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We Were Gods (Keyakizaka46)

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It has been 5 years since the group known as Keyakizaka swore an oath to safeguard their assigned district; an alliance formed with Nogizaka as a sub group to ensure their series remained well taken care of. However, as the unit became a force to be reckoned with their arrogance soon became their despair and with the allegiance of Hirate, Aoi and Shida; other groups received their existence as an uncontrollable threat.

After an announcement had been presented that another group would be formed to complete the border in their district unrest began to unfold. Keyakizaka soon realized that this new addition known as Yoshimotozaka had been a project in development to rein them in as Nogizaka and AKB felt they had lost any authority. Keyakizaka soon understood that Sakamichi series, along with the other districts feared them .

Nogizaka acted swiftly to mediate and maintain what little control they had over the subgroup while all plans ran forward with the development of the new cadets. Unbeknownst to them however, half of the soldiers in Keya had already determined AKB's true meaning behind this plan. Each soldier of Keya would be condemned to death. Committing treason and abandoning their oaths, 8 members advanced forward to crush Nogi thus initiating the rebellion against all 46/48 groups.

It was soon after the coup that the soldiers of Kanji Keya would become divided; the half that did not partake in the destruction against Nogi would come under attack by those they once called allies. This incursion within the group would create an uprising among members and soon the bonds that once bound them were tainted.

The loyalist's to the Keya name; led by Akane, consisting of the members Oda, Miyu, Risa, Yone, Habu, Nanako and Rika would be dubbed traitors. Moriya's strong desire to protect Sugai against their executioners became her strength. A desire to fight back against those who ordered their demise and pull the attention away from their remaining members drove them forward. She and those who followed her would not tell their comrades of AKB's true plot. They would become the nations enemy all the while hoping the others would be spared.

Sugai would pull away from Akane; taking the half of Keya that disagreed with Moriya's belief's and recruiting Hiragana as their last line of defence should they fall. Yuuka remained ignorant to Akane's true intentions. Members would include Ozeki, Koike, Fuyuka, Shiori, Neru, Uemura and Ishimori.

Kobayashi alongside Zuumin would become a joint force, falling into the shadows, believing themselves to be of more use by remaining neautral

Hirate would disappear without a trace, Shida and Aoi by her side as guards on her journey away from combat. It was unknown at the time of the coup where her true allegiance fell. But deep down, each unit prayed she would be on their side.

Sugai would send word to AKB, SKE, HKT and NMB to request a summit to meet with the various Captain's to discuss the future of Keya's AWOL members. Much to Sugai's dismay, it had been decided that Moriya would be stopped, forced to disband and face judgment for their crimes. However, as Sugai begged for her companion's lives, the AWOL unit would only granted 24 hours to surrender be destroyed by the 48 groups. AKB also warned should Keya bring chaos beyond their own district, this would cancel their agreement and the groups would be given free access to take Moriya out, as well as the remainder of Keya.