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Sherlock discovers the fandom

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Eurus Holmes the 42nd closed the manuscript.

‘The Lost Books of the Holmes Gospels’. Published by The Sherringford Publications Estd 1895.

The book had been a bestseller for the past two thousand years on all the planets in all the solar systems that humans had created new civilizations in after the Original Earth was swallowed by the Sun becoming a Red Giant.

She checked the edits and notes her mom had left for the second book.

Ever since limited Time Travel became possible, her mother and her grandmother before her had made short trips to the past to verify the stories and had always returned excited out of their minds because reality had indeed been stranger than fiction!

Of course some of the details were never released to the public and were kept in the secret journals of the Coven. After all magic was powerful and not all people were capable of understanding or recognizing things for the way they were meant to be.

This time her mother had found out that Sherlock and Mycroft the First had apparently set up a hipster sex therapy centre at the foothills of the Himalayas. Benedict and Mark had managed to fool John Watson, of course, and even Greg for a while but Mrs. Hudson knew of course as did the Queen and Mummy. Anthea had only been teasing them about the Christmas dinners.

So they had all kept the secret well hidden and as far as the general public knew, the Holmes brothers had died in the strange fire, with possibly KGB or CIA being behind it. There were many conspiracy theory videos made in the vein of Who Shot JFK? But no one ever reached any logical conclusion.

Eurus sighed. How amazing it would have been to be alive in those days! The innocent days before the Apocalypse. Yes, that had happened anyway but Mycroft and Sherlock’s daughter Maia had managed to save humanity.

Eurus was counting the days to her own trip back in time when she could lurk around these people and see things for herself! Of course she still had to find a mate and have a child to ensure the lineage before she was allowed to make the perilous journey.

She hoped this new young person she was meeting today would prove to be worthy. Arthur. Arthur Conan Doyle. Seemed like an interesting person. He was a medical doctor but also a writer. She really hoped he wasn’t dating her only because she ran a publishing house.

Oh well….. all lives end…all hearts are broken. She knew that emotions were a chemical defect and she was never going to be on the losing side.

She had plenty to get done in the next couple of years, mate or no mate. The next series of books was being planned and would soon go into publication. Not only humans but at least 5 other species in the New World never seemed to have enough of the Holmes brothers and their adventures!!

“Ready?” Her mother popped in to check on her. “The book club folks are waiting.”

“What are we reading today?”

“It’s a meta- analysis of the self- referential nature of the famous archive entry Ao3 Star Date Original Earth 2020 in which Sherlock discovers the fandom.”

“Awesome! But I am going to give that a miss. I have a date at that retro pub on 221 B Baker Street. Laterz!’ Eurus said as she sent a flying kiss to her mother and ran out, her long black coat flapping behind her as she tried to hail a taxi.