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zemblanity or serendipity?

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Too bright. The intense rays of light being the first thing registered in Josie's brain. There was way too much sunlight filtering in to her room making it feel uncomfortably warm. It was already making her hangover induced headache worse. Groaning in disdain she rolled to her left in attempt to close her curtains. Blindly reaching for her curtains, hands encountering empty space where her window and bedroom wall should be. The sun becoming more of a nuisance as the seconds go by. Trying to attempt it once more and instead of meeting a solid wall, hitting a tiled floor face first with a thump.

"What the hell." She groaned in pain. Finally opening her eyes to a very unfamiliar room. That was uncomfortably warm and bright, with really nice tile work.

Laying on the floor, she took stock of her current predicament. Firstly the bitter after taste of alcohol in her mouth, tinged with something foreign yet familiar. Along with the brass band currently going on in her head it's safe to assume she definitely went on a bender last night. Second being the room; its bare, generic and tiny. Definitely not hers. Third she's currently definitely naked, judging by her tights, skirt and what's left of her underwear strewn about the floor. And lastly she was alone with no recollection of what happened in the last 10 to 12 hours with a dull ache between her thighs and the worst stiff neck ever.

After laying in her own misery for another five minutes she finally decided to get her day started and to stop baking in this heat. It's literally mid January why is it so hot all of a sudden?

Picking up her clothes, she was glad to see her bra was still in tact. There was a tear in her tights. She's left to wonder if she did that or her mystery hookup. Rolling her neck trying to release the kink there. Only serving to make her wince in pain and not much to soothe the soreness. Grabbing her purse from next to the bedside table searching for her phone.

Checking the time, 10:30 she was already late for work. Unlocking it and scrolling thru her notifications. 15 missed calls 65 unread messages and a bank notification letting her know she paid for the hotel room. Ignoring all of them and only replying to one person saying she'd call them later. Deciding to call her boss to let her know she was alive and would be late. Her boss answering almost immediately.

"Morning Saltzman are you sick today?" Though her tone was professional some worry bled into her tone.

"No just a rough night. I was wondering if I could come in at noon?"

"Definitely just don't make this a habit, because you're my favorite. You can come in later. There will be a little fairy waiting for you to do her check up as you get here."

"Tink is back again?"

"Yes and so is her helicopter mother. She's refusing to let anyone else do her check up. So please be here at noon." Her voice pleading. Josie knowing how irritating her patient's mother can be.

"I will be. See you then boss."

That out of the way Josie headed into to the bathroom to assess the damage to her body. Switching on the light in the equally tiny bathroom. Turning to face the mirror and taking her appearance in.

"Holy shit. I look like I've been mauled." Josie stared at her throat which is blooming with different hues of red and purple. The hickey was huge. Which was probably why her neck felt stiff and was aching. Letting her eyes scan lower taking in the rest of her body. A trail of smaller but still varying in size hickeys lead to a pretty discernible bite mark. Trailing her fingers around it and shuddering.

"Great finally found someone with a biting kink to rival my own and I can't remember them." She shook her head disappointed.

Continuing her inspection. Finding more bruises in the form of fingers and hickeys. Some red scratches. Another huge hickey adorned her inner thigh, swollen and brightly colored. Wincing slightly at its tenderness. Picking up her phone and opening her camera and turning her back to the mirror.


She looked slightly horrified at her back. The entire expanse of her back looked like a pack of wild cats used her as a scratching post. She winced at the thought of how it would feel when she took a shower. After assessing her 'battle wounds' she couldn't help but be proud knowing she most likely gave as good as she got.

Leaving the bathroom after washing her face from the evidence of last night's make up. She got dressed, glad she was wearing one of her turtle necks for once. Feeling slightly uncomfortable about having to make her way back home commando, but she had no other option. Packed up her purse once more and headed to the door. A black leather jacket caught her attention sticking out from behind the dresser. Grabbing it feeling oddly connected to it.

The second her fingers made contact with the smooth material she got a flashes of memory from the night before.

That leather jacket on the back of a bar stool, it's owner with her back to her.

Another glimpse of her helping the other woman into it as they drunkenly made their way out of the bar.

Her gripping the lapels of the jacket while they were making out against the wall in the alley way near the motel.

Urgently pushing the jacket off the woman's shoulders, desperately looking for skin to run her fingers on. "Off now." She mumbled against soft lips. Practically tearing it away like it the garment personally offended her. In a way it did. Feeling a wave of victory when she got it down tan arms and threw it in a random direction.

Feeling slightly disoriented by the rush of memories and the emotions that came with it. Josie was definitely aware of her no underwear situation once more. At least she was happy her mystery partner was a woman and not some man. A woman that lit a fire in her with just kisses, a woman that might just be the best she's ever had judging by those brief flashes.

Trying to shake off the twinge of sadness she felt because she has yet to remember more of said mystery woman. She looks around the room making sure she had all of her belongings. Opening the door to leave. She almost smacks right into the housekeeper.

"Were you leaving miss?"

"Uh yes I was just on my way to check out."

"Do you mind if I check the room before you leave?"

"Yea sure. Go on ahead." Josie stepped out of the entryway giving the older woman space to enter. The woman walked in eyes scanning the room, eyes slightly wide.

"Everything is ok." The housekeeper told her sounding slightly surprised and confused.

"You sound surprised ma'am. Why is that?" Josie inquired.

"Well uh- there was several noise complaints about what sounded like there was a wild night going on in here. So I just wanted to make sure everything was uh intact." The housekeeper explained growing more uncomfortable.

Josie had the decency to blush and duck her head. Being internally grateful her and her apparently loud partner took out most of their aggression out on each other rather than destroy the room. Lord knows how much that would've cost her. She also felt proud that there was several noise complaints, meaning they really had a good night.

"My apologies ma'am." She mumbled and rushed her way past her to check out and head home.
After heading home and taking a much needed shower and finding an outfit to hide what she lovingly referred to as her 'battle wounds'. She could've done without the stiffness and stinging, but she figured it was a small price to pay. Popping two advil pills in hopes that will keep her headache and hangover at bay.

Stopping at the cafe near the hospital to get a coffee to praying for some sort of boost of energy. Feeling unnaturally sluggish and irritated because of it. She was also being severely affected by the heat. It felt like it was blazing, which contrasted with the fact that when she last checked the weather it was partly cloudy at 24°. Writing it off as the layers she was wearing under uniform (and mystery woman's leather jacket) making her already exhausted body act up.

Entering the air conditioned premises of Mystic Falls Hospital, she starts feeling slightly more relaxed in the form of her body temperature regulating once more. However being instantly hit with a wave of nausea from the chemical stench permeating the halls of the hospital. Making note to not to get black out drunk on nights she had to work the nights she had to work again.

Smiling politely to the other nurses and doctors as she makes her way to the pediatric ward. Letting her boss know she was there and picked up her assigned rounds.

"Geez Saltzman you weren't kidding about it being a rough night." The older brunette in her 40s joked. "Tell you what finish your rounds and the designated paperwork today and you can leave at 4." The nurse offered her young protege. Seeing that the brunette Saltzman looked truly run ragged. Josie tried to play it off not wanting to seem to eager and come across as unprofessional. She was extremely grateful for the cop out. And swore she wouldn't let there be a repeat of this.

Slipping into her happy facade, knowing how tired and irritable nurses tend to affect the mini humans negatively. She started on her cases. Her first being the ward's resident tinkerbell.
Peaking into the room she couldn't help the smile at the small blonde bundle of sheets on the bed. The l blonde mini human reminding her of Lizzie as a child. All dramatic and stubborn, armed with the cutest pouts. She'd always felt weirdly connected to the little girl since she bounced into her ER a few months ago. The brooding helicopter parent however she was less fond of.

"Jo! You came." The high pitched voice and accompanied giggle warmed her heart.

"Of course I did! How's my favorite little fairy today?" The little girl beamed a little brighter at the praise.

"I'm great."

Josie took in her appearance and could tell her she was anything but fine. The little girl was quite pale and seemed extremely lethargic in comparison to her usual hyperactive exuberance. She was also shivering even bundled up in her blankets.

"C'mon Fi you know our rule."

"To be honest. I felt very dizzy this morning and I fell down." The little girl explained to the young nurse.

"She also has been running a temperature and hasn't kept anything solid down since last night." The other occupant that remained silent up to that point interrupted. Josie turned her attention to the older blonde in the room. She oddly never really bonded with the worried mother as much she adored her daughter she just couldn't seem to like the woman.

"Any change in her diet?"

Josie asked all of the standard questions knowing that they'll be answered no. She proceeded to do a routine check up on little Fi, who cooperated well. Noting all the definite changes to compare to the last batch of symptoms.

"Ok Tink now for your least favorite part. But if you're the bravest fairy in the land for me I'll get you a treat."

Josie couldn't help the smile as she watched mini Lizzie have a little happy dance, which was just her wiggling in place. She bravely stuck her arm out so Josie could prep it for the blood test. A blood test that would probably not give any answers to the little girl's mysterious ailments. And Josie was getting tired of sticking her with needles.

Watching the crimson fluid fill the vacutainer unearthed some new flashes of memory of the night before.

Crimson lips..blood stained lips.

Josie was lost in the kiss only aware of where she ended and the other woman began. Which was becoming harder for her to tell with how their bodies were molding to one another. She got so lost in the moment that the thigh grinding against her took her by complete surprise and caused her to bite down on soft lips. Hard enough to draw blood.

"Shit sorry." Josie rushed to apologize missing the low moan of pleasure her partner let out. Pulling back to check the damage she might have done. Wincing at the little blood she saw there.

"Don't be I enjoyed it. You better kiss it better though." The mystery woman smirked at her.

That was all it took for Josie to fuse their lips back together. Moaning at the metalic taste mixing with the sweet liquor coloring her breath. She soothed the injured lip with her tongue. And then gave it a gentle suck. Moaning as more of the metalic taste filled her mouth.



Josie was starled out her memory to curious looks from the mother and daughter.

"My apologies for spacing out."

She apologized and started to prepare her samples to take them to the lab. Making sure to take note of everything in the little girl's file. The abnormalities were perplexing. She'll try to sneak a sample to her father to see if there's anything otherworldly going on.

"All right tinkerbell you've been such a brave fairy for me today. High five. I'll make sure when the nurse brings your prescription she brings your treat."

"Can't you stay with me Josie?" The little girl pouted and once more giving her best Lizzie Saltzman impression though she never met the older blonde herself.

"Sofia, Josie has other patients and jobs to do."

"If I finish my rounds on time and you're still here I'll come visit you ok Fi. Now be good for your mom and take your medicine. Bye tinkerbell."

"Bye Jo."
Josie was on her way to the lab to deliver the samples when she bumps into someone. She had to take a step back with the force the body collided with her.

"Sorry I didn't see you there." The guy she walked into apologized.

She took his appearance in, his leather jacket seemed very familiar and wasn't a recognizable face she knew from the hospital or town. But something about him just called to her.

"It's no problem. Uhm are you allowed to be here?"

"Actually I'm here to visit my uh-uncle but I think I got off on the wrong floor, damn dyslexia." The shaggy haired guy explained, swiping his hair out of his face.

The way he did it triggered another onslaught of memories so she quickly pointed him in the direction of the elevator so she could process the images flying thru her mind.

Mystery woman moving her hair from her face after laughing at something Josie said. Josie was dumb struck at how beautiful she looked in that moment.

"You're beautiful." She couldn't stop herself from saying it. But the soft smile stopped her from regretting it instantly.

They were dancing the world melting away as the music flowed thru the bar. Effortlessly swaying a long. Then it happened. The dim lights hit her just right and Josie forgot how to breathe. Before her brain could register her hand came up and tucked some hair away from her face. Their eyes connected, the pull was undeniable. Josie lowered her head slightly as her dance partner tilted hers upwards. The kiss was the new definition of perfect in Josie's book.

This time Josie had a handful of raven hair, while the other woman was worshipping her throat. The little nips, the slight grazing of teeth were driving her insane. Not even mentioning the soothing tongue that made her ache even more.

Any other night Josie would be over the moon for such activities, but everything felt too intense and she desperately needed more. She started tugging on her hair trying to get her attention.

"Why are you interrupting my fun Saltz?" She asked pulling away and nipping at her jawline.

"Can you move on and go low-ah" A hard bite near her pulse point made her cut off into a moan.

"You want me to go low?" She teased lightly soothing the bite with her tongue.

"Please P-"

And lower she went leaving a trail of hickeys in her wake and a panting Josie with her hands still tangled up in her hair.

Josie needed a moment to recollect herself. The new pieces of the night before leaving her overwhelmed and slightly throbbing. She let her hand linger near the bite mark on her side feeling an intense form of longing.

Getting her head together and out of the cloud of intense lust she was experiencing, deciding that she could be horny and sulk about the best sex of her life when she's not working.
Four hours, two advils, a stack of files that needed to be checked and refiled and six different people pointing out how she kept her head in an awkward angle later. Josie Saltzman was free from her job and ready to give into her exhaustion. Get some food and just sleeping for the rest of the day.

Walking out of the hospital she's once more bombarded by the afternoon glow of the sun. Cursing the fuck out of her mystery woman for making her have to wear this damn turtleneck in this heat. And the fact that the heat was making her twitchy, which in turn made her neck hurt more. She just couldn't win today.

"Josette Saltzman why haven't you been answering any of my texts or calls?!"

Josie was confronted with a very irate Hope Mickaelson. Who was looking equally worried and angry which meant that she was in big trouble. She fumbled with her purse trying to get her phone out. Not having checked her phone since she called her boss earlier in the day. Clicking on her home button and getting a black screen she showed it to Hope and shrugged.

"Sorry, Hope my phone was dead and I just finished work."

"But you weren't at work this morning when I came to bring you breakfast."

"I came in around noon today. I slept in." Josie explained her absence.

"Bullshit you weren't at home either Josie. I checked." Hope crossed her arms expectantly waiting for the truth from her best friend.

Josie grumbled under her breath about how that wasn't what the emergency key was for. Knowing damn well the tribrid could here her.

"I was worried about you Josie. You disappeared last night and didn't reply to me. And no one heard from you!"

Josie rolled her eyes at Hope's outburst. She was sure no one actively checked on her besides M.G until Hope probably asked them too. She was growing more annoyed as this went on. She just wanted to get out this heat, some food and a nap, not be confronted on the sidewalk at her place of employment.

"Can you stop making a scene I work here. And I haven't eaten yet so if you'd like to continue your interrogation you can do so at the cafe sans the theatrics."

With that being said Josie started walking towards the cafe, not bothering to give Hope a chance to continue her well prepared 'I've been worried' routine.
Hope looked on in disgust as Josie tore into her hamburger like a starved animal. Thankful they were at the back of the cafe in a more secluded booth, because no one should witness the way Josie was eating anyway.

While she waited for her to finish she took in her appearance. The leather jacket was new to Josie, but looked like something out of a thrift store with the vintage and obvious signs of wear. The sleeves were also shorter on the brunette. The turtle neck was an odd choice to wear under her uniform. She looked exhausted, the skin around her eyes were sunken and discolored. Her hair was limp and unkempt, framing her face in an odd way. Josie looked..lifeless.

Hope mentally started going over a list of everything she knew that led to this moment. First being she bailed on their celebratory night out, because Landon needed her help. Followed by no one in their inner circle was with Josie last night. She went completely AWOL and radio silent around 8PM and no one had actually heard from her since. She didn't sleep in her apartment and was hours late for work, which was so unlike her. Her appearance was also worrying because she looked exhausted and rundown. Hope's mental timeline made her fear the worse and before she could logically assess her worries she questioned Josie.

"Are you using again Josie?"

The second the words left her mouth she regretted. The following seconds as the accusatory tone finally registered to Josie, Hope had never wished she could've taken back something she said back as much as she did in that moment. The hurt that contorted Josie's face was in the top 2 facial expressions she hated to see directed at her. Josie's face quickly contorted into Hope's least favorite facial expression: cold and guarded.

"You didn't care that much last night, so why now?"

Hope felt physically struck by Josie's words. The truth had a way of making words feel like knives and Josie at her bluntest and most hurt knew how to yield them as though she was a professional knife thrower, never missing her intended mark. However in true Josie fashion she regretted the jab as soon as it landed.

"Sorry Hope you didn't deserve that-"

"Don't apologize." Hope interrupted. "I shouldn't have said that at all. I let my worries take over and didn't think my approach thru. I'm sorry I offended you."

Hope grabbed one of Josie's hands from across the table, trying to convey the sincerity of her apology. Josie was slightly taken aback at the apology. Hope wasn't the most eloquent person, much less when it came to apologies or admitting she was wrong. Yet here she was giving Josie the most sincere apology she'd ever received.

"Apology accepted. And what a great apology that was."

Josie teased lightly trying to deflect from the situation that wasn't becoming any less awkward as time passed.

"Thank you. I've been working on it with Emma ever since Landon said and I quote 'that's your problem you don't acknowledge your mistakes and give empty apologies like they'll fix anything'."

At the mention of Landon, Josie's entire mood dropped and she retracted her hand from Hope's pretending like she was reaching for her drink. She tried to keep a neutral facade, but that special Landon related shine Hope seemed to radiate made it so much harder. She'd literally rather talk about government policies or hospital etiquette. Literally anything but Landon and Hope and their stupid relationship.

"I slept with someone last night."

Anything but that would've also been a better segway from the sore spot that is Landon and the entirety of Hope's relationship. But Josie panicked knowing that in her exhausted and irritable state, she wouldn't be able to continue appearing unbothered. Wild sex with a nameless stranger screamed unbothered though. Right?

Hope made a little choking noise as the sudden information caught her off guard. "You what?"

In for a penny in for a pound Josie sighed internally.

"Last night I went to the bar and I met someone and we had a one night stand at the motel. That's why I wasn't at my place this morning." She elaborated.

"Must've been one good night judging by how you look dead on your feet." Hope said after a beat wiggling her eyebrows at the taller girl.

"The best from what I can remember."

Hope did her best to ignore the jealousy that bubbled up inside her. The implication that some random hook up from a night she barely remembers, being the best really brought her jealousy to the surface. Jealousy she had no right to feel, she made her choice and she was happy. Now she needed to be a supportive best friend. At least she can be the best at that. She hoped so anyway.

"What do you mean from what you can remember?" She inquired as a supportive friend of course.

"We kind of- well I got kind of got black out drunk and only remember bits and pieces of my night with Petra." Josie explained.

"How did you manage to sleep with someone named Petra?"

"I don't think that's her name, I don't actually remember it. But I had this flash of memory where I was moaning the first syllable of her what I presume is her name, plus Petra is less of a mouthful than mystery woman."

"Ok..but out of all the possible names why Petra was she Russian and blonde?"

"The opposite actually. She was slightly taller than you. Dark brown hair down her back. Ethnically ambiguous, there's something foreign there but I can't quite place where from my memories. The most alluring brown eyes I've ever seen. She was extremely beautiful."

Josie got lost in herself describing 'Petra'. Piecing along different attributes about the woman from her memories, something she put off doing to focus on her job.

And she truly was beautiful. The way that she was a head shorter than Josie but had enough confidence to make Josie feel like she was the one being towered over. Her eyes were like dark swirling pools and from the moment they made contact across the bar Josie was entranced. Her voice was to powerful and the memory of it alone felt like it was tying up her insides and making it hard to breathe. And her smile, Josie might finally understand the motive behind the Trojan war. Beauty like that was dangerous. And a woman that knew what power her looks possessed was terrifying.

Hope started on in silent amusement and and jealousy -that she was refusing to acknowledge- as Josie got lost in her head. It had been awhile since she had the pleasure of just taking her in like this. Brows slightly furrowed, lips tucked between her teeth, eyes unfocused completely unguarded and just letting her mind wander. Wander to thoughts of a random hook up that didn't she seemed smitten by. Which worried Hope, because the brunette wasn't one to become quickly smitten with just anyone.

"Are you sure Petra wasn't a witch? You seem enchanted." Hope jabbed playfully pulling Josie from out of her wanderings.

"I have enough experiences with witches to know if I'm sleeping with one." Josie said replied jokingly.

"So do you think you'll see her again?"

"As much as I'd like to, probably not she wasn't there when I woke up. And she definitely wasn't a familiar face." Josie replied pouting slightly at the possibility of never seeing Petra again.

The conversation was interrupted as the waiter came to clear Josie's plate and refill their glasses. Josie used the interruption to turn the conversation to Hope was doing. Hope proceeded to tell her about a new werewolf with a vampire and a werewolf for mothers that came to get enrolled. How it didn't go well at all between her father and the concerned parents. Then random tidbits about her day and things Josie missed lately.

Josie listened attentively and gave appropriate responses, storing important information if need be. But as the burger started to settle and the insistent hunger pains started to ease, Josie found herself giving into her exhaustion. Wanting more than anything to just crawl into the comfort of her bed. Feeling the tension and tiredness settle in her shoulders, she tried to roll them to dislodge the discomfort. Only serving to to make her wince as the soreness in her neck hits her all at once again.

Hope noticed the grimace that colored her features and inquired what was wrong.

"Woke up with a stiff neck from hell." Josie explained.

"Do you want me to heal it for you?" Hope offered already reaching across the table with an out stretched out palm to heal Josie.

Hope placed her hand around her throat, the way her thumb sat right on her pulse point and her other fingers cupped the other side of her jawline. Though Hope's touch was gentle and was gone as soon as she finished whispering the spell, just the slight pressure and skin on skin contact triggered new flashes of memory from the night before.


The room was silent except for their synchronized panting. Josie felt the hand wrapped up in her hair slightly tugging to get her attention. Deciding to ignore it for now. She was far to content between quivering thighs, placing soothing kisses helping her lover ride out her orgasm. She'd been there for what felt like hours and she wouldn't mind staying for many more.

A whimper due to a well placed nip to the sensitive skin of her thighs. Followed by a stronger tug of Josie's hair. Josie finally removed her head from said thighs and met the pleading gaze from her lover. She was mesmerized by her view.

Watching her chest rise with shallow breaths several love bites adorning her beautiful skin. The way her bottom lip was tucked between her teeth. Her eyes seemed a light with an intensity that should've scared Josie and maybe if she wasn't still slightly drunk and in an orgasmic haze she would've been.

She wasn't though, what she was, was completely in awe of the woman before her. And she wished she could've spent the rest of the night committing every inch to memory, but the now more insistent hand in her hair wouldn't grant her wish.

"Saltz." Came a soft raspy whine. "Come here I miss your lips."

That's all Josie needed to hear to finally make her way up the tan body beneath her. She did however make it slow and painful on her lover. Retracing the path her lips took on the way down, paying a little more attention to the love bites and leaving a few new ones.

Finally reaching the desired destination she teasingly kissed down the older woman's jawline to her ear. Her lover turned her head chasing her lips but Josie pulled away smirking at the determined way her eyebrows creased together.

Suddenly before Josie's mind could process she found herself flat on her back and a very hot partner smirking at her. Her eyes fluttered shut anticipating the kiss. Feeling the other woman's forehead rest on hers and instinctually she sought out the other woman's lips. Their lips met and Josie instantly melted. Their mouths moved in tandem, like a synchronized dance .

It came to an abrupt halt, Josie whimpered at the loss of contact. She chased the lips and was met with nothing but air. Trying to sit up or dislodge the raven haired beauty off her so she could fuse their lips back together. She was pressed back into the bed by a hand around her throat. The pressure of a thumb against her pulse point and long fingers caressing her jawline drove her insane. She tried once more to connect their lips together but she's yet again pressed into the mattress.

"It's my turn to tease now JoJo." Was whispered into her ear. As teeth nipped at them playfully.

Josie whimpered extending her head back, making the fingers around her throat sink a little more into a tighter grip. Josie couldn't swallow the moan that bubbled up her throat quick enough. Blush colored her cheeks and she moved her head trying to hide from the piercing gaze trained on her. The hand around her throat was gone instantly, this time she managed to keep a whimper down. Managing to further incriminate herself as even more debauched.

"Hey don't do that. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Her voice was so gentle, it felt like it was caressing her soul. Josie knew it was supposed to put her at ease, but it overwhelmed her even more. A hookup with someone she didn't know shouldn't have been so intense. She definitely shouldn't be this unguarded and vulnerable.

"JoJo c'mon. Jo?"


Josie was once again dragged out of her head by Hope. She refocuses on her and her worried blue eyes. She couldn't help the annoyance that bubbled up inside her. She felt like there was something important she needed to remember from the before. That she was close to it. She was sure of it.

"You ok there Josie?"

"Sorry you just triggered some memories of last was uh-intense." Josie attempted to explain.

Hope's concern was quickly tempered and replaced by unwanted jealousy. Watching the blush that colored her cheeks and the discernible lust in her eyes, it twisted Hope's insides in a rather ugly way. It also threw for a loop as to why she was feeling this way, she never had in the past. Deciding to push it down and analyze it later. Josie needed a friend not some jealous ex(?).

"Why do you look so perplexed then?"

"I feel like something monumental happened, something I'm not remembering and I don't know it's like I have this need to remember."

"Ok so you said that I triggered the flashes again. What was it, maybe I can repeat it and trigger your memories again." Hope suggested trying to help.

"Uh I don't think that's uh- necessary. I'm sure it'll come back in it's own time."

Josie stuttered. It would surely be awkward to explain to Hope that it was her hand on her throat that triggered her to Petra's hand slightly choking her. Much less explaining that she enjoyed that and the fact that she might possibly have a choking kink. Which in her mind wasn't something she should be embarrassed about because she wasn't one for kinkshaming, but she was afraid of judgement from her best friend nonetheless.

Hope was confused by Josie shooting down her idea like that. All she did was place her hand on her throat to heal the soreness..

"Did she hurt you Josie?"

Josie saw Hope's eyes flash and heard the underlying growl in her voice. She knew she needed to soothe her worries quickly because an overprotective wolf was not something she wanted to deal with today.

"No she didn't hurt me Hope I'm perfectly fine."

"Then why are you acting weird if all I did was touch your throat?" Hope questioned. All Josie did was blush and avoid her gaze. Which made it finally click for her.


"Uh Yea."

Deciding to focus on the implications of that later, Hope reached out to touch Josie again. Wrapping her hand around her throat. Josie pulled away.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to help you. Now come here."

"First of all that's not the proper way to do that and I highly doubt it'll work a second time."

"It's worth a shot now show me the uh- proper etiquette of choking."

Hope moved her hands to Josie's chin forcing her to make eye contact. And as soon as she they did she saw the unfocused gaze again. Mission accomplished. She just had to wait it now.

Gentle fingers grasp at her chin, trying to coax her to turn around. She tried to shake them off.


"Last chance of this going gently JoJo."

The slightly darker tone was almost enough to make Josie break her resolve to not turn her head. However she remained deviant, not wanting to face her lover out of fear.

"Well you had your chance, but I get the feeling you're going to enjoy this anyway."

She didn't give Josie the chance to really take in her statement before she acted. She tightened her grip around her chin and pulled Josie's face towards her. Josie whimpered but kept her eyes closed. The woman currently seated on her stomach made a noise of disapproval. Tilting Josie's head back she attacked her neck with little nips.

"I. Don't. Like. Being. Ignored. Jo. Jo."

Each word was followed by a nip to an already marked throat. Josie's throat was starting to look like and abstract piece on the bruising of the human soul. Not that she minded anyway. She extended her throat to give a better angle and more exposure. She couldn't control the chorus of whimpers that fell from her lips, but she somehow managed to keep her eyes close throughout the process.

And it didn't go unnoticed. Her lover buried her face in her neck and let out a dark chuckle. Josie felt it vibrate into her throat and down the rest of her body. She hadn't thought she could get any wetter. She lay there corrected and hyper aware of how sticky she currently felt.

Due to her attention being elsewhere she missed the 'be like that' that was whispered into her skin. She also missed the head near her throat moving away slightly. What she did notice though, was the teeth sinking into her flesh and biting hard. Her eyes flew open. And she let out a very hard:

"Fuck me."

"She speaks." Was said after the raven haired beauty was done soothing her mark with gentle sucks.

Her hand slid down Josie's chin and assumed the position once more this time. Musing to herself how well her hand looked around the now colorful throat.

"Ok listen Saltz. I have three rules here one your eyes stay on me, two you need to tell me what you want and three you answer all my questions. Are we clear?"

Josie nodded eagerly. She was soon reminded of the rules when the hand not currently occupying her throat twisted her nipple as a warning. She moaned out a 'yes' quickly not ready to earn what punishments there might be.

"Good. Now this, do you want this?"

She flexed her hand slightly causing her thumb to sink a little more into place near her pulse point. She smirked as she felt Josie's pulse thundering beneath the fragile skin. Josie on the other hand was in a haze. She barely managed to croak out another yes.

The hand not wrapped around her throat started trailing down her body teasingly. Feather light but Josie felt so hyper aware of that swore the she could feel the ridges of her fingerprints. The anticipation of them reaching the desired destination was overwhelming her to the point that her eyes shut trying to minimize the sensory overload. The hold tightening around her throat was a clear reminder of rule number one. She quickly complied and was met with a look of approval as soon as her eyes were open.

"Now tell me JoJo how many fingers?"


The ask or well answer and you shall receive, was made clear to Josie, because once she answered she felt two fingers working their way back inside her. Her eyes fluttered close as she moaned softly. Then the sensation stopped.

"Eyes on me Saltz or everything stops."

Once she complied the movement started again, albeit torturously slow. Josie felt her sanity slipping with how slow those fingers were going, not exactly how she envisioned this round going. Her frustration was building and she was ready to just flip the situation around. Even with the hand around her throat being reason enough not to. The third finger now sliding home shelved that idea momentarily. The stretch was delicious, euphoric even. She was sure if the pace wasn't so slow she would've definitely came from it.

The torture continued. She felt fuller but the friction, the pace wasn't enough for her. Her hips thrust upward trying to get something. But the fingers remained slow and her lovers face remained a happy medium between impassive and expectant. Her eyes were clouded with unfiltered lust and obvious enjoyment. Which made Josie even more heated.

"What's wrong JoJo?" She teased.

"You know what."

"I told you if you want something you need to tell me."

"Can you move." She groaned pitifully.

"But I am JoJo." To accentuate her point she dragged her fingers across the inner walls slowly. Causing Josie to shudder rather noticeably.

"Faster. Harder. Anything but this." She practically snarled getting in the other woman's face. Just to once again be forcibly pushed down at her throat .

"Now was that so hard?"

The fingers took off in a shot, the change of pace and tightened grip around her throat had Josie seeing stars. Her brains attention being split into three, keeping her eyes open, the delicious pressure on her throat and how good the three fingers currently being hammered into her core felt. Everything else faded away. Sounds blended together she couldn't tell their voices apart, but the one that sounded like a mummered mantra of pleading was probably hers.

It was getting harder to keep her eyes open as the intensity inside her built and accumulated. Her moans were getting harder to keep quiet with each glide against her walls. She's never felt this way before, the build nor execution ever felt this good.

And yet she wanted more. She needed more. She could taste the most intense orgasm of her life but it was just out of reach and it frustrated her to no end.

"I need mo-re P."

"More of what Saltz. Tell me and I'll do it." Came the labored reply making Josie aware on her thigh.

Josie felt stumped more of what. Everything felt perfect and far better than anything she could imagine. What else did she need to finally push her over the edge. Without thought her hand came up and squeezed the hand around her throat making the hold a little tighter. The fingers faltered in rhythm and brows creased in uncertainty.

"Are you sure?"

"Please I need it." She pleaded. She felt like she was chasing a high and she'd do anything for it.

The first experimental squeeze timed perfectly with three fingers hitting home, made Josie want to scream the fact that she couldn't made it even better. The fact that she felt hyper aware of everything before, compared to what she was feeling now that was nothing. She swore she could feel color in this moment staring into lust filled brown eyes. Or feel the palpable shared hunger thundering thru them, that one might actually be her heart thundering out of her chest due to her air supply being methodically cut off.

Her body was vibrating with her impending orgasm, either that or it was the giddiness and nervous energy of being choked out for the first time. She felt it coiling inside her trying to find a place to burst thru. Spots were starting to blur her vision but she desperately tried to keep her eyes on the sight before her.

Messy locks framing her face, bottom lip tucked between gleaming teeth, chest heaving up and down with barely suppressed moans as she rode Josie's thigh and the most important thing being the eyes that seemed to tether her. Josie was sure this was the most ethereal thing she'd ever seen and experience. And that was saying something.

"Let go Jo."

Her brain registered the whispered command just as fingers twisted inside her hitting a new angle. Her back arched, mouth open with a silent scream and shattered. Her vision blurred and everything went numb for what felt like hours, a deep dive into the abyss. It lasted mere seconds before it felt like every synapse in her body was fired off in rapid succession.

It was too much. It was overwhelming and everything in her was screaming to get herself under control. She felt like she was wading thru some a rotating tunnel with lights she desperately wanted something hold on to. She felt herself subconsciously starting to siphon to try and find something.

She found something and in her haze she didn't question it. Mostly because it was the sweetest magical signature she'd ever siphoned. She wanted more of it. And more she took.

"What the- fuuck."

Hearing her lover's voice Josie's flew open and tried to focus on her, her vision still swimming slightly. She was right on time to see her lover come undone, head thrown back, eyes screwed shut. Watching her, along with the fingers that were gently helping her ride out her orgasm and the allure of the magical signature that was hanging in the air like pheromones. Josie came again just as intensely, feeding on the magical signature.

It had been a while since Josie let magic course thru her body and she was reminded why it was addicting and her hunger was insatiable.

She noticed the body above her stiffen a second to late. Finally connecting the signature to a source and before she could react, the hand that was caressing her throat reacted defensively.

She heard the snap before she felt it. Felt a weight a crashing on her chest.

Then nothing.
"Oh my fucking God." Josie said in a shocked whisper.

"Damn. That intense Jo?"

Josie looked at Hope wide eyed. Unsure of how to word what she was about to say.

"I think I died."

"They call it le petit Mort for a reason Josie."

"No. I literally died Hope."