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Carol The Clueless Lesbian

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Maria tossed her head back to give Carol better access to her kissing her neck, and they both moaned at the satisfaction they found in the movement.

“Why haven’t we been doing this all these years?” Carol murmured into Maria’s skin, tugging her t-shirt down so she could kiss and lick and suck at her chest, because who had time to stop and actually remove clothes, anyway?

Maria wove her fingers through Carol’s hair and arched her hips up, grinding on Carol’s thigh with what was far and away the sexiest whine Carol had ever heard.

“Thought you were content to be together without being sexual,” Maria panted as she tugged at Carol’s shirt, both of them chuckling at her irritation when Carol was too slow to move her arms, too slow to shift so Maria could strip her.

“Wait what?” Carol asked as she claimed Maria’s mouth with hers, again. Something she never, ever wanted to stop doing? “Be together? What?”

Maria’s hands were disappointingly steady on Carol’s shoulders, now, as she pulled back slightly and stared up into Carol’s eyes. “Carol. We’re not on the same page here, are we?”

Carol swept her gaze down Maria’s body, at the way they’d entwined themselves in each other, frantically shoving clothes aside or off like teenagers in a rush before their parents got home, and chuckled.

“I think we’re on exactly the same page.”

Maria scoffed and rolled her eyes, swatting at Carol’s arm before pulling her back down for another kiss.

“No, I mean. Carol, we’ve been together for years.”

Carol nodded into their kiss like Maria needed support working on some complex physics equation.

“Yeah. Higher, further, faster, baby.”

“No, I don’t mean the Force. And I don’t mean as friends. Carol,” Maria pulled away again, and Carol positively whined.

A giggling fit ensued, because that was definitely a sound Maria wanted to make big badass Captain Carol Danvers make again and again and again.

“Wait.” Comprehension dawned on Carol, and she half sat up. “You thought we were… you thought I was your…”

“Girlfriend and other mother to our child and basically wife except the laws are shit? Yes.”

Maria said it like it was the most obvious thing, and then years and years of understanding hit Carol like a bucket of bricks.

“It…” She remembered the way they started sharing a bed.

“I…” She remembered the way Maria would come out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel, casual and intimate and familiar.

“But…” She remembered the way she would hold Maria at night, and kiss the back of her neck, and the way Maria always seemed to snuggle closer into her when she’d do that.

“We…” The way Maria’s eyes lit up when Carol made them candlelit dinner; they way they held hands and shared secrets and slow danced and…

“Holy shit I’m an idiot.”

“That’s one word for you,” Maria shook her head and laughed, which made Carol start to laugh, which made Maria laugh harder, which made Carol laugh harder, which made her fall completely out of the bed.

“Wait. So this whole time, you… but we never…”

Maria shrugged through streams of hysterical tears. “I didn’t think you were a sexual person. And that was fine with me, Carol, because I love you and I don’t need sex to know how much you love me.”

“But you’ve wanted it. Sex. With me. And you just thought I didn’t want. It.”

Maria helped her girlfriend off the ground, tugging her mess of limbs back into her bed. Their bed.

She nodded and bit her lip, and Carol took the opportunity to take over that responsibility for Maria, who groaned and swooned into Carol’s body.

“For you?” Carol asked, still laughing as she kissed away the tears of laughter streaked down her girlfriend’s face. “No, I’m very sexual for you.”

“Really now?” Maria raised her eyebrows in a challenge, scooting back from Carol’s arms and laying back, looking up at her with part laughter and part invitation in her eyes.

“Get over here and show me then, soldier.”

She laughed at how immediately Carol scrambled to obey, and Carol laughed at Maria’s laughter, and when their laughter woke Monica, they only laughed harder.

Because god, did they have a lot of years to catch up with.