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Ever Fallen In Love

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“Ugh, this is the one thing I hate about refuel planets, full of smaller, easy to squish things.”

Rodimus dodged around a group of organics that barely came up to his ankle and Thunderclash laughed lightly as he glanced over, minding his own steps. They'd been tasked with helping restock the Lost Light and having found a whole planet dedicated to restocking any travelling ships, most of the crew were on shore leave helping. Rodimus had obviously attached himself to Thunderclash for the day, and the bigger mech had split the list of supplies needed between a few of them, leaving him and Rodimus together. It wasn't much of a shore leave date but he'd take it.

“So what's on the list? Ammo? Energon goodies?”

“Supplies for the medbay.”

Rodimus groaned, ducking under a sign.

“Couldn't Velocity have done it?”

“Well, I volunteered so that she could have some down time. She does work awfully hard with First Aid.”

“Why are you so thoughtful?” Rodimus shook his helm, “fine, fine, what's first?”

Although it wasn't the most exciting trip, Rodimus found that even the trivial things he enjoyed doing with Thunderclash. He took every opportunity to touch him, squeezing into him as he waited for other aliens to go past, guiding him by the elbow when he found a quieter street to go down and leaning around him to look at the list. Thunderclash smiled every time but he was still hesitant to show too much affection openly for fear of Rodimus pushing him away.

“You going movie night tonight Thunders?”

He glanced at Rodimus shiftily, moving the box he had in his arms. Rodimus was carrying another smaller one under one arm, helm tilted as he looked at the shelves on one stall. They were filled with all sorts of shimmering crystals that he knew Drift probably would have freaked out over but he pushed thoughts of his amica away for now.

“I hadn't really considered it.”

“Should be good, I should know, I picked it. I can drop by yours just before it starts and we can walk down together.”

Thunderclash sighed. He needed to have a talk with Rodimus, and it was part of the reason he wanted to be alone with him. He couldn't carry on like this anymore.


But the other mech's attention was gone, his optics narrowed just behind Thunderclash.

One of the merchants, a small organic creature with lots of long, spindly arms was being crowded around its stall by a couple of bigger aliens. They were huge, and round but not tall in stature, and seemed to be made of stone, their bodies groaning as they moved. One of them banged a flat stone fist onto the stall and it creaked under the weight, the long armed alien shrinking back, its small head sinking down into the mass of arms.

Rodimus threw the box he was holding on top of Thunderclash's and strode over.

“Oh Primus, try not to let him run his mouth.” He muttered to himself.

“Hey you filthy pile of pebbles, you better stop that right now.”

Thunderclash sighed, easing the boxes down and apologising to the merchant whose stall he was now blocking before going over to stand just behind Rodimus. The two stone like aliens had turned and whilst their faces were barely rocks with several glinting crystals for eyes, it was easy to tell that they weren't pleased.

“I know you don't understand me, but this,” Rodimus pointed at the hand on the stall and shook his helm, “nope. Don't do it.”

The two creatures turned to each other and let out a sound like rocks scraping together and one rose their fist in response to the threat. It collided with Rodimus’ knee and the mech raised an optic ridge. It rose its fist again slowly and this time Rodimus put his hand down, the stone making contact with his palm. He closed it quickly and crouched down with a dark grin. His foe's face quickly went from anger to panic, trying to tug it's arm free. When Rodimus let go, the fist was glowing, molten and misshapen, the mech's hand flickering with a little flame.

The aliens slowly left, shoving each other in their haste to get away. Rodimus flashed a smile at the merchant and nodded, straightening himself. It rattled off a long string of words and he blinked, perplexed.

“They said thank you, and to help yourself to anything.”

“Oh of course, the great Thunderclash can speak every language of the galaxy.” Rodimus threw his hands up.

“No, I just activated my translator.”

“Oh.” Rodimus grinned sheepishly, “I'm good. Tell this one it's fine, I don't do it for thanks.”

Rodimus strolled away to go grab the boxes of supplies, finding that it was stacked too tall for him to see over now and he huffed, until the boxes were lifted away easily by Thunderclash. He smiled and held out a small, thin box.

“They insisted.”

Rodimus leant around him to raise a hand in thanks to the merchant and it did the same with all of its own. Curiosity overtook him and he opened it, finding a small palette of shimmering paints. They were beautiful and Rodimus was touched, even if he wasn't sure what he'd do with them. He stored them in his sub space and smiled.

“Come on Thunders, better go find the others in case someone else gets into trouble.”

Thunderclash followed but the ordeal hadn't helped the feelings he was trying to figure out.


Rodimus was on time for once, and when he knocked on Thunderclash's hab suite door, the mech was already waiting. He flashed him a broad smile and nodded.

“Ready to go?”

Thunderclash nodded mutely.

He hadn't been able to settle himself since he'd retreated back from shore leave and locked himself in his hab until Rodimus had called for him. He'd washed in the racks, buffed his paintwork, re ordered his hab suite, read half a script from one of his favourite Camien plays and made some bunting like he'd offered for Chromedome and Rewind's wedding, but throughout all of that, he couldn't shake Rodimus from his mind.

Part of the problem with the flame coloured mech was that time and time again he showed Thunderclash why exactly he'd been enamored with him in the first place. He was heroic, never afraid to step in and stick up for anyone, and he was always trying to think of his crew, even if sometimes he wasn't the best captain, he tried to be the best friend he could be. He offered help where he thought he could and never turned anyone away. Rodimus was brave and charismatic and had an enormous spark filled with love. When he loved someone, he loved them wholly and fiercely. Not to mention, Thunderclash thought he was utterly beautiful.

It was going to break him to tell Rodimus he couldn't carry on.

They travelled down to Chromedome and Rewind's hab suite for movie night silently, and Rodimus kept giving worried glances over at Thunderclash. Finally he couldn't take the silence any more and he broke it softly.

“You wanna talk?”

Thunderclash smiled, “I'm good.”

“Trying to fake the faker,” Rodimus sighed, “I know you're not, so c'mon 'Clash, talk to me.”

“We'll miss the movie if we stop and talk.”

Thunderclash expected impatience from Rodimus, a hurry up then we'll talk later but instead he stopped in front of him and laughed lightly.

“So? I'd rather talk if you need to talk.”

Thunderclash peered around Rodimus to see a group of mechs heading their way. It wasn't something he should say out here.

“Can we go somewhere to talk?”

“Sure. Where do you want to go?”

Thunderclash shrugged and Rodimus nodded.

“C'mon, my office is probably closest.”

The silence between them was more strained this time, Rodimus wondering what it could be and Thunderclash nearly shaking with nerves.

When they closed the door and Rodimus threw himself into his chair, Thunderclash stayed standing awkwardly, not able to meet his optics.

Rodimus’ patience was starting to grow thin and he drummed his digits against the arm rest whilst he waited for Thunderclash to start.

“I um… think we need to talk about whatever this is between us.”


“Yes, well, I've been thinking that whilst it has been enjoyable, I'm not sure I can carry on this way.”

Rodimus furrowed his brow, “not catching your drift.”

His frown deepened as he mentioned the white mech without having meant to, and Thunderclash caught his expression. He started again, his vocals soft and nervous.

“Well, I understand that you are finding your amica's distance hard and I am always happy to be of any help I can be to you Rodimus but I um… need to know where I stand?”

“Eh?” Rodimus tilted his helm, “what the frag do you mean?”

“Well… I understand that you may not possibly have any feelings for me and that whilst we have enjoyed our time together, that's all this is, and once you find someone more worthwhile, I'll-”

“Wait wait wait,” Rodimus pinched the bridge of his nose, “you think… this is just a fling?”

“I just… know that perhaps you're not one for long term, serious relationships and I…”

“You don't think that I care about you?”

“I think you care but probably not in the way… I would like you to.”

“Oh Thunders. You really are as dopey and adorable as you look, aren't you?”

Thunderclash was still standing and he managed to stop staring at Rodimus’ shiny name plaque on his desk, bringing his gaze up to the mech instead. He had his helm still tilted and the genuine smile on his face as he leant onto his hand.


“I care about you, a lot.” Rodimus shuddered, “and I'm not a fan of declaring my feelings so let's make this painless as possible. I want to be with you, date, court, go out with, however you want to put it, you big goof. I thought that was clear by the fact we spend a lot of time together now.”

“But… I felt maybe… in Drift's absence...”

“Ah. You thought I was trying to replace him? You think as soon as he's here I won't have time for you? I mean no offense Thunders but I'm about to offend you, probably. You're not Drift, you're nothing like him, except maybe loyal to a fault. I enjoy spending time with you because you're you, not because I'm trying to replace Drift, and FYI, me and him are not ‘facing,” he facepalmed, “and maybe if you could declare that to the whole ship I'd appreciate it, because everyone seems to think so. Primus .”

Thunderclash blushed. He was feeling slightly ashamed of himself and he shifted his big feet.

“So you want to spend time with me?”

“Of course I do, and let's face it, who fragging doesn't? The great Thunderclash right?”

Thunderclash spoke softly, “I thought it would be the other way round.”

Rodimus blinked. This wasn't exactly what he was expecting, he thought Thunderclash knew he was into him badly, and if anyone wasn't good enough in this relationship, it was definitely Rodimus. He still wasn't quite sure what Thunderclash saw in him, all he saw in himself was a selfish jerk with a caseload of problems.


“You… you amaze me Rodimus, so brave and so fearless-”

“-you mean stupid and reckless-”

“-and, no, I don't mean that. Please, listen to me.”

Rodimus relented with a sigh, laying back into his chair and bracing his feet against the desk.

“You really do amaze me, and I understand that you've made mistakes, and we all have, but you never give up trying, you always look out for others in need and you're so passionate about what you believe in. I'm in awe of you most of the time, and it's hard for me to see why exactly you would want to be with me, just me .”

“You're kidding right? You're wondering why I would want to be with the greatest -”

“Please,” he sighed, “don't say that.”

Let me finish . The greatest, most kind sparked, sensitive and sweet mech I've ever met?” Rodimus grinned, “like I said, you're a bigger dope than I thought.”

“So… what now?”

Rodimus shrugged, “missed the beginning of the movie, wanna 'face?”

“I meant for us.” Thunderclash sighed, taking the seat in front of him, “I… need to know that you're certain about this, that you're serious about us. I can't commit if I think you're going to run at the first chance. I-I'm sorry.”


Rodimus pulled out his communicator to send a ping, selecting the whole crew, and typed a message. When he was done he threw it back down onto his desk and Thunderclash checked the ping he'd received, his cheeks heating as he read it.

-'Sup. This is ur captain, the proper 1 , sendin a lil announcement 2 u all. TC & I r datin, no more wistful glances in my direction thx, Im spoken 4. Dnt try & congrats Thunders on his great catch, hes gonna b busy 4 the next few cycles. Ta!-

When Thunderclash pulled up his gaze, the flame coloured mech was smirking.

“Make sure the door's locked would you?”

“You sent that to everyone?

Rodimus shrugged, “now you know I'm serious right? Oh frag! I sent it to Drift and Ratch too !” He picked up the communicator with a dramatic sigh, “oh he's going to kick my aft for telling him like that. And Ratchet is going to laugh his off for being right. Frag it.”

He opened his drawer and dropped the communicator in, switching it to silent as he did. The last thing he wanted was tonnes of pings back in response, especially with what he had planned.

Thunderclash still hadn't moved and so Rodimus pulled himself up, and went to make sure his door was closed and locked. The bigger mech was still registering his thoughts when Rodimus crawled into his lap, his warm frame pressing down into him as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

“So, you happy?”

“As long as you're sure this is what you want.”

“I'm asking what you want.”

Thunderclash grinned a little, “this. You.”

Rodimus rolled his hips and kissed Thunderclash hard, the bigger mech moaning into the kiss, shifting in the seat as his spike pressed against his panel. Rodimus' hands caught his shoulders, his digits teasing and prying into transformation seams.

Wordlessly, Rodimus slipped himself off his lap and between his legs, nipping at his inner leg plating and gazing up with his bright blue optics. Thunderclash sighed at the sight, the beautiful speedster worshipping him with touches. He ran his fingers lightly down his midsection, onto his warm interface panel and Thunderclash didn't need to be asked to open it.

Rodimus’ optics lit up brightly at the sight of the thick spike and he used his hands teasingly, gripping the great length with both to stroke it slowly, bringing his face closer. Thunderclash jerked a little when Rodimus brought his glossa out to just caress the tip, grunting with the pleasure. He wanted to watch Rodimus engulf his spike in his hands and his mouth and tentatively he reached out to gently put a hand around the back of his helm. Rodimus didn't need any encouraging though as he suddenly sucked down the spike, his optics still staring up at Thunderclash as he did. With one hand wrapped around the base of his spike, with his other Rodimus teased the slick lips of Thunderclash's valve as his glossa swirled and licked.

Thunderclash tried to watch but he couldn't. He tilted his helm back and offlined his optics, the grip on the back of Rodimus’ helm tightening as two fingers were worked gently into his valve. Rodimus pumped his fingers in and out of the valve in the same rhythm as he stroked Thunderclash's spike, his mouth still working the tip. There was suddenly another two fingers in his valve, stretching him out and he wasn't sure how long he was going to last.

Then Rodimus started to moan.

Thunderclash held back, trying to relish in every stroke and lick and touch of bliss that made his frame tingle with pleasure and the vibrations around his spike as Rodimus moaned.

Rodimus, still pounding into Thunderclash's valve with four fingers realised that he could make his lover crash over the edge, after all he had his thumb free. As soon as his anterior node was stimulated Thunderclash yelped, his other hand gripping on tightly to Rodimus’ shoulder. His vents were heaving hot air noisily and his fans were whirring alongside the grumble of his engine. Rodimus kept up rubbing his anterior node with his fingers still lodged inside of Thunderclash, his mouth hungrily sucking the spike.

Thunderclash crashed hard. He gripped Rodimus tightly as he overloaded, his helm tipped right back as he groaned almost silently. His valve clenched down hard on Rodimus' fingers and he spilled transfluid down into his throat, his lover lapping it up hungrily.

As Rodimus sat back onto his knees, pleased with himself, he looked smugly at where Thunderclash was slumped in the chair, arm over his face.

“Believe that you're all mine, now Thunders?”

The bigger mech sat himself up slightly, Rodimus smirking as he teasingly licked his fingers clean. Suddenly Thunderclash rose and Rodimus’ smirk disappeared into a worried expression.

“You okay Th-”

Rodimus didn't get a chance to reply as Thunderclash lifted him up and placed him on the desk, kissing him hungrily. Rodimus’ engine purred in response and even though he felt like his interface panel was on fire, he didn't open. He didn't want Thunderclash to feel like he'd done it to get spiked in return.

“Mm Thunders,” Rodimus caught his face in his hands, “I wasn't-”

But Thunderclash kissed him again, pushing Rodimus down to lie on his desk, nudging his legs apart with his hips. His bared spike was still pressurised and pressing insistently into Rodimus’ closed panel and the smaller mech moaned.

“I want to, Rodimus, please.”

Only Thunderclash could ask so nicely whilst putting Rodimus in a place where he didn't want to say no. He was venting hard as he looked up into the red optics watching him intently and all he could manage was a nod.

His panel was barely open before he was being filled with Thunderclash's spike, his valve slick and ready for the huge girth and length. He fluttered his optics off in bliss, whispering curses.

Thunderclash spiked him hard and insistently, watching Rodimus overload again and again. He could watch the way the speedster lifted his frame up, grabbing at Thunderclash's shoulders for more and turning his helm with whimpering cries of pleasure all day, but after a while he could tell Rodimus was getting worn out, his engine had quietened to a steady hum and his hands pulling a little less insistently. He decided that Rodimus could have just one more intense overload and he'd be done with him.

He pulled out and Rodimus moaned, his optics barely flickering on when he felt Thunderclash's glossa slip inside his valve. A huge hand wrapped around his spike too and steadily stroked it, working the head mostly. Rodimus had to throw an arm over his face to stop from squealing. The way Thunderclash's tongue was probing where his spike had been, more gently and sensually and the grip on his spike was too much. He overloaded and went limp, his optics offline.

Thunderclash chuckled lightly. If Rodimus was going to try and make him worn out, well he was going to return the favour. He found a clean cloth in the desk drawer and cleaned them both up as best as be could, Rodimus giving a little grumble as he was touched again.

All he wanted to do was curl up and sleep, and he tried to roll over, but he found he was being lifted. He didn't have the energy to online his optics and he felt unsure of what was going on, but when he moved his helm and it felt comfy he decided he didn't care.

Thunderclash made sure Rodimus seemed comfy, moving his helm onto his shoulder and hugged his warm frame closely to him where he was cradled on his lap. He smiled down at where his captain lay, definitely too tired for any cheeky remarks.

It was almost too good to be true, and he certainly hadn't expected their conversation to end in the way it had. He sighed contently, resting his helm down against Rodimus’, his fears finally subsided.