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Bakuzilla vs Dekuthra: Origin

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Dekuthra had been at war with Bakuzilla for centuries. A blood bath. It was to the point where neither of them knew who was right and who was wrong anymore in this war, nor did they know why they were fighting each other to begin with beyond how right it felt to fight each other. How they were expected to be enemies by the rest of the monster realm as well as by the humans they tormented by destroying their world (well, it was mostly just Japan, Tokyo usually, but it was a world topic). There was no reason for it anymore, they only knew the feeling of battle with each other and nothing else. The human city of Tokyo had been rebuilt time and time again, trying to survive the battles and to keep their city going. It wasn’t the battles though that were hard on Dekuthra himself, it was the fact so many of his heat cycles had been wasted. The omega had lost so many chances to fill the world with his moth children, precious babies he craved to have, the eggs he wanted to scatter across the world and see flourish. All because he was busy shooting lasers at an overgrown lizard who towered over the skyscrapers.

What kind of name was Bakuzilla anyways?!

Today was another battle in Tokyo, lasers shooting on both sides, wings forcing harsh winds and claws swiping to try and knock Dekuthra out. Something was off with Bakuzilla though, Dekuthra noticed right away. He wasn’t fighting the same way as usual, as if he was distracted and longing to return to his home in the sea more than usual. The dumb alligator hadn’t put his heart into their fight and it was almost insulting to Dekuthra. They were near the Tokyo Tower when Dekuthra got a strong hit of something. Something smelled off from their usual wars that reeked of burning ozone, fire, and destruction. An aroma so addictive and compelling that his mouth watered and wings picked up speed in delight. He could feel slick start to drip out of his hole and run down his thigh, matting the fur at his calves. Another deep breath of the scent made the moth monster realize what it was so different about his enemy. The giant lizard, the alpha, was in rut and the sweet but spicy scent was pushing Dekuthra into an early heat. Desire flooded through him.

“Stop! Stop!” Dekuthra called out, dodging a laser beam shot from Bakuzilla’s mouth, a pathetically weak beam, in order to tackle the other monster to the street, crushing a few buildings along the way. Humans screamed and ran, but whatever as Dekuthra pinned Bakuzilla to the ground, that powerful tail swiping out and wiping out an entire block of buildings and overpriced coffee shops.

“You’re in rut! Why are you here if you’re in rut?!”

“The fuck are you trynna say?! What, do you think I’m weak? And that I’d miss out on fighting you?” Bakuzilla snapped out, sharp teeth grit together and red eyes glaring. Dekuthra didn’t get close enough to the lizard to look into those eyes usually, so he couldn’t help but think of how pretty they were. Also, that comment was kinda sweet? Bakuzilla was suffering through a rut out in the human world just to fight him?

“Yeah, well, you’re sending me into heat.”

“The fuck do I care? Too weak to fight in heat, bitch?”

“No, but you should take responsibility.” Dekuthra locked eyes, settling himself in the other monsters lap, legs spread and rocking his hips over top where he knew Bakuzilla’s slit was, where that split dick was hiding. He knew that Bakuzilla could feel the slick as it dripped across the slit and the monsters lower belly. “Breed me.”

Bakuzilla froze, and looked at his enemy with wide eyes. Dekuthra could feel the other monsters thick cocks starting to peek from the slit ever so slightly in interest. Dekuthra bit his lower lip before leaning in close, grinning as he rocked further.

“Split me open in front of Tokyo, you stupid iguana.”

That’s all it took before Dekuthra was slammed into the street himself, one of his wings crumbling a building on the way. It didn’t matter though because the soft velvet-like fur that Dekuthra had was being pushed aside so thick, scaled fingers could push into his already slick hole. Dekuthra let out a pleased hiss, bucking to the hand as his own scrambled at Bakuzilla’s shoulders, raking some of his scales off. His legs spread open wide, wings fluttering in his excitement. It had been too long since he was fucked, since he got to enjoy his heat. The only time he had gotten knocked up to lay eggs wasn’t nearly this exciting and thrilling and Dekuthra wanted every moment of it seared into his mind.

The city and panicked humans didn’t matter anymore, the swarming helicopters of humans taking video for their national television, the special forces trying to hit them with bullets being a minor tickle as Bakuzilla ran the flat of his tongue over Dekuthra’s neck, over his scent glands with a loud groan of pleasure.

“How are you fuckin’ unmated, you piece of buggy shit?” Bakuzilla asked, nipping lightly at his glands as if promising to mark him, mate him. It was frightening how much Dekuthra wanted it.

“How could I find a mate when I’m constantly kicking your scaly ass?” He shot back and got a harsh bite at the shoulder, right where the velvet fur of his collarbones sat.

“Stupid ass, fucking bug. Always fluttering those damn wings, swaying your ass to tease me, always smelling so fucking good.”

Even as he spoke, Bakuzilla added a third finger, stretching Dekuthra wide and pulling a sharp keen from his throat, head tilting back. He wanted to be marked up, absolutely claimed and destroyed by this monster. Maybe this is why they were fighting for so long, for so many centuries. The sexual tension neither of them wanted to admit to, the desire to have the other as theirs and only theirs. Dekuthra certainly didn’t want to share Bakuzilla after this, just the idea of it made the moth see red and growl low.

Aided by the thought of another monster ever getting this chance, Dekuthra used his legs wrapped around Bakuzilla’s waist to flip them, taking out a series of apartment complexes and half of an elementary school. Those twin dicks were finally free, thick, long and glistening with precum already in a deep shade of purple, linear nubs along the sides. Dekuthra could just imagine how good they would feel, both shoved as deep as possible, stuffing him full of thick cum.

“Breed me, breed me, breed me!”

Dekuthra ran his hand over the two dicks, letting precum smear his palm and wrist fur before he moved himself enough to position them both. One slipped in first, slippery almost and easy, yet he gasped when the second dick followed and stretched him further than the three monster fingers had been working him open. It was a tight fit, the stretch burning in the best of ways and Dekuthra moaned out, wings flapping uselessly as he adjusted to the twin girths. From the blissed-out look on Bakuzilla’s face, he was in a similar state and Dekuthra loved that control. Strong thighs lifted Dekuthra up then slammed back down, shouting out when they pressed perfectly to his prostate, causing stars to light up in his vision.

The humans themselves were confused at first, thinking that perhaps Dekuthra had stopped Bakuzilla from destroying the city, that he was going to finally kill the monster. It didn’t connect for any of them until far into the television broadcast where people realized what those slick, purple and white things were coming from the lizard, just what Dekuthra was doing, and worse, the sounds being made were far from the screams and angry yells of battle. Bakuzilla had a tight grip onto Dekuthra’s hips, digging his claws in and drawing blood as he helped the moth monster lift and slam back down.

“Yes yes yes, just like that, fuck me harder, breed me.” Dekuthra panted out. “Fill me with your cum. Fuck, oh fuck, knot me.”

Dekuthra could feel the swelling in the base of each dick, the idea of being stuffed full and unable to move, to pull away for hours and stuck to the other monster in the streets of Tokyo was way too appealing and hot and he keened in need. Bakuzilla was doing everything that Dekuthra was demanding and asking for, that he was near begging at this point to have. He wondered if he could push that for what he really wanted now that he had realized why they fought.

He slowed his movements, grinning at the deep, threatening roar of a growl that came from Bakuzilla, leaning down to let his lips just ever so slightly brush against Bakuzilla’s then down to his ears, sliding his hands from where they had been resting on that fleshy, toned stomach up and into blond hair. He tugged the strands as he spoke.

“Mate me.” He murmured into his ear.

Bakuzilla’s bucking hips stalled. He was quiet a moment, Before Dekuthra could move or even speak again, Bakuzilla pushed at his hips until his cocks slipped out and their position was flipped once more, This time, Dekuthra found himself face down in some humans backyard garden, ass up, knees spread so Bakuzilla could easily push both his dicks back into him. The new position was deeper and Dekuthra cried out, pushing back to take as much as possible. His hands tore up streets, digging into the pavement and carving out deep rivets. Bakuzilla leaned down, sharp teeth scraping at his scent glands once again.


“Ka-Katsu-Kach-” Dekuthra couldn’t think of how to speak with how Bakuzilla slammed into him, hitting his prostate each time. Drool pooled in a patch of azalea flowers.

“My actual name. Bakuzilla is the name given by humans.”


“Close enough.”

One of those clawed hands wrapped around Dekuthra’s cock, stroking as Bakuzilla—Katsuki’s knots reached a point where they were catching, taking one hard thrust before they were locked together. It was the point Dekuthra was pushed over the edge and came. The only thing that needs to be said of this is that a man named David who had risked his life in the name of ‘science’ drowned.

When Dekuthra was at the height of his orgasm, he felt those teeth sink into his neck, at his scent gland, claiming. The sense of completion, of connection, was instant and Dekuthra knew he made the right choice. Instead of fighting, they could just fuck now and fill the world with their spawn. Only moments after that thought did Katsuki cum, filling him, fertilizing the eggs inside of Dekuthra. It was exactly what he wanted and he pressed himself as close to Katsuki as he could.

Once both of them had been able to catch their breaths, Katsuki cleaning the blood from the mate mark, kissing at it, could Dekuthra finally remember words.


“Deku is better. Sounds similar enough.”

“Close enough.” Izuku snorted, repeating back Katsuki’s words from before. If the reptile was going to call him Deku, then Kacchan was going to stick as his name now in return. it was only fair to give his mate, his alpha, and the father of their soon to be laid eggs a nickname too.

“Kacchan….what do you think of about the Tokyo tower for our eggs?”

“Fuck it, let’s do it.”




A holographic screen played a life press conference, a beautiful blonde haired woman with green eyes and freckles stepping onto the platform and to the podium, smiling to the camera easily. A few scales ran along her neck when her hair was brushed aside, some velvet fur to her wrists. “And as your new Symbol of Peace Between Humans and Monsters, I shall do everything in my power to keep relations between our kinds peaceful.”  

Izuku smiled and nuzzled against Katsuki as they watched the screen, lacing their fingers together.

“I’m so proud of her.”

“I’m still wondering how out of the thirty brats we’ve had so far, she’s hatched as a human, not as a monster”

“You know my mother is human, it’s a recessive gene.”

“Yeah yeah. Proud of her too.”

“That’s my Kacchan.”