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Serendipity is not a seesaw

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In the silence of the night there is a lot that could be said or done. In the silence of the night there was something coming together as one. Two souls intertwined for life were about to be broken. Two lives that were about to begin, were about to be torn apart. The pain they felt had painted the Moon in red. The night sky was crying for them, but there wasn’t any coincidence when something was about to happen...

Park Jimin was only seventeen when he presented as an omega. His family was rich and very strict when it comes to tradition. His father was clear that he was going to search a good alpha woman for his son. He wanted everything to be perfect. Just as perfect as his son. Park Jimin was first at his singing class. He was studying music and theory of business in the music industry. He was meant to follow his father footsteps as a huge name in the musical business. He had a plan formed for him. Jimin had to graduate from his school and then beginning a carrier at his father’s company. He had to make sure that he’s married before he turned 21 and had his first kid before he was 23. Jimin has to be the perfect son his father was asking him to be, because otherwise he was going to suffer his father disappointment.

Few years later, when one night he was late to come back home, his father got furious. He had cornered Jimin at his son’s room and had used his belt to discipline him. The boy was wearing the bruises for months. He never complained, because no one would listen to him. His omegan mother couldn’t do a thing for him. He was the only child in the family and that was the reason he had to bury his tears deep into himself.

The second time his father had used his baseball bat. Jimin had to nurse two fractured ribs. He couldn’t go to the hospital of course. Then he had to explain why he had his bones almost broken. This time the reason was that he had skipped a Business class.

The third time his father used an iron tube and he had broken his left arm. Jimin was trying to protect his face. This time they had to visit the hospital. Jimin had to lie that he had fallen down the stairs. The reason was that he had told his father he wouldn’t mind if his mate is a male or a female.

Jimin couldn’t let himself to have another time. He wouldn’t even dare to think that he could disobey to his father anymore. He was controlling his life and there was no escape. But then something had happened. He was the last year in the university, engaged to a beautiful alpha female. She was a daughter to one of his father’s partners in his firm. However, she was also just as territorial and annoyingly arrogant as his father was.

It was raining that day and Jimin was coming back home with his personal driver. Then the car had simply stopped in front of a small cafe. There was something wrong with the engine, his driver had told him and Jimin had just waved his hand. He had noticed the cafe and he told him that he was going to wait there. It was a simple decision, but decision that had changed his life.

His name was Min Yoongi. He was the one who had stolen Jimin’s breath in the moment he had seen him. The alpha was a barista in the cafe, called “Seesaw”. His gorgeous cat like face, deep brown eyes and black hair made Jimin’s heart skip a beat for the first time in his life. When he had sniffed the air around him, Jimin’s senses sang in awe. The sweet aroma of a forest after the rain had embraced Jimin. That was the moment he had realized that he had found his mate and it wasn’t the one his father had chosen for him.

“Caramel macchiato,” Min Yoongi had put a beautifully decorated cup in front of Jimin. His voice was deep and husky.

“I didn’t order,” Jimin’s face had flushed red.

Min Yoongi had smiled and winked at him. “It’s on the house. You look like you need one! I’m Min Yoongi!”

“Park Jimin!” The omega nodded shyly.

It turned out that Min Yoongi was an alpha from Daegu. He had received his degree of music and business in the same university. He didn’t have Jimin’s rich background however and finding a job was difficult for him. Therefore, Yoongi had started working at the café. The two bonded rather quickly. Although Jimin was an omega and Yoongi was an alpha, they found out a lot in common. When it was time for Jimin to leave, he waved his goodbye rather reluctantly. Yoongi had flashed him a smile and went back to his work.

When Jimin had came back home that day, he had found the alpha’s number slipped into his pocket. It didn’t need much time for him to add the number to his phone contacts and send a message with his own. Both the alpha and the omega kept texting after that day. Jimin had found easier to endure his father’s restrictions and even his alpha’s fiancée, when he knew that there was someone waiting for him at the other side of the line. It had taken him few days to get back to “Seesaw” and when he did, he had a stupid smile plastered on his face. Yoongi had died his hair white now and Jimin had laughed so hard that day. The two had slid back into their easy going talks about music and University. Yoongi had promised to help Jimin with some of his classes. He had graduated and he wanted to be of help.

“Are you that good with every poor omega that crosses the café’s door?” Jimin had laughed again, his head tilted aback.

Yoongi had shaken his head. “Nope, only the special ones!” He had told him with a smirk and slid his caramel macchiato to him. Then he had left to fulfill another order, but not before a secret look was thrown to the suddenly shy omega. Jimin had felt butterflies in his stomach back then, but he had ignored the feeling.

They had met for the third time when Jimin was almost over with his study. That was just two weeks later, but to Jimin it felt like forever. He had missed the alpha so much that he had cried his eyes out two nights in a row. When their eyes had met, Jimin had felt a sudden pang in his chest. His eyes felt glossy, but he had brushed them off furiously.

Even if Yoongi had noticed his mood, he didn’t say a word. “Hello, gorgeous!” His smile was genuine and Jimin’s heart had fluttered. “The usual?”

“You know!” Jimin had giggled and had taken the chair at the bar, closer to Yoongi. The place was hidden from the front door and a bit private. Jimin knew that Yoongi was keeping it for him.

The alpha laughed. “I know!”

Another week had gone away and Jimin had managed to skip few of his classes just to visit Yoongi’s place. The two spent the time talking and Yoongi tutoring Jimin in between his orders. Jimin was so used to Yoongi’s voice that he had no problem to memorize the lessons. Yoongi had helped him remember the most important parts of every lesson and Jimin felt grateful.

Two days later his father had found out about his skipped lessons and Jimin had received his punishment again. Nothing serious this time – just a bruised chin and a side of his face. Nothing that couldn’t be covered with makeup. His wrists had bruises, but he decided to put more bracelets than one. This was when he had found out a bracelet with a silver wolf, slid into his school bag. Right next to the figure of the howling wolf, there was a silver “Y” letter. Jimin’s heart had skipped a beat and his eyes had gone glossy again. He had told Yoongi that he was engaged and maybe that was the reason the alpha hadn’t given him the present by hand. He wasn’t allowed to court him.

Jimin had put the bracelet on his forced date with his fiancée. He was holding onto it the whole night. It was a way to easy his pain even by a little. When she had kissed him, he had closed his eyes, trying to endure the feeling. He knew he couldn’t do a thing, because his parents were sitting on the same table. When he had gotten back home, he was quick to retire to his room and cry himself to sleep.

He went to see Yoongi on the next morning. It was Saturday and his classes were postponed. When he had entered the café his heart had dropped. Yoongi wasn’t at work that day. The omega had walked out then, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his leather jacket. He had walked to the nearby alley and slid down the dirty wall. Then he had started crying again. The feeling of the world around him had crushed him down to some shattered pieces took over him.

The next thing he had done had set his life on motion. He had called Yoongi and the alpha had sensed the omega’s distress. It turned out that Yoongi was living not so far from the café. The omega had sniffed him even before his appearance. When the alpha had finally showed, he was greeted of an incredibly distraught omega.

When Yoongi had hugged Jimin for the first time it looked that the world around them had stopped its turning. The omega had fisted the alpha’s shirt, not caring that he was damaging it with his tears. Yoongi couldn’t do anything more but just to be there for him. His arms had clutched around him tighter and he had swayed them back and forth, until Jimin had found some solace and stopped crying.

Yoongi had taken him to his beta’s friend rent apartment. Hoseok, he had called him, was working at that time and wasn’t going to go back home until evening. The alpha had thought that it was better than to take Jimin to his own apartment. It was dangerous to be surrounded of Yoongi’s scent when he had to go back home. Jimin didn’t care where they were at that time. He had felt so tired and broken that the alpha had to nurse him back to his own mind.

When Yoongi had seen the bruises his face had hardened. His alpha’s instinct to protect this omega had risen. The omega was lying in his arms, while the alpha was sitting on the small sofa.  He had kissed Jimin’s wounds carefully and that was the first kiss he had ever given him. When Jimin had turned his head slightly so their lips could meet, Yoongi had pulled back.

“We can’t do that, gorgeous!” He had kissed the crown of the omega’s head. “It would break us both!”

Jimin knew he was right, but his heart had ached. His head had dropped on the alpha’s shoulder and his eyes went teary again. “I can’t live like this,” he had said then. “Sometimes I think it’s better off if I just disappear.”

Yoongi had turned to him then. Their lips were inches apart. “You have to live, sweetheart,” the alpha had whispered. “You have so much more to give to this world!” His fingers had traced Jimin’s side of the face.

When they had kissed that evening it turned out that Yoongi was right. It did break them. Jimin had finally found that amazing feeling to be kissed from someone you love. He hadn’t noticed when that had happened, but he didn’t care. The feeling of the alpha’s lips over his and the alpha’s tongue dancing a beautiful dance with his own, was overwhelming. Yoongi was so gentle and caring. He had nothing in common with Jimin’s fiancée.  When Jimin had scented him, Yoongi didn’t pull back, but he didn’t do the same.

Jimin got back home late that night. Thankfully, no one had noticed his absence. His father was on a business trip and his mother was in her bed already. When Jimin had gotten back to his room, he had found another present in his pocket. It was a small silver earning. The silver wolf and the letter “Y”, along with a small and delicate silver chain presented this masterpiece. Jimin had closed his eyes then and had touched the precious present to his lips.

His wedding had scheduled just a month after his graduation. It was after his heat. Jimin had noted that to his calendar. By this time, his relationship with Yoongi had taken another turn. Their café dates had turned into small escapes to Hoseok’s apartment. Jimin still hadn’t seen him, but maybe that was for the best.

He had broken the news to Yoongi a week before his heat. He knew that his father had arranged an apartment downtown where Jimin had to spend his heat week. Jimin had to endure it alone. He had another thing to suffer alone. He had gotten used to it. When he had told Yoongi about that, he had seen the alpha’s jaw clenched tight.

“So you’re getting married soon?” He had asked Jimin casually, while petting his hair. The omega had nodded.

“If I don’t kill myself first.” Jimin half-joked. Sometimes, late at night, such thoughts had crossed his mind and not only once.   

Yoongi had kissed him in return in what turned out to be a make out session later on. Jimin had wondered how Yoongi was able to endure his own arousal after the omega had gone home. Tonight was different, because he had decided to surprise the alpha. When he had slid his hand down to rub the alpha’s arousal through his pants, Yoongi had huffed out a “no”, but he hadn’t pulled back. When Jimin became braver enough to slide down and wrap his mouth around the alpha’s length, Yoongi had rewarded him with a sensual moan. When the omega had gulped down every droplet of the alpha’s come, Yoongi had pulled his face up to kiss him passionately.

Then he had returned the favor and oh, Jimin had enjoyed every moment of it. Bucking his hips up and tugging on the alpha’s hair until he had come into his mouth, screaming his name. Yoongi had sucked him dry and then had gone back up, kissing him again.

Jimin had graduated a day before his heat week. His father had insisted on celebrating it right away, although he knew that his omega’s son was in pain. Jimin had longed to be touched the whole day and evening, but not from his alpha’s fiancée. Her hands on his felt so wrong that he couldn’t help his shaking every time that happened. He didn’t if she had noticed that, but even if she did, she didn’t show it in any way. She was there for the party.

The omega was sent away to his hotel room around midnight. Around that time it was impossible for Jimin to stand still. He had barely managed to walk in and out of the elevator to his room. His body hurt so badly and sought release. When he had stepped into the room and the well-known rainy forest scent had hit his nose, he thought it was a dream. But it wasn’t. Yoongi had waited him there.

“You?” The omega’s painful moan had echoed from the door.

“Me!” Was the well awaited answer.

Yoongi had taken Jimin that night for the first time. They couldn’t reach the bed and the alpha had fucked the omega on the floor in the middle of the living room. He had knotted him right then and there. The omega’s satisfied moans died down soon after so the alpha had taken his omega to the bed, careful not to pull off of him.

Jimin had cried for him again early in the morning. His heat had hit him hard and he was a moaning mess. The slick was gushing out of him, following each pang in his stomach. Yoongi didn’t make him wait. He had rammed into him a bit harsher, turning him into all fours. Jimin was so overwhelmed that he his arms had given up. His hands had clenched the sheets beneath him with every harsh thirst into his body. His throat went dry, but his mouth stayed open while Yoongi’s movements became more erratic. The watery sound of slapping hips made his need to come even more intense. Just then, led by his own instincts, Jimin leaned back on his alpha, bearing his neck for him. Yoongi had grasped his waist harshly and had whispered something into his ear.

“Come for me, omega!” The alpha had uttered these words and led by his dominant nature, his canines dug deep into Jimin’s scent gland, marking him.

Jimin came hard right then and there. His body convulsed painfully while the alpha’s bite continued more than it was necessary.  But the pain had mixed with the pleasure of the alpha’s knot growing bigger inside of him. Jimin had rocked his lower body to make sure that Yoongi would knot him good. The friction caused from that made him feel another arousal in his belly. His member was back to be hard as rock and his eyes had closed again.

When Yoongi had finally released him from his bite, it was Jimin’s turn to do the same. The alpha was still fucking him from behind and if it weren’t for his hands, Jimin would just fall flat onto the come stained sheets. He only had to turn his head to find Yoongi’s mark on his neck and bit him hard. Jimin felt how the knot inside of him swelled even more and then nice warmth had rushed into his belly. The feeling was so erotic and intense that Jimin had come once again. This time Yoongi released him from his hands and the omega fell onto his belly, breathing heavily and not caring for the dirty mess of come and slick beneath him. Soon after that, Yoongi followed his orgasm with his own and fell over Jimin’s limp body. They had to wait some time, before the alpha’s knot died down.

Yoongi had taken care of Jimin’s heat week. Both of them never dared to talk about their mating marks. They had chosen to ignore the subject until the last night. Then Yoongi had taken Jimin into his arms and had kissed him softly.

“I love you!” He had said back then. “Even if this week is the only thing I could have with you, it’s enough!”

Jimin had cried after that. “I love you so much!” He had whispered into his true alpha’s chest. “You know?”

“I know…” Yoongi’s whisper was the last thing Jimin had heard from him.

When they woke up in the next morning, Jimin’s father was waiting for them in the living room. He had his men with him and when Jimin saw them, his scream had echoed in the room. Just then he had felt Yoongi’s body fell into his legs. A plod spot formed in between his shoulder blades and beneath him.

“No!” Jimin had tried to kneel down and help him, but two of his father’s men had grabbed him by his arms and had dragged him out of the room. He had tried to scream for help, but one of the guys had hit him hard on the face. Jimin had lost consciousness.

His father beat him hard this time. But this time, Jimin didn’t care. His father had him in a spooned position on the floor, kicking him hard. This time was different though. This time Jimin had wished to die. Before the beating started, his father had told him that he had left Yoongi dead in the room. That news broke Jimin and now he was thankful for his father’s kicks.

He didn’t die. The life was cruel like that. However, it didn’t stop him to cut his veins the night before the wedding. This had happened just two weeks since Yoongi’s death. Jimin was mourning despite everything that surrounded him. He wanted to die. He wanted to be free of this world and go back to the one he loved the most.

Unfortunately, his mother had found him little before it was too late. She had called the ambulance since Jimin’s father was missing. When he had woken up at the hospital, the omega broke into tears. He was still alive and he had to live. Then they had told him he was caring a pup into his womb. That news made him numb all of a sudden. Now he had to live, because of that innocent life inside of him. He had to live just enough to make sure Yoongi’s pup is safe and healthy. Then he had sworn before himself that he was going to finish what he had started. Then… he was about to go and reunite with his forbidden love.

His father and his fiancée had found out about Jimin’s pregnancy on the date of the wedding. Jimin had felt bad the whole morning, barely leaving the bathroom. When his father had found him and sniffed the baby scent on him, his eyes went wide and he got furious. Jimin had curled up in two, trying to protect his baby by any cost. When his fiancée had rushed in to see what was happening, her nose had caught Jimin’s scent as well. The wedding was off.

Jimin left the house of his parents with nothing more than a single bag on the next day. For the first time in his life he had felt relief. His hand had covered his still flat stomach and he made a promise to his unborn child that they were going to make it.



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Two months later Jimin felt better enough to find a job. It was probably a coincidence that he started working at the same café, where he and Yoongi had met. He was able to hide his pregnancy well up until his sixth month. Just then the owner of “Seesaw” had changed. That was the day when Park Jimin had met Kim Seokjin. He was an omega son in a wealthy family, just like Jimin. However, unlike him, Seokjin was spoiled rotten. He was 26 years old and already having few cafes down town.

Kim Seokjin was a nice and warm person. He had announced Jimin under his protection since the moment; he had laid his eyes on him.

“You are pregnant Jimin?” Seokjin stated more than asked. “Are you mated?”

Jimin had simply tilted his neck, showing his mating mark. It supposed to fade away when the person made it was dead. His one still looked fresh as if it was made yesterday. Jimin wondered if it was because he and Yoongi didn’t have enough time.

“Where is your mate?” Seokjin had sat on the bar, staring at the other omega. “I want to meet him!”

Jimin had touched his silver bracelet back then and his eyes went teary. “He’s dead.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry my little friend!” Seokjin had wrapped his arms around the smaller omega. “You’re still mourning? I should’ve sensed this! You are under my protection now and you should worry about nothing! Okay? You can call me Jin-hyung!” Jimin had nodded and released his unshed tears, making them soak into Seokjin’s brand new shirt.

A week later, Jimin met Namjoon. He was Jin’s potential mate. Kim Namjoon was a songwriter, poor enough to be ignored from a reach omega such as Jin. Jin however, didn’t pay any attention on how rich or how poor the person was. He accepted everyone with open arms if the said one had came to him with good feelings.

Jimin was in the middle of his seventh month. He knew he was caring a boy already. Thanks to Jin’s support he was able to take care of his health and even rent a better apartment. It was in a small building, close to Jin’s luxurious apartment at the center of Seoul. Nothing else had changed in his life. His mourning state hadn’t changed and to be honest to himself, he felt like he was never going to stop missing Yoongi. He was missing him especially now, because he was caring his child after all. When he felt his son moving for the first time, Jimin had burst into tears. What should’ve been a joyful moment had turned into a night of crying. There was hardly a night when Jimin didn’t cry. He felt that sadness overwhelmed him sometimes. He was longing to see his alpha’s eyes again. These deep brown eyes captivated him since the beginning.

“Just a little more,” he kept repeating to himself, while he was counting the days to his son’s birth. “Just wait a little more, my love.” But that never eased his pain.

“I worry about your friend,” Namjoon had whispered one evening to his future mate. “He doesn’t look happy of having that baby.”

Jin had stared of the quiet Jimin, already finishing with his job behind the bar. “His mate got killed by his father.” Jin had whispered to Namjoon. “The poor thing saw everything.”

“This is why he’s still mourning?” Namjoon kept staring at the pregnant omega.

“Yes,” Seokjin sighed. “It’s been little over than seven months, but he’s body still refuses to accept the fact that his alpha is gone. His mating mark never faded and that pup he’s caring is a constant reminder of Min Yoongi.”

“He’s the alpha you mentioned?” Namjoon took Jin’s hand without noticing.

“Yes,” Jin nodded. “He used to work here before. They met at this place.”

Namjoon didn’t ask more questions. He kissed his future omega’s hand, and they both stared back at the pregnant omega boy behind the bar. Their hearts ached for him, but they could do nothing to help Jimin.

Park Yoon was born on his due date on March 9th at eight in the morning. He had appeared after almost twelve hours of suffering. His was a quiet baby since the beginning. His cry was loud and clear mere seconds after his birth. When they had put him onto Jimin’s chest, the baby had stopped crying. His eyes were still closed, but his mouth was half open in a shape of a kitten’s mouth. Jimin had cried then. His hand covered the small baby’s body and his sobs echoed in the room.

Later that day when he was staring at him from his bed, Jimin had whispered in the air. “Just a little more my love,” he had sobbed again. “I want him to be old enough to remember me. I want to tell him about you, so he can remember you through my eyes. Then, I’ll come to you! I promise!”

They told him that he was going to fall in love with his baby right away. It didn’t happen. Jimin was trying hard to love that little piece of himself and Yoongi. He was doing everything possible to make sure that the little angel was okay. He was nursing him, changing his diapers, taking care of his needs, but he couldn’t feel the love. Sometimes Yoon’s cries made him want to be somewhere else. He wanted to take a break, but he knew that he couldn’t. He knew that he had to stay home for a year at least and that made him even more depressed than he ever was. One night he had called Jin, begging him to come over and take care of the crying baby.

Jin had arrived quickly, embracing the little Yoon into his loving arms. Jimin was just sitting there, staring at his baby and his friend and wanting nothing more but to disappear. He was so tired of being a parent. He was so tired of trying to stay here little more for his son. He was telling himself that he had to do it for Yoongi, but his mind and his heart were two different things.

“You can just take him and leave!” Jimin put his face into his hands. “I can’t do it anymore!”

“He’s your responsibility, Minie!” Jin was still holding the quiet and sleeping baby. “You have to do it! You have to take care of him!”

“I can’t!” Jimin shook his head, his face still hidden in his palms. “I’m trying for him… every day! I want to love him as an amma should do! But I feel so empty inside! It’s like Yoongi took my heart with him and he left nothing behind!”

“He is your child, Jimin!” Jin’s voice went rough and Jimin finally looked at his hyung. “You can’t just leave him.”

“Sometimes I think it would be better…” the young omega had uttered.

Jin’s blood ran cold. “No!” He got off his place and put the quiet baby back into his amma’s arms. “Do you think Yoongi would want that for his son?”

“What?” Jimin’s heart skipped a beat. “No… I…”

“Do you think he’d like the view of you right now?” Jin pushed forward.

“Stop talking like that!” Jimin sobbed quietly.

“Take care of your son, Park Jimin!” Jin raised his voice a bit and left the already crying omega.

Park Yoon had started crying again in that moment, feeling his amma’s distress. Jimin had then gently pressed him to his chest and closed his eyes. The pain of the loss had embraced him, but he tried to calm down for his son. He had to try for him!

A month later Park Jimin was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression and Jin sent him to some therapy. That helped him a little. He was now trying to understand his life as a single parent better. He’d learned how to deal with his lack of love for his son. It wasn’t easy, but Jimin was finding his way back to love his son. It happened one night, when Yoon got a fever. Jimin had rushed out to the nearest hospital and cried with his son, while his doctor examined him.

He felt it again, when Yoon turned eight months and his first word was “amma”. Jimin had shed happy tears for the first time since Yoongi’s death. Then he had taken the little Yoon into his arms and hugged him tight.

The boy was looking more and more like Yoongi every day. His hair was blond like Jimin, but his facial features were Yoongi’s. The omega didn’t know if he had to be happy or not with that fact. When the little Yoon turned one year old, Jimin celebrated it with his friends. Namjoon and Jin were well welcomed into his small apartment. The both now married and happy. Namjoon had moved into Jin’s apartment and was working over his musical career.

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Yoonie, happy birthday to you!” They all sang and Jimin blew the candle, because Yoon was too little to do that. The little boy giggled though and enjoyed the attention.

“I can see he started walking?” Jin and Jimin were sitting on the table, drinking their juice, while Namjoon was playing with the boy on the floor.

“We’re trying,” Jimin shrugged and rubbed his eyes tiredly. “He made his first two steps the other day while I was in the kitchen!”

“He must’ve scared you!” Jin giggled.

“Oh, yes!” Jimin shook his head. “One moment he was by the table and on the next one, he was by the door on his butt!”

Jin laughed and the younger omega smiled. “Did he cry?”

Jimin shook his head again. “No, he just reached out and repeated amma few times, until I hugged him.” 

“A true charmer…”

“Just like his dad!” The omega bit his lower lip in pain and rubbed his mating mark, still looking fresh. “I’m sorry… I’ll do the dishes!” Jimin got up abruptly and went to the sink. Jin followed him.

“Did you ever think that you have to move on?” Jin asked quietly. “Maybe if you find someone…”

“I’ve had that someone!” Jimin snapped. “Please, Jin-hyung! I don’t want to fight!”

Jin just put up his hands. “Okay, it was just a suggestion.”

When Park Yoon turned a year and a half, Jimin went back to work. He didn’t have to nurse him and it was easier to take the little one with him. While he was working, Jin was taking care of his nephew, as he had proclaimed himself. Jin knew that his friend needed his work back and to be away from his apartment. One day, during the breaks, Jimin had told Jin that what made him even sadder is that he didn’t even have a picture of Yoongi. Jin decided that he should help and by the end of Jimin’s shift, the older omega came back with a framed picture of Min Yoongi – employer of the month.

“My beautiful love,” Jimin had sobbed and touched his swollen lips to the picture. Jin had suppressed a sob himself. “Thank you, hyung!” Jimin had hugged Jin thankfully. “Thank you, hyung! That means a lot to me!” Then he had went to his son’s stroller and showed the picture to him. “Look, Yoonie! This is your appa! Isn’t he beautiful?”

“Appa?” The boy had stared at the picture.

“Appa!” Jimin had nodded and leaned to kiss his baby cheek.

Sometimes, Jimin could swear that he could feel Yoongi’s presence around him. That happened every time he went to hug his son. The kid still had a scent of milk and baby powder. However, there was something new added to his scent with every passing day. Jimin’s nose couldn’t catch it still, but he was sure that if Yoongi was there, he would’ve sensed it already. The alphas noses were way more sensitive. He knew these thoughts were dangerous for his heart, but he couldn’t stop them. He still hadn’t given up the thought of going back to Yoongi, but he was forced to live now, because of their son. Therefore, he had to keep these thoughts hidden and suppress the ache in his heart.

Jimin was enjoying the days in the park with his son. Yoon’s favorite was to chase after the butterflies. He kept falling on the soft grass, but he never gave up. He chased after the beautiful creatures and giggled every time he was able to spot one. One day, one beautiful blue butterfly had landed on Yoon’s nose and he had giggled. “Bubu! Bubu!” The kid babbled.

“Don’t move, Yoonie! Amma is going to take few pictures with the bubu!” Jimin had quickly reached for his phone and snapped few pictures. “There you go…” Then the butterfly had flown away and Yoon had burst into tears.

“Bubu! Bubu! Yoonie wants bubu!” He kept pointing at the butterfly and Jimin had wrapped his arms around the little boy.

“Bubu is going home, Yoonie!” He cuddled his son and kissed the top of his baby head. “But I’m sure he’s coming back tomorrow, baby.” He cooed to try and calm down his crying baby.

“Home?” The boy sniffed.

“Yeah,” Jimin smiled and pointed up the sky. “Home.”

“To appa?” Yoon’s eyes went wide and Jimin felt the well-known limp in his throat.

“Yes, honey…” he sighed and swayed his son into his arms. “To appa.” His mating mark tingled and Jimin rubbed the spot. It was so strange… Usually that happened when the mate was near, but Jimin knew that was something impossible. Maybe he missed Yoongi so much, that he kept imagine things.

 “Yoonie wants appa!” The boy sniffed again and his father hid his face into his baby hair, quietly sobbing as well.

“I want him too, baby!” He whispered. “I want him so bad…”

They kept coming to that place every sunny day. It became Yoon’s favorite spot. He kept chasing the butterflies and every time he missed them, he kept saying that they went to his appa. Jimin was only smiling and nodding, making sure that Yoon is happy. He kept telling himself that Yoongi would want that, but his eyes were still sad, no matter of the big smile he was nursing every day.

The second time his mating mark tingled was when he was playing with his son in the said park. They just had bought a new ball. It was late fall, one of the last sunny days and they decided to enjoy the good weather. Yoon had found the small blue ball on yellow dots fascinating, while they were at the store. Jimin was able to afford it and now he was teaching his son how to catch and throw the same ball. Yoon had tried to catch the ball, but he had missed it. Then he had kicked it away, enjoying to his amma’s attempts to get it back.

“Is that what you’re looking for?” A taller boy with bunny like smile had caught the small ball. He walked to Jimin and the omega had sniffed an alpha right away. “Here you are!” He offered the ball back to Jimin and the omega nodded.

“Thank you!” Jimin smiled. “That’s my son’s first ball. He would be sad if he-”

“Amma-a-a-a!” Yoon had burst into tears. Jimin had turned right away. The boy was lying on the ground, probably had tripped over something.

He had rushed to him and apologized at the stranger. Just when he had picked up his son, he had felt the well-known tingle and looked around. The stranger was walking away with two more guys, but they were away and Jimin couldn’t see their faces. He had simply shrugged and cuddled Yoon, making sure that he was okay.


It was Christmas the same year, when his mother had called the café, Jimin was working. She just announced that his father had passed away. Jimin didn’t even wait to hear the rest of the story.

“I don’t have a family” He told her. “I’ve never had a father and certainly not a mother! I don’t know who you are, but I’ll be thankful if you leave me alone! Thanks!” Then he simply hung up the phone.

Jin had stared at him in awe. He had never seen his friend being so cold to someone. Yes, Jin had heard Jimin’s story, but he expected to be in his omegan nature to forgive to his mother. No such thing happened. Later that day, when they were celebrating Christmas at Jin’s apartment, Jimin told his omega friend that if his father hadn’t passed away, the time was near when Jimin would finally go and kill him himself.

“But he was your father, Jimin!” Jin insisted.

“If it wasn’t my father, I wouldn’t be raising my son alone!” Jimin scoffed with cold eyes.

“Amma! Amma!” Yoon was padding to him and Jimin smiled right away. “Look, amma!” He put a small paper heart into Jimin’s palm.

“Thank you, Yoonie!” Jimin cooed and looked after his son, padding back to his newfound toy, the Christmas tree. The omega smiled bitterly and imagined what would be like to have Yoongi right beside of him right now. Yoon turned to him in this moment and giggled, his baby teeth showing. Jimin’s heart skipped a beat. He looked just like Yoongi.

The young omega rubbed his chest and tried to swallow the limp in his throat. His son deserved a happy Christmas. He had seen his amma cry every other day, but today, Jimin had to be strong. He looked down at the paper heart and smiled again. Maybe he couldn’t be happy, but he could at least try to pretend for his son.

The New Year passed and everything went back to normal. It was a snowy day, at the late January, when Jimin had to leave Yoon to Jin’s apartment. The omega had insisted, because he didn’t feel like going to work that day. So, Jimin had stopped by and it took him around twenty minutes to let go of Yoon. It was the first time they were separated like that.

When he went to work and opened the café, the day felt like every other day. Yes, he had less work than usual, but Jimin took his time to set the new sound system in “Seesaw”. He had just finished when the doorbell rang. His mating mark just tingled in that moment and he rubbed it with his free hand. The young omega pushed the play button and turned around to see the newcomer. His smile died down quickly. He was seeing a ghost. The life was so cruel sometimes.

“Ji-min? Park Jimin?” Min Yoongi was staying there, flesh and blood.

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Jimin just stood there, watching. He was afraid to blink, because the vision might disappear. Maybe that was just his imagination. Maybe he was still at home, dreaming about his long lost love. Min Yoongi wasn’t here in fact. He wasn’t real, right? There was something strange in his posture though. That Yoongi looked like he was seeing him for the first time, although his hand was also latched over his mating mark.

“You are, Jimin!” Yoongi blinked few times. “I know it’s you! I don’t know how I know, but…”

Jimin still couldn’t speak. He told his legs to move and for his surprise they did just that. The omega stopped just few inches apart from this alpha and sniffed the air around him. The unmistakable scent of rainy forest hit his nose again and made his body shiver. It was his Yoongi! His!

“Oh my God! But you are…” Jimin stuttered, feeling close to pass out. “You are dead! I-I saw you!”

“I don’t remember much,” Yoongi shook his head. “I’m sorry!”

In that moment Jimin’s heart shattered into small pieces and he fell on his knees. He felt how two strong hands helped him up and guided him to the nearby seat. Thankfully the café was empty now and no one was witnessing the scene.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked him and looked around. His voice was hoarse and low, just like Jimin remembered. But there was something strange in the way he was pronouncing the words. Yoongi went to get him some water and he knew very well where to look at. “I’m so sorry I came like this... I..,” he handed the bottle to the still frozen omega. “Tae told me to be more careful, but I couldn’t wait any longer and I… had to see you… and now…”

“Who’s Tae?” Was the only thing Jimin was able to say. “Your-your new mate?”

“What? How-… no!” Yoongi had crouched before the stressed omega. “My mark has to fade if I want… If I… ” The alpha shook his head. “But it didn’t… and … I knew… I had to… I have someone and I…” He was desperately trying to gather his thoughts and form a proper sentence. He was speaking slowly. Jimin had just noticed.

Jimin was just staring at him. His black hair, his beautiful cat shaped eyes, his smooth pale face and his cute nose. They were all the same. “Tae is… was my nurse at the… home… I was.” Yoongi was just saying.

“Oh,” was the next thing Jimin let out of his mouth. “A nurse.” The bottle fell onto the floor, but no one noticed it.

Yoongi nodded and reached out to hold one of Jimin’s hands. He kept staring at the omega’s face and Jimin felt like the first time he had met him. He couldn’t even register the soft touch of Yoongi’s fingers, laced with his ones. He was only able to stare at his alpha’s face, because he was here… right? That was his alpha here. That was his Yoongi. The thought itself shock him and he whined involuntarily. It hadn’t happened to him in awhile. He was trying to be strong for his son. He couldn’t let himself to show weakness in front of him. When he cried, he cried when Yoon couldn’t see him. Yoon! Jimin’s eyes went big. Yoon – his son! Yoon – Yoongi’s son… their son! And now Yoongi was here.

“Hey, please calm down!” Yoongi squeezed his fingers. Jimin felt how he released his alpha’s calming pheromones around him. “I should’ve called… I didn’t know you think… I… am… dead… it’s so confusing! Please, say something!”

Jimin opened his mouth then, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a loud and painful cry. The reality had finally caught on him. Yoongi was alive! He was here! The next thing he felt was how two strong arms embraced him. A well-known scent had hit his nose and then it felt like the whole power was sucked out of him. Jimin was now standing, enveloped in Yoongi’s arms. He held onto his warm black coat like his dear life. His head rested over Yoongi’s shoulder and close to his scent gland. The alpha had pulled him closer and Jimin did what he had to do. He rubbed his nose in small circles over Yoongi’s mark and inhaled his scent deeply. His tears kept coming out of his eyes and he could feel their salty taste over his lips, but he couldn’t talk still.

“Sh-sh,” Yoongi was swaying them in gentle rhythm, trying to soothe the distressed omega. “We should talk, Jimin.” His voice was strangely close and distant at the same time.  Jimin remembered what Yoongi had told him few minutes ago, but he still couldn’t bring himself to detach himself from the alpha.

“You’re here?” The omega uttered after ten long minutes. “You’re real, right? I’m not dreaming?”

Yoongi just shook his head, still keeping Jimin into his arms. “I am real and… I am sorry… I don’t remember you… but my alpha’s senses… it looks like they do. They know you are mine and I’m yours… but I…”

“I know,” Jimin whispered with sudden pain in his chest and sniffed again. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let go of you… not now.”

“It’s okay,” Yoongi uttered. “I don’t mind.”

Jimin and Yoongi kept hugging each other, when the door of the café opened. They pulled apart reluctantly. When Jimin sniffed the air and when he smelt an alpha, his whole body tensed. Yoongi’s alpha must’ve sensed his distress. He turned around abruptly, shielding Jimin from the newcomer instinctively.

“Whoa!” The tall and handsome guy put his hands up. “I’m just coming to see how you’re doing, hyung!”

Jimin peeked over Yoongi’s shoulder and froze. That was the stranger from the park. He was the beautiful alpha, who had found Yoonie’s ball. Who was he and why had he called Yoongi, a hyung? The omega was still clutching onto Yoongi’s arm.

“Oh… Kook-ah!” Yoongi’s body relaxed. “I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, hyung!” Here’s that cute bunny smile, Jimin remembered vividly. “So this is him?” He looked at the omega. “Jimin?” When Yoongi confirmed with a nod, the stranger spoke again. “Hello, Jimin! I’m Jungkook, Yoongi’s half brother!”

“Hello!” Jimin rounded Yoongi’s body and stood right beside of him. “Park Jimin.” He offered up his hand and Jungkook took it. “Do you want something to drink? It’s really cold outside.”

“A cup of coffee will be good, thanks.” Jungkook smiled and sat on the nearest table. His eyes followed Yoongi, while he was doing the same. Jimin hurried up to the coffee machine. His hands were shaking, but he still managed to do his job.

“Do you want milk, sugar or something else in your coffee?” Jimin asked politely.

Jungkook shook his head. “No, I prefer it black!”

Jimin put the steaming cup in front of the boy and when to put the “CLOSE” sign on the door. When he returned, he moved to sit next to Yoongi, but didn’t touch him. “Your brother’s favorite is caramel macchiato. He used to make it so perfect that made me fall in love with it.”

“Really, hyung?” Kookie’s eyes went big.

Yoongi shrugged and ducked his head. “I don’t remember, I’m sorry!”

Jimin kept staring at Jungkook, finally taking Yoongi’s hand. He was afraid that if he let go of it, his mate will disappear. It was irrational of course, but Jimin was doing it anyhow. “I never knew Yoongi has a brother,” Jimin uttered.

“I’ve never told you this?” Yoongi’s face was confused.

Jimin shook his head. “No,” then he bit his lip. “We didn’t have much time to get to know each other, before…”

“I’m his half brother,” Jungkook interrupted him, probably sensing his distress. “My father married his mother when my hyung was three years old.”

“Oh?” Jimin tilted his head.

“Yeah,” Yoongi scratched the back of his neck. “I could barely remember my dad. He was shot and killed during a street fight. It was a tragedy, my eomma told me. It’s too painful for her  to remember, so I’ve never asked.” Yoongi shrugged, still speaking slowly as if making sure he’s pronouncing each word correctly.

“Then our eomma met my dad and married to him,” Jungkook shrugged as well. The young alpha was staring at Jimin. “But this is not the thing you want to hear, right?”

Jimin gulped painfully and squeezed Yoongi’s hand. “I want to know what happened that night? Why my father told me Yoongi is dead, when he clearly survived?”

“They called us in Busan,” Jungkook frowned from the memory. “The Seoul’s police had found a John Doe by the Han river.”

“What?” The omega’s eyes grew big.

“Apparently, they found an ID in him later and contacted us,” The young alpha spoke again, staring at his brother, who’s head was now turned to Jimin. “When we arrived, they took us to the hospital. Yoongi-hyung had shot in the chest, then beaten up with a baseball bat and then thrown into the river to die.”

Jimin’s heart ached. If his father wasn’t dead, he’d be on his way to kill him now. The omega knew what monster he was, but he didn’t know that he was ready to kill. How come such human being could exist, he asked himself. “I didn’t know,” he was only able to whisper.

“The worst part was the waiting,” Jungkook leaned back on his seat, his fingers playing with the empty cup before him. “My mother passed out few times from the view. Yoongi-hyung had a bad injury on his head, few broken ribs and his arms and legs were covered with bruises.” The young alpha paused for a second. “When he finally woke up, two weeks had passed. He had lost his memory almost completely.”

“I remember my childhood,” Yoongi spoke slowly. “My life in Busan and my study. The next few years are something I don’t quite remember yet.”

“The doctors said that his brain is getting better,” Jungkook smiled sadly. “Hyung couldn’t talk at the beginning. They said that’s probably PTSD.”

“PTSD?” Jimin looked between the brothers quizzically.

“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” Jungkook explained. “The experience must’ve been very painful for my hyung, so he probably had refused to even talk about it. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. My hyung has the anxiety.”

“Now you talk like a doctor,” Yoongi tried to smile.

“You know I’ve read everything possible, hyung,” Jungkook smiled reassuringly. Then he turned back to Jimin. “So, it took us six months to make him feel comfortable enough to talk to us. First there were only words, but now hyung can say whole sentences.”

“I’m still trying,” Yoongi shrugged.

“And you’re doing it so good, hyung!” The young alpha smiled reassuringly. “We are so proud of you!”

Jimin wanted to cry. “How did you find about me?” He asked quietly.

“We saw the mark,” Jungkook answered. “Once we saw it and started talking about you, Yoong-hyung started having some flashbacks. Just bits and pieces, but we’re finally able to find you after almost half a year. Seoul is a big city!” The young alpha laughed.

“I understand,” Jimin turned to face his alpha and reached out to touch his face, but suddenly stopped. “Can I?” He asked with trembling voice and resieved the nod from the alpha.

His hand slid over Yoongi’s face and over his forehead. There, hidden underneath his soft black hair, was the scar. It was shaped like a crescent. The omega’s eyes closed and he pressed his lips there. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m so, sorry!” When he pulled back and his eyes met Yoongi ones, his eyes filled with tears. “If my father wasn’t dead already, I would’ve killed him!” The omega sobbed. “I didn’t know you’re still alive! If I did, I-”

“It’s okay,” Yoongi spoke softly and moved forward, his arms embracing the petite omega. “I’m not mad at you.” He sighed and his nose found its way to Jimin’s scent mark. His eyes closed and he started marking him. The omega didn’t pull back.

“We have to go now,” Jungkook coughed after awhile.

“Go where?” Jimin’s inner omega perked up in fear.

“To the place we’re staying here,” Jungkook answered quietly. “Hyung needs to relax after today.”

“But-” the omega was ready to argue.

“Here’s the address,” Yoongi pulled out a piece of paper from his coat and put it in Jimin’s hand. “There’s my phone number also, but I’ll be back tomorrow, okay?”

“Promise me you won’t disappear again!” Jimin grabbed his alpha’s hand. “Promise me!”

Yoongi sighed and got up, pulling Jimin with him. “I promise,” he smiled. “But Jungkook is right. I need my rest for today. My head is aching already and I forgot my pills.”

“Okay,” the omega finally nodded and then looked at Jungkook with sad eyes. “Take care of him, okay? And please… bring him back tomorrow?” 

The young alpha smiled and nodded in return. “I promise you, Jimin-hyung. We’ll be here tomorrow, the same time, yeah?”

Jimin nodded and looked after them until the door of the café had closed behind their backs. Then he realized something important. Jungkook was the stranger from the park. Jungkook knew that Jimin had a son. Jungkook was also Yoongi’s brother. Jimin could only hope that the young alpha wouldn’t tell that news to Yoongi. Maybe he had forgotten about their meet in that park. The omega could sense that Yoongi wasn’t ready for the news of his parenthood. The omega himself didn’t know if he was ready to say that aloud.

When he returned back home, Jin was there, playing with the little Yoon on the floor of the living room. Jimin rushed to hug him tight and the kid squealed happily. A smile showed up on the omega’s face and then he laughed joyfully. As if the life itself had came back to him.

“What happened?” Jin asked as soon as Yoonie was put back on the ground. “You look… and smell different. Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Yoongi is back, hyung!” Jimin started dancing in the room. ”He’s alive!”

“Are you sure?” Jin stared at him with disbelief.

“Yeah!” Jimin giggled. He giggled! “He found me! And I met his little brother!” Then his face went serious. “I thought my father just shot him and left him there to die, but… it looks like he ordered his men to beat him to death and just in case to throw him into the river. And they beat him so hard that he lost his memory and… they had to teach him how to talk again, Jin-hyung! My father was a monster!” The omega clenched his fists with anger. “I swear, I would never say his name ever again! He doesn’t deserve it! He deserves to be forgotten!”

“So, he’s really alive then, huh?” Jin finally smiled, trying to make sure that the omega was back to his good mood. “I could smell his scent on you.”

Jimin grinned immediately. “We scented each other.”

“Really?” The older omega was clearly happy for his friend. “I’m happy for you, Jimin-ah!”

The young omega sighed and looked at his son, who was playing on the floor with his small cars. His smile faded all of a sudden. “I didn’t tell him about, Yoon.” He lowered his voice. “I don’t know if he is ready, hyung.”

Jin bit his lower lip and leaned back on his armchair. He tapped his chin with confusion, as if he was in deep thought. “Maybe you should wait?” He suggested. “If he’s still recovering, maybe that news would be too much for him?”

“That’s what I was thinking, hyung!” Jimin sat close to his soon, watching him play with his toys. “But he has to learn about Yoon sooner or later.”

“Amma, look!” Yoon picked up a red toy car and showed it to his amma. “Pwhetty?”

“Yes, baby!” Jimin smiled and ruffled his son’s hair. “It is pretty!” Then he looked at Jin again. “What should I do, hyung? I’m so confused! I don’t know what to do first!”

Jin smiled again. “You should take your time, Jimin-ah!” He shook his head slightly. “Take a deep breath and don’t worry! I’m sure thing will be okay for you and your alpha. You just have to take one step at the time, okay?”

The omega nodded thoughtfully. “Okay.”

Soon after that, Jin received a call from Namjoon. The alpha was about to take his mate out for dinner. The older omega had rushed out in a hurry and Jimin had giggled after him. Then he closed the door after his friend and when to take care of his son. Yoon was still in the living room, playing with his toys on the floor.

Jimin took some time to enjoy the peace and quiet in the apartment. The day was so eventful that he needed the calmness right now. It took him some time to recover from his state and when he was ready, he called his son for dinner. Yoon was more than happy to join his amma on the table. Jimin put his son in his special tall chair and served him his soft food in a small bowl. Yoon refused to let the omega to feed him and started on his own. Jimin knew that this was about to happen eventually, but still kept an eye on his son through the whole time. His son was learning how to eat well. This dinner he ate more than he dropped on the floor.

When they were both ready, Jimin took his son into his arms and went to bathe him. He couldn’t help himself, but to press his baby body to himself and sniff the air around him. Yoon still smelled on milk and baby powder. He loved to be cuddled like that and even giggled. When Jimin put him into his bed, the boy refused to fall asleep. His amma had to sing to him and so he did. He sang three songs, one of which he had wrote it on his own. Then he tucked his son in and kissed his forehead, leaving his room quietly and leaving the door half-open.

It was time for his bed routine now. That involved washing his face and taking his suppressant. It was important, especially now when his alpha was back. Jimin shuddered. It wasn’t the right time for his heat to break free. After he had finished with this, he went to put on his pajama and went to bed. He closed his eyes and finally fell asleep. It was the most stable sleep he had since the night he got forcefully separated from Yoongi.

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Jimin had to take the second shift for the day and when he went there, the café was nicely warm and half-full with people. His co-worker was just leaving and Jimin nodded at him. The boy left the café and Jimin was left alone with the customers. He went to change the music into something chill and put on his apron. Then he checked the coffee machine if it was full enough, prepared the milk and checked how many tea bags were left for the day. He had just finished with this activity, when the first costumer of the day for him arrived. Jimin smiled and began his work.

His shift was almost over, when the doorbell rang and the smell of the rainy forest hit his nose again. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down his beating heart. Then he turned around and saw Yoongi, wearing the same black coat like the day before. This time he was joined not only by his brother, but another boy as well. Jimin looked at him carefully. He was as tall as Jungkook, maybe a tad bit shorter, but not by much. His hair was ginger, but it was obvious that he had dyed it, because his eyebrows were light brown. When he saw Jimin, the stranger smiled and the omega was able to see the most adorable boxy grin in his life.

“Hello!” The stranger said and stretched out his hand. “Kim Taehyung, a beta!”

Jimin was taken aback for a moment, but he couldn’t resist that smile. “Park Jimin!” He shook Taehyung’s hand.

“Tae wanted to meet you, since Yoongi-hyung couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday!” Jungkook rolled his eyes and took off his coat, hanging it onto the nearest seat. Taehyung did the same and Yoongi blushed.

“Yeah?” Jimin couldn’t help the smile. “Well, do you want something to drink?”

“Hmm, a cup of tea maybe?” Tae sat down and looked around. “Your choice!”

“Black coffee for me!” Jungkook nodded and looked at his hyung.

“Caramel macchiato for me,” Yoongi spoke slowly and looked at Jimin. “Do you mind if I make it? I wonder…”

“Sure,” Jimin stepped aside and sat on the bar, observing Yoongi’s actions. As he had assumed, the alpha knew what he was doing. He acted on his instincts and soon, two cups of caramel macchiato were put on the counter. Then Yoongi proceeded with Jungkook’s coffee and Tae’s tea.

“Whoa!” Jungkook was staring at his brother, while Yoongi was serving them the beverages. "Jimin was right, I guess!"

The alpha smiled and sat on the seat, making some room for Jimin. The omega didn’t hesitate one bit. The alpha had slid his arm around Jimin waist instinctively. When Jimin took a sip of his cup, his eyes closed with pleasure. It was like before. No one could make caramel macchiato better than Yoongi. “You haven’t forgotten this,” he mumbled and caught Yoongi’s grin with the corner of his eyes.

“I guess I’m not,” Yoongi sighed. “It feels good.”

“I’ve never seen him smiling like this,” Tae shook his head. “He’s like that ever since yesterday.”

"I told you that Jimin-ssi has that effect on him, Tae Tae!" 

Yoongi shrugged shyly too shy for an alpha and Jimin blushed. Maybe, because that was something new for the both of them. Then they kept talking just about everything. While Tae was explaining about his job as a nurse, Yoongi sneaked his arm around Jimin’s waist and pulled him closer. The omega suppressed a sudden purr.

“How you were assigned with Yoongi’s case?” Jimin asked with curiosity.

“Ah,” Tae threw a look at Jungkook and shrugged. “Kookie called me and because I’m his intended, I couldn’t refuse.”

Jimin’s eyes grew bigger when he switched looks between Kookie and Tae. “You are his intended? But you are… ah! You’re not into omegas then.” The omega blushed.

Jungkook laughed at that moment. “You should’ve seen my mother’s face. She was so disappointed.”

Yoongi ran fingers over Jimin’s left arm absent-mindedly and the omega felt the well-known butterflies in his stomach. He tried to put his attention back on Jungkook. “You don’t want to have children then?” The omega asked quietly.

“Oh,” Jungkook shrugged and looked at Tae. “Maybe someday, but we’re not sure yet.”

“Betas can conceive, but it’s far more difficult than the average omega,” Tae shrugged. “If it happens it’s only once in a life time.”

“Ah,” Jimin blushed furiously. “I didn’t know…”

“Our mother wanted a litter with grandkids,” Yoongi’s voice was low. “She was devastated when Kook-ah showed no interest of mating an omega. But this is who he is and we love him anyway.” He smiled at his younger brother. “He’s grown so much now and I’m so proud of him.”

Jungkook blushed furiously. He obviously didn’t like to be the center of the attention. “Enough about me,” he sighed finaly. “We came here, because Yoongi-hyung wanted to ask you something, Jimin-hyung.”

Jimin turned his look to his mate. “What is it, Yoongi?”

“Can I… spend the day with you… here?” He pronounced the words carefully. “I mean… working and just… be… around you? Maybe that would help me remember something?”

“Sure,” Jimin smiled and his heart skipped a beat. “I’m taking the early shift tomorrow, starting at eight.”

“Thanks!” Yoongi gave him a smile and the omega softened right away.

“You never have to ask me about anything, love.” The last word slipped out of his mouth so casually. He leaned in and pressed his forehead on Yoongi’s one. “I’m here for you, always have been.”

Yoongi’s eyes closed and he leaned to touch Jimin’s mark on his neck, nuzzling it gently. The omega purred silently. It was so silent in fact that only Yoongi could hear it. Oh, and he did. When he pulled back and let Jimin do the same, the omega could hear his quiet rumble.

“They are made for each other, Kook-ah!” Jimin could hear Tae’s whisper.

“See? I told you this is not a mistake!” Jungkook whispered in return. “We shouldn’t have listened to that fake doctor!”

Just in that moment, Jimin pulled away and leaned his head over Yoongi’s shoulder. His senses were in full harmony. His emotions were in full order. He never felt so good and completed before. For the first time since awhile, Jimin felt like he’s back home.

“We should go now,” Jungkook said quietly. “I’m sorry to say that, but hyung has to rest.”

“Sure,” Jimin sighed, but he knew that he had to let go of Yoongi’s hand for now. “You’ll be back tomorrow, yes?”

“Eight o’clock sharp!” Yoongi smiled and got up. Tae and Kook followed him. “My brother is going to drive me here and then pick me up later.”

“He won’t be late,” Jungkook smiled and went to hug Jimin. “I promise!”

The omega was a bit surprised, but hugged the young alpha in return. “Thank you!” He was able to say, before he was enveloped in another hug. This time it was Tae.

“It was nice meeting you, Jimin-ah!” The smiling beta said and pulled back. “We’ll be seeing each other!”

“Sure,” Jimin answered with a forced smile. Then he felt Yoongi’s lips touching his forehead and sighed.

“Good night, my little omega!” His cat-like eyes were smiling at him. Jimin blushed furiously.

“Good night, my alpha!” He mumbled and watched after him, until Yoongi didn’t close the door behind his back.

Jimin shook his head and went to flip the “CLOSE” sign. Then he went to clean the coffee machine and take care of the place, before he could finally lock it for the night. When he was finally in his bed that night, he remembered the words “fake doctor”, that Kookie had said. Who was that doctor? What had happened? Jimin knew that he and Yoongi had a lot to talk about. Then somehow, Jimin had to think of a way to tell his mate that he had a son. How he was about it do it? When? When was the right moment? Maybe he should discuss it with Kook and Tae first? After all, they were the ones, who were taking care of his Yoongi.

His Yoongi… The omega smiled dreamily. His alpha had scented him again today. He made sure that Jimin was in his arms the whole time they were together. Yoongi’s mind might not remember him yet, but his heart apparently did. Jimin wondered what would feel to be kissed by Yoongi again. He knew more than to push it right now. After Kookie had told him about Yoongi’s PTSD, the omega knew that they had to take it slow. And he was ready to do it. He was ready to do everything that could make Yoongi feel better. Therefore, he swore to himself not to force the alpha into anything, until he was ready. It didn’t matter how long it was going to take to get him back. Time was irrelevant measure when it comes to the simple fact that Yoongi was alive and breathing.

The omega looked at his phone and cursed. It was almost 2AM and he had to get up early in the morning. Jin had hired a nanny for the little Yoon for the next day. Jimin was against it, because he couldn’t afford that, but his omega friend wouldn’t take no for an answer. The nanny was necessary, because Namjoon was taking his mate to his home town for the day. Jin was dead serious when he had told Jimin that he couldn’t take more than two days away from the city. The omega had laughed over Jin’s whining, because he knew that he would do everything to make his mate happy.

Therefore, the nanny was settled to come around 7AM. Jimin knew her well. She was a nice omega elder, friend to Jin’s family. It was the only reason for him to agree on that. Otherwise, he was utterly afraid to leave Yoon alone with some stranger. Being a single parent had added even more to his fears. But soon, the omega grinned happily, soon he wouldn’t be a single parent. Soon, Yoongi was about to meet with his son and they could finally be able to raise him together.

But there was still time to that and Jimin had to calm down and get some sleep. He kept telling this to himself, until he was able to fall asleep almost an hour later. When he woke up, it was around 6:30 in the morning. Jimin was able to take a shower and get ready, before the nanny’s arrival. She was there at 7AM sharp. Jimin liked that. When he opened the door to greet her, the woman smiled and he bowed to her, thanking her in advance for her services. Then he went to kiss his son goodbye and left the apartment.

It was a cold morning at the beginning of February. Thankfully, the bus wasn’t that full and it was well warmed. The people around him kept chatting and Jimin relaxed in his seat. Usually, it took him about a half hour to get to his job. Today wasn’t any different. He waited patiently for the bus to stop and then got out of it. His first step was to go and buy two muffins from the nearby bakery. It was early and they were still nicely warm. Jimin grinned. He was in a good mood when he unlocked “Seesaw” and went inside.

He went behind the bar and turned on the lights. Then he put the muffins on the counter and went to switch on the stereo. The nice chill music echoed in the café. He hummed along with the melody and got ready to prepare a cup of coffee for himself. It was still early for Yoongi to show up, so that gave the omega some time to sort his thoughts and calm his heart.

Everything will be fine, he thought to himself. They just had to take it slow and move with Yoongi’s rhythm. Jimin wasn’t the important now, Yoongi was. Therefore, the young omega was more than willing to make sure that his mate is feeling comfortable around him. Maybe that could help him remember few stuff from their past.

“Good morning,” as if he had called him with his thoughts, Yoongi just walked into the café. Jimin blushed immediately. 

“Good morning,” Jimin told himself to calm down and nodded at the muffin on the counter. “I bought it for you if you want. Do you want some coffee?”

“Sure,” Yoongi nodded and sat on his favorite chair. Of course, he didn’t know that it was his favorite chair. Jimin thought that he was acting on instinct again. “Make it with more milk, please?”

The omega nodded and followed his instructions. “Here you are,” he said, carefully placing the plastic cup before Yoongi, who was just finishing the muffin. “They were your favorite.” Jimin muttered.

“The muffins?” Yoongi asked with curiosity, reaching out for his cup.

“Yes,” the omega nodded. “You were always buying two, just in case I show up.” Jimin leaned his hands on the bar. “A cup of caramel macchiato and a chocolate muffin were waiting for me, every time I was able to come here. It wasn’t as often as I wanted.”

“I’m sorry,” the alpha’s face went somber and filled with guild. “I wish I could remember.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty, Yoon!” The omega said softly. “You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just… going to take us some time to get back to normal.”

“I’d love that,” Yoongi smiled and just then Jimin felt how his hand was covering Yoongi’s one. He didn’t feel when he had done it, but the alpha was enjoying his touch apparently. “Can you please tell me more… about us? I’d love to hear.”

Jimin was more than happy to oblige. He kept talking about their past, in between the clients and orders. At one point, Yoongi joined him behind the bar and they took turns to make the beverages. Jimin told him how they met and why he had fallen in love with him right away.

“I knew you’re my alpha since the moment I laid my eyes on you,” he told Yoongi, while they were taking one of the rare breaks. “I remember it was raining that day and my car suddenly stopped. My dad’s driver told me I have to wait and then… I entered here. I was feeling so bad and then there were you, smiling and offering me a cup of caramel macchiato, because you said, I look like I need it.”

Yoongi chuckled. “I was smooth then?”

Jimin blushed. “You could say that.” The omega leaned his back on the counter. “Then we started talking and you told me you’ve graduated two years prior.” Yoongi suddenly blinked and touched his forehead. “Are you okay?” Jimin got worried. “Do you want to sit down? Maybe this was too much! I should’ve stopped talking…”

“No,” Yoongi put up his hand. “Ï just thought I remembered something, but it was so quick, just… flashed through my mind.” He frowned. “I feel so helpless! Why I can’t catch my memories? Why I can’t hold them?”

 “You have to calm down,” Jimin’s hands rested at Yoongi’s shoulders and he searched for his look. “You will be able to remember everything, love.” He spoke quietly. “I’m sure you will someday! Just… don’t give up, okay?”

Yoongi nodded and Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck. He felt the alpha’s arms sneak around his waist and pulling him closer. Jimin smiled and took a deep breath, inhaling the alpha’s scent and allowing it to embrace him. Yoongi must’ve felt the total devotion of his omega, because his hold onto him tightened. Jimin didn’t let out even a sound of protest, although Yoongi was holding him tight. He could stay here forever if he was able to. He wouldn’t let his alpha go.

“We have to go,” Yoongi said after awhile and Jimin had to release him reluctantly. “I can see your co-worker is approaching the door. Can I come tomorrow?” His eyes were filled with hope and Jimin nodded.

“We’re going to close the café tomorrow, because I have to take the second shift.” They finally pulled apart and Jimin felt empty.

Chapter Text


When Jimin arrived for his shift, Yoongi was already there. He was sitting at his favorite tall chair, hidden from the front door and was waiting for him. He smiled when he saw his omega. Jimin leaned and planted a soft kiss on his cheek, not without blushing furiously. Yoongi chuckled and waited patiently, until Jimin was ready to start his shift.

“I’ve had a dream last night,” Yoongi spoke first. “I think I remember seeing you that day. I mean the day when we met.”

Jimin’s heart skipped a bit, but he calmed his voice. “Really?”

Yoongi nodded. “Yeah, I think your story helped me to remember something recent. It happens for the first time. I mean, to have a memory and be able to keep it. Before I met you again I felt like I’m in a train, moving really fast and… I wanted it to stop, but it kept speeding up… and my memories just flashed through the window… and I couldn’t… touch them. Then one day, I’ve had a dream about a beautiful blond omega. His eyes were so sad… and then he… told me his name…” Yoongi stared at Jimin and licked his lips. “Park Jimin… and I was so happy! I was so happy that I was able to keep the name in my memory!”

“Yoongi,” Jimin bit his lower lip to suppress the moan.

“No,” the alpha smiled softly. ”It’s okay. When I told this to my brother, he wanted to find you right away, but… I couldn’t remember where you were… Then doctor Suran forbid me to try and find you. She said that could cause me more stress if it was only a dream. But my little brother didn’t give up and… he and Tae brought me here.”

“I’m so happy they did!” Jimin reached out and touched Yoongi’s hand over the counter. The alpha intertwined their fingers and Jimin smiled. “I’m so happy you’re back in my life, love!”

“Even if I still don’t remember you?” Yoongi’s voice was sad.

“Even then!” Jimin leaned to him. “I’d take you back in any way, you know? When my dad told me that he left you in the apartment to die… I wanted to die as well.” The omega shuddered. “I didn’t want to live in a world without you!”

“You were,” Yoongi stammered. “You… did you…”

“Try to die?” Jimin’s voice trembled for a second. “Yeah, I did. I cut my arms in the bathtub at home.”

“Oh my God!” Yoongi’s eyes looked sad. “I’m so sorry!”

“Stop apologizing, Yoon!” The omega reached out and touched the alpha’s face. “If anyone should, that would be my father, but he’s dead… so…”

Their conversation was interrupted by a customer and Jimin had to get back to work, but he was thankful for the distraction. It allowed him to take few deep breaths. He wasn’t in the right mood to go back his memory line. It was too painful to relive these moments again.

When his shift was over, Yoongi asked Jimin to take him to his apartment. Jimin nodded with agreement and took just few moments to text Jin and Namjoon. Then he did the same with the nanny and got into the waiting taxi with Yoongi. It turned out that Yoongi’s place wasn’t so far away from his one. When they got into the apartment, they spotted Jungkook resting his head on Tae’s lap and reading a book out loud. Tae was gently stroking Kookie’s hair and enjoyed his voice.

“Such a harmony,” Jimin stated and the couple on the couch looked at him. He blushed.

“When your relationship is not driven from the need to have sex, you have so much more to explore in your partner,” Jungkook smiled and got up to a sitting position. “So, Tae and I work just fine in that matter.”

“Oh,” Jimin blushed even more and heard Yoongi’s chuckle.

“How cute!”

Tae laughed quietly and waited for them to walk in. Kookie sat down on the floor, in his beta’s legs and made more room for Jimin and Yoongi to join them. “So… how was today?” The beta asked.

“I think my memory is slowly coming back,” Yoongi said quietly. “Jimin was able to confirm the truth in my dream.”

“That’s good, hyung!” Tae smiled. “Kook-ah, can you bring the pizza’s leftovers here? Our hyung needs his dinner before his pills.” 

Kookie got up and went to the kitchen. Tae kept asking them how was their day and Jimin relaxed in one moment. He didn’t feel when he had laid his head over Yoongi’s shoulder. He found it out when the alpha had to take his pills, because Jimin had to move a bit. Kookie sat back in Tae’s legs and the beta started massaging his shoulders. Jimin stared at the couple with a smile on his face. They looked so cute, maybe too cute for words.

“Did you remember when you two kissed for the first time?” The beta asked again and Yoongi shook his head with the well-known sadness in his eyes. Jimin was fast to tell the story. Maybe that could help Yoongi remember.

“It was raining again,” the omega took his alpha’s hand between his ones. “I went to find him in the café that day. It was the day after one of my forced dates with my then fiancée.” Jimin skipped a bit. “And right after my father had used his belt on me, because I was too stubborn for his liking. So, I went to find Yoongi, but he wasn’t there, so… I ended up in the nearby ally crying my eyes out. This is how he found me. He took me to one of his friend’s places, Hoseok if I’m not mistaken. Then… he nursed my back to my healthy mind and… we kissed by the evening.” Jimin shrugged. “That’s the story… and I know it wasn’t romantic, but I wouldn’t change it one bit.”

“Hoseok?” Yoongi blinked with confusion. “That name sounds familiar. Ah!” He hissed and touched his temple.

“Easy now, hyung!” Kookie’s calming voice echoed in the room. “Don’t fight it. If the memory wants to emerge, don’t fight it.”

“I-I can’t…” Yoongi stammered in panic and Jimin cupped his face.

“Look at me love,” he said softly. “I know you can do this. Just focus over my eyes and breathe. In and out… C’mon!” His voice was apparently soothing for the alpha, because soon after that Yoongi calmed down and leaned back on the sofa. “Good!” The omega stroked his alpha’s cheek.

“How did you know how to do it?” Tae was impressed.

“My friend Jin-hyung…” the omega smiled. “He was doing the same for me.”

“You?” Kookie was interested.

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded and scooted closer to his alpha. Yoongi wrapped his arm around him and the omega sighed with pleasure. “I was suffering panic attaks as well.”

“But you’re doing okay now?” Kookie smiled.

“Yeah,” Jimin threw a look at Yoongi and his heart fluttered. “Now.”

Soon it was time for Jimin to leave. As much as he wanted to stay around his alpha, he had to take care of their son as well. Yoongi walked him to the door. “I wish you could stay,” the alpha spoke quietly. “But I know you have to leave, maybe some other time?”

Jimin’s heart ached and he put his hand over Yoongi’s side. “Some other time, yeah?”

“Can I… can I try something?” suddenly Yoongi closed the space between them and the omega felt short of breath. “Can I… kiss you?” Jimin was only able to nod and his eyes closed.

He felt Yoongi’s warm breath hitting his lips. The alpha’s hand was slowly brushing the side of his face and slipped into his hair. Jimin hummed quietly and then he felt the alpha’s lips over his ones. They kept moving soothingly, gently wrapping around his ones. Then he felt soft bites over his sensitive skin there and his lips finally parted. What happened next was basically swept him off his feet and he had to grab onto Yoongi’s shoulders. The alpha gently pushed his tongue into his omega mouth and found his one, starting a beautiful dance with it. Jimin purred and wrapped his arms around his alpha’s neck, pulling him closer. He felt how Yoongi wrapped his arms around his waist, but their mouths never far away from each other.

“Oh, God!” Jimin finally broke the kiss, breathing heavily. His forehead rested over Yoongi’s one. “That felt like…”

“… before?” Yoongi smiled sadly. “My beautiful omega… how was I able to forget you?”

“Shh!” Jimin put his index finger over Yoongi’s lips. “You’re here now, that’s all that matters!”

“I think… I remember our kisses,” Yoongi muttered. “I know exactly how you like to be kissed,” the alpha rested his forehead over Jimin’s shoulder, scenting him. “I remember…”

“Mhmm…”Jimin’s fingers slid into Yoongi’s hair at the back of his neck and his head titled to the side, granting better access to his scent gland.

They stood like this for good five minutes, before they were able to pull away. It was a sad, but also hopeful goodbye, because they set another date in the park. Jimin had the day off and he was playing with the thought of taking Yoon with him. Maybe it was the right time for him to meet his father.

Later that night and alone in his bed, Jimin was haunted with the thoughts of Yoongi. When they had met for the first time, again, the alpha looked so painfully sad. It felt like he had given up on this world, just as Jimin had done it before. Then he had changed over few days, not so much, but he was able to see the difference. When he was still at Yoongi’s Jimin had used the moment when Yoongi went to the bathroom, to ask his brother few questions. Jungkook had told him that Yoongi wasn’t in good shape before Jimin. He had confirmed his fears that the alpha simply existed. Kookie got worried about his brother mental state and that made him act quickly. He had told him about Yoongi’s psychologist, Doctor Suran. Jungkook didn’t believe to that omega, because she had showed a clear interest in his brother. Thanks to his inability to trust any omega, Kookie decided that it was enough, when the said doctor had suggested Yoongi to forget about Jimin’s name. He made sure that Tae was on board with him and they both had taken Yoongi away from the doctor and took him to Seoul. There, they had finally found Jimin.

“You should’ve seen hyung’s face,” Kookie had told Jimin. “He was so afraid that you’re not going to be real! That everything was just a dream… I swear that bitch messed up his mind even more!” He spat the last word and Jimin shuddered. “But it’s okay now,” Kookie continued. “I can see it on his face… I saw you two when he finally gathered enough courage to enter that café. He said his mark is tingling even outside and when I saw you with him… I knew!” Kookie smiled. “But then… I thought I’ve seen your face before, but I…”

They were interrupted by Yoongi coming back and Jungkook couldn’t ask him what was in his mind. Jimin was sure however, what was that thing. He was sure that Yoongi’s brother was about to mention their brief meeting in the park… with Yoongi’s son. Jimin shuddered under the warm covers. He wasn’t sure how to serve the news to his mate. It was another big change in his life and the omega felt responsible for his reaction.

Jin came back in the city early on the next morning. The first thing he did was to stop by to his favorite omega friend and gossip over a cup of coffee. He met with a very disheveled and sleepy omega, still in his pajama, chasing after his son.

“Jimin, hey!” Jin sang from the door, but his friend was quick to follow his son back into the kitchen. “What’s happening here?” He walked in and closed the door behind his back.

“Yoonie woke up early,” Jimin yelled from the kitchen and Jin followed his voice. “Now he’s refusing to eat his breakfast!”

“Yoonie, baby…” Jin sang to the little rascal, now hiding under the table. “Why you don’t want to eat?”

“Not hungry!” He said with his baby voice and escaped yet another attempt of Jimin to catch him. “Want banana!”

“It’s time for some potatoes this morning, hun!” Jimin sighed. “Come on… you can have your bananas tomorrow.”

“No!” The kid squealed and Jimin threw his hands up in the air.

“Yoonie baby… what if uncle Jin feeds you?” Jin crouched at the other side of the table. “Wouldn’t that be fun? Look,” he showed to him a small package. “I bought you something and if you’re a good boy, I’m giving it to you. What do you say?”

The boy pouted some more, but gave up when he saw the package and reached out to Jin. “Uncle Jin!” He squealed when the omega threw him up into the air.

“That’s my boy!” Jin petted the boy’s hair and put him back into his chair, taking the bowl with the mashed potatoes from Jimin’s hands. “Now, let’s see how fast you can eat, huh?”

Jimin used the moment to do his morning routine and take his suppressants. Then he made two cups of coffee for himself and his friend and when he looked back at the table, Yoonie was already finished with his breakfast and now was busy unpacking Jin’s present. It was a blue toy car and the boy giggled, when he started playing with it.

“Here you are, hyung!” Jimin placed a cup with steaming coffee before his omega friend. Then he sat back on his chair with another sigh. “Thank you for the help!”

“No problem!” Jin waved his hand. “How’s my café doing?”

“Good and with happy clients,” Jimin smiled and took a sip. “How was your trip?”

“Good and with happy me, returning back to the city!” Jin grinned. “A new company called Namjoon. They were interested with his writing.”

“That’s awesome, hyung!” The young omega grinned.

“It is indeed!” Jin tilted his head. “You and your mate? How are the things there?”

Jimin blushed all of a sudden. “We kissed last night!”

Jin made a face. “You’ve done a lot more before, because I can see that proof, playing with my present on your floor!”

“Hyung!” The omega blushed furiously again.

“You have to tell him, Jimin-ah…” Jin went serious all of a sudden. “He has the right to know!”

Later that day, when the sun was at its highest, Yoongi and Jimin met at the park. It was a warm day, surprisingly warm for February. Yoongi took Jimin’s hand in his one as if it was something completely normal and they started walking. It felt good to feel something normal again, Jimin thought. He could only imagine such things before Yoongi’s arrival. But now, Yoongi was there, beside of him and Jimin was embraced by his scent. It felt so good that Jimin couldn’t believe what was happening. They walked slowly, talking from time to time and enjoying the warm weather. Just as Jimin had gathered enough strength to tell Yoongi about his son, a sudden scream and then curse echoed around them. Jimin felt how Yoongi froze at his place and followed his stare. Before he was able to react, a tall dark haired woman was basically wrapped around Jimin’s mate and had pushed him aside.

“I found you!” She screamed and pulled back, hands still on Yoongi’s shoulders. The alpha didn’t reach to hold her back. He was just staying there, doing nothing.

“Get your hands off of my brother!” Jimin saw Jungkook arriving soon after the scene. “I don’t know how you got here, but leave him alone!”

“He needs me!” The woman wrapped her arms around Yoongi’s right arm, deaf and blind for everything around her.

“I swear to God, I’ve never hurt an omega before!” Kookie rumbled with anger. “But you might be my first one!”

“I’m staying!” The woman was either too stupid or too stubborn. Whatever she was, she was too close to Jimin’s mate and the omega was getting angrier with a second.

“Suran!” Kookie growled and then… “Omega down!”

Maybe because Jimin was mated by another alpha, Kookie’s alpha voice didn’t affect him, but he was able to see how the woman pulled back right away and ducked her head. Jimin shuddered and reached for Yoongi’s hand. The alpha squeezed it right away.

“Kookie!” Tae was basically running to the angry alpha. “Kookie, stop! You don’t have to do this!”

“I’m sick and tired already!” The young alpha growled. “How she was able to find us?”

The beta wrapped his fingers around Kookie’s ones. He visibly relaxed with that touch. “I just got off the phone with your mother. Doctor Suran called her and…”

“Kookie it’s okay,” they were finally able to hear Yoongi’s voice. “Let her go, okay?”

“I’m going to leave her here in the cold ground,” Jungkook still looked angry. “That’s what she deserves for using you, hyung!”

“Kookah…” Tae trailed off and stood before his intended. His hands cupped the alpha’s face. “Just calm down and let her leave. She’s just a confused omega and it’s getting cold, yeah?” He kept staring into his alpha’s eyes and then smiled.

Jungkook sighed with angry expression and snapped. “Omega up!” That was the signal, releasing the said omega and the woman was able to get up. She brushed the snow off of her long black coat and looked around.

“What happened?” The omega asked with confusion when her eyes stopped on Yoongi and Jimin, holding hands.

“We don’t need your services anymore,” Jungkook said almost politely. “My hyung will be okay now, since he found his mate.”

“He found his..?” The woman frowned. “How can you be so sure? He could be lying for all that matters!”

“You… bitch!” Jungkook was about to use his alpha voice again, but he was shushed by Taehyung.

“Doctor Suran, please…” the beta stood before her. “You don’t want to make another scene, right?” He was trying to be the mediator in this situation, just like his nature was asking of him. “I think Yoongi-hyung feels a lot better now, as you can see.”

Yoongi swayed at that moment and was caught by Jimin. His face was concerned and his omega instincts to protect his alpha were on full display. Therefore he needed only one exchanged look with Jungkook to know what to do. “I’m taking you home, love.” He whispered to Yoongi’s ear and the alpha simply nodded.

“Take my car,” Jungkook threw him the keys. “Tae and I will take a walk and make sure the good doctor here understands the situation!” He snarled the last part, but Jimin had his eyes set on Yoongi and his extremely pale face.

He took the keys and they walked to Jungkook’s car in silence. Yoongi was leaning over Jimin’s arm and looking around with concern. Maybe he was afraid that something else was going to happen and they would get separated again. The alpha calmed down when they were back at his apartment. Jimin took him to his bed and helped him to take off his coat.

“You’ll feel better soon, love…” he said calmingly, releasing his pheromones try and relax his mate. “You are home now and you are safe!”

Yoongi didn’t say a word; he just reached out and pulled Jimin close to his chest. The omega snuggled in him closing his eyes and feeling how the tears started rolling down his face. He never thought he’d feel like this again. It didn’t matter that Yoongi barely remembered him now. It didn’t matter that they both had to fight to get Yoongi’s memories back. It didn’t even matter that Jimin had to deal with that doctor again, because he was sure that wouldn’t be the last time he could see her. The only one thing that mattered now was Yoongi… and how good it felt to be in his arms again.

Chapter Text



Jimin felt the moment when Yoongi fell asleep. He carefully reached out for his phone and texted Jin that he wouldn’t be able to come back home that night, explaining the situation. Jin answered him right away, telling him that he was going to take Yoonie home with him. Jimin was more than thankful and switched off his phone on silent mode after that. Then he turned around to look at his sleepy mate. Yoongi was looking painfully beautiful in Jimin’s eyes. His cat like face and the fluffy hair, hanging over his forehead. He couldn’t stop his impulse to reach out and touch it. Yoongi stirred in his sleep and his eyes opened.

“I’m sorry that I woke you up,” Jimin slid the back of his fingers over Yoongi’s check tenderly. “You can go back to sleep now, okay?”

“You don’t have to leave, right?” The alpha asked him instead and Jimin’s heart melted.

“No,” he said. “I’m staying with you tonight.”

Yoongi didn’t answer right away. His eyes were like glued to Jimin’s face and his hand slowly rested over his omega’s waist. Jimin found himself short of breath when the same hand moved up over his chest and stopped over his face. Yoongi moved closer to him and his eyes closed in the moment the alpha started kissing him again. Jimin could feel his heart beating faster than usual and his omega senses were on high alert.

“I missed you,” Yoongi whispered between the kisses. He gently pushed the omega onto his back and leaned over him. His nose brushed Jimin’s one lightly. “Even when I couldn’t remember you,” he kissed the omega again. “I’ve still missed you…” He finished with a painful moan and leaned to capture Jimin’s lips again.

The omega simply gave up on the feeling. He felt how his hands travelled up Yoongi’s chest, removing his shirt and touching his bare skin. It was so hot under his fingertips that made him let out a needy moan. He had missed this. Not the sex in general, but the feeling to be reunited with his loved one.

When the last piece of clothing had left both of their bodies, Jimin felt how Yoongi lay between his legs, rubbing his body against the omega one. Then he realized that his thighs are all wet from the slick that poured out of him. Yoongi’s alpha was apparently scented that and a quiet rumble escaped his lips, when he slowly trailed kisses down to Jimin’s belly. The omega arched his back and hissed when he felt Yoongi long fingers wrapped around him and his other hand, finding the way to his wet hole.

“Yoongi, please…” Jimin squirmed under his alpha. “I don’t know… how long I’m gonna last…”

But Yoongi didn’t stop teasing him, gently stroking his length with the same rhythm his fingers moved in and out of the omega’s hole. Jimin lost it right there and then. His body arched painfully when he came all over his stomach.

“My beautiful omega,” Yoongi muttered attacking Jimin’s mouth again, while sliding into him with ease thanks to the amount of slick the omega was producing.

The omega hissed from the original pain, feeling stretched after so long, but Yoongi was gentle. He didn’t start moving until Jimin had whispered to him that he was ready. The alpha was really careful at the beginning. He didn’t want to hurt his mate, but when Jimin’s body arched again, Yoongi couldn’t resist. He switched the angle and the tip of his length hit his omega prostate. Jimin almost screamed from pleasure. The alpha grinned and caught Jimin’s hands when his moves became erratic. Jimin was holding onto him tightly, feeling the alpha’s knot stretching his walls painfully.

“Yoongi!” he keened when the alpha bit his mating mark. The feeling of sharp teeth penetrating his skin and his alpha’s knot growing bigger inside of him threw Jimin over the edge! “Oh… my… God!” He screamed again when he came. His body kept shaking with oversensitivity, while Yoongi came just mere seconds after him.

They stayed locked together, barely breathing. The alpha’s head rested on Jimin’s shoulder. His body shuddered from the aftershock and his hips kept moving until he was fully spent. But even when he had finished, his omega didn’t let go of him. Jimin’s hands had slid up Yoongi’s back and one of his legs was hooked on his waist.

“Jimin-ah…” Yoongi finally said and pulled back slightly to see his omega’s face. “Let me move, okay?”

“You’re not leaving me!” The omega suddenly panicked and Yoongi had to reassure him that everything was okay. Just after that, Jimin released Yoongi’s grip and the alpha was able to lay right next to him.

“Jimin-ah?” Yoongi placed his hand over Jimin’s stomach and the omega hummed with pleasure. “You’re so beautiful…”

“Mhmm,” Jimin stared at his mate lazily. “I love you, you know?” He said before he was able to stop himself.

Yoongi smiled and moved closer to him. “I know,” he rested his chin over Jimin’s shoulder and kissed his neck gently. “Love you too, my little omega.” He hummed and his eyes closed.

Jimin couldn’t move. Not only because Yoongi was basically wrapped around him, but he was physically and emotionally unable to move. The last time he felt that way, was their last night together. The omega sighed tiredly and his hand rested over Yoongi’s one on his belly. Then the dream took over him as well.

They made love two more times during the night and finally took a shower together, around 3 am. Then Yoongi gave Jimin some one of his pajamas to sleep. It wasn’t the time and the place for the serious conversation, so the omega just snuggled in his alpha and slept like a baby.

He woke up first in the morning. Yoongi was still asleep and Jimin reached out to check what time is it. It was close to eight, but he didn’t have to work today, so he was able to relax and not rush at all. Yoongi was sleeping on his stomach, his arms buried under his pillow and his face turned towards Jimin. The omega bit his lower lip to suppress the quiet laughter, bubbling in him and got out the bed, careful not to wake Yoongi.

He went to the bathroom to at least rinse his mouth and he suddenly panicked. He didn’t know that he would spend the night with Yoongi, so he hadn’t taken them with him. Jimin tried to relax his heartbeat. One day skipping the doze shouldn’t be any problem, right?

When he got out the bathroom, he heard quiet talking, coming from the kitchen area. He followed the voices and saw Kookie and Tae preparing the breakfast together.

“Hey, Jimin-ah!” Tae greeted him with a smile and a hug. He wasn’t shy when he had to display his affection to his friends. “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” Jimin blushed and sat on the bar stool. “You knew I was here?”

“I knew that you’d never leave my brother alone in such state,” Jungkook placed a plate in front of him. “It’s an European style of pancake. Tae loves them!”

Tae chuckled. “I love them when you cook them!”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “I basically feed you, since you’re incapable when it comes to cooking!”

“I hate you!” Tae scoffed.

Jungkook grinned. “No, you don’t!”

“No, I don’t,” Tae gave up and kissed Kookie’s cheek. “Now, where is my pancake?”

Jimin was listening to their chatter and enjoyed the light mood. There was some harmony around them, as if they were too good for each other to be real. He shook his head and took a bite of the said pancake. It was filled with chocolate and banana slices. He liked his lips. “This is really good!” He hummed.

“I know!” Tae grinned, sitting next to Jimin. “I’ve got myself a chef!”

They all laughed and after they were ready with the pancakes, they moved to the living room with their coffees. Jungkook turned on the TV to some music channel and sat in Tae’s legs as per usual. The beta turned his attention to Jimin again.

“I’ve heard some noises by the way,” he teased the young omega and he almost chocked on his coffee. “No, it’s fine by me!” Tae giggle. “I guess we have to get used to it.”

“I’m sorry,” Jimin blushed furiously. “I didn’t know I was that loud…”

Kookie laughed. “Don’t worry! The walls here are not so thin! Tae is just teasing you.”

“I’ve always wondered why do people like sex so much?” The beta sighed. “It’s just a waste of energy, if you ask me!”

“It’s not a waste of time if you are with the right person,” Jimin muttered. “The feeling of your souls coming together is something… I don’t know how to describe it!”

“Anyhow,” Kookie switched the subject. “I’m happy to finally see my brother improving.”

“He said that he can think more clearly now, the last time we spoke,” Tae nodded seriously. “His speech is still slurred and he needs more therapy, but I think he would get better in time.”

“I feel so sad and… bad, knowing what my dad had caused him!” Jimin sighed.

“I don’t know how he managed to stay alive and swim to the shore.” Yoongi frowned. “The doctors told me that with such injuries it’s a pure miracle that he is alive. They said that when he was accepted, he had an open wound in front of his head… They could barely save him!”

“Yeah,” Tae nodded. “He had a traumatic brain injury. The doctors had to put him into medically induced coma. His brain had to recover and… it took time.”

“Oh, my God!” Jimin wrapped his arms around himself. “My father was a monster!”

“Hey!” They’ve heard Yoongi’s sleepy voice and saw him walking to the sofa. “What is happening here?”

“We’re having coffee.” Kookie smiled. “I’ve prepared my special pancakes for you, hyung! Then you have to take your meds, Tae?” He looked up to his intended. “Can you measure the correct doze? You know I’m bad with numbers.”

“Sure,” Tae got up and went to the kitchen.

Yoongi was still rubbing his eyes when he sat to Jimin. The omega was fast to cuddle in him and the alpha looked at his brother. “What did you tell him?” His voice was quiet.

“Only the truth,” Kookie shrugged. “I didn’t lie to him.”

“Kook-ah,” Yoongi shook his head, but said nothing.

When Jimin felt a bit better, he pulled away so Yoongi could have his breakfast. Then the alpha took the medication, Tae brought to him and leaned back on the couch. Jimin sat close to him again, with his hand on Yoongi’s thigh. His head fell over the alpha’s shoulder and his eyes closed for a moment.

“I have to go back home,” he said quietly. ”You need your rest and therapy now and I… have to finish some work today.”

Tae nodded. “Yes, we have to do some therapy today. Yoongi-hyung kind of forgot about it these days, but it is necessary!”

“Forgive me for reuniting with my mate!” Yoongi suddenly scoffed and Tae put up his hand.

“It’s okay,” he said with calming voice. “We can catch up today, right?”

“Yes,” Jimin answered instead and leaned to kiss his alpha. “I’ll give you some space and we’ll see each other tomorrow, right?”

“Hyung will murder us if he doesn’t see you!” Kookie chuckled.

“You want to take some of my clothes?” Yoongi suggested, staring at Jimin. “It’s colder than yesterday.”

Jimin nodded and followed his alpha to his room. Yoongi opened the closet and picked up a warm black hoodie and black warm jeans. Jimin smiled when he picked them up. Yoongi might’ve lost a bit from his memory, but his style was the same. He took off his pajama and put on the clothes, Yoongi had prepared to him. They held the wonderful smell of a rainy forest and Jimin smiled widely.

“What?” Yoongi asked him, sitting on the bed. “You like it?”

“I like the smell,” the omega sighed and went to sit in his alpha’s lap. “The best smell in the world!”

Yoongi blushed lightly and hid his face at the crook of Jimin’s neck, scenting him all over. The omega purred with pleasure when he did the same. The couple felt almost impossible to part, but they both knew that they had to do it for now. Jimin left the apartment forty minutes later, with a final kiss from Yoongi.

When he came back home, Jin was there, sitting in his living room and drinking coffee. Yoonie was playing on the floor with his newest toy and everything looked normal. When Jimin entered the room though, both Yoonie and Jin’s noses perked up and sniffed the air.

“I smell an alpha!” Jin frowned. “Jimin… what have you done?”

Jimin just shrugged and picked up his son. Yoonie buried his nose into Yoongi’s hoodie and giggled.  “Amma smells nice!” Then he shoved his nose again.

“Well, at least my son’s likes it!” Jimin sat on the floor with his son, now snuggled in him.

“That’s the scent of his appa, he has to like it!” Jin rolled his eyes.

“Appa?” The boy perked up. “Is appa coming?”

Jimin narrowed his eyes over his son’s head. “Yes, baby! Soon…”

“Appa is back?” The boy looked up. “Appa is here?”

Jimin sighed and forced a smile on his face. “Yes, sweetheart! Appa is coming home soon.”

The boy giggled and clapped his small hands with joy. Jimin had previously told him that his appa was never coming back, because he was on a big journey and he was living on the sky now. The little boy could only understand that he was never going to see him and that became a tearful subject for the both of them.

“Have you told him?” Jin stared at his friend.

Jimin shook his head. “It wasn’t the right time.”

“You have to find the right time, Jimin-ah!” Jin leaned his back on the couch. “It’s not fair for the both of them.”

“I know,” the omega kissed the top of his son’s head. “I know…”

 Jimin had the whole day off to take care of his son. It was the beginning of March. The cold winter was slowly going away and the spring was floating in the air. Yoon’s second birthday was just around the corner and Jimin knew that he had to tell Yoongi about him soon. If he had to be honest to himself, he was afraid. What was going to be Yoongi’s reaction? Would he be mad or happy? Would he feel sad or sorry for not being there when Yoon was born? So many questions without answers, but Jimin knew that he had to find the correct one and make sure everything is going smoothly.

He also had to think of Yoon. Yes, he was little, but he knew that his appa is near. He could smell him and now his inner wolf was about to search for that smell everywhere. Jimin knew that the pups needed their alpha parent as well. It was tough to raise a child when you were an omega. If the child presented as an alpha, then the problem was getting bigger. Yoon was almost two, but Jimin could see the early signs of an alpha showing.

 There was one more problem. Before Yoongi reappeared in his life, Jimin never thought that he would stay in his son’s life for too long. He wanted to be there, only for short amount of time and then to end his life. Now however, he had to learn how to live again and it was so strange. His reason to live was back and that made him want to live as well.

“Amma?” Yoon’s baby voice pulled him out of his dreamy state. He looked down at his son, playing with his small yellow ball.

“Yes, baby?” Jimin smiled and caught the ball when his son threw it at him. He smiled.

“Is appa coming home?” Yoon looked at him with his big baby eyes, Yoongi’s eyes, Jimin realized.

“Yes, baby!” The omega took the giggling boy into his arms and got up. “Appa is coming home!”

Jimin laughed as well and swayed his son in his arms, singing a song that he had written. The song, called “Serendipity”.

Chapter Text


Jimin had prepared everything. He thought that he was ready to tell Yoongi the news that he was a father. His hear beat faster every time he thought of what was about to happen in an hour. The omega had asked his mate to come at his home. He had talked with Jungkook and Tae first. They had to know if Yoongi was about to take the news lightly or not.

“Okay, Jimin-hyung!” Jungkook looked at the screen from his phone. “Tae and I are here. Hyung is sleeping his afternoon nap. What do you want to tell us?”

“I… uh,” Jimin coughed. “I want to tell Yoongi something very important and I don’t know how he’s going to take the news.”

“This is why you asked us to be with the headphones?” Tae asked and Jimin nodded.

“I didn’t want him to hear in advance!” Jimin coughed again and looked at his phone. He heard Tae’s phone buzzing and how the beta took it. He saw exactly the moment Tae’s eyes went big and he showed the picture to Kookie.

“I knew it!” Kookie stared at the picture. “I knew it I saw you before!”

“This is your nephew, Kook-ah,” Jimin’s voice trembled. “And yes, you saw me in the park with my son just six months ago.”

“I can’t believe it!” The alpha exclaimed and then a huge smile appeared on his face. “I have a nephew!”

“Look at him!” Tae stared at the picture as well. “He looks just like your brother, Kookie! Well, not the hair obviously, but everything else.”

“Yeah,” Kookie blinked and then he looked at Jimin. “You wanted to ask us how hyung will accept the news?”Jimin nodded and the young alpha sighed. “I’m not sure, but… I think he has to know!”

“Okay,” Jimin took a shaky breath. “Tell him to come at my place when he wakes up, okay? I want them to meet here, where it’s safe.”

“Just,” Tae went serious. “Make him sit down before the news. Hyung is getting better, but I don’t want to risk with his emotions, okay? And call if you need us!”

Jimin thanked them and now he was getting ready. His hands were shaking and he was sweating all over, no matter the fact that he had just gotten out of the shower. His hair was still damp and he had yet to put it in order. Thankfully, Yoon was in his room quietly napping before dinner. That gave him some time to put on his yellow pullover and his black jeans. His hands were trembling when he was gathering his hair and trying to put it in order.

Just then the bell rang and Jimin almost dropped the brush. His nerves were on high alert and he was afraid that his alpha is going to sense his distress. When he opened the door, it turned out that he was right. Yoongi was frowning, sniffing the air around him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked instead of hello and walked into the omega’s apartment. “Why are you so nervous?”

Jimin tried to calm down, but he couldn’t. He faked a smile instead. “Everything’s fine,” he was saying as he was leading Yoongi to the living room. When they sat there, Jimin took Yoongi’s hands in his own and took a deep breath. “I have to tell you something, love.”

“Okay…” Yoongi stared at him with confusion.

“There is something that I… had to tell you, but I didn’t know how to do it and I…”

“Appa?” They both heard the small childish voice and Jimin froze when he saw his son standing there. He was looking so cute, dressed in his fluffy blue pajama and dragging his plushy rabbit with him. “Are you… appa?” His eyes went big, when he sniffed the air.

“Yoonie, baby!” Jimin ran to his son and stopped him when he tried to reach for Yoongi. “You’re awake?”

“Appa!” The boy made grabby hands towards Yoongi and his eyes went teary.

Jimin tried to calm the little boy and looked at Yoongi over his head. His mate hadn’t uttered a word since the moment his son had entered the room. His eyes were big now and his mouth was half open. When the boy burst into tears, Yoongi’s hand clasped his mouth and he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. Then his eyes met Jimin’s ones. Just then the omega saw Yoongi’s hands were shaking and he got scared.

“Sh-sh!” The omega held his crying son close to his chest. “Calm down, baby… Give appa some time!”

Then he started singing Yoon’s favorite melody – Serendipity. His eyes never left Yoongi’s face. The alpha had started crying silently. He leaned his elbows on his knees and covered his face with his palms. His whole body was shaking. Jimin didn’t stop singing. When the song ended, he simply went to the sofa, where his mate was, and sat there still holding their son.

“Don’t cry, appa!” Yoon reached out and put his small hand over Yoongi’s head. He patted him gently, before Jimin was able to stop him. “You are home!” The childish voice tried to penetrate the wall, Yoongi had built around himself.

Jimin wanted to cry with that scene. He couldn’t stand to see his mate suffering like that. His son obviously felt the same. The omega didn’t have to wait for too long. He saw the moment Yoongi’s wall crumbled. He was finally able to look up and face his son for the first time in his life. His face was red and his eyes were sore from the tears, still pouring down his face. Yoon’s small hand rested on his father’s cheek and tried to wipe his tears and Yoongi just stood there, waiting. Then his arms spread apart and Yoon was fast to find his place there. He snuggled in his appa and his small fingers wrapped around the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt as if to keep him there.

“Don’t cry, appa…” the small kid said again and nestled his head at the crook of Yoongi’s neck. “You are home.”

Yoongi wrapped his arms around his son for the first time and his eyes closed again. Jimin’s eyes went teary again and he moved closer to his mate. When Yoongi finally looked up at him, Jimin saw the pain mixed with some sort of happiness there. They didn’t need words right now. Jimin understood the silent plea and wrapped both of his arms around his family, nestling his head on top of Yoongi’s one. The alpha’s shoulders shook once again, but Jimin didn’t utter a word even. He just let him cry, because he knew how that felt. He knew all that pain of missed moments. He knew all that pain of being unable to control your own fate. 

He pulled back when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Jimin sighed and moved away from the hugging father and son. His eyes met Yoongi’s ones and he smiled softly and reassuringly. Yoongi had finally calmed down, but still wasn’t ready to let go of the boy in his arms. So, Jimin took the moment to check his phone and saw Tae’s name there.

“Tae?” Jimin spoke quietly and sniffed.

“Is everything okay?” Tae’s voice was loud in his ear. “I’m on speaker, so Kookie can hear you as well.”

“How’s hyung?” Kookie’s voice was worried.

“He is…” Jimin threw another look at the sofa. His mate was still hugging his son. “I think he calmed down.”

“Oh, good!” Tae let out a sigh. “Look, Jimin-ah… I don’t think he’d want to come back to the apartment tonight, so I put some of his pills at the small bag, he’s holding.”

Jimin looked around and found the small black bag, forgotten on the floor. “Got it!” He picked it up and opened it, pulling out two phials with pills. “How should I…”

“The blue ones are before bed,” Tae explained. “The red ones are after breakfast. They both are for his PTSD.”

“Okay,” Jimin tried to pull it together. “I think I have it covered.”

“Good luck, Jimin-hyung!” Kookie wished him and hung up.

Jimin had to come back to his family. They were still on the sofa, but Yoongi had stopped crying. He was holding his son tightly in his arms and the little one had snuggled in him. When Yoongi felt Jimin’s presence he looked up and met his eyes. Jimin stirred. There was so sadness in these eyes. That sadness however was now mixed up with anger. Even though he knew that Yoongi wasn’t mad at him, the omega still felt bad.

“How…” Yoongi stopped, trying to gather his thoughts. “I mean… when did you… ”

“He’s going to turn two on March 9th.” Jimin said and walked to his two men.

“March 9th?” Yoongi stared at his mate with disbelief. “I have a birthday then as well.”

“Whoa!” Jimin managed to smile lightly. “What a coincidence!”

“It’s not,” Yoongi shook his head. “It’s not a coincidence! I start to think that everything in this life happens with a reason.” Although he spoke slowly, and he was trying with every word, Jimin could sense that his mate was felling emotional. He knew he had to calm him down. As Tae had warned him before, Yoongi needed his rest. His brain had lived though a probably hard concussion and now, two years later, it was still learning in a way what to do. That meant that Yoongi had to rest more and still needed his therapy.

“Yoongi,” Jimin spoke carefully. “We should talk, love… but not now, okay? Our Yoon needs his dinner.”

“Yoon?” Yoongi’s eyes widened. “You named him Yoon?”

Jimin shrugged, trying to suppress his emotions. “After you,” he said. “I was so… devastated that I needed something more to remind me of you.”

“Appa!” The boy giggled in that moment and sat on Yoongi’s lap. He had probably felt that his father is calmer than before.

Yoongi tried to smile. “Yes, my boy?”

The kid didn’t say a word, but took his appa’s face between his small hands and kissed his cheek. Then he giggled again and jumped onto the floor. Jimin was quick to follow him. The kid had huge energy and he had to be followed in the moment his feet could touch the ground.

“Amma?” Yoon was already in the kitchen. “Yoonie wants eat!”

Jimin sighed and picked up his son from the ground. “Come here, baby!” He kissed his baby cheek and heard how Yoongi entered the room. It was weird, but he actually felt his alpha’s calming pheromones. Yoon stopped squirming in his arms and relaxed. The omega shook his head with a smile. This was how the alpha’s pheromones worked over their pups. Jimin was never able to calm his son enough to put him in his high chair. It was always a fight. Now, the boy just relaxed and I was the easiest job ever.

“What does he eat?” Yoongi asked quietly and sat on the table.

“Whatever I eat, although… he needs softer foods.” Jimin explained, while preparing Yoon’s dinner. “Now, we’re going to eat some chicken soup.” The omega filled his son’s bowl and handed him his spoon. Then he sat next to his alpha.

“He can eat alone?” Yoongi asked curiously.

“Yes,” Jimin watched as his son was careful to put the full spoon into his mouth, “He doesn’t want my help anymore.”

“I don’t know anything about kids, or-or babies!” Yoongi’s voice was filled with fear.

Jimin rubbed his back calmingly. “I didn’t know either, but… you can learn step by step, just like me. Do you want something to eat? I didn’t ask you…”

Yoongi shock his head. “No, I ate home. Tae put me on a diet and I have to follow it. He knows what I have to eat to gain some weight back. After the-the… thing that happened to me… I’ve spent most of the time in the bed… needed some rehabilitation… to start walking and moving again. Then I lost some weight and… Tae is helping me now. He says he is not my nurse anymore, but he is.” The alpha chuckled bitterly.

“I get it now,” the omega leaned closer to his mate, resting his head on his shoulder. “That’s why you look so thin. But everything will be better soon, love. You don’t have to worry, okay?”

Yoongi simply nodded and looked back at his son. Yoon had managed to eat more soup than spill it on the ground. Then he watched how Jimin was taking care of the little boy’s nightly routine. Yoon had to brush his teeth, wash his face and use the toilet, with his amma’s help of course. Then he had to be changed into his pajama and put into bed. The alpha sat on his son’s bed, because the little rascal wanted a kiss from his appa before sleep.

Jimin observed the picture with clenched heart. He had never even dreamed that he would witness such scene. Yoongi kissing his son good night was now looking like a scene from a dream. But it wasn’t. Jimin finally realized it when he saw how his mate was carefully running his fingers through Yoon’s hair, soothing him enough to fall asleep. Jimin needed at least an hour and lots of singing to do that.

Soon after that, they went to Jimin’s bedroom and rested on his bed. More like, Yoongi was sitting, leaning his upper body to the headboard and Jimin was sitting in his lap and scenting him. The alpha’s arms were wrapped tightly around his mate and kissing the top of his head from time to time.

“Yoon missed you since the beginning,” Jimin said after awhile. “He kept asking for his appa, so… ” His voice cracked. “I told him you live with the butterflies in the sky. When he started to walk, he was trying to catch every single butterfly…”

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi’s voice was strangely calm, but filled with sadness. “I didn’t even remember you.”

“It’s not your fault and it’s not why I’m telling you this,” Jimin sighed and took one of his alpha’s hands to intertwine their fingers. “I just wanted you to know that you were missed and not forgotten!”

“You said… you wanted to die?” The alpha’s voice trembled. “But-but you were pregnant, right?”

Jimin nodded. “I cut my veins, while I was in my bathtub,” he blinked to stop his tears. “I was in a bad place then… a very, very bad place. My father didn’t beat me to death, so I thought I should do something by myself. I didn’t want to live anymore, not when you were gone. So… I did it the night before my wedding. My mother found me and called the ambulance… and then I woke up at the hospital with the clear mind that I should try again. Then… they told me that I was pregnant and I cried!” Jimin shuddered. “I cried out of anger, because I couldn’t follow you! I couldn’t be with you and… I wanted it so badly!”

“Sh-sh…” The alpha cradled him gently. “I am here now.”

“I know,” Jimin sniffed. “But that wound could never heal! It’s still open and fresh and I… I was so broken, Yoongi! I didn’t know what to do… and when they found me bent over the toilet on the next morning… my fiancée cancelled the wedding and my dad… he beat me again! And then… then I just packed a bag with few of my belongings and left! I ran away, because… I didn’t know if my kid was going to survive! Then… I’ve heard that my parents had disowned me!” He chuckled bitterly. “Trust me, I’ve never felt so relieved in my life!”

“You are better now?” Yoongi planted another kiss on the top of his head and Jimin sighed.

“I wasn’t that much better before your arrival,” the omega sighed. “I was set on ending myself when Yoon was old enough to take care of himself.”

“Jiminie…” Yoongi pulled back slightly and the omega looked at him.

“It’s true!” He shrugged as if that was something normal. “I didn’t want to be here when you were gone. Our son only postponed what was about to happen.”

“Tell me you want to live now!”  Yoongi insisted. “Tell me!”

Jimin cupped the other one’s cheek and smiled with joy this time. “Yes, I want to live now! I have a reason to live!” Then he touched his lips with his alpha in a tender kiss.  

Chapter Text

Black… everything was black again… and then a lightning cut through his dream. Then he felt the pain all over his body… He was suffocating… then something hit him hard… and his head exploded… Just before the final darkness could embrace him, he was flying, falling down to his demise… but he wanted to live! His body struggled for every gulp of air when he hit the cold water. But he had to survive! Jimin! The vision of his forbidden love flashed before him and then sank into the same darkness…

“Yoongi! Wake up!” somebody was shaking his body violently. “Wake up, love! I’m here!”

Yes, he woke up… finally. His eyes opened and closed at the same time when he felt the well-known rope tightened around his neck. He couldn’t breathe. There he had to fight again… fight for himself… and he was so tired…

“Just breathe love!” Someone took his face between their hands and Yoongi opened his eyes to see the most beautiful sight in his life. Jimin… “Come on,” the omega’s voice was calm, but he could feel his distress somewhere on the back of his mind. “Come on, love! You can do it!  In through the nose, out through the mouth.”

Yoongi followed that beautiful voice, focusing over the even more beautiful face. His chest tightened for a moment and felt how he wanted to cry and scream at the same time. He was so weak… so weak and there was no escape now… he had to fight.

“Good,” the omega pulled him up to a sitting position and cradled him into his arms. Just then Yoongi felt his cold sweat soaking up his new pajama. He felt so embarrassed at this moment that he couldn’t speak. “You’re better now, okay? You’re safe here with me!” Jimin’s melodic voice was like a balm to his tormented soul. “God, I missed you so much!” The omega uttered and Yoongi’s heart clenched even more. He felt so guilty all of a sudden and then he broke. He felt how his body cracked and shattered into millions pieces. His shoulders shook and he cried. He couldn’t even form words, but he cried.

“It’s okay,” Jimin swayed his body. “Everything will be okay,” Yoongi felt how a small hand rubbed his back calmingly.

He nestled his head at the crook of Jimin’s neck and nuzzled him. His mating mark was looking fresh as ever. Jimin had never forgotten him, Yoongi thought. He wanted him in his life as bad as Yoongi wanted his memories back. But he was so scared of them. What if there was something so bad that he wanted to stay hidden? What if there was something beyond of what they had told him? What had happened to him? How he ended up in that river? His head started hurting again and he sighed.

“Are you better now?” Jimin pulled back slightly and Yoongi shook his head. “What’s wrong?”

Yoongi took a deep breath, careful to form the words in his head first. It was hard at the beginning, but was getting better now. “My… head… hurts…”

“Anything else?” Jimin wanted to make sure.

Yoongi took a deep breath again. “No, I-I… just… I…” He got angry and tried again. Jimin was looking at him patiently. “Had… a… nightmare… My… memories?”

The omega nodded slowly and touched his face. “I’ll give you something for your headache then, okay? Do you want to take a shower first?”

Yoongi sighed and pulled back, nodding with agreement. His pajamas were so wet that he felt uncomfortable. He sat on the bed and took his time before he was able to get out of it. Jimin led him to the small bathroom and said that he was going to wait for him. Yoongi was quick. He was still too emotional and he didn’t want to be alone. So, when he got out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel around his hips, he saw that his omega was prepared a new set of pajama pants and a black T-shirt on the bed, along with a new pair of boxers. Jimin was nowhere to be seen, but he could hear his voice from the kitchen and suddenly calmed down. No, he wasn’t alone… he had someone now. Someone, aside of his brother, wanted him in his life… and yeah… he had a son. A kid of his own! His flesh and blood.

The alpha didn’t feel how his tears turned into a small smile, but this was how his omega found him when he returned from the kitchen.

“I’ve missed that smile,” Jimin said softly, giving him a glass of water and a small pill for his headache. “I was on the phone with Tae. I had to ask him what I can give you for your headache,” Jimin slid his hand through Yoongi still damp hair. The feeling was calming. “He approved of what I have.” He chuckled as if nothing had happened just few minutes ago.

Yoongi took the pill, and then sat on the bed and waited for his omega to dry his hair with a soft towel. He could feel Jimin’s gentle fingers rubbing his scalp through the towel. He felt how he stood between his legs, leaning forward and making sure that every droplet of water was well absorbed of the soft material. The alpha’s hands lay at the both sides of his omega’s thighs, rubbing them gently. Jimin wore a pair of shorts with a nice blue t-shirt as his bed attire. Therefore, Yoongi could feel his warm skin under his fingertips.

“What are you doing, love?” Jimin asked after he was finished with his job and threw the wet towel onto the floor.

“Loving… you?” Yoongi looked up and saw the moment Jimin’s face was flushed red. “Why?”

“Nothing,” Jimin shrugged, tangling his fingers though his almost dried hair. “It’s something new to me.”

Yoongi smiled and pulled him down, onto his lap. “It’s new to me… too.” He was glad that he could form a whole sentence now, when he was back to normal.

“How’s your head?” The omega nestled himself into his arms. “I thought you were in pain?”

Yoongi sighed. “It’s almost gone now.”

“Good,” Jimin smiled softly. “Let’s go back to bed now, okay? It’s almost three and Yoon wakes up around seven.”

Yoongi nodded and let Jimin out of his embrace, only to cuddle him again when they were back in the bed. He never asked him about his nightmare and Yoongi was thankful. The bits and pieces were still this… only bits and pieces and he needed some time to put them into the right places. The only thing he needed now was sleeping right beside of him. He was right when he had told Jimin that he had missed him, even before he had remembered him. There was always that part of him that he felt missing. It was like his heart was split in half and when he had sort of returned to Jimin, he had felt whole again. The alpha sighed and slowly drifted back to sleep, while cuddling the love of his life into his arms.

When Jimin woke up on the next morning, he felt tired. He knew he had to get up and take care of his son though, so he got up carefully. Yoongi was still sleeping. Jimin took a second to observe his beautiful face and his half-open mouth. No, Jimin thought, he wasn’t just beautiful. Yoongi was gorgeous to his eyes. How could someone want to harm him? The omega shook his head and padded to his son’s room. His smile brightened his face when he saw Yoon sleeping in the similar way like his father. He was hugging his plush bunny tightly. Jimin tiptoed into his room and gently put the blanket back on his son. Yoon stirred in his sleep, but didn’t wake up.

The omega rubbed his neck and yawned on his way to the kitchen. He started humming a song, while getting the breakfast ready. He brewed some coffee for himself and he pulled out an orange juice from the fridge, making sure to warm it before it was ready for Yoon. Then he was ready to start with the breakfast. Maybe some traditional omelet for today.

Still humming some melody, Jimin cracked and beat two eggs, adding some salt and pepper in the mix. Then he leaned and turned on the hot plate, putting a pan over it and covering it with small amount of grease. Using the time while the pan was heated enough, he chopped up a piece of bacon, a carrot and a piece of broccoli.

When he felt that the pan was ready, he poured the beaten eggs into the pan evenly. It took some time to get them slightly cooked before he could garnish the chopped ingredients on it. Jimin licked his lips while doing that, already feeling hungry, but the smile was still on his face. Then he slowly turned the side of the omelet, using his spatula and let it cook for a while. When he felt it ready, he poured it into a plate and put it on the table, doing this procedure two more times – one for his mate and one for his son.

“Amma?” Yoon giggled shortly after Jimin had finished chopping his omelet. He was smiling widely in his father’s arms. “Appa’s here!”

“I can see,” Jimin smiled wider and his smile reached his eyes. Yoongi blushed. “Are you hungry?”

Yoon nodded and Yoongi laughed quietly, which made Jimin’s heart flutter. Damn! He had missed him! The omega swallowed hard and waited until his mate put his son into his chair. Jimin put Yoon’s plate and his small fork there and waited for him to start eating. The boy was more than happy to start with his meal. Jimin sat on the table next to him and Yoongi sat right beside of his mate.   

That was how they spent the morning – eating, joking, talking and enjoying their time with their son. All three of them looked happy and it was a nice change in their lives. It was noon when Yoongi was about to leave. They put Yoon to bed for his afternoon nap together and then it took them almost an hour to sat goodbyes. Jimin had to go to work and Yoongi had to go to his therapy session. Jin arrived with Namjoon little after Yoongi had left the place and Jimin was finally ready to go.

The work at the café was nice and calm that day. Jimin couldn’t remember when the last time he had enjoyed his job that much was. He knew that he was about to visit Yoongi once he was done with it. Yoon was about to meet Jungkook and Tae and that made Jimin strangely calm. They were going to be his son’s only relatives, because not in a million years, Jimin would want his son to have anything to do with his side of the family.

When he was finally out of work, he came back home to meet a very joyful Yoonie, rolling over the floor in the living room. Namjoon and Jin were sitting on the couch, enjoying their nephew playing on the soft carpet.

“Good evening!” Jimin sang when he entered the room.

“Amma!” The rolling over the floor was totally forgotten by the little one. He padded to his amma and was enveloped into Jimin’s arms.

“Are you ready to see appa again?” The omega tickled the boy and he giggled.

“You’re visiting Yoongi?” Jin and Namjoon got off of the couch. “I thought you’ve spent the whole night and even morning together.”

“We have a lot to catch up!” Jimin shrugged. “Besides, Yoon has to meet his uncles.”

“Ah yeah,” Namjoon smiled while helping Jin to put on his jacket. “You told us about it. That alpha, who weren’t into omegas, right?”

Jimin nodded. “Jungkook and his beta, Tae.”

“This is weird,” Jin blinked. “I’ve yet to see such human.”

Namjoon just chuckled and put his hand on Jin’s lower back. “Maybe we should invite them over a dinner?”

Jin’s eyes grew big and he grinned. “That’s a good idea!”

“I was joking,” Joon looked confused.

“Tomorrow at eight!” Jin hugged Jimin on his way out.

“Have fun!” Namjoon simply nodded and followed his mate.

Jimin was more than happy to agree with them. He shook his head and went to prepare Yoon and himself for the night at Yoongi’s. When they finally arrived at the place, Jimin’s heart was beating fast. Now he was nervous, but he didn’t know why. He knocked on the door and the first face he saw was Tae’s. The beta grinned when he saw the little boy, standing next to Jimin.

“Kook-ah?” He yelled over his shoulder. “They are here!” Then he turned around and crouched in front of Yoon. “Hey, I’m Tae Tae! How’s your name?”

The boy chuckled. “Yoonie… What funny name!”

“Hey, I’m funny!” Tae made a face and Yoon finally let go of Jimin’s hand. The little one was intrigued by the new person in his life. “Do you want to come with me?” Tae opened his arms and Yoonie snuggled there. “Awww, cute muffin!”

Jimin just shook his head with a smile and followed Tae and Yoon inside of the apartment. He was more than happy, when he let go of the huge bag, hanging onto his shoulder. The omega dropped it onto the floor in the corridor and finally entered the living room. He was able to see how Jungkook won over his nephew by mere seconds. The young alpha only had to smile and reach out for him and Yoonie was right there into his arms. Jungkook laughed like a kid when he spread out his arms above his head, still holding his nephew and pretended that he was a plane, twirling around.

“Kookie had that effect on people,” Tae stood by Jimin’s side, enjoying the view. “You only have to see him smile or… hear him laugh.”

“He doesn’t act like Yoongi at all,” Jimin lowered his voice. “Even before… the accident, Yoongi was more of the quiet person between us. He would let me babble for everything and just enjoying my company.”

Tae chuckled. “Oh, Kook-ah is the same. I’m the most vocal in our relationship.”

Jimin looked at him with disbelief, but had to nod with agreement. “Where’s Yoongi?” He asked afterwards.

Tae’s face went serious. “He had another flashback and it was really painful this time. He’s resting in his room if you want to see him.”

Jimin nodded again and walked to Yoongi’s room. He didn’t need to knock to enter there. He knew that his alpha was smelled him already. It turned out that he was right. Yoongi was laying in his bed with his eyes closed and the room wasn’t as dark as Jimin thought it would be. The dim light coming from one of the nightstands was pushing away the darkness.

“Hey,” the alpha mumbled when Jimin lay behind his back and wrapped his arm around his waist. “You came.”

Jimin closed his eyes and nuzzled his mate’s neck, before planting a soft kiss there. “Of course,” he whispered. “How are you, love?”

“Better now,” the alpha mumbled again and Jimin thought that must be from the pills he was taking in moments like this. “I felt you in the moment you came here with Yoon.”

“I knew you would,” Jimin nestled his head between his alpha’s shoulder blades and sighed. “What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Same nightmare,” Yoongi’s voice trembled. “I thought I was drowning… but I had to fight to… stay alive and… I could hear the voices… they wanted me dead and…” Yoongi shook violently. “I-I… I can’t remember… more…”

“Sh-sh,” Jimin planted a soft kiss over his alpha’s neck and cuddled him closer. “You don’t have to worry now, okay? I’m here… with you!” Another kiss followed. “We can make it better, I promise!”

Soon after that, Yoonie stormed into the room, followed closely by panting Jungkook. “I’m sorry,” he apologized quietly when he saw the couple on the bed. “I couldn’t reach him on time.”

“It’s okay,” Yoongi said quietly opening his arms for his son. Yoon was fast to cuddle him. “Thank you, Kook-ah…”

Jungkook just shrugged, observing the picture. Yoongi caught his brother’s eyes and smiled. The smile must have reached to his eyes, because Kookie’s eyes tear up and he excused himself hurriedly. Yoongi sighed and planted a kiss to his son’s head. He felt how Jimin cuddled him even tighter, placing his hand over their son’s body.

“You didn’t smile much, did you?” He whispered, when they both felt that Yoon was asleep. “Your brother looked sad.”

Yoongi sighed. “He doesn’t like to show feelings,” he paused. “He doesn’t know how to deal with them.”

Jimin nodded on Yoongi’s back. “This is why he needs Tae?”

“He says that his presence calms him,” Yoongi lowered his voice even more. “I honestly don’t know how they work, but whatever makes my brother happy, makes me happy as well.”

“I understand,” Jimin murmured. “Although I’ve never had a sibling. We’ve never talked about it before either.” He sighed. “We didn’t have so much time to talk back then, love.”

“I saw you,” Yoongi mumbled. “In one of my recent dreams. You were… crying in my arms… and… your face was… bruised…” The alpha took a deep breath. “Was it a memory?”

Jimin nodded on his back. “Yes, it was a memory. I’ve told you my father used to beat me… and he was always careful not to hit my face. But that day I’ve made the mistake to tell him that I don’t want to marry my fiancée. I didn’t feel right and… he hit me hard… and this is when you’ve found me in that alley. That’s the same night we kissed for the first time, although I remember you’re telling me that it was going to break us.”

“I was wrong then,” Yoongi whispered. “We must’ve done something right to have that beautiful little boy over here.”

Jimin’s eyes filled with tears and he didn’t utter another word. He could feel his alpha’s pain as his own. He could sense his sadness and fear, floating in the air. Yoongi was still wounded and Jimin was going to do whatever it takes to see him whole again.

Chapter Text

Jimin told Yoongi about Jin’s invitation on the next morning. Jungkook and Tae weren’t so sure if they want to go, but Jimin was able to convince them. The couple fell in love with Yoonie. They both played with the boy on the floor as if they were all kids. Just now, Jimin was able to see Tae’s easy going’s nature and his ability to charm people. His boxy smile was contagious and his laugh couldn’t stop you from laughing yourself. But Tae was also talented to calm and sooth unwanted emotions. Jimin had seen that when the beta calmed Kookie right away when he had argued with Doctor Suran.

Jimin had to leave soon for his work, but he decided to leave his son to his dad and his new uncles. Yes, he was able to see Yoongi’s fear in his eyes, but Jimin calmed him with a soft kiss. He told his mate that he had to get to know his son better. The bond between the alpha father and their kid was something special. Besides, Tae and Kookie had agreed to help. Therefore, Jimin went to work and called to his Jin-hyung with the news that they were all going to be there.

The day rolled out fast and Jimin found himself at home, getting ready for Jin’s dinner. He made sure he looked good this time. He had never made an effort to look good before Yoongi’s arrival. It was with a reason of course, but he didn’t want to dig that deep now. When he heard the doorbell, the omega grinned. When he went to open, he found one very happy kid, nestled into his father’s arms. Kookie and Tae were looking awesome as ever and Jimin grinned. It was going to be an amazing night.

They arrived a bit later, because Yoon needed some attention at first. He had to be bathed and Yoongi insisted to help. Then he had to be basically forced to try and go to his baby potty. Luckily, that also went well. Then Yoongi helped him change into the clothes, Jimin had chosen for him and he was back into his father’s arms.

Jin was all smiley when he met them at the front door. The omega looked amazing as always. “Come on in,” he stepped aside and waited for them to take off their jackets and shoes. It was especially hard for Yoongi, because his son was basically stuck to him.

“Hello,” Jungkook bowed politely before the older omega. “I’m Jeon Jungkook and this is my intended, Kim Taehyung!” Jin was startled for a second. He wasn’t used to such politeness.

“Nice to meet you,” Tae bowed as well. “It’s so nice of you to invite us into your home.”

“I’m Min Yoongi,” the alpha tried to bow, but it was difficult with his son in his arms. Jimin tried to help.

“Baby, why don’t you come to amma?”

“No!” If anything his hold onto Yoongi’s neck tightened and Jimin put up his hands.

Jin only chuckled. “Nice to finally meet you in person, all of you. I’m Kim Seokjin, but you can call me Jin-hyung if you want.”

After the awkwardness was moved away, they finally entered Jin’s spacious apartment. The omega wanted to live big and thankfully to him, he was able to afford that. When they finally entered the living room, the atmosphere suddenly changed. Three alphas standing together in the same room was a bit challenging. Namjoon was careful before he was able to introduce himself. Jimin knew that the alphas tend to size themselves up, before deciding if they could share the same place. Few minutes passed, before Namjoon was able to calm down and accept the other alphas on his territory.

“Kim Namjoon,” he nodded. “Jin’s mate.”

Jimin noticed that only Tae bowed this time. Yoongi and Jungkook simply nodded in return and they could finally sit around the table. Yoon had found some of his toys, which Jin kept in his apartment for him. His attention was quickly averted from his father and he went to play on the soft carpet, not so far away from the table. Yoongi held Jimin’s chair and the omega blushed while sitting down. Kookie and Tae sat at the opposite side of the table. Jin and Namjoon were at the opposite sides as their hosts and the chair right next to Jimin was empty.

“Are we waiting for someone, hyung?” Jimin looked at Jin.

“Yes,” Namjoon answered instead. “An old friend of mine just came back from Europe. He’s moving back in and I asked him to join us.”

“You’ll like him!” Jin nodded and smiled. “He’s the sunshine himself.” As if there was a signal, the doorbell rang and he hurried to answer it.

Jimin simply shrugged and leaned on his alpha. He honestly didn’t care about that person. If his alpha was near him, that was only that mattered.

“Good evening!” A nice voice, coming from the front door greeted them. “The traffic is awful!”

Jimin felt how Yoongi froze beside of him. The omega clung to his mate, sensing his distress. He was ready to bear his teeth even, when a shocked gasp echoed in the room.

“Y-yongi?” The ginger haired man hurried to the table. “Is it really you? I-I thought you are dead! How-?”

Yoongi closed his eyes and winced in pain. His hands flew up to cover his head he bent forward. His breathing became erratic and Jimin knew that whoever that person was, he was from Yoongi’s past. The same past he had forgotten.

“Hyung?” Tae had snapped into his nurse mode and rushed to him. “Hyung just breathe, okay? I know it hurts, but you have to try and hold onto that memory. Don’t let it go!”

“No-no-no!” Yoongi was shaking his head. “I can’t… I… hurt… Make it stop! Please! Make it stop!”

Jimin was quick to embrace him, letting him fall forward into his chest. He could feel how his body shuddered. “It’s okay, love… it’s okay…” The omega rubbed his back soothingly and glared at Tae for a brief moment. But the beta only stepped aside, knowing that the omega would always overpowers him when it comes to this alpha. Jimin looked back at his mate. “It’s okay… you don’t have to force yourself… Just calm down… Breathe with me, yeah?” Jimin took a deep breath and then released it through his mouth. Yoongi followed his actions, his forehead resting over Jimin’s shoulder. Then the omega did it again and again, until he felt the alpha was going lax into his arms.

“PTSD?” He heard the newcomer’s voice and looked up.

“TBI first… and then PTSD.” Tae was the one to explain, because Jimin was all focused over Yoongi now. “Kim Taehyung by the way!”

“Jung Hoseok!” he nodded and then asked. “What happened to him?”

“Hoseok?” Jimin suddenly snapped. “Yoongi’s friend? I-I’ve never met you, but… ”

“Jimin if I’m not mistaken?” Hoseok nodded. “I could recognize your scent everywhere. Yoongi-hyung was head over heels for you! What happened? If I’m reading this right, he was fighting with his anxiety just now.”

Yoongi hadn’t moved a centimeter even. Jimin could feel his body still trembling from time to time. He was able to hear, but not to respond apparently.

“They found him barely breathing on the shore of Han River,” Jungkook answered. “He was shot, beaten almost to death and thrown into the water to die!” Jimin could see how his fists clenched. “He had an open wound just above his forehead and the doctors told us that it is a miracle he had survived!” The young alpha took a deep breath. “My hyung was in coma for the first two months after that. Then he had to basically learn from the start how to use all of his body!”

“It took us six months before we could hear him say a single word,” Tae took the word. “He had to pass through a long rehabilitation process and he’s almost healed. But his speech is still affected. It’s something that we’re still working over, but he’s getting better. It’s gonna take awhile though. Plus, his memory loss makes him really anxious.”

“Have you tried acceptance and commitment therapy?” Hoseok took Jin’s chair. The omega was absent, because he was taking care of Yoon.

“We have some bad experience with a certain psychiatrist!” Kookie scoffed. “She wasn’t trying to help our hyung here, she was confusing him even more.”

“Maybe I can help?” Hoseok asked carefully. “I have an experience with PTSD patients. Maybe he could trust me.”

Yoongi was finally able to lift his head up and look around. His forehead was damp and his face was pale, but he looked a lot better.

“Here, hyung!” Kookie handed him a glass of water. Yoongi reached out, but his hand was trembling violently, so Jimin had to help him do this. He carefully kept the glass in front of Yoongi’s face and helped him to tae few sips, before pulling it back and settling it over the table. “Better?” The young alpha asked and Yoongi nodded slightly.

“I…,” he tried to talk, but his thoughts and words were scrambled in his head. “I… w-want to… t-t-try…”

Hoseok met his eyes and nodded. “Don’t worry, Yoongi-hyung!” He even smiled comfortably. “We’ll take care of you.”

The alpha nodded with a tired sigh. It was so difficult to think right now. Jimin could read that on his face. He slid his hand behind his mate’s back and rubbed it gently. His smile was reassuring when Yoongi finally looked at him. He was feeling better and Jimin could finally breathe. What calmed Yoongi down completely was his son’s presence. The little boy ran to him in the moment he was back in the room. Yoongi picked him up and put him on his lap.

“You have such a beautiful son, Yoongi!” Hoseok said politely and grinned.

Yoon was shy at first, but then he pointed at the beta’s hair. “Funny hair!” He giggled. “Look appa!”

Jimin flustered and excused his son’s behavior, but Hoseok only laughed. Then everything ran smoothly to the end of the evening. When they decided to leave Yoon refused to let go of his appa. Yoongi could barely put on his shoes and his jacket when Yoon burst into tears. The little boy was standing in front of him and couldn’t stop crying until Yoongi picked him up again. Yoon hid his head at the crook of his father’s neck and sniffed.

“I don’t know why he’s doing this?” Jimin looked around his friends with puzzled expression on his face. “He’s not usually like this.”

“Maybe he can feel that his appa has to leave?” Tae stared at Kookie. “What do you think?”

“It could be it,” the young alpha shrugged.

“Then I should stay at Jimin’s tonight,” Yoongi said slowly. “I don’t want him to feel pain. It hurts me too.”

They all said their goodbyes to Jin and the others and left his place. Tae and Kook stopped by Jimin’s apartment. Yoongi went to his son’s room, still with Yoon in his arms. Kook, Tae and Jimin sat in the living room. Tae pulled out a small plastic bag from his leather one and put it onto the table.

“These are the pills, Yoongi-hyung has to take for his PTSD and TBI,” he said to Jimin. “I want you to be very careful when you give them to him. He has to keep a special schedule for them, because they don’t work well together.” The beta took a deep breath. “Since I’ve thought that something like that might happen, I allowed myself to buy few extra medications so you have them here as well. Also, I’ll leave you a note with the dosage.”

Jimin nodded, listening to the beta carefully. “Do I have to know something else?”

“Water,” Kookie added. “Hyung needs to drink more water, because he often forgets it.”

“Also, he’s still not good at taking decisions.” Tae lowered his voice. “We’re working over that, but we still have problems. He often has nightmares, as he calls them, but I think these are his memories coming back. When we consulted with doctor Suran before, she told us that the event must’ve been way too much horrific for him and his brain just doesn’t want to remember.”

“Maybe his friend is going to help him?” Kookie sighed. “My brother deserves to be happy and healthy again.”

Jimin nodded with agreement and soon Kookie and Tae left the place. Jimin sighed and took the plastic bag along with the note; Tae had left to him in the kitchen. He placed everything close to the fridge and the note was pinned with a magnet to the fridge itself. When he went back in the living room, he could hear the quiet laughter of his boys in Yoon’s room. The omega smiled softly and went to look for them.

To his surprised, Yoongi had managed to bathe Yoon and put nice looking blue pajamas on him. The boy looked sleepy now, carefully tucked into his bed and his father was reading him a story. Jimin carefully leaned on the doorframe, listening to his alpha’s raspy voice. Yoongi had an amazing voice, Jimin had to admit. It was as strong as the voice every alpha should have, but Yoongi’s one was with added some velvety feeling.

“Hey,” the alpha had finished reading and now was looking at Jimin over his shoulder. “Did my brother leave?”

The omega nodded and yawned as well. It was a long day and he was thankful that he wasn’t at work on the next day. Yoongi got up from his son’s bed, leaving the night light on and walking to his omega. Jimin couldn’t help but to smile when he felt Yoongi’s arms on his shoulders. “We should go to bed,” he said, planting a kiss over Jimin’s nose. “Let’s go!” He took his hand and they both walked to Jimin’s bedroom. 

Yoongi had another nightmare that night and Jimin was there to comfort him again. The alpha was basically struggling to breathe, shaking his head and grasping the sheets of the bed. It took Jimin good five minutes to reach to Yoongi’s mind. When he finally woke up and took a shaky breath, Jimin wanted to cry. His alpha’s face was really pale and his eyes looked huge over his face. He went to take a towel from the bathroom and went back to Yoongi. His eyes were closed again, but he wasn’t sleeping.

Without saying a word, Jimin made sure to damp every droplet of sweat all over his face. Then he did the same for the alpha’s neck. Thankfully, this time Yoongi wasn’t sweating all over and could just lie in the bed. Jimin took his head and rested it onto his lap. Yoongi’s arm quickly draped over the omega’s legs and tried to relax.

This was when Jimin started singing his song. It was so soft and caring and he felt like he had made that song for Yoongi. Every word pouring out of his mouth was for him. The song was about how much Jimin had missed his moon. The moon that had name in his dreams and its name was Yoongi. He had that dark and mystical aura around himself. He looked fragile, but he was so strong. Jimin couldn’t even imagine what power Yoongi had to had in him to survive all that live had dumped on him.

The omega didn’t feel the tears rolling down his face, not even when they started dripping over Yoongi’s hair. He didn’t reach to wipe them off. He just continued with his song, until he felt how his alpha’s body was completely relaxed in his arm. Then he allowed himself to stop and slid down his bed, cuddling Yoongi after that.

The morning came quickly. Jimin was the first one to get up, as usual. He went to prepare the breakfast in the kitchen and check what he had to give Yoongi for his morning dosage. Tae was very strict when he had written the proportions and Jimin had to be exact of what he was doing.

Yoongi appeared when the omega was almost finished with his tasks. He smiled when he saw Yoongi’s sleepy face and he had to admit that the alpha looked really cute. Yoongi yawned and sat on the table, close to the omega, waiting for him to join. Jimin was quick to do that and to give Yoongi his medications.

“Good morning,” Jimin leaned and planted a kiss over Yoongi’s lips.

“Good morning, my little omega…” Yoongi leaned into the kiss and hummed when Jimin pulled back. “It smells delicious,” he sniffed the air and Jimin blushed.

“Thanks,” the omega went to serve his foot just as Yoon rushed into the room. “I can see someone else is hungry!”

Yoon threw himself into his amma’s arms and then did the same with Yoongi. When he was all calmed, Yoongi put him in his chair and then placed the meal, Jimin had prepared for him on his table. Yoon started his feast soon after.

“I have to discuss something with you,” the omega lowered his voice, looking at Yoongi. “And I’m afraid it’s urgent.”

“Sure?” Yoongi turned around to face his mate.

“I can feel my heat coming back,” Jimin frowned. “Maybe came back when you appeared back and…”

Yoongi blinked few times. “I think you’re right. I’ve been taking suppressants for my rut, but I can feel is coming back as well.”

“So…” Jimin trailed off. “Are you feeling ready to-”

“Sure,” Yoongi nodded slowly. “What about Yoon though?”

“We can try giving him to Kook and Tae?” Jimin rose up his eyebrows. “I think it’s a good idea.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi agreed right away. “Just tell me when your heat is near.”

Chapter Text

Jimin’s heat hit the week before Yoongi and Yoon’s birthdays. He felt drained all of a sudden, searching for his alpha almost all the time. His skin became itchy and he couldn’t stay at one place for too long. When he realized what was going on, he called Yoongi. Then he packed Yoon’s bag and Jin volunteered to come and get him. Then he had to take him to Jungkook and Taehyung where they were about to take care of him for the whole week.

By the evening of d-day, Jimin was slowly becoming insane with need. He was fighting with his inner omega, trying to slow down the moment. While waiting for Yoongi to arrive, the omega had time to build his nest, prepare clean sheets for later and take a bath. It was pointless of course. His slick was already running down his tights and soaking into the towel, he had wrapped around his waist.

The sound of the doorbell made his ears perk up. He sniffed the air carefully and went to open the door. It was Yoongi of course. His alpha was slowly emerging and Jimin could sense that. Now Yoongi’s eyes were crystal grey and his face features sharpened. He didn’t utter a word when he got in and locked the door behind his back. Instead, he swirled Jimin around, with his back facing Yoongi’s front, and nuzzled his scent gland.

This was where Jimin gave up to his inner omega. His body went limp and gave up itself to the alpha. The quiet rumble of Yoongi’s throat made him purr. He was willing to do everything that the alpha asked of him. But Yoongi wasn’t in a hurry. He wanted to conquer. It didn’t matter that Jimin was already his. His inner alpha was demanding that of him.

He kept the omega with his back to him, taking off his own clothes and leaving them on the floor of the living room. His hand slowly moved up Jimin’s spine and rested on his neck, wrapping his fingers around it. The omega didn’t even move, but his whole body was shaking. Yoongi’s other hand moved to the omega’s chest and then slid down in an agonizingly slow move. When the thin fingers reached their final destination and wrapped around a very hard member, the omega bucked his hips forward with a whine.

Yoongi growled and Jimin stood still again, his body impossibly aroused and compliant at the same time. The alpha began moving his hand and Jimin’s head fell back on his shoulder. He came right there and then, but he knew that Yoongi wasn’t finished with him.

“Bed!” The alpha growled and the omega was quick to respond, although his legs were still shaking.

He led his alpha to his nest and pulled him in right away. Yoongi felt how his own arousal is taking its tall of him and moved up to lay over the warm body. His lips were quick to find the soft ones. His tongue was digging deep into the omega’s mouth, leaving them both breathless.

“Alpha…” Jimin mumbled between the kisses. His hands moved up to wrap around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him impossibly close. “Alpha, please…”

“On your knees, omega!” The alpha growled and pulled back.

Lead by the eternal instinct, Jimin responded to Yoongi’s ask. He moved around, setting himself on all fours. His eyes closed and his hips bucked, waiting to be taken from his alpha. Yoongi didn’t wait to long. His fingers circled around the pink hole, making the omega whimper for more. When he was sure that Jimin is ready, he carefully slid into the waiting warmth.

“Oh…” Jimin took a deep breath and Yoongi stood still. Somewhere inside his blurry mind, he knew that Jimin hadn’t done that in a long while. He knew that he had to be careful and he basically fought with himself not to devour him. “Mhm…” There was another moan when Yoongi carefully pulled out. “Agh!” And a yelp when he slid back in. “Faster!” Jimin mumbled. “Please, alpha! Please!”

That was enough for Yoongi’s self control. His movements became faster and jerkier. He slid in so deep that he thought it was not possible. Jimin was basically moving with him, meeting his every thrust. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open. His moans turned into screams when the movements became intense.

The alpha moved slightly up, changing the angle and Jimin was basically falling apart. Yoongi had found the perfect angle to hit his prostate. Jimin fell on his face, trying to contain the pleasure a little longer. He could basically feel how the alpha was breaking him apart. Just when he thought that he couldn’t take it anymore, Yoongi pulled out completely. The omega whined with dissatisfaction, but he didn’t have time to think. Yoongi rolled him on his back, hooking Jimin’s legs to his shoulders and rammed back into him. The omega’s hips bucked up.

“Agh! Yoongi!” He fisted the sheets beneath him, arching his back impossibly high. “I’m gonna… gonna… Agh!” Then he keened from the pleasure washing over him. His body went limp for a second, while Yoongi was chasing his own relief. When he felt his knot forming deep inside Jimin, he finally let it go, falling over his omega.

“Oh, fuck!” He panted with his eyes closed, while his mouth was going up for Jimin’s neck. Then he bit him deep and good, while his own release kept on going.

“Wh-haat… agh!” Jimin suddenly woke up, arching his body again. He felt the alpha’s teeth over his neck and tried to pull back, but Yoongi didn’t let him. Then something hit him. They weren’t just having sex now. Yoongi was breeding him, without even realizing that.

The alpha didn’t pull back, not even when his knot had died down. He simply rolled Jimin up on his body, moving his arms around his waist. Every time the omega was trying to pull away, the alpha pulled him back in. Finally, Jimin gave up. He couldn’t do anything against his alpha, so he finally relaxed into his arms.

It took them another two hours to go back to the sex. Yoongi was again careful, but even more intense when he bred Jimin for the second time. Then they finally decided they needed a shower. Thankfully, it was only shower. Yoongi had time to prepare something light for them to eat and then they were back in Jimin’s nest. The omega was able to sleep only three hours that night. When he woke up on the next morning, Yoongi was snoring right beside of him. His arm was wrapped around the omega’s waist possessively and his heart skipped a beat.

It was time for another round, but this time they did it on the kitchen table. Jimin couldn’t wait until they were back in his nest. He wanted Yoongi so bad that he basically begged the alpha to fuck him right then and there. Yoongi was more than happy to fulfill the task. He bent Jimin over the table and rammed inside of him. The omega screamed and grabbed the wooden edges of the kitchen table, pushing back and meeting every move against his body.

“Good omega,” Yoongi panted. “So good for me… so good…”

“Yes, alpha… yes... only for you…” Jimin mumbled incoherently while Yoongi moved faster inside of him.

They came together with a blast with Yoongi falling over his omega. He didn’t pull back until he felt completely spent. Then he turned Jimin around and took him into his arms. The omega had fainted from the pleasure again. The emotions were overwhelming him.

Jimin’s heat and Yoongi’s rut reached their pick on the third day. They were so tired that they couldn’t even walk for good five hours. Yoongi was the first one to come to his senses. He forced himself to get off the bed and prepare the bathtub for his omega. Then he carefully picked Jimin off the bed and carried him to the warm water. The omega was half asleep, only registering soft hands washing his exhausted body.

He whimpered when these hands moved away, but it was only for little while. Then he felt how his body is brushed with soft towels and put back to bed. Just when he was about to fall asleep again, Yoongi kissed his forehead.

“Open your eyes, my little omega.” He sang and Jimin mumbled in protest. “You have to eat and drink something.”

“Don’t wanna…” He pouted.

Yoongi didn’t give up thought. He made him go up and sit on his bed. Then he placed a tray with freshly cooked meal and a glass of water. He brushed off Jimin’s protests and watched him eating unto his plate was empty. Then he waited a little longer while Jimin was drinking his water. Just then he was satisfied enough to move the tray away and got back to the bed.

Jimin snuggled in his warm body and his eyes closed again. Yoongi could feel his calm breathing and a smile appeared on his face. He maybe had missed that. Yes, he didn’t remember going through Jimin’s first heat together, but if he did, he was sure he would miss it. Something inside his brain snapped and a sudden memory flashed though his mind. Yoongi sucked his breath and tried to calm his fast beating heart.

When he happened to close his eyes, he could see and smell blood. His blood. His heartbeat quickened and he tried to push that memory away, although knowing he had to remember. The feeling slowly faded away and he was able to breathe again. Damn! He felt so weak! He wasn’t supposed to do that. He wasn’t supposed to be such coward! But there… he was. And he felt so small all of a sudden.

Back when he was in the hospital bed, he had felt the same. He had felt so useless and such a burden to his family. He felt like an empty shell of a human being. His mind had closed then. He had fallen into depression and only his brother was able to pull him out of there. Jungkook didn’t give up on him. His little brother didn’t give up fighting, when Yoongi almost did. Kookie was telling him over and over again that he was loved and cared about. He had told him how his mate was out there, missing him and waiting for his return. While doing this, Kookie was watching and supporting his first steps after the long rehabilitation period. He had held his hand, teaching him how to squeeze the damn yellow ball when Yoongi was on the verge of crying. His little brother never gave up hope that Yoongi would get better. He never gave up hope that his big brother, his hyung is going to be just fine when he meets his mate again.

Jungkook was there when Yoongi had cried his eyes out in despair, because he couldn’t say a single word. He had cheered him when he had pronounced his name for the first time after the accident. Then again, when he had to fight against doctor Suran’s advances. Yoongi’s blurred mind was still slow to react on it, but Kookie was right there to protect him. Thanks to his brother, Yoongi was here now, hugging his beautiful omega mate. After realizing all of that, Yoongi made a mental note to try and do better. Now, it wasn’t only Jungkook. It wasn’t only Tae. Now he had a family. He felt like he belonged here. He felt whole again, thanks to that beautiful creature, sleeping into his arms.

Now he had Yoon to take care about. He could still remember how his dazed mind had registered the thought of having him in his life. He had thought that Jimin was joking with him, but then… Then the little boy had ran and cried into his arms. He could feel him as a part of himself. When he looked at Yoon, Yoongi felt as if he was looking in a mirror. When Jimin had told him the sad story of how he had explained his absence to Yoon, the alpha could feel his pain almost physically. Yes, Jimin had told him that he was about to kill himself when it was the right time. And yes, looking into his eyes, Yoongi had believed to him. He knew that he would do the same at his place. Jimin was a fragile soul, but so was Yoongi. Maybe they could get better in time. Maybe Yoongi would be able to feel stronger and get better. He prayed that day would come as fast as it was possible. He didn’t want to waste more time with Jimin. He wanted to live now.

It was March 9th when Yoon came back home to his parents. They celebrated his and his appa’s birthday in a private circle. Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok were invited. Jimin had ordered two cakes for his two boys. He had spent the whole day in the kitchen, making the dinner. Yoongi was trying to help him, but the omega pushed him away with the words that it was his birthday after all.

Just when they all had gathered around the cakes and the candles were blown off, the door bell rang. Jungkook giggled and got off of his place, walking to the door. His smile faded as soon as he opened it. “Mother? What are you doing here?”

“Doctor Suran gave me the address,” the tall black-haired woman tried to look over her son’s shoulder. “She told me to pick up Yoongi, because-”

“I’m gonna sue that bitch!” Jungkook hissed. “And you can leave… now!”

“Son,” the woman tried again. “You know I care about your brother, right?”

“If you do, you could just simply let him be!” Jungkook scoffed, feeling his anger building up again. Then a warm hand was placed on his shoulder.

“What is going on?” Tae’s soft voice was like a balm to his nerves. “Oh, Mrs. Min?” He nodded. “You came to see Yoongi? We were about to cut the cakes.”

“I came to take him home!” The woman rose up her voice a little.

“He is at home,” Tae’s voice was as soft as ever. “Don’t make a scene, please? Not on his birthday and in his mate’s house!”

“His… what?” The woman’s eyes widened. “Suran didn’t say…”

“But of fucking course she didn’t!” Kookie threw his hands up in the air.

“Who is it?” Jimin finally showed up, taking a place next to Tae. “Ah… I don’t think I know you…”

“That’s my mom!” Kookie sighed. “Min Yoonji! Mother, this is Park Jimin, Yoongi’s mate!”

Jimin bowed slightly. “Nice to meet you, Yoonji!” He then turned his head and rose his voice up. “Your mother is here, love!”

“My… huh?” Yoongi finally showed up with Yoon straddling his neck. The boy had leaned over Yoongi’s head and laughing joyfully. “Mother?” His eyes went big. “What are you doing here?”

“I-I…” the woman stammered. “I came to take you back home.”

Jungkook tried to intervene, but to his surprise Yoongi was faster. “I am home,” his jaw clenched a bit. “My mate and my son are here… and this is my home now.”

Maybe it was a long time since Yoongi had used his alpha’s voice over his mother. Yoonji ducked her head in disbelief. But it was true. When Yoongi turned around and left with his son, his mother was staring after him. Her lower lip trembled and she looked at Jimin. ‘I am so sorry!” She said quietly. “I didn’t know…”

“Because you kept trusting to that bitch’s words!” Jungkook couldn’t control his temper.

“Kook-ah?” Tae smiled at him. “It’s okay now. Just let it go.”

The alpha just shook his head and went back inside, followed by his beta. Jimin was left alone with Yoongi’s mother. “You wanted to take him away from me?” He said quietly. “Just after we met each other again? Do you know what pain that could cause to your son?”

“I didn’t know his mate is-”

“I’m sorry!” Jimin interrupted her. “I know it’s not fair in your eyes, but I can’t lose him again! I can’t, because… that would end me! For real!”


“Please join us here and try to get to know me first, okay?” Jimin stepped aside and let Yoongi’s mother in.

Yoongi was playing with his son, when his mother walked in. Jimin was kind enough to present her to everybody and then he went to his mate and their son. Yoongi was sitting on the floor, close to the sofa and Yoon was playing with his shiny new car. He was using only one of his hands. The other one was firmly wrapped around his father’s pants. It looked like the boy was afraid to lose him. Jimin sat on the sofa, behind Yoongi, so the alpha could lean on his legs. Yoongi did just that and looked up at him. The omega smiled and ruffled his hair. The alpha smiled in return. They didn’t need words between them.

“I thought his mate was long forgotten,” Yoonji said observing the scene. Kookie was standing right next to her.

“By who?” The alpha tried to control his voice. “I don’t think if my brother had a choice, he’d so easily forget his mate.”

“But… Suran told me-”

“Mother!” Jungkook hissed.

“Kook-ah,” Tae was quick to join the duo. “Calm down, okay? Your mother didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

Yoonji turned around to look at the trio at the other side of the room. “They look so… good together.”

“Because they are, mother!” Kookie took a deep breath. It was so easy to be calm when Tae was nearby. “Just take your time and see how happy they are. You don’t know what Jimin’s story is either. When I’ve heard it… he had a really tough life, before he met my hyung. He told us what happened that night. How he couldn’t even help Yoongi-hyung when his father shot him. Then they told him how he was left there to die. Jimin even tried to kill himself, because he couldn’t think of a life without my hyung in it… But then he found out he was pregnant and… yeah, you see the rest of the story.”

“His father did it?” Yoonji scoffed.

“You’ve only heard that part of the story?” Kookie was getting angry again. “Just… you know what? Never mind! I won’t let you touch my brother if you dare even think to drag him out of here!”

“Kook-ah?” Tae rubbed his alpha’s shoulder, but this didn’t help that time. Jungkook just stormed out of the room. The beta looked at Yoonji. “I know you love your son, noona, but just try to look at his point of view this time. He’s getting better and he’s back with his family. You know you can’t separate two mates, right?”

Yoonji frowned. “He doesn’t know what’s good for him! Maybe he’s still confused.”

Tae sighed. “Between the two of us, I’m the medical trained person, right? I can tell you that Yoongi-hyung is with his full mind now. He may still have problems with his speech and his PTSD, but otherwise he’s perfectly healthy.” The beta paused. “You don’t have the legal rights to separate them. If you try to do that, you’d only push him away… and not only him. Think about Kookie… It breaks his heart when you two fight like this!”

“So… what are you saying?” Yoonji turned to Tae. “I should leave him here?”

“You should love him and let him heal,” Tae smiled lightly. “If you try something else, Jimin has the legal right to sue you… and I have to vouch that Yoongi-hyung is with his full mind, ergo… you will lose. Not only that though, but your two sons and your grandchild also.”

“But I can’t… I can’t look at him, knowing that his father is the one to blame for what happened to Yoongi!” Yoonji teared up.

“Jimin is not the one to blame, noona,” Tae softened his voice. “If anything, he suffered just as much. Do you know that his father beat him? He was basically caged in that family. Yoongi was his way to get out of there… He told me how he felt when they first met. Jimin loves him, noona! Please, give them a chance!”

Min Yoonji didn’t answer a long time after that. She then turned around to look at the family, sitting on the floor. Then she simply nodded and Tae let out his breath of relief. To be the mediator in this family was a huge challenge.  



Chapter Text


A week later, Yoongi found himself sitting at Hobi’s office. He kept looking around in high alert. Jimin apparently had sensed him, because he reached out and took his hand, releasing his omega calming pheromones. Yoongi tried to focus over his face and it was rewarded by reassuring smile. The alpha took a deep breath and then looked back at his legs.

“What are the medications he’s taking?” Hoseok asked Taehyung, who was sitting right beside Jimin.

“Zoloft, mostly,” Tae looked at his notebook. “But sometimes, Celexa also, but that makes Yoongi hyung really tired, so we’re using it just when the Zoloft is not working. He’s also taking analgesics for his headaches.”

Hobi was taking notes also. “You do know the other side effects of Celexa too? Did you have some suicidal thoughts while taking it Yoongi-hyung?”

Yoongi just shook his head, getting too nervous to talk. This time Jungkook took the attention. “He had them, before he started using the Celexa.”

“Why?” Hoseok looked at the younger one. “How did you notice?”

“Hyung became really desperate at the early stages of his rehabilitation,” Jungkook tried to explain. “He closed himself at one point and we got really scared.”

“Okay,” Hoseok nodded. “I’m guessing you’ve stopped his pills for the depression then?”

“We did,” Tae looked back at his notebook. “I wanted to ask you about his anxiety issues, because he’s getting them quite often. Also, we have to deal with his panic attacks.”

“I know how to do that,” Jimin said quietly. “I can help him, because I’ve gone through the same.”

“The breathing techniques?” Hoseok wrote something down again.

Jimin nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay,” Hoseok sighed finally and looked at the group sitting opposite him. “I’m going to ask you to leave now and let me talk to Yoongi.”

Tae and Jungkook were first to get up and walk out of the door, saying that they would wait for Yoongi outside. Jimin however, didn’t even move a muscle. Hoseok frowned a bit, but the omega started at him with challenge in his eyes. “If you think that I’m going to leave my mate, think again!” He simply stated and the beta finally gave up.

He sighed and looked at the couple. “What I want to suggest you now is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.” Jimin nodded but Yoongi stayed mum. “Do you think you can do that, Yoongi-hyung?”

Yoongi shrugged. “It’s not like I have any other option.”

Jimin just rubbed Yoongi’s back and Hoseok sighed. “We can start then,” he leaned back on his office chair. “Tell me what the last thing you remember is?”

Yoongi bit his lip for a moment. “I-I remember when I started working at Seesaw. But I think I’m remembering a lot these days. But the memories are only bits and pieces and not in order.”

Hoseok nodded. “We can work on that later. Now, tell me how do you feel at this moment?”

“Good, I guess,” Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand again.

“Okay,” Hoseok wrote something down and then leaned forward. “The end goal here is to try and live with what happened in your past,” he said. “The only thing I want you to remember that you are here now and you are safe.” Hoseok took a deep breath. “Let’s see how deep we can go at the beginning. I want you to close your eyes,” he waited until Yoongi was ready. “Imagine your favorite place and try to stay there.” The therapist waited and then continued. “Where are you, Yoongi?”

“Jimin’s apartment,” the alpha responded right away and Jimin’s heart clenched.

“Good, now imagine how you’re sitting on the sofa. It’s nice and comfy, right?” Yoongi nodded with his eyes still closed. “Okay, now imagine that someone knocks on the front door. You get up and go to open. Who is this?” Hoseok asked carefully and got ready to write.

Yoongi suddenly froze. “I don’t want to open the door!”

“You have to do it!” The therapist said quietly.

“No!” Yoongi shuddered.

“Why no, Yoongi-hyung?”

“If I open that door… I… he… I…” he panted. “I just… I… will have to remember and I… I…” he suddenly snapped his eyes open and rushed to door, but ending up sliding down the wall, holding his face. “I don’t want to! Please! I-I don’t… I don’t… no-no-no!” He started shaking his head frantically.

Jimin didn’t think twice and hurried to kneel down to his alpha, wrapping his arms around him. “Sh-sh, it’s okay love…” he rubbed his back calmingly. “Try to breathe and calm down, okay? You are here now! You are safe, with me!”

Jimin didn’t let go of the shaking body in his arms. He simply turned his head to look at Hoseok over his shoulder. The beta was staring at them with a thoughtful expression over his face. “It’s more difficult than I’ve thought.” He frowned.

“Can I take him home now?” Jimin formed his sentence carefully, trying not to sound too rude and he hoped that he managed to do that. Inside however, he wanted to dash over there and slap Hoseok’s face for making his mate feeling that bad.

Hoseok nodded. “Yes, I have to think.” He rubbed his chin. “Please, tell Taehyung to proceed with the prescription.”

“Yoongi is moving in with me this week,” Jimin got up carefully supporting Yoongi as well. “He’s going to teach me how to do it.”

“Good,” Hoseok nodded. “I’ll see you next week.”

Jimin only nodded and helped Yoongi to their way out the Hoseok’s place. Yoongi was leaning on him and he could feel how heavy the alpha was. That didn’t stop him from making sure that his mate is feeling secure with his steps. When they were finally out, Tae and Kookie were quick to rush to them.

“What happened?” Kookie helped Jimin, wrapping his arm around his brother’s shoulders. Jimin sighed. “I thought it was going to take longer.”

“Yoongi couldn’t even start,” Jimin muttered, suddenly feeling light headed. He shook his head. “Hoseok tried to take him back to the moment where everything started.”

“Oops, Jimin!” Tae grabbed the omega’s arm just in time before he was able to fall over the stairs. “Are you okay? Do you want to sit down for a moment?”

“Nah,” Jimin shook his head again. “I’m just dizzy. These days were really tiresome. Maybe that’s the heat aftermath.”

“Maybe,” Tae nodded, but kept holding Jimin’s arm, while they were walking to Kookie’s car. “We’ll drop you off at your place first, okay? I think both you and Yoongi-hyung need some break.”

Jimin couldn’t agree more. He felt a bit off and could see that Yoongi felt the same. Maybe a good day of sleep would be just what he needed. His mate fell asleep in the car, on their way to Jimin’s apartment and he couldn’t wake up even when the car stopped. The omega leaned and placed a soft kiss over his mate’s cheek and then left. He was barely able to drag himself to the bed and it was really thankful that Jin was taking care of Yoonie today.

Yoongi moved in two days later and just then Jimin felt his alpha’s presence in his life was permanent. His heart sang in awe when he saw Yoongi’s clothes, carefully placed into his wardrobe. Jimin had taken care of that himself. Few days after that, the omega could smell their mixed scents in the air, marking the place that was now theirs. He couldn’t be happier. Yoongi was slowly getting better with his speech. Taehyung and Jimin were helping him, but the process was slow. Yoongi was getting so impatient at times that they had to make him slow down. That made the alpha irritated and he would snap a harmful comment here and there, but they let it slide.

What Jimin was unable to handle were the Yoongi’s constant mood swings. Taehyung and Jungkook had warned the omega for them. At one moment Yoongi could be at the bottom of his soul and on the next one, he was irritated for just no reason. That exhausted Jimin beyond his limits, because he had to release his calming pheromones on daily basis, and that took a lot from his energy,

The problem became serious when one night, while washing the dishes, a sudden wave of dizziness mixed with nausea made him hold onto the counter and close his eyes. He tried to breathe and shake his head, but the nasty feeling didn’t let go. Therefore, he had to lean over the now empty sink and empty his stomach in one go.

His arms trembled while he was washing his face, trying to regain the control over his body. He barely reached the table and sat there, leaning his forehead over his hands. The dizziness was still there.

“Yoon is asl-” Yoongi had spotted him all of a sudden. “Jimin!” Jimin could hear his alpha rushing there. “Hey,” a strand of hair was pushed away of his face and Jimin finally looked up at him. “What happened, sunshine?”

“I think that these days were really stressful for me,” Jimin tried to smile. “Maybe that’s what is happening. I just… need some… sleep… I guess.”  The omega started yawning even before he could finish the sentence.

”Maybe you really need some sleep,” Yoongi helped the omega get on his feet. “Even your smell is changing.”

Jimin was too tired to react on the fact that Yoongi’s statement actually meant something. He just let himself being dragged to his bedroom. Then again, instead of he pampering Yoongi, that night was the other way around. The alpha was apparently feeling good enough to take care of Jimin. It felt good, Jimin had to admit that.

When he woke up on the next morning, the first thing he could smell was something delicious coming from the kitchen. His first job was to freshen up a little, so he had to visit the bathroom first. On his way back to the kitchen, he could hear Yoon’s laugh, mixed with Yoongi’s one. The omega stopped on his tracks for a moment, enjoying of something that he never thought it would become real. He walked in to see Yoon already fed, sitting on the carpet, near the kitchen table and playing with his toy cars. Yoongi was by the sink, apparently washing the utensils that Yoon used for his breakfast.

“Good morning, my boys!” Jimin smiled.

Yoon giggled and went to hug his amma. Jimin was able to hug him briefly and even ruffle his hair, before he could run back to his toys. Jimin sighed and sat on the chair, closer to Yoongi. The alpha rewarded him with a soft kiss on his lips and put a plate with delicious breakfast in front of him.

“How did you sleep, love?” Jimin asked him between the bites.

“Good,” the alpha took the opposite chair. “Good enough to get up early, take my pills and make you some breakfast. Yoon was kind enough to join me in the middle of this.” Yoongi even managed to smile. “So, he’s fed, washed and ready to play.”

Jimin sighed and pushed the empty plate away. “We have to visit Hoseok-hyung today.”

“No,” Yoongi shook his head. “I am going. You are taking a break today. Tae was kind enough to agree and join me, since Kook had to leave the city for awhile.”

“I should be the one to-” Jimin was ready to argue, but Yoongi took his hand.

“I should be just fine, sunshine!” The alpha pressed a soft kiss over the back of his hand. “Tae will be there and not leaving me alone. He said that if he’s doing this, he should stick around in that office. He’s doing this for you.”

“But-but Kook? Why-”

“My brother had to leave, because of the annual meeting of the members of our company,” Yoongi tried to explain. “I can’t be there, because I’m still sick and recovering, so… he’s going to represent me there.”

“A company?” Jimin blinked.

“Yes,” the alpha nodded. “We have a small music company in Busan. We’re thinking of moving it here, since we both are going to live in Seoul.”

“I have to go to work though!” Jimin was ready to get up, but Yoongi was surprisingly stronger than him.

“I’ve called Jin-hyung and explained to him why you can’t go to work today,” Yoongi leaned in and kissed Jimin’s forehead. “Rest well and just take good care of Yoon while I’m gone, okay?”

The omega sighed, finally giving up. Yoongi was acting more as an alpha now that he ever did before. If Jimin had to be honest, he liked it. Even before, when they were able to sneak some time for themselves, Yoongi didn’t have enough time to act as an alpha. He couldn’t even, because Jimin was engaged by then.

Tae came to take Yoongi few minutes later. He waited for him by the door and Jimin went there to hug him. “Thank you for doing this, Tae.” He said.

The beta smiled. “It’s the least I can do for you both,” Tae winked at the omega. “Take that as a thanks for my opportunity to see if Kookie and I can live together. Too bad he had to leave, but he will be back by the end of the week.”

“You’re finally going to mate?” Jimin gasped happily.

“We’ll take our time and see where this goes,” Tae grinned this time. “We’re not driven by your sex thriving emotions and have a lot time in our hands. So, we should talk and maybe try to figure out where we stand.”

Jimin blushed at the sex word. “The sex isn’t that bad though… when you’re with the one that you love.”

“True fact!” Yoongi was able to hear the last part and Jimin’s face reddened even more when the alpha leaned to kiss him goodbye. “I’ll be back soon, okay?” Yoongi pressed his forehead to Jimin’s one. “Try to relax.” 

Jimin nodded and closed the door behind his alpha. He took a deep breath and walked to the sofa. Yoon was already in that area, rolling over the floor. Jimin smiled and turned on the TV. It was set on a kids channel and he left it there, when he noticed that his little one was enjoying the program. Life could be good sometimes.




Chapter Text

Something was wrong.

Jimin knew it since the moment there was a knock on the door. Yoongi had a key and he would just unlock it. That meant something had happened.

Yoon was taking his afternoon nap and Jimin was just about to do the same. Then he sensed Yoongi’s distress even before he could reach out and open the door. Tae’s worried face was the first thing that the omega was able to see. He had wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s middle and helped him walk. The alpha looked scary. His face was paler than earlier that day. There was not even a memory of his reassuring smile. His head was hanging between his shoulders and he was barely able to walk.

Jimin just stepped aside and let Yoongi and Tae enter the apartment. The beta was a strong man, Jimin had to admit. It didn’t look like he was struggling under Yoongi’s weight. Jimin silently led them to the bedroom. Tae waited for him to fix the bed for Yoongi. The alpha just sat there, unable to move.

Jimin barely waited for Tae to step aside. Then he knelt before his alpha and his hand cupped the loving face. “What happened to him?” The question was directed towards Taehyung, but his eyes were set on his Yoongi. He tried to release his omega calming pheromones, trying to calm the confused man before him.

“Yoongi opened the door,” Tae spoke quietly. “He stopped talking since then. I guess the trauma is a lot deeper than we thought. Hoseok-hyung told us that Yoongi didn’t receive the correct help on time.” The beta clenched his fists, but Jimin couldn’t see him. “Doctor Suran confused him more than he helped him.” Tae skipped a beat. “I’m scared to reveal all this to Kook-ah. He’s capable of drastic measures!”

Jimin took a deep breath and then released him. “Has this happened before?” The omega stroke Yoongi’s face. He wanted to scent him so bad.

“Once,” Tae said with concern in his voice. “It happened at the beginning of his rehabilitation period. Yoongi-hyung got angry, because he couldn’t form a sentence. They told us it was normal with patient with his condition. But he didn’t want to hear it. He just closed in himself, refusing to talk, but… he did it on purpose then. Now, I think he is just scared of something.”

“Okay,” Jimin nodded. “You can go now, Tae.” He looked at his new friend and smiled. “I’ll take care of him. I know you want to talk to Kook-ah! I can sense how much you miss him.”

Tae nodded. “I do,” he smiled as a response. “Talk later, Minie?”

“Sure,” Jimin nodded. “Talk later.”

The beta left the apartment few moments later. His leaving was followed by silence. Jimin took a deep breath and stared back at his alpha. Yoongi wasn’t moved at all. He was just sitting there, staring at the floor. His eyes looked big on his pale face. Jimin’s heart clenched. He could only hope that he was able to help him.

The omega carefully took off Yoongi’s jacket and his shoes. Then he made sure Yoongi was fully on the bed. The omega sneaked behind the alpha and sat on the bed, spreading his legs at the both sides of Yoongi’s body. The Alpha’s upper body rested on his own. Jimin carefully tilted his mate’s head aside and leaned closer to his scent gland. He placed an open kiss there, carefully sliding his tongue over the mark. His eyes closed and he let his body emit enough calming pheromones. Yoongi had to feel safe enough to come back to him.

It took him few minutes. Then Yoongi stirred and took a sharp breath. Jimin felt exactly the moment his alpha was back to him.

“How did I end up here?” Yoongi’s voice was hoarse and filled with confusion. “Jimin?”

“Yes, love?” The omega planted a soft kiss at his mate’s mark. “Tae was kind enough to bring you back home.”

“What happened?” Yoongi turned his head slightly so he could look at Jimin’s face. “Why I don’t remember anything?”

“Tae told me that you opened the door and since then you’ve stopped talking,” the omega’s voice was soft. “Hoseok-hyung told him that the experience you’ve had must’ve been really traumatizing, more than we all thought it was.”

Yoongi bit his lower lip. “I’m sorry.”

Jimin slid a warm hand over the alpha’s face. “It’s not your fault, love!” He smiled reassuringly. “You and I will deal with this together, okay? I am here and I’m going to help you every step of the way!”

A ghost of a smile touched Yoongi’s lips and he leaned his face on the omega’s palm. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, Jimin-ah…”

The omega’s voice softened. “I guess we both deserve each other.”

That quiet moment of peace was interrupted from Yoon, who announced his presence by rushing into the room. He jumped on the bed and joined his parents. The little rascal climbed up Yoongi’s legs and found his place on his appa’s lap. Maybe the pup was able to sense the mood in the room and most of all, Yoongi’s emotions.

He wrapped his small arms around his appa’s upper body and leaned his small head over Yoongi’s chest. The alpha stroked his son’s hair gently, thankful to his presence. He could feel the strong connection building between them.

Jimin hooked his chin over Yoongi’s shoulder and observed the two boys in his life. He still remembered how bad he wished for such moments before. How many times he had imagined that Yoongi was alive and holding his son like that. Now it was real. Now, everything was right in front of his eyes and he had to learn how to want to live again.

The pain of losing Yoongi was still there. There were still moments he remembered how much he had suffered. There were still these bad dreams that kept haunting him. That fear of losing the love of his life was still there.

He knew that his fears were now irrational. Yoongi was there. He was alive and they were both taking care of their son. Yoongi was living with him. Jimin was sleeping in his arms every night now. He was able to feel the alpha’s beating heart every time they were embracing each other. However, he was still feeling numb to the fact that Yoongi was alive. A part of him was afraid that was only a dream and he would wake up to his sad life again.

That was why he wanted to spend every possible moment with his alpha. He wanted to see him. He wanted to watch him play with his son. He wanted to watch over his sleep and wanted to help him regain his memory. They told him it was going to be a long process, but Jimin wasn’t in a hurry. He was going to be there, holding Yoongi’s hand throughout the entire time.

“You okay, appa?” Yoon’s childish voice interrupted Jimin’s thoughts.

“Yes,” Jimin couldn’t see Yoongi’s face, but he knew that he was smiling. “Appa is okay.”

Yoon giggled and Jimin’s heart trembled. He looked so much like his father.


“I told you he’s dead, Jimin!” his father hit him hard, so hard that the omega fell back onto the floor of his own room.”You better stop crying! It’s pointless!”

The omega was curled up on the floor. His body was shaking violently. The loud sobs echoed into the rich decorated room. “No!” He was able to let out. “He’s not! Not-”

He hissed from the pain his father had cause, kicking his chest with his foot. The omega curled up into a fetal position, embracing his folded legs. Sure, the pain was big, but the pain in his heart was bigger. The next thing he felt was the stinging sensation of his father’s belt over his bare legs. He didn’t even let him put on his clothes since the hotel. The omega was wearing only Yoongi’s big shirt that barely covered his thighs.

“Useless omega!” His father kept punching his bruised body. “How did I end up with you, huh?”

Jimin was only able to whine and cry. It was pointless to talk really. Nothing was going to help him now. He was just laying there, motionless. His mind kept drifting away until the moment he was able to see Yoongi’s beautiful face in front of his fogged mind. Jimin reached out to him. He tried to touch him, go to him. He wanted it… Then he hoped that his father was going to succeed this time. Maybe this time, his father was going to help him. He was going to help him on his way to the person he loved the most in his life.

There was no point of staying there and living in a world where Yoongi didn’t exist.


“No-o-o-o-o-o!” The omega woke up with a scream and sat on the bed. His body was covered in cold sweat and he was desperately trying to calm his breathing.

“Jimin!” A soft light illuminated the small bedroom. “Jimin-ah… are you okay?” Yoongi’s voice.

“It was a nightmare,” Jimin whispered. “Yoongi?” He gasped as soon as two warm arms embraced him. “You’re not a dream, right?”

“I’m here,” the alpha’s voice echoed close to his ear. “I’m here, Jiminie.”

“Good,” the omega was still struggling with his breathing. “Good… you’re here… you’re real.”

“I am,” a soft kiss touched Jimin’s forehead. “I’m here and I am real.”

Jimin was finally able to relax and lay back on the bed. His body was still shivering. “I missed you so much!” He gasped again.

“I know,” Yoongi’s eyes were filled with worry. “I know my little omega… but I’m here now, okay?”

Jimin just nodded.

It was going to take some time for everything to get back to normal again. Well, Jimin didn’t know how that normal would look like. He was only sure that it included Yoongi. The omega knew that wasn’t going to be easy, especially with Yoongi’s problem. He had noticed however, that Yoongi’s speech sounded a lot better. Ever since the alpha had moved in with him and his son, his speech was getting better with days. Even Taehyung was surprised and he told this to Jimin the next time they saw each other.

Yoongi was playing with his son on the carpet and Jimin was  sitting with Tae on the sofa, watching over them. Taehyung looked sad that day. It was something unusual for him and Jimin could help but to ask his friend.

“I miss Kook-ah,” the beta sighed. “I’ve never thought I’d miss an alpha like this. You know our senses are not as strong as in the typical alpha-omega relationship. The pull shouldn’t be that strong. I’m glad that Kook is dealing better than me. He’s coming back in two days.”

Jimin only shrugged. “Ï don’t know, Tae.” He said. “I’ve never observed another alpha-beta relationship. I’ve never even knew it was possible. My nanny used to tell me stories about these relationships, but I’ve never thought I could see one. I knew only that some alpha’s are not into the omegas scent. But they are really rare.”

Tae nodded. “I was surprised as well,” he spoke. “I’ve never thought I could even have a mate, but then I met Kookie at our University. I was transferred from Daegu. We started talking and he told me that his brother is born there.”

“How did you find out that he’s not into omegas?” Jimin was curious.

“It was fast, really!” Taehyung smiled at the memory. “We became friends rather quickly. I mean, we were roommates first. Then I’ve noticed the lack of rut periods and the absence of omegas in his bed. Then one of our omegas friends went into heat. Even I could sense the smell, but Jungkook looked like he hadn’t even noticed.”

“And then you asked him?” The omega’s romantic heart quickened.

“I asked him, yeah!” Tae laughed. “He told me that he’s a weirdo and he’s not into omegas… and then he asked me out on a date!”

Jimin gasped. “So romantic!”

“It wasn’t!” Yoongi suddenly interrupted the conversation. Jimin and Tae looked at him. “My brother was a bundle of nerves that same night. He had never asked someone out before and he wanted to be good and presentable for Tae.”

The beta blushed. “He took me to a basketball game.”

“My game,” Yoongi added, while bouncing Yoon on his knee. “What a romance, huh?”

“You’ve played basketball, love?” Jimin’s eyes went big. “Impressive!”

Tae waved his hand. “Anyhow!” He spoke. “The interesting part was after the game. We were supposed to go out to a fancy restaurant, but Kook-ah had forgotten his money!”

“I had to go and save him,” Yoongi chuckled and Jimin immediately fell in love with that sound. It didn’t happen too often.

“We had sex the same night…” Tae blinked teasingly making Jimin blush. “I think that was saved the date.”

“But I thought-” Jimin stammered.

“Just because we’re not driven by our sex needs, doesn’t mean we don’t have sex here and there,” the beta winked at the blushing omega. “But not as often as you guys have to do it.”

“I don’t mind,” Yoongi gave Jimin an interesting look. Then he furrowed his eyebrows suggestively. “And we don’t have to do it. We’re doing it because we like it!”

“Not in front of the kid,” Jimin muttered and went all red.

Tae chuckled. “I’m glad you two are having a healthy relationship, while getting to know each other. I was hoping for Yoongi-hyung’s omega to be just as good as you are.”

Jimin giggled. “I’m lovable.”

“Yes, you are!” Yoongi sighed dreamily and Jimin wanted to sink into the sofa.

They all needed these peaceful and quiet moments. However, Jimin knew that they were only for a short time. He was right.

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Chapter thirteen: Maybe it’s the providence of the universe




The next time Jimin felt bad was by the end of his next shift. He was just about to move a heavy box, filled with coffee packages, when he felt lightheaded again. The box just slid out of his numb fingers and fell onto the floor. The omega was only able to grab the counter of the bar plot in an attempt to keep his balance. He felt some unpleasant feeling into his mouth. It was as if he had eaten something really sour. He hung his head between his shoulders and took a deep breath. Now he was thankful that there weren’t so many customers in the café. Nobody had noticed his strange behavior. The doorbell rang and a fresh smell of citruses tickled the omega nose. Kookie.

“Hey,” the young alpha approached him. “Jimin-hyung, are you okay?” Jimin felt the alpha’s hands slid over his arms and help him walk to the nearest chair. “Do you want a glass of water maybe?”

Jimin was only able to nod and waited until Kookie placed a plastic cup into his hand. The omega took a sip and leaned back on his seat. The buzzing in his ears slowly died down and he was able to look at Kookie. “Thank you, Kook-ah,” the omega said and tried to smile. “I didn’t know you’re coming back so early.”

“Tae called me last night,” Kookie took the place, close to Jimin. “He said he missed me.”

Jimin took a deep breath and released it slowly. “Good, and you decided to come here first?”

Kookie blinked and sniffed the air around the omega. But then he shook his head dismissively and looked at Jimin again. “No, I went to see my hyung first. He said it would be a good idea if I pick you up from work and get you back home. Hyung told me you looked tired.”

“Ah,” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair and nodded. “Yoongi is worried about me when he should think of himself now.”

The alpha just frowned and sniffed the air again. “Strange…”

“What?” Jimin threw a look at the door. The next shift was entering it that moment. He got up from his place and Kookie followed him.

“If I was a normal, average alpha… I’d think you smell pregnant.” Kookie hummed. “But I’ve never thought that my nose would work in… hey!” The alpha caught Jimin when he swayed again.

The omega blinked few times and then clasped his mouth. His eyes went big on his small face.

“Hyung?” Kookie was staring at him with confused face.

“C-can you do me a favor?” Jimin finally dropped his hand from his face. “Can we stop by to a pharmacy on our way home?”

“Sure thing, hyung!” The alpha nodded and helped Jimin to put on his grey leather jacket. The omega was barely able to say goodbye to his co-workers on his way out the door.

His mind was clouded when he made Kookie stop at the first pharmacy that got on their way home. His heart was racing impossibly fast and his forehead was burning. Jimin ignored the signs and walked into the small place. A nice omega was standing behind a small counter and smiled at him. “Good afternoon, sir! How can I help you?”

“C-can I have a pregnancy test, please? Actually, two!” Jimin was fast to say. The nice lady smiled and took two purple colored boxes from the shelf behind her. She named the price and Jimin paid the tests. She wished him a good evening and the omega took the small boxes.

Good evening? It could turn into a disastrous one if his gut feeling was correct. Trying to figure out when that possible pregnancy had happened, he remembered that Yoongi had bred him three weeks ago. The omega stiffened in the Kook’s car and squeezed his eyes shut. He knew that he was pregnant. He didn’t need the tests, but the hope died last, right?

The omega knew that wasn’t the right time for him and Yoongi to have another kid. The alpha was still struggling with his PTSD and Jimin was still learning how to live. They were barely a family now and he worried how that would affect them.

Jimin didn’t even have to use his key to open the door. Yoongi had sensed his distress apparently and the door swung open in the moment Jimin stood there. There was a clear worry in the alpha’s eyes. Jimin tried to smile, but he knew that Yoongi wouldn’t buy that. Thankfully, Kook wasn’t there. He decided to leave as soon as he dropped Jimin in front of his apartment building. He was eager to go back home and reunite with his future mate.

“What’s wrong?” Yoongi wrapped Jimin into his calming pheromone haze. The omega felt how he was slowly relaxing. “Come here,” the alpha pulled him into the warm apartment and closed the door behind him.

“Yoon?” Were Jimin’s first words when Yoongi led him to their bedroom.

“He’s watching Sponge Bob,” Yoongi mumbled when they entered the living room. The kid didn’t even spare them a glance. His eyes were like glued to the screen and he was hugging the Sponge Bob plushy in his arms. It was probably new, because Jimin couldn’t recall of him buying this thing.

The omega sighed when he was finaly sat on the soft bed. He ran shaky fingers through his hair. “We have to talk,” he said with a trembling voice. “But I have to do something first, okay?” He threw a look at the worried alpha.

“Sure,” Yoongi said and released him from his arms. Jimin couldn’t help but notice how much better the alpha looked right now, compared with the moment when he had appeared back into the omega’s life.

Jimin shook his head and pulled the small purple box out of his leather bag, hung over his shoulder. He felt, more than noticed how Yoongi stiffened. Now, the alpha knew. “You’re… not…?”

“I think I am,” Jimin whispered. “But I want to be sure.”

Yoongi just nodded and slumped onto the bed. By the look in his eyes, Jimin knew that Yoongi was slowly realizing what was about to happen. Then he noticed how Yoongi’s nostrils opened up a bit and his nose twitched. The alpha let out a sudden gasp and now, Jimin was completely sure that he didn’t need the tests. But he decided to do it anyway.

He got up and walked to the bathroom. It was as if he was floating. It didn’t feel real.

Then he sat on the toilet and pulled out the small stick from the box. Two lines – pregnant. One line – not. The omega took a deep breath and finally took the test.

Five minutes later he was out of the bathroom. His face was pale and he was holding the small stick in his left hand. It was shaking. His whole body was shaking. His eyes were filled with tears and the old fear overwhelmed him.

“Jimin-ah?” Yoongi’s voice pulled him out of his haze. “Don’t worry, love.” The alpha’s voice was calm and pulling him to its owner. “I know.”

“I’m pregnant,” Jimin basically fell onto the bed. His hands trembled when he reached out to cover his face. The small stick slid out of his numb fingers. Two lines – Yoongi was able to see, but he knew even before that.

When the omega was pregnant with the alpha’s child, the alpha could sense it right away. There was something in the scent of the omega. It was mixed with a nice aroma of milk… and a baby. Yoongi couldn’t realize how he hadn’t noticed before. He could blame his out of practice smelling senses. Jimin was still distressed however. He was scared.


“I don’t know what to do now,” the omega sobbed. “This wasn’t supposed to happen!” He shook his head, still shielding his face with his hand. “Now it’s not the time!”

Yoongi was scared himself. He didn’t let it show however. If one of them had to be all scared and shaken about it that should be Jimin. The alpha felt how his own hands began to tremble, but clenched them in fists. Now was not the time for his panic attacks. Now it was the time when he should show Jimin how much the omega meant to him. Now it was the time when he should be the alpha he was.

“We can do it, sunshine!” The alpha sneaked close to his omega on the bed. He pulled him into a hug. “I’ll be here this time, okay?” He was proud how his voice didn’t even tremble.

“It’s not the time, Yoongi!” The omega insisted, but he cuddled close to his alpha. “You should-”

“I should be here and support you in the same way you support me!” Yoongi tried to underline his alpha tone.  He knew the omega’s nature was to want to submit and be calmed by their alpha partners in the time of need. Yoongi had never used that power over Jimin, well… at least he couldn’t remember if he had done it before. Now however, he could feel that Jimin needed it.

The reaction was fast and the omega sank deep into the alpha’s embrace.



… It wasn’t a good sign to stare at the toilet on your wedding day, Jimin thought while emptied his stomach once again. He was just sitting there, close to the toilet, unable to move. His white wedding suit was stained with vomit. His father wouldn’t like that, but frankly… Jimin didn’t care one bit. He was forced to be married. It wasn’t his free will. If he had to decide, he’d just cut his veins again and go to his mate…. In the better world where Yoongi was. Jimin was sure that his late alpha was nothing short of an angel.

That thought clenched his poor heart again and he had to remind himself, why he had to stay on this Earth a while longer. There was something important Yoongi had left behind. It was something so dear to Jimin that he couldn’t bring himself to end his life now.

His mother had found him with his wrists slit open and had taken him to the hospital. Luckily, Jimin’s father wasn’t around. When they had told him that he was pregnant, the omega couldn’t believe to his ears. He was so eager to meet Yoongi again that he had burst into tears… but even then he knew that he was about to keep the baby.

Jimin’s mother hadn’t told his secret to his father. It was one of these rare moments she decided to act as a mother. Jimin never felt her love for him. He was raised by a whole army of nannies. His distant mother was only acting as such, when they had to go out in front of people. Jimin used to suffer when he was little, but he had learned not to pay that much of attention later.

But the luck wasn’t on his side again. His father just ambushed the men’s toilet at the mansion he had booked for the fancy wedding. His face was red with anger. When he was not angry? Jimin was only able to register his presence when the first kick of his father’s foot sent him to the nearest wall.

“You are such a whore, Jimin!” He yelled at his son, while approaching fast. Jimin quickly turned into a ball, shoving his legs close to his chest and hugging them. The omega instinct to protect the life inside of him was on full on mode. That didn’t stop his father to kick him again, right on his shin. “You got yourself pregnant so easily, huh?” Another kick. “I had big plans for you, you useless omega!” Another kick. Jimin whined painfully. “How did you even dare to-”

“That’s enough!” The shrill sound of Jimin’s forced fiancée shocked his father. “I can smell the pregnancy out of him in a mile away!” The omega was afraid to open his eyes. “You promised us that your son would be a good omega to my family! The wedding is off!”

Just as Jimin decided to open his eyes, his father was kicking him with a full force again. Jimin was crying and begging him to stop. “You beg now, huh? You beg? I’m going to kill that little bastard inside of you just as I killed its father!”

He would’ve gone on kicking the defenseless omega, but he was called from his wife. Jimin couldn’t believe how thankful he would be to his mother one day. But now it was. She had dragged his father out of the bathroom and left him alone.

That same night Jimin decided to leave.

No one stopped him on his way out the mansion, but he was so scared to face the new life alone…




“Yoongi!” Jimin desperately cried out in the small bedroom. “Yoongi!”

“Shh, I’m here, my little omega…” two strong arms embraced the barely awakened omega. Then a well-known aroma touched his nose. Rainy forest. Yoongi.

Jimin sighed when he registered the presence of his alpha. It was just a dream then. A nightmare.

“I’m here…” Yoongi whispered into his ear and placed him onto his lap. Jimin nestled himself into his mate. He felt how Yoongi’s upper body leaned back on the headboard and made him feel more comfortable. “I’m here…” Yoongi touched Jimin’s forehead with his lips. “I’m here now…”

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Chapter fourteen: There's no turning back



Yoongi just stood there. The imaginary door was right in front of him and he knew who was standing behind it. He knew and he reached out to open it. He owed this to himself, to Jimin. The alpha could hear his friend’s voice guiding him from afar. That was when he grabbed the doorknob. Hoseok’s voice was calming and almost soothing his nerves. The doorknob clicked into his fist and he started to pull it open.

A bright light peered through the half-open space. It was so bright that Yoongi had to narrow his eyes to see something. His whole body was telling him that he had to step back where it was safe. His mind however, had another opinion. He remembered that he had a family now. A family, that was counting on him to get better and to be whole again.

The Alpha didn’t step back. He didn’t let the shadow, that was standing at the other side to pass over. He took the first step instead. Yoongi could feel his heart beat echoing into his ears. His body was slowly covered in cold sweat, but he moved forward. There was only that bright light there. Then the well-known shadows appeared around him. The roaring sound of unknown voices gathered around him and then everything went black.

When he was able to see again a scene of violence appeared in front of him. It was as if he was watching a movie of his own life. He saw a man, a wounded man standing close to the rails of an empty bridge. His white shirt was stained in blood mark. Yoongi felt his pain as if it was his own and then he remembered – the wounded man was he. Two huge guys, armed with iron baseballs hit his knees. He growled and saw the man fell forward. Then one of the guys aimed at his head. The hit was so painful that his vision went blurry. He felt the metal taste of his own blood in his mouth.

“Yoongi!” Hoseok’s voice was trying to pull him back into reality, but Yoongi hadn’t finished yet.

The alpha was staring at himself. Now the man there was nothing more than a limp body.

“He’s dead!” One sharp voice echoed. “Just leave him here. Mr. Park would pay us anyhow!”

Another one responded. “We should throw him into the river! Let him become the dinner for the fish here!” An ugly laugh made him shiver. “Wait! We should take a picture first! Mr. Park should be satisfied!” A sudden flash and then he was thrown off of the bridge.

“Hyung!” His little brother’s voice was the thing that brought him back. Yoongi gasped and opened his mouth in a silent cry. “Hyung, it’s okay!” Jungkook’s hand rubbing his back soothingly was exactly what Yoongi needed now. “You are safe now…” Kookie mumbled from time to time and Yoongi finally relaxed.

“Impressive, Yoongi!” Hoseok was smiling reassuringly. “I didn’t know you’re going to act on your instincts like that. We’re getting somewhere.”

“I had to… do it,” Yoongi tried to explain. “I have my family… now.”

Hoseok smiled wider. “Even your words are not as slurred as they were before.” He wrote down something in his notebook. “I’m so happy for you, hyung!”

Yoongi leaned back on his chair and rubbed the both sides of his head. His eyes closed for a moment and he took a deep breath. “I saw their faces now,” he said quietly and felt how his brother tensed right next to him. “I can… recognize them.”

“Maybe we should try and find them then?” Kookie suggested. “In that case you’ll get something as a closure.”

Yoongi shook his head. “Not now.”

His brother looked amused. “Why?”

“My omega and I are expecting,” the alpha said quietly again. “I have to be stronger… for him.”

“What?” Jungkook grabbed his arm. “Are you for real?”

“Calm down, Kook-ah,” Hoseok’s voice was calming. It was as calming as any beta’s voice could be. That helped a little.

Yoongi finally lifted his chin up. His face hardened in a way that had never been before. His inner Alpha was fully awake and for once he was thankful for that. The need to protect Jimin, his omega, had awakened him. He felt how his whole body was trying to listen to that inner voice. The weakness wasn’t allowed.

“I must go back home,” his voice was a bit harsher. “Next week, same time?” He looked at Hoseok and the beta nodded. “Goodbye then!”

Yoongi got up and left the room, not even waiting for his brother to follow him. He did in fact. Yoongi could hear his steps, following him on his way out of the building. The alpha stopped for a moment when they walked outside. His eyes closed and he took a deep breath. Then he slowly released it. Just then he felt his brother’s touch over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, hyung!” Jungkook said quietly. “I didn’t mean to disturb you back there. I was just surprised.”

The insecurity in his brother’s voice shattered him for a bit. “So was I and… it’s okay.”

“You know I sniffed Jimin yesterday?” Jungkook suddenly admitted. “I’ve never thought I could sniff an omega pregnancy, but I did.”

Yoongi’s alpha didn’t like the sound of it, but he suppressed his rumble. “You… sniffed him?”

“I didn’t scent him!” Jungkook put his hands up when his brother threw an angry look at him. “You know I can’t do that to any omega.” The young alpha scrunched his nose. “It’s not working for me.”

“I know,” Yoongi tried to calm down, remembering that was his own brother. “So… you sniffed Jimin’s pregnancy?”

Jungkook nodded carefully. “I didn’t think it was real, you know?” The brothers started walking to Jungkook’s car. “Tae said it was normal though. He said that I’m still an alpha.”

“A short-tempered alpha when it comes to omegas,” Yoongi noted and sat on the passenger’s seat. “A short-tempered in general, actually. I don’t know how Tae is dealing with you, but he’s doing a good job, I can see.”

Kookie blushed and started the engine. “We’re doing good so far. And Hosokie-hyung was right. Your speech is getting clearer.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi stared to the window. “I’m trying to fight with my daemons, so I’ll be able to take care of my family.”

“Maybe I want this too,” Kookie lowered his voice, but he didn’t look at his brother.

“You want what?” Yoongi turned around to face Kookie. “To have your own fight?”

“To have a family,” the younger shrugged. “Tae and I talked about it.”

Yoongi took a moment. “You haven’t even mated yet.”

“We’re waiting for my next rut,” Kookie shrugged.

Yoongi sighed. “You don’t have ruts, Kook-ah.”

“Because I’m careful!” The younger scoffed. “I always take my suppressants, but now… Tae convinced me that he’s ready to be my mate.” His voice softened. “I skipped the pills for two days now.”

Yoongi smiled. “I hope everything will work out between you two.” He said and he was honest. He saw how Kook’s body relaxed. “I know eomma would be against it, but I will support you.”

“She still has some hope that I’d pick a good omega and mate with them, but… I don’t know what else I could do to make her see that I’m different,” Kookie sounded a bit hurt. “You know how guilty I felt when the doctors told me that.”

Yoongi patted his brother’s shoulder. “I only wish for you to be happy, Kook-ah. If Tae is the person for you, then you should mate with him.”

Kookie’s face broke into a smile then. “Thank you, hyung! It means a lot to me!”

When they arrived at Yoongi’s place, Kookie waved his brother goodbye and drove off to his beta. As soon as Yoongi opened the door to his apartment, he was able to hear Jimin’s sobs. Then Yoon’s cry from the kid’s room. The alpha frowned and sniffed the air. Jimin’s distress could be smelled from the door. It turned out that he was sitting on the floor at his son’s room. Yoon was staring at him with his baby eyes and didn’t know what to do.

“Okay,” the alpha’s presence was announced by the smell of his calming pheromones released into the air. His mate sniffed it right away. He looked up, sniffing. “What is wrong here?”

“I couldn’t make him lunch, because I overslept and-and… then I felt sick and he saw me,” Jimin shuddered. His body was still shaking. “And then… then I couldn’t calm him down.”

“Amma-a-a-a!” Yoon cried harder and Yoongi picked him up. The boy wiggled in his arms, but his father held him tight.

“Yoon, calm down!” His alpha’s undertone could be heard clearer. The boy stood still and his sobs slowly died down. “Good boy,” he kissed the top of his head and Yoon snuggled in him. “How are you feeling now, Jimin-ah?” Yoongi’s voice softened when he looked at his omega mate.

“Better,” Jimin sighed and slowly got up. Yoongi stretched out his free arm and the omega didn’t wait for another invite. He snuggled in his alpha, his nose close to his scent gland. “Thank you,” he said and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist.

Just then the alpha felt how strong he had to be… and how weak he actually was.

When Jungkook came back home, Tae was pacing around nervously. That was something new for the young alpha to witness. His beta was his pillar of calmness so far. Tae didn’t even notice him coming back home. He was out, on the balcony that was continuation of the living room. The beta was walking back and forth. His face was worried.

Jungkook carefully opened the balcony’s door. Tae still didn’t look at him, but his nose suddenly twitched. Twitched? Jungkook couldn’t remember correctly, but he was sure that the beta’s noses weren’t twitching. He had studied biology at school and he was pretty sure of that. But Tae acted as if he had caught a smell. That was something impossible for an average beta. They were blessed to catch only a distressed smells. Their nature was dictating them that if there was a problem, they were able to fix it, to mediate it. But Jungkook was sure that he was pretty calm right now. After the talk he had had with his brother, he was calmer than ever.

Taehyung stopped his pacing with his back facing the alpha. His ears perked up and he turned around in an abrupt move. “I never knew you smell like this,” his voice was filled with curiousness, but his features were still troubled. Jungkook tried to reach out and touch him, but Tae put up his hand and the alpha froze at his place. “Don’t move, please,” the beta’s nose twitched again. “It’s all so new to me.”

“Tae?” Jungkook’s voice lowered a bit. “What’s going on? You are scaring me!”

The beta didn’t answer right away. He took a step closer and stopped again. “It’s so… beautiful,” he whispered and his head tilted to the side. “Can I say something smells beautiful? Nah, I should use alluring, yeah… alluring it is.” Then he took another step and sniffed the air again. “The ocean… you smell like the ocean, Kook-ah…” His whole body froze. “Am I turning into omega? I don’t understand.”

Jungkook was afraid to move. Tae’s senses were on full alert. “I don’t think so. You don’t smell like an omega.”

“I’ve heard they also smell alluring,” Tae blinked.

Kookie shook his head. “Not to me, you know that. They are too… intense.”

“Oh?” Tae blinked with confusion. His skin suddenly felt itchy and his scent gland was on fire. “I can’t go into heat, can I?”

The alpha’s nose suddenly caught a delicious smell, coming from the confusing beta. His mouth went dry. “No, you can’t.” He said, but he took a step closer.

“Then why do I feel like I’m about to burst if you don’t fill me in?” Tae didn’t move. “What is that?”

Jungkook stopped right in front of the beta. His face lowered over his scent gland and sniffed it. “Maybe you’re triggered, because of my rut?”

“I want you,” Tae said all of a sudden. He still sounded lost. “I’ve never wanted you like… that. I think… I think now it’s the right time to mate, Kook-ah.” The beta circled his arms around his alpha. “I don’t know how I know, but I know it.”

“It’s going to hurt, Tae,” the alpha whispered. “You know the beta’s skin is different than…”

“Mate me!” Tae’s voice was filled with need. “I want you to mate me!”

The alpha finally gave in.

When later that night their bodies were mingled into one, Jungkook finally bit Tae, he never felt more completed in his life. He didn’t lie to his beta. The mating mark hurt and Tae even shed a tear, but in the end everything was worth it. He completed the connection by biting Kookie in return. It was easier for the alpha and then… everything as if sank into place. Everything was well in the world.

Except… it wasn’t.

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Chapter fifteen: ... this seesaw game...




Jimin looked like he was dealing with his new life well enough. He was still going to work. He was still close to his mate and his son. His acting skills could fool everyone, but not his alpha. There wasn’t even a moment in which Yoongi didn’t know how Jimin felt. It was never a moment in which Yoongi didn’t care about Jimin’s feelings. At the same time, Yoongi was struggling with his own daemons to become the alpha, Jimin needed right now.

He had to stay positive and fight with his constant mood swings lately. On top of that his brother was nowhere to be seen. Yoongi thought that Kookie was finally into rut. When Tae called him later the same week, it only confirmed his suspicions. Plus, the beta sounded somewhat differently. Yoongi couldn’t say how he knew something was off, but he knew.

The only steady thing in his life was Yoon. The kid and his sunny personality meant the world for the Alpha. Their bond was completed and now he couldn’t imagine his life without his heir. Jimin even proposed to Yoongi to legally accept him as his. Yoongi was more then happy to agree with his mate. They took their time one day during the following week and went to sign the papers. Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon were their witnesses as well.

They did something else also.

Yoongi thought it was going to be the only right thing if he gives his name to his mate also. Jimin was so eager to accept it that made Yoongi wonder why.

“Ever since I ran away from home and my father did… what he did to you, I didn’t want to have anything in common with them!” Jimin had explained to his mate. “When I thought that you were… dead,” he was still struggling with his painful memories, while he was trying to talk to the alpha, “I couldn’t take your name. I’ve tried, indeed! I’ve tried to take some legal actions, but… the authorities couldn’t do anything, because I couldn’t prove that my mark is yours.”

Yoongi had hugged the sniffing omega and didn’t ask for more.

Therefore it was decided that both Jimin and Yoon were about to take the Min name. Jimin looked happy that day and less cranky. But at the same time, Yoongi could read the sadness into his eyes. He didn’t know why and that was killing him.

Min Jimin and Min Yoon were proudly accepted into the Min’s family.

Just then, Yoongi felt somewhat relief. He never knew how much he needed this to happen. The alpha was a bit confused when he felt the great satisfaction into his chest. He could finally call Jimin his by law as well. It was a good day until the moment they went back home.

Jimin had felt lightheaded while doing the dishes. Thankfully, Yoongi was there to catch him. The omega was looking utterly distressed. He could sniff it on him. Yoon was taking his afternoon nap by this time, so Yoongi was able to pay more attention to his omega.

He helped Jimin to the nearest chair and then went to get some water. “Here you are,” he said and put the glass into the omega’s hands. Jimin took a sip and then put the glass on the table. His small hands were shaking and there were tears into his eyes. “Can you tell me how are you feeling, jagiya?”

Jimin shook his head. “I’ll be fine soon, I promise.”

Yoongi sighed, trying to control his alpha temper. “It’s not for the first time, Jimin-ah. Let me help you, yah?”

“You have to get better first, Yoongi,” Jimin laid his hand over a side of Yoongi’s face. The alpha was crouching in front of him. “I’ll manage, okay?” The omega even tried to smile.

“You don’t have to manage when you have me,” Yoongi tried to explain. His words were not so slurred anymore and his thoughts were in order most of the time. He could feel how his life was slowly getting back together. He felt strong enough to help his omega and just couldn’t understand why Jimin wouldn’t let him.

The omega shook his head again. “I’ll be fine,” he tried to get up, but Yoongi grabbed his wrist and forced him to sit back down. His jaw clenched and twitched a bit. “Yoongi?” Jimin looked at him quizzically.

“Whatever problem you have, you have to share it with me, okay?” Yoongi was trying to calm down. He didn’t want to blow up in that moment. He was trying really hard. “How can I help you if you don’t tell me?”

“I’m okay, really!” Jimin insisted and that just cut the thread of Yoongi’s patience.

“You aren’t!” He snapped all of a sudden and got up. He tried to stay away from Jimin right now, not counting on his self control. “I keep walking on eggshells a whole week!”

“What do you mean?” Jimin’s voice was calm. “I don’t get it!”

“Don’t act as if nothing happened, damn it!” Yoongi growled and saw how Jimin flinched. “You are acting strange since the moment we found out your pregnancy!”

“Yoongi I-” Jimin tried to explain and got up, but Yoongi stopped him.

“Sit down!” He spat the words and Jimin submitted. Yoongi’s inner alpha was on full display. “You’re not going anywhere until we solve the problem, okay? I don’t know what the problem is, but there is a problem! Don’t try to convince me the otherwise!”

Omega’s head ducked down and the alpha rumbled. This time Jimin didn’t flinch. “I was trying to protect you,” he said quietly.

“What?” Yoongi took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “Protect me from what? And just look at me for the fucks’ sake!”

The omega lifted his head up and his eyes met the alpha ones. “I wanted to protect you from the pain and the confusion, alpha.” He said quietly. “I know you’re not ready to be the alpha you want to be for us. I know how badly you want to be our rock! I know how much you must be suffering and I don’t want you to suffer,” Jimin almost whispered the last word. “I hate when you suffer.”

Yoongi felt the need to embrace his mate almost painfully. “It’s not for you to decide how I have to feel, Jimin-ah,” his voice was still raspy, but his anger had disappeared. “But don’t you think that this new responsibility I have can give me the right push to be myself again?”

The omega sniffed and cupped his face. “I didn’t know how to act,” he shook his head and his shoulders trembled. “I didn’t know how to… I only wanted to shield you!”

Yoongi basically rushed to his mate and picked him up. Then he sat on the chair and placed Jimin into his lap. The omega wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck and sobbed quietly, hiding his face in Yoongi’s hair. “Shh-shhh…” Yoongi’s voice was now soothing. His fingers slid up and down his mate’s back. “You don’t have to cry, my little omega.” He hushed him. ”Just know I’m here and you can lean on me, just like I’m constantly leaning on you, okay?” He waited until he felt how Jimin nodded on his shoulder. His sniffs turned into small sobs. “It’s true that I suffered, but you did the same, while I was gone, right?” Yoongi didn’t wait for an answer. “Nobody asked you how you feel… and you had to endure the pain of the loss alone.”

“I’ve missed you, so much!” Jimin hiccupped.

“I know, jagiya… I know…” Yoongi snuggled his mate even closer. He slowly swung his body to lull the omega into his arms. His calming pheromones embraced them both. “Just know that now I’m here and you can talk to me… share with me. I’m here…” he kissed Jimin’s mating mark and felt how the omega relaxed into his arms.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming,” Jimin whispered. “Sometimes I feel like this is a dream and when I wake up… you’d be gone again… and I don’t want to wake up.”

Yoongi felt his own tears built up, but clenched his jaw. It wasn’t the right time to show weakness. Now he had to show strength. He had to make Jimin feel safe enough to talk to him. “It’s not a dream, Jimin-ah…” He mumbled. “It’s not a dream. I’m here… with you. We have a beautiful boy and maybe another one on the way. You don’t have to be afraid to be weak in front of me.”

Jimin sighed and finally lifted his head up. He cupped Yoongi’s face and stared into his eyes. “I love you so much that it hurts!” He confessed. “I love you so much that I’m scared that if I take my eyes off of you, you’re going to disappear.” Yoongi opened his mouth to talk, but Jimin put his index finger over his lips to stop him. “I was ready to die for you, I told you this. I couldn’t live here anymore, knowing that you simply don’t exist. When my father beat me on my wedding day and told me that he was going to kill my child just like he had killed you, I knew that I had to go. I knew that I had to protect that life, because it was yours too!” Jimin was fighting with the tears. “I knew I had to keep living to make sure that piece of you and me is doing good enough… and I hated him for it.”


The omega shook his head. “No, just… let me finish. I knew I had to stay and raise him well. I knew that I had to love him for the both of us, but… when the time actually came… and I’ve had him in my arms for the first time I felt nothing.” His shoulders shook, but he refused to cry anymore. “I just wanted to go to you, just that. But then… then Jin-hyung told me that this child is my responsibility! He told me that I have a problem and I have to cure it. I did it… for Yoon. I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression.”

Yoongi’s arms circled around his mate tighter. “It’s okay, jagiya… it’s in the past now.”

“You don’t understand, love… ” The omega tried to explain. “I’ve learned how to love my own child. I’ve learned! And I should’ve loved him since the beginning! What if… now happens the same?” His eyes went big on his face. “What if I can’t love this one too?”

“You won’t have to pass through this alone now,” Yoongi smiled softly. “I’m here and I’ll be here in every step of the way.”

“I can’t ask so much from you, love…” Jimin shook his head. “You still have your own fights to deal with.”

Yoongi cupped his mate’s face and stared into his glossy eyes. “I know and I can’t promise that I will get better all of a sudden. Just let’s try to take this one step at a time okay? We don’t have to be sad today for example.” He pressed his forehead to Jimin’s one. “We have to be happy, because we’re legally together!” When he saw how the smile slowly started to appear on Jimin’s face, he could breathe again. “Yeah,” he leaned to kiss him softly. “Smile, my little omega! I like it when you smile…”

So Jimin did and he kept smiling the whole evening. He was watching how Yoongi was busy preparing their dinner. Then even laughed when he saw the alpha and his son entered the kitchen on four legs. Yoongi didn’t let him to bathe Yoon, because it wasn’t safe with him now, so he had to observe from the door if the alpha was doing the right thing. The father and the son kept messing around and the bath time continued longer than usual.

Yoon insisted both of his parents to put him to bed. Jimin and Yoongi sat at the both sides of the bed and Yoongi read a story for the kid until the little rascal fell asleep. Then the night was theirs. Their lovemaking was somehow softer than before. Jimin knew that Yoongi was careful with him, because he was caring his new pup now, but he still felt incredible.

Their bubble of happiness busted in the morning when Tae showed up alone on their door. The beta looked sad and they could spot some bruises over his wrists. “Kookie is missing…” the beta cried and fell into Jimin’s arms.


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Chapter sixteen: None of this is a coincidence




Tae had bruises not only over his wrists, but around his new mating mark also. If Jimin was right in his assumptions, his hips were bruised also. But the beta didn’t care about them apparently. His biggest fear was that his Kookie was missing. He couldn’t talk clearly at the beginning, so Jimin pulled him inside the apartment and into the living room. Luckily Yoon wasn’t there. He was playing with his father in his own room. Jimin was thankful that Yoongi wasn’t currently at the room. He didn’t need to see Tae like that. The omega decided to talk with his friend alone.

So, he went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. He shoved it into the beta’s hands and watched him as he took a careful sip. Then Jimin leaned back on the sofa, watching and waiting for his friend to get ready to talk. What surprised him at this moment was that Tae was acting like a distressed omega, but he did not smell like one. 

“I’m mated,” Tae said finally, but his voice was still trembling. He was on a verge of a panic attack, which was, again,  very uncommon for a beta.

“I can see that,” Jimin said calmly. “Do you need some ice for the place?”

“What?” Tae reached out and touched the mating mark and trembled, but shook his head. “No, no… I’m okay, but Kookie is missing!”

Jimin threw a look at the kid’s room and lowered his voice. “For how long?”

Tae looked down at his clasped hands. “Since last night when he… I mean… we… I mean well, his rut finally broke last night. Full force I mean…”

“Did he harm you?” Jimin was careful with his words. “Is that why he ran away?”

“What?” The beta looked at him shocked. “No, no of course!”

“I can see the bruises, Tae…” Jimin said softly.

Tae simply shrugged. “He’s strong and so what?” The beta wanted to protect his alpha now. “This is why he’s born with his inability to mate an omega. He’s too strong for… the omegas. You can’t deal with him. You are too fragile.” Tae blushed.

“But a beta can?” Jimin wanted to understand.

“Our skin is different,” the beta sighed. “We are different. I don’t know what else to say, or how should I explain it to you. This,” Tae showed one of his wrists, “it looks worse than it actually feels. But he must’ve gotten scared when he saw me, while I was asleep after…” the beta flustered. “You know after what… I felt it too overwhelming and… and… I must’ve passed out. It happened for the first time. When I woke up I was alone.”

“Did you try and call him?” The omega was trying to ignore the thoughts of Yoongi’s naked brother.

“Yes, but he didn’t pick up!” Tae panicked again. “I don’t know what to do… and I panicked and… I came here. He didn’t hurt me, I swear!” Tae burst into tears and Jimin felt confused again. That wasn’t a typical beta behavior. Something wasn’t right here.

“What is this smell?” Yoongi showed up at this moment and froze at his place. “Tae? What’s going on?”

The beta looked at him with sore eyes. “We mated,” he stated as if that was the most important thing in his life. “Actually… we mated a week ago, but…”

“Where’s my brother?” The alpha’s voice lowered. He had noticed Tae’s bruises as well.

“He didn’t hurt me!” The beta was fast to protect his mate, as if he had heard Yoongi’s thoughts. “I swear he didn’t! This is not as bad as it looks like!”

“Where is he?” Yoongi repeated the question patiently. “Why he left you alone?”

Tae sniffed and burst into tears again. Jimin wrapped his arms around the confused beta and threw a puzzled look at his mate, over Tae’s head. Yoongi simply shrugged.

It took some time before Tae was able to calm down and get back to his senses. The absence of his newly mated partner was making him nervous though. Jimin remembered how that felt when they forcefully had taken Yoongi out of his life. He rubbed his scent gland subconsciously and looked at his alpha. Yoongi was sitting on the nearest armchair with Yoon in his arms. The kid had followed him into the living room and now had snuggled into his father.

That was a nice distraction for the alpha. He still needed some time to learn how to act when there was a crisis around him. Jimin could sense that. But Yoon had taken a good care of his appa. Now, he was sitting on his lap and playing with his father’s fingers. Yoongi was kissing his boy’s head from time to time and enjoyed his attention.

Jimin was thankful at least to that. Then he looked at his beta friend, now lying on the sofa. The crying had exhausted him and he was currently napping. Jimin knew that when two partners were newly mated and one of them was missing, the other felt that physically. He was the same when they separated him with Yoongi. But he was also pregnant by then. He thought that it was something usual for the pregnant omegas. What he didn’t know was that, the longing for the partner itself was exhausting. He, for example, preferred to sleep all the time. He didn’t want to live without his mate.

What he found strange in the current situation was that Tae was a beta. They didn’t tend to act like that. They were stronger than any omega. They were way more balanced in their decisions than any alpha. Their motto was to think first and act later. Jimin knew that the average beta was the best partner in times of crisis. Tae didn’t act like an average beta now. He was weak and emotional and the betas didn’t let any emotions to overcloud their judgment. They were stronger than that. What was happening with Tae?

“He’s not an omega, trust me!” Yoongi had lowered his voice and Jimin looked up at him from his place, at Tae’s legs. Yoon had fallen asleep in his arms. “I know what you’re thinking.”

“Did you just… read my mind?” The omega looked shocked.

Yoongi shook his head. “No, but I can see your confused expression. Taehyung is a beta, ask anyone. He doesn’t smell as omega and even you can sense that.”

Jimin scratched the back of his head. “I know what you mean, but his emotions, love? It’s not normal for a beta to be so emotional, don’t you think?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Whatever it is, we’ll find out eventually. Maybe Jungkook's rut has something to do with that.”

Jimin sighed, but before he was able to say something more the doorbell rang. He got up and just as he was about to open the door, Yoongi’s voice stopped him. “Stop, omega!” Jimin froze at his place. The alpha’s voice was strong. He heard Yoongi’s steps and then a gentle hand on his shoulder. Just then he was able to breathe again. He looked at his mate with confusion, but then sniffed the air and swayed a bit. “Take Yoon and got to his room!” Yoongi placed the sleeping kid into his arms.

“This smell… is… too much…” Jimin stammered.

“Go to Yoon’s room, now!” The alpha’s undertone was clear and he followed his instruction.

Just as the door closed behind Jimin’s back and he could hear his mate locking the door, Yoongi reached out and opened the door. His brother was standing there. His look was intense and his features sharpened. He tried to step in, but Yoongi pressed his hand over Jungkook’s chest and stopped him. The elder alpha could hear the threatening rumble in Jungkook’s chest, but responded with a growl. He was the older one between them two, something as a leader of their small pack. Jungkook had to calm down before he could enter Yoongi’s space.

“My mate is here,” Jungkook lowered his head a bit.

Yoongi shook his head firmly. He didn’t know from where he had found that strength in him, but he did. “You’re not entering my apartment until you calm your pheromones! I don’t want you near my omega!”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined, obviously fighting with his inner alpha. “I have to be close to Tae, please!”

“Your pheromones first, Kook-ah!” Yoongi sighed. “Control yourself, I know you can!”

Kookie clenched his fists and took a deep breath, then slowly released it. Then he repeated the procedure and when he opened his eyes again, his brother stepped aside and let him in. Kookie nodded with gratitude and then followed his nose to find Tae. The beta was still sleeping, but his distressed smell was gone. Even Yoongi could smell that. Jungkook sat on the floor, close to Tae’s head and stared at him.

“You didn’t harm him, Kook-ah,” Yoongi was watching over him from the doorframe. “I know why you ran away.”

Jungkook shook his head. “I beg to differ, hyung! Look at his wrists and… his mating mark! I didn’t know I could be so vicious.”

“He said he’s not in pain,” Yoongi said quietly, feeling strange to try and calm his brother when he also needed it. He hadn’t been the stronger one between them in a long while.

Jungkook looked broken though. “This is why I didn’t want to mate!” His voice was harsher, obviously he was blaming himself. “This is why I didn’t want to go into rut! I shouldn’t have listened to him! I shouldn’t have!”

Yoongi sighed, but didn’t come near his brother. He knew he needed his space with his mate now. “You did the right thing, Kook-ah. Not the part of running away, but the mating one. You told me you want a family and obviously Tae wanted the same as you. Don’t beat yourself up! Just… try to think how much you love each other, yeah?”

Alpha?” Tae’s submitted voice made Kookie look down at him. The beta’s face shone. “You came back to me?”

As soon as he got up, he was in Kookie’s arms again. “Always!” The younger looked at his brother over Taehyung’s head and nodded. “Always!” he repeated.

Jimin walked out of his son’s room right after Tae and Kookie had left the place. Yoongi went to him and wrapped his arms around his mate. The need to scent him was strong and Jimin let his alpha do what he wanted. He knew that it would calm him down. 

“This was overwhelming,” Yoongi whispered after awhile, still holding the omega into his arms. “I thought I was going to crumble in any moment.”

“But you didn’t,” Jimin rubbed his mate’s back calmingly. “I felt sick when I sniffed your brother… and it wasn’t because of my pup. Why?”

“He’s not your alpha,” Yoongi said. “That’s why. You feel different when your alpha is coming out of a rut and when another alpha does it around you.”

“This is why you stopped me from opening the door?” Now Jimin was starting to understand.

Yoongi nodded over his shoulder and took a deep breath. Then he pulled back enough to look at his omega. “How about we do a little walk? It’ll calm us down and besides, Yoon needs it.”

Jimin nodded with a smile. “A walk in the park sounds nice in this weather. I’ll prepare Yoon’s bag and you can try to change his clothes, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi leaned for a kiss before he could pull back and go to his son’s room.

Jimin smiled and turned around to walk back into the living room. He had to find Yoon’s bag and made sure it’s filled with his stuff for walk. Just as he was walking past the sofa, a sudden dizziness made him stop on his track and grab the edge of the said furniture to steady himself. His head ducked down and he tried to take a deep breath. His nausea appeared again, but he put an effort to sustain it for a moment. He actually did this time.

The dizziness disappeared just as it was appeared and the omega was able to move again. He brushed off the cold sweat appeared over his neck. It surely was something normal.

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Chapter seventeen: We bloom until we ache




The day at the park was exactly what Yoongi and his family needed. It was a nice and warm day. Jimin was in the seventh week of his pregnancy. He knew that they had to visit a gynecologist soon. It was going to be safer for him and the baby. But currently, he was sitting over a soft blanket and observing his son and his alpha playing with a ball. Yoongi was teaching him how to play football, although he wasn’t very good at it, Jimin could tell. That caused a constant laughing from the omega and a bunch of cute face pulled out by both his son and his alpha.

Yoon was beyond happy, as Jimin could see clearly now. His father had a huge influence over him. Jimin knew that he couldn’t deal with Yoon alone. As an average omega, his parenting was good, but his nurturing nature was obvious. His behavior was less intimidating than an alpha’s parenting. The alphas were much more balanced and strict when it came to dealing with their pups. Their stronger side was to discipline the kid, something that was hard for the omegas. That didn’t mean that Yoongi loved his son less than Jimin. If anything, it was the complete opposite.

Sometimes, Jimin felt jealous when he got to observe his son’s behavior around Yoongi. And how much Yoongi loved his son already. It took Jimin some time to learn how to love his kid. But for the alpha it took less than a heartbeat.

Now, Yoongi was playing with Yoon. He had taken the boy into his arms and they both giggled, because the alpha had decided to imagine that his son was a plane. He was running around Jimin with Yoon spread out his arms and leaving his dad to do the entire job. Jimin could only imagine that once. It was only few months ago when Yoon was crying for his appa into his arms. It was just few months ago, when Jimin thought that Yoongi was dead and he was about to join him soon.

Now he had to learn how to live again. It was strange really to re-focus your life again. He felt numb at some point. His mind was still trying to wrap around the idea that he has a reason to live now. His life was changing and the only thing that Jimin wished for was to be able to take it slow. But there was not such thing when it came to life. It had to be filled with obstacles.

His new pregnancy.

Yoongi’s unsolved PTSD.

Yoongi’s amnesia.

Jimin had to deal with so many things at once. It tired him. He had tried to look strong for his alpha. He had put his entire effort into it, but with no result. Although Yoongi had forgotten their past together, he was very present now.  Jimin could feel how his alpha had fallen in love with him all over again. That was scary, because as soon as Yoongi started living together with him and Yoon, he had begun to notice things. Things, that Jimin wanted to hide. Like how vulnerable he could be. The problem was that Yoongi was way too sensitive when it came to his mate. Sometimes Jimin wondered if the soulmates existed, because he felt Yoongi just as his soulmate.

It didn’t matter that Yoongi couldn’t remember him. It didn’t matter that Jimin had opened his heart for him again. It didn’t even matter that the alpha had to battle with his amnesia and his PTSD still. Their life together was a fight.  The omega could feel it. It was a fight since the very beginning. He had thought that his father was causing all the problems between them. But now he was gone. The problems with the Jimin’s family were in the past. They were free to live together, but their life wasn’t easy.

And Jimin wanted an easy life for once. He often wondered how long he was going to last like that. How long before their life was finally normal. Jimin was tired, so tired of everything now. 

“Hey,” Yoongi’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts and Jimin looked at his mate. The alpha was sitting over the blanket right next to him. Yoonie had snuggled in him and snoring softly. “Where did you go?”

“I was thinking,” Jimin leaned back on his palms. “I want a normal life, love.” He bit his lower lip. “But our life is far from being normal right now.”

“As far as I know,” Yoongi spoke slowly, “we’ve never had a normal life.”

Jimin shook his head. “Nope, but that was never an obstacle between us.”

“Sure?” Yoongi skipped a beat. “I’ve never given you a reason to give up on me?”

“No, why?” The omega looked surprised. “You saved me, love. My life was a living hell! That day when my car broke and I met you, was the best day in my life!”

Yoongi visibly relaxed, but his eyes went sad. “I wish I can remember, jagiya. I want it so bad!”

“I know, love…” Jimin leaned his head over the alpha’s shoulder with a content sigh. “And you will one day, I promise you!”

It must feel painful for Yoongi to feel like this, Jimin mused. He could never imagine that he was going to be put in Yoongi’s place. He could never imagine that he would simply forget about his love towards the alpha. But at the same time, Jimin could feel Yoongi’s internal struggle. He wasn’t ready for his new life. He wasn’t prepared to get back to his stronger alpha demeanor. That was how Jimin remembered him. He was strong, but gentle also. His scent was able to put him on his knees and beg the alpha to mark him.

Yoongi was different now. It almost felt like a completely different person. Maybe, because of his amnesia. Maybe, because he was afraid to live without his memories. Maybe… because he had to find his way back to his own self again. Jimin wasn’t sure, but this new man was still a mystery to him. A mystery, that the omega was still trying to solve and maybe one day, he would be able to. But there was still time ahead of them. They still had to get to use to live together. Not only this, but to take care of their new pup as well.

Jimin slid his hand over his still flat belly. It wasn’t a conscious move, more like he wanted to make sure that his new pup is safe there. But Yoongi had caught it. Jimin could feel his stare at him. “I’m fine,” the omega mumbled. “Don’t worry.”

Yoongi relaxed again and leaned back over the middle sized oak behind them. They had spread the blanked under a think shadow and now enjoyed the quiet afternoon. The young couple’s peaceful moments were rare these days, so they wanted to steal this moment of time. Why life wasn’t as easy as now, Jimin mused.

The nausea hit him early in the next morning. Jimin was only able to open his eyes and he had to run for the bathroom. His alpha followed him just mere seconds later. Yoongi had crouched behind him, one of his hands was holding Jimin’s forehead and the other one was placed over his stomach. The feeling of someone, taking care of him during his morning sickness was something new for Jimin. It was good to be able to lean on someone. It was so much better when that someone could carry you to your bed and offer you a glass of water.

“Thank you,” the omega uttered. “It’s a new thing for me.”

“I want to help you in any way that I can, jagiya,” Yoongi leaned in and pressed a soft kiss over Jimin’s forehead. “I’ve read some books about the early stages of the pregnancy,” he said and got off the bed to stretch out. “There are some interesting things there, but mostly how an alpha can take care of their mate during pregnancy.”

Jimin felt better all of a sudden and tilted his head. “Really? Why I haven’t seen you reading?”

“I read when you sleep,” the alpha admitted. “I can’t sleep well these days.”

“I’m sorry,” Jimin’s face faded. “I know you have your nightmares and I can’t help you now.”

”It’s not something I’m not used to,” Yoongi sat close to his omega again and his palm rested over Jimin’s thigh. “It’s not your fault, Jimin-ah! I don’t want you to feel guilty and besides, that’s one of the battles I have to win by myself.”

The omega still looked sad. “I want to help you,” he mumbled. “But I’m not doing anything helpful these days.”

“Hey,” Yoongi gently took Jimin’s chin between his thumb and his index finger. “Your existence is my help, okay? That’s enough for now.”

“Not enough for me,” Jimin shook his head. ‘’I want you to feel strong and secure again.”

Yoongi released his small sad smile. “I want that too, but it’s going to take some time.”

“I have problems with patience,” Jimin mumbled and his mate chuckled softly.

“I have the feeling that I know that,” he said amused. “Maybe even I told you this.”

Jimin nodded seriously. “Yes, you did… when I asked you to run away with me.”

The alpha’s chuckle slowly died down. “See? I have so much yet to learn!” Yoongi took a second and his hands dropped down onto his lap. “What if I can’t remember though? Would you still love me the same?”

Jimin silenced for a moment. His eyes went wide. How could Yoongi even doubt in him?

“I loved you so much that I wanted to kill myself and go to you!” The omega cupped his alpha’s face and stared into his sad eyes. “I love you so much that when I saw you again, I thought I was in the Heaven already!” He then took one of Yoongi’s hands and placed it over his heart. “The first few nights together, I couldn’t close my eyes because I was afraid that you’re going to disappear again and that would break me! Do you get how much I love you?”

Yoongi only nodded and leaned to give him a soft kiss. When their lips touched, Jimin wanted to cry. His hands slid over Yoongi’s face again and he opened his mouth for him. There wasn’t anything more real than that moment.

Then, the life called them again in the face of already awake Yoon, who stormed into their room, bursting with energy. His parents had to take care of him and prepare him for his day at the kindergarten. That wasn’t Yoon’s favorite place, but his alpha dad had strong character when the younger one tried one of his stubborn faces. Yoon had learned his lesson already. He had to behave when it came to his appa Yoongi.

Jimin had to go to work that day. So, he and Yoongi took their kid to the kindergarten and then Yoongi walked him to his work. Jimin got a goodbye kiss and was ready for the day. They had a doctor’s appointment the same day, so that got him a bit nervous. But he soon forgot about it, when the doorbell rang for the first time that day.

As much as he loved his job though, Jimin was beginning to experience the first signs from his pregnancy. He couldn’t lift up heavy cases. He couldn’t stand behind the bar as long as he used to. An occasional wave of dizziness was hitting him from time to time and even some smells were too strong for his nose already.

Two hours into his shift and Jimin was sitting already. He had to take a short break and he was thankful that the café was almost empty that day. Mondays were quiet like this. He was just taking a sip of his glass of water when the doorbell rang again.

“How’s my favorite omega doing?” Jin’s joyful voice put a smile on Jimin’s face.

“Taking a short break, hyung,” he got up and found himself wrapped in the warmest embrace ever existed.

“Good,” Jin finally released him after some time. “I’ve heard there is some news you want to share?” His friend rose up his eyebrows suggestively.

“You sniffed me!” Jimin pouted.

“Pregnant again, are we?” Jin’s smile was huge over his face and the other omega blushed.

“It’s too early to share,” he mumbled and sat back on his previous place. Jin followed him. “We’ve yet to visit my gynecologist, hyung.”

Jin nodded seriously. “So… is your alpha taking a good care of you?”

Jimin shrugged. “As much as he can,” he said. “I’m worried about him though. I have the feeling he’s going to suppress his own problems to help me and this isn’t good.”

“Maybe you should let him decide?” Jin proposed. “He’s the alpha in your family after all.”

“Would you let Namjoon-hyung do the same in your family?” The omega asked.

Jin nodded. “Yes, as soon as he became my alpha. See, Jimin… it doesn’t matter how much you want to help or even shield Yoongi. He is still the alpha between you two. It’s in their nature to want to help their mates. It doesn’t matter how weak you think he is, or how he truly feels about it. He’d always trust his nature to protect and love you no matter what. Just let him be!”

“Why it sounds so easy when you say it?” Jimin mused.

The other omega laughed. “Because… I’m older than you and I have more experience I guess.” The doorbell rang with the next client and Jimin was about to get up, but Jin stopped him. “No, let me! I’m in a mood to be a barista in my own café today.”

Jimin chuckled and shook his head when his hyung flashed a huge smile to their client. The next wave of dizziness passed almost unnoticed.

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Chapter eighteen: Just breathe





Everything felt new and different for Jimin this time around. When Yoongi came to pick him up for his doctor’s appointment that was when it hit him. He was not alone this time. This time Jimin did not have to pass through his pregnancy all alone. He did not have to suffer like before. He could feel Yoongi’s support even when they were simply waiting outside the doctor’s cabinet.

As an alpha and omega parents, they had to fill certain forms. That was how Jimin found out that Yoongi’s blood type is 0 negative. Small thing, but very important that he did not know before.  That was why his son was also 0 negative. Jimin always wondered about that, since he was blood type A negative. It came as a surprise one day, because he was sure that Yoon had his own blood type. The doctors told him that was rare though. Usually, the pups were meant to take their omega parent’s blood type. But that was not the case with Yoon. It turned out that the alpha’s parent genes were stronger with him.

“Min family?” A nice nurse walked out of the doctor’s cabinet.

Jimin blushed and got up. He could feel Yoongi’s hand laying possessively over the small of his back. The alpha’s behavior had changed since the announcement of Jimin’s pregnancy. He never thought that Yoongi could be so overprotective when it came to him. On the other hand though, they did not know each other that much. They were madly in love, yes. When it came to their personal backgrounds however, they never had enough time to share everything.

Jimin entered the doctor’s cabinet first. Yoongi followed him and the omega could feel how he relaxed when he sniffed that the doctor was a beta. Jimin shook his head and gave the nice looking man the documents he and Yoongi had filled in before.

“Jimin,” the middle-aged doctor smiled. “It’s so nice to see you again! How’s your son doing?”

“He’s good, Doctor Choi!” Jimin took one of the chairs opposite the doctor’s desk. Yoongi took the other one. His hand immediately rested over Jimin’s thigh. He was not sure if it was to calm him, or himself. “Yoon is developing nicely, since his alpha appa is back.”

“Min Yoongi?” The doctor read his name and Jimin felt how Yoongi’s hand barely trembled. So he was the nervous one then. The omega carefully covered Yoongi’s hand with his own one.

“That’s me,” although he was nervous, his voice sounded loud and clear.

“It’s so nice to see you,” the beta looked at him. “Jimin had a tough one the last time we were able to see each other.”

“He won’t be this time!” Yoongi released a smile and threw a short look at his mate. “I’ll be here every step of the way.”

“Good!” The doctor nodded. “Now, Jimin you may change and then we’ll see how far along are you. We also have to take some blood and check how’s everything going. Since you’re listed with Postpartum Depression, some more tests are needed.”

Jimin nodded and got up from his place. He followed the nurse to another room, where the sonogram machine was. She helped him to change into a medical robe. Then she showed him how to lie down over the table and make himself comfortable.

“We’re ready, doctor Choi?” She called for the doctor and the beta walked into the room just mere seconds later, followed by Yoongi.

The omega was not surprised how nervous his mate looked like. He was fighting desperately not to show that, but Jimin knew him well enough to notice the signs. He reached out and called him with his hand. Yoongi made an effort not to rush for the offered hand, but he was fast to catch it and hold onto it like his dear life. The doctor waited for him to sit down, close to Jimin.

“Let’s take some blood first, okay?” Doctor Choi said and tuned around just for a second to take the needed equipment. When he had finished, he placed the sample into the nurse’s hands and she walked out of the room. “Okay… now, let’s take a look at how far along are you.” He turned on the machine. “Can you tell me when your last heat was?”

“Ten?” Jimin looked at Yoongi and the alpha nodded. “Ten weeks ago I think.” He nodded. “His rut was about the same time.”

Doctor Choi nodded and squirmed a certain amount of gel onto Jimin’s stomach. “You pointed out that you’re not using suppressants in your files, so… you should’ve expected that would end with a pregnancy, right? Was it planned?”

Jimin blushed and shook his head. “No, we just… got back together and… well.”

“I understand,” the beta nodded and moved the affix around the smooth skin. “Ah there you are!” He stopped moving all of a sudden and turned the monitor around so the parents could see it. “There is your pup. Let me take the measures now and check if everything is okay.”

Something clenched Jimin’s throat when he looked at Yoongi. The alpha was not moving. He was simply staring at the monitor and was not blinking even. It was as if he was seeing something like a miracle. It was his first time, Jimin realized. He probably felt sorry that he could not be beside of him when Yoon was just as small.

“Everything’s looking fine with the pup,” doctor Choi smiled. “Do you want to take some pictures?”

“Uh?” Yoongi suddenly came back from his haze. “Sure, yeah… Yes, we want pictures!”

“It’s rare to see an alpha so emotional on the first check up,” the doctor shook his head, but snapped few photos and gave one of them to Yoongi. “Congratulations, appa!”

“T-t-thanks!” Yoongi stuttered and basically grabbed the picture. “I-I.. just…”

“Breathe, love!” Jimin suddenly got worried. Yoongi sounded just the same as when he had reappeared into his life. “Take a deep breath and relax okay?”

“Is everything okay?” The doctor gave a napkin to the omega to clean himself. Jimin sat up and looked at him.

“Yoongi is still recovering from TBI and PTSD,” the omega reached out for his mate’s wrist. Yoongi was still pale. “He’s getting better, but I guess he’s overwhelmed with emotions right now.”

Doctor Choi nodded and gave them some privacy, leaving Jimin to get back into his clothes. But the omega had to take care of his alpha first. It took him five minutes to make Yoongi breathe normally again. He was talking slowly and calmly, making sure that his mate was listening to his words. Finally, the normal color was back to Yoongi’s face. Then he was able to help Jimin with his clothes and they went back to the doctor’s cabinet.

Yoongi did not let go of Jimin’s hand even when they sat down. His other hand was holding their pup’s first photo. Jimin knew how Yoongi hated to feel weak. He was trying to calm him with his omega pheromones and after some time, he felt that his mate was calm again and his hands were not shaking. Then he looked at the doctor again.

“I have your results now,” the beta looked at them seriously. “I don’t like your blood picture, Jimin. Are you eating enough these days?”

The omega nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“Hmm,” the doctor rubbed his chin pensively. “It’s strange. Are you feeling dizzy?”

“Most of the time, yeah.” Jimin admitted and felt how Yoongi squeezed his hand. “I feel so tired lately also. Sometimes I feel like I want to sleep the whole day, but I can’t.”

“How’s your morning sickness?” The beta wrote down something in his notebook.

“Bad,” Yoongi finally found his voice to speak again. He coughed lightly. “I have to carry him back to bed, because he feels so weak that he can’t walk even.”

“Mhhmm,” Doctor Choi frowned. “I can see that your hemoglobin is really low. It all points to anemia, which is usually common for the pregnant omegas, but I want to be sure what yours is. So, I ordered some more tests to make sure. For now, I want you to start with the folic acid and the vitamins from the B group, okay?” He handed the recipe to Yoongi and the alpha took it. “I’ll call you with the result in the next day or two, so we’ll know how to proceed.”

“Okay,” Jimin’s voice trembled when he got up. “Thank you, doctor.”

The beta smiled and nodded in return.

Jimin was quiet on their way back to the car. Yoongi had parked not so far away, so they were able to get there quick. He threw a short look at his omega, but Jimin was not ready to talk yet. His face was turned to the window and his hands were clasped in his lap. Jimin could feel Yoongi’s look, but he couldn’t meet his eyes. Not yet.

Yoongi drove off to their apartment and stopped briefly, only to buy the stuff Jimin needed. The omega did not even register it. When they finally parked the car at their place, Jimin spoke for the first time.

“We should call Hoseok-hyung,” he said and met Yoongi’s amused look. “What? You’ve had a crisis!”

The alpha shook his head and got out of the car. Jimin followed him. “I’m fine. You are the one who needs cares now,” the alpha said.

“Yoongi, we’re not ignoring something like this!” Jimin scoffed. He was basically running after Yoongi. The alpha had sped up to the elevator. When they entered there, Jimin gasped, trying to catch his breath. “What… are you… doing?”

“Sorry,” Yoongi murmured, but his eyes were thoughtful. “I should’ve been more careful with you.”

“Yeah,” the omega finally calmed down. “Don’t walk that fast next time.”

“No,” Yoongi sighed and took Jimin’s hand while they were walking out of the elevator. “I meant when we-”

“You’re apologizing for putting a baby in me?” Jimin stopped abruptly, forcing Yoongi to do the same. “What are you talking about? Sure, the pup wasn’t planned and now it’s not the right time but, I could never feel sorry for carrying your child.”


“Stop!” Jimin cupped the alpha’s face and stared into his eyes. “Just breathe, okay? In and out,” he took a deep breath and waited for Yoongi to do the same. Then released his breath and the alpha followed him. “I really want you to see Hoseok-hyung, Yoon.” He insisted. “I’d feel calmer if you do it for me.”

Yoongi nodded and the omega released him from his grip.

Later that night, while Jimin was sleeping peacefully right beside of him, Yoongi was staring into the picture of his new pup. His hands started shaking again and his head started hurting.


“Do you want to have kids one day?” Jimin was giggling in his arms. “Hypothetically speaking… Yoon, stop with the tickling!”

“I can’t,” he leaned to kiss the giggling omega. “You are so cute! Bu-u-ut… on your question, I’d gladly have kids one day… if you are their amma…”

“Yoongi-i-i-i!” The omega squealed when they fell back onto the messy bed.


“Agh!” He moaned painfully and curled in two.

“Yoongi?” He felt a soft hand touching his shoulder. “Your head again?” Jimin’s voice was filled with fear, but he did not wait for Yoongi’s answer. The next thing Yoongi felt was how Jimin was helping him to take his pills. Then his mate’s hand was placed over his forehead, but Yoongi needed something more.

He pulled Jimin into his arms and embraced him. His nose found the omega’s scent gland and he took a deep breath. Then he started scenting his mate, but Jimin did not pull back. Yoongi felt how his hands run through his hair and massaged his scalp gently.

“Shhh, love… everything’s gonna be okay,” Jimin whispered, but Yoongi could not help his sob. “Shh, shhh now… calm down and just breathe, okay? Just breathe…”

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The doctor called them again on the next day, confirming that Jimin had anemia. They had to visit him again the same day. Jimin dreaded that moment. He was thinking more of Yoongi’s painful episode the night before, rather than his own health. He was scared of how Yoongi would react on the news about the new doctor’s appointment, but his alpha was there for him. It was as if the nightmare did not exist.

Jimin was worried. Yes, he had heard what Jin had told him few days ago. He knew he had to let Yoongi to be his alpha and act on his instincts, but he could not help and feel worried for the elder. Yoongi was trying his best to look strong around Jimin. He was there to support him and he kept suppressing his own problems. He refused to deal with his nightmares, until he was sure that his omega was okay. Therefore, they had to visit the doctor together and then Jimin had asked of his alpha to call his therapist.

“Hello,” the doctor greeted them and they sat opposite him again. Jimin could feel Yoongi’s hand over his thigh. He covered it with his one.

“Hello, doctor,” Jimin nodded. “You wanted to talk to us?”

“Yes,” doctor Choi nodded seriously and leaned back on his chair, hands crossed over the desk. “As I told you yesterday, I’ve ordered few more tests, because of your anemia, Jimin-ssi.”

“Yes?” Jimin squeezed Yoongi’s hand involuntarily.

“The type of your anemia is folate-deficiency anemia,” the doctor took a deep breath and started his explanation. “Folate is the vitamin found naturally in certain foods like green leafy vegetables A type or B vitamin. The body needs folate to produce new cells including healthy red blood cells. During pregnancy, the omegas need extra folate. But sometimes they don’t get enough from their diet. When that happens, the body can’t make enough normal red blood cells to transport oxygen to tissues throughout the body. This is why you need the folic acid, Jimin.” Jimin nodded, understanding. “Now, folate deficiency can directly contribute to certain types of birth defects, such as neutral tube abnormalities and low birth weight.”

“Oh, my God!” Jimin clasped his mouth.

“You don’t have to worry though,” doctor Choi comforted him. “We found that at the start of your pregnancy, so now we’re able to treat it correctly. As we saw yesterday, your pup has normal measures and everything is looking good so far.”

“Good,” Yoongi was the one, who answered. “Is there something special that we have to do?”

“Nothing more than the usual with a pregnant omega,” doctor Choi smiled. “I’d recommend you to add more vegetables to your menu, Jimin-ssi. You have to take some rest when you feel tired and sleep more if you can. Also, drink more fluids for your dizziness, okay?”

Jimin nodded. “Okay, doctor.”

“Other than that, I don’t think we’re going to have any complications, but I want to see you here in two weeks, okay? Just to be careful,” he said with a smile. “I know you did not have the same problems with your son, but every pregnancy is different. You don’t have to worry too much about that one. I don’t recommend you this, but if you feel like you need some answers, please call me!”

Yoongi and Jimin both nodded and after short goodbyes they left the doctor's cabinet. Jimin was quiet on their way to the apartment, but that was not something new for the omega. Yoongi had learned that his mate tend to over think stuff. He knew how stubborn Jimin could be and he was not surprised when the omega turned to him.

“I want you to call Hoseok!” The omega stated firmly and Yoongi shook his head.

“I’m taking you home. You need some break!”

“If you take me back home, I’m only going to be more worried for you,” Jimin shook his head. “You don’t want me to be worried right now, do you?”

“Damn… Jimin!” The alpha cursed, but he knew that his mate was right.

They called Hoseok and he asked them to meet for lunch. The couple agreed and Yoongi  rove to a great Japanese restaurant, close to Jung Hoseok’s office. The atmosphere was nice and comfortable. That, and the fact that Jimin was suddenly craving Japanese food. Yoongi could not refuse anything to him right now, so it was a win-win situation.

Jimin was in the middle of his finishing his meal when Hoseok arrived. Sometimes Yoongi wondered how the beta could look so smiley and positive all the time. But then he remembered Taehyung and shook his head. His brother’s mate was the same. The betas were simply more rational than the alphas and the omegas.

“Such a nice couple!” Hoseok greeted them and made a polite bow, then took the seat Yoongi and Jimin had kept for him. He looked at the menu and ordered quickly, before he was able to turn around to Yoongi. “I’m listening to you and keep in mind that this is not an official appointment, so you can relax and talk to me as a friend.”

Yoongi sighed. “There is no problem per se,” he started. “I think that my memory is slowly turning back.”

“I thought it started with the bridge memory?” Hoseok looked at his friend. “In one of our last sessions?”

“No, I mean yes!” Yoongi rubbed his forehead. “I mean… I remember the incident now, but… I was talking about my memories about my life here in Seoul. Like… like Jimin.” He stuttered the last few words and felt Jimin’s hand on his knee.

“Relax, love.” The omega smiled at him gently.

“What did you remember, Yoongi?” Hoseok asked the alpha. He pulled out a small notebook from his bag. “How was it? Like something flashed through your mind?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded. “Then it came the headache, but I’ve managed to keep the memory this time.”  

Hoseok smiled and wrote something down in his notebook. “Then our sessions helped you. I’m glad! The headache is normal. Your brain is… how I should put it… Your brain is trying to go back to normal.” Yoongi looked puzzled at him and the beta tried again. “What I’m trying to say is that your brain is fully recovered from the hit. Now we know that you’ve been hit with a metal bate and how you ended up in the river. Then you’ve had a period in which your brain needed some time to recover. Now it starts to heal, Yoongi.”

“So, you were saying-”

“I’m saying that you can calm down, and make sure that you don’t fight with your memories.” Hoseok closed his notebook. “You’ve yet to remember a lot, but the mere fact that you were able to remember something before the accident, is a lot of progress for you.”

“But the headaches?” Jimin asked with concern.

“Every healing is painful, Jimin.” The beta turned to look at him. “As you can say it yourself, right?” The omega nodded. “Jin-hyung told me about your problems with your first pregnancy. I don’t think you suffered less than Yoongi here.” Jimin lowered his head and started playing with his fingers. “You don’t have to be ashamed, Jimin-ah…” Hoseok trailed off. “I know how much you love my friend here.” The young therapist chuckled. “He still doesn’t remember me, but when that time comes, I’ll tell you one or two embarrassing stuff about him.”

Yoongi snorted, but Jimin managed to restore his normal mood and looked at Hoseok. “Thank you so much for what you’re doing, Hobi-hyung. It means a lot to us!”

Hoseok winked at the omega. “It’s my pleasure and I hope you know that you can count on me for everything! Now,” he rubbed his hands when his meal arrived. “Time to put something into my stomach!” He giggled and with that then atmosphere around the table became lighter.

It was a good difference, Jimin thought on their way back home. He looked at the back seat, where Yoon was babbling to his appa about his day at the kindergarten. The omega could not help but smile. Yoon looked way more energetic than his amma now. It was good that Yoongi was strong enough to deal with an overly excited kid.

When they got back home, Yoon was taken from his father to the bathroom. Jimin wanted to help, but Yoongi was stern about this. Not even his pout was able to help him. Therefore, the omega had to deal with the dinner, which he did while his two babies were laughing at the bathroom. Then Yoongi changed his son into his pajama and carried him to the kitchen. Yoon was giggling, because his father let him ride his neck.

“Time for dinner, boys!” The omega placed a cup with Yoon’s meal on his small table and Yoongi put his son on his chair. “Alone, Yoonie?”

“Yes, amma!” He grinned and Jimin could not resist leaning in and placing a kiss on his nose. “Eww! Amma!” The boy rubbed that place, but Jimin laughed and tickled him briefly. Yoon giggled and started his messy eating.

The next few days went normal. Jimin’s morning sickness did not get worse, but it did not get better also. Yoongi did not receive another headache and everything went back to normal. Well, normal as it was possible in this given situation.  Jimin had started taking the medicaments his doctor had prescribed him. Yoongi was careful with following the correct schedule and dosage. He even wanted Jimin to stay home, but the omega refused.

“I am pregnant, not an invalid!” He had argued with his mate. Yoongi had followed him with his worrying eyes around the apartment, but said nothing after that.

Honestly, Jimin was thankful. His work had given him some sort of independence financially. Not that now he needed the money anyway. Yoongi and Jungkook’s small family company was doing good. They had moved the office in Seoul and Yoongi had started visiting it from time to time. Jungkook was responsible for his shares now, because Yoongi was not ready to take the full control. It was true that he was dealing great at his home problems, but he was not ready for the pressure at work. But he liked to feel useful; therefore he was trying to help his baby brother as far as he can.

It was one night, five days after Jimin’s checkup with his doctor. It was raining again, a rainstorm actually, and the power was out. Jimin hated the darkness. Something more, he was afraid of it. He was thankful that he had Yoongi now to cuddle him. Yoon on the other hand was sleeping heavily and did not even care what was happening outside.

That same night, Jimin was snuggling with Yoongi in their bed. His head was resting over the alpha’s chest and he was listening to the sound of his heartbeat. It felt strange really, but this was calming him right now. The omega had found that nothing could calm him better than the sound of his alpha’s heartbeats.

“We kissed for the first time in a rainstorm like this,” he spoke quietly. Yoongi’s fingers were tracing his back up and down. “I remember you told me not to kiss you, but we did… and I felt so good after that. When my father beat me the same night, I did not feel his fists on my body. I only thought of you.”

“I feel like I want to kill that guy and I don’t care that he is dead!” Yoongi spoke carefully. “You must have suffered a lot, jagiya.”

Jimin shrugged. “It doesn’t matter now. I’m good and you are good.”

“And the little one is good as well?” Yoongi’s moves continued, while his voice was worried.

“Yeah,” the omega sighed. “The little one is good as well. I won’t be able to lie on my stomach soon.”

He felt a soft kiss touching his temple. “I will help you with everything, I promise!”

“I know, love…” the omega relaxed all of a sudden. He felt how the drowsiness slowly possessed his body. Soon he was snoring lightly.

It was the last peaceful night for few weeks ahead, because the morning came with unexpected guest at their door.

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They got up early. It was Jimin’s day off, but they still had to drop off Yoon at the kindergarten. The little one was full of energy and entertained his parents on their way there. When Yoongi stopped the car and leaned back to help his son unbuckle his seatbelt, Yoon leaned and gave a wet kiss on his amma’s cheek. Jimin giggled and ruffled his son’s hair. Then he had to sit in the car and observe how Yoongi was caring him to the front door, where Yoon’s teacher was waiting for him. Yoongi kissed his son’s temple and put him down. He spoke briefly with the teacher and stood there until Yoon was already inside the building. Then he came back to the car and Jimin.

“Was there a problem?” Jimin rubbed the alpha’s thigh, while he was staring the engine.

“No,” Yoongi shook his head. “She was telling me about Yoon’s behavior recently. He is quick learner, although he’s still two and few months.”

“That must be from your side of the family then,” the omega leaned back on his seat. “I don’t know somebody from mine to be that clever.”

“He looks like my brother when he was a baby,” Yoongi chuckled. “He even has his behavior. Jungkook was a quick learner. He was adopting every new word with no problem.”

“Oh?” Jimin shook his head. “I didn’t know that.”

“Well, Jungkook is just good in everything he does,” Yoongi shrugged, his voice was filled with proud. “He was the pride in my mom’s eyes! This is why she was so disappointed when Kookie showed no interest in mating omegas.”

“And his dad?” Jimin was curious to learn more about his alpha’s background. “You never talk about him.”

“We were never that close,” Yoongi shrugged. “I accepted him as my mom’s husband and that’s it. Not that I don’t respect him or anything, because I really do. He loves my mom a lot! And he’s the father of my baby brother! But… he’s not my alpha parent. I don’t really remember my appa, but still. I mean, Kookie really loves his dad. He also raised us together and I could not see him making any difference between us. We were family in every aspect but this one.” Yoongi threw a look at Jimin. “I just never felt as if he is my appa, you know?”

Jimin nodded. “This is why I never wanted someone else in my life after Yoon was born,” he lowered his look to his clasped hands. “It was one of the reasons of course, you know the other one.”

“You wanted to come to me,” the alpha whispered painfully. “It’s strange how I could understand that better right now.”

“It’s still difficult when you don’t have a deadline, you know? Before you came I've had one - Yoon's nineteen's birthday. He'd be young enough to remember me and to put the pain of losing me behind him. I've counted the days, because... yeah, I loved my son. I've learned to love him and I wanted the best for him, but I was also suffering at the same time.” Jimin looked up. His eyes were focused over the road. “I was so focused! So determined! And then… you showed up.”

“You want to live now, right?” Yoongi’s voice was concerned now. “Right?”

Jimin slid his hand over Yoongi’s thigh before he was able to answer. “Yes,” he answered softly. “I want to live now… with you and our kids. But I also need some time to process all of that.”

Yoongi smiled with his words and just then, they reached to their apartment building. The alpha got out the car and went to help Jimin do the same. He stumbled in the moment his foot touched the ground. Yoongi was fast to catch him. “Are you okay?” He was worried again.

“Mhmm,” Jimin took a deep breath. “Just give me a moment.” His world was spinning wildly.

They stood there maybe a minute until Jimin was able to move again. Yoongi was holding him tight around his waist on their way to the elevator. When they got in, Jimin’s face had completely regained its color. The alpha was able to breathe easily then. Jimin smiled at him and patted his cheek softly with no words. He knew how worried his alpha was. Sometimes, the omega thought that he was more worried than it was necessary. But then he remembered that Yoongi was not there the first time. He did not know what to expect and what was normal.

They reached to their floor a half a minute later. But there was a surprise waiting for them at the front door. It was the woman, who Jimin hoped that he did not have to see for the rest of his life. He was clear the last time he had spoken to her over the phone. He stopped abruptly just before he was able to reach closer to her. 

“What’s wrong?” Yoongi had sensed his omega’s distress and that put his inner alpha on high alert. “Jimin?” His arm was already spread out defensively in front of his omega.

The woman turned around in that same moment. Yoongi frowned with confusion. She was kind of familiar and she was also an omega. Beside of him Jimin was still standing  still and not moving. The woman’s eyes pierced them and Yoongi’s first reaction was to shield his omega with his body. It was an eternal instinct.

She had chocolate brown eyes and smelled like vanilla. The aroma was too heavy for Yoongi’s nose and he tried to breathe through his mouth. His head started buzzing painfully at that same moment, but he ignored the pain. Jimin was more important now.

“How sweet,” the woman finally spoke and Yoongi felt how his omega winced behind him. “So you found each other again, huh?”

“What are you doing here, mother?” Jimin’s voice was cold, but Yoongi could feel his inner struggle. His omega was scared. “I told you not to bother me anymore.”

“I wanted to see my grandchild, since you’ve never paid us a visit!” The other omega shrugged. The scent of vanilla intensified, but Yoongi could not sense any violence coming from her. Yet, his omega was still scared.

“Your mother?” He looked at Jimin and the omega nodded, taking a step forward and standing right next to his mate. The buzz in his head increased, but Yoongi ignored it again.

“I made myself clear when I told you I don’t have a family! So you have no grandchild to worry about!” Jimin’s voice was stronger now. He reached out for Yoongi’s hand and the alpha laced his fingers with his mate’s ones.

“You do have it, Park Jimin!” The woman frowned. "You have a family!"

“Min Jimin,” the omega corrected her. “I took my alpha’s name as soon as I could.”

“I’m your mother!”

“Oh, now you are my mother?” Jimin clenched his free hand in a fist. “Where were you when your husband beat me almost to death, huh? Where were you when I was suffering my father’s harsh words? What mother would let her child to suffer like that? What mother would turn to look the other side and let her child suffering? Have you ever done something for me, mother?”

“I saved your mate’s life!” The woman hissed.

“What?” Jimin’s high-pitched voice caused a flash passing through Yoongi’s head and blinding him with its light.

“Is he alive?” A woman’s voice cut through the darkness of Yoongi’s mind. “I hope I’m not too late! Oh, God! I can see his brain! Oh, my God!” 

Soft hands touched his forehead, but even that touch brought him more pain that it was necessary. Who was he? Where was he? What was that woman? He could not talk. Why he could not talk? His mouth produced painful moans instead of words.

“Don’t worry, Min… we’ve got you…” the same voice uttered close to his face. He was able to hear a phone signal. “Help is coming! Hurry up you useless beta!” The woman scoffed. “Did you call already?”

Then there was another voice. A male’s one. They were calling for help. Yoongi moaned again. He could not do a thing. He could not think. He could not talk. It hurt too much for words and all he wanted  to  do was to go to sleep.

“Don’t die!” The woman pleaded him and he could swear that she was crying. “Please don’t die! Jimin would never forgive me for this… if… never… he…”  

Yoongi was not able to hear her cries anymore. Only words. Words with no meaning. But then everything sank into darkness again…

“Yoongi? Yoongi!” Jimin’s voice pulled him out of his state. But it was only for a little while. He fought for every take of his breath. 

Yoongi could feel his mate’s hands over his arms, but he couldn’t react. He was not able to. Then another flash hit him hard. He moaned again.


“His name? I don’t know his name…” the same woman’s voice. “Just… here… fall… bridge…”

Pain everything was pain. The darkness engulfed him again.


Lights. More lights. Hospital. Something was moving. His eyes were closed, but he could feel the lights passing fast above him. The smell was suffocating… Metallic... Blood. That was his blood. But who was he?

“Min Yoongi. Twenty-four. Concussion… blood loss… How’ he is still alive? Oh my, God?! I could see his brain! Hurry up!”

“More blood…”


Yoongi? His name was Yoongi. Oh, yeah of course his name was Yoongi. How could he forget his own name? Where was he? Ah, hospital. Why? What was happening to him? The darkness turned into light.

“Losing him… hurry…”

No, he was not going anywhere! He wanted to live! Yes, he had to fight! Okay, he could do that. He had to do it… for someone? Yes! But he did not remember to have someone. Why he had to live again? Ah, family! Yeah… his family.

The darkness appeared again along with the pain. He wanted to scream, but he could not. Voices. More voices.

“I’m his brother!”

Jungkook! He wanted to scream, but he could not. 

“Oh, my God! What happened to him? My boy! My baby!”

His mom. His mom was crying. Damn it! He wanted to open his eyes! He wanted to talk! But… how… was… the… talking… working? His brain was so slow. Too… slow… Yoongi had to remember. Had to, but why it hurt so much?

He had to remember… remember…


Yoongi!” Someone was shaking his shoulders, but he could not move. His eyes were open, but yet he could not see anybody. “I hate you, mother! I fucking hate you!” Jimin! Jimin’s voice again. “Come on, love!” Something wet touched his forehead and he felt the kiss there.  Damn! His head was hurting so much. He moaned. “Yeah, I know… come back to me, love! Come back to me, yeah? Just breathe, Yoon… breathe, okay?”

Yoongi followed the voice. He started breathing again and felt how erratic his heartbeat was. He could hear it in his ears along with that buzzing sound that slowly died down. His vision was slowly returning back to him and he coughed violently. He felt like he could vomit from all that pain in his head. Thankfully, that did not happen.

He was sitting on the floor. He could feel that. They were still in the corridor before their apartment. Jimin was kneeling before him. His palms were resting on his face and his eyes were focused over Yoongi’s face. The alpha blinked few times with confusion and his eyes finally stopped over his omega.

“What?” He mumbled, feeling the cold sweat all over his body. He was finally able to breathe again.

“A flashback,” Jimin stroked his face. “Did you hold the memory?”

Yoongi wanted to nod, but his headache was still there and he rubbed his temples. “Yeah, yeah… I… my… pills?” The sluggish speech was back, but he was too tired to be frustrated about that. It was too damn difficult to think right now.

“Sure, love…” Jimin helped him to get up. “Let me help you to the bedroom, okay? I’ll get you the pills and you can take a nap.”

“Okay,” Yoongi leaned on his omega heavily, but then he remembered about Jimin’s situation and pulled back slightly.

Someone else entered after them. Ah, it must have been Jimin’s mother. But he was so tired to think of his mother right now. They slowly reached to their bedroom. Jimin gave him his pill and helped him with his clothes. Then the whole room sank into darkness and Yoongi was able to relax in his bed. The sleep came quickly.



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The sight of his mate sliding down the wall was something Jimin could never be able to erase from his mind. Yoongi was simply sitting there, paralyzed from his own memories. His eyes were open wide. His pupils were moving fast. His breathing became erratic and when Jimin had tried to reach him, Yoongi could not respond. He had sunk into his own nightmare. The appearance of Jimin’s mother had set something in motion in him. He had probably remembered something.

“Ïs he okay?” The woman had appeared behind Jimin. “Should we call-”

“Shut up!” Jimin hissed over his shoulder. “This is all your fault! Your fault!”

“I sav-”

“You?” Jimin looked up and his eyes were filled with hatred. He never knew that he could hate his own mother, but the feeling was strong. “You saved him? How? Watching how they were killing him from afar?”

“I am a woman!” His mother’s voice trembled, or Jimin had imagined things? “How could I… I saw them. I was on the bridge! Under the bridge I mean! And my beta… my beta called the-”

“Shut up!” Jimin wanted to scream, but Yoongi’s hard breathing caught his attention. “Yoongi? Yoongi!?” He started calling him and for a moment as if Yoongi could hear him, but then Jimin lost him again. “Come on, love! Please…” He wanted to cry, but he could not right now. He had to be the stronger one between them. “Yoongi!” Jimin grabbed his shoulders and shook him. There was still no reaction. His eyes were open, but yet he could not see anything. “I hate you, mother! I fucking hate you!” He felt so damn helpless. His eyes went teary when he looked back at his mate. “Come on, love!” Jimin was practically begging his alpha. He leaned into his face and placed a soft kiss over his temple.  Then Yoongi moaned painfully. His eyes became clearer and he blinked few times with confusion. “Yeah, I know… come back to me, love! Come back to me, yeah? Just breathe, Yoon… breathe, okay?”

Jimin kept talking until Yoongi finally came back to him. When he started talking again and the omega caught his sluggish speech, his heart skipped a beat. His mind was telling him that was normal giving the situation, but his heart was in pain for his alpha. The omega tried to soothe him and it finally worked.

Jimin helped Yoongi to their bedroom and helped him to get to bed. Then he helped with taking off the damp clothes and changed him into his pajama. He gave him the painkillers and left him in peace. Yoongi needed his sleep right now. His brain needed recovery and it could not work otherwise.

When he finally came back in the living room, his mother was still there. His insides had set on fire. His mother! His mother, who was not there for him since the moment she had given birth to him. Sometimes Jimin thought that she hated him. He wanted to please her through his whole life, but it did not work. The coldness in her eyes was constantly there. People could easily mistake her as a beta. The omegas were usually soft, kind and nurturing. They would give everything for his children.

But not Park Jisoo. She was different. Sometimes Jimin wondered if his father was not the reason. Maybe she hated him too. But then why she had mated with him? Why they had created him? A useless omega, as his father used to call him.


That was the word they had used for him back them. Ever since the moment he had presented as an omega. Useless… his father had called him. His mother had turned her back on him. Well, not that what mattered. She did not pay any attention to him even before that. He never knew the reason and he had stopped caring at some point. He did not know what love meant up until the moment he had met Min Yoongi.

“Is he okay?” Jisoo asked with trembling voice. Her dark hair hung messy around her face. There was no sign of makeup, which was weird. Park Jisoo was never leaving her home without a proper hair and makeup. She was dressed in simple black summer dress, buttoned to her neck. Her arms were naked and with no jewelry. Weird indeed!

“Why are you still here?” Jimin hissed and went to close the front door. When he came back, his mother was still standing in the middle of the living room. His face was worried. “I told you I don’t want you anymore, mother.”

“I came to… I wanted to tell you that your alpha is alive,” she stuttered. “But I can see you’ve found each other. And-”

“Your grandchild?” Jimin furrowed his brows. “He is not here right now. I don’t want him to have  anything to do with you!”

“Jimin I--”

“You what?” The omega clenched his fists. “You sorry?”

Jisoo hang her head between her shoulders. “Yes, I… I know there is no excuse of what I’ve done, but… I have my reasons.”

Jimin felt dizzy all of a sudden, but was able to mask it quickly by sitting on the nearest armchair. “You’ve had your reasons to hate me?”

“I never hated you!” the woman insisted.

“You never loved me either!” The omega shrugged.

“I…” Jisoo ran her hand over her hair and sat on the sofa. “It’s complicated and I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“I am twenty-four, mother.” Jimin crossed his arms before his chest. “Don’t you think is a bit too late for that?”

“I know I’m late, but Jimin! Please! I wanted to make it up to you somehow! Is there any chance that I-”

Jimin hissed again. He rubbed his temple and leaned back on his chair. “I get that you want to know your grandchild, I get that. It’s probably the right thing to do, but I can’t force myself to let you know him. I’m sorry, but it’s too late for that. It’s been a long time and… I’m not sure.” The omega took a deep breath. “There was a time where I was dreaming that you’re able to love me. I wanted you to look at me just how you’re looking at me right now. I wanted you to love me, mother! I wanted to be a normal child, but I felt that I failed you since the moment I was conceived.” His mother shivered. “What? You have something to say?”

“I never wanted to have you,” she whispered and her words cut through Jimin’s heart. He knew that she did not love him, but the truth still hurt. “I was forced to mate with your father,” the woman coughed softly and then looked at her son. “I was forced to get pregnant and have you,” she was fighting her tears. “And when you were finally born, I resented you.” Jisoo sobbed. “Ï could not bring myself to love you, Jimin! You were the son of the man I hated the most in this world!”

“It was not my fault, mother…” the omega whispered, hearing this for the first time. “But I think I can understand what you are saying.”

“I hated your father, because… he killed the man that I loved,” she uttered. “He killed my true mate to have me!” The woman did not try to hide her tears. “He shot him in the head and he… he threatened to kill our child!”

Jimin was caught by surprise. “I… I have a-”

“Brother,” his mother whispered. “Your father took him away from me and gave him to be raised here, in Seoul.” She took a breath. “He was barely four months old when he was taken away from me and I was forced to marry your father. We mated in February and you were born October the same year.” Her sobs slowly died down. “I was thankful when they told me that I can’t have more children after you. That meant your father wouldn’t touch me anymore! I gave him his child! The heir. He wanted so much! But then you turned out to be omega!” She laughed bitterly. “It looked like my revenge!”

“I was revenge to you?” Jimin blinked furiously. That woman should not see him cry.

“I’m sorry, Jimin-ah…” She looked at him again. Her eyes were filled with sorrow. “I hated myself for the way I looked at you. I knew that you were my child as well, but… I just could not do it otherwise.”

“You saved Yoongi… why?”

“When I found out about your dad’s plans, that reminded me of my own situation!” She stared at him. “I felt how close we are just then. I thought that… if I can’t have my happiness… I could at least help you have yours.”


“I was too late when I get to the apartment!” Jisoo started babbling. “They were already taking him away. So… my beta and I followed them to the bridge, but when I saw them hit your mate with that metal bate… I thought that he was dead. But then… they threw him over the bridge and I saw him fighting the tides… he was trying to survive… even after everything they’ve done to him… so… we pulled him to the shore and called the emergency number.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that he was alive, mother? Why?” Jimin was not able to resist anymore. The tears started filling his eyes. “I’ve tried to kill myself for him! Why did you-”

“He was in coma and they could not guarantee that he was going to wake up!” The woman interrupted him. “I didn’t want you to have false hopes! But when he actually did… I couldn’t find you. I found out this February. My detectives called me to tell me that Min Yoongi is back in Seoul. But then your dad died and… when I called you… you hung up before…”

“Got it!” Jimin rose up his hand and got up. “I want you to go now.”


“Just give me some time to think, okay?” His voice softened. “How long can you stay in Seoul?”

“How long do you need me to,” Jisoo mumbled. “We still have our apartment here.”

“Okay then,” Jimin walked his mother to the door. “Give me some time… and I’ll call you, okay?”

“Thank you, Jimin-ah…” she said and her hand reached to touch him, but she pulled it back quickly. “See you soon, I guess.”

“Bye mother,” he said and closed the door behind her back.

His hands were shaking when he pulled them out the closed door. Now he was so thankful that Yoon was not there right now. He did not have to see or hear that woman. He did not have to know that his amma was not loved or even wanted from his grandmother. Jimin’s whole existence was not even planned. It was not supposed to happen. He lived the life of someone else. He was alive, because someone else had died for him to be alive.

The omega rushed to the bathroom. The need to empty his stomach was strong. So, he gave in to that. Then he simply lay back on the cold wall and started crying. His eyes were burning, but he did not care. His throat was scratching from his sobs, but he could not stop. Now, when he knew what it felt like to be someone’s amma, to carry that someone under your heart for nine months and then… learn how to love him… He felt like his mother. He looked like his mother, because he did not even give a chance to Yoon when he was conceived. His grief for Yoongi had overwhelmed him. And then… then he had rejected Yoon, again. He had to learn how to love him.

Yes, he was just like his mother.

His sobs became louder in the small space. The sound of his cries bounced off the tiled walls. But he did not care. He had to spill it out. He had to let go of that pain that suffocated him. His eyes closed at one moment and he remembered all the moments he had with his mother. How he asked her to love him when he was little. How he wanted to hug her when he was sad. How he started to hate her with the time. How they became strangers at one point.

Jimin bit his lower lip and tried to calm himself down. He tried to follow his own breathing advice.

No, he was not like his mother.

He had given his child a chance.

Even when he had decided to kill himself when Yoon was old enough to take care of himself.

Even when he thought that he could not love his own flesh and blood.

He loved his son. He loved his son more than his dear life. He would do everything to see him happy.

His hand slid over his still flat stomach. And it was not only Yoon right now, right? Jimin had a family. He had his own family. He had his alpha back and the reason to live again. His eyes opened again when his heart finally calmed down. His heartbeat was close to normal and he felt the need to be with his alpha in this moment.

The omega slowly got up and washed his mouth. Then he got out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. Yoongi was still sleeping. His face was not that pale and his breathing was calm and steady. Jimin breathed a sigh of relief. It was good. Yoongi was good.

He climbed up the bed and snuggled in his alpha. Yoongi turned around in his sleep and wrapped him up in his embrace. His nose shoved into the omega’s scent gland and he inhaled his scent slowly. Then a sleepy smile appeared on his face and he went back to sleep. His arms were tightly wrapped around Jimin.

The omega was finally able to relax. His hand slid over Yoongi’s chest and covered the place above his heart. The heartbeat was calm and steady. “I love you,” he whispered in the darkness and planted a soft kiss there. “I want to live… for you!”

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When Yoongi woke up, he woke up to Jimin, peacefully sleeping right next to him. The omega had snuck his leg between his alpha’s ones. His face was close to Yoongi’s chest and his arm was wrapped around the alpha’s waist. It felt way too clingy and Yoongi knew that his omega was like this when he was heavily distressed. Something had happened while he was sleeping, he could feel that. Jimin was emitting distressing hormones even in his sleep. His other hand had fisted Yoongi’s T-shirt as if he was afraid that he was going to lose him. That pained the alpha’s heart. He could never cause such pain to his mate, not willingly anyway.

His arm slid down the omega’s back and rested over his waist. Jimin’s face was close to Yoongi’s scent gland now. The alpha could feel his hot breath there, but he had moved him with purpose. Jimin needed some calming pheromones and now, Yoongi was calm. He was more than ready to do everything and calm his omega as well. It felt so natural. It felt like love in its purest form.

Sometimes, Yoongi could notice how strong Jimin could be. His mate wanted his friends to see him like that. He had to be strong, Yoongi thought. Jimin had to endure his previous pregnancy alone and suffering. He had tried to learn now to love his son again when his father was not present. Yeah, Jimin had to endure a lot of pain in his life. Yoongi wished it was not like that. His omega had the biggest heart in the world. His smile was the warm and filled with love. Jimin was not weak, but he still was a human. And there was a limit to the pain a human could endure. Jimin had reached that limit and went even beyond that.

Yoongi did not remember how they had met. He did not remember how he had fallen in love with Jimin. He did not remember when that had happened. He did not remember their first kiss… or their last one. He did not remember their nights together or when Yoon was conceived. But he had fallen in love with the omega, again, since the moment he had laid his eyes on him back at the café. Jimin looked so broken back then. The light in his eyes were missing and he was emitting grief. Yes, Yoongi remembered that clearly. This was odd, because a lot of time had passed between their separation and reunion all together.

When Yoongi had remembered Jimin, he felt fear also. He was afraid that his omega moved on from him. But his brother was the one who calmed him. He pointed out his mate mark and how fresh it still was. That could only mean one thing – his omega was still his one. By this time, Yoongi did not even know Jimin’s face, but he felt strange relief. And when he finally saw him and smelled the grief and sorrow on him, his heart had skipped a beat. Jimin not only remembered him, but he was still mourning him. That had confused Yoongi at first, but then everything became clearer when Jimin told him how he thought his alpha was dead.

Now Yoongi desperately wanted to remember their firsts. Their first meeting, their first kiss, their first night together. He wanted to remember Jimin before all this. He wanted to remember the soft and smiley omega his mate once was. Or maybe he was not that smiley? Yoongi did not know. He did not know almost anything from Jimin’s past life. Or maybe the omega had told him back then? Yoongi sighed, he had to remember.

“We should get up,” Jimin’s sleepy voice made him shiver.

“I know,” Yoongi kissed his omega’s temple. “It’s almost noon.”

“And I am hungry,” the omega muttered. “I want a stake.”

Yoongi chuckled. “You want a stake?”

The omega nodded and pulled away just a tiny bit to look at his mate. “I think I’m craving stake. Feed me?”

Yoongi shook his head with a smile. “We can order if you want? Maybe some noodles also?”

Jimin nodded and hummed softly. He turned around and hugged his pillow. Yoongi smirked and reached out for his phone. The order was ready in five minutes and they promised him that the food would be there in an hour. Yoongi thanked the nice woman on the phone and hung up. Jimin was snoring lightly again.

Baby?” He leaned to kiss the omega’s shoulder. “We have to get up!”

“Don’t wanna,” Jimin mumbled.


The omega nodded. “And emotionally exhausted.”

Yoongi frowned. “Your mother?”

The omega nodded again with his back still turned to his mate. “Do you know I have a big brother? Well, a half-brother.” He turned around and lay on his back. His fingers started skimming over his stomach absentmindedly. “This is why my mother did not love me.”

“What?” Yoongi supported his body on his right elbow.

Jimin sighed. “Yeah. My father killed her mate and forced her into a marriage.” The omega’s eyes saddened. “Then he raped her and… I’m the result.”

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi reached out and slid the back of his fingers over the omega’s face. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Jimin shrugged and tried to smile. “I have you, right?”

“Always,” Yoongi whispered and planted a soft kiss over the omega’s lips. “You’ll always have me.”

“What happened to you though?” Jimin frowned. “You remembered something when my mother appeared.”

“She told us the truth,” Yoongi fell on his back and rubbed his eyes. “I remembered her voice. She called the police and the ambulance back then… of what I was able to remember. I also remembered the voices around me… you know? They thought I’m unconscious, but I could hear them. I could feel everything, but I couldn’t react… or talk.”

He felt how Jimin snuggled in him. The omega’s head rested over his collarbone and a kiss was planted over his scent gland. His omega did not say another word. He just showed to his alpha that he was there for him. That Yoongi was not alone. He was never going to be alone again and that thought gave him some calmness.

The food arrived just on time. Jimin ate everything on his plate and Yoongi chuckled from time to time. The omega had a huge appetite right now. That was normal, he thought. Jimin was eating for two. The alpha slid a hidden look to the omega’s flat stomach. He was going  to start to show soon. His body would become rounded. Yoongi could not wait for that to happen. A strange possessive feeling took him on its wings. His omega was caring his pup in his womb right now. It was a new and intriguing feeling. But, Yoongi thought, this was a normal alpha behavior. And he dreaded for some normalcy in his life.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Jimin had caught that look, but Yoongi did not blush. He just shrugged.

“I thought of my pup you are caring in you,” he furrowed his eyebrows. “This feels good!”

Jimin flustered. “You are such an alpha!”

“That I am,” the wolfy smile appeared again and the omega felt weak in his knees. It was good that he was sitting.

“Nice,” the omega purred and his sides went all pink. “It’s so nice…”

Yoongi chuckled in that moment, but before he was able to respond to the challenge the doorbell rang. “Are we expecting someone?” He looked at the omega, but Jimin shrugged. Yoongi frowned and went to open the door.

“Move!” He was pushed away by Taehyung even before he was able to say hi. His eyes followed the beta, who hid in the bathroom and slammed the door behind his back.

“I don’t know why he is like this,” his brother patted him on the shoulder and Yoongi turned around. Jungkook was standing there and frowning. “I told him that he has to stay in the bed, but he refused.”

Yoongi stepped aside and let his brother enter his home. “Tae is sick?” He followed Jungkook inside. “Since when?”

“Since last week,” Kookie took a seat on the couch, where Jimin was.

“Sick?” Jimin’s voice was worried. “Did you visit a doctor?”

Kookie frowned again. “He’s refusing.”

“Kook-ah,” Yoongi trailed off.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Jungkook put his hands up in a defensive move. “You know how stubborn Tae can be. He told me that he is a nurse and he knows better.”

“You’re an alpha!” Yoongi scoffed. “Make him listen to you!”

“You do know Tae is a beta, right?” Jungkook frowned. “I can’t make him do anything against his will. He’s not an omega that would just submit! Sorry, Jimin-ssi!” He threw an apologizing look at the omega.

“Non-taken,” Jimin simply waved his hand. He had stopped feeling offended a long time ago. Besides, Yoongi never used his ability to force Jimin do something that he did not want. “But he’s sick and you have to take care of him.”

“He is not letting me!” Jungkook let out a frustrated sigh. “Maybe you can convince him?” He sent a pleading look to Jimin.

“I am not sick!” The beta appeared just in that moment. “It’s just a minor flu,” he sighed and relaxed in one of the armchairs. “Just calm down, all right?”

Jungkook opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again with angry expression on his face. His angry hormones tickled Jimin in a bad way and he let out an involuntary whine. Yoongi sensed his omega distress and shot his brother a look. “Calm down or I’d kick you out, Kook-ah!” He snarled and the other alpha slumped down on his seat.

“I’m sorry, hyungs!” Jungkook looked at his brother and his omega apologizing. His angry hormones settled down and Jimin relaxed in the same moment. “I guess I’m just annoyed of how my supposed mate,” he waved his hand towards Tae, “is not listening to a word I have to say!”

“Because you’re stupid,” Tae sighed and cupped his mouth again, dashing towards the bathroom.

Jimin sighed and looked at the brothers. Yoongi was still frowning and Kookie was giving him the most adorable puppy eyes on the planet. “Okay, fine!” Jimin got up from his place. “I’ll talk to him!”

“Ugh, thank you!” Kookie yelled after him. “You are the best hyung ever!”

Jimin only smiled and shook his head. He had a soft spot for Kookie. He had accepted him as his own brother since the moment Jimin and Yoongi had rediscovered each other. And now even more so.

Tae was sitting on the cold floor in the bathroom. His forehead rested against the toilet and he was trying to regain his normal breathing. The water just had been flushed as Jimin was able to see. He sighed and took one of the plastic cups that Yoongi had stashed for him on the bathroom sink. The omega felt nauseous at the early stages of his pregnancy and Yoongi thought that they should have cups in the bathroom as well. Now he was thankful to his mate.

He poured some water into the cup and handed it to Taehyung. The beta sighed and took it from Jimin’s hand. Then he leaned back on the tiles and closed his eyes while taking a sip. Jimin was observing him carefully. He wondered if what he thought was the truth here. Well, maybe he just had to shoot in the dark and see what the reaction would be.

“How long are you feeling like that, Tae?” He asked quietly and took a seat on the tub, opposite his friend. “But please be honest with me.”

“Two weeks,” Tae’s voice was raspy from all the vomiting and his eyes were still close. “But Kookie doesn’t know about it. He knows only for one.”

“You know what’s wrong with you, don’t you?” Jimin tilted his head.

Tae nodded and that only confirmed his suspicion. “Yes,” he said. “I’m a nurse after all. I know.”

“Then why don’t you tell Kookie?” The omega asked carefully. “Are you afraid of something?”

Tae finally looked at him. “I don’t want him to have his hopes up, yet.”


“I’m a beta, Jimin!” Tae leaned his elbows on his folded legs. “You don’t know how we work around such… situation. We can’t be sure for awhile… because as you know, we’re not made to do it as you do.”

Jimin opened his mouth and then closed it again. Then he nodded with understanding. “Okay, but this takes too long for him not to notice.”

“He’s… Oh no!” Tae leaned quickly again over the toilet and Jimin sighed.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and walked out. When he passed through the living room, he was able to see the question glances over him, but he just shrugged. It was not his job to say anything. He grabbed a box with biscuits from the kitchen and went back to see how Tae was.

Apparently the worst part was over, because Tae was now washing his mouth over the sink. He was able to stay at least. Jimin waited for him to finish and shoved the box into his friend’s hands. “What?” Tae stared at him with confusion.

“They will help you,” Jimin shrugged, watching how the beta was pulling out a biscuit. “Have this in the morning, instead of your normal breakfast and you’ll be fine.”

“Really?” Tae looked at him with disbelief.

“The nausea won’t disappear, but it will be reduced,” Jimin nodded. “Trust me, I know!”

Taehyung just shrugged and took a bite. Then they went back in the living room.

Yoongi threw a look at the box in Tae’s hands and his eyes went big. Jimin shook his head to warn him and formed the words “Don’t talk!” with his mouth. Thankfully, Yoongi caught.

“Don’t talk about what?” Sadly, Jungkook had caught them as well.

Chapter Text







“Don’t talk about what?” Jungkook asked once again. He looked between Yoongi, Jimin and Tae, still completely oblivious. “Can somebody explain it to me, please?”

“Jungkook listen…” Jimin coughed nervously. “Tae is not sick. He is-”

“Pregnant!” Tae interrupted his friend. “I’m pregnant!” Jungkook remained frozen on his place. His face got pale and his eyes went wide. “Kook-ah?” The beta rushed to him. “Kook-ah you have to breathe!” He shook the alpha’s shoulders, but Kookie just stood there. Tae looked at Jungkook’s  brother. “What’s wrong with him? I’ve never seen him like this.”

“He’s in shock… I guess,” Yoongi mumbled and waved his hand in front of his brother’s face. “Kook-ah? Kook-ah, come back lil bro!” Still no reaction. Then Yoongi decided to work over his brother’s alpha instincts and reached out to Tae. “Scream,” he said when he touched the beta. Tae looked at him strange, but did what he was asked for.

Kookie’s reaction was immediate. He reached out and grabbed his brother’s arm. They could hear a quiet rumble echoing in the room. “You’re back!” Tae cupped his alpha’s face and forced him to look at him.

“You have to visit a doctor,” Kookie was finally back to his senses. “Now!”

“Excuse me?” Tae frowned.

“Hyung,” Kookie looked at Jimin, who was sitting on the armchair. “Can you give me the phone of your doctor? We have to visit him… and soon!”


Kookie tilted his head and pulled Tae down to sit on his lap. “I didn’t ask for your permission.”

Jimin coughed and looked up at his mate. “Love? Can you write it down on some paper? I’m feeling kind of dizzy right now and I can’t get up.” 

Yoongi nodded and disappeared into the kitchen. Jimin took a deep breath and his eyes stopped over the young couple on the sofa. Taehyung was trying to get up, but Jungkook was holding him tight. The alpha was feeling already protective over his mate. The thing was, the betas did not like that type of behavior. They were independent creatures. Their emotions were not in chaos as it was with the omegas when they were pregnant. Also, Jimin had never seen a pregnant beta before. He knew it was possible, but it was rare occasion. Besides, not every beta was able to conceive. As Tae had told him once, it happened really rare. It was probably once in a lifetime, but maybe Tae was lucky.

The thing that Jimin did not know was how everything worked with the betas. How they were able to endure the whole pregnancy and why they could not deliver. If the labor process was not natural, as it was with the omegas, they had to perform a C-section. Jimin bit his lower lip. He had so many questions.

“Here,” Yoongi came back with a piece of paper and handed it to his brother. “This is the phone. Call and he’ll tell you when to visit him. We’re scheduled for two weeks from now. Jimin needs closer observation because of his anemia.”

“Is everything okay?” Jungkook looked at Jimin with worry in his eyes.

“Yah,” the omega tried to smile. “Doctor Choi assured us that everything will be fine as long as we keep his prescriptions. I have to take few extra substances, but everything looks okay so far.”

“How are you feeling?” This time was Tae who asked. “Do you still have morning sickness? Is it as bad as mine?”

“I’m at the end of my third month, so it’s not as severe as it was at the beginning.” Jimin shrugged. “Now I’m only getting dizzy from time to time.”

“I don’t have morning sickness,” Tae frowned. “I have all day one.”

Jimin chuckled. “It’ll pass Tae, don’t worry.”

“Maybe we can have a coffee date sometime this week?” Tae looked at his friend. “I have few questions I want to ask.”

“This is why we’re going to visit the doctor, Tae.” Jungkook frowned.

“I want to ask someone who’s been through this, you idiot!” The beta scoffed. “I find it far less intimidating!”

“Listen Tae-”

“How about this Monday?” Tae interrupted his mate. “I know Yoongi and Kook will be at the office and you’re not working Mondays. What do you say?”

“I’d love to!” Jimin smiled. “I’ll try to answer every question you have.”

“Perfect!” Tae sighed and took another biscuit. “It really helped, Minnie!” He nodded at the box of biscuits over the table. “Can I borrow them?”

“Sure,” Jimin nodded. “I have two more boxes.”

“Okay,” Tae was finally able to set himself free of Kookie’s iron grip and got up. Then he took his alpha’s hand. “I’m ready to go home. I need a warm bath and I need to be pampered.”

“You?” Jungkook stared at his mate. “You need pampering?”

“Blame the hormones! Bye, guys!” He said and turned around, walking to the front door. Kookie followed him, waving at Jimin, who was still afraid to get up.

Yoongi walked them to the door and then came back to the living room. Jimin had moved to lie down on the sofa. His eyes were closed and his face had its normal color. But Yoongi was still worried. “Should I call the doctor, jagiya?” He asked softly.

“Nah,” Jimin sighed. “It will pass and I’ve read about this. It’ll take time until the substance starts working. When I feel dizzy I have to lie down and put my feet up.”

Yoongi sat on the sofa as well, taking Jimin’s legs and placing them over his lap. The omega sighed with pleasure and that put a smile over the alpha’s face. “Better?”

“Mhmm,” the omega trailed off. “I wish everything will go good with Tae.” He said after a short silence. “He told me that the pregnancy is different with the betas.”

“I hope everything goes smoothly,” Yoongi agreed, massaging Jimin’s feet. “Jungkook went in shock when he heard the news. He wasn’t prepared at all.”

“Tae said that his nausea appeared two weeks ago,” Jimin finally opened his eyes. “He hid it from Kook, because he did not want him to have false hopes. He told me he wanted to be sure that everything is okay with the pup.”

“Maybe it’s for the best that you’re pregnant together,” Yoongi rubbed his omega’s calves. “You’ll have a friend to talk about it.”

“Yeah,” a small smile appeared on Jimin’s face. “I haven’t thought about it, but now when you mentioned it… yeah. It would be good to talk to someone, who experience what I’m experiencing.”

The alpha chuckled. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my brother. He’s… handy. I mean, I have to be the hyung now. Like… for a long time.”

“But you are the hyung, Yoon!” Jimin chuckled.


A painful flash crossed Yoongi’s mind.

A thunder…. A lightning… A sound of a doorbell and people talking around. He was at the café. It was raining. The people were not as much as usual. And then he sniffed the air. Orange and vanilla… sweet… intoxicating…

His eyes lifted up to the door and he saw him. Omega. Not just any omega, he thought. His omega. His mate. Yoongi blinked few times and then turned around, acting on the instinct.

“Caramel macchiato,” he slid the steaming cup to the gorgeous omega, now sitting at the bar. The place was half-hidden from the door.

“Excuse me?” A pair of confused and sad chocolate eyes met his ones. “I didn’t order.”

“It’s on the house,” Yoongi gave him a wink and the omega blushed.


“Park Jimin,” the gorgeous omega said his name in a rush. “I have to go now!”

“Min Yoongi,” he tilted his head, feeling a small pang in his chest.

“I’ll come back,” the omega promised.


“I’m older than you,” Yoongi chuckled leaning over the bar plot. “You should call me hyung!”

“You are not my hyung?” Jimin blushed, wrapping his hands around an empty cup.

“Why?” Yoongi teased.

“Because… I feel like… you can’t,” he blinked few times and his eyes went sad again. “I don’t want that. I want-”



“Yoongi?” Jimin was calling his name repeatedly and Yoongi got pulled out of his vision. “You have to breathe, love.” Jimin cupped his face and stared into his eyes. “I’m here, with you. Take a deep breath now, okay? And then let it go,” his voice was soft and Yoongi listened to him. It took him some time to go back to his senses, but then came the headache. He leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes, trying to relieve the pressure over his brain. “Let me get you your pills, okay?” Jimin said in the same voice and carefully got up from the couch.

He was back a minute later, holding a glass of water and Yoongi’s painkillers. Yoongi took them and his head leaned back on the sofa. His eyes remained close. Then he could feel Jimin’s fingers, carefully cradling though his now damp hair. “These episodes get more violent every time,” the omega murmured and forced his mate to lie down on his lap. Yoongi sighed with pleasure. “I wish we have some second opinion. Maybe do another scan? I know it’s painful for you to remember, but I can’t watch you like this. It hurts me too.”

“I’ll do whatever you want if that could calm you, jagiya,” Yoongi trailed off. The pills were making him sleepy.

“Okay then,” Jimin whispered. “I’ll call Tae later. Maybe he’ll be able to help with some names.”


“Come back!” somebody was screaming at him. “Come back, Yoongi!”

Another voice. “Don’t die on us, boy!”

“His heart is back in rhythm,” another voice and then someone was crying.

“Hyung, please… please don’t leave me!” Jungkook’s voice.

“He’s alive, boy…” a distant voice was trying to calm him down. Maybe it was Yoongi’s doctor? “Why don’t you stay here with him? Hold his hand maybe? I don’t usually believe in miracles, but I think that since your brother survived that falling… he will be okay.”

Yoongi wanted to react so bad. He wanted to move. He wanted to open his eyes and tell his brother that he was going to be alright. But his eyes were too heavy and he somehow forgot how to move his limbs. Then he felt Kookie’s hand over his one. “I’ll be right here, hyung! I swear! I’ll stay with you!”

Yoongi wanted to cry.



There was no one in the apartment when he woke up this time. Jimin was gone. He was probably out to go and take their son from the kindergarten. Yoongi sighed and rested his folded arm over his face. His brain was definitely fucking with him. His memories were coming back like a flood. His migraine was as heavy as ever. There was not anyway he could escape it. Hoseok had told him that it was going to hurt. But he never mentioned that it was going to hurt that bad.

The alpha carefully sat on the sofa, trying to adjust his body to a sitting position. It was rare now, but there were still such episodes where he needed some time to make his limbs, and body work together again. It usually happened when he was severely exhausted mentally of physically. The day was exhausting for him, if he had to be honest. Therefore, Yoongi took a deep breath and got up slowly. He tried to move again and he felt relief when that happened with no problem.

He went to the kitchen to get some water. It felt good, he thought, to be able to do everything on his own. His head was still hurting, but it was not as severe as it was when he had woken up. Yoongi sighed with frustration and went to the bathroom, taking a smaller dose for his headache… again. His instincts were telling him not to worry Jimin about it. His omega was strong indeed, but his alpha’s instincts now, when he was pregnant, took over him. He wanted to protect Jimin with all that he had.

“Appa?” Yoongi heard his son’s voice and shook his head lightly. Then a smile appeared on his face. “Where is appa?” The boy kept asking and Yoongi walked out of the bathroom. Yoon’s eyes lit up when he saw him. “Appa is here? Appa!”

Jimin was barely able to take off the boy’s shoes when he was already running to his appa. The omega sighed with annoyance, but then shrugged it off. He carefully got up and closed the door behind his back. His eyes were up just on time to see how Yoongi was hugging his son. The look on his face melted Jimin’s heart. His alpha, he thought, his precious alpha.

It really struck him just how hard he had missed him. He felt so incredibly lonely while Yoongi was missing. He wanted to go to him so badly that he had forgotten his own life. It was strange really, how Jimin did not feel sorry about it. He would die for his mate that instant. He would want to live for him just the same. Maybe it was time that he would choose the second option?

Chapter Text







It was not a nightmare that awoke Yoongi that night. It was not his nightmare. It was Jimin, who was tossing and turning in the bed. The heavy smell of distress was reeking out of him. Yoongi tried to wake him up, but apparently, the omega’s sleep was heavy. The alpha got scared for his mate, because at one point Jimin started to cry and talk in his sleep.

“No, eomma… please… please let me die…” He was begging his mother apparently. “I wanna see him again… I don’t wanna stay here… No…” 

Yoongi’s blood ran cold. Jimin was reliving his grief again. He reached out to touch the omega’s face. “Jimin-ah… please, wake up! I’m here, jagiya… I’m here!”

 “I don’t care about the kid!” Jimin sobbed. “Take him out! Take him… I want to be with Yoongi… Yoongi! Why is he not here, Jin-hyung? Why?”

“Jimin-ah, please!” Yoongi begged him again. Every tear fallen out the Jimin’s eyes felt like a dagger to his heart.

“Yoonie, baby… he’d love you!” Jimin’s sobs quieted, but did not stop. “I know, baby… I miss him too! I miss him so bad…” Now Yoongi was crying along with his mate. “The butterfly? I told you, he’s going home… yes, to your appa… Yoonie, please… please don’t cry… I want him too… I want him so bad…” Yoongi wrapped his arms around his omega, hoping that he could feel him soon. “I miss you… my alpha… miss you so bad that it hurts… how long I have to wait? How long?”

“Jiminie…” Yoongi tried to reach to his mate again. He sat on the bed, pulling Jimin with him. Now the omega was tightly wrapped in his arms and his head was resting over Yoongi’s shoulder. “Jiminie… please wake up! Please…”

This time his voice worked its magic and the omega’s body felt suddenly pliant into his embrace. Jimin sniffed over the alpha’s shoulder and Yoongi could feel the exact moment when the omega was finally awake. “Yoongi?” He sobbed quietly. “You are real, right? Right?”

“Yes, jagiya…” the alpha whispered and planted a kiss over his mate’s forehead. He felt how Jimin fisted the soft material of his pajama shirt. “I’m here now and I’m real. You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

“I’m so scared, Yoongi,” the omega whispered as well. “I’m so scared to wake up in the morning and find myself pregnant and alone again. I’m so afraid of losing you!”

“My little omega,” Yoongi sighed and planted another kiss over Jimin’s forehead. The omega looked up at him. His eyes were sore red and his lips were puffy. He looked so small and fragile. “I’m here now, okay? I will be here, no matter what happens!”

Jimin allowed himself to smile then. He stared at Yoongi’s lips for a moment, until the alpha finally leaned in to give him a kiss. It was not a passionate kiss. It was soft and tender, a reassuring one. But that soft moment was quickly interrupted by Yoon, running into their room with tears in his eyes, holding his bunny plushy.

“Appa? App-aaa!” The boy cried and climbed up the bed. Jimin was fast to make a room for his son on Yoongi’s lap. “M-monster!”

“Monster?” Yoongi gave the already calm Jimin a puzzled look. The omega simply shrugged and shook his head with a smile. “Where’s the monster baby?” Yoongi asked his son with a soft, calming voice.

“Un-under my-my bed!” Yoon wrapped his small arms around his appa’s neck and hugged him tightly. “It scawed me-e-e!”

“Don’t cry, Yoonnie…” Yoongi rubbed his small back. “Do you want appa to go and fight the monster away?” The boy shook his head and sniffed. “Do you want to sleep with amma and me tonight then?” Yoon nodded enthusiastically and soon enough, he was fast asleep between him and Jimin.

The omega stayed awake long after his two boys were fallen asleep. His hand was resting over Yoongi’s one over their son’s body and he felt calm. Ever since Yoongi was back in their lives, Yoon was already too invested in his father. He basically adored Yoongi. There was nothing wrong that his father could do in his eyes. But just like Jimin, he was still afraid that Yoongi was going to leave them.

Never before Yoon had complained about the imaginary monsters. He started having these nightmares recently and Jimin often wondered if this was not all because, his son was afraid that he was going to lose his father again. Jimin had never thought that Yoon could be afraid of something like this. Maybe his son was projecting his own fears. Maybe Jimin had to try and calm down for the sake of his son. Maybe he had to take some time and get to know his son again. He felt bad that he was so focused over his and Yoongi’s problems lately that he had not paid enough attention to Yoon and his fears.

“Go to sleep, jagiya!” Jimin could hear the quiet whisper of his mate and sighed. “I can hear you thinking…”


“Tomorrow,” the alpha’s voice was stern. “You can think about everything tomorrow. Your body and your mind need some rest now, Jimin. Go to sleep!” The alpha’s undertones were clear now and Jimin had to admit that he indeed felt tired.

“Okay, my alpha…” he murmured and was able to hear Yoongi’s satisfied rumble. A small smile danced over Jimin’s lips when he was falling asleep. His alpha was finally turning into his true self again.




When the summer finally came with its hottest days, Jimin entered the second trimester of his new pregnancy. His doctor was still insisting that the omega should visit him two times every month. Jimin’s anemia was still present, but it was not as tiring as before and there were some signs of improvements. The omega was finally able to take a deep breath and enjoy his pregnancy. This time, they took the little Yoon with them. Jimin and Yoongi were about to see their baby for the first time in 4D monitor and wanted to include the third member of their small family in this special occasion. Jimin was excited and Yoongi was trying to calm him down and slow down his heart rate with his pheromones. Yoon was also energetic the whole day, as if sensing that there is something big coming up.

“Ah, this is the little Yoon, right?” Doctor Choi smiled when he saw the small pup in Yoongi’s secured arms. Yoon hid his face in his father’s shoulder shyly. “Aw, why so shy pup?” The kind doctor cooed.

“He’s always like this with strangers,” Yoongi watched how Jimin took his place carefully and then sat right beside of him, holding Yoon on his knees and bouncing him from time to time. “How are the results this week?” He asked the doctor anxiously and sensed how Jimin stiffened beside of him.

“Everything’s good,” the doctor smiled. “I can see that Jimin takes his pills regularly. Do you take more breaks at work now?”

Jimin nodded. “Just as you told me, doctor. I take more breaks and I’m not lifting anything heavier than a book.”

“Good!” Doctor Choi smiled. “Now, the amma looks good.” He winked at them and Jimin blushed. They could hear how Yoon chuckled cutely also.  “Should we take a look at the pup now? Let’s hope they are going to show themselves to us now.”

Jimin got up with that sentence, but maybe it was too quick because he felt how the world started spinning around him again. “Oops,” he said and grabbed Yoongi’s elbow.

“Not too quick, Jimin!” The doctor went back to his stern voice. “You have to be careful with your moves right now, okay?”

Jimin nodded, finally able to breathe again. He looked up at Yoongi and saw his worried face. “I’m fine,” he mouthed the words and Yoongi nodded, but the worry never left his eyes.

When they finally were able to see their new pup on the monitor, Jimin was not ready for all the emotions that showered over him. First – he was not able to see anything, but only to hear the strong sounds of the pup’s heartbeat. Doctor Choi looked satisfied, so Jimin took that as a good sign. Then he pushed the affix down gently, but in a way that made the omega worried for his pup. But… he could not think that much of this, because…

“Here she is…” doctor Choi stopped moving and turned the monitor to Yoongi and Yoon, so they were able to see the new pup as well. “This is your little lady waving at you.”

“L-l-lady?” Yoongi stammered.

“Calm down, love…” Jimin was overwhelmed with emotions, but still was able to reach out and hold his alpha’s hand. “Take a deep breath and calm down.” He said the words and then followed his own advice. Then…

“Pup?” Yoon’s voice echoed in the room and Jimin saw his boy pointing at the screen.

“Yes, baby…” Jimin whispered. “A pup.”

“Yoonie’s pup?” He blinked and looked up at his appa. “Appa? Yoonie’s pup?”

“Yes, my boy!” Yoongi took a shaky breath and planted a kiss over his son’s head. “That’s our pup…”

“Everything looks okay,” the doctor moved the affix around and took some measures of the pup and Jimin’s placenta. “The small lady is developing well, has the right measures and looking good.” He snapped few pictures of the pup and pulled back. “Jimin, you look good now too. The placenta is well formed and the oxygen levels for the baby look good, although… I want you to try and calm down. I don’t want you to stress too much and please, take more rests.”

“Okay, doctor!” Jimin nodded while cleaning his stomach with a napkin.

“I don’t want to go too overboard with medications, so… I’m going to ask you straight again – how do you feel about your baby?” He waited for Jimin to look at him. “Do you think you’re going to struggle with this one as well?”

“I love her,” Jimin’s words were quiet, but brought a smile to the doctor’s face. “I don’t think there will be a problem this time.”


When they got back home and make sure that Yoon is in his bed for his afternoon nap, Yoongi insisted that they should lie down as well. Jimin did not oppose. He was not tired, but he always welcomed Yoongi’s wish for some affection. So, they lie down on the bed.  Yoongi was resting his upper body on the headboard and Jimin was lying between his arms. The omega’s arms rubbed the small bump lazily and the alpha’s hands were resting over them. Jimin felt so relaxed that he started purring. He had not felt that way in a while.

“What are you thinking?” Yoongi planted a kiss over Jimin’s head. His voice was calm and soothing. Jimin never thought that an alpha could talk like that.

“Do you think I should call my mom?” The omega asked openly. He did not want to hide anything from his mate. His previous experience had taught him not to hide how he feels. “I’m been few weeks now and I know for sure that she’s still in Seoul.”

“I don’t know,” Yoongi’s answer was just as calm. “How do you feel about it?”

Jimin paused for a second. “I’m not sure how I feel, but she is my mother after all.”

“You are conflicted then?” Yoongi released one of his hands and rested his palm over Jimin’s baby bump.

“I think I’m still angry with her,” the omega shrugged. “I know she saved you, but she never told me that you were alive, Yoongi. What if I had succeeded with one of my attempts? And then… you came to find me and… I wasn’t here?”

Yoongi shuddered. “I get what you mean. So… no then?”

“But then… I think she wants to find my half-brother.” The omega muttered. “I know for sure that I want to know him. I’m curious at least.”

“I don’t know then,” the alpha sighed, cuddling his omega softer. “Whatever you decide I’ll back you up!” He said. “Oh… and jagiya?” Jimin hummed. “Have I told you that I remembered the day I met you?”

Jimin moved his head slightly and looked up. “Really?” His eyes went big. “When?”

“Just few weeks ago?” Yoongi kissed his omega’s cute nose. “I wanted to make sure that the memory does not slip away. I don’t want you to get disappointed.”

Jimin grinned, but he could not react properly, because his phone rang. The omega sighed and reached out to the nightstand. “Hello?” He leaned back on Yoongi.

“Jimin?” His mother sobbed over the phone. Jimin’s blood ran cold. “I found him! I found your brother!”

Chapter Text







Jimin was in state of adopting the new environment. 

It had been few hours since his mother’s call and he was still evaluating the new situation. He had a brother. Yes, he knew the news already, but now – it felt more real. His mother had found his brother. She knew him. That meant – Jimin was about to meet the guy as well. Who was he? Where was he? His mother had refused to tell him more, before she was able to meet the man herself. She wanted to make sure that it was the same guy she thought. It was strange really. Jimin wondered, how it would feel to find your long lost son… It struck him for the first time that his mother must have suffered for her baby. It had probably killed her not to be able to see or hear something from him.

The omega was currently sitting on the sofa in his apartment and watching how Yoongi and Yoon were playing on the floor before bed. Yoongi wanted to play with his son, so Yoon would get tired enough to sleep. The pup was overly excited for the new addition to the family. Although he was quite young, Yoon was probably sensing that something was about to change. His pup senses were not developed that much, but enough to feel the change.

“All right then, champ!” Yoongi finally lifted his son up in his arms. “Give amma a kiss and let’s go to bed.”

“No-o-o-o!” The small pup rubbed his eyes, but leaned to kiss Jimin’s cheek when Yoongi placed him near the omega. “Not sleepy appa.” Yoon yawned and snuggled in his father. Yoongi only winked at his mate and carried him away.

Jimin sighed and reached out for a small pillow to shove it underneath his waist. The changes in his body were already happening. He could feel that. His baby bump was noticeable, although still it could be cupped with only one hand. Yoongi was mesmerized of that fact the first time it had happened. But, Jimin thought, Yoongi’s hands were quite big, so that was not enough factor for a good measurement.

Then the omega could feel how Yoongi’s attitude was slowly changing around him. The alpha wanted to be beside of him almost all the time. His nose was shoved in Jimin’s neck every time he was near. His alpha overprotective nature was apparently telling him to be on high alert all the time. It must have been exhausting for Yoongi. His senses were so messed up. Jimin thought it must be really difficult for the alpha, because his brain was giving him mixed signals.

The omega had talked about that with Tae. The beta nurse had told him that Yoongi’s injury had messed up with his alpha senses. Now they were extremely heightened and Yoongi could go overboard any moment if he sensed that something with Jimin was wrong. Therefore, Jimin was trying really hard not to give distressed signals that much.

To keep Yoongi’s brain occupied, the omega had stepped back and let Yoongi take care of Yoon. The alpha had to be really careful around the kid and besides, Yoon was way too energetic for Jimin right now. The boy was growing and developing nicely, but the omega simply did not have enough power to chase after him.  After all, the pup needed his alpha parent’s guidance and thankfully, Yoongi was more than happy to deal with that.

“Jimin?” The omega could hear his alpha’s quiet voice and lifted up his head, yawning. “Let’s go to bed, jagiya.” Yoongi helped him get up and led him to their bedroom.

Jimin sighed and let himself to be pampered. Nobody pampered him the first time he was pregnant. He shook his head, trying to push the sad thoughts away. He kept reminding himself that Yoongi was here now. That Yoongi would help him pass through everything.

“My alpha,” Jimin whined half-asleep and felt how two strong arms wrap around him.

“I’m here,” Yoongi quiet rumble sounded strangely soothing in his ear.

Jimin finally relaxed his tired body and pushed his nose close to the alpha’s neck. He could feel the calming pheromones that Yoongi released for him. The omega smiled and finally fell asleep.




Yoongi had to go to work on the next morning and that was fine by Jimin. The omega was at work as well. The morning was warm, typical for July. It was early, but the omega was sensing that the day was going to be as hot as hell. He pushed a strand of sweaty black hair off of his forehead and unlocked Seesaw. For his surprise the doorbell rang as soon as Jimin was loaded the coffee machine. A smell of highly distressed omega hit his nose and he looked up. Then he found out that he was not ready for the biggest surprise in his life.

A total of three people were standing by the door. Two omegas and an alpha. Oh, and to be exact – Jin, Namjoon and his mother. What Jimin’s mother was doing there? His confusion did not last too long. Jisoo’s eyes were teary. When the omega looked at the couple beside of her, he saw the confusion in both of their faces. One of them was his brother, Jimin thought, and felt the need to sit down, because his knees were already shaking.

He hissed when his mother took a step towards him. Jisoo stopped abruptly. She blinked with confusion, but then cupped her mouth. She was able to sniff the air around Jimin. “What’s going on?” The omega finally asked.

“Like I told you on the phone, I…” the woman started, but Jin was the one who interrupted her.

“Let’s all take a seat, because I’m not sure how Jimin is going to take all this,” the elder omega went to the younger and took his hand gently. Jimin’s omega did not recognize Jin as a treat and let him do that. The elder took Jimin to the nearest table. Then he went to pour a glass of water for him. “Here you go, Jiminie.” He said and took the seat near him. Then he looked up at his partner.

Namjoon looked lost. His face features were blank, but his eyes were big on his face. As soon as Jimin noticed that he already knew. He could not suppress his inner need to whine in distress and Namjoon’s alpha was quick to respond.

“Don’t be scared, Jiminie,” the alpha took the seat at Jimin’s other side and carefully reached for his hand. Jimin let him and Namjoon sighed with relief. “You don’t have to be scared of me, okay?”

The omega looked up at the guy. That was his brother, Jimin thought. That was the child his mother loved more than she loved him. That was the lost baby. The omega tilted his head and placed his free hand on Namjoon’s face and stared into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said softly and the alpha looked at him with confusion.

“Why, Minnie?” Namjoon asked carefully, his thumb rubbing Jimin’s one calmingly.

“I’m sorry that you lost your mother, because of me!” Jimin’s eyes were filled with tears. “I’m sorry that my father was-”

“It’s not your fault, Minnie!” Namjoon interrupted him. “You are just as innocent as I am.”

“Jiminie…” their mother sobbed and tried to reach Jimin again, but the omega shuddered. “I’m sorry! I wanted only-”

“I know that you suffer,” Jin interrupted the woman. “I know that you must want to get to know your son better, but please. Take a look at your younger and tell me – is now the right time?”

“Jiminie has to be shielded now,” Namjoon said softly. “He has a lot to think about, right?” The omega nodded helplessly. The confusion washed over him. “I’m sure we’ll have enough time to deal with this… mess.” He sighed, but his hand was still holding Jimin’s one. “This came as a surprise for me too,” he said softly. “We all need some time to process all this.” He paused. “Also, Yoongi should be here. He has to be around his mate and take care of him. I don’t think Jimin can think straight right now. Plus…” the alpha trailed off. “He is pregnant and we don’t want to put more pressure on him.”

Jin nodded. “Joonie is right. We need some space here.”

“But how long?” Jisoo sounded broken.

“As long as it needed!” Namjoon sounded firm in his words.

“He is pregnant?” Jisoo’s voice trembled. Now she was able to take a close look at her son. “We’ll have another pup in the family?”

“No!” Jimin could not help but to whine. “It’s not my family!” He panted and stared at Namjoon. The alpha acted as a shield for him. He was sitting between him and his mother. The omega grabbed his hand. “I’m not a Park anymore… I’m not!” He was slowly panicking. “Tell her, hyung! Tell her!”

“Calm down, Minnie,” the alpha’s pheromones were meant to calm his brother down. “Of course you are right,” he looked up at Jin and the elder omega nodded, pulling his phone out. “Of course you’re not a Park anymore. You are a Min now, right?”

Jimin nodded, but his heart was beating fast. Namjoon was trying to calm him with all that he had. That was his brother, Jimin thought absent-mindedly. That was the person, who had the same blood running through his veins. Probably that was the reason, which made him relax for a while. The omega could sense the good intentions. Namjoon was good. He was going to take care of him. He was going to protect him.


Joon’s presence was not enough. Jimin knew who he needed right now. He needed his alpha. No one could make him feel safer than Yoongi. No one could compare with his mate. The omega lowered his head and tried to control his breathing. It was not the moment to be afraid now. It was not the moment to panic. He had to calm down.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jimin heard the voice of his mother. Thankfully, she was not that near.

“His omega is sensing you as a threat,” Jin’s voice was flat. “He needs his space to feel safe again. Namjoon is helping him.”

“I’m not going to harm him,” his mother’s voice trembled. “He is my son!”

“I don’t care what are you saying,” Jin scoffed, but lowered his voice. “Jimin is scared and vulnerable. He doesn’t need all that pressure over him right now. All he needs is to feel safe and calm.”

“How long before Yoongi is here?” Namjoon’s voice was calm. Jimin knew that the alpha was trying not to scare him. “His distress is continuing far too long.”

“Five minutes,” Jin answered. “He said that he is on his way. Damn it! I knew that was a mistake!” The elder omega cursed. “I shouldn’t listened to you!” He was probably addressing Jisoo. “Our Minnie should not be under this kind of stress right now! He should be protected! Yoongi should’ve been here.”

“I didn’t know-”

Jisoo’s voice was cut off by the sound of a door opening. A smell of a rainy forest hit Jimin’s nose and he put his head up in that moment. “My alpha?” Another whine left his mouth.  

Yoongi growled in response and Jimin saw how Namjoon stepped back. Yoongi took his place immediately. Jimin moved closer to him and Yoongi took him into his lap. He pushed the omega’s head closer to his scent gland and Jimin started scenting him right away. His body visibly relaxed.

“What is going on here?” Jimin could hear Yoongi’s voice. He sounded angry, but protective at the same time. The omega whimpered. “Why my omega is like this?”

“We just found out that I’m his brother,” Namjoon answered. “His mother… ugh… our mother, I guess… decided that it was a good idea to tell Jimin now.”

“Without me?” Yoongi grumbled. “Are you out of your mind? You know how fragile Jimin is right now. You should’ve called me first so I could prepare him for all this.”

“I didn’t even know that he was pregnant,” Jisoo’s voice was small.

“Still,” Yoongi scoffed and rubbed Jimin’s back. “You know how broken he was… by you! Your family broke him! Why did you think that he’s going to take you back so easily?”

“I’m his mother!”

“You weren’t his mother before,” Yoongi’s voice was ice cold. Jimin finally relaxed. His alpha’s pheromones worked over him and now he rested his head over Yoongi’s shoulder. “And now you suddenly decide for him?”


“Jin-hyung, can I take him home?” Yoongi interrupted Jisoo. “He needs his nest to calm down.”

“Sure thing,” Jin answered and Jimin closed his eyes. He felt so tired.

“It’s okay, baby.” Yoongi mumbled, while carrying him out of the café. “We’re going to be home soon and you’re going to relax, okay?”

Yoongi’s voice was so soft that lulled him to sleep even before they were able to reach the car.

Chapter Text







Yoongi had to learn how to adapt and quickly. The next few days, Jimin was unable to do anything. He was just lying in the bed and staring to the window. He was still in a state of distress and Yoongi began to worry about him. The omega was not interested in anything, not even in his kid. And Yoon was demanding attention. However, Yoongi could not be in two places at the same time. So, he called Jin and Namjoon to take the kid for few days. It was not good for him to see his amma like this. He could feel the pressure at home and that was not healthy.

Jin came with Namjoon. The alpha wanted to see his new found brother. He was worried about Jimin and Yoongi could see that written on his face. But even Namjoon could not provoke reaction from the omega. When Yoongi was finally alone with Jimin, he called his doctor to inform him about the condition in which Jimin was. Doctor Choi was not of that much help. He only confirmed Yoongi’s fears that it was not healthy for Jimin neither the baby.

He almost smashed his phone onto the ground when he hung up. Yoongi was not blind. He could see how bad Jimin was even without the doctor’s opinion. Then he decided to call Tae. The beta was a nurse and besides, he and Jimin had formed something as a bond. Maybe the omega would finally calm down around the beta’s presence.

Tae arrived later the same day. Jungkook was with him of course. Ever since they had found out about Tae’s pregnancy, his baby brother was almost always around his mate. A person would say that he was obsessed with him. Well, Yoongi probably was not different than him.

“What happened?” Tae asked worriedly when they entered the apartment. “How long he’s in that way?”

“This is his fourth day,” Yoongi stepped aside to let his brother enter too. “He barely eats and only because I use my alpha’s voice on him.” The alpha rubbed his neck. “I don’t want to force him, but he’s already anemic and… he needs his food and substances.”

“It’s okay, Yoongi!” Tae rubbed his shoulder and tried to smile. “Let me see him, okay?”

Yoongi nodded and let the beta enter the bedroom. Jungkook wrapped his arm around his brother’s shoulder and they both went to the living room. Yoongi needed something to distract him.




During his carrier, Kim Taehyung had never dealt with a pregnant omega. Most of his patients were alphas or betas. The omegas were rare, because they were always looked upon. Also, the alphas around then did not trust another male around their mates. Tae did not know what to expect, but when he entered the bedroom, his nose was able to catch the sour smell of a distressed omega. Ever since he had found out about his pregnancy, his senses heightened. The doctor had told him it’s because of the pup, he was carrying. Before they were born, they had something from all the sub genders in them. Once they were born, the correct sub-gender for them was about to develop.

Now, however, Tae was thankful that he was with a child. He could sense Jimin’s emotions even. That would make his job easier, because he was still a beta. He was still that kind, who was able to calm everyone with their presence. So, when he came close to Jimin and sat at his legs, he could feel the omega’s scent slowly starting to shift. Jimin did not look at him, but the sourness in the air slowly vaporized. Tae reached out and touched his friend’s leg.

“Hey, Jimin-ah?” His voice was the softest beta one, he had ever used. “It’s me – Tae. How are you feeling?”

“Empty,” Jimin’s voice was raspy. The omega was still staring at the window. He probably did not want to talk, but the beta’s undertones were what lulled him to speak. The betas had that effect on people.

“But you are not empty, you know?” Tae slid further up the bed and stroked his friend’s hair. “You have a pup in you. You have a little baby girl, you have to take care. Why don’t you get up and we talk about this, huh?”

“My eomma doesn’t love me, she never was.” Jimin blinked, but finally looked at Tae. “Do you know she found my brother, Tae?” The beta shook his head. “Yeah. Do you know who he is? Namjoonie-hyung!” Jimin sighed. “And I feel so guilty, Tae…” 

“Why, Jiminie?” Tae asked softly. “Why do you have to feel guilty?”

Jimin sighed. “My father killed Namjoon-hyung’s father,” his voice lowered. ”My mother should’ve been with him instead of my father… and… I’m a mistake, Tae. I shouldn’t have existed and-”

“Hey, hey!”The beta interrupted him. “Okay, first of all, these are the sins of your father – not yours! Second of all, what would happen with Yoongi-hyung if you were never born, huh? The pour soul would’ve suffered endless.”

“He suffered enough as it is!” Jimin finally slid up to sitting position. “It was all because of me, Tae! Don’t you see that? How can I learn to live with myself, huh?”

“Again – not your fault!” Tae moved closer to his friend. “You are confused now and I get that, but you also have to realize that you are not alone, Jimin!” His voice became more professional now. “You are carrying another human being in you. You have to take care of your health even more now than ever! You got that?”

Jimin suddenly froze. “I didn’t realize that I-”

“Calm down now,” Tae tried to soften his voice. Maybe he had rushed into things. The omega looked pale now. “It’s not something that cannot be fixed.”

“What if I damaged my child?” Jimin gasped and the air was filled with distressed pheromones.

Tae was not surprised when Yoongi basically rushed into the room. The alpha did not spare him a look even. He climbed up the bed from its other side and took the frightened omega into his arms. Jimin found himself sitting in Yoongi’s lap and with his face pressed to the alpha’s scent gland. Tae watched with amusement how his friend’s body relaxed just few minutes later. Meanwhile Yoongi was glaring at him, his alpha probably angry that Tae had caused his omega’s distress. The beta had to remind to himself that Yoongi’s alpha instinct were heightened thanks to his brain injury. Nothing could be done to fix that problem, so they just had to be more careful around him in times like these.

“Calm down, hyung!” Jungkook entered the room with far more controlled emotions than his brother. His control over his alpha’s instincts was phenomenal when he was taking his suppressants. Tae was thankful to that. “Nothing bad happened here, okay? Tae only wants to help. There is no real threat.”

Yoongi tilted his head. His face was dark. “My omega needs to be safe! He threatened him! I must react!”

Tae took a deep breath and tried to use his calming omega voice again. “I only wanted to help you both, Yoongi-hyung. Jimin has to remember that he is not alone right now. He has to know that he has to be careful, because it’s not only his life on the line.”

“I know,” Jimin uttered, but his face was way calmer than before. He showed his head from his alpha’s shoulders, but his hand was still laying over Yoongi’s shoulder. Jimin leaned his head over Yoongi’s one. “I know that and I’m going to try and remember. It’s still hard to deal with everything right now.”

“You okay?” Yoongi insisted to know, rubbing Jimin’s back with his right hand and his left one was resting over his omega’s belly.

“Yeah,” the omega sighed. “I’m better.”

“Good,” Tae looked back at his mate and Jungkook took his hand, helping him to get up. “Then we should go. I feel like falling asleep any moment.”

“Only because you don’t know how to rest,” the younger alpha muttered.


“Why don’t you use your own advice to Jimin?” Jungkook interrupted him. “You also have to remember that you are not alone now. I don’t get it… why you insist to work, when the doctor specifically told you to rest more?”

Tae rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Why I have to rest when I feel like I can work? I’d feel useless the other way!”

“You really don’t get it, do you?” Jungkook tried to control his temper. “You’re putting our baby at risk! And you act as if I don’t have the voice in the matter?”


“Guys?” Yoongi’s stern voice took their attention. Jimin was whining quietly in his arms. “I’d suggest you take this conversation elsewhere. Thank you for your help, really, but now please… tone this down. Jimin’s had enough emotions for this day, all right?”

Tae and Jungkook both blushed and apologized to the couple. They bid their farewells few moments later and left Yoongi and Jimin alone in the apartment. One thing was clear though – they too had problems in their relationship, but Jimin was too tired to think of them now. The silence was well-welcomed from him and Yoongi.




A week after their conversation, Taehyung was taken into the hospital. He suffered extreme fatigue, which threatened his pup’s life. Jungkook only told his hyung about it, telling him to keep that news hidden from his mate. Jimin was just getting better after the news of his new found brother and was trying to take better care of himself. Yoongi agreed at first, but he hated to lie to his mate. Even though he could not put all the pieces of their previous life together, he somehow felt that they never had secrets from each other.

So, he told Jimin about that. The omega got worried and called his friend. Tae assured him that he was getting better and that he was already discharged. Jungkook had made him promise that he would spend the next few weeks on bed rest and Tae had finally accepted that he had to leave his work for now.

The conversation calmed Jimin and Yoongi felt good that he was able to share with his mate. His eyes never left the omega, while he was running the house. Yoongi decided that he could work from home, every time Jimin was not at work. Yoon was back with them and his presence was like a balm for the both.




One night, few weeks later, Jimin awoke in the middle of the night, feeling thirsty. He sighed with annoyance and carefully got up the bed. His moves had to be precise. If not – his dizziness was there to remind him that it was still present. So, the omega walked carefully to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He sat on the nearest chair and stretched out his legs before him. His free hand lay over his belly. He was in the fifth month now, almost… give or take one week. Only four more months to go. His belly was now having a clear curve. The protuberance was absolutely visible, but Jimin was glad and maybe even happy to flaunt his pregnant body around. His skin became softer and his face glowed. His morning sickness was almost gone, except during certain foods. He had to say bye-bye to the spicy stuff that he loved so much. Some types of noodles also did not work well with his stomach. It was tiring indeed, but he reminded himself that it was for a good cause.

 Yoongi had had one of his episodes earlier that day and that got the omega worried for his mate. It was another memory of his early life in Seoul when he was poor and did not want to call to his parents for help. He had also remembered how he helped Jimin during his study. Bits and pieces of his previous life were finally coming back to him and Jimin tried to be happy for his alpha.

An unknown feeling bubbled in his stomach and took him back to the reality. The omega gasped when the feeling repeated again. The air around him filled with distress and he was not surprised when Yoongi rushed into the kitchen soon enough. Jimin looked up with widened eyes. “Something’s happening!” He gasped, cradling his stomach.




Chapter Text







Yoongi’s blood ran cold. His eyes grew bigger on his face and he tried really hard to keep his emotions on check. It was not time for a panic, he thought. Jimin needed him and the alpha reached out to cover the omega’s hand over his belly. “What’s wrong?” He asked carefully. “What do you want me to do, Jimin-ah?”

“I-I think she’s moving,” the omega’s face softened all of a sudden. His body went pliant all of a sudden. “I can feel her for the first time,” he gasped and took Yoongi’s hand placing it over the right side of his belly. “It’s like… wings of a butterfly,” Jimin blinked few times to punish the sudden tears filled his eyes.  

They waited. Jimin, sitting on the kitchen’s chair and Yoongi on his knees before the omega. Silence filled the room, but they just sat there… waiting. Then all of a sudden, with no warning, Yoongi felt a light move under his palm. It was barely perceptible, but it was there. He gasped with surprise and looked up at Jimin’s face. The omega’s eyes were glossy and he nodded with agreement, as if confirming the move Yoongi had felt.

“Oh my God!” The alpha leaned closer and pressed a side of his face to the place where his palm was, just mere seconds later. “Hey there, little one.” His voice trembled and his arms wrapped around his omega’s middle. He felt how Jimin’s hands buried into his hair and closed his eyes with contented sigh. “I’m your appa,” he muttered and planted a kiss over his omega’s belly.

Jimin suppressed a sob and leaned back on the chair. His look fell over his alpha. Yoongi was so calm now that his body was emitting calming pheromones. They made Jimin somehow sleepy, but he did not mind. He felt so good, running his fingers through Yoongi’s soft hair. The alpha kept talking to his unborn child and Jimin could not stop the thought that he had always dreamed of this moment. Yoongi’s scent wrapped around him like a soft caress. Yoongi’s arms, wrapped around him securely, holding him and their unborn child. Jimin could only hope that their baby girl could feel the love their parents were giving to her.




When it was time for the next ultrasound, Jimin felt hopeful. He was feeling better and hoped that the doctor would give him some good news. He still felt dizzy with sudden moves, but it was not as bad as before. So, when he lay down on the table, he grasped Yoongi’s hand and squeezed it tightly. The alpha gently rubbed his thumb over his omega’s one.

“Let’s see the little lady now,” doctor Choi smiled. “Maybe she won’t be as shy as before and show us her face?”

Jimin was hoping that his little girl would work with them. He waited for the unpleasant feeling of the cold gel over his skin to pass. Then he felt how the doctor slowly moved the ultrasound’s affix over his protuberant belly.

“Okay, the measures are in norm.” He stopped moving the affix on some places and looked at the 4D screen carefully. “The placenta looks good and the oxygen levels are in norm.” His face was serious and focused. He leaned to the ultrasound machine and clicked a button. The sound of fast heartbeats echoed in the room and Jimin’s own heart skipped a beat. “Heartbeats are in norm… okay,” he moved the affix further and Jimin gasped. “Ah, there she is.”

Jimin barely registered the words. There, on the orange-black screen was his baby girl. His baby girl that was there and currently moving inside of him. A certain sound surprised them and Jimin looked at the doctor worriedly. “What’s this?”

“Your baby girl is hiccupping,” doctor Choi smiled.

“Oh,” Jimin relaxed again. “She is so active, but I can feel so little of her. Is that normal?”

“It is,” the doctor nodded. He stopped the machine after he had printed a picture to give the parents. “You’ll be able to feel her a lot more in a few weeks, maybe sooner. There are no reasons to worry for now. She’s developing well.” The doctor handed the ultrasound picture to Yoongi. The alpha was strangely quiet.

When they moved to the cabinet, the doctor explained to them what they have to do further. Like, Jimin had to spend less time on his legs. He had to rest more and stay away from any stress related situations. The omega knew that it was easier said than done though. He still had to deal with his newfound family. The pills for his anemia stayed though. Doctor Choi wanted to avoid any risk with the omega. Jimin was fast to agree.

They left the doctor’s cabinet with lighter steps, but Yoongi was still quiet and his face was serious. His arm was wrapped around Jimin’s waist though. Jimin was not surprised. Yoongi was acting on his alpha’s instincts to keep and protect. He felt especially possessive now.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Jimin asked him when they drove off. The omega was leaning back on his seat comfortably. His hand was resting over his belly.  

“Hm?” Yoongi looked at him briefly. “I was thinking if we should have to move…”

The omega sighed and shook his head lightly. “No, I don’t think so. We’ll simply transform the guest room and it’s gonna be okay.”

“Oh? I haven’t thought about that,” the alpha blinked with surprise. “Good then.”

After another long pause, “Yoongi, tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” the alpha shrugged. “I was just thinking… what if I’m not a good father?”

“What?” The omega gasped.

“I’m just… scared, that’s all.” Yoongi looked at him briefly.

“You are an amazing father, love!” Jimin rubbed his mate’s thigh. “Yoon adores you and the little one will love you as well. I’m sure!”

“Yeah?” Yoongi’s voice sounded a bit unsure when he looked at his mate.

Jimin gave him a reassured smile though. “Yeah!”

“It’s just… I’ve never knew my father,” the alpha looked back at the road. ”I b-b-barely e-e-even n-n-now my own s-s-son..” Yoongi stuttered and Jimin placed a calming hand over his thigh.

“Calm down, love,” He spoke slowly and saw how Yoongi took a deep breath and then released it. “That’s right,” Jimin rubbed his thigh. He moved closer and rested his head over his alpha’s shoulder. “You are an amazing father, trust me!” The omega uttered.




“He’s engaged, Hoseok! Engaged!” Yoongi slammed an empty bottle of beer to the wall. “Fuck this! How? How is he engaged when he is mine, huh?”

His friend tried to touch his shoulder, but Yoongi pushed him away. “He’s not your mate, Yoongi!”

“He belongs to me, damn it!” The alpha grabbed his head in frustration. ”I can feel it and so can he, I swear!”


“His fucking shit of a father beat him, you know?” The alpha was furious. “I found him in the alley with his body covered in bruises! And I can’t do a shit to protect him! I’m so fucking poor…”

“Maybe you should elope?” Hoseok said half jokingly.


“Let’s run away!” Jimin whispered. His naked body softly pressed to Yoongi. Their limbs were tangled together. “Yoongi, I don’t know how much more I can… I can endure. I’m suffocating there!”

Yoongi froze for a moment. It took him a while to answer. “Let’s do it after your heat dies down? Okay? You’ll be graduated and your wedding day is scheduled a week after your heat, so…”

“I want to spend it with you!” Jimin said all of a sudden and looked at his alpha’s face. “Please, Yoongi… I want to… I want to be you!”

“Okay,” Yoongi leaned to capture Jimin’s lips with his own.


“You reek of her!” Yoongi growled and stepped back. His eyes went red.

“Please, forgive me… I… she came near me and… I had to let her scent me and… my-my father…” Jimin reached out for Yoongi’s hand, but the alpha rejected him. “Please… please don’t do this!” The omega pleaded.

“I want you to go away now,” Yoongi was trying to keep it sane. “I don’t want to hurt you, Jimin! You have to go!”

Jimin refused and the next thing Yoongi knew was that he had him pinned to the wall of Hoseok’s apartment. The alpha’s fingers were wrapped around Jimin’s neck aggressively, but when he looked into his eyes, Yoongi did not see fear. He saw… love… and calmness… despite the pain he was causing to his omega. That was right – HIS omega!


“No, no, no!” Yoongi moved frantically in the bed. Jimin was trying to calm him when suddenly, he found himself pinned to the bed. The alpha was not thinking clearly. “I don’t want to hurt you… Jimin… I don’t… please…” Jimin tried not to panic. One of Yoongi’s arms was wrapped around his neck and the other was squeezing the omega’s wrists over his head. “Jimin… please…”

He could not move now and he could not use his voice, but he could use his omega senses. Jimin tried to relax his body and when it did not work, he was simply left himself to be scared. That in return caused his distressed scent penetrate Yoongi’s alpha’s senses and he released his grip around the omega’s neck almost at the same moment. His eyes turned its normal color and then… Yoongi just jumped out of the bed rather abruptly. His eyes were filled with fear.

“Yoon?” The omega spoke carefully, trying to reach him. “Calm down, love… you have to calm down.”

“I almost.. I a-a-almost… hu-u-u-rt you?” Yoongi looked terrified. He slid down on the wall and stared at his omega helplessly. “Oh… and… th-th-the b-b-baby? Oh my, God! Ji-jimin! T-e-ell me that   th-the-”

Jimin took a second to calm his fast heartbeats and get off of the bed. He approached Yoongi carefully. “I’m okay, love.” The omega sat in front of him and looked at his eyes. The guilt that he read there almost broke him. He tried to reach for Yoongi’s hand, but the alpha shook his head. “It’s okay,” Jimin did not give up and took his alpha’s hand in his one. Yoongi’s body was shaking now. “The baby is good,” he placed Yoongi’s hand over his small protuberant belly. “See?” Luckily, their baby girl decided to kick at that moment. “She’s okay…” Jimin reached out and placed his palm over a side of his loved one face. “I’m okay.”

“I’m so… so-sorry,” Yoongi sobbed.  “So s-sorry, Jimin!” He broke down at that moment, falling into his omega’s arms. “I’m so-s-”

“Sh-sh…” Jimin rubbed his alpha’s back calmingly. “It’s okay, love… it’s okay,” he mumbled, kissing Yoongi’s black curls. “We’ll get through this, love… it’s gonna be okay… I promise…”

Just then Jimin was able to realize how weak Yoongi actually was. How helpless he felt towards him… but the omega did not cry. He could not do that. There had to be one of them to be strong… maybe that was him.

Chapter Text









A little over a week after the choking incident, Yoongi and Jimin were sitting on their sofa. Their kid was playing on the living room’s floor before them and the atmosphere was somewhat peaceful. Only the fading yellowish marks around Jimin’s neck were the evidence, left of what had happened a week ago. Yoongi was afraid to touch his mate and Jimin had to work hard to make him stop blaming himself. It happened only once, he had tried to explain to the alpha, but Yoongi could not look at him. Even now, Yoongi was sitting away from his mate and Jimin longed for his touch. He felt sad and distressed, but Yoongi did not even move from his place.

Jimin had finally given up on making his mate touch him willingly. He had called Hoseok instead. The beta had promised to visit them that day and they were waiting for him. Yoongi was carefully observing his son right in that moment. Yoon was playing with the new toy car that his uncle Namjoon had bought him. It was really weird to call Namjoon Yoon’s uncle. The thought itself was still foreign for Jimin. Seokjin’s mate had visited him only once after the truth was revealed. Namjoon did not want to make Jimin feel uncomfortable more than the omega already was. Jimin was thankful for that. He had a lot more to think about right now. He knew that his newfound brother was also something he had to consider, but he also had his own family to think about.

The doorbell interrupted his thoughts. He got up slowly and went to open the door. “Hello!” He greeted Hoseok with a smile and a warm hug. The beta smiled at him. “Thank you for coming, hyung.”

“There is no problem,” Hoseok walked after Jimin in the small living room. He stopped for a moment, observing how Yoongi was playing with his son. “Hello, Yoongi!” The beta said with low voice and Yoongi looked up at his friend with a sigh.

“You didn’t have to come,” the alpha said quietly and let Jimin to take Yoon away from him. It was time for the boy’s afternoon nap. The omega smiled at his mate and took their son’s hand in his one. It did not take him much time to lead Yoon away from the room. The boy was already yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“What is the problem, Yoon?” Hoseok sat opposite his friend. He leaned back on his chair. “Jimin told me the most of it, but I want to hear your point of view as well.”

“I choked him,” Yoongi coughed and lowered his look, finding his way back to the sofa. His head hung between his shoulders. His hands rested at the both sides of his body. He could not look his friend at his face.

“Why you think you did this?” Hoseok asked carefully.

“I’ve had… an episode,” Yoongi shrugged. “Or flashbacks as you prefer to call them. I think I’ve tried this before.”

Hoseok took a deep breath. “Yes, you did… but it was not you. It was your inner alpha let out without any control!”

“So it was not a nightmare?” Yoongi’s voice cracked and he looked up at his friend. “Why did not you tell me I was like this? I did not know I was so… violent!”

Hoseok shook his head. “No, Yoongi… listen,” the beta tilted his head. “The reason you were like this before it was because Jimin was promised.” He paused. “That drove you mad for few times, because both of you felt the connection when you met each other. You could feel his suffering and Jimin could feel yours,” Hoseok stared at Yoongi. “The night when you slipped was when Jimin had a dinner with his family,” the beta frowned. “He sneaked out of his house to come and see you. I was not there though. But you tell me that you were pissed off to the point of harming him.”

“I was a monster? Fuck!” Yoongi grabbed the both sides of his head and tugged his black curls up. “Why you let me near him?”

“No, no! You’re missing the point, Yoon,” beta tried to comfort him. “You told me that you asked Jimin to go, but he insisted on staying. You told me that he did not put up a fight when you grabbed his neck. He never submitted to you also. He had a trust in you that you’re going to stop… and you did!”

“Oh, my God!’ Yoongi clenched his fists and sighed with frustration. “But why? Why…?”

“Because you could not take it anymore,” Hoseok said quietly, “and so as Jimin.  You shared with me that Jimin was talking about committing suicide and that only you were stopping him from leaving this world.”

“Oh, Jimin…” Yoongi pressed the palms of his hands to his eyes. “He had to go through so much and I wasn’t even there… It’s not fair, Hoseok!”

“It’s not,” Hoseok answered him calmly. “But you are here now, so you can make up to him. You can stay beside of him and help him. You can love him and give him the carrying he deserves.”

“But I tried to kill him!” Yoongi insisted.

“No,” Hoseok shook his head negatively. “That was your alpha instinct remembering the time Jimin was not yours. But he is now, Yoongi.” The beta smiled. “Jimin is your omega and you should not be afraid to be afraid. You should not be afraid to touch him, okay?”

Yoongi nodded. “I will try, Hoseok-ah,” he said just as Jimin was entering the room.

“Yoon fell asleep,” the omega said and took his place beside Yoongi. The alpha placed his hand on Jimin’s waist. “He is cranky though.”

“Is it always that hard?” Hoseok asked Jimin and the omega smiled.

“Yes, I think he took that from me,” the omega yawned. “I was never a sleeper when I was a little kid.”

“Yoongi was,” Hoseok chuckled. “His mom once told me how bad he was.”

“Shut up!” The alpha growled at his friend.

“Oh, yeah,” Hoseok pretended he never heard his friend. “Yoongi refused to eat when he was Yoon’s age. His mother had to tell him a story first.”

“She was good,” Yoongi shrugged. “So, you were a sleeper, Jimin-ah?” The omega turned his look towards his soulmate.

“They could not wake me up,” Jimin shook his head. “My nanny often had headaches, because I was not ready on time. When that happened, she knew that I was going to be punished.”

“Your father beat you for that too?” Yoongi clenched his fists.

Jimin nodded. “He only needed a little to punish me. I think he never liked me though. Maybe if I was born an alpha…”

“No, you shouldn’t say that,” Yoongi pulled Jimin closer to his body. “You are good just the way you are, Jiminie!”

Jimin only smiled and leaned his head on Yoongi’s shoulder. He looked satisfied and Yoongi could not smell any distress on him. It was the total opposite. Jimin was fully relaxed into Yoongi’s arms.

“I can see that you two are doing okay,” Hoseok got up and got ready to leave. “Just remember to calm down and relax, Yoongi.” He looked at his friend. “Remember that this is not you and your memory. You are strong my friend, you always were.”

“Thank you, Hobi,” Yoongi nodded and followed his old friend to the door. “Thank you for coming. That really helped me.”

“Say no more!” Hoseok chuckled. “I’m always here when you or Jimin need me.”

They shook hands and the beta left the apartment. Yoongi came back to his omega with a lighter heart.





Taehyung entered the four month of the pregnancy when Jimin was at his sixth one. Everything was way too difficult around him. The previously active beta, now had to keep the bed. He was absolutely forbidden to work and lift up heavy objects. Jungkook on the other hand had to endure his mate constant complaining. He was strong though and he was able to do that with no problem. Sometimes he joked that he needed a medal when that was over. Tae was not an easy person to care about. He was usually at the giving end of that chain. Now someone had to do it for him and he hated it. He hated to be dependent on somebody else.

Jungkook could feel that and he called his brother few times for some help. The dynamic between the brothers also changed. Jungkook was finally able to be the small one between them. The years that followed Yoongi’s rehabilitation period he was forced to become the older one. Now, with Yoongi slowly coming back to his old self, Jungkook could be himself again.

Jimin on the other hand was forced to leave his work, because it was taking a lot of his energy. He was spending some quality time with Tae and they bonded over rather quickly. It was a period of healing. It was somewhat quiet for awhile and Jimin was thankful.




It was one rainy September day when Namjoon and Jimin met again. They decided to grab a lunch and have a talk. The atmosphere around them was somewhat awkward and Jimin wanted it to be over. It was going to be tough to accept Namjoon as someone from his family, but Jimin wanted to try at least.

They met at a new café, close to Namjoon’s work. It was his lunch break and Jimin decided to go alone. Yoongi was back to work and the time was working just fine for the omega. He got up when he saw Namjoon walking into the café and waved at him. The alpha smiled lightly and walked to his half-brother.

“I ordered you something,” Jimin nodded at the plate before Namjoon. “I thought you could be hungry.”

“Thank you Jimin-ah,” Namjoon took his place and grabbed the fork, placed near him. “How have you been?”

“Tired most of the time,” Jimin carefully took a sip from his juice. “But it’s normal. I had lunch already.”

“Good,” the alpha started munching. “I’ve been busy.”

“Hm?” Jimin smiled politely. “Writing new songs?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon nodded. “We’re working with a new group ready to premiere.”

“Yoongi is busy as well,” the omega spoke again. “They have two new artists.”

“He’s busy then?” Namjoon leaned back after he had finished with his lunch.

“A lot these days and I’m worried,” Jimin bit his lower lip. “But this is not the reason I called you.”

Namjoon shifted slightly. “I’ve figured,” he sighed. “Your mother tried to contact me again.”

“It’s our mother technically,” Jimin’s voice lowered.

“I’m sorry,” Namjoon frowned. “But I have a mother. She’s the most caring person in the world and she raised me to be who I am now. This woman… she, she just gave birth to me.” The alpha shrugged.

Jimin silenced for a moment. “She’s been through a lot, hyung.” He spoke carefully. “It was not her choice to give you up.”

“I know, Jiminah,” the alpha narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “I know the story. She told me everything that happened that night. And to be honest, I knew it, but I always thought that she rejected me for some reason. Do you know I was raised from my father’s family? His sister became my mother and my uncle was my father. Now, when I know what actually happened… I feel conflicted.”

“I’m not asking you to give her a chance, hyung,” the omega looked up at his brother. “I just thought you have to know the truth. I have a hard time accepting it also. Besides, it was my father, who killed yours.” The omega shuddered. “I’m going to wear that guilt my whole life.”

“You are not responsible for your father’s mistakes, Jimin-ah,” the alpha leaned in to rub his shoulder. “It was his and only his mistake, not yours!”

Jimin nodded, but his face was still sad. “I just hope that everything stays in the past now,” he said quietly. “I don’t want to remember my life back then. I don’t want to remember how my mother chose to look the other way while my father was beating me. I want to forget how I wanted her love so bad and she simply rejected me!”

Namjoon did not say a word. His eyes were filled with sorrow for his little brother, but also relief that he had the luck to know him. Even if it was that late in their lives. Even if it had happened by a coincidence, Namjoon was thankful.






Jimin felt a lot better after that conversation. The relief was not complete, but his conscious was slowly healing. Namjoon was a good person and maybe after some time, Jimin was going to learn to accept him as a brother. It was nice to know that you are not alone, he thought on his way back home. It was good to know that you have a brother. That put a smile on his face and he fastened his steps, unaware of the violent eyes that followed his every move now.

Chapter Text







When he got back home, Jimin was really tired. He decided that was the last time he would be on his feet for so long. His ankles ached and he moaned painfully as he rose them up on his bed. The next thing he did was to lie down and try to comfort his body. The baby was kicking him really hard that day, probably protesting against his will to stay up. Jimin moaned painfully and rubbed the painful side of his belly. It would have been so much better if Yoongi was at home. But he was at work. His brother had to stay home more often now. Tae knew he had to keep the bed most of the time, but Jimin knew how reckless his friend could be.

It was way more normal for an omega to have a baby, than for an average beta. Jimin could not help but to compare himself with Tae. Tae’s pregnancy proved to be difficult. The beta complained to have morning sickness even now. He could eat only some types of food and the pain in his back had already started. The baby had not started kicking yet, so that was something. Jimin wondered how his friend would feel then. He knew the cure for that though, but for Tae was close to impossible. A scent of an alpha could calm any pain in a pregnant omega. The said omega had to submit to their alpha partner first though. Jimin wondered if Taehyung was going to allow that to Jungkook. Was his alpha powerful enough to help an independent beta? Jimin knew that Yoongi’s brother was strong and even his scent was way too powerful for an average omega. Jimin had suffered some bad headaches after Jungkook’s scent had spiked into panic, wherever Tae felt bad. Yoongi had to be there for him every time when Jungkook was in the same room. It was difficult.

Maybe Tae was stronger enough to admit that he needed Jungkook’s help. Maybe Jimin had to talk some more to his friend. If Taehyung accepted his mate’s help, his life would turn so much better. The beta only had to realize that.

Jimin panted again when his daughter threw another kick from inside of his belly. She was so strong and the omega could not stop the thought how different it was with Yoon. He was a quiet baby. Even while he was in Jimin’s womb. It was as if he was too afraid to show any sign of existence at first. But Jimin did not bother back then. He never thought of his baby first. He always thought of Yoongi and how much pain he had to endure after his absence. He never worried that much, mostly because he was sure of his future. He had a plan in his head and nothing was able to change that back then, not even his kid.

It was different this time though. This time he had Yoongi beside of him. It did not matter that the alpha was still recovering from his amnesia. The fact that Yoongi was in his life was enough to make him feel better. Jimin knew that there was nothing he would not do for his alpha. He would do everything Yoongi would ask of him. He would do it just to see his alpha’s smile. And this was easy these days, because every time Yoongi tend to lay his eyes on Jimin, he would smile. Jimin could not help but preen at that thought. Yes, Yoongi loved him and yes, that made the omega happy. He was slowly healing himself and he was learning that his life worth something now. That someone loved him so much and he had what to live for. 

Just then he felt how his daughter calmed inside of him. Jimin let out a deep breath and pushed himself up to sit on the bed. He reached out and unbuttoned his pants carefully. The freedom around his waist felt awesome and he leaned his head back. Maybe he had to restrain from wearing tight pants from now on. He had to go shopping or order more elastic ones. His belly was bigger than when he was pregnant with Yoon. That sucked off a lot of his energy, but his doctor was giving an okay sign every time he was taking his measures. The baby was developing just fine and it looked healthy. Jimin could breathe a sigh of relief.

But his anemia was still present and he had to be careful. Doctor Choi insisted that the omega had to continue taking the pills for his condition. Jimin was still on that special diet and was thankful that Yoongi was giving him everything that he needed. The alpha was also taking care of Yoon, who was so energetic the last few weeks. He was growing as well and he needed some alpha parenting to keep it down. Jimin knew that he would not be able to deal with his kid at this state. It was more than normal that Yoongi was there for him. The omega could still feel his alpha’s insecurities, but when it comes to the kid, Yoongi was there full on. His alpha’s instincts worked just fine and he was able to tame Yoon before let him close to his amma.

“Jimin?” Yoongi’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Here,” the omega answered with closed eyes. His head rested over the headboard and he rubbed his stomach absent-mindedly.

He felt how the weight on the bed shifted and then a hand covered his one over his belly. “Hey, jagiya,” Yoongi whispered close to his ear. “How are you feeling?” He leaned in and kissed Jimin’s mating mark. The omega shuddered.

“I went to see Namjoon-hyung today,” Jimin finally opened his eyes. “I came back half an hour ago.”

“Why do you look tired?” The alpha asked him, staring at his face and Jimin felt himself blushing.

“I walked,” he admitted.

“Jimin-ah…” Yoongi sighed and sat on the bed beside of his mate. “You know what the doctor said.”

“I know and I’m sorry,” Jimin looked down with guilty expression on his face. “I should have thought better.”

“Yes,” Yoongi ran his hand through his hair, making it even messier. “To change the subject… I’m sorry for taking me so long.”

Jimin leaned his head over his alpha’s shoulder. “It’s okay. I hope everything is okay now?”

“Jungkook is trying to make a deal with an American label,” Yoongi sighed tiredly. “I did not have any idea of what he actually wanted to do, until today. He was able to explain to me just a little, before his phone rang. Tae wanted him home asap!”

“What happened?” Jimin looked up at his mate with fear in his eyes. “Is Tae okay? Does Jungkook called back?”

“Sh-sh…” Yoongi reached out to rub his omega’s belly. “Don’t stress it out like that okay? Tae is just fine. He is just needy and he wants my brother’s attention. Kookie actually called me to tell me that his mate had finally accepted his help.”

“Oh,” Jimin relaxed instantly. “That is good… and Yoon?”

“Seokjin called me,” the alpha rubbed Jimin’s belly again and the omega could not help a purr. “Namjoon called him and told him that you look tired and nervous. So, he thought that he needed some quality bonding time with his nephew.”

“Namjoon shouldn’t-”

“He cares about you,” Yoongi whispered, making the omega look at him. “If he says that you look tired, you look tired.” The alpha reached out and touched Jimin’s face. “I know you’ve been through a lot lately and that is enough stress as it is. I don’t want to see you like this, jagiya…” He trailed off. “If you suffer, then I suffer as well.”

“But I’m okay,” Jimin insisted.

“You need some peace and quiet,” Yoongi insisted. He carefully laid his mate down on the bed and wrapped an arm around his waist. “I’m gonna miss Yoon also, but if that means you’re gonna have few good days, I’m willing to do it.”


“Hey,” the alpha leaned in and placed a kiss on top of Jimin’s pregnant belly. The omega thought that if he was able to melt in that moment, then he would have. “Just relax, okay? I’m here now.”

“This time...” Jimin bit his lower lip.

“This time and for all the time,” Yoongi looked up at him. His eyes pained as ever and Jimin reached out to touch his lover’s face. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be with you before.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Jimin suppressed a sob.

“I know,” Yoongi turned his head to plant a kiss over his omega’s palm.

“Don’t feel guilty then,” Jimin whispered. “Just hold me, okay?”

Yoongi nodded and moved up to spoon his omega. Jimin closed his eyes when his back rested over the alpha’s chest. Yoongi’s hand remained over his pregnant belly and Jimin felt the calmness wash over him. He submitted to Yoongi completely. When the alpha rubbed his nose over Jimin’s mating mark, the omega let out a satisfying purr.




“Close your eyes and relax, Tae,” Jungkook was laying behind his mate. He was trying to calm the pregnant beta, but Tae was so stubborn. “You know you can let your guard down with me, right?”

Tae shifted his body slightly over the bed. “I know.”

“Then please,” Jungkook insisted. “Let me help you!”

The beta sighed tiredly and tried to relax his body. The pregnancy thing was not a joke and he could appreciate how tough the omegas actually were. It was so difficult to carry another human being under his heart. His active life became nonexistent. He was trying to hide how tired he actually was, but Jungkook was observant. He could feel him. He could feel that Tae was lying. And yet, he was not able to do anything to influence the beta. He could not use his alpha’s voice, because it would not work over him.

But then the beta had collapsed at work. Doctor Choi forbade him to move around as before. His lifestyle had to change in the name of the pup. Tae did not like that at all. He tried to argue with his doctor, but to no avail. He had to leave the hospital he was working now, at least for the time being. To say that Jungkook felt relief was understatement. The alpha knew that now, Tae had to listen to him more. Tae did not like that at all. As a beta, he had his own voice on the matter. Not now though. Now he had to learn how to submit to an alpha. It did not help that was his alpha. It was an alpha – period!

Tae knew that it was for the sake of the baby. He knew that allowing Jungkook more control over his body, would lessen his pains as well. But there was still that inner turmoil inside of him. Yet now, he really tried to stay still and relax his body. He felt how Kookie’s nose rubbed over his mating mark. The beta’s body became pliant all of a sudden.

“Oh,” Tae muttered. “That feels good.”

“Okay,” Jungkook kissed the back of his neck. “Then I’m helping you.”

“It’s so nice… I’d purr if I could…” the beta mumbled and heard how Kookie chuckled at the same time.

“Glad to serve you, Your Highness!” He joked.

“Keep going,” Tae smiled and closed his eyes. Maybe submitting to your alpha was not so bad.






“Don’t go! Please don’t go!” Jimin was clinging to him and the rain was pouring over them.”I can’t go back home,” he was sobbing. “Not yet…”

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi wrapped his arms around his omega. HIS FUCKING OMEGA! HIS! He tried to suppress his alpha’s violent side. “Let’s get you inside, yeah?” He pulled him closer and walked out of the ally.


“You smell like her!?” Yoongi was holding Jimin by his neck, pinning him to the wall. The omega did not fight. His eyes were filled with love. “Jimin… you should’ve stayed away from me…”

“You’re not gonna hurt me,” the omega stated calmly and Yoongi smelled the calming pheromones in the air.


“I’m here,” he smiled. His hand reached out and touched Yoongi’s face. “I love you.”

“Don’t!” Yoongi whispered painfully. He let Jimin down. “We can’t-”

“It’s too late…” Jimin tilted his head to the side with a sad smile. “I already love you…”





“Jimin!” The alpha woke up with a scream. He looked around in panic. His body was covered in sweat. The feel of loss and sadness was still around him.

“I’m here,” Jimin’s sleepy voice echoed in the room and Yoongi looked at his mate. “I’m here now, love…”

Yoongi shuddered and lay back down, wrapping his arms around his omega. And even if it was too tight, Jimin did not complain.

Chapter Text







It was the early morning when Jimin decided to take the bus and see Tae at home. Ever since he went into maternity leave, he was slowly getting bored at home. With Yoongi getting better and getting more and more work at the office and Yoon spending his day at the kindergarten, Jimin wanted to find something to occupy his time. It was not like he disliked lazing around, but he got tired of that as well. He became cranky and his hormones went crazy ever since he entered his sixth month. His baby bump became prominent with every passing day, but he did not complain. He loved it. Yeah, he actually loved it this time. But he knew why now was different than before. Now he had Yoongi. Now he could feel the happiness of them both having a baby. He never thought that day would come, but when it did, Jimin could not stop his smiley face.

Now, while sitting in the bus, he was cradling his baby bump. His hands rubbed slow circles over the fabric of his jumper. It felt so good when he could feel his small baby daughter was kicking him from time to time. She was pretty energetic the last few days, but that did not bother him. He new that she was healthy and developing well. His doctor was pleased of her. He was not so pleased of Jimin’s inability to gain more weight though. It was not like the omega did not have appetite. He did. Yoongi took care of that too. He started cooking more and Jimin found out another of his mate’s hidden talents. Yoongi was better than him in the kitchen. Even Yoon liked his appa’s meals. Every dinner when Yoongi served the meal on the table, it was like a party. Jimin adored and cherished these moments with all of his heart.

The omega began to find more and more about his alpha’s past. Every time Yoongi had a dream, or an episode, he was telling everything to his mate. Jimin was holding him tight when those tend to happen. Yoongi seemed to calm only in his arms. The omega was not afraid to show his love for him. He was not afraid to embrace his mate with all of his flaws.

The only thing that concerned Jimin the last few weeks were Yoongi’s constant headaches. Every time he had an episode during the day, he received a hard headache. Yoongi compared it with the pain of an actually migraine. He told Jimin that he used to have those when he was a teenager, but they stopped ever since he had turned twenty-one. Jimin insisted that Yoongi should do an MRI and the alpha was more than ready to do it.

When they went to take yet another MRI and showed it to his doctor, Jimin was really concerned. It turned out it was for nothing. The same words were repeated as before. The doctor could not see anything concerning Yoongi’s health. They could only see the plastics, covering the missing part of Yoongi’s scull. Jimin cried when he saw them for the first time.

Yoongi was barely able to calm him down. When they got back home, Jimin scented him fully, trying to take some of the alpha’s calming pheromones. It worked just fine, but he still did not like to see his Yoongi at pain.

Someone sat beside of him in the bus and he sniffed the air. It was an omega. The sour scent of rotting apples hit his nose. Jimin looked at his left, but the woman’s face was covered with a mask. The pollution in the city was especially bad that day. The omega shrugged, although a strange feeling of an upcoming danger embraced him. His daughter kicked him especially hard and he gasped quietly, trying to relax his nerves. Still, he felt relief when the woman got out of the bus on the next stop.

Jimin shook his head and prepared to get out the bus as well. Tae and Kook’s building was near the next bus stop. When he got up, a couple of people stepped aside to make a way for him. Jimin blushed, because he realized why they had done that. The attention to every pregnant omega was ridiculous these days. And yet, he felt special when the last person on the line smiled at him and wished him a good day.

Jimin shook his head, still blushing and got out the bus, along with few people. He saw Kookie waiting for him at the stop and smiled. Yoongi must have called him. He was worried every time when Jimin had to travel alone, especially now. Therefore, he called his brother every time when Jimin visited them.

“Hyung?” Jungkook bowed and Jimin sighed with another smile. “According to His Majesty’s wishes, I am waiting for you here.” The alpha grinned.

“Yoongi is a bit overprotective these days,” Jimin shrugged. “It happens every time after my brother’s incident.”

“What incident?” Jungkook asked when they both started walking.

“I walked almost five kilometers that day and I felt extremely tired that day,” Jimin sighed. “Ever since then, Yoongi always makes sure that I’m taking the bus, and someone is waiting me on the other side of my destination.”

Jungkook opened the door of the building before them and stepped aside so Jimin could enter. “As an alpha, I could not blame him. I also want to know that Tae is safe and sound.”

“But it gets tiresome after time, don’t you think?” Jimin pushed the button of the elevator. He could take the stairs every other day, but now he was following Yoongi’s advices.

“Nope,” Jungkook stepped aside again when the doors opened before them. He followed Jimin inside and pushed the correct button. “It doesn’t get tiresome. You feel a lot calmer when you know that your mate is safe.”

Jimin sighed, did not want to argue with another alpha. He knew that he could not win that battle.

When they finally reached Jungkook and Tae’s floor, they saw the beta was waiting for them by the door. Jimin waved at his friend, but Jungkook frowned. “How many times I have to tell you to keep the bed, Tae?”

“I’m bored!” The beta scoffed stubbornly and entered the apartment, followed by Jungkook and Jimin.

The omega saw a pile of pillows and blankets over the sofa, when they walked into the living room. Tae was apparently lying there now. His suspicions got confirmed when the beta went back there and snuggled under the blankets. He was half sitting and half lying on the comfy sofa. His hands went to cover his small baby bump and the omega smiled.

“I’ve never seen you acting like this,” Jimin said, observing his friend. “It almost looks like you are nesting.”

“Pfft,” Tae rolled his eyes. “I’m a beta, we don’t nest.”

Jimin threw a hidden look at Jungkook, but the alpha only shrugged and rolled his eyes as well. He probably had the same conversation with his mate. “I’m going on the phone now,” the alpha said. “I’ll let you two alone for awhile, because my brother needs my help for something.”

He did not wait for them to answer him and walked out of the room. Jimin sighed and leaned back on his armchair, shoving a pillow beneath his waist. “There now…” He hummed.

“Such a brat!” Tae scoffed meanwhile and Jimin had to pay more attention on his friend. “He acts as if he can tell me what to do.”

“Huh?” Jimin rose up his eyebrows.

“Kookie,” the beta leaned back with a tired sigh. “I let him some freedom to deal with me and he started to act as a tyrant!”

“Really?” Jimin suppressed a chuckle. “How so?”

“He observes me all the time,” Tae started counting on his fingers. “He is at home almost 24/7 and not when I want him to be. He is scenting me almost all the time… Why are you laughing?”

“Jungkook is taking a good care of you, Tae,” Jimin shook his head when his laugh died down. “You don’t have to complain all the time.”

“What do you mean?” The beta was confused.

“See,” Jimin shifted a bit. “When an omega or a beta has a kid is a different experience than when an alpha has an heir. It’s like, they don’t get to feel how the pup is growing. They don’t get to feel how they move for the first time. They don’t know how much it hurts to deliver that baby. They only know how to be afraid, because for them… this is a completely different appearance.”

“So… Yoongi is the same?” Tae said after awhile.

Jimin’s face faded for a few seconds, but he tried to regain control over his emotions. “Yes, now he does. I didn’t get to have him the first time when I was pregnant, as you know. I have to say that it was difficult and way more… lonely than now. Now, I have him and it makes things a lot easier.”

“How?” Tae still could not get it.

“Hmm, it’s like… when they scent you, for them it feels like they are doing it not only for you, but for their pup as well. They want to protect you and shield you from all the bad things in the world and sure, sometimes they may over react, but… we have to learn how to have patience with them.”

“Oh,” the beta’s face looked thoughtful. “So you mean that I have to sit back and let Kook bossing me around?”

Jimin laughed again. “This is not bossing around, Tae. This is love.”

Taehyung frowned. “It may come natural for you, but it’s not for me. I’m not used to it to sit like this and do nothing. ”

Jimin shook his head. “I also had to let go of my daily life for the sake of the baby, but this is only temporary. Then your hands would be full again.”

“You get to walk at least,” the beta pouted. “I can’t do that for another month at least.”

“If that means your baby would be healthy and safe, you should do it!” Jimin said with a serious face. “Also, like it or not, you are nesting.”

“I am not a fucking omega!” Tae lost his temper and in any other case, Jimin would feel angry. Right now he could feel all the pain and confusion his friend was feeling in the moment.

“You are caring a pup and that puts you closer to the omegas behavior,” Jimin soothed his voice and saw how his friend blushed. “It’s not a bad thing Tae. It could only helps you with developing the connection with your pup. It would also help you to calm your nerves.”

“Sorry,” Tae bowed his head. “I don’t even know how to build a nest.”

“You’ve already started,” Jimin smiled. “I can see that you’ve put a lot of clothes and covers here. Now you only need to put them in the correct order.”

“How?” The beta blinked.

“Just look around yourself and think carefully. You’re probably feeling nervous right now, because your mind tells you that everything around you is out of order.”

The beta’s eyes went bigger. “You are right!” He said all of a sudden. “Everything is so… out of order.” He stated and looked around. Then he started taking clothes and covers and placing them on their right places.

He was done just twenty minutes later. Then a happy smile grew on his face. Jimin shook his head with amusement. Taehyung only needed some guidance of how to be a pregnant beta. For the first time in his life, Jimin felt really useful for somebody. It was such a relief for him and gave him another reason to feel alive.

When Kookie walked into the room again, Tae and Jimin were snuggling over the sofa and into the new built nest. “So… this is a nest?” The alpha scratched the back of his head.

“Mhmm,” his mate answered him. “And you are not allowed… yet.”

Jungkook put his hands up. “Okay, just don’t kill me!” Tae burst into laugh and Jimin saw the soft smile over Kookie’s face. “My brother just called.” He looked at Jimin. “He said he’s going to come here to pick you up.”

“Okay,” Jimin shrugged. “If that makes him feel calm.”

“You know why he is doing this, hyung,” Jungkook pointed out and the omega nodded.  

Chapter Text

Jimin was careful. He was careful with everything he was doing. His diet was well measured. His stress levels were carefully followed by his mate. His walks outside were no more than half an hour. His medications were calculated well by Yoongi. The alpha had taken the full responsibility of Yoon’s well been. He was doing everything to protect his omega. When he was not around, Namjoon or Jungkook were. Jimin was sure that Yoongi had talked to the both alphas. They were doing everything to make Jimin feel safe.

When he was talking a walk outside, it was the only time the omega could be alone with his thoughts. The whole attention was good, but it could become a burden at some point. He was sure that Yoongi and the others meant only well, but sometimes it came too much for him. So, Jimin started going outside his neighborhood for short walks. The time was different. He would go out either in the morning or late in the afternoon. Sometimes, Yoongi was coming home to pick him up, so they both could go and get Yoon from the kindergarten.

The boy was growing up well and under Yoongi’s cares, it seemed like he felt happier than before. Jimin tried not to be jealous of that fact. After all, Yoon needed his alpha parent just as much as he needed his omega one. Sometimes, he would just lie on the sofa and stare at his boys playing on the floor. Yoon was giggling happily and his dad would scent him from time to time. Jimin knew that it was not the boy that needed it, but his father. Yoongi was still adjusting. He looked better though, but his headaches were still as bad as before. His flashbacks were sporadic and they never knew when the next one would hit him.

When that tended to happen, Yoongi was unresponsive. It would take awhile for him to come back to reality. When he finally did, then it would come the headache. Everyone kept telling Jimin that his mate had to pass through it.  Every doctor they went to, kept telling them that it would eventually stop. Yoongi’s brain was still vulnerable and every new information or suppressed memory would cause a shock to him. Yoongi had accepted that, but Jimin could not stand to see him in pain.

Therefore, sometimes Jimin needed to clear his head. He needed his time alone. This was when he would go out to breathe some fresh air. Then he would go to the supermarket near to buy stuff, just for the sake of it. Or, he was craving something so bad that he had to have it.

It happened one day when he was by the end of his sixth month. His protuberance was well seen right now, but he was proud. Every pregnant omega in his condition would feel that way, Jimin thought, as he was walking down the aisle and looking at the fresh vegetables. Well, he scrunched his nose when he passed by the apples section. Some of them were probably rotten. His omega nose could catch the smell, just as a familiar looking woman with her back to him, started picking some fruits. Jimin blinked few times, but then shock his head and moved forward.

He was not here for fruits.

He was craving some chocolate actually.

But just as he was reaching out to take few chocolate bars, something heavy pushed him so strong that the omega lost his balance. He could not prevent what happened next. His helpless body twisted and fell backwards over the metal shelves. The omega could feel the pain in his waist almost at the same moment when the impact happened. Then he swayed weirdly in the air and fell forewords onto the floor.

He must have screamed in pain, because bunch of people gathered around him.

“Are you okay?” One of the employers knelt right next to him. It was an omega male, Jimin could tell. “Do you need-”

“He’s bleeding!” A woman shrieked.

“Where? No!” Jimin grabbed his stomach. His eyes went big. “No-no…”

Someone pushed him to lie down onto the floor. Someone was asking about his name. Someone was calling an ambulance and someone was telling him that everything would be alright… and Jimin started crying. Nothing was alright. Nothing ever was going to be alright if he was going to lose his daughter. It was still early for her and he knew that. She was never going to make it if he had to deliver her right now.

Yoongi would never forgive him for this.

Jimin would never forgive this to himself.

“Hey, hey!” A paramedic was slapping his face and Jimin was finally able to focus over his face. “What’s your name?”

“Min. Min Jimin,” the omega sobbed when they took him out of the supermarket and rolled him into the waiting ambulance.

“How far along are you?” The same nice paramedic asked him.

“By the end of the sixth month,” Jimin tried to calm down, but he could not do that.

“Okay,” the male mumbled and attached an IV to the omega’s arm. “It’s too early for you,” he mumbled again and Jimin tried to calm his beating heart. “Do you feel any pain?”

“My waist,” he answered. “But it’s not that bad.”

“Okay,” the paramedic repeated and Jimin wanted to scream. What was okay? He was currently in the way to the hospital. What was okay then?

But he did not say a word. 

When they reached the hospital and he finally got accepted, they moved him to the ER. He was awake and he could feel what they were doing to his body to some point, but after that everything sank into darkness. The last thing Jimin did before that was to pray.




Jimin did not know what time was when he finally opened his eyes again. He was confused at first. Why he was not at home? Where was he? His hazed mind was slowly getting better and his eyes opened wide when he remembered what had happened. He tried to sit on the bed, but two gentle hands pushed him back onto the bed.

“Calm down, jagiya,” Yoongi’s voice soothed him and the omega looked up to see his mate’s loving eyes. “You have to lay still now, okay?”

Jimin’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry,” he sobbed and he saw the confusion in Yoongi’s eyes. “I’m so sorry for… for the pup. I couldn’t-”

“The pup is feeling fine, jagiya,” the alpha tried to comfort him. He leaned down and planted a soft kiss over Jimin’s forehead. “The doctors told me that there was some blood vessel ruptured from the falling.” Yoongi sat on the chair, near his mate’s bed and took Jimin’s small hand in his big one. “Doctor Choi was worried at the beginning. He said the pup could be distressed and hurt after the falling. He said that they have to monitor her during the night. This is why we’re still here.”

“So-so… she is-”

“She is feeling fine now, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi even smiled. “You on the other hand have to relax your body. You have to be calm and this is why they let me stay with you. They told me you were restless and distressed when they brought you here. They even had to sedate you, because you could not calm down.”

“I was scared,” Jimin whined. “I was scared that I’m going to-” he bit his lower lip and did not finish the sentence.

“I know,” Yoongi leaned and pressed his forehead to Jimin’s one. “I know, but it didn’t happen.” He kissed his omega’s nose.

“It could still if I’m not careful,” Jimin could not stop the tears. “I should have stayed at home. Damn chocolate! I should have never-”

“Sh-shh,” Yoongi hushed him and touched his face with the back of his fingers. He pulled back slightly to stare into his eyes. “Just calm down now. It was not your fault, Jimin-ah. Just happened, okay?”

The baby decided to move in that moment and Jimin gasped, touching that side of his belly. “I promise you to be more careful, pup.” He whispered and felt how Yoongi’s hand laid over his one. “Just be okay, please?” He begged. “Just be okay!”




“How come they don’t know what happened?” Namjoon scoffed, while he was waiting with his mate outside Jimin’s room. “Someone must have seen something!”

Seokjin was sitting right next to his alpha and rubbing his arm calmingly. “Maybe we should ask if we could see the cameras.”

“My brother is going to ask them in the morning,” Yoongi was rubbing the back of his neck tiredly. Jimin had just fallen asleep again and he was able to walk out the room and tell the others what had happened.  “Jimin told me that he felt like someone pushed him.”

“They could refuse to show us the cameras though,” Seokjin tapped his chin.

“They will show it to us if they value their lives!” Namjoon clenched his fists.

“Calm down,” his mate tried to reason him. “There’s always something that could be done.”

“I also want to know who did this to my omega!” Yoongi rubbed his eyes and then looked at his friends. “I want them to take responsibility for their actions as well.”

“You should go home, Yoongi,” Jin had seen the alpha’s sleepy eyes. “You look tired and-”

“I won’t leave him!” Yoongi snapped.

“I could stay here,” Namjoon suggested.

“Not leaving!” Yoongi’s voice was firm and they could hear the finality in it.

“Fine,” Jin sighed and got up from the bench. Namjoon followed him. “Call us if there’s something new, okay?”

Yoongi nodded and they bid their goodbyes. Then he went back into the hospital room, where Jimin was. When he saw his calm and sleeping form, Yoongi wondered if everything that happened to him was a pure coincidence. He knew that he had grown paranoid around Jimin lately, but the incident from today could be just that – an incident.

There was something that it felt a bit off in the entire situation. Yoongi might have amnesia, but he was not stupid. He knew that his inner alpha must have sensed a danger around his omega to act in that way. The alphas tended to be overprotective around their pregnant omegas, but his one went overboard. He knew that Jimin had not said a word against Yoongi’s constant worry about him, but he could feel it.

What if Jimin’s incident was not an incident at all? What if someone had pushed him intentionally?

Yoongi tried to shook off his worries just for tonight. Jimin did not need him distressed. He needed his calming pheromones. He needed to feel safe and secure and also… he needed his love now. That was something that Yoongi had no problem to give to him.




“What do you mean I can’t see him?” Tae got angry when Jungkook had forbade him to go and see his friend into the hospital. “Jimin needs me!”

The alpha growled and that only showed that Jungkook was at the end of his patience. “You are not leaving this bed and this apartment! Jimin does not need you. He needs his alpha. And my brother is there, taking care of him.”


“Even if you go, Yoongi would not let you in,” Jungkook snapped. Taehyung’s moods were slowly getting to his nerves. Sometimes he thought that having an omega was so much easier than dealing with a stubborn beta.

“You can’t be sure,” Tae pouted.

“I can and I am sure,” Kook sighed. “Jimin needs to recover. He needs to feel calm and secure and only his alpha’s scent could help him. Hyung called me and told me that both he and the pup are okay, but they are going to monitor the little one during the night.”

Tae bit his lower lip and leaned back on his pillow. “Was he… bad?” His voice trembled and Jungkook could not resist anymore. Besides, he felt that Tae had given up from arguing.

“Hyung told me that he was bleeding badly,” the alpha took his place into the bed with a tired sigh. “But doctor Choi managed to control the bleeding. Thank God, the baby was not in danger.”

Tae whimpered and his alpha was fast to wrap his arms around him. “I want him to be okay,” the beta said with small voice. “He doesn’t deserve this… they both don’t deserve this.”

Jungkook kissed his mate’s forehead and closed his eyes for a second. “I know, Tae… I know.”

Chapter Text

Jimin was restless the whole night in the hospital. He could not calm down and could not sleep. Yoongi had to call for his doctor to give him some meds. The nurses and the other doctors had told Yoongi that his omega needed his sleep. His body had to be calm and relaxed. His pulse had to be steady and he did not have to move more than necessary. When they finally gave Jimin something for his sleep, Yoongi was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The alpha leaned back on his chair and rubbed the both sides of his head. He had a headache since the moment they had called him for Jimin. Yoongi had neglected it as per usual. If he had to be honest to himself, the alpha had completely forgotten about it, while his precious omega was still in the ER. Luckily, Jin and Namjoon had assured him that they were going to take care of Yoon. Yoongi did not want his son to see his amma like that. There was no need for him to be scared in this situation.

His look fell over Jimin again and then up at the monitor that was following the baby’s heartbeats. They had told him the numbers he had to follow there. If the heartbeats dropped below certain number, Yoongi had to push the emergency button immediately. Now everything looked calm. Jimin was sleeping peacefully and Yoongi was rubbing the back of his neck tiredly.

The alpha felt so helpless at that moment. He hated that. He wanted to do something to ease Jimin’s pain. He wanted to be his rock. He wanted to make sure that Jimin and their baby daughter were out of danger.

“Please be okay,” Yoongi mumbled, reaching out and touching a side of his omega’s pregnant belly. He felt how the baby kicked his palm and sighed. “I know you must’ve gotten scared today little one,” Yoongi moved forward, talking to Jimin’s belly. “But don’t worry, baby girl. Appa and amma are here to protect you, okay?” He leaned and planted a soft kiss over the exposed skin. A small knot formed under his lips and he smiled.




Jimin woke up in the next morning, feeling groggy. He tried to move, but then he remembered that he was still attached to the machines, followed his baby’s heartbeats. Then he felt a light weight over a side of his belly and looked there. His heart melted.

Yoongi was sleeping with his head resting over a side of the bed and one of his hands was covering a side of Jimin’s belly. His palm was warm and the omega felt the need to purr. The alpha did not need to release his calming pheromones even. Only his presence was enough to make the omega smile.

Jimin sighed and leaned back on his pillow. He rubbed the other side of his belly and closed his eyes for a moment. Then his memories got him back to what had happened the day before. Someone had pushed him. He did not just fall like that. Someone wanted to hurt him and his unborn child. The omega shuddered.

“Hey?” Jimin heard Yoongi’s sleepy voice and looked down. His fingers slid between Yoongi’s soft black curls. “I didn’t know you’re awake.” The alpha mumbled. “How are you feeling?”

“A bit sore, but okay,” Jimin even smiled.

“Your waist still hurts?” Yoongi asked and moved his head up, trying to release the pressure in his neck.

“Yeah,” the omega nodded. “I think I hurt it with the fall.”

“Where does it hurt, Jimin-ah?” Yoongi asked carefully.

The omega sighed. “It’s not the baby,” he mumbled. “Or maybe it is, but it’s not because I’m having contractions.”

“Are you sure?” The alpha looked worried.

Jimin nodded. “Yes, I’m sure.”

“Good morning, Mins!” Doctor Choi entered the room, followed by a nurse. “How are you feeling today, Jimin?” He went to look at the baby data. “The night was calm I see.”

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded. “Everything is normal, only my waist hurt.”

Doctor Choi did not answer right away, staring at the files. “Mhmm, this should be normal. It’s because of the baby weight your body has to experience.” He looked at the omega and gestured him to sit up. Jimin did that and doctor Choi walked to him. “Can I check something?” He asked for permission and Jimin nodded, grabbing Yoongi’s hand.

The doctor slid his fingers down over the omega’s spine and stopped at his waist. Jimin trembled when the doctor pressed over the painful place. “It hurts there,” the omega shuddered and the doctor removed his hand.

“Now…” doctor Choi turned to the nurse and gestured her to start writing something in the file she was holding. “Write down that the patient has some waist pains. Check the medium for pain.” Then he turned to Jimin and Yoongi. “I gave you some magnesium sulfate last night just in case. It’s usually prescribed to prevent miscarriage. The bleeding was not near the umbilical cord or the placenta, so that was the good news also. The baby was in distress, but luckily we managed to control the situation and as I can see, the night for her was indeed calm. I can release you from the hospital now Jimin, but you have to follow the instructions I’m going to give you.” The omega nodded. “You’re absolutely forbidden to lift heavy things. You have to continue with your diet and your anemia treatment. I’m going to give you something more, to prevent eventual problems with early deliver.”

“We’re going to do everything, doctor Choi!” It was Yoongi the one who answered. “Is there something else we have to know?”

“Try sleeping in a softer mattress,” doctor Choi continued. “If not, I want you to place a soft pillow bellow your waist. The pain will eventually disappear, but for now, I want you to be careful.”

Both Yoongi and Jimin nodded with the doctor.

Jimin was released later that morning. Yoongi was careful with his transportation to their home. The alpha even carried him to their apartment. Jimin was thankful, because he felt his legs like jelly right now.

Yoongi placed his precious cargo over their bed and shoved a nice and soft pillow underneath the omega’s waist. Jimin closed his eyes with content. When he looked up at his mate again, he saw Yoongi rubbing his neck with a painful face expression. “What’s wrong, love?” He asked worried. “A headache?”

“It’ll pass,” Yoongi tried to smile. “You know.”

“I know,” the omega nodded, but patted the place beside of him.

Yoongi did not wait for a second invite. He slid in the bed and turned around, wrapping his arm around his omega. Jimin purred when the alpha leaned and kissed his belly.




“How come you don’t have the tape?” Jungkook was on a verge of screaming. “You just told me that you keep the tapes for six months! My brother’s omega was seriously injured here and you can’t even tell me who it was?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the manager of the store, a tiny beta male was shaking in front of very furious Jungkook. “The shift that was working back then was new and they didn’t-”

“Useless people!” Jungkook yelled and the few omegas around him shuddered in fear. “How can we find that person now, huh?”

“I’m sorry sir,” the beta said again, but Jungkook stormed off of the place.

How he was going to tell Yoongi that they could not help him? How he was going to react? His brother’s temper was not better than his one. Jungkook could only dream that Yoongi would keep his alpha on point. He looked around when he got out of the store. It was not anything out of the ordinary. But Jungkook overheard that Jimin had shared with that that he thinks that someone was following him. It could be anyone, the young alpha thought.

“What happened?”

 Namjoon’s voice startled him and Jungkook almost jumped on his place. “Did you find anything?”

“Geez man!” he whined. “I could’ve lost my mind! Don’t be so sneaky!”

Namjoon shook his head. “I was not sneaky. You just have the tendency to daydream. Yoongi told me about it.”

Jungkook waved his hand dismissively. “Hyung does not know what he is talking about now.”

“Anyway… anything new?” Namjoon stared at the younger. “Did you manage to watch the tape?”

“They don’t have it,” the young alpha grunted out.

“What do you mean they don’t have it?” Namjoon’s attitude changed. He looked angry now. “Did you use your alpha voice?”

“I did,” Kookie nodded. “The shift back then was new and they did not record anything, hyung.”

“Fuck!” Namjoon spat the word.

“Yeah,” Jungkook agreed. “What now?”

“Now,” the older alpha scratched the back of his neck. “We’re going to keep Jimin safe. I’m sure Yoongi thinks the same. Jimin is very fragile, especially now when he is pregnant. Yoongi would not want to risk anything with him.”

“Oh, I’m sure that he won’t leave him out of his sight,” Jungkook agreed. “But the problem still stands. We don’t know who pushed Jimin. We don’t have the tape from the store and we don’t know how they look like. This is so shitty!”





“Don’t be ridiculous!” Jimin said with annoyance when Yoongi carried him to their bed. “I’m perfectly able to walk alone, thank you.”

Yoongi did not answer at first. He was too busy fixing the bed. “You have to be kept safe!” The alpha insisted with monotonic voice. “I’m not allowing you to leave our home alone.”

“You are what now?” Jimin squeezed his fists. “You can’t do that to me, Yoongi!”

“Watch me!” The alpha scoffed and left the room.

Jimin leaned back on the headboard and looked up the ceiling. He had a feeling that Yoongi would react like that. His alpha was very overprotective when it comes to Jimin’s safety. The omega had seen the determination in his lover’s eyes.

“Look what happened right now, baby?” He pulled his shirt up and touched his protuberant belly. “Your father is being an idiot, but I still love him.”

“When it comes to your safety, I am not an idiot!” Yoongi scoffed when he came back into the room. “I’m responsible for your health now.” He put a glass of water in Jimin’s hand and gave him his anemia pills.

Jimin knew that a part of Yoongi’s attitude was coming from his TBI. The centers in the brain, responsible for his alpha’s instinct were damaged. Instead of disappearing completely, they were heightened. Now their nature was dictating Yoongi what to do. Jimin could find that cute any other time, but not now.

Doctor Choi put him on bed rest for the next two weeks. The baby was in stress and it had to calm down. Jimin had to be calm as well if he wanted to help his daughter. He agreed, although he did not know how he was going to fulfill the task.




The omega was awaken in the middle of the night, craving pancakes. He looked at Yoongi and saw him sound asleep. Jimin did not want to wake him up and went to the kitchen to prepare some pancakes for himself.

It took him only twenty minutes to do so. He was just enjoying his first portion when he saw a very angry looking Yoongi standing by the door. His arms were crossed before his chest and his eyes narrowed.

“I was hungry,” Jimin stated in a matter of fact.

“You should’ve woke me up,” Yoongi sat beside of him. “You know what doctor Choi said.”

“But… I was hungry,” Jimin whined. “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Please do it the next time,” Yoongi tilted his head. Well, at least he did not look that angry right now. “I’m here for you, jagiya. You know that!”

“I know…”

“Appa? Amma?” a tiny voice made them look to the door.

Yoon was standing there, half asleep and dragging his plushy with him. He rubbed his eyes with confusion and Yoongi went to pick him up. “What’s wrong my boy?” The alpha cooed.

“Bad dweam,” the boy blinked and hid his face in Yoongi’s neck.

“Bad dream?” Yoongi swayed his son carefully and rubbed his back. “The bad monsters again?” Yoon nodded. “Do you want appa to fight them off?” Another nod followed. “Okay,” he walked to Jimin. “Do you want to give amma a kiss before that?”

Yoon leaned over Yoongi’s secured arms and planted a soft kiss over Jimin’s cheek. “Aw, thank you Yoonie!” Jimin cooed and watched how Yoongi was taking him away to the kid room. “You’re going to have such a wonderful dad, little one.” He rubbed his belly with a soft smile. “Just wait for it to see him, okay?” The baby kicked and Jimin leaned back on his chair sighing.