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Auntie Donella

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One thing was sure. They didn't expect THIS to happened. Gyro made a new invention which could can your DNA in some form. When Dewey heard this he wanted to try this out but Huey on the other hand didn't like that so he tried to convince Dewey on not doing it. But failed so he could only do one thing to stop this. He needed to tell his uncle Donald. At first he hesitated since he didn't want his brother in trouble but he knew if he didn't do anything about he brother life could be in danger. He told his uncle and as soon as he did his uncle quickly went to stop Dewey from doing it. Just in time as well. Just when Dewey was going to do it Donald stop him from doing it but during the process he ended up being the one that got the invention tested on them. After all that just happened, everyone reaction to that was just shock to Donald he just looked in confusion. While this was happening Webby entered the scene, she noticed Donald, went up to him and said "Hi I'm Webby!". Donald was very confused bye this and responded "Hi Webby?" Everyone had their eyes on him and cause of his it made him very self conscious at the moment. He quickly but quietly left the scene with everyone's eyes and some shock on him. But for some reason his hair was longer than usual but then thought that must have been the affect that the invention did to him.
He manage to make it to the houseboat without anyone noticing then he heard a voice, it was he's uncle's. "Excuse me. But what's a lass doing here?" With that response Donald was already past confusion at this point. "Well I'm supposed to be here though?" Donald said back, "Oh? I didn't know that." Scrooge responded and unconvinced at his answer but let him be just that he was keeping a eye at him. Later on he noticed Mrs. Beakley in mansion doing some cleaning "Hello Mrs. B!" Donald said to her cheerfully, "Um. Hello? Mrs?" Donald than thought maybe cause of his now long hair she thought that he was a girl. He was going to say something back but Mrs. Beakley seem too busy and focus on clean so he didn't bother her by continuing his day. Bye the end of the day Donald officially called it one of the weirdest days that he had, during the day he left to get a few things he needed and noticed how everyone treated him differently, with that he feel very self conscious. He wonder why everyone was acting weird around him while at it he drifted to sleep. After waking up he went to check his reflection so he can at least fix his hair for now. When he saw his reflection it wasn't anything that he expected at all and this answer why everyone was weird around him.