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It was late Sunday morning when Thomas finally showed up, missing all the heavy lifting. Not that there was much, more just a lot of big and slightly dusty boxes of my stuff needing to come up from the storage unit beneath the apartment. The stuff I had at Mom and Dad’s had kind of migrated back over to the apartment over the last few weeks.

Of course, he brought donuts and coffee, so he was immediately forgiven for shirking his duty in helping me move in. Or is it move back in, I don’t know what you call it when you move in with your boyfriend to the apartment you actually own.

The thought made me smile and my cheeks flush. My boyfriend.

“Sorry I’m late, but I thought best not to contribute any further to the corruption of the young,” Thomas proclaimed as he handed me a coffee and dropped the box of donuts on the counter. “How do your parents feeling about all of this Molls?”

Harry took my coffee from me and handed me a glass of ice water, which was all I was living off pre-noon right now, before grabbing himself a donut and taking a bite.

“Ok, I guess,” I replied, “I mean they think I should kick the squatter out of my apartment of course, but they are dealing.”

“Yeah, they aren’t happy that Mouse won’t leave,” Harry quipped as he kissed me with sugar covered lips. They tasted good, maybe I should attempt a donut. “He’s messy, never does the dishes and he’s not paying rent. It’s a real problem.” Thomas laughed, shaking his head.

“Yeah, Mouse is really their problem Harry. Really guys, I mean I ship this, you know I do, but it’s been what, a month, two at a push?” Thomas looked over at Harry questioningly. He had expected me to go all in, obviously, but it was an unusual reaction from Harry. I decided to risk it and grabbed a plain glazed donut, and took a bite.

“I hear you”, he replied, “but it just feels right Thomas. She’s always here anyway and it’s stability for Maggie...”

The donut had been a mistake. I could feel the wave of nausea coming and I only just made it to the sink in time to catch the torrent of vomit.

“.. and then there’s the fact Molly is pregnant.” Harry finished, as he came to stand beside me, holding back my hair.