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Fortune Fantasy VII

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Fortune Fantasy VII

Author’s Note: An extended, in-depth take on a scene from episode 58. Titled after Final Fantasy VII, with seven referring to each of the main Fortune Ladies and their new boss monster, Fortune Lady Every; omitted from this count is Fortune Lady Pasty, which stands in for Carly herself. Enjoy the story and R&R.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to or of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s series.

Pairing: Pre-canon Jack x Carly.


Carly Nagisa grapples with becoming a Dark Signer.

In the candleless dark, Carly Nagisa wallowed, alone and afraid.

Misty’s reading troubled her. As the model predicted, Carly died. Except unlike most of the human populace that ever lived, she didn’t stay in the dirt.

“Why was I chosen to be a Dark Signer? What am I supposed to do now?” she beseeched the unbearable silence.

Surprisingly, someone answered.

“Carly!” the disembodied voice boomed. “If you want to know, tell your fortune!”

The roar resounded around her, yet Carly sensed it came from within her. Minus any preordained sign, she implicitly understood its origin: Aslla piscu, of the hummingbird geoglyph. A wicked god, whose mark burned on her arm. Her abyssal benefactor, who spared her a meaningless end. Dredged her lacerated soul from the luminous galactic pit of the Netherworld beneath the old Momentum reactor, and forced it back into her lifeless corpse in the hole at the bottom of the Arcadia Movement building.

Her bones knitted themselves together. She rose, stronger than before, after the plunge. Thus, she was reborn. Nazca’s wretched miracle.

The Earthbound God loaned her its power. Tailored her to suit its five-thousand-year grudge. Her luck changed. She wandered the earth, dead flesh given renewed purpose.

Her Fortune-Telling Witches, dyed black. Aged, like her. No longer the naïve, carefree children they once were. Ladies cut from the same immortal cloth. Wands traded in for sickles, to reap what must be sowed.

Hikari-chan into Lighty.

En-chan into Fiery.

Chee-chan into Earthy.

Ann-chan into Darky.

Fu-chan into Windy.

Swee-chan into Watery.

She would not bend to an unacceptable result. Her thirst for revenge against Divine tracked time’s passage, a metronome ticking down the seconds to his doom. Yes, to rain destiny’s curse upon that psychic swine, the monster who killed her.

Fate had made monsters of them all.

The door to a world without light opened. Through the panoramic sworls, Carly glimpsed the mirror image of herself under the orange pale of an all-seeing eye. Her past self, now bound in shadow.

She could not rewind her mistakes or her callowness. Only proceed towards the bleak eternal.

She played the god’s game, its magical solitaire. Fanning her Deck out, she selected a shining representative among the arrayed alternatives. The Trap Card, Prophecy of a Future King. It showed her visions of the victory she must attain, a soot-choked aftermath where she ruled beside her beloved Jack.

This was the hell they were to inherit.

This was who she was.

Intertwisted with a deity’s hatred across history.

A Dark Signer. Ever more.