none of them dare to let out any sound.


The tension between them grew with every second. But maybe both of them were afraid to take the first step. Maybe they weren’t afraid of each other, but themselves in reality.


Jungkook subconsciously leaned closer and closer, they were so close to each other that if Jungkook would move again their noses would bump to each other.


They were afraid of hurting themselves.


Jungkook always found Jimin beautiful, and as the years passed the younger really blossomed into a handsome and gorgeous young man. He saw him go through happiness to sorrow and sadness, what sometimes he was the cause.


But fear can be washed away, if you find the person you feel the safest in the Earth.


“Why…” Jimin rasped quietly, fluttering his eyelashes a little.


The moment when Jimin saw Jungkook first the younger felt like he found someone familiar, someone he knew. Maybe their soul found each other at that moment, but they needed time to realize all of that.


What brought them closer was never their closeness, or that they saw each other every day. It was their soul, gravitating towards each other.


“Why don’t you… Kiss me”


Because their souls fall in love first with each other.


Chapter Text

Jungkook gazed down at Jimin, with a fond smile on his lips. Jimin could see how his eyes went wide, then started to sparkle with excitement. He leaned closer, the younger closed his eyes, expecting the kiss what he was craving for who knows how long.


But instead Jungkook kissed his cheek. “I will consider giving you a kiss if you beat me”


Jimin huffed irritated and pushed Jungkook off, leaving the older chuckle. However, Jungkook hold his hand and interlocked their fingers, giving a gentle kiss to Jimin’s back hand.


They didn’t say anything, but calm descended over their soul as they looked into each other’s eyes.


Both of them were happy at that moment, and nothing could erase it. There was no urge to use “I love you” or any other words between them. They understand each other’s feeling towards the other without words.




“Taehyung…” Yoongi spoke quietly, he was at the younger’s house again. He watched over him, fearing of his ‘what if’ thoughts, even if the younger told him that he will be okay. He can protect himself, Yoongi didn’t listen to him.


Taehyung was half-asleep on Yoongi’s thighs, lying around on his couch in the living room. “Hm?” he hummed for response, but didn’t actually make any effort to move.


“My thighs are numb”






The younger groaned and opened his eyes, he looked up at Yoongi with sleepy eyes. Yoongi just scoffed carding his long fingers through Tae’s soft hair.


“Go to bed, it’s late”


“Are you going to go home?” He asked sitting up, scrubbing his eyes a little.


Yoongi just watched at the TV blankly, thinking about his house. His empty, lonely and cold house. “No… It’s too lonely there” he answered finally looking at Taehyung.


“Then come to sleep you too” Taehyung offered without a second thought, what didn’t actually catch off guard Yoongi. The younger liked to cling onto him, and he didn’t mind it.


“If you climb on me, I will push you down” He stood up, stretching a little as he was sitting on the same pose for hours.


“But I like to cuddle!” Tae whined cutely, Yoongi only shook his head and went upstairs to Taehyung’s room.


“Cuddle to your pillow or something”


“But you are warmer”


“Don’t care”


“You are so mean, hyung” Taehyung huffed, but he got a great idea, relatively great.


Taehyung’s room was ordinary compared to the rest of the house. It had a king-sized bed with a see through white veil tent over it. The room had big windows, what was now covered with thick curtains for the night. His walk in closet were open from both side of the room, so everyone could easily see how dedicated Taehyung is to fashion, mostly towards Gucci.


He had some painting hung up, and a desk full of skin and hair care related stuffs, as well another desk where he neatly organized his laptop and other documents about meetings and trades.


“Your pro-“


Before Yoongi could finish his sentence, Taehyung hugged Yoongi’s waist, locking his fingers and pulled his hyung towards the bed. They landed on the soft blankets and pillows.


“What are you doing?” Yoongi asked, trying to free himself, but Taehyung were way too stubborn. They continued it like this, until Tae straddled Yoongi and cuddled to his chest, throwing one of his leg around Yoongi’s.


Taehyung sighed happily, nestling further to Yoongi’s chest. “Cuddling”


“You little… Never mind” The older sighed, patting Taehyung’s head. He remembered what Jungkook said. Maybe he really has a soft spot for Taehyung. Maybe he really cares about the boy, but why is it a problem?


 “Hyung, can I ask something?” Asked Taehyung after Yoongi properly covered them with blankets, so they wouldn’t be cold. Not like if they would, the heat was on in the room.


“Go ahead”


“Is there something between you and Hoseok?”


Yoongi remained silent for a few minutes. Taehyung was afraid if he asked something wrong and as the time passed he thought his hyung would snap at me at any moment. But rather Yoongi just moved from his back laying position until he was face to face with Taehyung.


“Why are you asking?” He wandered, searching for his answer in Taehyung’s eyes.


“I saw how he looks at you… And, he was there once…”


“There is nothing between us, Hoseok is not my boyfriend or any other kind of things. Okay?” He stated with confident voice. He said the truth, at least his side. But he didn’t care about Hoseok’s, and didn’t want Taehyung to think about it either.



“Good, let’s sleep then” He spoke with a much softer tone, Taehyung didn’t waste any time or the opportunity and cuddled against Yoongi a happy sigh leaving his lips.


So they slept like this. Cuddled into each other’s arms, Taehyung bashed Hoseok’s memory out of his head, he refused to think about that. He trusted in Yoongi’s words.


But should he?


Chapter Text

Somewhere at an abandoned house near Busan, a man lies on his expensive silk sheet, watching the smoke as he escapes from his parted lips.


“I want him dead…” He whispered to himself, not even noticing his friend’s judgmental eyes on him. He never cares, he won’t start it now.


“Stop pursuing this, Taemin. You know if you will hurt him, Jung-“


“I don’t care! I want him dead! Both of them! Every fucking member of the Jeon mafia should die and burn with my little brother…” Taemin growled looking at Minho, who gave up convincing him.


“Do as you wish. I won’t stop you”




“AHHH!” Jimin screamed at the bottom of his lungs. Jungkook next to him snapped his eyes open, rolling out of the bed, hitting his head at the night stand.


“What the fuck Jimin!!” He groaned, still on the floor holding his head.


“Why the fuck are you naked!!


“I wear boxer you smurf!”


Silence settled between them, as Jimin crawled at Jungkook’s side and looked down at Jungkook. He blinked at the boy, he really did wear a boxer. Jimin squinted his eyes, then looked his own body. He wore his usual sleep attire, an oversized shirt and a boxer nothing else.


“Oh…” Jimin just smiled sheepishly as he realized that his thoughts and accusation were wrong.


“What did you think?” Jungkook appeared in front of his eyes, resting his elbows at the mattress of the bed, and placing his head to his palms.

“Nothing! Stop trying to turn everything into something dirty!” Jimin laughed sweetly, tumbling back to the bed, gazing at Jungkook with lovely eyes.


“You have no time here Jimin. You have school” Jungkook sighed, but Jimin only shook his head. “Hm?”


“Actually.. I don’t want to go.. Not today, or neither tomorrow…” Jimin confessed getting extremely comfortable in Jungkook’s bed.


“Why? Something happened?” He asked hastily, sitting next to Jimin, as the younger laid his head to Jungkook’s thighs.


“No, I just… I want to get involved” The younger muttered in a barely audible voice.


“Jimin, if you want to say something, speak up”


“I said that I want to get involved!” He raised his voice, almost shouting making Jungkook chuckle.


Jungkook started to rub Jimin’s back, drawing invisible patterns on the material of the shirt. “What are you talking about? Involved to what..”


“This whole thing… I don’t want you or the others to exclude me again. I feel left out whenever I dance at the studio knowing you are out there with the others dealing with stuffs..”


“Jimin… It’s dangerous, everything in my life is dangerous and you know it too… It’s not like we exclude you, we just want to protect you”


Jimin sighed, suddenly pinching Jungkook’s thighs until the older one yelped and Jimin rolled off from him. “I don’t care… I know it’s dangerous but that’s the reason why you started to teach me! I’m not a kid anymore Jungkook… I can defend myself, I can see things now…”


“I don’t want you to see and live through what I do… It’s not pretty, like at all” Jungkook stated being stubborn about all of that.


“Do you think I don’t know? I did see your scars and wounds multiple times, and see your bloody clothes. I know what you do is not pretty, or safe… Or even legal” He added quickly “But I want to be a part of that”


“Why do you want that so badly? It’s not fun Jimin…” The older tried to convince his love to change his mind, but as it seemed, he is way to resistant.


“Because that’s what you do… I want to be with you Jungkook, even if you do dangerous things…”


He looked at the younger one, then sighed. He laid down next to him, gathering him close to himself giving a gentle kiss to the top of Jimin’s head. “You are the only one that keeps me sane sometimes.. If you want to join to it, I don’t know if I can-“


“Then I will be your sanity Jungkookie, standing right beside you, remembering you about everything what’s good in you” Jimin proposed the idea by pecking Jungkook’s neck.


“You are way too stubborn…”


“I know. I learned from you” Jimin giggled as he laid there, Jungkook’s hand on his waist. He sighed happily. He was happy. “Soo… What it your answer?”


“After you will be able to shot properly, and defend yourself.. I think we can return to this conversation” He concluded as Jimin happily cuddled to him, burring his head into the crock of Jungkook’s neck.


“At least he doesn’t have to be around Junhee anymore” Jungkook thought in his mind, giving himself a mental high five. Soon both of them dozed off since none of them had to be somewhere right now, rather in each other’s arms.




“What’s that?” Namjoon asked, stepping closer to the back door of the Casino. Seokjin walked behind him a little.


“I have no idea. I only heard a scream, then I went to get you” The bartender spoke, it was all suspicious, but he rather searched for Namjoon then going there and getting into trouble if someone is there.


“Yah! Boys, what did you find?!” Namjoon shouted at a few men standing outside. The back door was open to a valley side. They looked back, concern and a dark sparkle in their eyes.


Namjoon quickened his steps, until he was outside. The cold air hit his face as he stood there, with a shocked face. He visible got white, even though if he saw numerous bad things, like deformed bodies it made him disgusted.


“What it i-“


“Stay outside Seokjin!” Namjoon demanded, the bartender recoiled right away.


There was three of Jungkook’s man, one of them were nailed up by his neck, numerous of nailed standing out from the flesh, as blood slowly dropped onto the ground, creating a pool of blood under the body.


The other one was completely disembowelled, a big wound stretching on his stomach. His face was cut, and judging by the scar it was caused by a burning knife.


The third one was dismembered, a steel hook hanging out from his mouth.


On the wall, there was a message written on with blood.


“I’m coming for you”

Chapter Text

The news reached Jungkook faster than they could have clean up the mess at the alley. Namjoon called him, sounding furious and also worried.


It was a known fact not just in Jungkook’s family, but among his men that Lee Taemin was mental, the dangerous kind. And he started to show it off again by tutoring Jungkook’s men, trying to get out any information without any actual process.


They were loyal to Jungkook, not like Doyun. And they knew better than giving off Jungkook, or the one who was Taemin desperately concerned about Jimin.


They kept their mouth shut, because they knew, if Jimin is going to get hurt… God have mercy on people, because Jungkook won’t have. He would burn the city down, just to find that one person, who dared to touch Jimin.


“Mmmh… What happened?” Jungkook heard Jimin’s raspy voice, laced with sleep as the younger blinked up at him from the comfort of the soft bed.


“Nothing… “lied Jungkook easily, carding his hand through Jimin’s hair. “I will call Seokjin-hyung to accompany you, while I will be away. Okay?” however he didn’t wait for Jimin’s answer, he already dialled Seokjin.


Jimin found it odd, Jungkook left him alone multiple times if he went out. It was all suspicious. Jimin fixated his eyes on Jungkook’s muscled bare chest as he was talking with Taehyung on the other side.


He remained silent still, just watching Jungkook get up and searching through his closet for something to wear. Jimin didn’t miss the flash of the metal, what Jungkook hid behind his suit. Jungkook only brought weapon with himself when something emergency happened.






“What happened?” He asked with a stern voice, demanding the truth and not some pointless lie what Jungkook overused in the past years.


Jungkook walked out of the closet and locked eyes with the younger. Silence fell between the two as Jimin waited for the older’s answer. Jungkook walked towards the bed, crawling on top of Jimin without any trouble, Jimin let him easily.


“I need you to stay here, okay?” Jungkook insisted, still not explaining the situation, but giving Jimin a hint that it will involve death.




“Because if someone will raise a hand at you or hurt you, will live through Hell.” The older’s gaze darkened, even imagining Taemin’s dead body in front of him. None of them cared of their blood relation.

Only their hatred towards each other connected them, their bond as brothers were just a joke for them. Nothing more.


“Be safe, okay?” he reached out his hands and cupped Jungkook’s face, understanding the older’s message towards him.


Jungkook showed off his bunny smile, nodding slightly. He leaned closer, placing a soft kiss on Jimin’s plump pink lips, surprising the younger with his actions.


“I love you, Jimin….”


“I love you too”




“So that bitch thinks he can dance there and kill of our people?” Yoongi spat, founding Taemin’s boldness or stupidity amusing. He couldn’t wait to actually lay a hand on that snake. “He grew some balls, I can see”


“I don’t care. Let’s just put an end to his life and get over it. I had enough of him” Jungkook growled watching the written message on the brick wall. The blood dried off on it and on the ground, leaving behind a sticky substance.


It was not their first time to see something like that. Even as teenagers they were introduced to this kind of things, however they never used it. It was the cowards’ way to deliver messages.


“Can you track him down, hyung?” Jungkook turned towards Namjoon, who was already on the phone talking with someone in English. The younger didn’t really understand the language, but judging from Namjoon’s slowly up curling lips, he got some good information.


Yes, thank you.” He ended the call then looked at his friends. “That bastard is up on the Interpol’s list” Namjoon grinned. “They are monitoring him for a month now, have some inside man there”


“Oh, interesting…” Yoongi tilted his head. “Now what? Are we going to work with the cops or what? And by the way… Why the fuck you have anyone’s number from the Interpol?” Yoongi squinted his eyes, looking at Namjoon waiting for his answer.


“Money can make everyone talk, hyung” He shrugged not really caring about it. They already had a lot of connection with people from higher ranks, lawyers, doctors, politicians, judges, you name it.


“Smart. But not, we won’t work with the police… We will take them down alone, and burn everything down. Got it?”


They all nodded, that was it. Jungkook tried to always spare his brother’s life, even though he hated his guts. But knowing that his mother had a strange sweet spot for his mental son made Jungkook restrain himself.


But Taemin this time crossed the line. He threatened Jungkook and his friends, invading his territory and thinking he can have got Jungkook down.


It was time to teach some lesson to everyone, who thought they can mess with the Jeon mafia and get out alive.


His phone started to buzz lightly in his back pockets. He got it out, and answered to the call without checking the ID.


“Hello-hello! Where should I deliver the guns?” Taehyung sang into the phone, probably not knowing about the situation at all.


“Where are you Tae?” Jungkook asked without even answering the other’s question.


“At the docks, why?”


“Taemin is up. I need you to survey his headquarter after you dealt with the guns, got it?”


“Yup. 10 minutes and I will be at the Casino”




At 10 pm Namjoon got the information what they needed. The address, the capacity of Taemin’s men and the last activity of his. It was unknown if Taemin knew about him being monitored by the Interpol, but even if he did, the man didn’t really make any effort to tone himself down even by a little.


Their plan was made by 2 am after midnight. They didn’t have time unfortunately for thinking about everything. In normal situation they would be more cautious, but they didn’t have time.


Taemin snapped already it will be better to put him down as soon as possible. A month already passed away since Taehyung got hit, and Jimin was almost kidnapped. Jungkook cursed himself for not acting sooner.


“Don’t blame yourself Jungkook. Let’s just put an end to this, and forget about Taemin” Taehyung suggested looking at his friend with a reassuring smile.


“But you will need to put Jimin somewhere safe for a while.” Namjoon suggested, attracting the other’s attention to him.


“I will deal with that hyung, don’t worry” He reassured them, as they nodded.


Of course Jungkook couldn’t forget about Jimin, his precious Jimin. He can’t let anyone to touch him. At the end, Jungkook went home, behind him Namjoon drove, volunteering to bring Seokjin home since the man was still at Jungkook’s house, being with Jimin.


“Such a gentleman” Jungkook teased his hyung with a wide grin, as Namjoon slapped the back of Jungkook’s neck.


“Brat. I at least know how to act like a gentleman, not like you”


“What are you talking about. I’m the definition of the gentleman”


“If it helps you sleep at night” Namjoon shrugged, leaving the younger at his dream world with his stupid thinking.


When they got up, they were greeted by an already dozed of Seokjin on the couch, and a sleeping Jimin on his thighs. Jimin was neatly tugged with a warm blanket, wearing one of Jungkook’s sweatshirt.


“Jin, wake up” Namjoon tapped Jin’s shoulder lightly, it was enough for the older to flutter his eyes open and look around for a bit.


“Oh… You are home” He registered everything, Jungkook asked at least a hundred of questions, but his brain still didn’t start to work properly, so he didn’t even know what to answer to them.


“Leave him Jungkook. Take Jimin to bed, I will take Jin home”


“I can walk to home”


“In your dreams”


Jin already opened his mouth to protest, but Jungkook quickly spooned up Jimin into his arms and made his way to the bedroom, closing the door with his legs. Jimin stir a little bit, but just snuggled closer to Jungkook’s chest.


It made the raven haired heart warm, he grew really fond of the younger. He really loved him, and would protect him from everything in this world, not caring about the consequences.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up a bit as Jungkook placed him at the soft blankets. The younger were blinking up the older with tired eyes, he didn’t say much just reached out his hands, making grabby motions with it, signalling Jungkook that he wanted cuddles.


Jungkook smiled at the cute action, he kissed the temple if Jimin, then crawled next to the younger, who snuggled close to him, inhaling his scent.


“Sorry for waking you up” Jungkook was carding Jimin’s hair softly, if the younger would be a cat he would be pretty much purr like no tomorrow for the action.


“I wasn’t asleep that deeply… So don’t worry.” Jimin mumbled against Jungkook’s clothed chest. “Everything is alright? You look tensed…”


“Yes, everything is okay. Or will be when Taemin will be finally stopped” Jungkook sighed, his eyes were closed, but he heard and felt Jimin jittering around, until he felt a weight on his abdomen.


He opened his eyes and saw Jimin on top of himself, he looked extremely cute with his tousled hair, Jungkook’s sweater on, what showed his inviting collarbone. Jungkook only noticed now that the younger didn’t wear any bottom expect a boxer showing off his thigh.


“What are you doing?” Jungkook arched an eyebrow, his hands resting on Jimin’s sides.


“Seducing you?” Jimin titled his head cutely and almost innocently. Jungkook groaned lowly, and suddenly flipped them over, caging Jimin underneath him.


“You will be a death of me someday… How can you be so cute yet so sinful?” Jungkook traced gently Jimin’s plump lips, with his thumb, while he got a hold on Jimin’s chin.


“I was born to make you suffer, simply” Jimin chuckled, sticking out his tongue a bit, licking the pad of Jungkook’s thumb. “Am I making a good job?” he asked smirked up at Jungkook.


“Way too good” He whispered against Jimin’s lips, but didn’t kiss him yet, he just ghosted over his lips against Jimin’s. Jimin grunted in annoyance for making him wait way too much for this damn kiss.


The younger wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist and tugged him closer. Jungkook chuckled by the impatient boy underneath him, so he gave him what he wanted finally.


Jungkook connected their lips with a swift motion, Jimin immediately opened up to him moaning into the sweet sensation of Jungkook’s lips on his. The younger felt like a bonfire just flickered up inside of his chest as they kissed, sweetly and innocently.


It wasn’t Jimin’s first kiss, but he felt like it was. It felt amazing, gentle as Jungkook caressed his side, then neck and his heated up cheeks. The older nipped on his lower lips, biting down on it, then kissing him again.


When Jungkook deepened the kiss by tilting his head invading his mouth, licking into it and exploring every little detail in it, he let out a muffled moan. He gave Jungkook a 100% control over his body. He wanted Jungkook to do whatever he wanted with him, he didn’t care as long Jungkook was with him.


Jimin was may not aware of the fact, but the kiss had the same effect on Jungkook too. He had kissed so many people in his life, everything was dull, ordinary, repetitive. But with Jimin, he was in Heavens, his lips felt amazing better than how he imagines it so many times. And the sounds, what Jimin gave out approving every motion, every touch of Jungkook was just an instant turn on for the older.


The innocent kiss slowly turned into a more passionate, fiercer as Jimin started to respond too, kissing him whenever the older tried to pull away. Both of their lips were swollen, red, but none of them cared as they shared another kiss, biting, sucking on each other’s lips and tongue.


“A-ah.. Jungkook” Jimin whispered against the older’s lips, disconnecting their kiss as the Jungkook’s hands flew to Jimin’s hardening centre, massaging his length through the fabric.


The older didn’t say anything, rather he peppered Jimin’s neck with open-mouthed kisses, finding a good point at the juncture, sucking and biting on it. Marking Jimin as his with his purple and red bruises soon appearing on the younger’s neck and collarbone.


Jimin unconsciously bucked his hip up into Jungkook’s resting hand, creating friction even if it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted more.


Jungkook soon freed Jimin from the sweater, tossing it away without care. He observed the panting boy underneath him, as his chest were rising and falling. His skin was untouched, waiting for only Jungkook to mark him, to please him.


“You are fucking beautiful” Jungkook whispered mesmerized still by his body, what he saw hundreds of times but still find it as gorgeous as the first time.


Jimin moaned by the praise making the other smirk playfully, like he revealed some dirty secrets about the younger.


The older licked his dried lips, slowly tracing an invisible pattern on Jimin’s skin, starting from his collarbone, to his nipples where he circled them around the sensitive buds what were soon hardened. He continued his pattern towards Jimin’s navel, the younger sucked on a deep breath, his tummy hollowed by the touch of Jungkook.


Jungkook took his time as he traced along the bums of Jimin’s abs, keeping the eye contact with the younger as he arrived to the waistband of his boxer.


“Stop teasing” Jimin grunted, trying to move around a bit, but he couldn’t since Jungkook startled him. “It’s not fair”


“If I recall it correctly…” He followed the tracing, until he stopped at the bulge what was slowly rising in Jimin’s boxers. He started to circle his fingers around it, making Jimin whine in response “You were the one who teased me…” Jungkook smirked down and finally he palmed Jimin’s bulge, working it up until the thin fabric was slightly damp.


“You deserved it!” Even in a worked up state Jimin was able to shot back at Jungkook, who only chuckled a bit, squeezing his shaft through the boxer, making Jimin squirm around a little.


“What did you say?” Jungkook asked innocently, working his hand up and down. Jimin started to breathe heavily, his chest was raising and failing faster than before. “Hm?”


“You muscled p-“ Jimin gasped as Jungkook removed his boxer with a swift motion, cold air hitting his body as he was laying there naked, with flushed body and face.


“I couldn’t hear it clearly…” The older leaned closer to Jimin, propping himself up with one of his hand as the other one rested at Jimin’s abdomen.


They were so close, they particularly breathed into each other’s mouth by now “Just… Just kiss me” Jimin breathed out, he whined when Jungkook clashed their lips together. It was messy, dirty, teeth clashing, tongue swirling around each other.


Jungkook detached their lips for Jimin’s despair as he latched his mouth to the other’s nipples, giving them his attention too.


He bit down on the other, licking and sucking around it. Grazing the sensitive hardened bud with his teeth, blowing cold air to it, making Jimin moan underneath him. If Jungkook didn’t yet fell in love with Jimin’s erotic voice, then he did now. It was absolutely arousing and beautiful to him.


Jungkook felt a slight tugging around his back, as Jimin tried to get off the shirt from him. He grunted in distress as he didn’t succeed.


“What do you want baby?” Jungkook mumbled against Jimin’s warm body as he made his way down with kisses to the younger’s pelvic.


“Off… I want your clothes off” He bit down his bottom lip, stopping himself from moaning as he made an eye contact with Jungkook, who looked up at him, resting his chin onto his pelvic.


Jungkook smirked just for response. “You were a tease before… Now suffer from your own actions” He chuckled, denying to strip down for Jimin. The younger groaned but it quickly turned into a surprise gasp as he felt something warm around his hardened member.


He gulped big, but was useless his throat went completely dry. He looked down, seeing Jungkook littering kisses all around his shaft, they made eye contact with each other, as Jungkook sent a tease wink at him, making Jimin more flushed than he was already.


“Jungkook!” Jimin moan-shouted as Jungkook took him into his mouth without even warning him.


Firstly, he just moved around gently and slowly, before fully taking Jimin and swirling his tongue around him. Whimpers and moans escaped from Jimin’s parted lips, approving everything what Jungkook did with him.


Jungkook’s wet and hot mouth just made him more aroused, soon precum was leaking from his slit, what Jungkook sucked off swallowing it down. But the sweet sensation soon ended as Jungkook worked Jimin up but left without he could get real close to coming.




He was interrupted by Jungkook as he leaned forward, opening up the nightstand’s drawer retrieving a bottle. Jimin’s eyes widened and bit down his lips, Jungkook leaned down and kissed him.


“Did you ever fingered yourself?” Jungkook asked spreading another red tint around Jimin’s cheeks of how casually he just asked the question.


“What if I did?” He scoffed a little watching Jungkook as he pulled the boy closer to his lap, by hooking his hand around his knees.


Jungkook spread Jimin’s legs wider, getting comfortable between them. He admired the younger’s strong thighs, licking his lips, waiting for the time when he will mark them too. But now he had more important things to do.


“Then you will have something to compare” Jungkook smirked, entering his lubed up finger into Jimin’s thigh heat. The younger jerked a little by the sudden movement and the slight burning feeling, but Jungkook slowly moved around his finger, in and out before he entered another one scissoring Jimin open.


Soon every discomfort just disappeared, turning into pure pleasure as Jimin started to moan more frequently and loudly. Jungkook’s ego just grew every minute, he turned around his fingers, grazing Jimin’s walls, searching for his most sensitive spot.


Suddenly Jimin moaned loudly, jerking almost away from Jungkook’s hand but the older pressured him down by placing his free hand at his abdomen.


“Found it” Jungkook whispered to himself, then he entered his third finger, jabbing into that sensitive bundle of nerves, making Jimin squirming around and arching his back, his cock twitched at the same time. Precum slowly dripping down from the slits. He was close, Jungkook could tell by the raged breathing, and the way his body responded to everything he did.


Jungkook’s hand gripped onto the hardened member, giving it a few pumps, spreading away the sticky substance, smearing it across Jimin’s inner thighs.


“J-j..J-jung… Jungkook” Jimin tried to speak, but instead broken moans escaped from his lips, as Jungkook abused his prostate with his long fingers, what just reached everything perfectly.


“Pl-please, please.. Jungkook” He breathed out, blindly searching for Jungkook’s hand as the familiar heat started to spread across his abdomen.


Jungkook noticed Jimin’s reaching hands in the heat of making him cum, he threaded their finger together “Please what, baby?”


“D-don’t.. Don’t stop…Please” Jimin whined, but soon he moaned beautifully screaming Jungkook’s name, as his orgasm hit him strongly. Cum decorated his abdomen, as he came all over his stomach.


Jungkook slowly moved his fingers in and out, letting Jimin came down from his high before pulling away fully. The younger just laid there, trying to catch his breath. Jungkook smiled proudly of how fucked out Jimin looked like, and he didn’t even enter into him truly.


He didn’t waste any time, he rather leaned down and lapped Jimin’s softened member, licking away the leaking cum and swallowing it. Jimin watched Jungkook with half-lidded eyes as his lover swallowed around him.


He winced a little, but didn’t tell him to stop or anything. Jungkook then crawled up, giving Jimin a peck what Jimin returned. The older purposely pressed himself against Jimin, the younger whimpered quietly, feeling Jungkook’s hardened member through his pants.


“Are you ready for the true fun, baby boy?”


Chapter Text

Jimin though he was dreaming again, when Jungkook whispered those words into his ears so sensually that his heart skipped a beat. His breath hitched, feeling Jungkook’s silky shirt on his body, he gulped big as Jungkook leaned back from his body and locked eyes.


There was something predatory, something dark in Jungkook’s eyes what made Jimin completely wanting to be consumed by the man in front of him. He wanted Jungkook, but not just his body, he didn’t just want an easy fuck.


He wanted cuddles, sweet talks, lazy mornings. And the thoughts just struck him at the heart, Jungkook was always the man he wanted since the moment they’ve met. Everything what happened between the two was because Jimin wanted Jungkook’s love and not just his possessiveness over him.


Jungkook didn’t notice while he was undressing that Jimin sat up, admiring Jungkook’s tanned and toned body. How his tattoos hugged his muscled arms or torso. He felt a tug on one of his belt hoop, he just smiled but purposely didn’t look at Jimin.


Jimin grunted a little, furrowing his eyebrows “Jungkookie” He whispered, but still nothing. He scoffed, leaned closer and planted a kiss at Jungkook’s torso, nibbling onto the skin, and sucking on it.


He felt a pet and Jungkook’s finger’s carding through his hair, so he looked up at Jungkook, who bent down and kissed the boy sweetly, not so roughly like he did a few minutes ago.


“I’m ready… Take me, Jungkook… Make me yours” Jimin breathed against Jungkook’s lips, hooking his arms around Jungkook’s neck bringing him down back to the mattress. “Mark me... Fuck me, so everyone will know I’m yours…”


Jungkook groaned, if he had any restrain until this moment he just completely lost it at this second, when those words rolled off from Jimin’s tongue. Jimin never saw Jungkook move so fast as he was now.


Before he even could register, Jungkook was naked all in front of him. His muscled skin showing off to him, but Jimin gulped big especially when he directed his eyes towards Jungkook’s hard cock.


Proud slowly filled up his chest, knowing he made Jungkook this hard, simply with his sinful moans and whimpers as he was under Jungkook’s magic all along. He felt a gentle tug on his chin, as Jungkook placed his under finger under his chin, raising up Jimin’s face.


“Focus on me” He whispered against Jimin’s lips, peaking out his tongue to lick over Jimin’s bottom lips teasingly, the younger tried to catch Jungkook’s lips with his, but the other leaned back. He let out a whine, but Jungkook only chuckled a little.


His eyes widened when he saw Jungkook fishing out a pack of condom, he quickly got it between his fingers surprising the hell out of Jungkook. First the older though that maybe Jimin wants to roll it up, just by the thought of it made Jungkook’s member’s twitch in excitement.


But rather than fulfilling his fantasies, Jimin throw it away.


“What ar-“


“I want to feel you… I want you to fill me up, Jungkookie…” Jimin smiled suggestively, leaning back at the bed, spreading out his legs, so Jungkook could fit between them comfortably. But what made really Jungkook’s mouth water and his dick throb was when

Jimin, reached under his knees, grabbing his cheeks, opening himself up to Jungkook showing his clenching hole waiting for him. “Until I can’t take anymore of your cum” He whispered, letting out a slight moan making Jungkook slowly lost his shit.


Jungkook licked over his dry lips, leaning painfully slow to the younger, like a predator cornering up his prey. “When did you became this…” He circled around Jimin’s entrance teasingly, not entering into it like how the younger would like to. “Dirty…”


Jimin just let out a mocking chuckle, shooting a daring look towards Jungkook. “The question is not when did I become dirty… The question is how dirty I’ve become”


“Then I guess…” He suddenly trusted his middle finger past Jimin’s entrance, pulling out a sudden gasp from the younger. “I just have to figure it out…”


Jungkook pulled out his finger, but it was soon replaced by the tip of his member. He slowly and as gently as he could have pushed in, stretching out Jimin as he went deeper. Both of them let out a groan, when Jungkook was sated op to the hilt.


“It is okay?” Jungkook asked gently, caressing Jimin’s face. Although a little discomfort showed off from Jimin’s face, his eyes were filled with lust and bliss from the new sensation what run through his body.


“Y-yes…” Jimin breathed out, Jungkook smiled, leaning into a last kiss before he would move and give Jimin the night what he is craving for. What both of them are craving for. “How do I fell?” he purposely clenched onto Jungkook’s member, making him grunt against Jimin’s lips.




When Jungkook started to finally move to the test the waters, first with a slow gentle pace to get Jimin worked up and used to him, he watched as Jimin’s face lit up letting and a quiet whimper. He grabbed onto Jimin’s leg, wrapping them around his waist, to provide more access and pleasure for later.


Jimn did everything as Jungkook said, giving into a complete submission under Jungkook’s hungry gaze. He didn’t mind it, he wanted to be consumed, wrecked by the man on top of him. Jimin was ready to give everything what his to Jungkook, his heart, his soul, his body.


Jungkook pulled back by a little, until only his tip were inside of Jimin’s warm and wet hole. They locked eyes, as Jimin nodded giving Jungkook the permission to do whatever he wanted with the boy. Jungkook snapped his hips, entering into Jimin again with much more force than before.


Jimin let out a mix of sigh and moan by the feeling of being full with Jungkook again. The older started to move faster, setting up his pace into a not rough one yet, but it was enough to make Jimin moan and feel pleasure shooting through his body into his now newly hardener cock.


“J-jung.. Jungkook” Jimin whimpered, trying to find any stable surface for himself to hold on, until he grabbed onto Jungkook’s shoulders, binging him closer.


They were panting into each other’s mouth, watching each other, observing every little change in their expression, as pleasure filled up their whole body. Jimin tossed his head back by a particularly strong thrust what left Jungkook smirking. He latched onto the marked skin, kissing, licking and biting it and Jimin’s grip grew stronger on his love’s skin.


“M-more… Mov-e f-faster...” Jimin gasped at the moment when Jungkook bit down on his Adam apple gently, lapping the skin after it with his tongue.


“Faster? Does my baby want more? Huh?” Jungkook stopped thrusting rather he rotated his hips, pinching one of his nipples, teasing Jimin more and more.


“Y-yes... Yes, please... Jungkookie. I want more of... you...” Jimin sounded so breathless, so sexy that Jungkook would do it all day and all night until the rest of his life just to hear him like this. Just to see him so wrecked because of him.


His big hand travelled down to Jimin’s neglected erected cock, and slowly started to stroke it, then suddenly gripped onto the base of it, making the boy underneath him whine in desperation. While his other hand was hold Jimin’s thigh around his toned up torso.


“Hm..” He was thumbing Jimin’s slit, what leaked precum all around his finger. He drew it away, licking it off seductively locking eyes with Jimin, who grew breathless by the action. “What my baby wants... My baby gets it…”


With that Jungkook started to pound into Jungkook, mercilessly setting up a pace what satisfied both of them working them up to their own edges. Jimin lost focus of the world, he only heard his own panting and shameless moan, mixed with Jungkook’s name and curse words as well as Jungkook’s groans and whispers about how good, how sexy Jimin is.


Sweat covered up his body by now, as well dried cum from his previous orgasm. He let out a loud scream when Jungkook hit his prostate. Constant pleasure hugged his body from the inside as Jungkook jabbed into that particular sweet spot.


The sheets underneath them were soaked by lube slipping from Jimin’s entrance as Jungkook pounded into him, mixed with cum and sweat. None of them cared how filthy it looked, or the fact that the room were warmed up by their body’s warmth, or the sounds what left their lips.


They only cared about each other, embracing each other. Jimin reached out for Jungkook with his shaky hand, interlocking their fingers as Jungkook laid their connected hands next to Jimin’s head.


“I-I.. am.. C-close…” Jimin managed to form a coherent sentence without breaking it with a sob or a moan. Jungkook hold his hands together more firmly, he watched the man of his love in front of him, grunting, snapping his hips like no tomorrow to satisfy both of them at the end of the night.


“C-come for me.. Jiminie, come for me” Jungkook’s voice was husky, rasp as he whispered those words into the space between the two lover.


Jimin didn’t have time ask Jungkook to come with him, to finish it off together, as his orgasm hit him hard. He let out a long choked moan as Jungkook thrust into him again. He closed his eyes, he felt his body trembling and shaking as cum covered his and Jungkook’s stomach by now.


“I-inside.. Inside, Jungkook…” He whispered with a shaky voice in between his pants and whimpers as he came down his high.


A few thrusts after Jungkook finished off too inside of Jimin, as his love asked for it. His hips stuttered, grabbing onto Jimin’s waist to leverage. He felt breathless, blissful. He moved a little, slowly moving riding out his own high by his own.


When he tried to pull out, Jimin stopped him, holding onto his arms. “N-no... Don’t pull out yet…” He whined, despite the fact that cum covered him he managed to sound extremely cute to Jungkook’s ears.


Jungkook just smiled, caressing Jimin’s hot cheeks. “Baby, we need to shower… You can’t sleep like this” He chuckled.


“Just a… A little bit more..”


“Just a little..” Jungkook nodded, agreeing with Jimin, despite the fact that Jimin looked worn out and exhausted he moved around their body, until they were in a spooning position, slowly caressing Jimin’s marked neck and flushed cheeks, messy hair.






“I love you”


“I love you too”


They whispered sweet words into each other’s ears, forgetting the world, what waited for them outside of their comfortable embrace.


Jimin was happy. In love, just like Jungkook.


They were happy.

Chapter Text

It was a usual night for the Jeon mafia, where they get prepared for the plan what Jungkook announced them a few hours ago before he disappeared with Namjoon. Taehyung and Yoongi left behind to manage some things, Tae as Jungkook’s second hand were already obligated to monitor the team in Jungkook’s absence, but Yoongi decided to stay with him a little longer.


The headquarter of the Jeon mafia was out of the city, away from all the authorities, not like any of them would do anything. Jungkook had the money and methods to shut people down.


The two said man were up at Jungkook’s office, what really looked like a normal office, nothing fancy, nothing suspicious. Yoongi were laying down the couch there, dozing off a little, while Taehyung were speaking on the phone.


“Thank you, call me if something happened” He ended the call with one of their man, who drove all the way to Busan, just to spy on Taemin from real close. They needed more information at this point than what they got from the Interpol.


Yoongi opened up his eyes, eyeing Taehyung without words, his mind wandering place to place. He knew Taehyung for a really long time by now, he was always a cheerful kid, who thought bunnies lived on the Moons and pineapple on pizza was fucking acceptable.


He was aware of Taehyung’s past and how did he end up with the Jeons and stuffs, but he never actually would imagine that cheerful kid one day would be a second in command. Would kill people and order around others.


Taehyung grew so much, and Yoongi witnessed it all. How he became a man from that kid.


“What is it, hyung?” Taehyung asked feeling Yoongi’s watchful eyes on his skin.


Yoongi didn’t answer right away, rather he eyed Tae’s rather long hair “You need a haircut” Yoongi sighed, standing up, stretching a little like a cute cat, at least for Taehyung Yoongi had some traits like a cat.


“Why? There is no problem with my hair” Taehyung blinked a few, running his fingers through his hair, not understanding his hyung’s problem.


“It’s long. Just a little more and you can have a man bun” Yoongi walked towards the desk and just when Taehyung though his hyung would stop in front of the furniture, but he walked pass by it, and stopped behind Taehyung’s chair.


“And what if I want a man bun?” Taehyung grinned a little, but his smile died down quickly as he noticed Yoongi behind him.


The older placed one of his hand at the arm set of the chair and the desk. “You would look hotter” Yoongi’s deep voice ringed in Taehyung’s ears as the older spoke softly.




“Yeah… Hotter.”


Taehyung slowly looked at Yoongi, who looked directly into the younger’s dark brown eyes. Even though Taehyung wanted to avert his gaze from Yoongi’s, he couldn’t. He got lost in those captivating eyes just like the first time.


Silence settled between the two of them, as they locked eyes. Yoongi leaned closer bit by bit, making Taehyung’s heart beat uncontrollably fast as he felt Yoongi’s growing closeness. The whole world just disappeared for them, Yoongi wondered what would happen if he would lock their lips together into a sweet kiss.


He never kissed anyone from love or affection, just from pure lust. He never felt so comfortable and content around no one like he felt with Taehyung. Maybe Hoseok was right, maybe Yoongi really developed something for Taehyung, he became more and more important to him without noticing it.


For Yoongi killing people, torturing them and protecting what was his was completely enough through the years. But something happened, that little feeling, that desire for Taehyung’s closeness, touches even laughs drove a wedge into his previous imagination of perfect life.


“Taehyung…” Yoongi whispered against Taehyung’s lips, they were so close but yet so unbearably far too. Not even Yoongi understood his feelings, the change in his life but he knew something.


He wanted Taehyung to be the part of his life. More than just a boy from a past, more than just a friend.


Taehyung gulped, gripping the arm set of the chair for support, his face flushed with a bright shade of red. “Y-yes?”


“I want to kiss you.”


His heart dropped for a second, he just stared into Yoongi’s dark eyes trying to figure out that it’s just a joke or something. But he didn’t find anything like this, rather he found confusion and sincerity.


“T-then... Do it…”


Taehyung still couldn’t believe that it was all true, even when he felt Yoongi’s lips on his moving gently and cautiously, hands sliding up to Taehyung’s heated up cheeks, caressing it softly with his thumb.


Relief washed over Yoongi’s body when Taehyung started to kiss him back, moving his lips against his, odd happiness run through his body like wild fire. He felt Taehyung’s hand sneaking around his neck, pulling him closer to him.


Yoongi tilted his head, deepening the kiss, gently nibbling and biting on Taehyung’s bottom lips until the younger opened up for him, to claim him more, to explore every part of his mouth.


Taehyung melted into the kiss and Yoongi’s touch, as his big hands travelled down to his neck and his back, when a loud knock shook Taehyung out from the heavenly sensation. He pulled away but Yoongi didn’t even leave any second for him to speak, he latched on to his swollen lips again.


“H-hyung…” He tried to speak, but it only came out as a weak whisper between their kiss.


“Ignore it”


Someone from the other side knocked again, this time Taehyung bit down Yoongi’s bottom lip earning a groan from the other one. “Come in!” He shouted out before Yoongi could kiss him again.


The older noticed the game what was Taehyung playing, he really thought he would restrain himself, he just showed off a mischievous grin, leaning back a little, giving Taehyung enough space to turn around back to his previous position.


It was one of Jungkook’s man, reporting about what Taehyung asked 20 minutes ago, they had everything ready. However, Taehyung quickly slipped out off his serious expression, when Yoongi leaned closer to him.


“I see what are you playing, but I would fuck you even in front of everyone just to see that you are mine now, Tae” He whispered into his ears, biting down at his earlobe a little stronger. He then leaned back, winking at him not even bothering around the other man who suddenly grew silent like a corpse.


Yoongi walked out of the office with a smile on his face. Min Yoongi was smiling, from his heart.


He was happy.

Chapter Text


Jimin had a beautiful happy smile on his lips, as he traced invisible patterns on Jungkook’s naked chest. He woke up by the feeling of Jungkook hugging him close, face buried into his fluffy and messy hair, while their legs were tangled with each other’s.


The younger sighed happily, but decided that it was time to wake up finally, he was starving, however Jungkook’s iron hold didn’t let him go anywhere. He gave quick, sweet peck around Jungkook’s neck until the older stirred a bit and hugged him closer.


“Sleep, Jimin” Jungkook mumbled sleepily into Jimin’s hair, nuzzling further.


Jimin giggled against Jungkook’s skin. “C’mon, Kookie… We need to get up, it’s already 10 am.”


“No, time is just a lie… It doesn’t exist…”


“Yah! Don’t be like that! The others probably are ready by now and you are layi-Ah!”


Jimin yelped as Jungkook moved quickly, and caged the younger under his body. “I’m happier to be with you, Jiminie~” He smiled cheekily at his love pecking his cute nose.


Jimin scrunched up his nose but let out a laugh anyway. “You can be with me for your rest of your life”


“Are suggesting a proposal?” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows, fuck he would even run out for a jewellery shop just to buy the most beautiful ring for Jimin if he wanted it.


“Hmm… I’m suggesting lazy morning, cuddles, cooking together, cuddles, cute couple stuffs, cuddles… And more cuddles” Jimin counted the things on his fingers cutely, his love just laughed a little kissing him after he finished it.


“I would like that” He smiled against Jimin’s lips.


“I thought so… But now, we need to get up. And after everything is settled down… We can do everything from the list!”


“And what about the things what’s not on your list, but on mine?”  He grinned widely, Jimin furrowed his eyebrows then he gasped as realization hit him.


“Jungkook!” He just laughed it off, smacking his hands. “You are impossible, Dirty muscle pig!”


“Oh, don’t pretend like you didn’t like it” Jungkook nuzzled into Jimin’s neck, cutely. Who would think that a mafia boss can be so clingy and cuddly. Jimin find it cute although.


“I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but we don’t have to do it always!”


“Who said it? Counter sex is hot… Just like shower. We should try it” Jungkook suggested casually like he is talking about the weather.


“I’m out!” Jimin shouted, slipping away from Jungkook and made his way out of the room probably for the bathroom. Jungkook just admired Jimin’s body from behind before he disappeared from the room.


There were still bruises and hickeys all over Jimin’s cheeks and thighs, as well as on his upper body and neck. Jungkook’s heart beat in happiness as he thought back their night together. He felt happy, he was happy.




“Everything is alright, hyung?” Jungkook asked picking up the phone. He stepped into the kitchen just to see Jimin in front of the oven, preparing breakfast for the two. He wore one of Jungkook’s white shirt, what seemed way too big for him and a random jean.


“Yep. Everything is under control, we only wait for night, then everything finally can start” Namjoon spoke on the other side of the phone. Sipping coffee what Seokjin made for him,


“Perfect, did Mark said anything more about Taemin?”


“No, he is silent and seems calm. Maybe he is waiting for us to move, before he would do anything?”


“Maybe.. Either way, tonight we will pay a visit for his little trade. Be prepared, I will be soon there”


With that Jungkook ended the call, he was aware of the fact that Jimin heard him, but tried to ignore it. He didn’t want to worry Jimin more than he should.  Jungkook back hugged the smaller boy and swung their body side to side slowly and gently, humming a little.


“Something happened?” Jimin asked, leaning back against Jungkook’s chest, he wore a simple set of sweatpants and a shirt.


“Not really, but everything is ready… We only need Taemin to move and get to the docks.” Jungkook kissed into Jimin’s neck softly, making Jimin giggle little. He didn’t even try to hide his hickeys on his neck and collarbone, what made proud Jungkook as he saw the little marks what he left on him.


“Can I go?”




“Jungkook!” Jimin whined, almost slapping Jungkook with a spatula.


“Hey!” The older laughed at his love “It’s way too dangerous for you still, you will stay here with Seokjin-hyung. Everything will be okay, do you believe me? Hm?” He rested his chin at Jimin’s shoulder, closing his eyes enjoying the closeness.


“I believe in you, but aren’t is dangerous for Jin-hyung too?” Jimin asked confusedly, Seokjin was just a bartender…


“When I hire someone, I train them too… They work in a Casino what’s owned by a mafia boss. They need protection…” Jungkook explained to him, however his eyes snap open when Jimin finally landed the spatula on his head. “Yah!”


“You’ve never trained me”


“I did, just not when I hired you” Jungkook was rubbing the spot on his head, where Jimin hit him. The younger just rolled his eyes, ignoring his dramatic boyfriend.


“Hey, don’t ignore me… Kookie’s head hurt…” Jungkook pouted, showing off a hurt puppy look.


“Oh my God, Jungkook!”


Jimin didn’t know if he should be mad at Jungkook or not, he was way too adorable but at the same time he was dominant and sexy as hell. He was confusing, but either way Jimin was happy at that moment, he was happy.




Until everything flashed before his eyes, and he couldn’t see anything just blood, blood and blood everywhere. On the ground, on his face, on his hands….


On his Jungkook.

Chapter Text

Few hours ago


“What are you saying?!” Jungkook almost shouted at the phone. Jimin flinched a bit next to him, they were still in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the two when Jungkook’s phone interrupted them. “How the fuck?! You said everything was okay!”


“I don’t know Jungkook!” Taehyung shouted back, Jimin could hear his friends voice even over the phone. He was upset and angry, what Taehyung really is.


“What do you mean you don’t know?!”


“I don’t fucking know what went wrong okay?! I talked with Mark before, and he said everything was okay! The fuck knew that a few hours later we will get him back in pieces!”


Jungkook cancelled the call, his eyes were filled with anger. His body tensed up, Jimin could see the pumping veins at the side of his neck, as Jungkook tried to control his ragged breathing.


Jimin stepped next to him, slowly interviewing their hands, bringing Jungkook’s back of hand to his lips, pecking it gently. “What happened?” He asked with a concerned voice, rubbing Jungkook’s knuckles with the pad of his thumb.


“Taemin… Taemin happened again” The older exhaled, replacing everything until he just threw everything away in his mind, every detailed plan, every rational decision, every safe solution for himself, for his friends, for his organization... For Jimin.


He wanted Taemin dead. By tonight.


At every cost. He didn’t care anymore, he let his anger and pure bloodlust for his half-brother take him over. And he gladly gave himself over this feeling, what he abandoned from his heart for a long time ago, since Jimin was around. But not now. He didn’t have the patience or the will to hold himself back anymore.




The said boy looked up at him, with curious eyes, but his body froze at the moment when their eyes locked. Jungkook looked cold, dark almost distanced. He leaned closer and planted a kiss at Jimin’s lips.


“Stay there until I come back” With it, Jungkook disappeared from his sight, leaving Jimin at the middle of the kitchen.


He slowly touched his plump lips, tapping on it slowly. Worry in his eyes. He felt like a shiver run down his spine, something was not okay.




“What?!” Yoongi answered his call, he was at the docks with some of his man, breaking the lock from one of Jungkook’s warehouse what was stocked with weapons, of course they were smuggled, or supposed to be traded. But right now he didn’t give two fuck about it.


“Where are you?” Jungkook asked, he was driving towards their usual spot, at the headquarter.


“At the weapons, why?” He asked impatiently tapping his foot to the ground, as the sound of the waves filled his ears.


“Good, bring some good. We won’t wait any longer, I want him dead, by tonight” Jungkook growled, on the other side a dark smile appeared on Yoongi’s lip. That was the Jungkook he knew for a long time, as the beast inside of him eventually started to break free. They will have a blood bath tonight, and oh, Yoongi loved the idea.


“Are we going to hunt?” He asked grinningly.


“We are going to hunt”




Soon Jungkook’s orders arrived to Namjoon and Taehyung too, as well as his men who were more than glad to get in action, more than glad to have Taemin’s blood on their hands.


Before the dawn arrived to Busan, a loud gunshot echoed through the house and the garden. Someone screamed like they saw the Grim Reaper face to face. Looks like Taemin had fun tonight with some lady, poor things won’t even see the Sunrise anymore.


The whole house, more like mansion went into a pure Hellhole. The fancy curtains, the luxurious furniture, the people who were under Taemin’s command… Everything started to fall apart.


You know the thing is that, the Jeon family isn’t the most feared one for nothing. They have the patient for a time, but after they lose it, after Jungkook loses it. Everything will just go down and nothing will remain just ruins and blood everywhere.


After he grants the permission, to kill, to destroy, to burn everything down to the ashes, nothing will remain after them.


That’s how the mansion, a beautiful one turned into a screaming, yelling place filled with the sounds of gunshots and death wishes.


Jungkook ignored everything as he kicked open the fancy decorated door at the top floor, leading into none other than his half-brother’s room. Jungkook had a blood all over his black clothes, and his face but neither of that was his, rather it was others who dared to block his way.


“I thought you won’t even visit me, little brother” Sneered Taemin, comfortably sitting on a leather couch, drinking wine. “I wondered how many times should I sign you, that I would welcome you happily here…” He motioned with his arm, spreading it the left direction. “Wouldn’t it be lovely?”


“Yes... It would be definitely lovely, seeing you covered in your own blood as you choke to death” Jungkook spat, he was sick from his brother’s attitude for a life. He didn’t even see him as a relative, as someone from the same blood as him.


“Oh, how violent you are… You must be charming you little Jimin with this attitude, hm?” He snipped from the glass, arching one of his eyebrows.


A warning glow flashed through Jungkook’s dark eyes “Don’t you dare even voicing his name”


“Why? Is he that precious? Even his name if too sacred” Taemin laughed, but suddenly a much sharper sound empowered his voice, as Jungkook fired the gun. The bullet glided extremely closely to Taemin’s ear, almost skimming it.


Silent felt between the two brother as they stared at each other, with dark and dangerous eyes.


“I guess than… We have something to finish, little brother”


Chapter Text


 “I guess than… We have something to finish, little brother”


Jungkook caught a glimpse of a metallic flash before Taemin could shoot him, he rolled away and fired his gun again at the direction of his half-brother. Although Jungkook knew, that Taemin got the same training as Jungkook… He knows how to defend himself, how to fight with or without a gun, and with the throbbing madness inside of his mind, he was deadly dangerous.


That’s why Taemin didn’t even consider backing up for a second, calling his men or anything. Even if he would get hurt, wounded, he wanted to bathe in Jungkook’s blood, he wanted to cherish the warm crimson liquid what would cover the younger’s body.


Just by the thought a devilish grin appeared on his face and fired again, and again and again. He broke a vase with a bullet, with another one he ruined one of his painting up the wall or even shooting down the chandelier.


Jungkook had quick reflexes however he almost got his, it skimmed his thighs but it didn’t stop.


Even though Jungkook despised Taemin, there was a tiny similarity between the two. They equally would love to see the other dead. By their own hands.


“I wonder… Did you touch that little boy of yours?” Taemin suddenly spoke with a sickening smile on his lips. “Oh, I bet you did… I hope you fucked him good, because you won’t ever be able to fuck him” He provoked Jungkook amusedly as he knew the boy would jump right after mentioning Jimin.


“Shut the fuck up” Jungkook growled behind a turned table, so he had a shelter from Taemin’s bullet.


But for response the other only chuckled. “After you die… I will give him to Junhee… Just imagine how that boy would love to mark and fuck that boy of yours. He would make him scream his name instead of yours”


Jungkook almost got blood eyes by just the mention of Junhee, but out of nowhere the realization hit him… He left Jimin alone.


His heart beat fastened by a second, making him grip the holder of the gun and clenching his jaw. He wasn’t sure if Junhee was here or not, but he hoped… He prayed that the boy was now dead somewhere around the house.


“No response?” Taemin sounded impatient, as he stepped forward Jungkook’s direction, stepping on the pieces of the broken vase. “Or you know what… I would make you a prisoner… Make Junhee will how he would fuck the boy, then make you wa-“


He stopped at the middle of the sentence, when he didn’t find Jungkook behind the desk. He frowned but soon enough a sharp pain run through his body, as Jungkook kneeled him in the spine with a raging fire inside his mind.


“You little” Taemin growled, turning back, trying to get a hold on Jungkook’s neck, but the boy grabbed his brother’s hands, and turned him around, nudging his twisted hand upward.


“Listen closely you scum… I would never, let anyone of you lay a finger on Jimin. Even if you torture me, kill me... I would come back from Hell, just to pull you down with me. “His voice sounded so low, and raspy that Taemin thought it wasn’t even Jungkook for a second. Do you understand?!” He shouted suddenly, gripping a fistful of hair of Taemin’s hair yanking him backwards.


“I would love to see your fantasies crush down” Taemin chuckled, but flinched when Jungkook nudged his arm up more, a slight burning feeling lingered around his shoulder.


Jungkook didn’t say a world, rather he lunged his brother’s head towards the edge of the table, pouncing it hardly at the surface. Thin trail of blood covered Taemin’s forehead, dripping down to his nose, lips and chin…


“Don’t try to play with something what’s mine” Jungkook growled still having his fist at Taemin’s hair. The older licked off the blood from his lips, and showed off a sick smile, grinning ear to ear.


He didn’t say anything, but used his heels to kick Jungkook at his tibia, making him lose balance and backing down for a second, loosening his grip. He soon found himself at the floor, Taemin on top of him, the world spun for a solid minute as Taemin landed his fist at the side of Jungkook’s head, hitting him hard and without mercy, like he wanted to crush his skull.


After two or three blows, Jungkook got a hold on Taemin’s wrists, stopping his from any movement, trying to figure out how to kick him off. He couldn’t really move, as Taemin straddled him perfectly, what annoyed the fuck out of Jungkook.


“Stop fighting… And just accept the fact… You didn’t come here today to kill… You came here to die




Jungkook wasn’t sure what hurt him more, the fact that he probably broke or fractured his nose, the cut on his face or the fucking knife what was buried into his side, dangerously close to his liver.


Taemin had a victorious smile on him, as he caged Jungkook to the wall, and rotated the damn knife trying to carve it deeper into the flesh. Jungkook groaned, but refused to scream or shout.


“C’mon scream, beg!” with that Taemin buried the knife deeper, stabbing it into him again. Blood were dripping down to the floor, covering a trail in Jungkook’s clothes and Taemin’s hand.


When the two brother looked at each other, like two wolf would before they would start to bite into each other’s neck, hoping to rip it off. Jungkook looked more alive than ever, the adrenaline what run through his body, the will to live and survive, but mostly the desire to kill that man in front of him made him fight more viciously.


Although every movement hurt, he sneaked his fingers around Taemin’s neck, digging his nails into the skin, breaking it off easily. For response, Taemin pressured the knife more. None of them planned to give up, even if they would die at the end… They will bring the other down too with themselves.


Taemin groaned as Jungkook pressured his throat, gaining nerve from the pain throbbing in his body, slowly driving him crazy.


“You were wrong….” He rasped out with bloody lips and teeth. “I didn’t come here to die… I came here to destroy you… To burn down everything what once belonged to you… To kill you. And I will do it… I will kill you Taemin, even if it’s my last thing to do in my fucking life”


Taemin were disgusted by the words of his brother and the look in his eyes. He looked determined, he looked alive.


He drew the bloody knife out from Jungkook’s body, leaving an open wound there, gushing blood from it. He rather touched the bloody cold surface to Jungkook’s neck, hurting the skin, cutting into it just a little.


“You. Will. Die” He punctured every world, clearly, gritting his teeth like a wild rabid animal.


Jungkook took a risky decision. He let go of Taemin’s neck, he rather gripped his wrist with both of his hands, twisting it until he didn’t hear a crack and a grunt from Taemin. He kicked him away, jerking off the knife from his hands.


Jungkook felt dizzy from the amount of blood what he just lost. His face was bloody, his own blood decorated his face. But he didn’t stop, he couldn’t. He must kill Taemin, he must finish him then…


Then after it, he can rest… He can stop after it.


He didn’t think just moved. His legs and arms were moving on their own, getting down and grabbing a neglected gun.


He turned around, to find Taemin in front of him, in his hands a bloody gun. Jungkook were kneeling down as he reached out for the gun, Taemin towering him over.


Both of them holding the gun to the other, no question in their eyes. It was their last move, their last moment.


Jungkook remembered Jimin again, his laugh, his smile. The cute things he did, his vanilla scent, the way he would furrow his eyebrows if he didn’t understand something. The bratty attitude, his kisses, highs, his body. His voice…


“I love you, Jungkook”


It rung in his ears, so softly, so beautifully that he thought Jimin was next to him, whispering sweet words into his ears.


The sound of the fired gun filled the room at last.

Chapter Text

- Music -


Everything was burning around him, but he couldn’t move. Everything hurt, even breathing, even the little pants he gave out as his lung was desperate for oxygen. He groaned silently, blood gushing out from his parted swollen, bruised lips.


His vision slowly became blurry, little white and black dots running around in his sight. He didn’t hear perfectly because the shouting, everything was dull. He felt the heat close to his skin, but his felt cold, he didn’t bother to move away, or try to do it.


The blood under his body, soaked into the rug, staining it for life as it left Jungkook’s body, leaving him in a hopeless dream where he was with Jimin for the rest of his life. Hugging him, kissing him, holding him close never letting the boy go.

When everything blacked out, he still saw Jimin’s beautiful face in front of him, smiling at him from afar, waving for him.






Taehyung shouted with his deep voice as he made his way up to the top floor, however it was quite difficult. The whole mansion was on fire. It didn’t really help him that someone jumped out from nowhere and knocked him down at the floor, trying to slash his throat.


The boy had enough for today, or for life. He wasn’t sure, but he knew that he wanted that man off from him. Now.


He groaned, and folded his legs around the man’s waist, rolling them around until Tae was on top off him, he quickly drew out his gun, and blew a hole to the man’s head not caring about how bloody he is. He needed to find Jungkook. Now.


He got up and run forward trying to avoid any burning furniture or wood what could cause him more injury than he has right now. He found the room finally, but got frozen for a moment.


The room was just straight up chaos. Bloody spots everywhere, broken vase, upside down tables were lying around. He spotted Taemin’s lifeless body, with a big red spot at his chest, near to his heart.


Taehyung sighed in relief seeing the man dead, but where is Jungkook? He run inside of the room, fire quickly spread across the whole hallway, so he needed to be quick.


“Jungkook!” Taehyung found his friend, lying around, pale like a corpse not moving, his chest rising and falling dangerously slowly.


He panicked for a second as he run to him, trying to figure out how serious his injuries are, but when he kneeled down to a small pool of blood, he understood that Jungkook needs medical treatment. Quickly.


Taehyung tore a strap from one of the curtain, wrapping it around Jungkook’s bleeding wound, trying to at least tone down the blood loss.


“Oh, God… You are heavy” Taehyung huffed as he moved the faint Jungkook, throwing his hand around his neck, and getting a tight grip on his waist as he dragged him out of the room, towards the flaming hallway.




On the outside, Yoongi suddenly stopped for a moment. His eyes widened in realization. “Where the fuck is Taehyung and Jungkook?” He looked at Namjoon with widened, panicked eyes as he gulped down a little blood from his cut mouth, leaving a metallic taste behind.


“I lost him the second he entered the house…” Namjoon answered with the same panicked expression.


“H-he went back for… The boss” a man of Jungkook spoke, earning Yoongi’s attention, his eyes turned into something dark the moment he heard the answer.


“And you let him go alone, in that fucking burning mess?!” He shouted at the man, his voice sounded so raw with emotions. However, everyone was shocked around him.


Min Yoongi, never shouted. Never looked panicked or this vulnerable. This lost.


The other one gulped and backed up a bit, before Yoongi could launch himself towards him. Namjoon held back Yoongi, preventing him from doing anything stupid.


“Yoongi!” He raised his voice, yanking back his friend.


“What the fuck you want?!”


Namjoon didn’t say a word, rather he pointed the direction of the burning mansion, until Yoongi spotted two figures. His heart beat in relief, but it soon disappeared as he saw how did actually the two looked.


Jungkook got worse, he was now dead pale, the fabric of the curtain already soaked through with his blood, leaving tiny droplets to the ground.




Jimin squirmed around his bed, panting harshly as he screwed his eyes close. His lips were trembling, little teardrops escaped from his closed eyes, streaming down to his cheeks. He was sweating like no tomorrow, whimpering and muttering incoherent words.


“J-jung… Jungkook… N-no…” He muttered as he turned around quickly, trying to find comfort in his dark mind, banishing all the pictures he saw in front of himself.


He suddenly screamed in his dreams, the bedroom door flew open and Seokjin run to the bed, trying to shake Jimin up from his nightmare, what seemed to be very vivid, as he sobbed and still screamed.


“Jimin, Jimin… I’m here, it was just a dream… I’m here” Jin spoke to him with a soft and warm voice, calming down the boy after he opened up his glossy eyes. “Everything is okay…It was just a dream”


“H-hyung…” He whimpered, fisting Jin’s sweater into his small hands, sobbing harder into the soft material as Jin caressed his back softly, calming him down. “H-he… J-jungkook…” Jimin muttered in a weak voice.


“What about him?”


“I-I saw him dead, hyung… I saw Jungkook dead!” Jimin cried again, a painful sob ripping out from his chest as he remembered the clear image of Jungkook’s bloody corpse in front of him. He was shaking and trembling. No matter how Jin hugged him and muttered calming voice into his ears, he couldn’t calm down.


He needed Jungkook. He needed to see him alive, feel his beating heart, see his flushed red cheeks and see his eyes sparkle when he would saw Jimin.


A few minutes later Jin’s phone chimed signalling to its owner that he got a message. Jin quickly checked it, the message only consisted a few words from Namjoon.



Bring Jimin to the hospital.


Jin’s heart never dropped that fast from worry as he dropped his phone and looked at Jimin, who was curled up at his chest, shivering still, but his crying died down. He started to finally calm down.


Chapter Text

It took Jimin 5 minutes, to grab something to wear and dry his eyes and rush to the hospital. He was at the passenger seat, nudging Jin to drive faster, even after the older crossed the speed limit dangerously.


Jin didn’t say much to Jimin, he just told him to get ready, because they need to go the hospital. The younger got scared of course, his nightmare coming back with full force, making his chest shrink in worry.


He was afraid, way too much. He didn’t know what to expect, but he hoped and prayed for Jungkook to live. He didn’t care about anything else at that moment.


“Wait! Jim-“


Jimin run out of the car at the second where Jin stopped it. He run to the reception, the old lady who was in charge in this ungodly hour looked at him with wide eyes.


“J-jeon.. Jeon Jungkook. Where is his room?” He breathed out with flushed face, fingers tapping at the wooden surface impatiently.


The lady turned to her computer, tapping down the keyboard. “What relation you have with the patient?” The lady asked in a monotone voice.


“I’m his boyfriend, now please can you tell me, which room he is in?” He rushed the lady, who finally told which room and floor Jungkook is in. With that Jimin disappeared from the desk, running like his life depends on it.


Jungkook was already through the surgery, but he still didn’t wake up from anaesthesia. Taehyung got his own wounds stitched up too, nothing serious. The room which Jungkook was in, was filled with silence and tension.


When the door busted open with full force, giving heart attack to Namjoon who was deep in his thoughts.


“H-how is.. He?” Jimin panted, his cheeks were still flushed redly. He spotted Jungkook on the hospital bed, his neck was covered in bandage, like his arms, but he didn’t say anything else since the hospital gown and the blanket covered Jungkook.


Taehyung moved and caught Jimin as the younger almost fall back by the shock he felt flashing through his entire existence.


“I-is he… Alright? He will be alright, right?” He asked desperately.


“Yes, everything is going to be okay, Jimin” Taehyung smiled down at him, petting his head lightly.





“Just one” Jungkook whined as he rolled his eyes. They were at their home now, two weeks after the whole Taemin fiasco. He disappeared finally.


“Don’t you dare, Jeon Jungkook”


“But Jimin!”




“But I love strawberries, why can’t I just eat one?!” They argued as Jungkook were sitting on the couch, a bowl of fresh strawberries on the glass table, while Jimin was in the kitchen preparing lunch for the two.


“I don’t give a shit what you like or what not, you won’t eat the fucking strawberries I need them!”


Jungkook groaned, slipping down a little like a child who didn’t get what he wanted. He still had some stiches in, but a few days and they will be removed. He was bored, pretty much.


No one let him to do any work, so his friends handled everything and Jimin, what Jungkook found kinda annoying but at the same time sexy and arousing, imagining Jimin in the whole mafia concept just made him feel excited.


He eyed the strawberries.


Call Jungkook crazy, but he could hear them call for him, teasing and mocking him for not eating them, listening to a little Mochi. “That’s not fucking fair…” He grunted, lazily switching between the channels.


Barely 30 minutes later Jimin appeared in the living room, furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at his boyfriend.




“Yes babe?”


“Where are the strawberries?”


Jungkook didn’t avert his gaze from the TV. Not because he didn’t want, he didn’t dare.


“Jungkook?” Jimin stepped in front of him, blocking the TV from his sigh, as Jungkook found Jimin’s tummy in front of his face.


“I swear to God I heard them calling me” He muttered, smiling innocently up to his love.


“I can’t believe you ate all of them!” Jimin huffed and started to rant about that stupid strawberry pie he wanted to try for a week now, and Jungkook ate all of his strawberry!


Jungkook just laughed, sneaking his hands around Jimin’s waist, pulling him closer as he buried his face at Jimin’s tummy.


“Yah! Don’t try to be adorable and cute shit, after you ate my strawberries!” Jimin whined, pinching Jungkook’s arms making the older whine a little.


“Don’t be like that! They were just strawberries, Jiminie~” He smiled at Jimin with his cute bunny smile, what Jimin rarely could resist.


“My strawberries”


“What’s yours, mine too”


“But not the strawberries”


Jungkook only shook his head at the edge of laughing his ass off again. But rather he held Jimin’s hands and pulled him to his lap, pecking his lips. “What about if we go and buy some strawberries for you?” He asked, brushing away Jimin’s bang from his eyes.


“I don’t trust you… You will eat them again” Jimin scoffed, playing his arms around Jungkook’s shoulders. “Dirty muscle pig”


“I won’t!”


“Pinkie promise!” Jimin held out his adorable chubby pinkie, surprising Jungkook as the mafia boss arched his eyebrows.


“Why pinkie promise? Are my words not enough?” He played the hurt victim, but Jimin just rolled his eyes.


“Absolutely not. And if you break the pinkie promise our relationship is over” He stated with a quite serious face.


“You can’t put our love up for it!”


“Yes, yes I can”


Jungkook just sighed, but he held out his long pinkie finger, it was cute how they hand size was drastically different.


“I promise I won’t eat or even touch your strawberries, Jiminie”


They sealed the promise, but with a kiss as Jimin smiled into it. “Okay, I believe in you”


“You better! I love you more than I do the damn strawberries” Jungkook smiled earning another peck for his lips.


“I love you, Jungkook”


“I love you too, Jimin”


They were happy, and they tend to be happy for a really long time.

Chapter Text

- Music -


Jungkook’s eyes fluttered open, squinting a little, the sunlight attacked his poor freshly opened eyes, making him closing it immediately again. He sighed a little, feeling a warm body near him.


The older boy smiled as he looked down to his chest, where Jimin rested his head, sleeping like someone knocked him out. Jungkook smirked a little, because the younger was pretty much exhausted.


They celebrated their marriage very well.


The salty wave of the ocean breeze filled the room as their coastal house was actually very close to it. They were at Bora Bora right now, but for Jungkook it was not hard to buy a house a few weeks before their actual marriage.


2 years has passed since Taemin disappeared from their lives. A lot of things actually happened to them.


Jimin is not a stripper anymore, well… Sometimes he strips, but just to tease Jungkook what Jimin love doing. But he loves the treatment more what he got after he teased the fuck out of his, now husband.


He became not just Jungkook’s lover, but the second boss to the organization, what wasn’t really a big surprise to anyone, since Jimin became very comfortable with everything real quick.


What Jungkook found hot. Very much.


But no one dared to touch Jimin, yes the boy could protect himself, but no one could protect anyone from Jungkook who had the nerve to touch his baby.


At the mean time, the relationship between Namjoon and Jin also blossomed into a sweet, sickeningly cute relationship. Jin was still a bartender at the Casino, but everyone knew that he was indeed, Kim Namjoon’s fiancé.


On the other hand, Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s relationship was complicated, or just Jungkook was way too dumb to understand it. It was obvious that they loved each other, like sometimes Yoongi would become more possessive over Taehyung than Jungkook did with Jimin.


They the two would have fight over it, have angry sex then pretty much everything is solved for them. But as long as they were happy, Jungkook was too.


His train of thoughts were crushed, as he felt Jimin’s plump lips moving against his bare chest, peppering soft morning kisses all over the skin.


“Good morning, gorgeous” Jungkook smiled at his love, swiping back his now black hair, revealing his forehead a bit.


“Good morning, handsome” Jimn greeted him with his beautiful eye smile, what Jungkook loved to the end of the world.


“How did you sleep?” Jungkook asked as he hugged Jimin closer to himself, shifting a little, so they were face to face now, holding onto each other’s hands.


Jimin shuffled closer a bit, tangling their legs under the thin blanket over their naked body. “Good, I had a pretty awesome dream…” Jimin wandered, focusing on Jungkook’s hand as the older caressed the back of Jimin’s hand with his thumb.


“Yeah? What was it?”


“Mmm, should I tell you?” A mischievous sparkle flashed through Jimin’s dark brown eyes as he smiled at his husband.


“Is it something I’m not supposed to hear? Did you just cheat on me in your dream?” Jungkook gasped dramatically, earning a joyful giggle from his husband.


“What?! No! Ahhh, I can’t with you!” Jimin just shook his head, as Jungkook propped himself on his elbow and leaned closer, to give a kiss to his husband, what Jimin gladly welcomed and returned.


It was sweet and very simple, but it made Jimin’s heart still flutter just like their first kiss did. He was madly in love with Jungkook, just as the older was in love with him. If people thought that only Jungkook was possessive and jealous, they were wrong.


Jimin absolutely hated if someone looked at Jungkook with hungry eyes, and made sure that everyone got the info, Jungkook was his, and no one else’s. And if everyone tried to steal him away, he would cut them off.


“What do you want for breakfast?” Jimin asked after breaking the sweet kiss, but when he met with Jungkook’s eyes he formed an X with his hands. “No!” He laughed.


“Ahh, why? I would gladly eat you for breakfast” He smirked down, pecking Jimin’s lips.


“Because we had sex last night for 3 times! My ass is sore, and it’s because of you!” He accused Jungkook shamelessly, rolling around the bed until he looks like a burrito, as the blanket was rolled around him, hiding away from Jungkook’s hungry eyes.


“It’s not like you didn’t enjoy it… If I remember right you even begged me to fill you until the brim” Jungkook’s voice sounded so inviting and dark, but Jimin just shook his head. He was not as embarrassed now about his dirty talk, but he would still be shy if Jungkook brought them into a conversation.


“I will kill you in your dream” Jimin hissed.


“I’m already dying for you, babe” Jungkook winked at him simply and shamelessly, he climbed out of the bed, showing of his still perfectly toned and tattooed body. However, now it was covered at some point with hickeys, bruises from Jimin.


“Stop being cheesy!” Jimin whined burying his head into the soft material of the pillows.


“Never” Jungkook laughed as he searched for his boxer to wear. Jimin only groaned, but he was still excited to continue his life with Jungkook, as husbands to each other.




They were sitting at the back porch of the house, what faced to the inviting ocean. Jimin munched on his toast as Jungkook feed him, for Jimin’s biggest protest.


“Jungkook, I can feed myself too” He giggled as he bit down on the toast again, strawberry jam spread across it.


“But what’s that in for me?” Jungkook tilted his head cutely, getting a bite from the toast too. Jimin just shook his head, as Jungkook leaned closer and planted a kiss at the corner of his mouth. But the warm fuzzy feeling disappeared when he felt Jungkook’s tongue against his skin.




“There was jam on there, I swear!” He laughed at Jimin’s reaction. The younger huffed, it was seriously adorable for Jungkook how Jimin acted in and outside of the bed. Like they were two completely another personality.


“Swear to what?”


“For my eternal love for you”


“Ah, you are cheesy again!”


“Stop acting like you don’t like it”


They would bicker endlessly, still sharing bites from the food, or sips from the coffee, holding each other’s hands, bumping their knees together.


After they finished eating, Jimin rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder, as the older hugged him to himself, drawing invisible circles around his waist. Kissing his temple gently as they enjoyed the gentle breeze and each other’s warms.


“Thank you Jungkook…” Jimin mumbled, eyeing the far away islands, only their silhouettes could be seen.


“Hm? For what?” He glimpsed down to his husband.


“For being there for me. Always, and putting up with my acts when you were just trying to protect me. Sorry for it, I think I was way too rebellious around that time” Jimin chuckled a bit. “Thank you giving me a better life… And thank you for showing me what’s love”


Jungkook smiled softly to his love. “You’ve changed me Park Jimin… I thought I was crazy at first, you know it was not really my thing for helping people… But I suppose, you stole my heart the first time we ever met.”


Jimin looked up at Jungkook, smiling at him, then leaned into a kiss, what Jungkook returned without thinking. No matter how many times they would share kisses, the same flame inside of their heart would be the same.


“And I will never give it back” He whispered against Jungkook’s lips.


Jungkook really couldn’t believe that he found Jimin, that he got Jimin for himself. That this gorgeous boy in front of him was just him and no one else’s. He felt grateful, despite the roughs’ patches of their relationships they still loved each other the same and would sacrifice everything for each other.


 He felt actually happy, beyond that.


He felt like he was in Euphoria. Jimin was his Euphoria.



The End