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Famous Last Words

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Azusa introduces herself and briefly... comments more so than summarises what happened in Chlorine Grown Roses. In her new signature outfit she heads downstairs to the kitchen where Mariella Russo is already treating herself to orange juice. Azusa introduces Mariella to the audience for the first time.

Esther comes to pick them up and together with their friends they muse about what they've been doing over summer. Meeting up with Kou and Kisumi at iHop, they have breakfast. They arrive timely at school, and Mariella is introduced to the audience a second time. Roll call also reveals that Kimmy Sakura is now in the same class as them.

Azusa wonders about her future.

For lunch the gang meets up on the roof, as always, and Ayumu is introduced (and quickly drawn to Shatter). Looking back on the previous year, Hitomi comes out as a lesbian. To celebrate her courage they go get drinks from a vending machine, but a pot cigarette smoking dude with no sense for the danger of hearing loss is standing nearby. Azusa is instantly awestruck by him.

Tom shows up in school uniform, pretty awkward since none of the others are wearing their Iwatobi garbs. He claims he was ordered to check in on them because of all the stuff that happened last year, and he quickly leaves again.

Kimmy doesn't mention anything about that nor does she verify what Tom told them. #TomIsTheNewEvilMastermindOrTheirMinion