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The Gamble

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Lucifer woke up before Lynne the morning, and spent a few minutes studying her peaceful face as it rested against his chest. He watched as her eyebrows raised and a smile crept across her lips momentarily, and couldn't help but chuckle as he wondered what she was dreaming about. She gently stirred and laid a few lazy kisses on his chest before rolling over onto her other side, snuggling back into the curve of his body and falling back into a deep sleep. He rolled onto his side and wrapped his arm and legs around her, his cock subtly twitching as he pressed against her warmth. He was tempted to grind against her and give her another exotic wakeup call they both enjoyed so much, but decided against it and closed his eyes, her soft breaths lulling him back to sleep. 

He awoke a couple hours later and found Lynne curled up against his chest again. He kissed her forehead as he slid out from under her, and she was so fast asleep she didn’t notice his absence. He waited a few more minutes to see if she’d wake up before slowly creeping out of the bed. He quietly scurried around the room and packed up their belongings as silently as possible so as not to wake her and laid out an outfit for her on the bathroom sofa, smiling as he recalled their pleasure-filled punishment on it the day before. He glanced back at Lynne as his cock began to stiffen, and shook his head as he stepped into shower and relieved the throbbing in his groin as he washed himself. He dried off and got dressed before he brought their bags to the door and put on a pot of coffee. He resisted the urge to play piano as it percolated, not wanting to wake her with something so un-arousing after his previous sacrifices in the name of her slumber, and stepped over to the window to bask in the sunlight as he overlooked the bustling city below them, contemplating all the different memories he had made there, but they paled in comparison to the ones he made this weekend.

He checked the clock as he poured himself a cup of coffee. He looked over at Lynne, still blissfully asleep, and decided not to wake her until he absolutely had to. He brought his coffee out on the patio, shutting the door behind him quietly, and sipped it slowly as he sat on the sofa and looked out upon the city again.

Half an hour later, he came back in and not-so-gently closed the sliding door, but Lynne was still fast asleep. He took another look at the clock and sighed as he walked over to the bed and gently shook her shoulders. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him. "Good morning…"she said sleepily as she reached for his arm and pulled him towards her. "Come back to bed…"she murmured.

Lucifer sat down and reached over to caress her cheek. "Sorry love, but I can't."

She smiled at him again as she ran her fingers up his spine. "I promise I'll make it worth your while…"

He gave her a soft kiss and stood up again. "I'd love to, darling, but I promised Elaine and Emily I'd have you home for dinner, and I don't want to go breaking any more deals..." She began to protest, and he chuckled. "It's already 1:30, darling, but depending on how fast you let me drive I may be able to find time to ravish you on our way home."

Lynne shot straight up. "Oh shit! How did I just sleep eleven hours straight?! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

Lucifer shook his head as he reached for her shoulder. "You looked so peaceful, and I wanted to give you one last morning to sleep in. Dad knows you don't get nearly enough of those."

"Aww…" She leaned forward and kissed him again. "You’re the best man in the universe, Lucifer ‘of course I know the deepest desire in every mom's heart' Morningstar. Thank you." She kissed him once more. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go get dressed and pack up as quickly as I can. Ten minutes, max."

Lucifer chuckled and pointed towards the bags by the door. "One step ahead of you, love. All you'll need to pack is your toothbrush."

“You truly are DIVINE,” she said as she hugged him again before heading to the bathroom.

They arrived back at Lynne's apartment at 5pm on the dot. Emily ran towards them as they walked through the door, and nearly knocked Lynne over as she scooped her up for a hug. "Oh, I missed you so much, boo bear! Did you and Nana have fun?"

Emily squeezed her tight. "Of course we did! We never made it to China, but we did manage to-  LUCI!!!!!" She jumped out of Lynne's arms and into Lucifer's, knocking the bags out of his hands.

"Easy there, little darling, we don't want to detonate your mum's precious bath bombs, do we?" Emily shook her head and hugged him again. He smiled and spun her around a couple times before making her fly around the living room.

Elaine stepped up to hug Lynne. "Happy birthday sweetie! Welcome home."

Lynne squeezed her tight and kissed her cheek. "Thank you so much, Mom! Seriously. Hands-down the best birthday of my life, no offense. I'm sorry I gave you shit about scheming, I had no idea the extent of it, and you guys are the sweetest, most thoughtful people in the universe! I'm so lucky to have you!"

Elaine smiled. "Oh, it was no big deal, just a phone call here and a text message there…"

Lynne rolled her eyes. "Yeah, he tried giving me that garbage too. Not buying it. So please, just accept my gratitude already!" She hugged her again.

"Fine, fine, you win. You're welcome, sweetie." She sighed as they both turned to watch Emily and Lucifer, who were curled up on the couch giggling at pictures on his phone from their magic carpet tour of Vegas. "It was mostly him, you know," Elaine said as she wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and Lynne nodded. "He's a special guy, Lynne, divine or not. And just look at the two of them hamming it up over there, it's enough to make a stone man cry."

"I know…" Lynne said as she wiped away a tear from her eye as her heart filled to the brim. Emily whispered something into Lucifer's ear, and he looked up and smiled at Lynne before turning back to whisper his response. The two of them laughed and whispered for a few minutes before subtly high-fiving and going back to his phone to view the rest of the photos.

Lucifer got up a few minutes later and walked back towards Elaine and Lynne. "She especially liked the video where you're ugly crying and trying to explain that the tiger who sat down in front of you was begging you to free him so you could ride off together and be best friends with a life full of adventures just like Princess Jasmine and Raja. Don't worry, I turned it off before your string of expletives when I wouldn't smash the glass or 'at least fly in there'."

Lynne punched his arm. "I thought I deleted that! And the screenshot!”

Lucifer winked as he rubbed his arm dramatically. "I had a feeling you’d do that and pre-emptively saved a copy to the cloud. It's quite a fetching photo of you, love, I'm having an artist recreate it to hang above my mantle."

"I hate and love you in equal amounts right now, Lucifer," she said as she pulled him in for a hug. "You staying for dinner?"

"Lucifer has to go home, Mommy, he's not sure if his friend with a pretty name has burned his club down yet." Emily yelled from the living room and gave Lucifer a dramatic wink.

"What was that all about?" Elaine asked.

Lucifer shrugged innocently. "Children are rather strange little creatures, aren't they?" He smiled as he pulled her in for a hug. "Thank you again for all of your help, Elaine, couldn't have pulled this off without you! Enjoy the rest of your time here, and I meant what I said- if the girls can manage an evening without you, do stop by Lux. I'd love an excuse to dedicate a set of Queen songs to you."

Elaine giggled as she hugged him back. "If not this time, definitely the next! Thanks for making my baby's birthday the best one yet. You're a real angel, Lucifer Morningstar."

He blushed as she kissed his cheek. "It was my pleasure."

Lynne moved in to kiss his other cheek. "Thanks again, Luc. I'll see you soon." She leaned in and whispered into his ear. "Love you."

He gave her a hug before heading out the door, almost bumping into the pizza delivery man. Lynne smiled at him as he got in his car and she signed for the delivery.

"Okay, Gardner girls. One belated birthday movie night coming right up!"

Lynne, Elaine, and Emily made the most of their time together before Elaine headed home on Tuesday morning, then it was back to the reality of school, work, and an actual bedtime. The rest of the week passed fairly quickly as Lynne threw herself into catching up at work to make the time fly until she could see Lucifer again on Saturday.

Friday night rolled around, and she and Emily changed into their footie pajamas and sat down on the couch to pick a movie. "We could have waited til next week, you know, spread out the fun a little since we just had Gardner girl movie night on Sunday!"

Emily giggled as she snuggled into her. "I know, but it's the first Friday of the month and we're nothing without our traditions, Mom," she said seriously.

Lynne sighed as they scrolled through the menu and finally found what they were looking for. The doorbell rang just as she pressed play, and she sighed again as she hit pause. "That must be the pizza. " She went to answer the door and her jaw dropped. Lucifer was on her doorstep, holding a bottle of wine and their box of pizza as the delivery man drove away. She frantically glanced back at Emily, who was pouring a glass of fruit punch, sighed in relief, and closed the door behind her as she stepped onto the stoop. "I thought we were hanging out tomorrow night?"

He smiled. "We are…"

"Sooooo what are you doing here?" He smiled again as he pushed past her and entered the house. "Lucifer, stop, I didn't… We haven't…"

Emily ran to the door and hugged him. "Luci! You made it!" She rolled her eyes at Lynne, who was still standing there in shock. "Chill, mom. I invited him."

Lynne raised an eyebrow at Lucifer, who shrugged innocently. "I may have casually asked her when the next movie night was, and one thing led to another…"

Lynne rolled her eyes. "Is this what you two were whispering about the other night? I have to worry about you scheming with her now, too?"

He smiled again as he set the bottle and box down on the counter and took off his coat to reveal a black velvet onesie with his initials embroidered on the chest. Lynne's mouth couldn't even form words as he kicked off his shoes and whipped out a pair of slippers with flames running up the sides from behind his back and put them on as she just stood there, stuttering, shocked at the sight of devil in footie pajamas. He popped his hood up as he knelt down to Emily's level. "Nailed it!" he said, and they laughed as they high-fived.

"You were TOTALLY right, Luci, look at how surprised she is!" They giggled again as he scooped her up in one arm and grabbed the wine with the other.

"Would you mind grabbing the pizza, love? My hands are a little full at the moment." He and Emily cackled together as he walked them to the couch and settled in. Lynne shook her head as she grabbed the box and walked into the living room. She set it down on the coffee table and sat on the couch next to Emily, who scooted over her and crawled into Lucifer's lap. He wrapped an arm around her in a hug and extended the other one towards Lynne as he smiled brightly at her. "There's room on my other leg if you'd like to join us, love."

"But only if you bring us pizza, we're too comfy to move now." Emily giggled again as she burrowed into Lucifer, who shrugged as he nodded in agreement.

Lynne rolled her eyes as she put the slices on their plates. She glanced over at them before sitting back down and her heart filled to the brim. I guess this is my life now… She sighed happily as she snuggled up with them and pressed play.