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Worldwide Secrets

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Author's Note:


Welcome to another one of my Hetalia fics! (And my first one on AO3!)


Just to warn you, there will be heavy subjects in this fanfiction, including:

- Genocide (both of the Holocaust and non-Holocaust variety)

- World War Two in general

- Wars in general

- Self-Harm

- Suicide

- Possible mentions of torture

- General Trauma


There will also be happy subjects in this fanfiction, including:

- Family Fluff

- Romance

- Unexpected Friendships

- Unexpected Characters

-Unexpected Relationships


There will be my usual subjects and shenanigans in this fanfiction:

- Breaking up the FACE Family

- Me hating on England's parenting of America specifically

- How much historical context is too much historical context?

- Me playing around with the personification of America again

- Family relationships

- Showing that the personifications have indeed changed in personality over time

- Loving Latvia with all my heart and soul because he is a precious boy.


But again, this fanfiction will get dark. I've written chapters 1-12 and there are already mentions of genocide, war, and death, all referring to different topics. Sensitive subjects will be brought up and I am trying my best to do them justice. I will not be able to accurately represent everything though.


Please be respectful to myself and to your fellow readers. While I will be mentioning a few key events in history, there are people who's friends and family may have been affected by said event, please keep this in mind. Similarly, with the non-historical topics that I will be touching on, they halos have affected people either personally or through a friend of family member. It's okay to joke around and stuff in the comments (please do), but keep it at appropriate times.



Without further ado: the short and anticlimactic Prologue/ Teaser!



"Alright Greece, do you have the book?"


"In my hand."


"Egypt, Scandinavia, Britannia, and Dacia, are you all ready to perform the spell?"






"Of course."




"Good. Kievan Rus, Native America, are they all in the meeting room?"




“Perfect. Prepare the spell."