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sleep at 9, rise at 5

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Sometimes, Lan WangJi’s nightmares were so vivid that it would jolt him awake with grief heavy on his tongue.

“Wei Ying,” he would choke out, his fingers aching and the chords of Inquiry still reverberating in his ears. His heart felt empty, his mind utterly convinced that the events of Dafan Mountain were a dream and Wei WuXian was deaddeaddead –

But as always on these nights, he woke up to a warmth cuddled at his side, emanating soft snores that filled Lan WangJi’s heart. He turned his head and stared at the face of the man whose features were both familiar and unfamiliar at once. Slowly and tenderly, he reached out a hand and traced those soft features, lingering over the cheeks and down to the lips. His mind settled.

“Wei Ying,” he said. There was a little furrow between those brows and a mumble from his lips. Wei WuXian’s fingers curled into Lan WangJi’s robes. His own robes were loose, slipping off one shoulder and showing off the dark bruises imprinted along the sides like flowers blooming. Lan WangJi’s heartbeat picked up again and he suddenly felt that he must see those eyes open and those lips to say his name.

He said again, “Wei Ying.” He shifted his position, carefully maneuvering so Wei WuXian was underneath him and he was kneeling above. He leaned in close. His breath ghosting over the other man’s lips. “Wei Ying.” The distance closed as he pressed a chaste kiss. And then another. And another, but down along his neck and making the flowers grow.

“Mmm,” Wei WuXian mumbled. “What?” Lan WangJi sucked another bruise under his ear as his hands went down underneath his robes to caress his soft thighs. Wei WuXian’s breath hitched and his eyes fluttered open in bafflement. “Lan Zhan?!”

“Yes,” Lan WangJi affirmed and then promptly bit his cheek in mischief. He took great joy in the yelp that followed, which erased any semblance of sleep from Wei WuXian’s eyes.

“Ah! You – you,” Wei WuXian spluttered in indignation. Lan WangJi hummed and opened those legs, so he could settle more comfortably in between while releasing the tie on his own robes and slipping out of them. Wei WuXian’s outrage grew when Lan WangJi’s fingers crept down to press inside his body, which were still wet and open from their previous activities.

“Lan Zhan! It’s only been a few hours and you still - !!”

“Mmm,” said Lan WangJi and blew into Wei WuXian’s neck which earned him a surprised giggle. His other hand found the container of oil they kept permanently at their bedside now and he slicked up his cock, groaning quietly. The air between them felt hotter. Lan WangJi kept his eyes on the squirming man below him whose face was becoming flush with arousal, eyes going dark beneath his lashes.

“You beast! You insatiable beast!” Despite the harsh words, Wei WuXian’s tone was teasing and he grabbed Lan WangJi’s face to properly kiss him. He sucked at his tongue, enjoying the messiness of it. It didn’t last long for he had to break away with another yelp when Lan WangJi took his fingers out.

Before entering, Lan WangJi rubbed his cock against the entrance and savored the feeling of Wei WuXian’s looseness and the wet noises that it made as the tip sunk in just a little past the softened rim.

“A-ah, Lan Er-Gege, you are always so… so…” Wei WuXian trailed off with a moan as Lan WangJi finally fucked into him.

On his part, Lan WangJi watched greedily as Wei WuXian’s eyes grew half-lidded with desire. His hair spread over their pillow like ink while the moonlight streaming through the blinds made him appear ethereal in their bed sheets.

Ah. Wei Ying. The terror of his nightmare faded with every thrust of his hips and the pa sound that came as his balls slapped against his bottom, with every hitched breath that escaped Wei WuXian’s mouth and his pleasured squirms as he was fucked.  

Lan WangJi’s own ears burned as the sound of their coupling echoed in their room, slick and messy, but it further inflamed his passion. He wanted Wei WuXian, always. He wanted him like this, with legs around his waist and his hands clutching at his shoulders. He wanted to fill him out from the inside out and to always have the essence of him marked inside forever and his. He wanted Wei WuXian by his side; to be smothered in his scent so he smelled like WangJi, to have every part of that skin kissed and touched by his lips and wanted to hold him always. His desire for this man felt too intense at times, to the point that he sometimes feared because he wanted everything of him and wanted to give everything in return.

Insensibly, he was jealous and resentful of Jiang WanYin who got to hold a piece of Wei WuXian forever. Golden core or not, it was a part of Wei Ying once, hadn’t it? How fortunate of the man to have that! To hold such preciousness inside! Thirteen years had Lan WangJi suffered, trying to find just one beloved remnant that was not a memory, and yet Jiang WanYin had had Wei WuXian all along.

He knew it was irrational. He knew it bordered on obsessive.

(He was his father’s son, more than what he’d like to admit).

Wei WuXian laughed breathily, bringing Lan WangJi out from his unrighteous thoughts. “Ahhh, waking me up just to fuck me once more. What would your uncle say? So naughty, naughty – nnngh! Hah, ah, be more gentler please, your husband is still recovering from before!”

Even more mischievously, he added, “can you feel yourself from before, Er-Gege? I was already so wet. You tried so hard to clean me out when we did our everyday, but you came too deep. But that’s okay, I love it when you fill me up! I love your cum! I love when you use me! And when you hold me down like this! And – mmmh!”

Lan WangJi gave a punishing thrust that had Wei WuXian’s voice stuttering. He watched in satisfaction as the man underneath him panted and shook.

Wei WuXian moaned, and his eyelashes fluttered seductively. Then he grinned. “So, what do you think? Do you think I’ll be able to bear the great HanGuang-Jun’s child and heir with how much you’ve been coming inside me these past few nights?”

“You talk too much,” Lan WangJi noted gruffly and then flipped Wei WuXian over onto his hands and knees with easy strength that had Wei WuXian’s arousal peak. His hair was swept to one side, revealing a long and pale neck. He still had his robes on, which frustrated Lan WangJi as he wanted to touch his naked back. So, he reached down and ripped the cloth apart.


Before Wei WuXian could speak another word, Lan WangJi pressed down above him, his hips moving in fast. He licked at the back of his neck, biting gently and causing Wei WuXian to swat back at him in return. Sweat dripped and made the skin contact even better. Wei WuXian’s legs spread wider, his entire body shaking as he was screwed into the mattress.  

“Ah – hyaa – Lan Zha-zhaaaan~ So rough, s-slow – AH.” Slick dripped down Wei Wuxian’s cock and drenched the sheets below. His hands clutched at their bedding and Lan WangJi put his own hands above them and entwined their fingers together. In Wei WuXian’s ear, he could hear small grunts and sighs of his name. Lan WangJi’s hair hung around them like a curtain, making Wei WuXian feel even more trapped. It should have been frightening, but instead he felt protected.

Lan WangJi was so big. The width of his shoulders, his presence, the breadth of him. It made Wei WuXian lose his mind. He stuck his ass out more, meeting Lan WangJi’s thrusts and his toes curled in overwhelming pleasure while a silly grin curled on his face.

And just as he was about to come, the thrusts stopped.

“No, no, no, no, Lan Zhan! Don’t stop, keep fucking me, what are you doing?!”

“Shh,” Lan WangJi responded. His hands traced up Wei WuXian’s arms and stroked up and then down his sides. They made their way to his hips and Lan WangJi clutched at them, moving his hips back to grind deliciously against his hole.

“Ohhhh,” Wei WuXian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as Lan WangJi’s cock rubbed particularly well against his good spot. “Yes, please Lan Zhan, Gege, let me feel you more!” He grinded back, trying to get Lan WangJi to go a little deeper, to rub inside as much as he can. He babbled affectionately, “it’s good, it’s really really good. You do me so good, Lan Er-Gege so so so good, ah! Yes, good boy, please just move a little faster!”

Lan WangJi sighed gustily as he moved in a slow, but tantalizing way so Wei WuXian could feel every part of him.

Then without warning, he turned Wei WuXian on his back again and gave a forceful thrust that had him arch his back and wail, “ER-GEGE!!

It bounced off the walls, that pleasured scream, along with the sounds of his own grunts and the squelching of their bodies joining in fast movements. Lan WangJi’s face burned, and his frosty features cracked just a little. He fucked in fast and sloppy, grabbing Wei WuXian’s legs and throwing them over his shoulders. The passage was so wet from all the precum he was leaking. His fingers dug into his partner’s bottom and spread them wider and caused a full-bodied shudder and another reverberating scream.

Lan WangJi didn’t look away from Wei WuXian’s face – not even once – watching as his expression became more and more blissed out, his eyes dazed and his mouth panting open. “Ah, ah, ah,” he whimpered out weakly. He was cute like this, all teary-eyed and blushing as his arms curled against his chest. He wasn’t babbling for once, this normally shameless man. He was too fucked out to even form proper words, let alone think.

“Let it out,” Lan WangJi said, regardless. “Tell me what you are thinking.” He groaned as Wei WuXian’s hole convulsed around him, but his lips curled just the slightest at the corners as Wei WuXian tried to form a sentence.

“L-Lan Zha-aaahhn, I -I - !!”




Haaah, nngh, ahhh-AAHNN!”

Lan WangJi muffled a quiet groan into Wei WuXian’s neck. “Go… on…” he said.

Finally, “Husband,” Wei Ying sobbed and arched his back in release. Lan WangJi shuddered in full-blown pleasure, kept fucking him through his climax and pulled louder and louder screams out of him. Eventually, Wei WuXian slapped at his shoulders and cried, “no more no more, come already Lan Zhan, give it to me!”

And he did, releasing deep inside as an overwhelmed Wei WuXian started to really cry.

He lifted his head from Wei WuXian’s neck and pressed his forehead against his. Looked into those bright and reddened eyes that reflected the moonbeams. Let his legs fall from his shoulders. Cupped his cheek and let his thumbs catch those tears like falling stars. Rubbed their noses together affectionately.

He pulled out of Wei WuXian’s body slowly and watched as his cum dribbled out and closed his eyes for a moment because he too was feeling overwhelmed. And aroused. Again.

Then he laid next to his husband who curled against his body and clung to his chest. Their legs tangled together, and Lan WangJi could feel the wetness between his thighs. His cock twitched. “Pervert,” Wei WuXian sniffled and smushed his face into Lan WangJi’s body to hide the embarrassment of his tears. “Do not even dare!”

“Too much?” Lan WangJi kissed the top of head and stroked his back. He wanted Wei WuXian to lift his face out, so he could lick his salty cheeks.

“…No,” Wei WuXian responded sleepily. “I like it when you are rough like this.” He peered out beneath his lashes. “Who knew the righteous HanGuang-Jun is so shameless?”

“Sleep,” Lan WangJi said. His ears were bright red.


The next day, as Lan WangJi went about his duties, he could not help but notice the oddities of the younger disciples scurrying around him unable to meet his eyes and the older ones turning the other way when he went their direction as if they were running away. He glanced down at his robes suspiciously, but they were clean. His appearance was not out of the ordinary either.

Classes were even more odd as all his students seemed to be terrified of his mere presence. Lan Sizhui and Lan JingYi blushed cherry red when he called on them to answer questions and more than one student spilled ink when he glanced over their shoulders at their work.

Bewildered, he dismissed them early and watched as they practically scrambled over each other to get out the door.

A few minutes later, Lan XiChen came in with a small bottle held inside his hands.

“Brother,” Lan WangJi greeted politely.

“WangJi,” muttered Lan XiChen and then shoved the bottle at him. He was not looking at him. “For… Young Master Wei…”

“….Brother?” A feeling of trepidation bloomed in Lan WangJi’s heart as he recognized the contents to be a soothing ointment for muscles.

Lan XiChen took a deep breath and then grabbed his shoulders and stared directly at him. The first brother’s eyes were bloodshot. “Please… WangJi… for all our sakes… we must set up some privacy seals around the Jingshi.”

Lan WangJi choked.