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Access [Granted]

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Jungkook leans back in the stiff metal chair. He pulls at the handcuff locking him to the table pathetically, annoyance trickling down his spine as the metal hits against the table making a clinking sound. For the first time in his career of illegal doings, he knows he’s fucked. At least from a legal standpoint he is. Before he was caught he was able to send the gang that hired him what they wanted so at least he knows on the very slim chance he gets out today, his name won’t be under a hit.


As skilled as he may be behind a computer screen, no amount of hacking can keep him from seeing the inside of a cell. Vaguely he wonders what his mother would say if she were here. Would she bail him out? His guess is on a no, to learn his lesson and all that unholy art thou bullshit. She was always dead set against him ending up like his father — Jungkook wants to laugh at how similar they ended up being instead.


Jungkook surveys the room, eyes zeroing in on the camera set up in the corner of the room. He waves his free hand at whoever may be watching, hoping to piss off one of the officers. Even though he has the potential of being locked up for an extended period of time — hacking a police database is no crime worth a slap on the wrist, he might as well have fun while he’s still technically a free man. Well as free as a man chained to an interrogation table can be.


He’s been in holding for over five hours now. He’s not stupid, he knows they are trying to wear him down mentally so he will spill his guts about who he’s working for. This isn’t Jungkook’s first rodeo though, in fact you don’t become one of the most notorious hackers in all of Korea — some would say the world but modesty is a virtue — if you’re an idiot and new to the game. His father (to his mother's dismay), taught him better than that. How to be a criminal the correct way, the smart way. They could leave him in this room, staring at the bare walls for a day and he probably still wouldn’t crack under the mental pressure.


The large metal door to the interrogation room swings open, two cops making their way in. Jungkook rolls his eyes. Typical. The old good cop and bad cop routine that only works on the weak minded, or newbies that are scared of the law. Unfortunately for them, Jungkook doesn’t fall into either of those categories.


One of the cops is taller, his black hair slicked back in the typical “I’m superior” look. When he stops, he crosses his arms, standing slightly behind the shorter cop. He doesn’t say a word, instead focuses his steely gaze on Jungkook, probably in what he thinks is a form of intimidation. It’s cuter than anything else, that the cop thinks he can scare Jungkook when he’s worked with some of the most ferocious gangs in Korea. He’s the bad cop, obviously.


The good cop on the other hand, smiles upon seeing Jungkook. It’s a forced smile, faux warmness exuding from it and it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. Jungkook wonders how many criminals have fallen for the kindness the cop wears, been lulled into a false sense of security, as if the cop is on their side. His black hair is pristine, not a piece out of place. He’s wearing a blue tailored suit, it hugs every part of his body just right. He is completely put together, in a way that irks Jungkook for being too much of a try hard.


“Ah, Bunny boy?” The good cop asks, his eyes briefly scanning over Jungkook’s file, in a show of nonchalance. As if both cops haven’t been pouring over his file for months now. “Is that what they call you?”


Jungkook raises an eyebrow. He won’t dignify something like stupidity with a response. The cop knows exactly who he is. The good cop looks up from his file, lowering his black rimmed glasses to the bridge of his nose.


“Kid, don’t make this harder than it needs to be,” Good cop says, leaning back in his chair. Jungkook mimics him, crossing his arms over his chest and tilting his head slightly. “What’s your name?”


Silence. Jungkook cracks his neck, maintaining eye contact with the bad cop who was probably used to criminals turning away from him in nerves. If there was one thing Jungkook learned from a young age, it’s to establish yourself from the get go. Some alpha male bullshit.


The bad cop steps forward. “You heard him,” The man says, leaning forward on the metal table. Jungkook cocks a brow. “You stupid or something?”


Jungkook snorts then, rolling his eyes dramatically. He doesn’t know what stupid person would be able to completely erase his identity from the system, not leaving even a hint at who he really is. He also knows, both cops are fully aware of what he’s capable of. He’s been on Seoul’s most wanted for the better part of four years.


“You know what we have you charged for don’t you? Hacking a federal database is a first degree computer crime. That alone could put you away for twenty years. Messing with federal files is no small crime.”


Well yeah no shit. That’s the whole reason Jungkook got wrapped up in this damn mess in the first place. The gang he was working for needed files erased from federal knowledge and Jungkook or -- Bunny boy as the streets knew him -- was known as one of the only hackers qualified for a job like that.


Idly, Jungkook wishes he could slap his past self in the face. He was skilled yes, but hacking the Seoul federal database? Probably not his best idea. The paycheck was too good to pass though, he reasons with himself.


Jungkook chooses to stay silent.


Bad cop flips to a different page in his file. “Not only do we have you for this federal offense, you’ve also now been linked to ten different organized gangs in this area. By name.”


Now that has Jungkook’s attention. He’s always careful when he chooses to take a job, not one to cut corners with his work. He could easily call bluff on what the officer is saying but sometimes it’s better to not argue. Anything you say can be held against you in the court of law and all that.


The good cop runs a hand across his face, raising an eyebrow at Jungkook. “We knew you wouldn’t crack right away. They wanted to let you stew here for a solid ten hours before we came in but I told them that you still wouldn’t bend.”


“If you know so much, then why are we having this conversation?” Jungkook asks. He can tell there is something beyond a simple interrogation happening right now. If they knew they weren’t going to get anything, he should be a in cell already, the book being thrown at him. Unless there is something else they want.


The good cop grabs a new blue file from where it was tucked under Jungkook’s own, sliding it over to the hacker without saying a word. Jungkook looks at both cops, before tentatively grabbing it with his free hand. He pops it open and is met with one of the most gorgeous men he’s ever seen. His skin is covered in tattoos, the black ink contrasting his blonde hair and pale skin beautifully.  He skims over the sticky note attached to his picture, learning the man’s alias is Black Cobra-- which holy fuck he’s heard that name before. Jungkook’s eyes widen as he realizes who he’s looking at.


“Are you familiar with Min syndicate?” The bad cop asks, swinging his leg over his metal chair to sit down.


The Min syndicate is known across the whole of South Korea. Regardless if you run in the crime ring brewing in the underground or if you are a common worker, you have heard of the Min family. The gang is one of the longest running gangs in the country's history, known mostly for their influence across multiple outlets of criminal activity.


“So this is their leader?” Jungkook asks as he studies the blonde man. It’s a bit jarring how someone that looks so young can be known on the streets as one of the most fearsome men in Seoul. He’s heard stories of the syndicate leader, horror mostly. Jungkook would have never expected the man to look almost… delicate.


The good cop hums, taking a sip from his styrofoam cup. “It’s the old leaders son. We don’t know much about him other than his street name and--” The cop leans over to point at another picture attached to the file, “his boyfriend, or fiance. We’re unsure. We just know whatever relationship they have, it’s a romantic one.”


Jungkook’s eyes fall on the cotton candy pink haired boy, who’s laughing at something. His eyes are closed as his pearly white teeth are on display. Wow it’s really fucking unfair that both of them are beautiful as hell. Jungkook also can’t help but wonder how exactly someone who looks like the personification of sunshine got wrapped up with one of the most notorious gangs Korea has ever seen.


The bad cop snorts and Jungkook looks up confused by the outburst. “Don’t underestimate him because he looks cute, that man single handedly took down three of our own cops by himself when we tried to corner him for questioning. Since the attack itself wasn’t necessarily a legal way of going about it, we couldn’t really bring him in.”


“You illegally attacked someone?” Jungkook isn’t really surprised by the information. The police force isn’t necessarily moral when it comes to big gangs.


The bad cop shrugs. “Most things regarding Min and his gang are… off record we’ll say. He has too many people paid off for us to try and get to him in a more ethical manner. Let’s just say both the DA and political figures choose to turn a blind eye when it comes to taking down some of the bigger names but that obviously won’t work with this gang. They are practically untouchable.”


That’s when Jungkook realizes exactly what these cops want.


“We want you to go undercover for us. Be the key in taking this gang down,” The good cop explains. “They won’t suspect a thing from you, not with the type of record you have that’s backed up on the streets by various gangs. Also the talent you have, it’s an asset to criminals like the Cobra.”


“You want me to be a snake?” Jungkook asks incredulously. He drops the file. That’s the fastest way to be murdered in the underground world. “You do realize who you’re dealing with right? They’ll kill me before I can even approach the Cobra. This isn’t some kiddie gang.”


Bad cop shrugs, as if he doesn’t really care whether or not Jungkook lives long enough to interrogate their target. He probably doesn’t. Good cop at least puts up a better show of having some sort of compassion for Jungkook’s well being.


“You will have Seoul PD backing you completely,” good cop amends, as if that brings any comfort to Jungkook. It doesn’t. Not in the slightest. He’s seen first hand what being a rat does to those running with dangerous people. His father didn’t have a chance to get out of it, Jungkook would be damned if he ended up going down that same road.


“I’ll pass on this deal. It’s a suicide mission.”


Good cop leans forward, pulling the files back towards him. “If you agree we will completely expunge your record. You will become a free man. If not we have at least eleven federal offenses stacked against you, that’s equivalent to life behind bars.”


That has Jungkook pausing. Life is a really long fucking time. He knows better though, knows that if he’s caught there won’t be an mercy thrown his way, especially not by the likes of the syndicate. Jungkook would rather take the cushiony insides of a jail cell than be tortured before ending up at the bottom of the Han river for being caught playing both sides.


“It’s not worth it,” Jungkook says curtly. “I don’t really feel like having my death certificate signed at the age of twenty.”


Bad cop sighs heavily, walking over to Jungkook’s side of the table. He sits down holding his hand out to the other cap. Good cop places a new file in his hands.


“I bet you’re wondering how we caught you right?” The man asks as he flips open the file. Jungkook for the first time, feels on edge. “You’ve been practically invisible for years and suddenly we are able to catch you. Seems a bit odd doesn’t it?”


He cop drops the file on the table. Jungkook leans forward, eyes widening in horror as he takes in his mother's face clipped to it.


“How the fuck did you—“ Jungkook got rid of his past . He was almost fucking positive he didn’t leave a single trace unless— “Fucking Yugyeom.”


He should have known that his ex best friend would sing like a canary when he was brought in last month. Their last job had gone south, a simple heist ending with eight people being arrested, including Yugyeom, due to an unsuspected guard change. Jungkook knew Yugyeom blamed him for getting caught, when it was the elders own fault for not taking the precautions he should have. Jungkook had warned him repeatedly to not get too comfortable on the job, to always monitor thoroughly and not get caught slipping. Now that he thinks about it, it’s no surprise he ended up in custody.


The bad cop smiles wryly. “Bingo. When we booked him, he agreed to take a plea deal after he let it be known that he knew how to track down the infamous ‘bunny boy’ as everyone seems to dub you. He shared files with us that would have you thrown behind bars before your defense can even come up with something to clear your name.” The cop leans closer to Jungkook. “No jury will look at you and see an innocent man, not with his testimony against you.”


He was going to murder Yugyeom, the one person Jungkook had allowed himself to trust over the years since his father died turned on him the minute he was in a bind.


“He also let it slip who your father was. It was tragic what happened to him wasn’t it? Murdered in broad daylight by the gang he worked for? Made out to be an example?” Bad cop turns to look at Jungkook’s mother’s picture. “Your poor mother caught up in all of his mess even though she was nothing more than an innocent bystander. Wouldn’t it be a shame if she went down for your fathers wrong doings. For your wrong doings?”


Jungkook struggles against his handcuffs. Anger practically making his blood boil as the cop gives him a shit eating grin. “Fuck you.”


Bad cop’s grin doesn’t slip. “Now Bunny, what would Ji-woo say if she heard you talking like that?”

The cop leans closer, putting his hand on the back of Jungkook’s chair.  “Either help us, or we bring her in for harboring a fugitive for years and accessory to the crimes your father committed.”


Jungkook looks down at the picture of his mother, heart sinking to his stomach as he imagines her frail body rotting away in a jail cell. While Jungkook doesn’t care for many people, he loves his mother. Loves her enough to not care about his own well being if it means keeping her safe and hidden from the atrocities that come with both her husband and sons life choices.


“The choice is yours, bunny boy,” The good cop says coyly. As if he already knows that Jungkook is going to agree.


“If I agree…we both are free?” Jungkook clarifies, finally looking the good cop directly in the eyes.


He nods. “The Black Cobra has remained elusive for far too long. You are one of the best hackers our department has ever had the unlucky pleasure of seeing. You’re the only person qualified for a job like this.”


Jungkook glances down at his mother's picture again. He won’t do what his father did to her. He won’t put her in harms way to save his own ass.


“Alright. Do you have anything I can work with?”


The bad cop smiles. His pleased grin makes Jungkook’s stomach churn. “His name is Park Jimin and he’s one of the only people we have seen the Cobra allow close enough to hurt him. He’s your way into the gang.”


Jungkook blanches. “You mean the one that could easily kick my ass? How am I supposed to approach him?”


“He goes to Seoul University,” good cop informs him. He pulls out the same file Jungkook had previously looked at and flips the page before sliding it across the metal table. “He’s a dance major.”


Jungkook pauses, heart in his throat as he takes in the various pictures of Jimin on stage. He’s ethereal. Someone Jungkook would totally try to pick up if he saw him at a bar.


“We already talked to the university and let them know about our operation.”


Jungkook tears his eyes away from the beautiful pink haired boy. “You mean—?”


Good cop nods. “You’re going to school.”


Well fuck.

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When Jungkook face plants onto his bed, he does it with a newfound appreciation. He was almost positive his new bed would have been nothing more than a hard cot with worn blankets and facing a criminal.


His phone — well his newly appointed phone beeps in his pocket. He groans, fishing out the sleek new iPhone that the cops so graciously gifted him and slides up on the new message.


Jackson Wang SPD > Bunny Boy


Jackson Wang SPD [18:34]: Report back to this number if you have any mishaps on the mission.


Jackson Wang SPD [18:35]: [attached files: PARKJM - FILE001 , SEOULUNI - schedule]


Jackson Wang SPD [18:35]: You start Monday morning.


Bunny Boy [18:37]: k


Jungkook shuts the phone off, rolling back into the cocoon of black blankets and hoping he just suffocates. It would be a lot more of a peaceful death than whatever will come his way if he’s caught working with the police.


He drags himself out of the bed and into the small bathroom connected to his bedroom. He lets the water run, pulling off his worn clothes. They smell a bit too much like the police station and he would rather not be reminded of how he somehow ended up in the middle of some gang and police war.


Jungkook stands under the warm spray, letting his muscles relax under the water hitting his back. He tries not to think about his mother and how disappointed she would be in him for getting himself wrapped up in everything he promised he wouldn’t.


He stays in the shower until the water runs cold. He turns the handle and steps out, wrapping a towel around his waist as he searches for the baggiest clothes he can find. Once he’s in a pair of black sweats and black hoodie, he makes his way to the computers situated in the small right corner of his living room.


He hits the space bar, imputing his password and watching as the four different monitors come to life. Yeah it’s a bit of an overkill to have so many, but most jobs he takes involve multiple cryptic files being open at once and he’s found it easier to work when he can drag and pull whatever he needs from monitor to monitor.


He sends the file from his phone to his computer, letting his eyes scan over the very little information the police department has been able to gather about Park Jimin. There’s little to nothing besides pictures of the man with pink hair and pretty eye smile.


Jungkook types Jimin’s name into the one of the search bars and is thoroughly disappointed by the lack of information that pops up but he’s not surprised. Cobra doesn’t seem like an idiot. The gang leader probably has hackers on his payroll to make sure everything stays off public record, unless it’s coming directly from the school.


Even with public school records there’s not much to run with, besides Jimin being part of a small dance crew on the campus. Jungkook pauses, leaning back in his chair slightly. If the public record isn’t good enough, he’ll just have to go a bit above the law.


He pulls up the schools website taking a look around it before pulling up another application. He begins typing code to start a quick low security scan that shouldn’t set off any alarm in the school's firewall protection. Thankfully school’s aren’t the most protected and have multiple open ports that can be exposed and broken into.


Jungkook launches dirbuster — his main tool for attacking a directory and adds ‘Park Jimin’ to his keywords in order to skim out an unnecessary information. He lets the software do its job, weeding out any forbidden request and pulling it off to one of the other monitors. Once it’s finished doing its scan over the schools files, he closes it, making sure to erase his trail beforehand.


Now comes the fun part.


Jungkook moves the various prompts around and begins slowly decrypting the files. This is kiddie work compared to some of the jobs he’s had to do. In less than three consecutive hours at his computer, he’s staring at sixteen different files on the allusive Park Jimin.


Most of them hold basic information, like his grades (impressive) and the awards he’s won at various dance competitions (even more impressive). None of it is really helpful.


Jungkook does find a particularly pretty picture of Jimin mid dance, his white shirt shifted up enough that the dancers toned stomach is on full display. Jungkook sees three letters poking out from under the shirt, black ink staining Jimin’s rib cage. It’s a tattoo and the only letter Jungkook can really make out is a Y. He saves the picture to his computer — for research and nothing more. At least, that’s what he tells himself.


It’s not until he gets to the last few files that he finds something interesting. Turns out Jimin and his ‘partner’ — unnamed, are heavy contributors to the school. Giving thousands to various departments but from the looks of it, it’s all very under the table or at least not public knowledge. Which… makes sense, seeing as a university taking money from a notorious gang leader doesn’t sound like a very good newspaper headline.


The thing that catches his attention the most is the last file, which holds various non disclosure agreements signed by multiple people within the education board and dean of the school. In exchange for the money, they aren’t to publish a single piece of news regarding Jimin or disclose any information they may stumble upon in regards to the dancer. Hindering Jimin practically invisible to his peers.


This file was the hardest to break into which further raises Jungkook’s suspicions of the cobra having his own hacker. The non disclosures leave the punishment vague but the message is still clear.


If any of these agreements are broken, the perpetrator/perpetrators will be subject to punishment as desired by Min Yoongi.




Min. Yoongi.


Now that’s something new.


Jungkook found his new lead.




That’s how Jungkook spends the rest of his weekend. He hardly leaves his computer, scouting over any tiny lead he can find on Min Yoongi.


If he thought hacking a federal database was hard, he was not prepared for how impossible it is to find anything on Yoongi. Every potential lead turns into a dead end rather quickly.


The man has nothing about him on record. Jungkook isn’t even sure that the police department know the cobra’s real name which — isn’t that surprising. They seemed like they all shared one collective brain cell.


Jungkook even turns to hacking street cameras and surveillance around the Min residence. Jungkook only found that piece of information because it was on one of Jimin’s files but nothing comes from the footage, only some grainy figures exiting and entering the home. Jungkook isn’t even sure if it’s their actual house or some sort of decoy home.


The only information Jungkook comes to find that’s worth anything, is Yoongi’s father. Min Kai was not a man to be messed with. Known as Dragon, the previous leader of the Min Syndicate was tied to pages upon pages of illegal activity. Anything from selling drugs to illegal arms trades to multiple homicide and disappearance cases, Kai didn’t seem too far behind.


There was only one time that the police department were able to get Kai on stand. They had compiled multiple witnesses to go against him, but most of them either dropped out a few days before the trial with no explanation or vanished completely. The cops were forced to throw the trial because they had no solid evidence against the gang leader. Min Kai died a few years after that or he’s in hiding, Jungkook isn’t too sure if he’s being honest.


All he knows is if Min Yoongi is anything like his father, Jungkook doesn’t know if he’ll make it out of this alive.




When Monday rolls around, Jungkook feels sick to his stomach as he pushes a black cap onto his head. It’s been a few years since he last stepped foot in a class and he’s sure at one point in his past, he would be ecstatic to be able to go to University. Money was tight when he was younger, this was never an option for him.


He steps out of his Uber, nodding his thanks before turning to the school. He pulls out his schedule and frowns slightly when he realizes he didn’t even think of looking at the campus map over the weekend, too enthralled with both Yoongi and Jimin. He frowns, staring at the class room number and scans around, hoping to find any sign of where building B might be.


He doesn’t get much chance to look before he’s shoved, his phone falling out of his grip and onto the concrete with a harsh thud. Jungkook reers back, ready to give whoever the hell just pushed him a piece of his mind when he stops short. The boy in front of him is frantically reaching for Jungkook’s phone.


“Oh my god. I’m so sorry— I’m kind of clumsy? I also didn’t see you there and….” Jimin picks up his phone, sighing sadly when he flips it over. “I can pay for it!”


Jungkook snaps out of it, not understand what Jimin is rambling about until he catches sight of his phone. There’s a huge crack taking up the center of the screen and Jungkook winces internally. His phone isn’t rendered useless, which he guesses is a win.


“Uh. It’s okay, it happens,” Jungkook says calmly. It’s not alright, but Jungkook knows very well that Jimin could easily kick his ass if prompted and that wouldn’t really be great for the mission.


Jimin huffs. “It’s not! I promise I can pay for it!”


Jimin reaches into his dance bag, pulls out a couple of bills and Jungkook’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head. Rationally, he knows Jimin is rich. If Yoongi inherited even half of what his father was worth, they both would be set. The fact that Yoongi is still actively running what his father left behind means his income is probably nearly doubled in size. Which by default means Jimin’s is as well.


Jimin tries to shove the money in Jungkook’s hands. “Here, take it. It was my own fault.”


Jungkook gapes. As much as he wants to take the money, he knows that it wouldn’t look good for him later on, especially to Yoongi. Jungkook pushes the money back into Jimin’s own hand — fuck Jimin’s hands are so much smaller than his own, it’s distracting.


“That’s really unnecessary, I can pay for it.” Not necessarily true, but Jimin doesn’t need to know that. Jimin pouts and Jungkook has to look away to keep himself from giving in.


“Well at least let me buy you a coffee or something?” Jimin insists. It’s a tempting offer, but Jungkook realizes this is his chance to start developing a relationship with the shorter male.


“Maybe not coffee, but I wouldn’t mind a personal tour guide of the campus?”


Jimin smiles at him. It’s even more beautiful in person which —- is not useful information Jungkook. “Sure! Are you a freshman?”


Jungkook freezes. Well. That would have probably been something to check beforehand. “Uh—“ Jungkook opens his list of classes and sees nothing but upper division courses. “No.”


Jimin tilts his head, eyes squinting slightly. “But you don’t know your way around campus?”


The way Jimin is looking at him is a bit off putting. “No. I just transferred here from Busan. Wanted a change of scenery you know?”


If there is one thing Jungkook knows how to do, it’s lie. Jimin seems to buy it because he smiles at him again, making grabby hands at his schedule. Jungkook hands it over, using the small window of Jimin being distracted to thoroughly check him out.


Jimin is a lot shorter than Jungkook thought he would be. He’s smaller than Jungkook in almost every way, save for his thighs and ass. He isn’t scrawny though, it’s obvious Jimin works out vigorously, his arms are toned from where they stick out of the short pink t-shirt he’s wearing. Jimin’s hair is also no longer pink, Jungkook realizes, which is kind of sad really. His hair is a stunning silver though, and Jungkook wonders vaguely if Jimin would look good in any color. He probably does.


“Wow,” Jimin says, pulling Jungkook from his thoughts. “We have a lot of the same classes! Also you dance? We have the same free period blocked off for practice.”


Jungkook smiles. “Uh, yeah I do. Also that’s cool… that we have a lot of similar classes. I’m terrible at making friends, so it will be nice to know someone.”


“I’ll be your friend— uh,” Jimin flips his schedule over. “There’s no name on here.”


“Jungkook. I—my name is Jungkook.” For a second Jungkook wants to slap himself for giving away his real name. He didn’t even give Yugyeom his real name, and he knew him for nearing a year. He mentally berates himself, but he reasons that it’s better to be honest if he wants a chance to make it in with Yoongi. The hackers the gang leader has could be much better than him and find out the information he’s tried erasing and use it against him later on.


Jimin beams at him. “Jungkookie! Well then let’s go to class, you can sit next to me.”


Jimin intertwines their arms and pulls him further into the school. The shorter smiles at nearly everyone, both women and men stop to wave at him or give him some sort of greeting which kind of throws Jungkook off.


Its jarring to see Jimin be someone completely different from the person Jungkook knows he is. Jimin seems incredibly sweet, but you can’t be completely innocent if you spend your free time hanging out with— dating — someone who runs one of the most ruthless gangs Seoul has ever seen. While Jimin isn’t as guilty as Yoongi, he either turns a blind eye to what he’s doing or he is as guilty and joins him.


They make it to class on time and the teachers eyes flicker between the two of them briefly as they make their way to the back of the auditorium. Jungkook wonders if he was informed about his situation, or if he just knows who Jimin is. It’s probably a bit of both.


“So kookie, have you always danced?” Jimin asks after they settle into their seats.


Jungkook nods, flipping open a spiral notebook. “Yeah, I’ve always loved it. It’s nice to be able to get back into it.”


It’s not a complete lie. When he was at the station the cops asked if he would be able to join the small dance crew Jimin was in, and Jungkook told them he used to be a dancer. He gave it up after his father died, focusing all his energy in taking random side jobs in order to get his mother away from their dark past. He didn’t know if she had a price on her head like his dad did.


“Did you want to join me for an extra practice tonight? After classes? I have one of the rehearsal spaces reserved all year,” Jimin whispers to him after a beat of silence and Jungkook isn’t surprised in the slightest. He wonders if it’s one of the conditions that were discussed with the school off the record.


Jungkook turns to the dancer. Jimin’s smiling at him and for a second, Jungkook wishes he could forget about the job he’s supposed to be doing. Wishes that he could have a normal life and just get to know Jimin.


“Sure, I would love that.”


Jimin beams at him and nods before he turns back and focuses his attention on the lesson at hand. Jungkook forces himself to tear his eyes away from the beautiful boy.


Jimin completely absorbs himself in the lesson, surprisingly being one of the only students in the auditorium to ask questions and actively engage with the lecturer any time he gives the class a problem to solve. At the end of the lesson, Jungkook is a bit embarrassed to realize he didn’t write a single note down. Instead he was to enthralled with watching Jimin’s every move.


He picks up small mannerisms the dancer does. When Jimin’s trying to work out a problem on the board his lips form a small pout, brows furrowing in concentration. When Jimin is frustrated — presumably because he got the wrong answer, he would run a hand through his silver hair, tugging at it lightly.


Jungkook also picks up on the fact that Jimin always keeps his phone in front of him and facing him. Any time it beeps Jimin stops whatever he’s doing and replies, even if he’s in the middle of a task. Jungkook assumes that Jimin is a lot more involved in the gang than the police think. Either that or someone is constantly checking in on him, which would also make sense.


When class is over, Jimin waits for him and they exit the class together. Jimin looks down at his phone as it pings and he furrows his brow.


“Walk with me?” Jimin asks. Jungkook nods, following the shorter male towards the parking lot they met at this morning.


Just as they make it to the lot, a black SUV pulls up, the windows tinted to the point you can’t see who’s inside. For a brief moment Jungkook wonders if he’s about to get kidnapped but when the back door opens, a man steps out. He’s vaguely familiar and Jungkook makes a mental note to go through the security cams he hacked over the weekend to see if that’s where he’s seen him. The stranger is tall, about the same height as Jungkook is. He’s wearing a Gucci bag and dressed to the nines, his slender figure covered in black jeans and a yellow form fitting sweater with pearl earrings draped from both ears. In every sense of the word, the man is gorgeous.


“Taehyungie?” Jimin asks, eyebrow raised as he takes in the man. “What happened?


Taehyung flicks his gaze over to Jungkook, doing a quick once over. “Did he text you?”


“Yeah, he did. Did he send you to come get me?” Jimin asks, both of them completely disregarding Jungkook’s presence. Taehyung nods.


“Yeah, or are you gonna come or go to class like the nerd you are?”


Jimin scoffs, shoving Taehyung. “Listen you Gucci knockoff, don’t make me get Yoonie on you.”




Jesus christ. Jungkook couldn’t imagine ever calling the cobra ‘Yoonie’, it seemed like a death sentence in itself. The pictures he had seen of the gang leader didn’t make him seem like the most warm and fuzzy guy.


Taehyung snorts. “Yeah okay, as if Yoonie- hyung would harm a single hair on my head. He loves me too much.”


Jimin rolls his eyes. “I’ll always be his favorite. Are we going now?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung looks over to Jungkook and raises a perfectly sculpted brow. “You still here?”


Jungkook flushes. “Uh— I… Jimin-ssi was going to show me to my next class.”


“I still am Kookie but after that, unfortunately I’ll be stepping out for the rest of the day,” Jimin smiles at him, turning away from Taehyung. “How about I give you my number though? Just in case you have any questions?”


“Uh— are you sure… that’s okay?” Jungkook asks, eyes moving over to Taehyung who was already looking at him. His face wasn’t very expressive, but it still made Jungkook feel unsettled.


Jimin smiles at him, holding a hand out, asking for Jungkook’s phone. “Of course it is.”


Jimin punches his number into the cracked iPhone and hands it back to him. Taehyung gives Jungkook a brief nod and turns to walk away, stopping a few steps away to wait for Jimin to join him.


“Thanks Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook says quietly.


“You can call me hyung,” Jimin smiles at him, resting a small hand on his bicep. “I look forward to getting to know you. Meet me tonight still? For practice?”


Jungkook nods dumbly, staring at Jimin’s hand. “Uh— I…. Yeah if you want?”


Jimin looks at him, his gaze almost predatory as he leans closer to whisper into his ear. “I’ll see you tonight, Kookie.”


Jimin turns on his heel and leaves a very confused and flustered Jungkook in his wake. Taehyung says something to Jimin when the shorter catches up to him, causing him to laugh loudly and shove him. Taehyung gets in the SUV first, Jimin following him. Before they drive off, Jimin turns to him and winks.


Jungkook stares after the SUV long after it’s gone, wondering what the fuck just happened. Jimin was flirting with him right? Which what. From the research Jungkook did and what the cops informed him, he knew that Yoongi was grossly in love with Jimin. To the point that the cops didn’t target Jimin anymore after their first attack because Yoongi made an example of a few officers.


His message had been clear. Jimin was off limits, unless you wanted hell to pay.


Jiminie ♡ > Jungkookie


Jiminie ♡ : don’t forget about tonight. If you need help finding the dance studio just call me.


He feels as if he’s beginning to play a very dangerous game.

Chapter Text

Jungkook sits at his desk, knee bouncing nervously as he periodically glances at his phone. He isn’t waiting for Jimin to text him first like some pre teen girl. He is a man. A man whomst most definitely does not have a budding attraction towards the man he’s supposed to help throw in jail— the extremely cold shower he took when he got to his apartment as he thought of Jimin’s lips ghosting on the shell of his ear be damned.


It’s already almost nine thirty p.m. and Jungkook begins losing the small shred of hope he had for meeting Jimin tonight. He’s only met the dancer once but he’s unlike anything Jungkook thought he would be. There’s something about Jimin that has Jungkook enthralled. It could be the fact that the dancer is undeniably attractive and Jungkook hasn’t gotten laid in almost a year. Details.


Just as Jungkook is about to accept that he’s staying in tonight where he absolutely will not sadly jerk it to the thought of Jimin’s plump lips, does his phone light up with an unread message. He practically dives to his cracked iPhone, unlocking it.


Jiminie ♡ > Jungkookie


Jiminie ♡ : Hey kookie. I’m free, you still down to meet me tonight?


Jiminie ♡ : got some pent up energy I need to get out of my system.


Jungkookie: yeah of course. Meet you at the studio?


Jiminie ♡ : I’ll come get you. Send your address.


Jungkook bites his lip and weighs his options. On one hand, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have Jimin know where he lives but on the other… Jimin doesn’t seem like the type to take no as an easy answer.


Jungkookie: [address sent]


Honesty is his best chance at not getting caught. He still doesn’t know enough about Jimin to know whether or not he’s directly involved with all the miss doings Yoongi’s involved in. Although the scene he witnessed earlier is a pretty good indication that Jimin is well aware of the things his boyfriend gets up to. Taehyung as well.


After his shower Jungkook sat at his computer and pulled up everything about Taehyung he was able to. Taehyung was an allusive figure much like the rest of Yoongi’s gang but he seemed to always be present at the gang leaders side. Usually the burnett was decked out in flashy clothes, that probably cost more than Jungkook’s rent. Yoongi was always one step behind him. It made Jungkook wonder what their dynamic was. Taehyung didn’t seem big enough to be a bodyguard of sorts but then again, Jimin didn’t look like someone that was able to kick four different police officers asses alone and he did just that.


Jungkook shakes his head, exiting out of all the files open on his multiple monitors, making sure to keep the ones he deemed the most important compiled into one file. He moves to his room, pulling on a pair of black sneakers and grabbing a face mask before Jimin makes it to his apartment.


Jiminie ♡ : downstairs.


Jungkook takes a breath, collecting himself for being making his way downstairs. A sleek black car waits for him. The windows are tinted to a degree that Jungkook assumes is not technically street legal but who’s really going to pull over Park Jimin. As Jungkook gets closer to the car, he nearly trips over his own feet when he realizes it’s not just some random car… but a Ferrari . Which of course.


Jungkook opens the door tentatively, mostly out of fear of doing anything to harm a car that’s worth more than everything he owns combined. Jimin turns his head to look at him, smiling brightly once Jungkook is fully inside the car.


“Jungkookie,” Jimin practically purrs. Or maybe he doesn’t, Jungkook really can’t trust his brain right now.


“Hi. Uh… nice car,” Jungkook says pathetically, eyes dancing across the black interior. The only light in the car coming from the impressive looking dashboard of the car.


Jimin laughs. “Yeah I guess.”


Jungkook doesn’t understand how Jimin can be so nonchalant about a Ferrari but he doesn’t say anything else. As soon as the door closes, Jimin peels out of his apartment complex and towards the school. Jungkook pretends he doesn’t practically drool at Jimin driving with one hand on the wheel — correction, driving a fucking Ferrari with one hand. Which Jungkook is not going to get over because what the fuck. If there is a higher being, it’s really having fun tormenting Jungkook’s poor gay soul.


They weave in out of traffic like it’s nothing. Jimin is obviously a skilled driver. Quick but calculated. Jungkook observes the way Jimin’s eyes quickly scan his surroundings every time they stop at a red light. It’s a subtle habit but one obviously developed from constantly having to be on guard. They make it to campus quickly. The entire school is dark as they pull into one of the parking lots closest to the dance building.


When they park, Jimin turns to him and smiles. His eyes close a bit when he fully smiles and it absolutely does not make Jungkook want to pinch his plump cheeks.


“Ready to get a workout in?” Jimin asks, leaning over and grabbing a beanie from the floor of the car. Jungkook lets his eyes travel over Jimin’s body. He’s traded the tight jeans and sweater he had been wearing earlier for a pair of black leggings and oversized t-shirt creme shirt with the letters FG sprawled across it.


“Uh.. yeah. I am. Love dancing,” Jungkook replies lamely. Jimin just pinches his cheek and gets out of the car, motioning for Jungkook to follow him.


Jungkook trails behind Jimin and it has nothing to do with the fact that he gets a better view of Jimin’s ass in leggings. It’s because he’s anxious. Not Jimin’s ass. Even if Jungkook is almost positive that the shorter is purposely swaying slightly as he walks. Jungkook can’t prove it but he would bet all the money has on it.


Jimin unlocks the building — which is confusing in itself. Jungkook assumes it’s because of the deal with the school but it’s a bit jarring to realize how much Jimin is probably able to get away with due to the company he keeps. They make their way into the studio, Jungkook throws his bag in a corner and away from them. Jimin stands by the stereo, scrolling through what Jungkook assumes is his music.


Jimin lets a random song play which Jungkook doesn’t quite get to register because as soon as it starts, Jimin begins stretching and holy fucking shit. Ever coherent thought suddenly flies out of Jungkook’s head the minute Jimin stars showcasing his flexibility.


Jungkook is a rational man. He also has a crazy amount of self control that stems from growing up in an environment where showing any sign of emotion can literally get you killed. All of his training goes out the goddamn window the minute Jimin drops into full on splits like it’s absolutely nothing.


Jungkook’s mouth falls open and he’s almost positive a pathetic noise mixed somewhere in between a whimper and whine slips past his lips. He immediately flushes when Jimin looks up at him and Jungkook is ready to apologize for acting like a teenage boy who’s never seen a man doing the splits before — he hasn’t actually ever seen a man do the splits but that’s besides the point. Jimin doesn’t look mad though, or upset by any means. Instead he looks almost… smug.


It’s makes Jungkook wonder if Jimin knew exactly what he was doing and was doing it for the sole purpose to get a reaction from the taller male. Which doesn’t really make sense to him at all. He doesn’t understand why Jimin would be openly teasing him if he was committed to Yoongi.


“You gonna stretch Jungkookie?” Jimin asks sweetly, getting up from the floor and making his way over to where Jungkook stands dumbly against the mirrors covering the back wall.


“Uh.. yeah. Just haven’t in a while,” Jungkook manages to bite out, forcing his body to move.


Jimin smiles at him. “I can help?”


Jungkook’s brain short circuits momentarily. “Your boyfriend won’t get mad?”


If there was ever a time where Jungkook wanted to kick his own ass, now would be one of those times. Jimin stops, his entire frame growing tense.


“How do you know I have a boyfriend?” Jimin’s tone is completely even as he says it. If Jungkook is being honest, he finds himself shrinking as Jimin’s brown eyes practically pierce through him.


“I uh… I just…” Jimin raises his eyebrow and Jungkook wants to kick his own ass. He usually isn’t this stupid. Jimin isn’t naive or new to the game. A stranger he just met knowing intimate details of his life is an immediate red flag.


“Kookie. How did you know I was dating someone?” Jimin’s face has become impossibly more closed off as he takes a step towards Jungkook.


“You’re so hot how could you not be?” Jungkook finally blurts. Which — not what he was going to say but it works. At the very least it’s enough to throw Jimin off because the shorter practically stumbles as soon as Jungkook says it.


“You think I’m hot?” Jimin asks once he’s regained his balance.


Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Oh please. Anyone one with working eyes would be able to agree with me.”


Jimin stares at him, a small upturn to his plump lips. “Hm. Well if you must know, yes I am dating someone.”


Jungkook doesn’t care because he knew that. This isn’t brand new news and he doesn’t understand why it makes his stomach twist uncomfortably to have Jimin confirm it.


“Oh,” Jungkook pretends he only sounds so disappointed because he’s a wonderful actor. The next George Clooney in the making.


Jimin tilts his head slightly before he moves closer to Jungkook, mirroring the same position from earlier right before Jimin got in the black SUV.


“But him and I love to share,” Jimin says softly. The shorter is extremely close to his ear again and Jungkook can feel his breath against his neck.


Jimin is gone from his side before Jungkook can even formulate a response. That statement can take on multiple meanings and if he thinks about it too hard, it will only further complicate things. Jungkook does file away that bit of information in the back of his mind, to be broken down at a later time. Probably when he’s alone in bed tonight.


“Well come on then, let’s get to practicing,” Jimin practically sings. He smiles at Jungkook as if that whole scene didn’t happen and begins shimming his shoulders. It’s not sexy in the slightest, it just makes Jungkook huff out a laugh that sounds just a bit too fond.


He doesn’t dwell on it.


He doesn’t dwell on the fact that outside of being ridiculously good looking, Jimin is also one of the funniest people Jungkook has ever met. Jimin is witty, always about to make Jungkook fumble with his steps or choke on his words just by saying something to catch him off guard. They spend half of the time in the studio dancing and the other half trying to see who can make the other laugh more.


He doesn’t dwell on the fact that aside from being funny, he’s also kind. Jimin is constantly watching his steps, making sure he isn’t off kilter to prevent any potential injuries. Jimin asks him about his life and doesn’t prod when Jungkook only vaguely talks about his home life, instead he just touches the small of his back and gives him a warm smile.


Jimin doesn’t talk about his own life much.


He mentions his boyfriend, who he decides to call Yoonie. Jungkook knows it’s a protection thing but it’s still odd to think of the Black Cobra having such a soft nickname. Jungkook asks about Taehyung and Jimin practically lights up, telling him that he and Taehyung have been best friends for years now. He doesn't bring up why he left earlier and Jungkook is smart enough to not ask.


What he really doesn’t dwell on is how his entire body practically buzzes when Jimin presses a soft kiss against his flushed cheek as he drops him back off at his shitty apartment.


He doesn't like Jimin. He refuses to even acknowledge the fact that he might because that would royally fuck up the entire operation. If the cops were to get wind of his growing soft spot for the dancer, who knows what would happen to his mom. He can think with his brain and not his dick.


He owes his mother that much. Even if Jimin has a pretty eye smile and button nose that he very much wants to kiss. He has to remember the mission and keep on track.


He lays down on his couch, flipping the small television on and letting himself completely melt into the cushions. His phone buzzes against his thigh.


Jiminie ♡ > Jungkookie


Jiminie ♡ : I had fun tonight kookie!! I can give you a ride tomorrow if you have class? ^_^


Jungkook groans because of fucking course Jimin uses emoticons when texting. Why wouldn’t he? Why would he make it any easier on Jungkook?


Jungkookie: I do have class @ 11.


Jiminie ♡ : ah same! I’ll come get you okay?


Jungkookie: are you sure? Don’t want to be a bother


Jiminie ♡ : hush! You could never be. I’ll be there tomorrow. Also make sure to rest up okay? I have to go the boyfriend wants to go have dinner! See you tomorrow kookie ♡


It’s like a bucket of water gets poured on him as he rereads the text. He can’t have a crush on Jimin. Not when he has a boyfriend. A boyfriend who could literally kill him with the snap of his fingers.


A boyfriend that also likes to share .


Whatever the hell that means.


Chapter Text

Jungkook likes to think of himself as a smart man. He knows to never get comfortable on a job,  or to become too friendly with those he works for -- Yugyeom is a prime example of how idiotic it can be. He has been in the game far too long to be an idiot.


Being an idiot gets you killed.


The problem though, is that he’s never had a good enough reason to slip up. Never had a reason to be anything less than sharp as a knife… that is, until a certain dancer with silver hair decided to personally ruin any survival instinct he once had. Park Jimin is an enigma. From his laugh that can rival the sun itself when he’s laughing at one of Jungkook’s terrible jokes. To the way his eyes close, forming small crescent moons when he can’t control the genuine happiness spreading across his face at the sight of Jungkook in the mornings -- Jimin’s been taking him to school every morning, to the absolute delight of the police department. To his toned body as he forces it into positions Jungkook wasn’t even aware the human body could conform to when they stay hidden away in the dance studio after hours.


Everything about Jimin, draws Jungkook in. For the first time in his entire life, Jungkook doesn’t feel like some criminal. He doesn’t feel like he has to be anything less than himself. He can be a fucking normal person for once. Jimin makes him feel safe, which in itself is dangerous. When you live a life constantly looking over your shoulder, you never think there will be a time when you can just live in the moment. It’s already been three weeks since the first time Jungkook met Jimin and he knows that against his better judgement, he’s developed a small crush on the dancer. Small. Miniscule really. Not a large enough crush that Jungkook needs to be worried about it -- which is a load of bullshit, Jungkook knows this, but it’s a lot easier to pretend to not notice what’s there. Even if it’s about as blaringly obvious as a goddamn circus parade in the middle of the library.


Not only has Jungkook gotten accustomed to Jimin’s presence but surprisingly Taehyung’s as well. The gorgeous man would join them on occasion, always dressed to the nines and practically dripping in name brand clothing.


If Jungkook wasn’t so far up Jimin’s ass already, he probably would have tried his luck with the taller man. There is something about Taehyung though, that keeps Jungkook on edge. It’s apparent that he’s much more than just a pretty face. Taehyung holds himself in a completely controlled manner, Jungkook isn’t sure he’s ever seen a crack in the confident facade. There have also been times where Jungkook has caught the taller man looking at him with a piercing gaze, like he’s looking right through him. Taehyung hardly ever utters a word when he joins their dance practices or when he’s picking up Jimin from university but his presence is somehow still almost suffocating.


Belatedly, Jungkook thinks he should have seen it coming. Things were going to well between him and Jimin. If it wasn’t for the mandatory check ups with the police department, Jungkook would have probably forgotten that there was a purpose behind him meeting Jimin. That he didn’t meet the dancer because of something like fate. Neither of them were normal people. They lived lives that most people would only get a glimpse of in movies.


So again, Jungkook should have seen it coming.


But when he’s thrown against the hard brick wall of the dance building, with a gloved hand wrapped around his throat, he can honestly say… he didn’t see it coming.  


He groans in pain as his head lolls back against the brick. Jungkook’s gaze makes its way to Jimin, who is currently fighting off two men, and when one of the men manages to land a clean hit on Jimin’s cheek, Jungkook see’s red. He drops his bag, kicking one of his legs out to knock into the man’s knee that’s currently holding him in place. The man, who was too busy watching one of his partners get their ass handed to him by Jimin, loses his balance and his grip momentarily falters from around his neck. It’s enough time for Jungkook to weasel his way out of the debilitating position.


As soon as he’s free, Jungkook rears his fist back, not thinking twice before letting it connect with the masked man’s face. The masked man stumbles back from the force of the hit but it doesn’t deter him much. He lunges toward him but it’s easy for the hacker to dodge him. Jungkook turns on him, managing to wrap his arms around his neck and he tugs harshly, so he’s flush against the masked man’s back. Jungkook flexes, tightening the hold around his neck until the man’s arms stop flailing, a weak attempt to get free and he begins crumbling to the ground.


While he isn’t at Jimin’s level of skilled fighting, he does know a thing or two about self defense. His father taught him the basics, enough to at least get away from a fight he knew he wouldn’t win-- (Always go for the neck if you are physically bigger than the person you are fighting, Kook-ah, lock your arms together and wait until the lack of oxygen becomes too much). This also wouldn’t be the first time Jungkook found himself in the middle of an ambush.


Jungkook lets him go the minute he’s unconscious, not one to murder. He turns around to the other men, finding that both of them are facing away from him. He feels the blood in his veins run cold when he realizes that Jimin is on the floor, his face being pushed into the concrete sidewalk. Jimin lets out a small whimper when one of the men presses his knee on his back. Something inside of Jungkook snaps when he hears one of the masked men laugh at the pitiful noise. Jungkook charges forward and grabs the man pressing his knee into Jimin’s back around his neck, pulling him back until the back of the man’s skull is connecting with Jungkook’s knee. The loud crack rings out around the deserted parking lot, blood seeping through Jungkook’s pants as the man falls limp to the ground.


He isn’t dead. The force of the hit wasn’t enough to kill him but it still causes Jungkook to pause. He’s never lost control of himself like that. The last man uses his shock to his advantage and charges towards him, knocking him to the ground. The masked man straddles him, throwing punches faster than Jungkook is able to defend himself against. The assault doesn’t last long, not with Jimin gathering whatever strength he has left and throwing himself against the man. They both fall to the ground and Jungkook wipes at his nose, grimacing when he feels the warm blood trickling down his chin.


Jimin is on top of the man, his foot pressed against the his neck. The man is wheezing under him but the dancer doesn’t let up, only pressing down harder. Jungkook is about to step in, to tell him not to kill him but is cut off by the screeching of tires against the parking lot floor. The same black SUV that Jungkook has seen on multiple occasions comes to a rough halt in front of them, the doors immediately flying open.


Taehyung is the first person to step out, the usual bored expression on his face as he takes in the scene in front of him. He has a gun attached to his thigh but he makes no move for it. Another man follows him out of the van, one Jungkook remembers from the countless files he has on the gang. He’s a broad man, someone that you could easily mistake for a model or actor, he’s gorgeous in a way that seems completely unapproachable. He doesn’t have an ounce of kindness on his face as he stares down at Jungkook. He looks completely passive, as if the situation they’re in right now doesn’t phase him in the slightest.


Neither of them make a move to intervene in the scene before them. Belatedly, as a warm hand is pressed against the nape of his neck, Jungkook realizes that Jimin is no longer on the man but instead next to him.


It’s quiet, until the next person comes out of the SUV.


As soon as Yoongi steps out of the car, the pleads for mercy begin.


He’s dressed in a black suit, with a black shirt underneath the blazer. The suit is perfectly tailored to his slim figure, his blonde hair contrasting the outfit. Tattoos peek out from underneath the black button down shirt. Jungkook gulps because pictures truly don’t do the man justice. Up close, Yoongi is fucking ethereal. His features are delicate but sharp, his eyes fierce in a way that Jungkook distantly thinks resemble a cat’s.


Jungkook turns towards the masked man when he hears a small whimper. He stares in amazement as he uses whatever strength he has to try and shimmy further away from the gang leader. Yoongi smiles at the man but it’s anything but placating. If anything, it’s worse than the blank expression Yoongi was wearing when he exited his vehicle.


“You know, I hate masks,” Yoongi drawls as he approaches the withering man. “If you want to be a hard ass, own it. Why do you insist to hide behind some protective barrier?”


The man doesn’t answer. Jungkook wonders if it’s because he genuinely doesn’t know what to say or if he’s too petrified to formulate words. Either way, he is fucking glad he isn’t in the man’s place.


“Can’t talk, huh? A shame,” Yoongi continues as he draws closer to the man. “Tae, how about we see his face one last time before he’s buried ten feet under?”


Taehyung cracks a smile. “I don’t see why not. Bet he’s an ugly fucker anyways.”


Taehyung makes his way over to the man, kneeling down to pull the black mask from his face. The man doesn’t put up much of a fight, probably out of fear of what would happen if he doesn’t follow orders.


Once the mask is removed, Yoongi squats down in front of him.


“What’s your name?” Yoongi asks, his tone completely void of any emotion.


The man doesn’t say anything at first, just stares blankly at Yoongi. Taehyung pulls the man’s head back by his hair.


Yoongi tsks at him. “Isn’t it a bit unfair that you know who I am and I don’t know you?” Yoongi glances over at them briefly before turning his attention back to the man. “Give me your name, or you lose a finger to Seokjin. Your choice.”


The broad man — Seokjin, tilts his head. He pulls out a switchblade. The man thrashes as Seokjin comes to stand behind Yoongi.


“Yoong-soo,” The man says frantically, pushing back against Taehyung. Yoongi raises a hand to Seokjin who steps back.


“Yoong-soo, how unfortunate we meet under these circumstances. I would ask you if you know who I am but—” Yoongi traces a finger against Yoong-soo’s cheek. “You do know who I am. It’s why your eyes swim with fear as you look at me. So my question really is, why the fuck did you think a direct attack on me would end well for you?”


“We didn’t have a choice—“


Yoongi chuckles. “There’s always a choice. You just chose the wrong one.”


“I’ll tell you everything,” Yoong-soo says frantically. “Anything you want to know. I’ll—“


Yoongi raises a hand. “I don’t need shit from you. I know exactly who sent you.”


Yoongi stands up, wiping his hands on his slacks. He looks over to Seokjin and nods at him. Seokjin nods back and grabs Yoong-soo by his collar. Taehyung follows him, standing up,


Yoongi grabs Yoong-soo’s face, forcing the man to look at him. “You signed your own death sentence the minute you even fucking dared to look at Jimin. Taehyung, Seokjin — take all three of them and make them a fucking example. It seems the gangs around here forgot exactly who the fuck they are messing with.”


“Got it, hyung. Take the car home, we will call Joonie to come pick us up,” Taehyung says softly, pressing a hand on Yoongi’s forearm.


To Jungkook’s complete surprise, Yoongi smiles at Taehyung. “Always looking out for your big brother, huh?”


Taehyung rolls his eyes. “While you have your little brother do the dirty work.” Jungkook nearly chokes because holy fucking shit.


“As if you don’t like showing off your strength in front of Seokjin,” Yoongi teases. Seokjin chokes on air as his face flushes.


“I can show him my strength in plenty of other ways, hyungie.”


“Alright, no more talking about my sex life with your brother. Why do you both insist on doing this in front of people we have to kill,” Seokjin cuts in, still holding Yoong-soo who looks equal amounts petrified and confused at the exchange. Jungkook can at least relate on that level.


Taehyung leans forward to press a kiss to Seokjin’s cheek, ignoring Yoongi who’s taken to fake gagging. The scene in front of him is… well it’s fucking confusing to be honest. Jungkook has only ever associated Yoongi with some ruthless, cold-hearted asshole but… while he teases Taehyung he looks anything but. In fact, he looks really cute if Jungkook is being honest — cute enough that he has the strangest urge to just… squish the gang leaders cheeks.


Jimin moves next to him, effectively tearing Jungkook’s gaze away from the... softness? — there’s really no other way to describe the scene in front of him.


“Are you okay, Kook-ah?” Jimin asks softly, running a hand through his hair. Jungkook hums, instantly melting into the comforting touch before he remembers where exactly they are — and just who is in front of them.


“Yeah,” Jungkook bites out. He doesn’t feel great, his body is sore and he’s almost positive his nose is broken but he’s alive. He’s alive and so is Jimin and really, that’s enough. It’s better than how it could have ended.


Jimin stands up, helping Jungkook to his feet. As soon as he’s able to balance, Jimin is gone from his side. Before Jungkook can comprehend what’s happening, he’s staring down the barrel of a gun. Yoongi stares at him, cold black eyes boring into him as he turns the gun to the side, cocking it.


Jungkook’s eyes widen as the gun is pushed into his cheek.


“Who the fuck are you?” Yoongi practically growls.


“I— Jungkook. I’m… I promise I’m not with them—“ Jungkook stammers. He doesn’t move away from the gun, letting the cool metal press deeper against his cheek. If he moves, he can’t guarantee Yoongi won’t shoot.


“Yah! Yoongi, don’t you dare!” Jimin cuts in from behind his boyfriend.


Yoongi doesn’t waver and Jungkook wonders idly if the cops are watching this entire scene unfold. He knows that when he usually goes out — especially when he’s with Jimin — the cops have eyes on him.


“Yoongi, I swear to god, if you shoot him I won’t blow you for a whole year,” Jimin threatens. That, surprisingly makes Yoongi falter.


“You like my dick too much to go through with that,” Yoongi retorts but he pulls his gun from Jungkook’s cheek.


“I do, but I don’t want you killing my friends,” Jimin replies with an eye roll. The gang leader smiles at the dancer, hooking an arm around Jimin’s waist and pulling him into his chest.


Jimin smiles warmly as Yoongi presses a kiss to his forehead. Surprisingly, Jungkook doesn’t feel an ounce of jealousy as he watches the two. In fact, all he feels oddly content to watch them interact which is probably why he doesn’t avert his gaze as Jimin presses a kiss to Yoongi’s lips. He writes it off as nothing more than morbid curiosity. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he may also harbor a small crush on Yoongi. It’s obviously not as genuine as his crush on Jimin because well, he actually knows Jimin but… Yoongi is fucking gorgeous. And powerful.


And Jungkook is only human.


Jimin pulls back away from the kiss, but doesn’t move away from Yoongi. The gang leader keeps an arm wrapped around the dancer’s waist. He presses a kiss against Jimin’s silver hair before he turns back to Jungkook.


“You’re coming with us,” Yoongi says evenly. It doesn’t come out as a question, more as a statement, one Jungkook knows he has no intention of arguing.


“Okay,” Jungkook says, for lack of anything better to say.


“Don’t let him terrify you too much,” Jimin says lightly. “He’s a big kitten, I swear.”


“Jimin,” Yoongi almost— whines. Literally, what the fuck is going on? Jungkook did not expect the most ferocious gang leader in Seoul to whine or to be compared to a fucking kitten.


Jimin just giggles, kissing Yoongi’s neck. The gang leader practically melts into the touch and it’s such a bizarre thing to see. This Yoongi is nothing like the Yoongi that was dealing with Yoong-soo. It’s a completely different person and it has Jungkook reeling.


When Yoongi looks back at him, he looks a bit more like the gang leader Jungkook expected him to be. His eyes, while not nearly as cold as they had been when he had a gun trained on Jungkook, are still a bit detached. Yoongi doesn’t trust him.


“Get in the car. You try anything funny and there will be a bullet between your eyes before you can even hope to defend yourself, you understand?”


Jungkook nods numbly. Jimin doesn’t interrupt Yoongi this time which means the threat is absolutely credible. One that Jimin won’t stop.


Jungkook climbs into the black SUV and is surprised to see a man sitting in the driver's seat. The man looks incredibly young, Jungkook mentally notes as he turns around to look at him.


“Drive, Yeonjun. Taehyung and Seokjin are going to call Joon later to pick them up,” Yoongi says once both him and Jimin are inside the car. The gang leader closes the door behind them.


Unlike a normal SUV, the seats in the back of the car are facing each other. It vaguely resembles the interior of a limousine, albeit a more compressed version. Jungkook slides into the seat facing the front of the car while Yoongi and Jimin make themselves comfortable across from him.


Yoongi wraps an arm around Jimin’s shoulder, the silver haired man leaning into his space easily. Jungkook notes that they look completely comfortable with each other. It makes his heart swell slightly, seeing how they fit so seamlessly. He doesn’t quite understand why he doesn’t feel jealous or at the very least slightly envious.


They sit in absolute silence for what feels like an eternity, but in reality is probably no more than ten minutes. Yoongi is staring at Jungkook, his black eyes practically boring holes into the hacker’s head. Jungkook does his best to not stare back but he finds it extremely difficult to focus his attention anywhere else. In all honesty, he wants to look at Jimin, to find any resemblance of comfort but he knows that would be a risky move. He ends up just looking at his own hands, not wanting to do anything that would upset the gang leader -- something like looking at his fucking boyfriend.


“Yoonie, don’t you think you’ve scared him enough?” Jungkook hears Jimin say sweetly. He glances up just in time to see Yoongi turn his attention from him and to his boyfriend.


Jimin is smiling at Yoongi and Jungkook can see the internal struggle the gang leader has to not smile back. Yoongi’s lip is twitching as Jimin snuggles up against his side.


“That’s hyung to you,” Yoongi says briskly. There is hardly any heat behind his words.


Jimin giggles. “Aish, that’s not what you say when we are in bed, hm? In fact I think you’re the one calling me—“ Jungkook feels himself flush just imagining Yoongi calling Jimin hyung in bed.


“Jimin,” Yoongi cuts him off. His tone is a bit harsher but still not enough to deter his boyfriend, who just rolls his eyes.


“Yoongi-hyung, you know his intent isn’t to hurt me. He saved me tonight,” Jimin says softly, running a hand through Yoongi’s hair.


Yoongi drops his hand to Jimin’s thigh, giving it a tight squeeze. “I know. Which is the only reason he isn’t dead.”


“Lighten up baby, I’m pretty sure Kookie here has no clue what the fuck is going on.” Jimin turns to him and Jungkook catches his gaze. “Do you know who Yoongi is?”


Jungkook pauses. He doesn’t know whether it’s a good idea to lie or be honest in this situation. Even though he’s pretty sure he’s done a good job at covering his tracks, Yoongi is by no means a rookie. He’s an intelligent man who’s been in the game longer than Jungkook has been alive. Yoongi turns to him, black eyes looking at him in a way as if almost challenging him to lie to his face.


Jungkook twists in his seat. “I— I mean, I do. He’s… a gang member, right?” Okay, maybe not the full truth but close enough.


Yoongi snorts. “That’s one way to put it.”


“I promise I won’t say anything—“ Jungkook starts but immediately stops talking when Yoongi raises a hand to him.


“I know you won’t,” Yoongi says calmly, leaning forward slightly in his seat. “You’re not a dumb kid. You wouldn’t still be alive if you were. Would you?”


The way Yoongi says it, is as if he knows a fuck ton more about Jungkook than he’s revealed so far.


“What— I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean?”


Yoongi studies him for a second. “Jungkook, you know exactly who I am, don't you?”


This is it. He’s literally going to die. “I… I— I don’t—“


“I don’t like liars Jungkook,” Yoongi says evenly. “Don’t lie to me, especially not to my face.”


Jungkook wonders idly if his death will be quick. “I… I do know who you are. Everyone does.“


Yoongi smiles at him. Jungkook wants to look away from him desperately but it’s as if he’s frozen in place. He can vaguely make out Jimin, who’s now placing a hand on the back of Yoongi’s neck, eerily silent.


“That’s much better, bun.” Jungkook feels his blood run cold. There’s no fucking way.


Yoongi leans back into Jimin, letting his hand run down the dancers thigh. “Or do you prefer bunny boy?”

Chapter Text

Jungkook has never given much thought to how he was going to die. Sure, he’s wondered how it would happen but he’s never sat down and let the thoughts consume him. He always figured it would be from the life he chose to live, either a job gone wrong or rotting away in some prison cell -- unless god has some sick sense of humor and he ends up dying in some stupid way like slipping in the tub and cracking his skull open.


Now, sitting in front of one of the most notorious gang leaders in Seoul, hell , all of Korea really, he knows how he’s going to die.


Yoongi just stares at him, his expression carefully neutral. Jungkook can’t figure out what the gang leader is thinking. He lets his eyes drift slightly to Jimin who is just as frustratingly hard to read. The dancer is staring back at him, brown eyes guarded. Jungkook desperately wishes he knew what was going on in the beautiful boy’s head, and he wonders if Jimin knew this whole time. If Jimin knew exactly who he was since the day they first met, Jungkook has been fucked from the very beginning. In more ways than one.


“How did you know?” Jungkook asks, his voice doesn’t sound as steady as he wishes it did. He knows Yoongi can see he’s cold with fear. All blood completely drained from his face.


Yoongi chuckles. “You don’t get to where I am by being left in the dark. I knew exactly who you were not even an hour after the first time Jimin mentioned you in passing.”


Jungkook gulps. Jimin stays silent next to Yoongi, completely stoic. “Are you going to kill me?”


“Should I?” Yoongi asks lightly. “You obviously mean no harm to us. Unless—” Yoongi runs a hand down Jimin’s thigh. “You are working with the gang that attacked you tonight.”


Jungkook franticly shakes his head. “No. I have no clue who they were. I— I would never put Jimin in danger like that. I swear I didn’t—”


“I know,” Yoongi cuts him off. He says it as if he knows a lot more about Jungkook’s feelings toward his boyfriend than he lets on. The SUV stops before Jungkook can reply.


“We’re home, hyung,” Yeonjun says, turning around to look at them. Jungkook forgot the other boy was in the car with them. Yeonjun looks… well, he looks like a child if Jungkook is being honest. No older than seventeen maybe — his eyes still holding a kindness that many people in this world don’t get to hold onto too long in life. A part of Jungkook aches for the kid.

Yoongi tears his piercing gaze away from Jungkook and turns it to Yeonjun. Jungkook can see the exact moment his harsh facade dissolves. Yoongi nods at Yeonjun, offering him a closed lip smile that in no way resembles the cold one Jungkook had seen when the gang leader was looking at Yoon-soo. This smile is almost-- warm, something he never thought could come from a man like Yoongi.


“Thanks. How about you go help Hoseok with dinner?” Yeonjun nods at Yoongi, the younger man’s eyes lighting up when the gang leader nods back. “Also would you mind getting Namjoon for me? Jungkook here needs to get patched up.”


“Of course, hyung!” Yeonjun bows quickly.


“Thank you, Yeonjun-ah.” Yeonjun shuffles out of the car, leaving the three of them. Jimin turns to Yoongi, his lips hovering against the blonde’s ear.


“I’m going to go shower. Meet me in the bedroom when you finish up, yeah?” Jimin whispers softly. Yoongi nods, turning slightly to face his boyfriend. The gang leader caresses the dancer’s face, gently running a finger across Jimin’s bottom lip.


“I love you,” Yoongi says quietly. As if it’s a secret he’s not allowed to share. In a way, Jungkook guesses it is. You can’t afford to love people in a life like this. The minute one of your enemies figures out your weakness, they become a liability.


Jimin smiles at Yoongi, the edges of his eyes crinkling. “I love you too.” The dancer kisses Yoongi, just a quick touch of the lips but Jungkook can still make out the sigh of happiness the gang leader lets out.


Jungkook feels as if he’s intruding on something he shouldn’t be allowed to witness. Strangely, it still doesn’t make him feel very jealous -- envious? Just a little bit. He’s unsure who he’s more envious of, which is what makes him feel uneasy. Jimin slips out of the car next, hardly sparing Jungkook a glance. He hopes he’s going to live past tonight, or at least long enough to explain himself to Jimin.


As soon as Jimin is out of the car, Yoongi’s mask slips firmly back into place. “Follow me. Try anything and you’ll die on the spot, do you understand?”


Jungkook nods hastily. Yoongi studies him for a second longer before accepting the silent agreement. Jungkook follows the man out of the car, making sure to keep enough space between them that Yoongi doesn’t feel threatened but staying close enough that the gang leader doesn’t think he will turn and run. Jungkook uses what he knows will be a rare opportunity of having Yoongi in front of him, to get a good look at the gang leader.


Yoongi is physically smaller than him. Everything from his height to just his physical build is almost — delicate, which still doesn’t seem quite like the right word. Yoongi also has incredibly soft features, they resemble a porcelain doll. If Jungkook didn’t know better, he wouldn’t see anything threatening about the man in front of him, but he does know better.


In fact, Jungkook almost feels bad for the people who take one look at Yoongi and disregard him as an easy target. He’s heard the stories that plague the underground, of the harsh leader of the Min syndicate. The way some of the burliest men Jungkook has ever encountered, seem to tremble in fear when they speak about the Black Cobra. They speak of Yoongi as if he doesn’t have a heart, no soul tying him to the sense of morality humans feel by nature.


Jungkook knows that this part at least is not necessarily true. Yoongi does have a heart, an incredibly warm one when it comes to the right people. In the short time he’s been around Yoongi tonight, he’s seen the pieces of him that make him human. That make him weak.


It makes Jungkook feel dirty. He shouldn’t know these things, especially not at the cost of exploiting them for his own freedom. His cracked phone weighs heavy in his pocket. He wonders if there is a text from Jackson sitting behind the encrypted firewall Jungkook installed in his phone. The code he wrote forwarded all incoming messages from the police department into a hidden off file, one only he could access. Just in case something like tonight happened. If Yoongi were to ask for his phone and a message from the police popped in, the entire operation would be over before it even began.


“Sit here, Namjoon will be out soon to tend to your wounds,” Yoongi says gruffly. Jungkook nearly stumbles into the blonde’s back, not realizing that they were already well into the house— well, mansion if Jungkook is being honest.


They are standing in an open room, a hard wood dining table stretching across the majority of it. The entire space feels homey, a few art pieces hung up around the space, the off white walls basking in soft yellow light from the chandelier hung above the table. Jungkook idly wonders how many people stay in this house, and if they perhaps eat together like some kind of family.


“Thank you,” Jungkook says quietly. He doesn’t know if he’s thanking Yoongi for taking him into his home or for allowing him to be alive this long.


Yoongi pauses mid step, turning back to face him. His face is still unreadable but it’s a lot softer around the edges than it had been when they were in the car.


“Don’t thank me just yet. When you are finished, have Namjoon send you to my office. We have to talk.” Yoongi turns on his heel, not offering him a chance to respond.


Jungkook lets out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding, pulling out one of the large chairs around the dining table and practically throwing himself into it. He winces slightly when his back hits the wooden back of the chair, the adrenaline from the fight slowly wearing off. Now that he’s thinking about it, he can feel a dull ache all over his body, the worst of it concentrated in his throbbing nose. He probably looks disgusting, dried blood flaking off his chin, bruises blossoming across his cheeks.


Just as Jungkook is getting comfortable, a new person pops into the room. The man is tall, probably taller than Jungkook himself. He has glasses on the bridge of his nose and is dressed in a pair of black sweats and large creme white shirt. He smiles at Jungkook as he makes his way into the large dining room, dimples making an appearance. There is something about the man that makes Jungkook feel incredibly calm.


“Jungkook?” He nods. The man smiles at him again. “I’m Namjoon. Let’s get you cleaned up.”


Belatedly Jungkook realizes that Namjoon is carrying a small white kit. The taller man places it on the table, popping it open and pulling out some wipes and a small spray bottle. He pulls a pair of white gloves onto his hands before turning to Jungkook.


“I’m going to clean up the dried blood first so I can see if you have any cuts I don’t know about,” Namjoon explains gently as he sprays some of the bottle's contents into the wipe to wet it. “It probably won’t feel great so feel free to wince if you need to and tap my wrist if you need a second to collect yourself.”


Jungkook nods but doesn’t say anything. Namjoon gets to work, cleaning up the dried blood from his face. Jungkook does a good job of not moving until the taller man begins dabbing at his nose. Namjoon hums, pulling back when Jungkook taps his finger against his wrist.


“I don’t think it’s broken but it might be,” Namjoon mutters, more to himself than to Jungkook. “Can you scrunch your nose?”


Jungkook tries, wincing in pain. Namjoon leans in closer, placing a large hand under Jungkook’s chin. His touch is almost feather like as he traces the swollen skin around Jungkook’s nose. Jungkook doesn’t move as Namjoon kneels down, turning his head to the side to examine his nose. After a few moments, Namjoon stands up.


“I don’t think your nose is broken. It’s neither bent nor crooked which is a good sign and there was no cracking when you moved it. I think the soreness is just from getting hit in the face multiple times.” Namjoon grabs Jungkook’s hand, urging him to stand up. “Do you have any pain anywhere else? Do you mind if I lift up your shirt?”


“Yeah, that’s fine. I— uh thanks.” Jungkook coughs awkwardly. “For asking.”


Namjoon hums, lifting up his shirt to look at the bruises scattering his torso. “Just because we are criminals doesn’t mean we don’t believe in consent.”


Jungkook sputters. “That’s not— I didn’t mean—“


Namjoon laughs at him. The sound is throatier than he thought it would be and a lot louder than Jungkook expected. The taller man drops his shirt, peeling off the pair of gloves and tossing them into the kit.


“I know you didn’t.” Namjoon gives him a friendly smile, straightening out his shirt. “It was funny seeing you freak out though.”


Jungkook flushes. Namjoon is well — nothing like he expected him to be. Hell, no one in this gang is anything like what they sound like on the streets. He’s seen Namjoon before but only through grainy security surveillance footage. There wasn’t any information on the man, not even a name could be found to match his identity.


“You look like you want to say something,” Namjoon observes lightly.


“You’re not like what I expected you to be,” Jungkook says offhandedly.


Namjoon raises an eyebrow at him, closing his small first aid kit. “Did you have expectations of someone you’ve never met?”


“No. I mean just— you run with Yoongi. In this gang but… you’re so nice, I guess? I just didn’t expect you to be nice to me,” Jungkook rambles lamely.


“We aren’t monsters,” Namjoon says lightly. “We are still people, just… with a different way of living. Believe me, I know the stories you must have heard of Yoongi and I won’t lie to you and say he’s the most morally acute person but he is a lot more complex than the monster people love making him out to be.”


Jungkook knows that. It’s extremely frustrating. He came into this mission knowing the only solace he could find was being able to help put away a terrible person. Yoongi wasn’t that though — at least as far as Jungkook has seen. He can’t imagine someone as beautiful as Jimin falling in love with a person that was just a cold-hearted asshole. It didn’t make sense.


“I’ll take you Yoongi’s office. My advice to you is to be honest with him. If he catches you in a lie, you’re as good as dead.” Namjoon leads him up the stairs and to the end of a long hallway, knocking once on a large wooden door.


Jungkook hears a muffled “Come in” before Namjoon swings the door open. When Jungkook makes his way into the large office, he’s met with a very tired Yoongi sitting in a large black chair and a happy looking Yeonjun perched on the wooden desk.


“Yah, does this kid know where his own room is?” Namjoon teases lightly, making his way to the desk to ruffle Yeonjun’s hair.


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “He does, he just chooses to come annoy me instead.”


“Hyung, your words say one thing but your eyes say another,” Yeonjun notes, his smile reaching his large brown eyes.


Jungkook has to agree with Yeonjun. Yoongi doesn’t look the least bit annoyed with him, in fact he looks fond — albeit tired, but that’s probably exhaustion from a completely unrelated source. Namjoon huffs out a laugh but pulls Yeonjun up from the desk, the shorter boy following him easily.


“Come on kid, you have homework to do. We can go study in the kitchen and steal carrots from the stew until Hoseok yells at us.” Namjoon pulls Yeonjun towards the door.


Yeonjun laughs. “Aish hyung, you just want to go study in the kitchen so you can trip all over Hoseok and blush whenever he looks at you.”


Namjoon flushes, pinching the boy’s cheeks. “Yah! Stop taking after Yoongi, I can only take one of you.”


“I take offense to that, I’m a delight,” Yoongi retorts. The gang leader is standing in front of his desk now, leaning back against it. “Yeonjun-ah, don’t stay up too late. You have school tomorrow.”


Yeonjun pouts. “Are you not joining us for dinner, hyung?”


Yoongi’s eyes flicker towards Jungkook. “I’ll call you if I want a bowl prepared, okay? If not, do homework and go to sleep. If it’s not too late I'll visit you when I’m finished.”


That seems to pacify Yeonjun because he smiles widely. The boy bounces back into the room, hugging Yoongi quickly. Jungkook is really fucking confused about this whole dynamic because holy shit, Yoongi looks like he completely melts under the kid’s smile. Jungkook has spent the better part of a month finding out any information he could about Yoongi but not once has he come across anything regarding Yeonjun.


After both Namjoon and Yeonjun exit, Yoongi nods his head towards one of the two chairs in front of his desk. Jungkook slides into one, crossing his hands over each other.


“Let’s get straight to this,” Yoongi begins, putting his hands in his pockets. “Did you want to join us? Is that why you targeted Jimin?”


The question catches Jungkook off guard. If Yoongi is asking if he wants to join them that means he doesn’t know about the cops. Which is good. He can work with this.


“I didn’t target Jimin—“


Yoongi raises a hand. “Don’t lie to me. You don’t just conveniently get the same exact schedule as another university student by accident.”


Jungkook sighs. Honesty. Fuck. “Yes… I just wanted a way to get to you. Jimin was the only way I could think of at that time.”


“So you used him?” Yoongi asks, tone harsh. “He grew fond of you and you took advantage of that.”


“It started off that way but… Jimin is amazing. I wouldn’t ever take advantage of him on purpose. I just didn’t— I didn’t see another way.”


Yoongi hums, leaning back. “Jimin is amazing, I know that, but what do you want with this gang? You know this isn’t some kiddy course. If you are seen with us, you are on Korea’s most wanted list. Both above ground and under.”


“I know. I just… I don’t have anyone else.”


“No family?”


Jungkook shakes his head. “No. It’s just me. I’m… extremely talented. I can be an asset to your team. I promise I wouldn’t get in the way—“


“I don’t doubt your skill,” Yoongi cuts him off. “I just need you to think about what you’re doing. I wouldn’t choose this life for anyone.”


“I have thought about it. I don’t— it’s not just about the job anymore. Jimin… he— I don’t want to have to leave him either.”


Jungkook cringes internally as soon as he says it. The mask on Yoongi’s face is as hard to read as ever. Why the fuck would he tell Jimin’s boyfriend that he doesn’t want to be apart from him. Literally what does that even mean. He might as well hold up a fucking giant neon sign that says ‘hey! I have a crush on your boyfriend!’


“Jimin likes you,” Yoongi drawls after some time. His brown eyes boring holes into Jungkook. “Talks about you all the time.”


Jungkook tries not to flush at that but he isn’t sure he succeeds. Yoongi goes over to a door towards the back of the office and pulls out a shirt. Oh god, he’s going to kill Jungkook and is going to get his second shirt prepared so he can change out of the blood stained—


“Put this on,” Yoongi says, throwing the shirt at Jungkook.


Jungkook can feel his brain short circuit as he looks down at the creme white shirt in his lap. FG is printed across the shirt. The fabric is soft under his fingertips, it’s obviously been worn multiple times, to the point it frays a bit around the edges. Jungkook feels warm when he realizes that this must be a shirt Yoongi probably wears. He’s going to be wearing Yoongi’s fucking shirt. What the fuck is going on.


Jungkook obeys, body working on auto pilot as he chucks off his disgusting shirt and pulls the soft fabric over his head. He feels Yoongi watching him as he does it and tries to pretend he only feels warm because it’s hot in the office. Not because it feels great to have Yoongi’s eyes just on him. Absolutely not because of that.


Yoongi pulls his phone out, pressing in a number before calling it.


After a few rings, someone answers. “Yeonjun-ah, I’ll be making it to dinner.”


Yeonjun says something back, causing Yoongi to focus his gaze on Jungkook. It’s quiet for a second as the younger boy talks on the other end of the phone.


Yoongi hums. “Actually, please prepare two bowls. We will be right down. Yeah— yeah. Love you too.”


Yoongi pushes himself off the desk, making his way to the door of his office. Jungkook stays frozen in his chair, not understanding what’s going on.


Yoongi pauses at the door. “You coming?”


“I— are you letting me stay?” Jungkook stammers.


Yoongi studies him, eyes raking across his body before they settle on his own eyes. “The first rule of this house is you never wear bloody clothes to the dinner table.”


Yoongi doesn’t say anything else, exiting the room. Jungkook gapes after him, eyes falling down to the oversized shirt he’s in.


Holy shit.


He’s in.

Chapter Text

Dinner goes about as smoothly as it can.


Taehyung and Jin join them, practically giggling into each other’s mouths as they make their way to the table. Namjoon fake gags at them, making eye contact with a pretty man with a heart shaped smile — Jungkook learns the man’s name is Hoseok, a hacker for the gang and a driver. Jungkook is to take over for Hoseok so the elder man can help with a few upcoming jobs for the gang.


Yoongi doesn’t talk to him much, stoic as ever as he eats the stew Hoseok had prepared for them. Jungkook learns that Hoseok, Seokjin and Yoongi are their resident cooks, only cooking for their small 8 — now 9 . They all do their share around the large house, not wanting to have to involve any help in the only place they are allowed to be vulnerable.


He also learns that Yeonjun is basically the resident child of the gang. Every member dotes on him, doing everything from serving him food for their own bowls to reaching over to ruffle his hair when he tells them about the test he just aced. While Yeonjun seems to be close to them all, his relationship with Yoongi and Jimin is subtly different. He looks to both men as if they are his own parents — Jungkook can’t help but wonder where the kids actual parents are. Yoongi interacting with Yeonjun makes the gang leader seem unbelievably human. It’s as if a switch flips in the blonde man, he looks nearly unrecognizable as he smiles fondly at whatever Yeonjun tells him, not looking the least bit annoyed by the constant chatter.


Jimin also seems to practically melt whenever Yeonjun talks to him, his eyes practically sparkling when the young boy asks him questions about school or gently touches the dancers bruises, making sure he’s okay. While Jimin is warm with Yeonjun and the others, he doesn’t utter a word to Jungkook throughout the duration of dinner. He hardly even spares him a glance. It makes him lose his appetite. He’s never done well with people being unhappy with him but when it’s Jimin… it feels as if he’s being stabbed in the stomach, the pain twisting in his gut uncomfortably.


“So are we going to discuss the elephant at the table?” Taehyung finally asks, always one for a subtle approach.


Jungkook glances over at Yoongi who drops his chopsticks, looking up at his brother. “Must you always stir drama?”


Taehyung snorts. “Oh as if the tension in this room couldn’t suffocate us.” He reaches out to swipe the bread next to Yoongi’s bowl, to which the gang leader rolls his eyes at.


“Jungkook is joining us,” Yoongi says slowly, eyes flickering over to him briefly. Jungkook can feel everyone’s attention shift to him but no one says anything, the silence is suffocating.


Yeonjun is the one to break it. “I have another hyungie!”


Namjoon lets out a laugh. “I think you get enough attention as it is, do you really need to sink your claws into another one of us?”


“Yah!” Seokjin hushes the medic. “Yeonjunie deserves all the love in the world, I bet he will have Jungkook wrapped around his finger in less than a week.”


“You think he’ll last a whole week?” Hoseok asks. “I give him two days.”


Jungkook sputters. “Is… Yeonjun someone’s little brother?”


Everyone turns to him but Yoongi is the one who speaks. “Yeonjun is more than just a little brother, at least for Jimin and I but that’s a story for another day.”


“So is he staying here?” Taehyung asks, shooting back his wine. “That’s an awful lot of trust for someone who spent the past month lying to our faces.”


Jungkook feels heat creep through this body, cheeks practically on fire as silence descends upon them again. Jimin, who has stayed uncharacteristically quiet the entire time, clears his throat.


“He saved me tonight, we at least owe him a chance,” Jimin says, voice cool. He still doesn’t look at Jungkook, hand twisting in Yoongi’s from where they sit intertwined on the dinner table. “I think he could be a valuable asset to the team.”


Taehyung leans back in his chair, staring at Jimin who stares back with equal vigor. Neither of them are saying anything but Jungkook feels like he’s missing out on an important conversation.


Jimin suddenly stands. “I’m going to the training room.” He looks over to Yoongi who's watching him with mute concentration. Jungkook lets his eyes slide between them, feeling increasingly nervous.


Jimin turns from the table, not sparing a glance to anyone else besides Yoongi. Taehyung follows suit after, dragging Jin with him, wiggling his eyebrows at Jungkook as he informs the table that he’s going to go destress with his boyfriend. Jin blushes, pushing his boyfriend out of the room, scolding him but it seems to be in vein when Taehyung shuts him up with a kiss. Namjoon and Hoseok take one look at each other before both stand, ushering Yeonjun out of the room under the pretense of helping him with his homework.


Jungkook glances nervously at Yoongi, whose facial features are schooled into an unreadable mask.


“Did something happen?” Jungkook asks, feeling completely out of place. “I feel like I was missing multiple conversations.”


Yoongi dabs at his mouth with a napkin before he spares him a glance. “There are a few rules of this house, once that aren’t up for debate.” Yoongi stands, hand sliding into the front pocket of his slacks. “The second most important rule is that we trust each other. I won’t keep anything from you or any member as long as the favor is returned.”


Jungkook nods, stomach twisting as he feels the iPhone gifted to him from the cops turn into lead, threatening to pull him down. “I understand.”


“I’m sure you do,” Yoongi says breezily, his tone not as harsh as when he first met him but not very inviting either. “If you didn’t you would end up like those two tonight.”


Jungkook gulps, hands curling into fists in his lap. Yoongi nods at him, turning to exit the room but he stops just short of the door.


“The first rule of the house is don’t disrespect Jimin, not even slightly,” Yoongi throws over his shoulder. Jungkook can only make out his profile but it still serves as intimidating enough that it has him squirming in his seat. “Lying to him counts as disrespectful.”


Yoongi doesn’t say anything else, leaving Jungkook to stew in his own guilt. If he’s being honest, he’s completely overwhelmed. While he has many things he should do, his only priority is Jimin to try and fix what he broke.


A small voice in the back of his mind tells him that this isn’t the lie he should be apologizing for.


He ignores it.




Jungkook doesn’t know how long he stays in the dining room alone but it must be a bit because Taehyung saunters into the room, a silk red robe draped over him like it was made to form his body perfectly.


“Do you usually stay at the dinner table alone?” Taehyung asks, making his way to the large chrome fridge. He bends down, grabbing a water bottle from the lowest shelf. “It’s weird.”


Jungkook rolls his eyes, used to Taehyung's personal brand of bluntness. “I’m just… overwhelmed.”


Taehyung takes a swig from the water bottle. “Why? Surprised you’re still alive?”


“I mean… honestly? Yeah.” Taehyung studies him for a second, obviously thinking something that he’ll choose to keep to himself, as he seems to always do.


“I’m not,” Taehyung finally says, raising his arms above him to crack his back as if that sentence isn’t cause Jungkook mass confusion.


“What do you mean?”


Taehyung smiles at him, one that doesn’t quite reach his guarded brown eyes. “Jimin wouldn’t want Yoongi to.”


Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “What does that matter?”


Taehyung snorts. “You still have a lot to learn but let’s just say, Jimin is the only person I know that can sway Yoongi into any decision. Hell, I’m his brother and sometimes getting him to listen to me is like fighting with a brick wall.”


The sound of footsteps interrupts their hushed conversation. It isn’t long before Jin joins them in the kitchen, clad in a pair of boxers and socks. Jungkook lets his eyes travel over the broad man quickly, taking in muscles he didn’t think he had. Jin doesn’t look bulky but it’s obvious he spends a majority of his free time working out to stay as lean as he is. Taehyung makes his way over to his boyfriend, running a hand across his abdomen.


Jin melts into the touch, leaning into his boyfriend. Taehyung lets him, wrapping long arms around the tallers barrow waist. Jungkook marvels in the way Taehyung's face completely changes when he looks at Jin, the guarded expression being broken down with every glance at his boyfriend.


“Wondering where you went,” Jin says softly, pressing a small kiss to Taehyung's hair. “Now I see your scaring the new kid, as you always do.”


Taehyung scoffs. “I’m not scary in the slightest.”


Jungkook would have to disagree with that. While Taehyung doesn’t look like someone who could beat your ass at a glance, there’s something in the way the blonde man holds himself that could strike fear into the strongest person.


“Yeah okay.” Jin rolls his eyes, pulling his boyfriend closer to him. Taehyung allows him to, pressing a kiss to the man’s neck. Jin smiles when he feels the feather light touch of lips to his neck, eyes closing briefly before they focus on Jungkook.


“You good kid?” He asks. Taehyung turns to look at him as well. “You look a bit pale.”


“He’s overwhelmed,” Taehyung replies for him. “Wondering why Yoongi didn’t just kill him when he found out he had been lying to us for a solid month now.”


Jin snorts. “As if Jimin would let him.”


“Why does everyone keep saying that?” Jungkook huffs. He’s sure Yoongi does whatever the hell he wants. “It’s not like I mean anything to either of them.”


“If you think you mean nothing to Jimin, you’re a dumbass,” Taehyung says cooly, his tone lowering into something a lot loss friendly. Jin places a hand on his boyfriends hip, Jungkook wonders if it’s to keep him in place.


“Tae,” Jin says curtly, as if telling his boyfriend not to continue his thought process. Jungkook desperately hope he will.


Taehyung nods. “Fine,” He begins, patting his boyfriends arm. “All I’ll say to you is Jimin cares about you but if there is one thing he hates, it’s being used to get to Yoongi.”


Taehyung turns on his heel, his hands falling from around his boyfriend, one of them finding its way into one of Seokjin’s hands. He tugs his boyfriend towards the exit, his way of telling Jungkook their conversation is effectively over. Seokjin pauses, pulling his boyfriend to a stop.


“The training room is the second floor, second door on the left, Jimin will probably be in there until he exhausts himself,” Jin says casually. Taehyung throws one last calculated glance at Jungkook before pulling his boyfriend out of the room, once again leaving the hacker alone with his thoughts.




It doesn’t take long for Jungkook to find himself in front of the training room, heart practically in his throat as he raises a shaky hand to knock on the door. It’s the third time he’s tried to gather the courage to make his presence known, every time he thinks he’s ready he stops himself. He keeps recalling the way Jimin looked after the attack — well the way the elder was doing everything in his power to not look at him. He didn’t like it, wasn’t used to Jimin not showering him in thinly veiled affection.

He takes a deep breath, letting his knuckles connect with dark hardwood before he can talk himself out of it again. He can vaguely hear a thrum of music playing from the other side of the door. It doesn’t stop even after he knocks a second time. Jungkook sighs, knowing either Jimin genuinely can’t hear him or he’s purposely ignoring him.


After a couple of seconds, Jungkook finally just thinks fuck it and opens the door. He’s not prepared for the sight he walks into. Sure, Jungkook has seen Jimin after working out since one of their favorite things to do together is dance but he’s never seen Jimin like this.  


Jimin is shirtless, sweat dripping down his body as he punches a bag in front of him. He doesn’t immediately hear Jungkook come in, wrapped hands connecting with the punching bag in front of him with resolute force. Jungkook tries not to blatantly check out the shorter male but it’s nearly impossible — he’s only human. He already knew Jimin was fucking gorgeous, anyone with eyes would agree with him but looking at him now? Jungkook doesn’t think that words enough to describe him.


Jimin must hear him inhale sharply after he twists to punch the bag, revealing — fucking abs, god he’s going to die — because he turns to look at him. The dancers expression doesn’t change at first, he simply stares at him blankly for a moment before he’s turning his back to him to walk towards a large black stereo tucked into the corner of the training room.


Jungkook swallows audibly when Jimin leans down, his body bending over to turn off the radio. Even though Jimin is shorter than most, he’s by no means small in any other aspect.


“Did you need something?” Jimin asks, pulling him from his thoughts. He’s glad he does because who knows where his mind would have wondered if it was allowed to.


Jungkook gulps, throat constricting slightly when Jimin steps closer to him. “I…” He doesn’t remember what he was going to say, can’t really when Jimin’s stare is almost predatory. “I— uh I just wanted to clear the air between us… about…”


“You using me to get closer to my boyfriend?” Jimin finishes for him simply, leaning back against the punching bag. He doesn’t bother to reach for the shirt that’s at his feet, probably from where he dumped it after dinner. Jungkook doesn’t know whether he’s grateful for it or not.


“That’s… it sounds a lot worse when you say it like that.” Jungkook shifts slightly on the balls of his feet.


Jimin raises an eyebrow at him. “Well it’s the truth, something you don’t seem well versed in.”


Jungkook winces. He deserved that. Jimin doesn’t seem like one to break easily, his resolve probably think due to the life he lives.


“It started that way,” Jungkook amends. “That’s not what this is about now.”


“You got what you want, you’re in. You don’t need to apologize to me.” Jimin pushes himself off of the punching bag, moving over to the wooden table pushed up against the wall, unwrapping the tape from around his knuckles. “I shouldn’t have expected anything less.”


Jungkook hates the way Jimin— as hard as he’s trying to keep the hurt from saturating his voice, can’t help the way his voice cracks slightly as he says it. He doesn’t know how many people have used him as a means to get to the gang leader but he wants to deal with them personally. Jimin should never feel like nothing more than some stepping stone. The shorters hurt is what finally pushes Jungkook past his own nerves. He makes his way over to Jimin, wrapping a hand around the dancers wrist to stop him from unwrapping his knuckles.


Jimin stops but doesn’t turn to him. Jungkook is close enough to see the rise and fall of the shorter males back as he stares at the hardwood table.


“You should never expect anything less than respect from anyone around you,” Jungkook says softly. “I’m a dumbass. I think you already know this but that’s not an excuse for how sorry I am.”


Jimin inhales sharply when Jungkook’s free hand makes its way to his back, fingers dancing along the bare skin. “How is it now?”


“What do you mean?”


Jimin turns, causing Jungkook’s hand to fall to his lower. He doesn’t move it, enjoying the feel of Jimin’s warm and extremely cut waist underneath his fingers. Jimin’s looking at him, his eyes softer around the edges.


“You said, that’s not what this is about now… what do you mean by that?” Jimin presses.


Jungkook pauses, not really knowing how much he’s allowed to give away. As much as he’s pretty sure he’s in love with Jimin, — or at least falling dangerously close — it doesn’t change the fact that Yoongi will always be the one to hold his heart. He promised he wouldn’t lie anymore though, at least not about this.


“Tonight, when those men attacked you… I— I had never felt that kind of fear before,” Jungkook tells him gently, his fingers tightening slightly where they sit against Jimin’s side. “It made me realize that I want to be around you as much as I can… makes me want to protect you.”


Jimin nods, Jungkook thinks he catches a glimpse of glassy eyes before he’s being pulled into the dancers arms. Jimin tucks himself into Jungkook, pressing his face into the crook of his neck. His entire body is warm against him, reminding him that this is very much real. Jimin is here, fitting against him like a lost puzzle piece finally completing a puzzle — yet, Jungkook doesn’t feel whole, like a piece of their completed picture is still missing.


He tries not to think about the flash of blonde hair and tattoos that flashes through his mind when he wonders what’s missing.


Jimin pulls back, his beautiful plush lips stretching into a breathtaking smile. He’s smiling Jungkook’s favorite smile, the one where his eyes seem to mirror the happiness overtaking the dancers face, slipping shut into small crescent moons. Jungkook lets his finger run down his side, a soothing gesture.


Jimin’s pulls one of his hands up, caressing Jungkooks face. For a moment, he thinks he’s going to kiss him and panics. Of course he wants that but… not like this . Not when Yoongi is blind to what’s happening.


Jimin doesn’t kiss him though, well at least not in a way he hasn’t done before. He presses his lips to Jungkook’s cheek, letting them linger for only a moment before they’re gone and he’s stepping away, putting space between them. Jungkook pretends he doesn’t immediately miss the warmth.


The door to the room swings up, Yoongi strolling in without a care in the world. Jungkook nearly chokes when he takes in what the gang leader is wearing. He’s traded his tailored slacks for a pair of leggings that hug his every curve beautifully and an oversized dark pink shirt that practically swallows him whole. He looks so fucking soft that Jungkook has to resist the urge to charge at him and wrap him in his arms and never let him go again.


The gang leader doesn’t look the least bit fazed by their closeness or his boyfriends exposed torso. He just gives Jungkook a small closed lip smile as he makes his way to Jimin who already has his arms open for him. Yoongi fits into Jimin the same Jimin fits into Jungkook, it makes him wonder if Yoongi is another piece of his puzzle.


Jungkook pulls himself away from that train of thought, mentally berating himself for being so weak. He just met Yoongi, he has no business developing a crush on the man… not when he already has a crush on the gang leaders boyfriend for fuck sake. It’s just… well Yoongi is nothing like he thought he would be. Maybe it’s just a morbid curiosity that he’s mistaken for something more.


Yoongi smiles against Jimin when the dancer presses a soft kiss to his hair. “Someone tired?”


Yoongi nods against him, groaning lightly. “Yeonjun needed help with math and asked me for some fucking reason like we don’t have a whole Namjoon.”


Jimin laughs at his boyfriend, running a hand through blonde hair. “Yeah well he likes hanging out with you, you know that. He doesn’t get to see you much anymore.”


“I know,” Yoongi mumbles against Jimin’s chest. It’s cute. Jungkook wonders if he should leave though, feeling as if he’s intruding on something that isn’t his to see. “I promised him I’ll get lunch with him at least twice a week from now on.”


Jimin coos. “Aw baby, you’re so soft on the boy. He knows he can get away with asking you anything.”


Yoongi pulls away, throwing a quick glance over to Jungkook who’s stepped back some but hasn’t left the room. Jungkook offers him a small smile which is surprisingly returned easily.


“What can I say? I’m a softy for boys with doe eyes,” Yoongi says, not breaking eye contact with Jungkook. It makes something warm spread through his body, hope or something kin to it lighting up his heart. He wonders if he means it in more way than one… he hopes he does.


“Don’t I know it.” Jimin turns to smile at Jungkook, pulling Yoongi’s back flush against him. He presses a kiss to Yoongi’s bare shoulder, where the oversized shirt has slipped slightly. Jungkook wants to press kisses there, against the skin that isn’t covered in black ink.


“You ready to head to bed?” Jimin asks Yoongi, who’s now leaning completely against him, eyes shut. “Come on kitten, lets go.”


Fuck. Jimin calls Yoongi fucking kitten. He calls notorious gang leader, known for being the most terrifying man some people have ever encountered, kitten and even worse than that, Yoongi practically preens at the name.


“Yeah,” Yoongi says sweetly, pulling up Jimin’s hand that’s wrapped around his waist and pressing a soft kiss against it. He turns to Jungkook, expression the warmest he’s ever seen it. “Do you need help finding your room?”


Jungkook sputters, not prepared for the gang leader to be talking to him in such a soft way. Nothing compared to how he was around him earlier. If there is a god he’s purposely making it extremely difficult for Jungkook.


“I uh… think I’m going to blow some steam before sleeping. It’s been a long day,” Jungkook says lamely, fingers twisting against the hem of the shirt he’s wearing. Yoongi’s shirt, his brain supplies rather unhelpfully.


Yoongi nods at him, another small smile gracing his features. Any time he smiles, he looks a lot younger, softer in a way that makes Jungkook want to give him the entire world simply for existing.


“I’ll text you where exactly the room is,” Jimin tells him, pulling his sleepy boyfriend towards the door.


“I’ll drop off another shirt for you and a change of underwear to change into after you workout,” Yoongi mumbles out, leaning against Jimin. “We will make arrangements to get your things tomorrow.”


“Thank you Yoongi-ssi.”


Yoongi hums. “You can call me hyung. Goodnight bunny boy.” This time when he says his name it doesn’t cause fear to course through his veins but blood to rush to his cheeks. Jimin bids his own goodnight but just as he’s about to leave completely he turns on his heel and runs back into the room. Jungkook shoots him a confused glance when Jimin raises his hand to him.


“No more lies?” Jimin asks, holding his pinky out to him. It’s so unbelievably endearing that Jungkook wonders if he isn’t already in love.


Jungkook wraps his pinky around Jimin’s smaller one, trying to ignore the guilt weighing down on his heart.


“No more lies.”


Jimin smiles at him, happy with the answer. It makes Jungkook’s heart clench painfully. The shorter makes his way over to where Yoongi is practically asleep on his feet at the door, wrapping his arms around him. Yoongi waves at him before he’s whisked away.


Jungkook is a liar.


Just two more lies.


One being the entire investigation that he’s determined to find a way out of. He can’t do this, refuses to be the reason either of them end up in prison. He doesn’t think he would be able to handle it.


His second lie… well that one’s messy.


He doesn’t just like Jimin, he’s pretty sure he likes Yoongi too.


Chapter Text

Jungkook wakes up to his phone buzzing steadily against his nightstand. He groans softly, blindly reaching out to grab it, ready to throw it against the wall just to get it to stop. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes, bleary looking at the onslaught of text messages that greet him.


Jackson Wang SPD [05:31]: Bunny Boy


Jackson Wang SPD [05:34]: Bunny boy, we need an update.  


Jackson Wang SPD [05:37]: We stopped by your apartment, it seems you haven't been there in a day now.


Jackson Wang SPD [05:39]: If you don’t update us by the end of the day we will have to assume you ran.


Jackson Wang SPD [05:42]: That won’t end well for you, or your mother.


Jungkook rolls his eyes, not taking too kindly to threats. The police department was obviously shitty as hell if it took them a whole day to notice that he hadn’t checked in. That was plenty of a window for him to make an escape if that’s what he was going for. Now that he thinks about it, he wonders where the fuck they were when him and Jimin were being attacked. They were supposed to be watching him at all times in order to gather information.


He can’t shake the sudden feeling of uneasiness that spreads through him as he looks down at the messages on his phone.


Bunny Boy [05:55]: I know what I have to do.


Jackson Wang SPD [05:59]: Where are you?


Bunny Boy [06:02]: undercover. I’ll check in again at the end of the week, I can’t risk breaking their trust.


Jackson Wang SPD [06:05]: Try anything funny and we will know.


Jungkook really fucking doubts that.


He doesn’t respond, not really having anything to say. He throws his phone to his side, the beginnings of a headache already forming behind his eyes. Something doesn’t feel right but he just can’t pinpoint what exactly that is. It’s hard to distinguish his guilt from his suspicions.


He grabs one of the pillows next to his head and throws it over his face, muffling a scream into it. A knock at the door effectively stops him from suffocating himself with the fluffy white pillow — it would probably be the best way to go.


He begrudgingly gets out of the cocoon of blankets, his shirt — Yoongi’s shirt — slipping off his shoulder slightly. He didn’t bother with shorts, staying in boxers because it was more convenient than asking the gang leader for any other clothes. It was also for his own mental sanity — he didn’t think he would be able to handle wearing both Yoongi’s shirt and shorts, there was only so much he could endure.


When he opens the door, he doesn’t know who he expects. Jimin, possibly. Maybe even Taehyung, but who he doesn’t expect is Yoongi. Except he isn’t the same Yoongi he saw last night who had been clad in an oversized pink shirt, the fabric slipping off his shoulder to expose soft collar bones. Instead he’s back to the gang leader everyone knows him as, in his tailored slacks and white button up. His hair is tousled slightly, the sleeves of his button up rolled up to expose a canvas of black ink.


The one thing that’s different from the gang leader Jungkook met yesterday is his eyes. Yoongi hasn’t reverted to the cold, vacant expression he had been wearing when they first met, instead he’s still wearing the somewhat soft expression he had shared when looking at Jimin. It makes something warm spread through him, knowing that he won’t be treated like some stranger even though that’s exactly what he is.


“Morning,” Yoongi says. They are close to each other, close enough that if Jungkook were to lean in just a bit he would be able to press his lips to the gang leader’s cheek. He finds it oddly difficult to not give into that urge — he doesn’t really want to get shot though, which is the only thing that is really stopping him. “I heard your muffled screaming so I thought it wise to come check on you.”


Jungkook flushes. “Oh… uh — sorry about that.”


Yoongi shrugs, stepping back just a bit so he isn’t completely in his space. “You’re fine, but I do have some things I would like to discuss with you if you don’t mind?”


“Of course, that’s fine.” Jungkook looks down at his outfit, suddenly feeling bashful. “I just… I don’t have anything to change into.”


Yoongi reaches out to him, a large palm settling on his arm. It startles Jungkook, his focus switching to how much he wants to hold Yoongi’s hand. He wonders what it would feel like. Jimin has extremely small hands but Yoongi’s are more his size. They are also soft, kind of like every part of the gang leader.


“That’s part of what I wanted to discuss. I’ll have someone bring you a fresh pair of clothes to change into,” Yoongi tells him gently. Which is confusing in itself. He doesn’t understand what he did to deserve the gang leader being so nice to him. “Then join me in the dining room for breakfast?”


Jungkook nods, his eyes still hyper focused on Yoongi’s pale hand on his tan forearm. They contrast in a lot of ways. “Okay.”


Yoongi removes his hand, Jungkook tries his best not to feel disappointed by it. When he looks up, the gang leader is looking at him curiously but doesn’t say anything else, just gives him a curt nod before he disappears down the hall. Jungkook closes the door behind him, face planting into the soft bed, wondering what the fuck is going on his head.




True to his word Taehyung stops by his room not even twenty minutes later, a black hoodie and sweatpants in his hands.


“You look like a fucking mess,” Taehyung says breezily, coming into his room without an ounce of hesitation.


Jungkook snorts, turning his head to peak out from the blankets he’s surrounded in. “Thanks.”


Taehyung throws him a smile that is anything but sweet. “Kind of my job to be honest.” He sounds way too fucking chipper for seven in the morning.


“I can tell.” Jungkook sighs, forcing himself to sit up, ignoring the splitting headache that’s fully formed since Yoongi left the room. “Thanks for the clothes.”


“They aren’t mine.” Taehyung is looking at him with a weird expression, like he’s just eaten something sour. “They’re my brothers.” It’s said with a lot more bite than necessary. He’s dancing around what he really wants to ask Jungkook realizes, or what he really wants to say. He’s had enough experience with interrogations to know when someone is telling him something indirectly.


“Is there something you want to say, Taehyung?” Better to bite the bullet, Jungkook supposes.


Taehyung’s expression shifts, the unreadable mask slipping into place like second nature. “Yoongi is fond of you.”


Jungkook thankfully isn’t an ametur. He keeps his expression neutral, even if his heart threatens to burst from his chest. “What do you mean?”


“I’m still trying to figure that out myself,” Taehyung says offhandedly, picking up a framed photo from the dresser in front of him. “I don’t understand why he hasn’t killed you… but I guess it’s starting to make a bit more sense.”


Jungkook tilts his head. He doesn’t really follow where the conversation is going. Can’t decipher the forlorn expression on Taehyung’s face as he looks at him. He feels out of his depth, as if Taehyung is trying to tell him something without saying it outright.  


“I don’t plan on hurting him if it is that you're worried about.” Jungkook finally says after the silence between them extends into something less comfortable. It feels like the right thing to say.  “Either of them.” He adds on as an afterthought. He finds that he genuinely means it.


Taehyung turns to him, brown eyes marginally warmer than they had just been. It’s only for a brief second, Jungkook thinks he may have just imagined the crack in his facade.  “We-- I don’t trust easily but… I want to trust you.”


Jungkook feels a bit uneasy, the guilt threatening to suffocate him. “I mean it. I know I just met Yoongi but there’s just...” He trails off, not knowing the right words to describe what he’s feeling.


“He’s easy to love,” Taehyung says as if it’s the answer he knows Jungkook is looking for. It is, to some extent. “He’s always been.”


Jungkook nods, scared that his own words will fail him. He looks up to Taehyung who's watching him with a contemplative look. “Just be careful, with whatever you choose. Feelings suck as it is.”


“Tae… It doesn’t really matter what I feel, does it?” Jungkook doesn’t explicitly say why it doesn’t matter. The fact that Yoongi and Jimin are in love already is clear as day, to anyone with a pair of working eyes. He doesn’t fit in their equation. He’s an outlier, only watching from the outskirts, wishing desperately he could find a way to fit in.


Taehyung hums. “Who ever said love could only be extended to one person? Love has no bounds really.” The brunette places the picture down. “It doesn’t always have to be two halves of one heart, you know? It might as well be three pieces of a puzzle instead.”


Jungkook's mind wanders to what Jimin had once told him.


Me and him like to share.


Taehyung smiles at him, it’s the first genuine one Jungkook has been on the receiving end of.

“Glad we had this talk, but now if you excuse me — I have an extremely hot boyfriend waiting for me in bed.” It’s breaks the tension between them, letting it lull into an atmosphere that’s a bit more comfortable.


Taehyung turns around once he’s at the door. “Yoongi is waiting for you in the dining area.”


He walks off after that, leaving Jungkook to stew in his own mind. Lying to Yoongi already makes him feel dirty, especially when the gang leader took him in without much hesitation. Lying to Jimin makes him feel even worse. Now he isn’t just lying to them, but to Taehyung as well.


Fuck. This really was never supposed to be so goddamn complicated.




Some higher power seems to take pleasure in personally fucking with Jungkook’s life. That’s the only conclusion that he can come to. He had gotten a grip on the cluster fuck of feelings swirling around in his head. He liked Yoongi and Jimin, that much was established but he also knew that nothing could come from it. Even if by some miracle, both of them liked him back, he was here for one reason and that reason wasn’t to fall in love.


Which he wasn’t.


Wasn’t even almost in love.


He just… he likes the way Jimin cares about people, so openly and deeply. He likes how Yoongi looks when he’s sleepy and struggling to keep his eyes open, wearing a shirt way too big for him. He likes how when Jimin laughs, his eyes close and he can’t see. He likes how Yoongi has a heart large enough to house someone he doesn’t even know simply because he saw they didn’t have anyone else.


So maybe he likes them but at the end of the day, he has a job to do.


Which brings him back to being positive that the universe has it out for him. Because there is no other explanation as to why, when he finally trudges downstairs he ends up accidentally walking into one of the most domestic scenes he’s ever witnessed.


They don’t notice him as he hovers just outside the entrance of the kitchen.


Jimin is making noodles at the stove, clad only in an oversized sweater. His silver hair is in disarray but he still looks beautiful, especially with his round flushed cheeks — probably from cooking or from him laughing. Jungkook takes a moment to watch him as he laughs with his entire body at Yoongi who’s looking at a piece of paper as if it personally offended him. Yeonjun is sitting next to Yoongi, looking just as amused as Jimin but doing a better job at containing himself.


“What grade are you in?” Yoongi asks disbelievingly. “Why the fuck are they teaching you math like this? You’re not even in university!”


Yeonjun can’t seem to contain himself anymore, a loud laugh ripping from him as Yoongi leans in closer to the paper, eyes squinting slightly. “Hyung, I told you that you couldn’t help!”


Yoongi pouts. “I can! Just... just let me read the question again.”


Yeonjun throws Jimin a helpless look. Jimin snorts, grabbing a bowl and bringing it over to Yoongi who’s grumbling to himself about ‘I run a fucking gang but can’t figure out why he left the train station at a certain time.’ Jungkook can’t help the smile that stretches across his face, heart swelling when Jimin kisses Yoongi’s hair. He steps back slightly, staying in the shadows of the hallway so they don’t notice him. He doesn’t want to break whatever atmosphere the three of them are completely absorbed in.


“Baby, no one expected you to know this.” Jimin places the bowl in front of Yoongi, giving him a pair of chopsticks. “Yeonjunie said he will ask the tutors.”


Yoongi huffs. “I should be the one helping him with his homework, he’s my kid.”


Jungkook chokes on air, stumbling back just a bit when silence falls upon the kitchen.


What the fuck. His kid? Maybe they’re joking… they have to be. Neither of them look old enough to have a fully grown kid. Hell, he knows for a fact that Jimin is only a few years older than him.  


“Kookie?” He hears Jimin call. He takes a moment, trying to gather himself. Holy shit. If Yeonjun is Yoongi’s kid he’s also Jimin’s.


“Morning hyung,” Jungkook calls from the hallway. “Sorry, I got a bit lost.” He walks into the kitchen, feigning innocence. Yeonjun smiles at him from around his chopsticks. His cheeks puff out slightly and Jungkook can’t help but find it adorable.


“No problem. You hungry?” Jimin asks, pushing himself off the counter where he had been eating. “Even if you’re not I’m making you a bowl, so sit.”


Jungkook nods, knowing to pick and choose his battles wisely. He takes the open stool next to Yoongi who’s completely engrossed in his meal. Jimin places a bowl in front of him, smiling gently at him before he goes back to his own food.


“Are you going to class today?” Jungkook asks, glancing at the clock hanging on the wall.


Jimin hums. “Yeah, I’m going to go get changed and drop Yeonjunie off on the way.”


“Oh, are you in high school?” Jungkook looks over at Yeonjun who nods. “That’s cool.”


“It’s alright, a bit hard with everything else going on but it’s fine.” Yeonjun moves his chopsticks, stealing some noodles from Yoongi who halfheartedly swats at him but let’s him get away with it. “Which is why I’m trying to convince hyung to let me stay home today.”


Yeonjun leans his head on Yoongi’s shoulder while Jimin watches with thinly veiled fondness. “You ask that every day.” Jimin says as he reaches over to clear their bowls. “We aren’t letting you skip.”


Yeonjun pouts. “Hyung,” He says sweetly to Yoongi, who glances down at him. “You’ll let me stay home, right?”


It’s a bit funny to see Yoongi’s resolve waver as Yeonjun pouts up at him. Jungkook is almost positive the younger boy is going to get what he wants until Jimin steps in again, pulling Yeonjun up and flicking his nose.


“Stop using Yoongi’s soft side to get what you want, brat! Go get ready so we can leave.” It’s said with nothing but warmth, absolutely no bite in Jimin’s tone. It reminded Jungkook a lot of how his relationship with his parents used to be. Yeonjun sighs but gets up, hugging them both and bowing at Jungkook before he’s running up stairs.


Once he’s out of earshot Jimin presses a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. “You’re too soft on him and he knows it.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes but doesn’t deny it. “Taehyung is taking you both today and picking you up.”


“Yoongi, I don’t need an escort.”


Yoongi stands. “After what happened last night I’m not letting either of you go out alone.”


“Last night was a fluke, it wouldn’t happen in broad daylight,” Jimin argues. Jungkook agrees with Yoongi in this instance. It’s not safe.


“Jimin-ah, please don’t make this an argument. Your safety and his are my top priority, please listen to me. This isn’t up for discussion.”


Jimin looks like he wants to argue more but decides against it. “Fine, only because you’re doing that thing with your eyes that makes it impossible to say no.”


Yoongi smiles at Jimin to which the latter returns it. Jimin presses closer, kissing Yoongi on the side of the mouth before he turns to Jungkook.


“I’ll see you tonight?” Jimin asks, smiling sweetly at him. Even if Jungkook wasn’t planning to come back — he totally was because he’s weak — that smile alone would have been enough to convince him to change his mind.


He looks over to Yoongi who nods swiftly. “Yeah, I’ll be here.”


Jimin beams at him, rushing over to engulf him in a hug. Yoongi sips from his mug, not saying anything. He silently watches as Jimin presses a kiss to Jungkook’s hair before bounding out of the room, blowing Yoongi an exaggerated kiss on his way out.


Jungkook chews his noodles slowly, unsure of what to say to Yoongi. The gang leader is leaning against the counter, taking a sip from his coffee every so often as he scrolls lazily through his phone. The sun is hitting him, making his hair look almost like honey. Jungkook wishes he had his camera to capture this moment, especially for when it’s all going to be stripped away from him.


“You know, you think rather loudly,” Yoongi tells him, eyes not straying from his phone.


Jungkook flushes, ducking his head down closer to his bowl. “Sorry.”


Yoongi glances up from his phone. “What are you thinking about?” It’s a bit of a loaded question. Jungkook wants to tell him that he’s thinking about a lot. The confusion he feels with his own feelings, the guilt that’s eating him alive… how beautiful Yoongi looks when the sun hits the bridge of his nose just right.


He settles on a safer answer. “Why did you take me in?”


“I know what it’s like to not have anyone to turn to,” Yoongi replies as if it’s obvious. Jungkook doesn’t think it is. How could Yoongi, son of one of the most notorious gang members in Korea not have someone to turn to. He’s been surrounded by people since he was born.


“You don’t seem satisfied with that answer.” Yoongi is looking at him, his face completely relaxed.


Jungkook shrugs half heartedly. “I guess I just don’t understand. How could you not when your father…” He trails off.


Yoongi hums in understanding. “Just because you're in a house full of people, doesn’t necessarily make you a family.” Yoongi joins him at the island, sitting in the stool next to him. “It also doesn’t mean you have people you can trust.”


“You weren’t close to your father?” Jungkook asks, wondering if it’s overstepping his bounds. Yoongi doesn’t seem too put off by the question though, probably expecting it.


“No.” Yoongi places his mug on the granite island below them, fingers drumming on the handle. It seems like a nervous tick, the way his fingers twitch against the cup. “He wasn’t winning any father of the year awards. Which, I guess isn’t that surprising if his reputation was anything to go by.”


Jungkook thinks that logic is flawed. Yoongi isn’t anything like the preconceived picture he painted of him. “You aren’t like your reputation.” Jungkook doesn’t know why he says it but he feels he needs to.


Yoongi looks over at him, face carefully blank. “You don’t know me very well, bun.”


Jungkook doesn’t flush pink at the nickname. It doesn’t make his heart race. Absolutely not one bit.


“Everything you’ve heard about me and the things I’ve done, probably holds more truth than not.”


“We all do things we aren’t proud of.”


Yoongi hums. “That maybe so, but the work I do, relies completely on being a less than upstanding person. More of a monster than anything else.”


“You aren’t a monster,” Jungkook argues vehemently. “I’ve known monsters, you’re nothing like some of the people I’ve encountered being in this world as long as I have.”


“Maybe I’m just a good actor.”


“You’re eyes are too kind to be a monster,” Jungkook continues, ignoring Yoongi’s comment. “You also have too many people who love you.”


“What about you?” Yoongi asks, his warm gaze focused on him. “Do you have anyone who loves you?”


He thinks of Jimin. He doesn’t know if it’s love really. It could be, if he allows himself to think about it long enough. If he allows himself to feel it.


“My mother,” Jungkook answers in lieu of the full truth.


“Is she still alive?” Yoongi asks, not unkindly. “I thought you didn’t have anyone?”


“I don’t.” Jungkook stirs his now cold noodles, trying to distract himself from the ache he feels when thinking of his mother. “She… I haven’t seen her in years. I can’t.”


“Mind me asking why?”


“She doesn’t want anything to do with the life I choose to live,” Jungkook says evenly. He doesn’t want the hidden hurt to bleed into his words. It’s a lot harder than he thought it would be, since he hasn’t allowed himself to talk about her for as long as he can remember. Didn’t have anyone he trusted enough to open up to them.


“It’s safer for her if she stays away from me and well… I-- She doesn’t want to see me. I think I’ve hurt her enough that I can at the very least respect her wishes.”


“Sometimes we hurt the people we love the most but it doesn’t mean we love them any less,” Yoongi says gently. “I’m sure she wants to see you, even if you messed up at one point. You’re her son, and she will always hold a place for you in her heart.”


“I don’t know about that.” Jungkook thinks back to the shattered expression she wore the last time he saw her. The way she reached for him, begging him to come with her, begging him to not end up like his father. Sometimes Jungkook wishes he would have chosen her. Wishes he would have left in the middle of the night with her, instead of choosing his father.


“I overheard something… before coming into the kitchen.” It’s a way to change the subject and if Yoongi notices, he doesn’t comment on it. Instead he raises a brow, his silent way of asking what he heard. “You said Yeonjun was your kid? Did you… actually-- like your actual kid?”


“Yeonjun is legally my son,” Yoongi says after some time. His fingers are twitching around his mug again. “I adopted him when I turned twenty two, so about four years ago.”


“Oh.” Well, holy shit that’s not what Jungkook expected in the slightest.


Yoongi huffs out a laugh. “Yeah, I know. It’s a bit weird.”


“Not weird,” Jungkook clarifies. “Just… unexpected. Can I ask why?”


“It’s simple really. His father used to work for me, he was someone my father assigned to help me run the gang. He was more of a father to me than my own,” Yoongi’s voice is soft as he says it, getting lost in the memories he probably doesn’t revisit often. “Long story short, he died on what was supposed to be an easy job. It was a drug deal gone wrong and he died saving my life.”


Jungkook’s heart aches at the way Yoongi’s voice breaks ever so slightly as he tells the story. “He didn’t have a mother?”


Yoongi shakes his head. “No, she left when he was young. Yeonjun was only thirteen when his father passed. It was either I have him stay with me or have him ripped away and put in the system. It was a no brainer.”


“And Jimin was okay with it?”


“Yeah, Jimin’s heart is unlike anyone else’s I’ve encountered,” Yoongi says fondly. “He would have never let Yeonjun be forced out onto the streets, not if we could do something about it.”


“That’s…” It’s a lot of things really. It’s well… it’s beautiful for one. How much Yoongi and Jimin love, especially considering the environment they live in. “Really wonderful of you two.”


Yoongi nods, leaning over to grab his bowl before walking over to the sink to wash it. Jungkook follows him, standing by his side and reaching for the dish towel.


“You wash, I dry?” Jungkook asks. Yoongi smiles at him, handing him his now washed mug. Their hands bump slightly and Jungkook has never wanted to hold someone’s hand more.


They talk while they wash, the topics now much lighter than the ones they discussed at the island. They talk about their favorite shows, Yoongi is an absolute weeb but that doesn’t surprise Jungkook in the slightest. They talk about their taste in music, which is surprisingly similar. Jungkook even teases Yoongi about his off key singing when the gang leader breaks out into a very loud rendition of a Twice song.


It’s easy to talk to Yoongi. He doesn’t pay any attention to the many alarms going off in his brain as he gets to know Yoongi better.


They eventually make their way over to his apartment, gathering his clothes and necessities to move into the house. Yoongi promises to upgrade his computers so he can start getting integrated into his tasks for the gang. Once they get back to the large house, Namjoon offers to help him settle in while Seokjin and Hoseok flutter around the kitchen, making dinner.


Getting settled doesn't take long at all and soon enough everyone is gathered around the table for dinner, passing around fried beef while talking about their day. Taehyung informs Yoongi of a small gang encroaching on their territory to which Yoongi tells him they will discuss it in his office later. Jimin leans over into Jungkook's space, stealing pieces of meat from his plate with a sweet smile. Jungkook lets him, with a roll of his eyes. He flushes when Yoongi leans across the table to drop a few pieces of meat onto his plate from his own.


Eating together feels too much like home. Feels too much like the family setting that Jungkook was never allowed to have.


He’s dancing a dangerous line.


A line that’s becoming muddled by feelings he was never supposed to have.  

Chapter Text

It takes about four months for Jungkook to realize he found a -- well, he finds a certain comfort in the gang.


They accept him easy enough -- some easier than others but all around they take him in. They give him the closest thing to a home that he's ever had, well at least since his father died. They work together. They all click in a way that makes Jungkook feel comfortable. It’s too comfortable. He knows the game he’s playing is dangerous. The line between what’s real and what isn’t blurring to an almost unrecognizable degree. It’s just… when he hears Jimin laughing or see’s Yoongi sitting at the table, nearly pulling his hair out because he doesn’t understand -- how the fuck they expect you guys to know this? You’re fucking kids not cyber engineers? -- Yeonjun’s homework, it’s hard to make himself care.


The multitude of texts from Jackson burn a whole in his pocket, always weighing heavy on him, the only reminder that this isn’t his reality. The cops are letting him earn the trust from the gang, with minimal involvement. Jackson reminds him that he has a job whenever he find fit though which... Jungkook doesn't really need. He's already struggling enough with playing both sides as it is. He knows that each day he spends in the house, each day he spends getting closer to the members of the gang... the harder the explosion will hit when they find out. 


Especially now that he essentially has every members trust, well atleast all the high ranking members. 


In the beginning Yoongi, not trusting him at all has him run surveillance across various problem areas on his turf. Jungkook, always eager to please took to his job as if it was a matter of life or death. If there is one thing he's good at, it's his job. He manages to find three different snakes running around in Yoongi's lower level members, they had been selling information on the gang leader to rival gangs in the area. Most of the information dealt directly with Jimin, which meant Jungkook also had a personal vendetta against them so he was all too happy to give their full names and addresses to Seokjin and Taehyung. After the problems are dealt with Yoongi begins trusting him a bit more, opening up to him and giving him various jobs to run for him. Most of it is getting rid of any information that surfaces around the gang and making sure it stays gone.


He even got to help on a heist once. Which was fucking cool. 


Beyond working for Yoongi. He finds that he gets to spend a lot of time with both the gang leader and Jimin, who after he earns their trust, take him in as if they’ve known him his whole life. They invite him everywhere they go, even when it’s not in the house. Even when it’s not the three of them together, he always seems to be with at least one of them. Jimin takes him to the study any chance he gets, purposely stepping on his toes in order to get him to trip and then getting affronted when Jungkook drags him down to the floor with him.


[ “Yah you brat!” Jimin screeches as he falls to the floor. Jungkook wraps his hands around his waist, making sure to brace the brunt of impact when they topple to the hardwood under them.


“You started it!” Jungkook wheezes out between his own laughs. He wishes he could sound a bit more put out than he actually is. He tries to not think about the way Jimin is laying in between his legs, completely flush against him. “You deserved it.”


Jimin rolls his eyes but makes no move to get off of him. “You still caught me Jungkookie.” Jimin smiles at him, the same one that made Jungkook nearly faint in front of him the first time he saw him. “Didn’t even let me hit the ground.”


Jungkook hums, feeling suddenly brave. “You’re too beautiful for injuries.”


“Careful kookie, someone might think you care about me,” Jimin whispers, a teasing lilt to his voice. “You wouldn’t want people to think that would you?”


Jungkook doesn’t know how to answer that because holy fucking shit of course he cares about Jimin. Hell he’s almost positive he’s halfway in love with him but he shouldn’t be. He knows he shouldn’t be. Not when Jimin has a boyfriend. A surprisingly kind boyfriend that doesn’t even bat an eye at them when he walks into the studio.


Jungkook tenses as soon as he spots Yoongi but the gang leader just throws himself on top of both of them. He’s groaning, mumbling something about dumbass child gangs that really need to learn some fucking manners because he is above killing people unless they really deserve it but not above kicking their asses. Jimin laughs, petting his hair.


Jungkook never gets to answer the question. ]


Jimin also forces him to do homework with him, even though Jungkook is officially not attending university anymore. It would be kind of pointless anyways, seeing as technically was never enrolled in the first place. It also gives him more time to help the gang and earn their trust so he takes it. He does buy him ice cream as a form of repayment, which he supposes is a pretty nice trade. Jimin, Yoongi and ice cream are basically the three pillars of life.


[ “What the fuck?” Jungkook asks, to no one but himself. Well himself and a giggling Jimin and Yeonjun. “What does arbitrage even mean and why does it have its own pricing theory?”


Jimin snatches the notecard back from him. “It literally has the definition on the back of the card you doorknob.”


Jungkook sticks his tongue out at Jimin because he is a very mature twenty three year old. Jimin, the ever mature twenty four year old sticks his own out at him in retaliation. Yeonjun just rolls his eyes.


“You two should not be allowed to study together,” Yeonjun says, looking down at his own notebook.


Jimin huffs, pinching the youngers side. “Hey! I am a great study buddy.”


Yeonjun giggles. “Of course you are hyung but not when kookie hyung is studying with us.”


“It’s cause I get distracted by his cute bunny teeth,” Jimin teases, reaching over to ruffle Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook nearly bites his hand.


“Gross.” Yeonjun frowns. “Please don’t flirt in front of me, I would like to keep the delicious noodles Jin hyung made me down.”


“We-- Hey we were not flirting,” Jungkook sputters, face flushing. “Why would i flirt with Jimin? Gross?”




Yoongi of course, takes that exact moment to walk into the kitchen. He’s wearing a pair of form fitting slacks, his white long sleeve button down tucked into his pants.

“Yoongi!” Jimin huffs, standing up and siding up to his boyfriend. Yoongi wraps his arms around him, humming in response.


“Jungkook called me ugly,” he pouts.


Jungkook nearly jumps out of his chair. “Jimin! I-- No I did not. Oh my god. Yoongi please don’t kill me. I’m too pretty to die.”


Yoongi huffs out a laugh. “Jimin-ah I heard the whole interaction. He did not call you ugly.” He presses a kiss to Jimin’s nose. “You’re far too gorgeous for anyone to think any different.”


Jimin beams, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek and bounding back to his chair. Jungkook huffs, falling back into his own chair. Yoongi pours coffee into his mug and starts towards the exit before he stops.


“Oh and bun?” Jungkook flushes, turning to look at Yoongi. The gang leader just smiles teasingly at him. “You are too pretty to die.” He winks before turning on heel and leaving the room.


“Jesus,” Yeonjun groans. “I can feel the noodles making their way back up.]


He finds he likes hanging out with Yoongi alone just as much as he enjoys his time with Jimin. Yoongi isn’t as loud as Jimin, not completely in your face with his sunshiney demeanor and beautiful eye smile but he’s funny Jungkook comes to find. He’s funny in a way that’s completely deadpan and a cheater. A terrible one at that.


[ “How about I just give you 1 million won real cash and we call it a game?” Yoongi asks. Jungkook looks up, raising an eyebrow at him.


“Are you serious?” Jungkook asks. “Yoongi… we are literally playing go fish?” How he even convinced the gang leader to indulge in his boredom is beyond him. Hoseok says it’s because Yoongi is a sucker for his bambi eyes, Jungkook doesn’t believe that’s the real reason.


Yoongi huffs. “I don’t like losing.”


Jungkook is not endeared. He isn’t even almost endeared.


“I am not letting you buy me out of my well deserved win,” Jungkook says diplomatically. He asks for any two’s, Yoongi has three.


Yoongi grumbles to himself, handing them over. His cheeks are red, flushed from either the game or from how humid it is out on the back patio but Jungkook finds he kind of wants to pinch them. If it meant he wouldn’t get his hand broken he probably would have already.

They keep playing and somehow Jungkook ends up losing which… he doesn’t really understand.


Not until he leans back too far and hits his head against Namjoon’s phone. His eyes widen, turning to Yoongi who is standing up and running inside.


“Yoongi!” Jungkook calls after him. “Oh my god you cheated! I knew it!” ]


It’s easy to indulge in easy silence with Yoongi. When the house around them falls quiet with sleep and it’s just the two of them. Jungkook has always loved nights for how inherently peaceful they are. Yoongi seems to share the same sentiment because the two of frequently found themselves laying in the large living on the same brown pleather couch, the t.v. playing on low in front of them while they talk quietly to themselves. Sometimes Jimin would join them but the dancer hardly ever stayed up long enough to engage much in their conversations.


[ “Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have started leading the gang?” Jungkook asks. He turns to look at Yoongi, who’s already staring at him. Jimin is asleep on him, his head on Yoongi’s chest while Jimin’s legs are in Jungkook’s lap. They’ve talked about a lot but Yoongi’s past is still something virtually unknown to him.


Yoongi hums lowly. “Sometimes. I used to fantasize about running away from this life when I was a kid.”


“Why didn’t you?”  


“Taehyung,” Yoongi says easily. As if that’s answer enough. Jungkook think’s it kind of is. He’s seen the way the two brothers are with each other, the love they share for each other is apparent. Their bond something some could only ever wish to have. “I don’t regret staying though.”


Jungkook tilts his head slightly. “Why?”


Yoongi looks down at Jimin, brushing his hair from his face. Jimin scrunches his nose adorably, muttering unintelligible words into Yoongi’s chest. Jungkook understands exactly what he means. He probably wouldn’t have ever met Jimin otherwise, he’s never gotten the full story on them.


“Yeah,” Jungkook finally says. “He’s pretty wonderful. I’m glad you found someone like him.” He doesn’t know why he feels like a lump is lodged in his throat as he says it.


“I’m not just happy I found him.”


Jungkook looks up at him, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t just find him because of this gang bun.”


Jungkook flushes, something akin to hope swelling in his chest. Yoongi could easily mean the other members of the gang but there’s something about the way the gang leader is looking at him that makes him feel like that’s not what he means.


He doesn’t ask.


He’s too afraid of the answer. ]


Jungkook’s absolutely favorite times though, is when all three of them get to hang out together. Whether it’s something trivial like getting ice cream, which Jungkook comes to find Yoongi loves doing. Like a lot.


[ “Didn’t we just get ice cream?” Jungkook asks, already shrugging his coat on. “Like yesterday?”


Jimin laughs. “Yeah but Yoongi stress eats ice cream.”


“Are you sure he wants me to be crashing your dates?” Jungkook asks, unsure. Jimin wraps his scarf around his neck, raising an eyebrow.


“I’m sure he wants you there you dumbass, now come on.” Jimin links their arms. “Let’s go get our cute small baby.”


Jungkook feels heat pool in his stomach at Jimin referring to Yoongi as theirs.


Yoongi all but runs at the change to grab ice cream with them, throwing on his face mask eagerly and bounding into the car like an overeager toddler. Jimin laughs fondly, pulling Jungkook to the black escalade.


He gets pulled in between them, his face warming when Jimin slips his hand into his own and Yoongi curls into his side mumbling something about being freezing and stupid muscle boys being like a furnace. ]


They’ve even progressed to cuddling. Totally platonic cuddling his mind supplies rather unhelpfully. Jungkook just puts it down to both Jimin and Yoongi being naturally cuddly people and he’s the only single one amongst their friend group -- save for Yeonjun but he is a small baby who will never be allowed to date -- so they gravitate towards him. Taehyung calls him a dumbass when he explains that reasoning but well… what does he even know? He wears gucci sandals during winter like some sort of psychopath.


The first time it happened though, Jungkook swears his soul almost ascended.


[ “Jungkookie,” Jimin whines, reaching his arms out to him as he lays on the large couch adjacent to the loveseat Taehyung and Seokjin are currently cuddled up on. “Cuddle with me.”


Jungkook freezes, midstep, turning to look at Yoongi who also just entered the room. “Aish hyung, Yoongi hyung is right here, you don’t need me.”


Jimin frowns. “But both.” He says petulantly.


Yoongi falls down on the couch next to Jimin, leaving a gap between them. He’s wearing a pair of old black sweats and a large black long sleeve, a sharp contrast to Jimin’s short pink boyshorts and creme sweater.


Yoongi looks up at Jungkook expectantly. “Well do you want to cuddle with us or not?” He asks bluntly. Jungkook’s cheeks color slightly. “You don’t have to of course, completely your choice,” he adds on breezily.


Jimin is pouting at him and Jungkook has a shitty resolve anyways, which is how he finds himself sandwiched between Yoongi and Jimin while some shitty rom com plays on the television in front of them. Yoongi’s ass is pressed against his dick and it’s far too distracting for him to give a single fuck about whatever the woman on the screen is crying about. What’s even worse is Jimin’s pressed flush against his back, his leg thrown over his waist.


They fit together so easily it makes him lightheaded.


He falls asleeps not even twenty minutes into the movie.


It’s the best sleep he can remember getting in years.


When he wakes up alone in his bed, he pretends he doesn’t have an ache in his chest. ]


It’s not just Yoongi and Jimin that start blurring the line between a job and a -- well a close unit of people who care about each other, he refuses to even entertain the other word. Taehyung softens up to him immensely, in his own way at least. He leaves a gucci wallet on his bed an hour or so before his first official meeting with the syndicate -- the name the gang runs under. At first, he doesn’t really know what to do about it but figures it’s one of the best ways to get into the taller male’s good graces so he throws what little things he has into it and places it in his back pocket. When Taehyung notices it in his pocket, the smile he gives him is enough for him to realize he made the right decision.


Namjoon accepts him with open arms, not giving him too much of a hard time and Jungkook finds himself gravitating to the taller man anytime he’s bored. He doesn’t mind watching Namjoon work, whether it’s on gang orders or tending to his many plants. There is a calming energy that exudes from the medic, one that Jungkook seeks out to quell his own anxieties. Where Namjoon is a gentle, soothing figure… Hoseok is the exact opposite. Hoseok is all large smiles and boisterous laughter. Jungkook recognizes that it’s somewhat of a false marriage. While Hoseok is very nice and doesn’t go out of his way to exclude him, there is a cold edge to him that makes Jungkook weary. His eyes somewhat hollow as if he’s seen too many harsh realities to ever really be completely at ease.


Seokjin is like him in that way.


He’s nice to him, never outwardly rude but he also doesn’t go out of his way to make him feel comfortable around him. Jungkook can tell he has utmost loyalty to Yoongi and acts as his second in command for a multitude of things. He run’s hits for Yoongi, he oversees a large majority of his territories and Jungkook can’t recall a night where the gang leader and Seokjin haven’t holed themselves away in Yoongi’s office to discuss matters away from anyone else. What really unnerves Jungkook is when he catches Seokjin already looking at him, his expression passive but the gears in his head obviously running. Trying to figure him out.


He’s even gotten close to Yeonjun. He understands why everyone in the gang is extremely protective of the younger boy. Jungkook finds the same protective instinct strike any time he’s near. Yeonjun was the first to truly make him feel as if he belonged -- save for Yoongi and Jimin. He dragged Jungkook out of his room, making him join him in the large living area to watch movies with him or ask for help on his homework whenever he was stuck. Jungkook finds he doesn’t mind much, enjoying the ease.


While having people constantly around him is completely uncharted territory, the work he’s asked to do -- god it makes him feel like he’s fucking home.


He is good at what he does but he also loves it. Loves immersing himself in code and figuring out various patterns or flaws in peoples security. He had almost no control growing up, his entire life being at the mercy of faceless people who had his father eating out of the palm of their hands. When he’s doing his work, he’s the one calling the shots. People rely on him, on his expertise in order to succeed. It makes him feel as if he has a purpose.




It’s what he should be doing currently but instead he finds himself watching Yoongi work at his desk. He should be watching surveillance but Yoongi is much more appealing than some grainy black and white video of burly men entering and leaving a house. The gang he’s watching is some rookie gang, too young and extremely cocky to be considered a group they could ignore. Ignorance comes with cockiness.


They had been encroaching on their territory. Trying to sell drugs in different parts of the city and Yoongi was having absolutely none of it. They had even started attacking some of the lower ranking members of the gang, which meant that this was a matter that Yoongi was going to deal with personally. He protects his own fiercely.


It’s not an uncommon occurrence really, the two of them working together in the gang leader’s office. In the beginning Jungkook, who didn't fully have the gang leaders trust, would work in the office when no one else was in the large mansion so Yoongi could keep an eye on him. Now he does it because well -- why would he pass up on a chance to hang out with Yoongi when no one else is around? Everyone else -- save for Jimin, who’s probably in his economics class by now, is out on their own respective jobs.


“What do they do all day?” Jungkook asks, his eyes moving back to the grainy footage. Still no change. “If you are working from here? Shouldn’t you be like… out there?”


Yoongi hums. “What do you mean?” He doesn’t look up from his desk, his pen skating across the page as he writes.


Jungkook shifts in the large brown armchair, the laptop on his stomach nearly toppling off of him. He catches it. “You know like out there on the front lines I guess? So people see your face?”


“I don’t think people necessarily need to see my face in order to know who I am,” Yoongi says diplomatically. “My reputation precedes me I’m sure.”


“Well yeah I guess.” Jungkook notes that one of the guards outside the house is checking his phone again, that makes nine times in the span of ten minutes. “I guess I don’t know how any of this works.”


“Your father didn’t include you in his own endeavors?” Yoongi asks after some time.

Jungkook shrugs. “Not really. All the good that did obviously, I still managed to find my way to it.”


“It didn’t seem like you had much choice, no?” Yoongi clicks his tongue, pen scribbling against whatever he just wrote. “I doubt this is a life anyone really chooses for themselves out of fun.”


Jungkook presses his tongue to his cheek, rolling over the thought. “I guess you’re right. When he died he kind of left us in a vulnerable position. I’ve always been good with computers though… so it wasn’t much of a hard transition to make.” The guard is checking his phone again, Jungkook squints -- Is he playing a fucking game. Holy shit these people are terrible. “What about you? Did you have a choice in any of this?”


Yoongi pauses his writing but doesn’t look up. “No, this isn’t something I really had a choice in.” He says it in a way that makes it clear he doesn’t want to be pressed further on the subject and well… Jungkook enjoys being alive so he drops it.


“Does everyone have their own jobs?” Jungkook switches the subject. He stretches his feet, letting them fall over one end of the armchair while his back rests against the other arm. Yoongi doesn’t yell at him for disrespecting his furniture so he figures he’s good. “Like does one drugs and the other--”


“We don’t sell drugs,” Yoongi interjects. He’s still writing away. Jungkook wonder’s what he’s doing and why he’s using paper like some sort of cave person-- wait. What.


“Wait so you don’t like… sell drugs?” Jungkook asks incredulously. How could he not know that? He really needs to pay attention in their mandatory meetings more. What the fuck do they even talk about then. Yoongi looks up from his paper, raising an eyebrow.


“No,” He says simply. He goes back to scribbling away in his notebook, sounding bored of the conversation.


Jungkook was never one to read social cues very well. “Like at all?” He presses. He shifts in his own seat, that he had been curled up in, his laptop balancing on his stomach. “Weapons then?”


“No bun,” Fuck Jungkook still wasn’t used to that. Even though Yoongi knew his name, he refused to call him anything else and it nearly made the younger faint every time he heard the pet name directed at him. Well… technically it wasn’t a pet name but just a variation of his own criminal name but still. He’s Yoongi’s bun.


“Prostitutes?” Jungkook badgers on. He really has to control his filter because he does not enjoy the way Yoongi’s face grows cold at that.


“No,” Yoongi snaps. He says it with such finality that it makes Jungkook shrink in his seat slightly. It’s easy to forget exactly who Yoongi is sometimes, especially when he looks like he does right now -- in a large striped sweater and a pair of jeans, his hair ruffled from where Jimin had been pressing kisses to it before he left for class. His cheeks were slightly flushed from being cramped in the small room all day and he just looked… well he looked beautiful but also soft. But he isn’t.


Jungkook nods. While his social prowesses aren’t the best, he at least knows when he’s overstepped his bounds. He curls back into the rather large armchair in front of Yoongi’s desk, determined to focus on his own task -- gather as much intel as he could on a rival gang that had been stirring up trouble for Yoongi as of recent. They dissolve into silence, it mirrors the silence they had been in before but there’s a bit more tension in the air this time. Yoongi has been explicitly nice to Jungkook, hardly even raised his voice at him since he’s started staying with them over four months ago so he doesn’t really know what to do now that he has.


A few minutes pass in awkward silence before Jungkook hears Yoongi sigh, dropping his papers onto his desk. He doesn’t look up though, unsure why Yoongi is disgruntled. He does look up when he hears the sleek black chair behind Yoongi’s desk push back, the wheels scraping the hardwood floor. He watches as the gang leader stands up, making his way to the armchair on the other side of Jungkook.


The hacker sits up in his chair, swinging his legs from where they had been draped over the edge of the seat. He straightens himself, waiting for whatever Yoongi wants to say.


“Can I…” Yoongi pauses, once he’s sat down, obviously struggling for words. “I know this may be weird but could I maybe…” The gang leader looks down at Jungkook’s hands, where they are crossed over his lap. “Hold your hand? For a moment?”


Jungkook is a man of very little dignity apparently, if the way he practically crashes his hand into the gang leaders lap without an ounce of hesitation is any indicator. Yoongi smiles at him though-- the small gummy one usually only reserved for Jimin-- as he interlaces their fingers. Jungkook has seen Yoongi do it before, with almost everyone in the house but he’s never done it with him before.


“I don’t like talking about my past,” Yoongi finally says, his eyes locked on their interlaced fingers. “It wasn’t a nice one and I don’t usually trust people enough with that kind of information.” He sighs. “I do trust you -- it's just this topic. Well it hits hard to home.”


Jungkook nods, even though Yoongi isn’t looking at him. “I understand.”


"Also how are you just finding this out? Do you even listen when we talk in meetings?" Yoongi asks, raising his eyebrow. He pinches Jungkook's cheek when the younger doesn't answer. 


Jungkook laughs. "Sorry, everytime you guys talking about a hit or surveillance I just assumed it had something to do with drugs." He squeezes Yoongi’s hand softly. “Also I have a terrible habit of not knowing boundaries so feel free to yell at me whenever I’m pushing too hard.”


“I don’t like yelling.” Yoongi squeezes his hand back. “But I’m not my father. I’m nothing like him. The way he chose to run this gang… It’s not what I wanted.” He looks up at Jungkook, his eyes softer than he’s ever seen them before, at least when looking at him. “I made a lot of changes but people still know my name and believe me… I’m in no way a saint or good person but I would never push things on people that would harm them, especially children or easily swayed like the impoverished.”


“I think you’re a good person,” Jungkook says gently. He truly does.


Yoongi smiles. “You shouldn’t.” Jungkook wonders how it’s possible for someone to look so beautiful, even when doing absolutely nothing.


Jungkook leans over his armrest, placing his elbow on the arm of Yoongi’s chair closest to him. “You have a beautiful heart.”


When Yoongi flushes, Jungkook feels his heart nearly skip a beat.


Jungkook finds, not for the first time, that he really wants to kiss Yoongi. Because he says he isn’t a good person like he genuinely believes it but… his heart says something completely different. He’s seen him press a kiss to Yeonjun’s forehead when he’s fallen asleep on the couch. He’s seen him smile at Jimin when the younger wasn’t looking, his entire face radiating a type of love that Jungkook has never been able to understand. He’s seen him dance around the kitchen as he made dinner with Taehyung, both of them falling over each other laughing at their combined terrible dance moves.


He doesn’t know when the air between them shifts but Jungkook feels himself be drawn to Yoongi, pulling him closer to him without his own conscious awareness. Jungkook leans over the arm of the chair between them, his face inches away from Yoongi’s. Their hands are still interlaced, Yoongi’s slightly smaller hand heavy in Jungkook’s own. He doesn’t know who moves first but suddenly, Jungkook can feel Yoongi’s breath against his lips.


“Bun,” Yoongi whispers. He sounds confused and it’s enough to snap Jungkook back into reality. He reers back, putting space between them


“I--” Jungkook releases a harsh breath. “I’m sorry. That was… I shouldn’t have. That was wrong of me” He pulls his hand free from Yoongi’s.


Yoongi shakes his head. “No that’s not…” He trails off. Jungkook catches the expression on his face, how torn it is. It breaks his heart.


“You don’t have to explain,” Jungkook says softly. “I know. Believe me I would choose him over me any day.”


Yoongi frowns. “That’s… Jungkook--” He doesn’t like it when Yoongi calls him that. He hates it.


“Yoongi… please,” Jungkook pleads, trying to keep his voice steady. “Please don’t.” He can’t hear it, even if he knows he probably needs to.


It doesn’t feel right. As much as Jungkook wishes it did.


He knows why it doesn’t. Because as much as he wishes he was the one that Yoongi loved, he isn’t. His heart is already accounted for by someone that Jungkook fucking adores himself. Maybe that’s why his heart feels like it’s falling apart in his chest… because he can’t even blame Yoongi for loving Jimin. Not when he loves him, himself.


The door to the office opens, a bright and happy Jimin bounding into the room. His smile falls slightly when he sees them.


“Everything okay?” He asks carefully. There is concern filling his beautiful brown eyes and fuck Jungkook loves him.


He loves both of them and he can’t have them. They aren’t his. They are each other’s. It shouldn’t hurt the way it does. The realization that he doesn’t fit because he never has. They aren’t three pieces of some puzzle. They are two pieces, made for each other and he’s that one piece that you find at the end that just doesn’t fit anywhere.


He was trying to force himself to fit where they are already connected.


It shouldn’t hurt but fuck it really does.


Because it’s easy when you can deny that you don’t love someone, easy when he’s still lying to himself but he can’t anymore. He can’t pretend that when he sees Yoongi smile at him, that special one that he now only uses around him and Jimin, that he doesn’t love him. He can’t pretend that when Jimin throws his body on whoever is next to him, his twinkling laughter completely enveloping his heart, that he doesn’t love him. He can’t pretend that when he’s laying in between them and he can hear both their heartbeats, that he doesn’t love them.


Because he does.


He really fucking loves them. Both of them.


And he’s stupid because he shouldn’t. None of this is real, it can’t be real. It’s only been four months but his heart obviously doesn’t give a shit about rational thought.


Then Jimin is reaching out to him, his small hands caressing his face, cool metal from his rings pressing against his overheated cheeks and… it’s too much.


So he does the only thing he knows how to do.


He runs.

Chapter Text

When Jungkook was younger, any time he was scared or overwhelmed — he would run. Run to a quiet part of the house, run to the bathroom on the third floor of his middle school — the one that was hardly ever used by anyone else. His mother had hated it, and would spend hours looking for him, sometimes coaxing him out of wherever he was hiding with promises of sweet treats or extra bedtime stories.


He doesn’t know exactly where he picked up the defense mechanism. All he really knew was even at the young age of seven, he couldn’t really trust his mind. His thoughts were always dangerous, but when he was facing a large amount of distress — they would sometimes get too loud. — start turning into something sinister.


Maybe that’s why he finds himself running out of the mansion, Yoongi and Jimin’s desperate pleas falling on purposely deaf ears. It wasn’t just the fact that he was in love with them — if he’s being honest with himself, he had accepted he was too far gone a long time ago. Frankly, it was an accumulation of things that finally caused the snap. He was in far too deep at this point. The lies he was trying to keep kept adding up, he felt as if they were stacked on his heart — crushing him under the enormous amount of guilt.


He did the one thing he swore he would never do, he became comfortable even if it was dangerous. It was easy to fall back into all of the feelings he had forgotten through the copious amounts of pain he had tried to bury. He had forgotten what it was like to have a family. Forgotten how it felt to have people around him that cared about him as much as he cared about them.


He forgot what it was like to love people.


All Jungkook can really remember from his adolescence was misfortune. He met pain — it was comfortable. He met heartbreak — it’s where he learned to build his home. He met anger — it was who he became.


He didn’t meet love. Could never find it in the vacant eyes of the father he lost or the mother that ran away when it all became too much.


When you don’t love people — you don’t allow the pain that seems to be synonymous with the word. He wishes he could say he completely blames his parents, but he knows that he partially did this to himself. He allowed himself to drown in his own thoughts, allowed himself to get so painstakingly lost that all he felt was numbness as he tried to find a trail out of the prison he built in his mind.


When he was younger, he led a life typical to those around them. His mother was the most beautiful woman Jungkook had ever seen, both physically and mentally. She had showered him in nothing but affection. His favorite memories of her were when she would sing to him until he fell asleep, her smile warm as she ran nimble fingers through his raven hair, his large eyes dropping pitifully. She would do it every night. Or at least she had before things began to change around him.


His father had been his best friend. He would come home at a decent time whenever he could — those few days were some of the only ones Jungkook got to spend with him back then. When he was a child, he didn’t quite understand where his father was going every day. He just knew he missed him whenever he was unable to make it home for dinner. It was an office job, Jungkook had learned much later. His father worked for some big news CEO, where he crunched numbers and helped allocate investments.


That was before everything had shifted. His father coming home one day and slowly twisting into a person Jungkook didn’t really recognize anymore. They weren’t a well off family, his parents hardly had enough to feed themselves — let alone a small boy who could probably eat his own weight in rice if he tried hard enough.


He knows, at least now, that it wasn’t necessarily his father’s fault. He lost his job and with it he also lost his way. He couldn’t land anything stable enough to provide for his small family of three. Even if sometimes Jungkook felt they were hardly a family anymore.


His parents loved each other, Jungkook at least knew that much. He could see it in the way his mother looked at his father when she thought no one was watching. Her eyes always warm as she took him in, the warmth different than the one she would share with Jungkook. His father’s love was just as subtle but at the same time just as loud. He was his mother’s biggest fan, always ready to shower her with love simply because she existed. Jungkook remembers seeing them dance around their small kitchen even as no music played.


He knows they never planned for him. It had been a classic case of stupidity and , naivety that landed his mother seventeen and pregnant. Jungkook sometimes wonders — mostly when he’s alone in his room, while darkness surrounds him, threatening to swallow him whole — if it was his fault that his parents had suffered so much in their relatively short life together.


At first, the changes were small. It began with actual dinners — just the three of them, full blown meals being placed in front of him. He had been used to barley having enough to placate him, sometimes watching as his father scooped some of his own food onto Jungkook’s plate, saying he was full just watching him eat. As a child, he believed him — now, he knew that wasn’t necessarily the case. The changes grew into new clothes for him, not random hand me downs given to them from their next door neighbor that were always either a size too large or a size too small. Slowly, every hole in the wall, every rip and tear of their lives had started to get repaired. He thought it was for the better. He was wrong.


It was fine for a couple years, the three of them living as a happy family. They traded in their small broken home in the worst area in town for a house that doubled it in size, with a fence completely enclosing it. They had a yard. In a neighborhood Jungkook could run around free with all of the other kids without having to worry about the threat of a gun show from a drug deal gone wrong. Jungkook traded in his run down sneakers, holes worn into the soles of them, for name brand shoes. His mother traded in a back breaking factory job to stay at home instead, taking care of him.


He was too young to understand how they were suddenly able to live above their means. He just knew his father grew colder, harsh around the edges in a way that Jungkook never remembered him being. He was never mean to him or his mother (at least as far as he saw), in fact when it came to them, he was incredibly loving and protective. The people who had to face the harsher Jeon where usually the people on the receiving end of the phone calls that would sometimes interrupt their small family dinners. When he answered the phone his tone would switch from doting husband and caring father to someone completely detached and vicious as he tore into whoever had dared to interrupt his family time. His mother would always usher him off to his room before he could hear too much.


She was always looking out for him — back when she still loved him. Rationally, he knows she probably still does but he’s always been too afraid to ask. Her anger is completely warranted, in his opinion. She never wanted the life her father chose for him. Couldn’t bear to not only lose her husband to the gang violence plaguing Korea, but also her son. Her baby bun as she used to call him, the endearment said with nothing but never ending love. The last time he saw her, her face was cold — passive in a way that had Jungkook’s heart sinking into one of the darkest pits of his body.


As he got older, he started to understand who exactly his father was. Saw it in how random men would come and go from their home, slipping into his father’s office while he leaned back in his chair, cigar hanging from his lips. Saw it in how his father would leave the house in the dead of the night, returning before the sun broke over the sky in clothes he hadn’t left in. Saw it in the money his father would bring in, giving Jungkook anything his heart desired. He never had to want again. It’s how he got his first computer system set up in his bedroom.


He had never been particularly scared of his father but he knew that many were. Some men that would enter their home would look as if they had seen a ghost when they locked eyes with his father, all color completely draining from their faces as he had them follow him to his office. There were also the people who were forced to come into their home. Dragged in by the large men his father surrounded himself with, holding them as they shook with fear. Jungkook remembers their pleas saturating within the walls of their nice home.


Jungkook never saw those people again. He tried not to think about the implications of it.


His father was a powerful man, his connections were practically unlimited. He had a core group of men that Jungkook developed bonds with as pseudo uncles. They all loved him, would treat him and his mother as one of their own. Jungho, his father’s left hand and main muscle would take him to go get ice cream whenever Jungkook whined about wanting something sweet. Taeil, his father's sniper, would watch cartoons with him every morning as they ate cereal in their pajamas. Jay, his father’s money manager would give him money, leaving it under his pillow and pinching his cheeks fondly whenever Jungkook found it and would squeal in excitement.


There was one man that he ended up getting the closest to though. It was the man that he learned how to hack from. A gangly little man named Minho who looked far too old to still be participating in their brand of illegal activities. He was a damn good hacker though. He would allow Jungkook to sit in his lap when he was still a young boy — and then next to him when he was older, while he monitored various security cameras before falsely clearing them with a still picture while his father ran hits on various banks. He taught him everything he knew, even helped him set up his startup monitors. Jungkook learned to crack code, find his way through encrypted files, shut down security and various other things by sitting with Minho.


He remembers when he first helped his father on a heist. Minho had asked him to help him watch the various screens — apparently they were taking on a heist much larger than their normal ones. Jungkook took pride in being good at whatever tasks he took on and this had been no different. As he had been watching the monitors he noticed the screen that was supposed to be frozen had glitched, the live feed cutting back on. He had texted his father, telling him to pause in their positions while he worked on freezing out the screen. He had also thought ahead and cut off the alarms in the room Jay was to slip into in case he had reached his father too late. Without him noticing, the change the entire operation would have exploded in their faces— or at least that’s what his father had said.


As they celebrated another successful run, he remembers the look of pure pride on his father’s face. He would later encourage him to learn all he could, told him that when he was gone it would be his job to take care of his mother. Whether he meant in a legal way, such as becoming an IT guy or — well, the way his father made his money, Jungkook will never know. He never got the chance to ask.


With his power, came many threats to his life. The threats were always taken seriously but the harsh reality was — living a life like theirs, their lifespan shortened to half of what it should have been. Jungkook remembers his father coming to him a week before he died, making him promise to keep his mother safe if something happened to him. At the time, he didn’t understand why his father was making the request. Regardless, he swore with his life that he would.


It was the last promise he ever made to his father.


Jungkook was the one that found him. That was the day everything changed for him. His father getting murdered had killed the innocence he had been desperately trying to cling to. He wonders sometimes where he would be if he hadn’t been the one that found him. Wonders if the darkness that took a permanent residence in his mind, that day, would never have moved in.


He had been lying pathetically in a pool of his own blood, his lips stained red, his eyes glazed over and vacant. The wounds were fresh. The act happening no more than an hour before he got home from school. The message had been clear, a sticky note stuck to his father’s face:— These are my streets. They were never able to figure out who had done it, the case still sitting in the cold files of the police department.


To make matters worse, Jay had been laying lifeless next to his father. Defense wounds littered his arms, his fingernails bruised and bloody from where he had been trying to fend off their attackers. They had put up one hell of a fight, the broken furniture around their home a testament to that.


Jungkook didn’t scream, hardly even cried as the police arrived. He couldn’t. He hardly felt anything as he watched his father get placed in the body bag, his expressionless face burnedbored into his mind. All he could feel was the numbness, that was threatening to suffocate him. His mother had held him, her tears staining his clothes as she mourned over his father. In a way, he knew it was going to happen, he knows his father did too — if the updated life insurance policy he took out on himself just a few days before was any indication.


Jungkook was only sixteen, too young to fully comprehend the dangers of the world his father had lived in but old enough for the image of his dead father to burn into his heart. He let himself completely drown in his own agony, trapping himself in the pain. It was easier that way. To punish himself in his own mind rather than deal with his world crumbling around him.


After he lost his father and then his mother — she was still alive but not in a way that Jungkook could reach out to her so she might as well be dead — not too long after, Jungkook swore off loving people enough to be hurt by them. He was emotionally scarred. His father dying broke him, left his heart in a jagged array from where it shattered  still in his chest. Losing your best friend does that to you. Everytime he closed his eyes, he remembered his face. His face and the promise he had made to him — one that he intended to keep.


The only problem being the promise was made before he understood what being in love truly is. Before he allowed two people to make a home in the broken parts of his soul.


He made the promise before he met Yoongi and Jimin.



Jungkook doesn’t know how he ends up in front of the old wooden door he swore he would try to forget. Maybe it was his heart, dragging him to the one place — the one person — that he knew could offer him comfort when it seemed like the entire world around him was threatening to eat him alive.


He raises a fist to knock, hesitating before it can fall against the dark hard wood. He bites his lip, heart threatening to burst from his chest as he hears movement coming from inside. It’s dark out — probably not the best time for visitors to be loitering nervously around a house.


His phone buzzes in his pocket and he pulls it out from the front pocket of his sweats — welcoming the delay.


Jackson Wang PD [12:04]: why aren’t you at their house?


Jackson Wang PD [12:05]: are you at your mother's?


His eyebrows wrinkle slightly as he reads the messages. Jackson shouldn’t know where his mother's home is. He drops his hand, heart picking up slightly in his chest. It was a mistake coming here and he knows it. They can track him easily, have been since this bullshit mission started. Jackson probably guessed his location based on the fact that he doesn’t really have anyone else he could be visiting. He has no friends outside of the gang and only one surviving family member. He steps back, shoving his hands in the pockets of his — Yoongi’s — black hoodie and turns on his heel to make his way down the brittle stairs.


The door behind him swings open, startling him enough that he nearly loses his footing. He turns, his face staring down the barrel of a gun.


“Eomma?” He asks tentatively. The gun lowers, his mother staring at him with a blank expression before it crumbles completely and she’s pulling him into her arms.


He lets her, his heart aching as the familiar smell of her cherry blossom perfume completely engulfs him.


“Come inside before you say anything else,” she whispers into his ear, making sure to block her lips. “It’s not safe.”


Jungkook frowns but nods, letting her pull him into the small house. She pulls away from him, making sure the various locks on her door are clicked closed. She skips every other lock, smiling when she turns around to see his perplexed expression.


“If you skip locks, anyone who’s trying to pick them will end up always locking at least one of them,” she says with a wink.


“Mom…” Jungkook starts, his eyebrows pinched in confusion. “What’s going on?”


She grabs her gun, leaning it against the navy couch situated in her very cramped living room. She falls down on the couch, stretching just a bit before she looks at him sleepily. Her hand reaches out to him, her eyes softer than Jungkook recalls the last time he saw her. Maybe they weren’t harsh — maybe that was his own mind playing tricks on him.


He falls to his knees in front of her, letting her hand caress his cheek. “Baby bun. My baby bun, how I’ve missed your face.”


Jungkook closes his eyes, trying his best to keep the unshed tears from falling. “Eomma.” His voice cracks but she doesn’t say a word, giving him the chance to fully absorb her.


She strokes his cheek. “It took you long enough to come visit.”


Jungkook doesn’t really know what to say to her at that. He has about a million things he could be apologizing for but he doesn’t know where to start. “I didn’t think you would want me to.”


“I’ll always want to see my boy,” She says easily. Her eyes never breaking from his.


“I’m sorry,” He manages to choke out and it’s like the damn breaks after that. She wipes away whatever stray tears she can manage to. “For everything.” It’s the easiest thing to apologize for, the broadest statement he could manage.


“Ah, young boys never listen to their eomma, do they? Teenage rebellion and all,” she says gently.


Jungkook laughs, sniffling a little bit as she removes her hand from his face. He allows himself to fall into her lap, unable to face her completely. Her hand falls into his hair. It’s something so familiar yet so achingly foreign.


“You seem distressed,” she says bluntly. “What’s going on up there?”


“I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.”


She hums, her way of asking him to continue — her way of telling him that she’s willing to listen. “I — I just realized how much I miss you.”


He cringes as soon as the words fall from his mouth.


“I know that’s not all you want to say.”


He sighs, turning and burying his face in her lap. “What do you do if the person you’re supposed to be and the person you want to be can’t connect?”


She hums. “You ask yourself who you really are.”


Jungkook looks up at her. “I’m sorry I dragged you into a life you never wanted for me.” She looks down at him, her eyes gently. “I can’t even tell you who I really am.”


“I think you do, bun-ah.” She runs her hands through his hair again. “I think that’s why you seem at war with yourself.”


“What if who I want to be, is the selfish decision,” he whispers, his eyes burning pathetically.


He missed her. Head in her lap, her small fingers running through his hair still feels so natural. Maybe that’s because her love was always unconditional, something he could hardly doubt. Maybe she’s always been here — he just decided she wasn’t because it’s easier to keep his distance from her when he knows how fragile life can be.


”Every once in a while,” she begins as she lifts his head, forcing him to look at her. She runs a hand across his forehead, smoothing out the crease between his eyebrows. “We deserve to be selfish.”


He shakes his head, eyes sweeping across the small house she now calls home. “What’s going on here?” He asks as he takes in the boarded windows.


The change in her face is immediate. She quickly glances around her small home as if she’s expecting to see someone else.


“Oh nothing, darling. Just living out the rest of my days in relative peace.” Her face is scrunched slightly, tension building in her shoulders as she looks at him. Jungkook looks at her, watching her exhale shallowly, his expression morphing into one of concern.


“What are you thinking about, eomma?” He asks tentatively.


Her expression hardens just a tad. “Ah baby bun, I’m just thinking about how the peach trees just won’t grow,” she says easily, scribbling something down as she talks. Jungkook’s brows knit together. He recognizes that phrase vaguely but can’t pinpoint where exactly he’s heard it before. She gives him a pointed look, pushing a piece of paper towards him on the small wooden coffee table.


A few of your friends came to visit me last week. It reads.


That’s when it comes back to him.


It was a phrase his father taught them, only to be used when they were in a situation that he didn’t deem safe. They had only used it a few times — mostly when they were in heavily populated areas. He said it was to prevent people from overhearing any sensitive information on him or his family.


“Mother, I already told you they would never grow in a backyard like yours,” Jungkook plays along, ignoring the tension taking over his entire body. He pulls the piece of paper towards him, grabbing the pen from her hands.


My friends? He writes back. The only people he would consider friends don’t even know of her existence. Yugyeom is the only person who could have possibly known about her whereabouts but even that’s unlikely. If there was one piece of information he was protective over — it was where his mother lived. What friends?


She pulls the paper back towards her. Cop. Or so he says. He claimed to be a cop but I didn’t really buy it for a second. She pauses, lost in her own thoughts for a moment. Jungkook watches as she writes, dread already settling heavy on his stomach. His eyes were cold. Almost completely void of any emotion he was supposed to be feeling.


“Yeah baby, but you know I never really listen,” she says, keeping up the conversation for anyone that may or may not be listening. If Jungkook wasn’t as seasoned as he was, he would think her paranoia is unwarranted but he’s seen crazier things happen. If people were in her house, people who were skilled enough to find her location, then who knows what could have been left behind in the house.  


Was his name Jackson?


She studies him for a moment, probably taking in the various emotions that he knows are flickering across his face. You know him?


“Of course I do.” Jungkook furrows his brows. I do, but why would he come to visit you?


“I’m a stubborn old lady, apparently not a very bright one though.” She shrugs. He seemed more keen on threatening me than anything else.


Jungkook feels bile rise in his throat as he looks at his mother. His beautiful mother who he promised wouldn’t be involved in any this no matter what. He knew trusting Jackson was a mistake. He spent so much time worrying about Yoongi killing him once he would find out that he had been lying to him, that he was blind to how off Jackson had seemed.


“Always oblivious to the outside world,” he replies, his eyes sweeping over the small cottage tentatively for a second time. What exactly did he say to you?


“Much too old to learn any new tricks, that’s for sure.” Told me I was to stay put until he said otherwise. He seemed frustrated. “Would you like to go see your old room? It’s been a while since you’ve been home.” He didn’t go upstairs once. Should be safer.


“Of course, Eomma.” He crumples the paper, shoving it in his front pocket. He follows her upstairs, making sure to completely cage her in with his own body. She has the gun tucked into her side, not letting her guard crumble once.


Once they make it into his old room, she holds her hand out. Jungkook frowns at her, silently asking her what she wants. She pulls out her own phone and waves it around, raising an expectant brow at him. Jungkook nods, giving her his phone and watching as she opens the door and takes them — probably to her room, which is just across the hall. When she returns, she’s pulling him into a hug again, this one much more firm than the one they had shared outside.


“Baby bun,” she sighs out softly before she’s raising a hand and cuffing him on the back of his head. “What the hell have you gotten yourself involved in?”

He ducks his head bashfully, a whine rising from the back of his throat. “How are you able to hit so hard?” He says, rubbing the back of his head. She’s a small woman but she’s always been able to pack a punch, even if her fist is smaller than Jimin’s and that’s saying something.


She narrows her eyes. “Because you and your father are world class dumbasses. I’ve had a lot of practice.” Jungkook huffs but doesn’t argue because… well, she’s right. She always is. “What’s going on? Are you in trouble?”


Jungkook sighs. “Well… depends on what you mean by trouble…” She pinches his side. ”I think I am.”


She rolls her eyes. “Tell eomma what’s going on and we can figure it out from there.”


So Jungkook tells her everything. He tells her about the threats made by the police department. He tells her about joining the most notorious gang in Korea — to which she thumps him again, because ‘ Jeongguk, I literally told you to stay out of trouble and instead you join the worst gang you could have! You are truly your father’s son,.’. He tells her about his own suspicions of Jackson, how he seems to only appear when he deems necessary and how he hasn’t done much to get information about Yoongi like he thought he would.


Mostly he tells her about Yoongi and Jimin. At first he thinks he’s being subtle but when she reaches out to him, placing a small hand on his forearm, her eyes radiating an understanding he wasn’t expecting — he knows she figured him out. She was always able to. As a kid he could never keep anything from her, his face unable to put on a facade that would fool her sharp eyes.


“Well baby bun, I think he played you,” she finally says after a few moments of silence they dwelled into after he was done spilling his guts.


He frowns. “Why do you say that?”


“Was he the one to interview you?” She asks. “Back at the station.”


Jungkook bites his lip, thinking back to that night. He doesn't recall seeing Jackson anywhere in the station that night. “No, he wasn’t. That doesn’t mean anything though… shifts vary. Maybe he was just off?”


His mother purses her lips. “When he talked to me, he didn’t show a badge or anything. He also… he just—“ She pauses, thinking to herself. “He seemed— well, he seemed like this was extremely personal.”


“I mean… Yoongi’s father didn’t run the gang like he does. He was very….” He tries to think of a word to describe Min Kai. “He was ruthless. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jackson feels it’s his job to stop the gang.”


She shakes her head. “I don’t know, Kookie. I had a sinking feeling when I met him. You know my intuition is usually correct.”


Jungkook frowns. “You really think something else is going on, don’t you?”


“I don’t know what it is… I just feel like we aren’t seeing the whole picture.” She sighs, looking down at her hands folded in her lap. She begins fiddling with the ring on her finger — her wedding ring. “When your father died… I knew it was coming. I think he did too but that day… I just— I had such a strong feeling that something was going to happen to him and I didn’t listen to it.” She looks up at him. “I can’t make that mistake again.”


Jungkook studies her. She’s as beautiful as he remembers — albeit just a bit older. Where she once had smooth skin, wrinkles now take its place. She’s rougher as well, her entire demeanor not that of sunshine like he remembers but instead a bit more somber. Life has a way of doing that to people.


“I’m sorry I’m putting you through this again,” Jungkook apologizes gently. He never wanted to be the cause of her pain. He swore he wouldn’t be, not after he saw what losing her husband did to her. “I know you never wanted this for me.”


She moves her hands from her lap and reaches one of them to him, waiting for him to take it. Once he does, she wastes no time interlacing their fingers.


“You remind me a lot of your Appa,” She says after some time. “I also have a lot to apologize for.”


The beginnings of a protest form on his lips but she hushes him. “You are my son. I shouldn’t have just abandoned you after we lost him. I’ll always regret not comforting you the way I was supposed to.”


“You were hurting,” he tries. He looks up at her to find her already smiling sadly at him.


“I was but so were you, my baby bun. I should have been the parent you deserved. Maybe this would have never happened.”


Jungkook lets his head land on her shoulder. “It’s not healthy to dwell on the past. You’re here now and you didn’t turn me away, that’s what matters.”


She raises the hand that isn’t intertwined with his own and strokes the side of his face. “I’ll never turn you away. You’ll always be my son.” He gives her a watery smile. “Aish, my baby bun, don’t cry. You’ll make this old woman cry.”


He laughs wetly. “What should we do?”


She hums as she continues to stroke his hair. “I think we need to try and get some background on Jackson. His last name is familiar but I can’t really place it to someone in particular.”


He turns, his eyes falling on his old computer set up. “I mean, I’m always up for a good old internet scavenger hunt.”


She rolls her eyes. “This is going to be a long night, isn’t it?”


“I wouldn’t doubt it. Last time I tried to search anything on him I came up pretty empty handed but if I’m being honest… I wasn’t really searching very hard.” Jungkook turns his head to her, giving her a buck toothed smile. “Is eomma going to make me some of her amazing kimchi fried rice for the sleepover we are about to have?”


“Still a spoiled baby, I see,” she replies, no bite in her words. She pats his knee before she stands up. “I’ll get started on some food, you get started on working your computer games.”


Jungkook scoffs, affronted. “Computer games? It’s a bit more complicated than that!”


“Just work on all your VPN and LAN nonsense.” She laughs when he chokes. “I texted Jackson a cover on to why you’re here and told him you’ll update him in the morning. You have the night to work but you have to be gone tomorrow if you don’t want him to grow suspicious.”


Jungkook nods an affirmative, making his way to his old setup. He blows off the dust, tapping the keyboard and anxiously waits for it to light up. It could very well be dead after all these years of no use — he nearly praises a god he doesn’t believe in when everything comes to life the way it should.


He makes himself comfortable in his chair, cracking his knuckles before opening various applications on the multiple screens in front of him. He begins working on his proxy chain, making sure to get a good game of cat and mouse going. Jackson is obviously not who he claims to be and if he has people watching him closely enough to find out where his mother lives, he could very well be alerted if Jungkook were to start digging around in his past. Once he has at least four proxy servers communicating to each other through bots he’s set up, he gets to work.


He begins his search with the police database, sifting through various employee files, trying to find one that matches Jackson but he comes up short handed. Which means, either Jackson is a ghost in the department or like his mother guessed, isn’t actually part of the police force. Uneasiness unfurls in him as he backs out of the database. If Jackson isn’t with the police… then what in the actual fuck is going on?


He had his suspicions that Jackson wasn’t exactly the most straight edge cop but he never expected him not to be part of the police force period. It doesn’t make any sense.


He shakes his head, forcing himself to keep his mind in a clear headspace. He can’t work if his judgement begins to cloud — that's when people get sloppy. That’s when information slips through the cracks and that’s not something he can afford right now. He twists his neck, letting it crack before he begins pulling up various cameras set up around the police department. He sets them to a day before he was brought in for questioning. Jungkook lets his eyes drift from the various recordings, scanning through the numerous people filtering in and out of the station.


It’s not until the security footage time stamp reads one in the morning that he spots who he had been looking for. Jackson walks up to the back doors of the station, face obscured by the hood of his black sweater as he talks to a man at the door. Jungkook recognizes the man as the bad cop from his interrogation. They talk to each other for a while before bad cop is handing something off to Jackson who slips it into his pocket giving the man a brief nod.


Jackson doesn’t stick around for long after their exchange and the cop retreats back inside the station. It’s an odd exchange, sure, but also hardly incriminating. Jungkook sighs, leaning back in his chair. He goes with the only lead he currently has and pulls up the police's employer file on ‘bad cop’.


He finds out the man’s name is Moon Yunho. It leads him nowhere though, the man for the most part has a squeaky clean record. Even runs a youth soccer team in his free time. Jungkook keeps his file up regardless, studying the man’s file, hoping something will jump out at him. There’s got to be a reason he’s working with Jackson — he just has to find it.


As he’s staring blankly at the screen, his mother pushes open the door with her hip, balancing a plate of kimchi rice in her hands. She places it in front of him, dropping a kiss on his hair as she does so. He turns to her, preening at the affection. She smiles at him warmly before placing her hand on the back of his chair.


She leans in suddenly, squinting at the screen as Jungkook shovels rice into his mouth. “Why do you have a picture of Yunho on your screen?”


Jungkook nearly chokes on his food. She looks at him worriedly, patting his back as he struggles to breathe. “Why do you say it as if you know him?”


“Kookie-ah, you knew him as well,” she says, her eyebrows pinching together slightly. “Well, I guess you didn’t actually. He’s a few years younger than you.”


Jungkook looks at her strangely, not understanding what she’s talking about. “What do you mean, I knew him? How would I know him?”


She leans back, fiddling with her wedding ring again as she begins to speak. “Do you remember Taeil? He worked with your father?”


“Of course I remember him,” Jungkook says slowly, still not understanding. “He was like my uncle but what—“


“His last name was Moon,” she says, cutting him off. Jungkook freezes, eyes darting back to the computer. “Yunho is his son. He was about twelve when your father died and living with his mother because his father didn’t want him anywhere near his work. I don’t think the two of you ever met now that I come to think of it.”


“That means…” Jungkook turns back to the computer, pulling up Facebook of all things.


His mother leans in closer, watching him begin to search for Taeil in the search bar. Nothing comes up — which isn’t really surprising. He doubts gangsters, whether they are ex or not, use social media much.


“Look up Nayeon Moon,” his mother says to him when their results come up short. “She has a facebook, I think. She wasn’t directly involved with any of the gangs activity so she never really felt the need to be hidden.”


Jungkook nods, typing her name. It’s easy to find her. She’s smiling in her profile picture, Yunho’s faced pressed up against hers. Her profile is private but Jungkook breaks through that easily, gaining full access to her account.


He doesn’t know what he’s looking for in particular, probably just anything tying Yunho to Jackson. What he does end up stumbling upon has his mother gasping lightly behind him. It is a picture of Yunho, Taeil and Jackson at what seems to be a cemetery. They are standing in front of a tombstone, their faces somber.


Daeyon Moon is at Busan Memorial Park: It’s been 7 years and we still feel your loss. We promise we are taking care of your boy as if he’s our own.


Jungkook’s eyes fall on the tombstone.


Jay Wang


Loving husband, father, son, and uncle. Gone too soon but never forgotten.


Chapter Text



When Yoongi fell in love with Jimin, he often wondered if one day he would come to regret that he allowed someone into his heart. It was the one thing he was taught to never do. Falling in love was dangerous when you constantly had to look over your shoulder. It was easier to just harden yourself. Make it as if your heart was nothing more than an organ solely there to pump blood through your body. The only person Yoongi allowed himself to ever love after he lost his mother, was Taehyung — his brother. The younger boy didn’t share the same mother as him but he was still the only family Yoongi thought he needed. It was them against the world.


He remembers countless nights, huddled with the younger in his large room, both of them clinging to each other while their father tore people apart — both verbally and physically, in their living room. Their father never believed in shielding them from his wrongdoings, even when they were only children. 


They had to grow up quickly. Weren’t allowed to cry even in the face of distress without getting punished harshly for it. Both of them learned to deal with it, knowing that fighting back was essentially signing your own death certificate. His mother had tried to save both of them and ended up paying the ultimate price for it. It didn’t matter if they were his children — Min Kai loved no one. 


Yoongi swore to himself that he would never allow someone besides Taehyung close enough to hurt him. Not only because he felt as if he was incapable of truly loving someone but because he would never want to drag someone else into this life that had been chosen for him. He wasn’t dumb. Yoongi knew very well what it meant to be the son of the leader of the Min Syndicate. It meant he was a target, worth a hefty prize if killed. 


With a bounty on his head, Yoongi had to become ruthless. He had to force himself into the mold his father had made for him. He couldn’t show weakness to anyone. He was to bury his heart somewhere deep inside of himself, pretending as if it didn’t exist. As time went on, the act became his reality. 


He became jaded to the world around him. He helped his father run hits, lead various attacks and made sure that the last thing whatever poor target made it onto his list saw was his face as they took their last breath. His name slowly began spreading throughout the underground, making it to even the toughest men and causing them to hesitate in fear. 


In a lot of ways, Yoongi had accepted his fate. He knew he was to become the leader once his father passed — once he was most likely murdered. The gang was to become his, his name tied to the atrocities his father committed. He didn’t care. 


That is, until he met a beautiful boy with sparkling eyes that turned into small half crescent moons when he smiled. He hadn’t intended to meet Jimin and he surely never meant to fall in love with him but… well, his heart didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. It had been an accident. 


Jimin had been working at a coffee shop, located relatively close to the local college. Yoongi had gone in to grab a cup of coffee after his father’s funeral, wanting to escape the large amount of people in his father's — his home. Taehyung denied joining him, stating he needed time to figure out his feelings on his own. Yoongi pretended he didn’t see his baby brother running off with his best friend, their hands intertwined. 


[ Yoongi sighed as he turned into the small coffee shop, rubbing at his eyes. He felt exhausted… not just physically but mentally as well. 


He didn’t love his father, probably hadn’t since he lost his mother to his violence but… at least with him around it didn’t feel like he had to balance the entire world on his shoulders. Now everyone was to look to him as their leader and it was just… something he never really wanted. The only good stemming from this whole situation is that he can finally start changing some of the horrible things his father had implemented over the years. 


If there was one thing he was going to do, it was try to change their community for the better. 


He made his way up to the counter, heart stopping as soon as his eyes focused on the most beautiful boy he’s ever encountered. 


The boy looked up with a small smile, his cheeks rounding cutely. “Hi, how can I help you?” ]


Yoongi looks over to present day Jimin who’s currently laying in the middle of their large bed. The younger seems to sense his eyes on him because he turns to him, a small — very tired smile gracing his lips. 


“You’re thinking pretty loudly,” Jimin says softly. “What's on your mind?”


Yoongi offers him a smile of his own. “Do you remember the first time we met?”


“Of course I do,” Jimin replies, rolling in bed until he’s laying flat on his stomach. He folds his hands, placing his chin on top of them. “You were mean as hell.”


Yoongi grimaces. “Not my finest moment.”


“It was hot though,” Jimin amends for him. 


[ “What, you can’t even make a fucking decent coffee?” Yoongi snapped, ignoring the way his heart clenched uncomfortably in his chest as the barista flinched back. “You work in a fucking coffee shop.” 


The barista paused for a moment, and Yoongi wondered if he was going to start crying but what he did instead surprised him. The shorter man straightened up and leaned onto the counter, his palms pressed flat against the marble. 


“I may work in a fucking coffee shop but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fucking human being, you asshole,” the barista fired back, holding Yoongi’s eye contact. “If you don’t like the coffee, just leave? It’s not a revolutionary idea. There is a Starbucks just down the road.” 


If it was anyone else, Yoongi would have had the man begging for mercy for disrespecting him like that but instead, his mask began to crack. 


“I’m… I’m sorry,” Yoongi tried to amend. The barista leaned away from him, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s been a bad day.” 


“That's not an excuse for being an asshole,” The barista reminded him but there was a lot less venom in his tone as he spoke. “But it does get you a free muffin.” 


Yoongi looked up, arching a brow. “Really?”


The barista smiled at him, his eyes resembling tiny moons. Yoongi could feel his heart begin to come alive again, even if he knew it shouldn’t. 


“Blueberry or chocolate?” ]


Yoongi stands, his fingertips dancing along the edge of the bed. Jimin removes his hands from under his chin, reaching out for him until Yoongi lazily tangles their fingers together.


“Me snapping at you in the middle of a coffee shop was hot?” Yoongi asks lightly, moving to lay in the bed with him. Jimin tugs him forward until he’s laying flush against his side. 


Jimin moves his hand to his hair, running through it softly. “Maybe not hot but… you were — I can’t even explain it, I just knew there was more to you than some asshole who couldn’t handle their order getting messed up.”


“I don’t know about that.” Yoongi presses up against Jimin’s hand, chasing the feeling. Sometimes Jimin pets him as if he’s a kitten and Yoongi is too embarrassed to admit he loves it. “I am an asshole. I still don’t know why you chose this life.” 


It’s something that weighs heavily on him. Some part of him wishes he wasn’t so selfish when it came to Jimin. Wishes he was strong enough to let the younger man go. Maybe, his life wouldn’t be so polluted by him. Jimin is probably one of the kindest people he’s ever met and he hates that he’s the reason the dancer has had to harden his heart. 


Jimin tugs his hair gently, not enough to hurt him but enough to get his mind to stop racing. “Because choosing anything else would mean not choosing you.” 


“I’m not worth the consequences that come with this life.”


“Yoongi, don’t you dare try and pull this martyr bullshit again,” Jimin says curtly. He’s tense under Yoongi and the gang leader hates it. Can’t stand being the cause of Jimin’s anger. “You can’t just shut down when things get tough. We won’t have a repeat of that.” 


Yoongi sighs, knowing that his boyfriend is right. He already tried to run from Jimin once and, well… he will never do that again. Not after what happened the last time. 


[ “Yoongi, I don’t give a fuck where you are,” Taehyung spit into the phone. Yoongi couldn’t recall ever hearing his brother so angry. “You need to come home. Now.”


Yoongi paused. “Taehyung, what’s wrong? You’ve never acted like this before?” 


He knew his brother. Taehyung would never try to force him into doing anything, knowing their childhood was riddled with nothing but being coerced into decisions they didn’t want to make. His brother was also not someone to resort to anger, even when he’s frustrated. The only time Taehyung was ever actually angry is when he was.... scared.


“Taehyung,” Yoongi said again when his brother doesn’t respond swiftly. Dread filling his stomach when he heard his brother sniffle on the other end of the line. “What happened?”


“They… hyung -- hyung, I’m so sorry,” Taehyung blabbered on the phone, his words becoming hard to decipher. Yoongi’s heart began falling. “Hyung… they…. they took Jimin.” 


Yoongi remembered being angry a lot as a child. It was hard not to be when his life was full of nothing but heartache but… the anger that coursed through his veins at the sheer thought of someone harming Jimin was a feeling he had never felt before. It was as if the entire world around him had turned red, the anger clouding his vision. 


When he got to the warehouse that some trivial gang had led him to, the carnage was something he still has nightmares about. He lost it, killing anyone in his path with hardly any hesitation. It was sensless murder, he knew that now, but back then -- it was as if he couldn’t control the way his fear coursed through him. 


It didn’t matter to him though, not when he found Jimin tied up in some shitty bedroom in the back of the house. Tears had stained his lover's cheeks as he lay lifeless on the bed, but he was still alive and that was the only thing that Yoongi could find himself to care about in that moment. As he cradled Jimin in his arms, he made a promise to him that day. 


He would never leave him again, not until Jimin himself sent him away. ]


Jimin presses a kiss to Yoongi’s hair. “I miss him too.” 


Yoongi turns in his boyfriend's grip, pressing his face against Jimin’s neck. The younger keeps petting him, running his fingers through the gang leader's hair. 


“I didn’t mean to fall in love with him,” Yoongi says softly. 


“Oh baby,” Jimin says gently. “We can’t control who we fall in love with. If we could, I don’t know if we would have ended up together.” 


Yoongi smiles into Jimin’s neck. “What, you wouldn’t choose to be in love with a gang leader?” 


Jimin laughs loudly. “That’s not what I meant,” Jimin pinches his side softly. “I meant that I know you! You would have never chosen to fall in love with one person — let alone two.” 


“I don’t regret falling in love with you,” Yoongi says honestly. He doesn’t. Even if sometimes, he knows it would be easier not to be with Jimin… he doesn’t think that would be a life worth living. 


Jimin presses another kiss to his hair. “You don’t regret falling in love with Jungkook either, do you?”


Yoongi pauses, thinking over the events of the last couple of months. When Jungkook first got to their home, he was shy. He could hardly even look at Yoongi without stuttering but as time went on he began to truly become himself. There wasn’t a time Jungkook wasn’t hanging off of one of them. Their youngest would sometimes even sit in his office with him for hours, not saying a word but just wanting to be near him. 


He also thinks about Jungkook’s laugh — how he would throw his entire head back when he was laughing loud enough. He thinks about how soft Jungkook’s hand feels in his own and how he would look at Jimin when he was in the middle of telling a story. Or how Jungkook would sit with Yeonjun in the younger’s room and play video games with him every Friday night because he knew Yeonjun never really got to live the normal childhood most boys got to have. 


Yoongi regrets a lot of choices he’s made in his life but… he knows loving Jungkook isn’t one of them. 


“No, I don’t regret it,” Yoongi finally says. “Do you?”


“No,” Jimin answers immediately. “I don’t regret falling in love with either of you.” 


Yoongi smiles into his boyfriend's neck. “We should have told him the truth from the beginning.” 


“You couldn’t have known it would turn out like this.” 


Yoongi sits up, leaning his weight on his arm. Jimin looks at him, warmth radiating off the younger in waves but Yoongi can still see the fear that swims in his eyes. 


“I know but now he’s gone and won’t answer us.” Yoongi sighs, throwing himself back on the bed. His head hits the pillows with a loud thump. “If something happens to him…” he trails off, not being able to stomach the thought of losing Jungkook. 


“It won’t,” Jimin interrupts fiercely. “Jungkook is a lot stronger than you give him credit for.” 


Yoongi turns his head to face his boyfriend. “It’s not that I don’t think he’s strong. I know he’s strong… so are you, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” 


Jimin softens, laying his head next to Yoongi’s. They turn towards each other. “I know baby but… he will come back, okay? I— I really think he will.” 


“I hope so,” Yoongi whispers. 


“If he… runs. Will you be able to let him go?” Jimin asks, intertwining their fingers together between their bodies. 


“Would you?” 


Jimin tightens the grip on his hand. “I would. If it meant he was happy, but… it would kill me.” 


“It would be the same for me,” Yoongi agrees. He untangles one of his hands from Jimin’s and tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “But I would make sure that no matter where he ends up, he would be protected.” 


Jimin smiles at him, his eyes nearly slipping closed. “Even after everything he’s—” 


His boyfriend gets cut off by Yoongi’s phone ringing. It’s the ringtone he’s set specifically for both Jimin and Jungkook. He shoots up from the bed, blindly grabbing for his phone that’s plugged into the bedside table. 






His mother leans back from the computer, her hands still resting on his shoulders. Her and Jungkook have been staring at the screen for the better half of an hour now, the information still digesting with both of them. It all starts making sense, in a way that has Jungkook feeling sick. 


“That’s why he looked so familiar,” she says, more to herself than anything else. She leans closer to the screen, studying Jackson’s face closer. “He holds himself just like his father used to.”


Jungkook stares blankly at the screen. “Jay Wang? He was uncle Jay’s son? I don’t… I don’t ever remember Jackson as a kid?” He was rather close to his uncle Jay and somehow never knew he had a son that was relatively close to himself in age. 


“You wouldn’t. Jay made sure to keep him away from this type of life. He was like Taeil in a lot of ways,” His mother moves her hand to the mouse, clicking to the next picture. It’s a picture of Yunho and Jackson, standing next to Jay’s grave. “He gave him to Yunho’s mother when he was born, wanting him to live a semblance of a normal life.” 


Jungkook can’t seem to wrap his mind around it. He knew there was something about Jackson that made him pause. He could just never quite pinpoint where exactly his ill feelings towards the “cop” came from, always blaming it on his already present aversion to cops in general. This information though — it makes the predicament he’s currently in all the more personal. It was different when his job was just to help bring down a gang for the good of the city — even if Jungkook now knows Yoongi is actually good  — but that was never really the case. 


He feels sick when his mind wanders to both Yoongi and Jimin who have been nothing but good to him. He can’t even stomach thinking of the betrayal they’ll feel when they find out he’s a snake. His eyes drift over to his mother who's now sitting on the bed, slowly picking rice up and eating it and he realizes that he didn’t truly have a choice — has even less of one now. Jackson knows exactly who he is, knows even the most intimate details of his life that he had tried to bury along with his father. 


“What are we going to do?” His mother asks after some time. Jungkook has gone back to staring at the picture of Jackson and Yunho next to Jay’s grave. He looks over to his frail mother, his heart clenching uncomfortably in his chest. Now that he knows Jackson isn’t just some crooked cop, it makes their entire situation a lot more delicate. 


Leaving her alone would be as good as signing her death sentence. 


“We have to leave,” Jungkook finally manages. His words sound hoarse, the tremble in his voice giving entirely too much away. His mother doesn’t say anything though. 


She nods at him biting her bottom lip nervously. “Where do you suppose we go, baby bun? It’s not like we can just run.” 


He returns her somber gaze with a strange look. They could run away actually. In fact that seems like the best course of action at this point. He knows how to fly under the radar. Jackson may have had one up on him this entire time but now he’s no longer in the dark. He doesn’t doubt his skills — in fact he knows , he’s one of the best hackers in the game. It wouldn’t be hard to take his mother to a remote location and just hide with her until… well, probably for the rest of their lives. 


“Living on the run is no way to live,” his mother says evenly as if she’s reading his mind as he works through their options. “Always looking over your shoulder is no way to live.”


He looks at her helplessly. He knows she’s right. “What other choice do we have?” 


She levels him with a look that seems just a bit to knowing for his taste. “I think we both know what other choice we have.”


“I can’t,” Jungkook says firmly. His heart clenches painfully as he thinks of the look Yoongi had been giving him when he ran out the door paired with Jimin’s distressed calls for him falling on deaf ears. “They… I betrayed them. They’ll kill me if I tell them the truth.” 


“I don’t think that to be true. The way you speak of them — they don’t sound like the monsters his father had bred.” 


Jungkook looks up at her, eyebrows furrowed. “You knew Yoongi’s father?”


“Oh Jungkookie, anyone living this sort of life knows of Min Kai,” she says, laughing humorously. “He was never a kind man, hardly even showed emotion when it came to his own flesh and blood, or the woman he was supposed to love.” 


“You met Yoongi before?” Jungkook asks, the beginnings of a headache forming as the story reaches a new depth. “You knew his mother?”


His mother pauses, she looks tired. “Min Jihyo was a friend of mine. Your father… Kai and him worked together on a few things — things we weren’t allowed to know about. When I first met her, Yoongi was nothing more than a baby. He couldn’t even talk.” She sighs. “She always looked so… tired. I knew she never wanted the life she found herself in. She even tried to run away once, when Yoongi was a teen, probably around seventeen years old.” 


Jungkook gapes at her, his gut twisting uncomfortably. “What happened to her after that?” 


“I don’t know,” his mother says quietly. Her voice is pained as she continues. “I just know I never saw Jihyo again after that day.”


Jungkook sucks in a harsh breath. Yoongi has talked about his father before but has never even uttered his mother’s name. He can’t — he looks at his mother — he won’t even entertain the idea of losing his own mother. 


“Yoongi doesn’t sound anything like him from what you’ve told me,” His mother keeps on, eating her rice. “Unless… he is?”


Jungkook shakes his head frantically, not wanting her to compare Yoongi to someone like Kai for even a second. “Yoongi is nothing like him… he’s— god, he’s probably one of the kindest men I’ve ever met.”


His mother raises a brow. “He runs a notorious gang, he can’t be that much of an upstanding guy.” 


“No, I know that but Yoongi… he doesn’t want to be like his father,” Jungkook says firmly. “He hates his father and everything he tried to instill in him. He only goes after people that try to hurt innocents, he doesn’t even sell drugs because he knows that the impoverished are always the first to fall to the evils of them. He also adopted a boy, you know? Took him in after his father died,” Jungkook rambles on, not catching the look his mother throws him. “And Jimin? He probably has a heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever met. He is always nothing but smiles but he has a very sharp edge to him.”


His mother places her bowl down on the bedside table. “Wow Jungkookie, I thought you were only in love with one fellow but you’re in love with two.”


Jungkook freezes, his entire face turning red as his mother smirks at him. “Eomma... I am not — I just.. They both took me in. I’m just — I’m grateful. Just grateful.”


“Aish my baby, you think you can lie to your mother? Even after all these years you still can hardly look me in the eye when you’re not telling me the truth,” his mother teases. “You remember when you used to sneak sweets to bed? You could never make eye contact when you had chocolates in your sleep shorts.”


Jungkook groans. “I was six,” he reminds her. “Of course I couldn’t lie to you. You were terrifying.” 


“Oh, and I’m not now?” She challenges, staring him down easily. She hardly flinches and Jungkook folds embarrassingly quick. “As I thought, so don’t bother trying to lie to me now.” 


“Okay… maybe some feelings are involved,” he admits, ignoring the longing in his heart as he thinks of the two of them. They are probably curled around each other, hardly even caring he’s gone. “It doesn’t matter though. They have each other.” 


“So you think because they love each other, that love can’t extend to you as well?” She asks slowly. 


Jungkook shrugs. “I mean… yes?”

She hums in a way that has Jungkook looking up at her. “If that’s so and we are only meant to fall in love with one person, why did you fall in love with two?” 


Jungkook opens his mouth to retort but then fully realizes her words. She’s not wrong. He is very much in love with both of them but… that— he doesn’t want to hope. He can’t set himself up for that kind of heartbreak. He doesn’t know how much more his heart can take. 


“Eomma…” He says softly. He wants to hope they love him back but everything — it’s too raw right now. 


His mother sighs, moving over to him to wrap her arms around him. “Oh my baby bun, they would be idiots not to love you.” 


Jungkook sniffles, wrapping his own arms around her. He forgot what it felt like to have her love surrounding him. She used to be his entire world — still is. Which is why, regardless of his own feelings he needs to do what will keep her safe. 


“I’m going to call Yoongi,” He says when they pull apart. She pets his hair, giving him a reassuring smile. “Even if it could potentially end up getting us both killed.” 


“I don’t think he’s a cold blooded murderer,” his mother says after a moment. Jungkook knows she’s just trying to comfort him but it doesn’t really soothe the anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach. 


“You’ve never met him,” Jungkook reminds her. “How could you know that?” 


She smiles at him. The same smile she used to give him when he was a child — one full of so much warmth that it makes Jungkook feel unbelievably loved. “Because you would never fall in love with someone who doesn’t have a heart as wonderful as your own.” 


He flushes, ducking his head slightly when she pinches his cheeks. He turns back to the computer once she begins gathering their dishes and excuses herself to her room to pack whatever she can easily travel with and doesn’t want to leave behind. This isn’t the first time either of them had to make a run for it or travel with a target on their backs — being the son and wife of a gang leader comes with its penance. 


It gives him time to gather his thoughts. He saves all the images of Jackson and Yunho to his own USB. He knows that if he’s going to try and get Yoongi’s forgiveness — or at the very least, his help, he will need to present a damn good case. While he doesn’t think the gang leader will outright kill him and his mother, he knows how much Yoongi values trust, which Jungkook broke the moment he sought after Jimin. 


He skims through Yunho’s mother facebook one last time, gathering any information he’s able to. She seems to be on social media a lot from the amount of posts she’s accumulated in the last day alone. It also seems like she took Jackson in as her own son, which has Jungkook thinking of her computer. He pulls up his own programming software, recalling a malware code he learned years ago. 


It’s a simple bug, one that can be sent through an email link that will immediately give him access to whatever unlucky victim that falls upon its IP address. Middle aged women are usually the easiest targets, especially by a well written email. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out Nayeon’s email and soon he’s writing out an email explaining that someone is attempting to hack her facebook profile. He drops the link in the email, double checking that the virus will go undetected by someone who’s not actively looking for it. 


If he can get access to her computer drive and break through whatever firewall or protective security it’s running off of, he can possibly dig up more information on both Yunho and Jackson. He hopes that he can get Jackson to back off without having to threaten him but… he knows what it’s like to be filled with blind range. 


Knows what it’s like to thirst for revenge. It can easily cloud your judgement, especially when backed into a corner. He knows the minute he calls Yoongi and takes his mother to their home, Jackson will know he’s turned on his mission. All covers will be blown and he has to be prepared for the explosion that it will cause, but as long as his mother stays safe, he thinks he will be okay. 


His mother ventures back into the room, a small duffle at her hip. “Are we leaving tonight? Or in the morning?”


“Tonight,” he says firmly, reaching to grab his phone from his pocket. He powers it back on, cringing at the amount of messages that light up his screen. 


Missed Call (10): Jiminie ♡ 


Missed Call (3): Yoon


The three best friends that anyone could ever have [chat]:


Jiminie ♡ [00:00] : Jungkook? 


Jiminie ♡ [00:05] : Jungkook, please come back. We are worried about you. 


Jiminie ♡ [00:10] :  Bun. please at least let us know you're okay? 


Jiminie ♡ [00:11] :  I promise we aren’t mad at you :( We love you. Please come home.


Jiminie ♡ [00:15] :  Jeon fucking Jungkook I will track you down myself. Don’t try me.


Yoon [01:00] : Jimin is serious by the way. 


Yoon [01:30] : He already has Hoseok trying to track you down


Yoon [01:39] : We need to talk. The three of us.


Yoon [01:40] : Jimin told me that sounds bad but it isn't, I promise. 


Yoon [02:00] : Come home please. 


He chews his bottom lip, his stomach already filling with dread at the thought of having to tell them the truth. He already lied to Jimin once about who he was and what his intentions with the gang were, and he doesn’t know if the shorter will forgive him a second time. Hell, he hardly even thinks Yoongi will be able to stand just looking at him once the truth is out. 


He could very well be losing them for the second time tonight but… he glances over at his mother who is giving him a patient smile — he has to do this. If not for himself, for her. She never asked for the life they somehow wound up in. It was never her intention to lose not only her husband but also her own life to the violence plaguing Seoul. 


He hesitates before he presses call on Yoongi’s contact. The elder picks up in a matter of seconds, hardly letting the phone ring once. 


“Bun?” Yoongi breathes out, the relief evident in his voice. It makes something ugly stir in Jungkook’s stomach, the guilt resurfacing as he imagines the hurt he’s about to put the gang leader through. “Where are you?” 


“I’m...” Jungkook pauses, looking at his mother who gives him an encouraging nod. “My… I’m with my mother.” 


“Your mother?” Yoongi parrots back slowly. “I thought you didn’t speak to her anymore?” 


“I don’t… but — I had nowhere else to go.” 


Yoongi starts saying something but is immediately cut off by really loud rustling from the other end. Jungkook can make out the gang leader muttering a few curse words and can faintly hear Jimin whine at him. After a few moments, the sounds stop on the other end. 


“Jungkookie! How dare you say that?” Jimin says into the phone. Jungkook gets hit with just how much he missed him — even if it’s only been a few hours since he’s left. “You never had to leave.”


Jungkook sighs. “I know, hyung… it just— it was becoming too much.”


“Oh baby, we never wanted to overwhelm you.” Jungkook hears some shuffling on the other end of the phone and then Yoongi is speaking into the speaker as well. 


“We have a lot we need to talk about,” the gang leader tells him and Jungkook resists the urge to snort. Yoongi really doesn’t have any idea just how much they need to talk about. “Will you come home tonight?”


“I can be there in less than an hour,” Jungkook finally says, his stomach in knots. “If you will also take my mother in?”


He’s met with silence on the other end.


“Jungkook, what’s going on?” Yoongi asks, his voice morphing into the same one he heard the night he first met him. “Are you in trouble?”


“I…” He trails off. He doesn’t want to lie to Yoongi anymore. He can’t. “I am. I— Yoongi, I’m in a lot of trouble.” 


He hears a sharp intake of breath, most likely from Jimin. But the shorter doesn’t say anything. 


It takes a moment but then Yoongi is back, his voice hollow and sharp. “Where are you?” 


“Yoongi… I can make my way back—” He tries but Yoongi doesn’t seem to want to hear any of it.


Bun, ” He says firmly. The way he says it has Jungkook freezing. “You under no circumstances are to leave your mother’s house, do you understand me? I am sending Taehyung and Seokjin over now.” 


Jungkook’s eyes knit together in confusion. “How do you even know where she lives?”


“Bun… do you remember what I told you? The first time we met?” 


Jungkook pauses. He recalls the day clearly but he doesn’t quite know what Yoongi means — and then it hits him. His stomach lurches as he recounts Yoongi’s piercing gaze, staring at him as he sat in the gang leader's SUV. 


I knew exactly who you were, not even an hour after the first time Jimin mentioned you in passing. 


His heart drops to the pit of his stomach. Yoongi wasn’t just talking about his alias. Yoongi knew, from the first time he fucking heard his name who he was. He also knew that he was never in this to join the gang. Holy fuck. 


“The car will be there in ten minutes. You and your mother get in the car and don’t you dare open the door for anyone but Taehyung or Seokjin,” Yoongi continues, his tone leaving no room for arguments. 


“Yoongi… I’m…” God, Jungkook doesn’t even know where to start. He feels sick, the color completely draining from his face as he thinks of Yoongi knowing he was trying to play him this entire time. Fuck. Jimin is probably going to hate him. 


“Bun,” Yoongi says softly. It’s the same tone he uses with Jimin sometimes, when it’s just the three of them. Jungkook doesn’t understand why he’s using it with him — he doesn’t deserve it. “Breathe for me, okay?”


“I— I don’t… how can you… Yoongi,” Jungkook stumbles through his words. 


Yoongi just hushes him. “Get here and we will talk, okay? I just need you to get here in one piece and away from Jackson in order for that to happen.” 


Jungkook wants to ask how he knows Jackson but decides against it. Instead he just nods, even though the gang leader can’t see it. “What if Jackson gets here first?”


Yoongi chuckles darkly. “He knows that if he touches you, he’ll face a consequence even worse than those men he sent after Jimin.” 


“What… Yoongi, what do you mean?”


“If he hurts you. If he even fucking looks at you ever again, he’s as good as dead,” Yoongi says easily. “You and Jimin are off fucking limits and I’m sure he knows that by now. I doubt he’s stupid enough to try anything, especially not when he sees Taehyung there.” 


Jungkook’s mind reels. He can’t comprehend what Yoongi means. “Why would you… why would you protect me like— like Jimin?”


Yoongi sighs. “We have a lot to talk about bun, but…” He inhales slightly. “I don’t take kindly to people threatening those I love.”


Jungkook inhales sharply. He can feel hope threatening to bloom in his chest. His mother comes to his side, placing a hand on his shoulder. 


“I have to go make some calls, bun,” Yoongi says after a beat of silence. “We’ll talk when you get home, I promise.”


When Yoongi ends the call, he stares down at it. 




He’s going home. 

Chapter Text

Jungkook used to think he always had life figured out.


He would hack until he couldn’t anymore. He had made a habit of keeping all the money he earned from his jobs, set aside to hopefully find his mother one day and give her the life she deserved. Hell, maybe he would have even enrolled himself in school and gotten a degree to work for IT — or something in computer sciences in general. Or maybe even become a professional gamer. He could totally be a twitch streamer if he wanted to be. Seemed easy enough. 


Really, he expected a lot of things.


What he never expected was to somehow get involved with one of the most notorious gangs in Korea, having to deal with crooked cops, find his mother again and have to flee with her. He also really never expected to fall in love.


Yoongi opens the front door to the mansion, Jimin standing next to him. 


Fall in love with one person — let alone two. 


Jungkook opens his mouth, he knows an apology won’t cut it. He hopes they can find a way to forgive him. 


Jimin doesn’t give him the chance to speak. The shorter flies down the stairs and right into his arms, causing Jungkook to drop his mother’s bags. Jungkook can’t find it in himself to care like he probably should and instead wraps his arms around Jimin, inhaling his comforting scent. He always smells like flowers. 


“You idiot,” Jimin says into his neck. “You absolute idiot. Why would you run like that?” 


Jungkook feels his eyes burn as he holds onto Jimin. “I didn’t— I just thought…” He can’t find the right words. There are about a million things he wishes to say but doesn’t know where to start.


Yoongi comes down the stairs, his walk a lot more casual. Jungkook untucks himself from Jimin, ready to face the wrath of the gang leader. He broke his trust. Broke the promise he made to him the first night they met. If Yoongi wants him gone — wants him dead, well there’s really nothing that he can do about it now. 


But what Yoongi does is the exact opposite. He grabs Jungkook’s hand, intertwining their fingers and squeezes his hand gently. Jungkook looks up, meeting dark eyes only to find a kind warmth he hadn’t been expecting. 


“Glad you’re home bun.” 




Jungkook hasn’t had one since his father died. He tightens his hold on Jimin, inhaling him. Forcing his brain to recognize that this is real. He didn’t lose him — didn’t lose either of them. At least for now, that is. 


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook says quietly. Not just for running. He’s sorry for so many things. The list is too long to go through. He wishes it were easier. Wonders what it would be like if he met both of them at a different time. Would they still have found each other? 


Jimin pulls back slightly, smiling at him. Yoongi stands next to him, his eyes warm. 


Jungkook’s heart skips a beat in his chest. He thinks he would find them no matter what. They were meant to find each other. There would be two holes in his heart, that would never be filled if he didn’t know them. If he didn’t have Yoongi’s smile in his life or Jimin’s warm laughter. 


Yoongi seems to understand his inner turmoil, even if Jungkook doesn’t say anything aloud. He nods at him, his eyes searching Jungkook’s. He can probably see right through him. It’s a bit jarring to realize that he always could. Even when Jungkook thought he was lying — living in secret, Yoongi saw right through him. 


“We will have a talk later,” Yoongi says quietly. “For now, I have to deal with the situation we are in.” It’s like a switch flips. Yoongi’s warm eyes grow cold — harsh. He stands straighter, dropping Jungkook’s hand and adjusting his suit. He pops his fingers, Jungkook’s eyes are immediately drawn to the large rings dawning his fingers — most of them are skulls, the silver they are made of obviously expensive. 


Jimin pulls away from him as well but lets his hand drop to Jungkook’s own. He pulls him back slightly, blocking his body with his own. Jungkook’s mother takes the hint and stands behind both of them. Yoongi winks at them before he’s turning and looking out onto the large driveway of his mansion. He places his left hand in his pocket and his right sits on his waist. 


“Hey boss,” someone says to their right. His mother shuffles closer to Jungkook and Jimin, partially hiding herself as three men walk up the path to the house. The men are of various heights, the tallest looking the most intimidating in his leather jacket and neck completely covered in tattoos. Two shorter men trail him, one donning a beanie and tattoos of his own. The shortest man is the only one that isn’t covered in tattoos or piercings, looking the friendliest of the bunch.


Yoongi steps forward and away from them. His fingers play with the top button of his maroon suit jacket — Jimin doesn’t move to follow so Jungkook assumes these are people that work in the higher rankings of the gang. Yoongi doesn’t just let anyone enter his personal home, unless they are trusted immensely. The tallest of the three approaches him, holding a hand out. 


“Mingi,” Yoongi says in acknowledgment, shaking the man’s hand. “Hongjoong,” The pretty shorter boy waves, giving Yoongi a sweet smile. “Yeosang,” The last of the three nods but doesn’t say a word as Yoongi gives him an answering nod. 


“We got the information you wanted,” Mingi says, holding up a briefcase. Yoongi hums, gesturing for Mingi to open it, to which the tattooed man obliges. He hands Yoongi three seperate folders. “Everything about Jackson Wang is included in these files. We went back to when he was a child. There isn’t a thing you won’t know about him.”


Jungkook tenses up at the man’s name. Jimin squeezes his hand, massaging it gently until with his thumb until he relaxes. Jimin doesn’t say a word, he normally doesn’t when Yoongi is no longer Yoongi but the cobra instead. Yoongi will usually seek his counsel when they are alone. 


Yoongi hums, looking pleased as he flips through the files. “You did good. Knew I gave the job to the right people.” Mingi’s expression doesn’t change, staying completely stoic even under the praise. 


Yeosang nods. “We also have new information regarding Yunho.” He looks over to Hongjoong who steps forward, his sweet smile still present on his face. 


“He isn’t as close to Jackson as we originally thought,” Hongjoong says cryptically. Yoongi looks up from the files and seems to consider his words for a moment before he nods curtly.


“Tae-yah,” Yoongi calls, handing the files back to Mingi and putting his hands back into the pockets of his dress pants. Taehyung, who has been standing behind all of them at the end of the driveway with Seokjin, walks up to stand next to Yoongi. 


“Hyung?” He asks, bowing slightly, always showing the utmost respect in front of other members. It’s a complete contrast to how him and Yoongi interact in the privacy of their own home. The last time Jungkook was at the house he witnessed Taehyung holding a cup above his head, teasing Yoongi for how short he is. 


“Call for a meeting,” Yoongi says cooly, looking at his brother. Jungkook squeezes Jimin’s hand subconsciously. It’s the first time a meeting of this caliber has been called — especially at Yoongi’s home “I want every higher ranked member from each part of the gang to attend.”


Taehyung nods, already pulling out his phone.  He types something quickly, before he looks back at Yoongi. Mingi, Yeosang, Seokjin, and Hongjoong’s phones all ping with a new text message.  “Everyone will be here in no less than forty minutes.”


Yoongi smiles. It’s not the smile Jungkook is accustomed to seeing. Not the smile that he gives to Yeonjun when he gets a problem correct on his homework. Not the smile he shares with Jimin in private when he’s telling him he loves him. Not the smile that’s been directed at Jungkook more times than he can count.


It’s not the smile of Yoongi.


It’s the smile of the Black Cobra.




If Jungkook thought he knew Yoongi fully, he thought completely wrong. While he did know Yoongi in a sense — probably more intimately than anyone besides Jimin and Yeonjun — he didn’t know the other part of him, the one that the rest of Korea saw. At least not completely. 


He’s seen Yoongi morph into the feared gang leader everyone in South Korea knows him as, but looking at Yoongi now, he knows he never truly saw just how powerful he is. Jungkook has only seen him acting as the black cobra once, and that was when Jimin and him were threatened all those months ago. Since then, Yoongi has been almost tame — at least around him. 


Now though, he’s not seeing the Yoongi he knows.


“He thinks we’ve grown weak,” Yoongi says. His voice is calm… terse. “He thinks that because I’m not my father, I’m someone to be messed with.”


No one says a word. Jimin stands behind him, hand on his shoulder. His fist clenches slightly at his side as his eyes make their way to Jungkook. 


“Now,” Yoongi continues, shrugging. “He will understand exactly why my name strikes fear into even the strongest of men.” 


There’s something about him that just commands attention when he’s in the room. Something that has every eye in the meeting room following his every move as he speaks. No soul dares interrupt him as he speaks — out of fear or respect? Who knows. The line is almost blurred between the two.


He rubs his chin as he leans back in his large black chair, patting Jimin’s hand. The people in charge of the different branches of Yoongi’s gang are all sitting around a curved table, facing him. Taehyung was right, everyone showed up in under thirty minutes. 


“Taehyung, I want eyes on Jackson at all times,” Yoongi tells his brother — glancing at him. Taehyung nods, sitting a bit straighter as he’s addressed. “If he even fucking pisses I want to know how long he was in the bathroom for and which one he was in.”


“I already have Jungho and Wooyoung staking out his apartment,” Taehyung says, maintaining eye contact with his brother. “He’s been quiet. Hasn’t left his apartment once. I also have men watching Yunho’s residence.”


Yoongi smiles at his brother. “Good job. I doubt he will retaliate tonight. He may have a death wish but he does have some semblance of sense.”


Jungkook feels his mother’s eyes on him but he doesn’t look towards her, too entranced by Yoongi. He continues on with the meeting of sorts he called for, in a room he’s never wandered into. It almost looks like a boardroom you would find in an office in downtown Seoul. The gang leader is dressed sharply in a pair of black slacks and white button down, the top two buttons left undone, allowing his tattoos to peak out from under the soft fabric. His maroon suit jacket is hung over the back of his chair.


Jimin is standing behind him now, leaning back against the end of the curved table. His hands are shoved into his black jeans and his eyes sharp, contrasting his relaxed position. Jimin isn’t as dressed up as Yoongi but he somehow looks just as lethal. His black jeans are paired with a black v neck and combat boots. There is a gun strapped to his thigh, the straps around it a soft pink. It contrasts his all black attire starkly, drawing all eyes to the weapon resting on his thigh. 


“Do you want me to keep watch on Yunho as well,” someone else asks — Hongjoong, Jungkook remembers. Now that he thinks about it, they have met before, albeit very briefly. Hongjoong usually just stopping by the house to deliver updates on whatever task Yoongi had him on.


Yoongi turns to Hongjoong, nodding at him. “Yeah. I want continuous updates on what he’s doing. Are you still dating him?”


Jungkook gapes when Hongjoong snorts, flipping his red hair. “He would only be so lucky. He thinks we are of course, properly in love with me as well. There are a few things you do need to know though but that’s a matter to be discussed in private.”


“We will schedule one for tomorrow, just you, Jimin, Jungkook—“ Jungkook chokes on his water, his mother patting his back softly. “And I.” Yoongi winks at Jungkook. “You did good, Joongie. I want the floor layout to Jackson’s hideout, you think you can manage?”


Hongjoong nods. “You got it.” He gives Yoongi a playful smile, which Yoongi returns. “I’ll get it to you by the end of the night easily.”


“That’s what I like to hear,” Yoongi nods his head towards the door. “Well, then you should get going. I’ll have Hoseok fill you in when you return tonight.”


“You got it, boss.”


He stands and Jungkook isn’t really shocked that he’s able to swindle unsuspecting men. Hongjoong is absolutely gorgeous. While he’s small in frame, there’s something absolutely predatory in his eyes. He reminds him of Jimin in a way. Probably constantly underestimated because of their stature and delicate features but are able to outsmart even the best of them. Hongjoong bows at Jimin, who gives him a small smile, before exiting the room. 


Yoongi turns towards Seokjin. “What’s the status on Jungkook’s mother’s record?”


Jungkook eyes dart back to Yoongi at the mention of his mother, who grabs his hand from where she sits next to him and squeezes it. Jungkook gives her a small squeeze in return. 


“Everything is wiped clean from both the police department and virtually,” Seokjin informs, sitting straighter in his seat. “I had Hoseok wipe both her and Jungkook from all records virtually while I took care of the hard copy files.”


Jungkook can’t help himself. “How did you…,” he begins, trailing off when every eye in the room turns to look at him and his mother.


Seokjin gives him a warm smile. “Well, the hard copies are easy to gain access to when you have blackmail material on the head of the department.”


Taehyung drapes himself across his boyfriend. “Yeah, and when you can kick every single one of their asses with your hands tied. They handed them over pretty easily when we told them about the hit on Jackson’s pretty head.”


“Wait… what…” Jungkook’s mind is reeling. So Jackson absolutely knows that Yoongi knows… but that doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t he try to stop Yoongi from getting him back? 


Yoongi walks towards him, stopping in front of Jungkook and his mother. His mother squeezes his hand again and he glances at her. She looks— wary, which Jungkook at least understands. Yoongi is a lot more intimidating when he’s up close.


“He doesn’t intervene because he knows he would be killed on the spot,” Yoongi tells him, trying to quell his thoughts as if reading his mind. “He knows that he won’t win this war with blunt force. He needs to be strategic about it.”


“What exactly do you think is going to happen?” Jungkook asks. “What do you think Jackson is planning?”


Yoongi pauses. “That, I don’t know yet for sure. If he was smart, he would cut his losses now and go into hiding.”


“But he’s a dumbass,” Jimin chimes in from where he’s still leaning against the end of the table. He plays with the strap of his gun holster. “He’s not going to give up. Revenge is one hell of a motivator.”


“Why does he want revenge against you though?” Jungkook asks, glancing at Jimin who’s already staring at him. His cheeks grow pink. He looks back at Yoongi. “I understand me, but… what did you do?”


Yoongi studies him for a moment but doesn’t say anything. “Let’s just say he has unfinished business with my dad.”


“What does that—“ 


“Later bun,” Yoongi says sternly. “That’s a conversation we will have in private.”


Jungkook nods, slumping back into his seat. “Okay,” he mumbles. Yoongi pats his hand before turning back to the rest of the members.


“All eyes on Jackson,” he says fiercely. “If you hear a word on his whereabouts, I want to know not even a minute after. Understood?”


Everyone in the room nods. Yoongi nods back at them. “Then you are all dismissed.” The various members stand, all bowing to both Yoongi and Jimin — some even bow to Jungkook. 


Mingi and another tall man approach Yoongi once the room is cleared out. Yoongi shakes hands with the other man. 


“Seonghwa,” The blonde man smiles at him. Yoongi returns it. “You two are heads of my security and Jungkook and his mother now require the same protection that both Jimin and Yeonjun have in place.”


Seonghwa glances at him. “Got it, I’ll have Jungho, San and Wooyoung briefed tonight.” 


Yoongi nods. “Thanks. You two can have the rest of the night off. I’ll call if anything happens. Tomorrow we will begin planning for retaliation and a potential war.”


“Jackson is as good as dead,” Mingi says seriously. “I think he knows that.”


“I know.” Yoongi glances at Jungkook, his face carefully guarded. He looks back towards Mingi and Seonghwa. “That’s what makes him dangerous. He has nothing left to lose.”




Yoongi goes off to his office, taking Seokjin and Taehyung with him as soon as everyone begins clearing out of the house. Jungkook wants to follow but is stopped by Yeonjun, running full speed into his arms. 


“I thought you weren’t going to come back,” Yeonjun says into his chest. 


Jungkook smiles — albeit a bit awkwardly. He missed Yeonjun too. They had grown close, especially since Jungkook is the only one who can really help him with the ridiculous amount of math homework he’s assigned. He’s always excelled in it and Yoongi was just glad he no longer had to suffer through it himself anymore.


He rubs Yeonjun’s back. “Of course I was going to come back,” he lies through his teeth. His original plan was to run, never look back at this city again. 


Yeonjun pulls back, smiling at him. “Dad and Appa missed you.” 


Jungkook flushes. “Is that so?” 


Yeonjun nods. “You should have seen them! Appa almost cried. I’ve never seen appa cry!” Jimin walks over to them, pulling Yeonjun into his arms.


“Yah! Stop exposing your fathers, you brat,” he says fondly, pinching Yeonjun’s cheeks. Yeonjun smiles pleased with himself.


“What?” The youngest asks, nuzzling his head against Jimin’s. He’s almost taller than Jimin — he no doubt will surpass him as he grows older. “It’s true! You ate a whole tub of ice cream!” 


Jimin blushes, covering Yeonjun’s mouth with his hand. “Stop it! Namjoon!” 


Namjoon comes into the room, Hoseok trailing closely behind him. Namjoon takes one look at the scene in front of him, snorting. 


“Yeonjun, are you bullying your father again?” He asks, coming to pull Yeonjun away from Jimin. 


Yeonjun pouts. “I would never! It’s not my fault he has a cru—“ 


“Yeonjun!” Jimin cries, tackling him to the ground. Hoseok comes to stand next to Jungkook, patting him on the shoulder. 


Jungkook turns to him, offering a small smile. He’s always liked Hoseok. He’s always been nice — welcoming in a way you wouldn’t expect from a gang member. Especially when he’s around Namjoon. 


“I’m glad you’re back,” Hoseok says quietly, still watching Yeonjun and Jimin wrestle around on the ground. Jimin is pressing loud kisses to Yeonjun’s cheeks, the younger whining indignantly each time. 


Dad, stop you’re so gross,” Yeonjun says, pushing Jimin away. 


“You love me,” Jimin says back, moving to tickle the younger.


Jungkook smiles fondly before turning back to Hoseok. “I am too.” Hoseok looks at him. “How long did you know?” 


Hoseok looks at him for a moment. “We knew the first day Jimin brought you up.” 


Jungkook’s eyebrows raise. “Really? Then why aren’t I dead?” 


“Jimin liked you and you seemed relatively harmless. We didn’t know to what extent you were involved with Jackson,” Hoseok says that's reason enough. “After the attack though, Yoongi was ready to kill you that night.”


Jungkook gulps. “Why— why didn’t he?” 


Hoseok hums. “I think you know the answer to that.” 


“I… don’t,” Jungkook says, confused. 


“I didn’t because after I met you, I realized a lot of things I didn’t necessarily want to.” Jungkook jumps, turning just as Yoongi enters the room. His fingers are bare, his suit jacket no longer on — exchanged for a more comfortable black tee shirt. “Also Jimin would have killed me if I hurt a single hair on his ‘Kookie’s’ head.”


Jungkook flushes. Jimin doesn’t seem all that bothered though, as he springs up from the floor to wind his arms around Jungkook’s neck. “Oh be quiet,” Jimin says back, his voice light — teasing. “As if you would be able to hurt your bun.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes but doesn’t dispel the argument. “Speaking of, I think a discussion is in order.” He looks over at Hoseok, who nods silently. 


“I’ll show your mother to her room,” Hoseok says sweetly, reaching out to grab her bags from her. “Are you hungry?” 


His mother looks at him, silently asking if these people are to be trusted. Jungkook offers her a genuine smile, nodding to her. It’s all the pushing his mother needs because then she’s turning to Hoseok with a brilliant smile of her own.


“I’m starving actually,” she says, letting Hoseok take her bags with little fight. Namjoon comes and ends up taking her bags from Hoseok, offering his mother a friendly smile of his own. 


“Well, then how about I show you to your room and Hoseok can make you a little something to tide you over.” Namjoon throws a sheepish smile at Hoseok. “I am no longer allowed to cook.”


Hoseok rolls his eyes, before turning back to his mother. “That’s only because he almost burned down the kitchen trying to make cookies with Yeonjun.” 


His mother laughs and it’s a bit like a melody to Jungkook’s ears. He hasn’t heard her laugh — doesn’t even really recall the last time she was happy, in years. She hooks her arm with Namjoon’s and ruffles Yeonjun’s hair slightly. Yeonjun preens under the praise, always one to love affection when it’s given to him. Yeonjun hooks his arm with her free arm. 


“I’ll help you put your things up!” Yeonjun offers happily, flushing slightly when all eyes turn to him. His mother agrees, giving Jungkook one last meaningful look before she’s swept out of the room. 


“Don’t bother us for the rest of the night,” Jimin calls after them. “After this, we are going to train in the upstairs room!”


“Gross,” Hoseok calls back without even turning around. “If you get one drop of cu--” There is a scuffle and a loud shout -- coming from Hoseok, Jungkook recognizes. 


“Got it boss!” Namjoon calls back.


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I’ll get whatever I want, anywhere I want. It’s my house,” He mumbles to himself. 


Jimin snorts. “Anyways, we should talk first.” 


Jungkook inhales shortly, turning to face both Yoongi and Jimin. He feels nervous. It’s the first time they have been together since — well, less than two days ago but it felt like an eternity. Jimin comes back up to him, having wandered off to Yoongi’s side when Namjoon began talking to his mother. He cups Jungkook’s face gently, rubbing his cheek with his thumb. 


“You know we need to,” he says quietly, turning back to look at Yoongi who is watching both of them intently. “We have a lot we want to talk to you about,” Jimin turns back to Jungkook. “And I’m sure there is a lot you need to say to us as well.” 


Jungkook’s tongue feels heavy in his mouth. “I—I do. I just… am a bit scared of what I think you are going to say to me.” 


Yoongi steps closer to them, standing next to Jimin. “You don’t need to be scared of either of us — especially not me, ever.” 


“Are you sure about that?” Jungkook asks, the words coming out before he can stop them. “What if I tell you something about me that you don’t like?”


Yoongi doesn’t say anything at first — just looking at him with that annoying, carefully blank expression of his that doesn’t give any of his feelings away. Jungkook wishes he could master a look like that, instead of wearing his heart on his sleeve and his emotions on his face for the world to see. 


“I think this is a conversation better had in private,” Yoongi finally says, touching Jimin’s wrist gently. “Let’s go to my office.” Yoongi steps back, turning his back to them, beginning to walk towards his office but he stops before he’s gone completely. He turns back to Jungkook, his face unguarded. “But I could never hate you and I would never hurt you, not if I can help it.”


With that, he turns the corner to where Jungkook knows his office is. His cheeks are warm as he watches the gang leader go, it doesn’t necessarily make the nerves go away but Yoongi’s words bring him a sense of relief he didn’t know he was seeking. Jimin offers him a warm smile — one of those he reserves for him and Yoongi. He drops his hand from his face and takes Jungkook’s hand is his own. 


He pulls him along, following after Yoongi. Once they are in the privacy of Yoongi’s office, Jungkook feels that night come creeping back on him. He looks up to find Jimin and Yoongi’s eyes already on him, Jimin’s smile patient as ever. 


“You didn’t let us talk to you last time you were here,” Jimin starts from where he’s perched on the arm of Yoongi’s desk chair. Yoongi sits silently at his side, his arm placed on Jimin’s waist. “We had a lot to say.” 


Jungkook sighs, sitting down on one of the two seats in front of Yoongi’s desk. The same chairs him and Yoongi were sitting at when they almost kissed — when Jimin caught Jungkook ten seconds from kissing his boyfriend. 


“I know that you two know,” Jungkook says quietly. It’s better to lay it all out in the open. He’s so tired of keeping secrets. For once, he just wants to tell the entire truth — even if it ends up breaking his own heart. He doesn’t look up at either of them though. Even though he’s making a conscious choice to be honest, it doesn’t mean it’s easy by any means. “I’m sorry. I really wish I could change it.” 


“Well, it would have been nice if you were honest from the beginning,” Yoongi says but there is no anger lingering in his words. “But we can understand why you didn’t say anything.” 


“We aren’t angry with you,” Jimin adds on. “It would be hypocritical for us to be, when we didn’t say anything either.” 


Jungkook frowns, confused. “Why would you have to say anything?” He looks up, staring at both of them who are mirroring his own confusion. 


“Because this entire thing was just as much our fault as it was yours?” Jimin says, but it sounds more like a question than a statement. 


Jungkook shakes his head. “You didn’t have to say anything. It was entirely my fault. I promise…” He sighs, looking away from them again and focusing on his hands in his lap. “I promise I’ll find a way to get over it — to move on from it. I would never do something like that to either of you, not when you have been nothing but kind to me.”


“Well, I would hope you would never do anything like this to us again,” Yoongi says slowly. Jungkook’s heart aches a bit but he refuses to break down. At least not in front of them. “And we will find a way for you to get out of it, together. You aren’t alone in this anymore.” 


Jungkook kind of wants to laugh. How the hell are Yoongi and Jimin going to help him get over them, together. If anything, them being patient and understanding is going to make the entire thing worse. He looks up, offering them a smile — which probably comes off as more of a grimace. 


Jimin frowns at him. “Kookie… are you okay? I told you we aren’t mad.” 


“Yeah bun, we aren’t,” Yoongi tacks on gently. “Neither is anyone else. We talked to everyone yesterday after you left — even though most of them knew since the beginning.” 


Jungkook kind of wants to die on the spot. Of course everyone knew. Hell, his own mother knew and she hadn’t even met either of them. He doesn’t know how he’s going to face anyone in the gang after this or worse — just Taehyung. God, he’s never going to let him live this down. 


“How long did you two know?” Jungkook asks, even though he knows he won’t like the answer that will be given to him. He needs to know. Maybe, it will help him get over them. 


Jimin glances to Yoongi for a quick second before he’s looking at Jungkook again. “I had my suspicions the first week I met you,” he says softly. “But I didn’t know for sure until the night I was attacked. That’s when Yoongi told me and well… I guess it made sense when I thought about it.” 


Jungkook doesn’t say anything, looking at Yoongi who for the most part has been sitting rather quietly. “What about you?” 


“The first day I heard your name slip past Jimin’s lips,” He says easily. “I knew what your intentions were.” 


“That’s…” Months ago. Yoongi has known for fucking months. He knew even before he was sure himself. He exhales. “A bit embarrassing but I’ll get over it.” He stands awkward, just wanting this conversation to be over. “Thank you for letting me down easy. I— can I go now, please?” 


Jimin stands, reaching out to touch him. Jungkook pulls away from him before he’s able to and he tries to ignore the flash of hurt that graces Jimin’s beautiful face. He can’t — at least not now. He needs to figure out how to get over them and them being nice to him, treating him like they always have won’t help. 


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook says quietly. “I just — I can’t get over you two if you don’t let me.” 


Yoongi inhales sharply, standing so fast that a spike of fear spreads through Jungkook. “Get over us,” he asks, slowly.


Jungkook blinks. “Yes? Isn’t that what you want?”


“What…” Yoongi looks over to Jimin who’s mouth parts slightly. “What did you think we were just talking about?”


“Yoongi,” Jungkook says quietly, his eyes stinging a bit. “Please don’t make me say it out loud,” He practically begs. It’s already humiliating enough as it is. 


Yoongi steps around the desk, grabbing Jungkook’s face. “Bun, please tell me what you think we are talking about.”


Jungkook frowns. This is wholly unfair. Truly, what did he do to deserve this? Jimin always makes his way around the desk, leaning back against it and crossing his arms over his chest. He doesn’t say anything as Yoongi holds him. 


“I…” Jungkook focuses back on Yoongi. He bites his lip before he’s exhaling again. He might as well just get this over with. “I was talking about my feelings…” He glances at Jimin. “For the both of you.” 


Yoongi stares at him, his expression unreadable. For a moment, Jungkook wonders if it was the wrong thing to say but then Yoongi is smiling at him -- gums and all. Jimin begins laughing, his eyes practically sparkling as he comes closer. He wraps his arms around both of them. Jungkook feels a bit like he’s going to burst out into tears. 


He pulls away, wiping at his eyes quickly, catching the few stray tears that managed to escape him. He hates feeling stupid -- never expected either Yoongi or Jimin to make him feel that way. He understands that his feelings aren’t returned, has had to deal with that blaring fact for over a month now but this… just feels cruel. 


“You don’t have to make fun of me,” Jungkook says, trying to keep his voice steady. It cracks a bit towards the end and he hates it. “I know you don’t--”


“We do,” Jimin cuts him off. “Whatever you are thinking, stop it.” 


Jungkook freezes, a small flicker of hope settles in his heart against his will. “What?”


Yoongi leans forward, pressing a quick kiss to his nose. “We do feel the same.” 


Jimin laughs openly at the expression on his face. Jungkook can’t see his own face but he’s sure the surprise is evident on his features. Jimin places a kiss to the same place Yoongi just did, smiling at him warmly. Jungkook watches Yoongi’s face as he does it -- thinking he will find some anger hidden in those black irises he's come to love but he finds nothing of the sort. Instead, all he sees is happiness. Yoongi watches the entire exchange with a warm smile on his face. 


“Wait… what?” Jungkook says again because holy fucking shit, what. 


Jimin rolls his eyes. “God all three of us need to work on our communication.” He presses another kiss to Jungkook’s nose. “Taehyung is going to kick our asses,” He says more to Yoongi than Jungkook. “He told us to be honest from the beginning.” 


“Yeah well he can fuck off.” There isn’t a drop of anger in Yoongi’s words -- he just sounds happy… relieved. 


“You guys… like me too?” Jungkook asks, still stuck on that part. It doesn’t feel real. He’s… never had luck like this. Good things don’t happen to him. If Yoongi and Jimin actually like him back… well, he may have some sort of good luck after all. 


“Yes,” Jimin answers immediately. “I have since probably the second day I met you.” 


Jungkook almost chokes on air. “You-- really? I… had no clue actually.” 


“Because you are an idiot,” Jimin teases, but he moves closer, letting Yoongi wrap his arms around them both. “I flirted with you in every way possible without outright asking to suck your dick.” 


Jungkook flushes, coughing awkwardly. He glances at Yoongi, who doesn’t look anything but content. “What about you?” 


“Mine wasn’t instant like Jimin,” Yoongi says evenly. “I thought you were hot the first time I met you but I.. probably didn’t realize the extent of my feelings until the first time you stayed in my office while I worked. Talking to you was easy.” 


Jungkook blinks. That was still a solid three months ago. Yoongi, likes him? Jimin… also likes him. He feels himself smiling before he can help it. The curve of his lips almost feeling unfamiliar. Jimin and Yoongi match his smile. 


“God we are all so stupid,” Jimin laughs, before he’s pulling Jungkook closer to him. “Can I kiss you?” 


Jungkook nods, probably too eagerly but he really can’t find it in himself to care much. Jimin smiles at him and then he’s pressing his lips against Jungkook’s. It isn’t earth stopping or soul shattering but it -- well, it feels a bit like coming home after a long day. Jimin’s lips are soft. Jungkook doesn’t think he would ever tire of kissing him. It doesn’t last long, Jimin pulls away, laughing softly when Jungkook chases his lips with his own. 

“Can I?” Yoongi asks, once Jimin is far enough away. Jungkook’s heart hammers in his chest when Yoongi cups his face. “Please?” The words come out softer than anything Jungkook has ever heard from the gang leader. 


Jungkook places a hand behind Yoongi’s neck, pulling him into him until their lips are pressed against each other. He can feel Jimin’s hand rubbing his back gently as Yoongi kisses him softly. If kissing Jimin felt like coming home, kissing Yoongi feels seeing the sun first thing in the morning when the world is still quiet. 


But having both of them wrapped around him. 


He feels complete. 


He feels whole. 




After their grand confession, Jungkook expects to fall into bed with his two new -- boyfriends? He’s unsure as of now but he thinks that’s what they are. But Jimin had been serious about training after their talk. He said that with an impending fight with Jackson, Yoongi needed to be in tip top shape and well -- he also said he didn’t want to go anywhere without Jungkook present, to which Yoongi agreed, so that’s how he ended up here. Sitting in a chair, watching Yoongi and Jimin roll around on the floor. 


Training, as it turns out is the worst thing that could have ever happened to Jungkook. It’s one thing to simply exist with Yoongi and Jimin around -- looking the way they do. It’s another thing entirely to sit and watch them spar with each other, as sweat drips down both of their bodies. Jimin isn’t even wearing a shirt god fucking dammit. He moves in his chair, biting the inside of his cheek so he doesn’t make a sound. 


Now that they have talked, Jungkook at least knows he’s able to watch without it being weird. In fact, as Jimin so eloquently put it — he's encouraged to watch. And he is. Probably too intently. Which is absolutely not his fault because holy fucking shit. He thought his obvious crush was bad when the two of them didn’t know but now… Jimin seems to be purposefully fucking with him and Yoongi doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it. 


Jungkook watches as Jimin looms over a panting Yoongi on the floor. The entire scene makes something hot unfurl in Jungkook’s lower abdomen. Yoongi is completely flushed from his and Jimin’s training session. Jimin is sweating, skin glistening and hair sticking to his forehead. 


Jimin is straddling Yoongi’s hips — which Jungkook can already barely handle. His dick twitches with interest as he watches Yoongi’s large hands settle on Jimin’s narrow waist. What Jungkook really can’t handle is when Jimin looks up, catching his eye and the silver haired devil smirks at him. Jungkook doesn’t know why until Jimin leans down to suck at Yoongi’s neck. The gang leader whines under Jimin, baring his neck back so Jimin has more access to suck little marks along the junction of it. 


Jungkook’s mouth parts slightly as Jimin looks up at him, making direct eye contact as Yoongi continues to make soft noises under Jimin’s mouth. He can feel his dick stir with every small noise Yoongi makes. He crosses his legs to keep anything embarrassing from happening. 


While he’s gained both Jimin and Yoongi’s trust, he feels as if he’s intruding somehow. When he goes to look away though, Jimin pauses his actions and sits back up on Yoongi’s thighs.


“Jungkookie,” Jimin practically purrs, forcing Jungkook to look back at them. “Why don’t you come train with us?”


Jungkook feels his throat nearly close up as Yoongi turns his head to look at him. Yoongi looks thoroughly fucked out and they hadn’t even really done anything. His cheeks are red, the flush making its way down his pale neck. His pink lips are glistening but when Jungkook’s eyes travel down to his neck he nearly chokes. There are small pink marks along the clear parts of his skin, where he doesn’t have tattoos and Jungkook wonders what his own marks would look against the elder’s throat. 


“Uh, Yeah. Sure.” Jungkook finally snaps himself out of it, forcing himself to look away from Yoongi and back to Jimin. The silver haired man looks absolutely predatory as his eyes rake over Jungkook’s body, eyes practically lighting up with mirth as he zeros in on Jungkook’s crossed legs. 


“Good, we can double team Yoongi.” 


It takes Jungkook another minute before he’s able to will his dick to go down enough to where he can walk without an obvious tent in his pants. 


Jimin grabs his hand, tugging Jungkook down with them. At first Jungkook thinks Jimin is going to kiss him again but he doesn’t. Instead he just pulls him closer, moving off of Yoongi and telling him to take his place. 


Jungkook hesitates, even if all he’s been able to dream about is exactly this — it still feels a bit surreal. Yoongi places a hand at his waist, offering him a soft smile, nodding his head. It’s all the encouragement Jungkook really needs, he never claimed to be a strong man. He gently places himself on Yoongi’s lap, careful not to touch him anywhere that would get Jungkook a bit too excited. Jimin drops a kiss to his hair and moves away, sitting back, his hands extended behind him. 


“Alright Jungkookie,” Jimin practically purrs at home. “Show is what you got.” 


Jungkook doesn’t really know what to do at first. Yoongi is planting below him, his hair fanned out against the wooden floor. Jimin moves closer to them, pushing Jungkook’s bangs from his forehead. 


“What do you want me to show you?” Jungkook asks, trying his best to keep his voice steady. 


Jimin smiles at him, grabbing his hands from his lap and pressing them to Yoongi’s shoulders. “Whatever you want baby, you just seemed like you were having such a good time watching us.” 


Jungkook feels like he’s burning. He glances down at Yoongi who is looking at him with nothing but warmth — he looks soft like this. It’s a bit jarring how much he differs when he’s not in front of the other members. A bit jarring that Jungkook is now allowed to see him like this, with Jimin present. 


“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” Yoongi says gently from under him. “We can go back to actual training.” 


It’s an out. Yoongi is giving him a very clear out. But… Jungkook doesn’t really want that. 


“What if… what if I don’t want to do that,” Jungkook says, his voice trembling a bit when Jimin’s finger runs across his lip softly. 


Jimin hums. “What is it you want them baby?” He asks, letting his finger travel to his cheek. “Want me to tell you what to do? Just how Yoongi likes it?” 


Jungkook gulps, nodding. “Y-Yes.”


Jimin coos. “You are so fucking cute Kookie.” He presses a kiss to Jungkook’s lips. “You know, we would always see you watching us when we kissed.”


Jungkook flushes. Jimin strokes his arm gently. “Yoongi loved it. Seeing all your attention on us.”


“You did?” Jungkook asks, looking down at Yoongi who looks about as red as he feels. 


“He even imagined you walking in on us,” Jimin continues. He moves over to Yoongi’s head, grabbing the elders arms and pinning them back. “Both of us wanted you to join us but we didn’t know how to ask you — didn’t want to scare you off.” 


Yoongi’s lips part slightly as Jimin holds his hands down. He loves them — fuck they are both so beautiful. He doesn’t know how he got this lucky but god, is he not ever going to take this for granted. 


“We will get there,” Jimin says softly, pressing a kiss to Yoongi’s nose. He looks back up to Jungkook, his eyes dark. “For now? I want you to grind against him baby. Want both of my babies to be a mess and I want to watch.”


Fuck . Jimin is going to kill him. He knows it. But he doesn’t disobey either — because Yoongi looks gorgeous under him and his dick is starting to hurt as it strains against his pants. 


He rolls his hips down, eyes dilating as Yoongi moans loudly under him. Jungkook can feel the gang leaders own hardness press against his with every roll of his hips. It’s nice to know he isn’t the only one affected. Jimin keeps hold of Yoongi’s hands, even as the gang leader struggles against him with every roll of Jungkook’s hips. 


Jungkook quickly finds himself getting lost in the pleasure of it all. Yoongi keeps making cute little sounds each time he rolls against him just right and Jimin takes to pushing his bangs back, muttering soft words of encouragement to both Jungkook and Yoongi. 


“My pretty babies,” Jimin coos, as Yoongi whines out Jungkook’s name. Fuck. He likes his name a lot more when Yoongi is saying it between moans. “Such good babies for me.” 


Jungkook’s thrust’s speed up. It’s embarrassing how he can already feel his orgasm approaching. Jimin seems to sense it as well, leaning over to capture his lips in a searing kiss. Jungkook’s hips stutter against Yoongi’s when Jimin moves from his lips and down to his neck, nipping at the skin all along the junction of his neck.


“Keep going baby,” Jimin says into his neck. “Make Yoongi cum,” He continues between bites. “You wanna see him unravel? Make the big bad gang leader a mess under you hmm?” 


Jungkook curses as Yoongi meets his thrusts. Yoongi is whining under him, pale skin completely flushed as he bucks his hips in time with Jungkook. 


“Please bun,” Yoongi whines, his eyes completely unfocused as he looks up at him. It’s all it takes for Jungkook to cum in his pants, hips bucking wildly against Yoongi’s. The elder follows suit not too long after, his eyes rimmed red as he whispers both their names like a prayer. 

Jungkook falls on him, breathing heavily. Yoongi huffs out a laugh under him as he catches him.


“Gross,” Yoongi says. “I haven’t cum in my pants since I was a teenager.”


Jungkook snorts. He turns his head, words dying on his tongue when his eyes focus in on Jimin leaning back, slowly stroking himself as he looks at them. Jungkook catches his eye and he smiles at him. He turns back to Yoongi, grabbing the elders face and pressing a kiss to his lips. He slips his tongue into Yoongi’s mouth, pulling his hair slightly. 


He can hear Jimin curse when Yoongi lets out a surprised yelp that soon enough dissolves into a broken moan. They are both too sensitive for another round but Jimin obviously likes the show. He can hear his hand speed up as Jungkook licks into Yoongi’s mouth, swallowing all his pretty whines. 


“God,” Jimin exhales. Jungkook peeks at him, soft dick twitching when Jimin catches his eye. His eyes are dark as he pumps himself, his lips swollen from the constant biting. 


Jungkook pulls away, getting off of Yoongi and crawling over to Jimin. “Are you close?” He asks, unsure where the sudden braveness is coming from. 


Jimin gives him a curt nod. Jungkook leans forward, licking the head of his cock. Jimin jerks against his lips, causing the head of it to slip in between his already parted lips. Jungkook accepts it greedily, wrapping his lips around the head. He presses his tongue against the slit, swirling the pre cum around. Yoongi makes his way over to them, pressing sloppy kisses up and down Jimin’s torso and neck. 


Jungkook takes him a little deeper, forcing Jimin’s hand to settle around the base. He bobs his head up and down tentatively before he’s finding a pace he likes. He licks the underside of Jimin’s dick, stroking the vein with his tongue. Jimin’s hips jut and Jungkook resists the urge to gag. He looks up at him through his lashes, moaning when he sees Yoongi with his tongue down Jimin’s throat. 


“Fuck -- Kook,” Jimin gasps, breaking his and Yoongi’s kiss. “Like that baby.” 


Jungkook hums around his dick, spurred on by the praise. He bobs his head enthusiastically until Jimin is trying to push him away. Jungkook doesn’t let him. He wants to taste him going down his throat. 


“I’m-- right there baby. I’m going-- I’m...” Jimin tries to warn him again but Jungkook only sucks harder, hollowing his cheeks as he goes down his length. Jimin cums not even a moment later, his name falling from his lips. 


Jungkook swallows him happily, bobbing his head a few more times until Jimin pushes him away gently, whining from oversensitivity. Jimin pulls him down onto the floor with him, kissing him sweetly on the lips before he turns to Yoongi and does the same thing. 


“Well that wasn’t the training I had in mind,” Yoongi jokes as they lay in Yoongi and Jimin’s bed an hour after their training session. All three of them showered together and the couple had practically demanded Jungkook sleep with them, in their bed. Jungkook wasn’t going to really refuse in the first place. 


Jungkook is laying between them, which he initially refused but both Jimin and Yoongi insisted, saying they both missed him when he was gone and just wanted to be near him. He didn’t have the heart to say no after that. 


“Shut up,” Jimin says from the other side of Jungkook. “You loved it.”


Yoongi snuggles closer to Jungkook. “Maybe so,” He says, the words broken up between a yawn. “Got to do it again sometime.” 


“Go to sleep loser.” Jimin turns, pressing his face against Jungkook’s neck.


“You’re the loser,” Yoongi mumbles, already practically asleep. His head is pillowed on Jungkook’s chest, breathing already evening out in sleep. 


Jimin follows suit almost immediately after, his breath hitting Jungkook’s neck in small puffs. 


Jungkook should feel absolutely suffocated by them.


But he doesn’t. 


He just feels like he’s finally found home.