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[podfic] Impala's Run

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Title: Impala's Run
Length/size: (02:29:31, 67MB)
Characters/pairing: Sam, Dean, Ellen, Jo, Crowley
Download Links:
mediafire: mp3 m4b (zip files contain 2 files - part 1 & part 2)
Alternate links: m4b part 1 part 2 & mp3 part 1 part 2
also available on DW
Author's Summary: Sam and Dean Singer (aka Winchester) aren’t your average young Kansas farmers. Their home is very, very far from Kansas, in fact. Many light-years worth of ‘far’. The boys may look human, but certain talents set them apart: Dean speaks the language of machines, and Sam can heal through manipulating energy. Hidden on Earth by their father, their agricultural lifestyle gets rocked when warring alien races discover where they’ve landed, and Sam and Dean are forced to make the run of their lives.
Reader's Notes: This is one of my favorite stories (Impala! Space! - I swear it was like it was written just. for. me. ♥) and I was thrilled to be able to record it. All music by Led Zeppelin: The Rover | When the Levee Breaks | Black Country Woman | Four Sticks | In My Time of Dying | Travelin' Riverside Blues | Dazed and Confused | Kashmir | Ramble On
Thank you to quickreaver & monicawoe for allowing me to record their story and to adrenalineshots for hooking me up with the Impala spacecraft!

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