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watch your words

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“when i said kiss my ass, this is not what i meant.”


yoongi’s glare is usually one that’s intense enough to have any normal person backing off, but jin is not a normal person. he takes one glance at the irritation on the other omega’s face and takes it not as a challenge but as a source of amusement, like a tiny kitten baring its teeth. he had all bark but no bite, as jin had come to learn. at least, when it came to him. so instead, he takes any threats with a grain of salt, because in the end he always got his way - yoongi was just too soft. he hums contently as his thumbs slip into the sides of the shorter omega’s jeans, pulling them down leisurely, like he had all the time in the world and not someone who looked ready to kick him in the face right about now. “are you seriously complaining about me wanting to eat your ass?” he raises a (perfectly shaped) eyebrow in mock bewilderment, knowing full well that it was all a front. when embarrassment came yoongi’s way, he liked to deflect with attitude. and right now, he’s probably more humilitated than ever; the two hadn’t even actually fucked yet. but hey, it was never too soon to eat ass. especially with an omega whose slick tasted so good. “aw, you even wore the underwear i like. did you come over knowing we’d-”


“shut up ,” yoongi hisses, pink tainting his cheeks. “god, you’re annoying.” and yet, he was leaking slick already all the same, jin doesn’t fail to note. and he only gets wetter by the second, his coffee scent getting sweeter as well. he leans down to get a better smell of it, nose brushing over his neck and inhaling softly. fuck, he loved omegas. could never get over just how good they smelled, how good they tasted. he always liked them feistier, though, and yoongi certainly delivered. he’s so, so lucky he gets to have him this time. taehyung, while he definitely didn’t deserve to go out like that, well - that’s jungkook’s doing, not his.


when he notices that yoongi’s already starting to stain his briefs, he’s reminded of one of the downsides of slick. it was messy, and a pain to clean out. while he without a doubt would just leave it there if he could, it wasn’t exactly an option, unless he enjoyed how sticky and gross it got after it dried. yeah, no thanks. he’s glad that his own hormones aren’t nearly as prominent as a normal omega’s are; he gets a little wet at most, but not enough to leak through underwear. he mentally shudders at the memory of when he did. but enough of that; he needed to get a towel asap before yoongi makes a mess of his sheets, which would most definitely happen the second he gets his tongue in his ass. “not annoying enough for you to tell me to stop, apparently,” he grins, tossing the jeans he’d just taken off him to the floor. he hungrily eyes his legs for a moment, and yoongi seems to get insecure about that, sitting up and drawing them to his chest. “ah, don’t do that, kitten,” he scolds, grabbing his ankle to pull one of them back out. he effortlessly turns him around onto his stomach, a hand on the back of his neck with enough pressure for him to stop struggling. “stay like that for me while i get something,” he orders, and honestly, he isn’t sure whether to expect him to obey or not. based on this mood right now, he’s going with the latter. oh well, he can punish him for that if he decides to ruin his sheets.


he releases him and, for the moment at least, he listens. “good omega,” he sing-songs, and he definitely doesn’t miss the way his fingers clench the bed at that. with a smirk, he leaves the room to grab a towel.


when he returns, it’s to a sight that makes him stop at the doorway. while yoongi himself didn’t move an inch, his hand certainly did. more specifically, two of his fingers, as they thrust in and out of him. he’s so immersed in it that he doesn’t even notice the omega standing there, his cock hardening with every squelch as his boyfriend fingers himself, the side of his face shoved into the mattress and his other hand grasping onto the sheets so tightly that his fingers are turning white. jesus fucking christ. he’s even got his hips raised a few inches, slick steadily sliding down his inner thighs with every thrust. oh, yeah. he’s about to make a mess of his fucking sheets. as much as he’d love to just stand there and watch, he doesn’t want to have to change his bedding for it. and so, without further ado, he silently makes his way over to the omega and grabs his wrist. “what do you think you’re doing?”


“what does it fucking look like?” he whines, obviously attempting to sound threatening, but hopelessly failing. he’s pretty sure it’s impossible to pose any kind of threat when you were just caught with your ass in the air, playing with yourself like that. a cute attempt, nonetheless. “you were taking too long. is that a towel?” another whine escapes his lips as his fingers are pulled out and set back on the bed. he tries to turn on his back to face the older directly instead of having to look up, but a firm hand on his back stops him. “can you fucking-” he’s interrupted by an abrupt spank, and he immediately freezes, a pained sound leaving his lips. despite that, though, he keeps his reddened ass in the air and cants his hips a few inches back, as if asking for more. so he was a painslut after all, it seemed. he’d have to explore that later.


“i don’t appreciate the attitude, and if you want to keep going i promise you won’t like what i do.” despite jin’s venomous words, he says it all with a pleasant smile on his face, as if what yoongi was saying was funny. he lays the towel right beside the other omega, and only then does he let him on his back as he rolls him onto it. “don’t want you to be making a mess all over my sheets, kitten,” he explains. “and trust me, you would. i don’t mean to brag,” he did, “but by the time i’m done with you, you’ll never want anyone else again.” he looks down at him with a grin, and yoongi really does look ready to kick him in that moment. before he can, though, jin is tugging his shirt off of him and throwing it in the same direction as he did his jeans. this seemed to happen every time; yoongi being completely naked while jin himself stays fully clothed. he had to admit that he liked it better this way, made him feel more… in control. and the fact that he doesn’t put up much of a fight about it just makes things that much easier. he looks down at him, at the way he self-consciously lifts his knees up a little to cover himself, blush still faint on his cheeks and eyes betraying the tough facade he’s desperately trying to put up. “are you going to be good for me now?” he asks amusedly, gently taking an ankle in each hand and dragging him to the edge of the bed. he settles on his knees and hooks the omega’s legs over his shoulders, and hears a defeated sigh as yoongi gives up on the act he was playing at. “i’ll take that as a yes.”


“just get on with it,” yoongi sighs in resignation, but jin can tell by how wet he’s getting that he’s looking forward to it more than he cares to admit. adorable. “i bet you’re not even that go- oh fuck.


jin hasn’t even stuck his tongue in his hole yet; merely licked over it with a slow precision that has the omega’s toes curling and back arching. “you were saying?”


“k-keep going, please,” he gulps. “sir.”


well, who could say no to that?


jin, of course.

“that wasn’t very convincing,” he pulls away a few inches, and that definitely has yoongi groaning in frustration as he sits up, cringing as he’s now seated in a puddle of his own slick.


“don’t do this to me now. jin, i swear to god. please. you’re the best. better than any alpha. now please eat my ass.” he pauses for a moment. “ sir ,” he adds. despite his humorous words, there’s a clear hint of neediness in his voice, right on the edge of begging. “i-i need it. i need you.” he bites his lip as he looks down at him, shifting uncomfortably as he leaks some more. god, jin loved it when he got like this, when he threw away the embarrassment once push came to shove and he asked for what he wanted. “f-feel... empty.” yeah, his kitten definitely deserved a treat. without further ado, he places a hand on his chest as a cue to lie back down so he can get a better angle, ready to go the fuck to town.


“hold any of your noises back and you’ll regret it,” is the last thing he says before spreading him out and delving his tongue inside, an easy task seeing as he was fingering himself earlier. his slick was soaking the towel by now as it ran down his thighs, coating jin’s chin as he none too shyly slurped it all up, giving little kisses and sucks to his cheeks before going back inside and feeling his own cock harden by the second as yoongi’s desperate groans and whines fill the air. his ankles connect behind him, forcing him deeper inside as they press on his back; he can feel yoongi scrambling for purchase as the sensation overwhelms him. it takes a few minutes until he’s relaxed enough to completely loosen, but when he does, he starts to wriggle his tongue a bit to get more taste and holy fuck, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to drink coffee again without remembering yoongi in his mouth. it’s time to step up his game, though; his arrogance wasn’t undeserved, that was for sure. keeping one hand on his ass to keep his cheek spread, he uses the other to slide in a finger that has yoongi nearly fucking screaming with ecstasy.


yoongi’s so completely out of it at this point that he’s rambling on, fingers so white as they grip onto the sheets and chest heaving with every thrust of the older’s (now two) fingers and tongue. “j-jin, pleasepleaseplease fuck oh my god please yes oh i’m gonna cum just a little more-”


immediately, jin’s tongue is out of him, and he’s grabbing onto his cock with enough pressure that yoongi cries out in pain. “you know better, yoongi. not until i fucking say so,” he pants, slick running down from his mouth to his chin, and there’s enough threat in his tone alone that makes the younger freeze in fear. yeah, he knows better; knows he’s supposed to ask permission before begging to come, but it felt so good that it completely slipped his mind. he’s about to give a string of apologies, but a slap to his cock stops him. he whines again, tears welling up in his eyes. “and here i thought you were going to be a good boy.”


“i-i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to hyung, i just-”




precum spurts onto his stomach as his cock is slapped once again, and now there’s actual tears running down his cheeks. he’s so hard it’s painful, the tip of it red and desperate for release. “what are you supposed to call me?”


sir , sir, i’m sorry! you were just - it felt so good and i - and i couldn’t help myself,” he mumbles, and even as he says it he knows that it’s not going to be a good enough excuse. he’s really in for it now, if the way that jin’s eyes predatorily fixate on him is any indication. “i’m sorry,” he mumbles again in a last ditch attempt to save himself. now, usually he wasn’t as obedient as this, but he really needed jin’s tongue inside him again or he was going to die. as much as he hated to admit it, he definitely couldn’t imagine himself being with anyone else again after this; jin was just too good. knew how to pull him together and break him apart so easily that yoongi worried that he knew him better than he knew himself.


with an exaggerated disappointed sigh, jin unhooks his legs from his shoulders and stands up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand to clean off the slick. it’s with this angle that yoongi realizes just how much more power he has over him - how much more power he lets him have. a shiver runs down his spine at the cold gaze that meets him when he makes eye contact. “turn around,”  is what jin finally orders after a few seconds of silence. does that mean he’s actually going through with a punishment? yoongi considers whether he should obey or not; now that he’s not going to continue with what he was doing, then he doesn’t really have a reason to, does he?


with an irritated glare, slick still dripping from his hole, yoongi shakes his head. “make me.”


instead of a flash of anger washing over the older, he just smiles icily, giving a shrug. “okay,” he responds, turning around and making his way over to his dresser. the younger omega watches him curiously, unsure of where he was going, but when he sees him opening the drawer and pulling out a belt - well. maybe he does internally panic a bit. but that doesn’t mean he’s going to show it, of course. he silently follows him with his eyes as he approaches him yet again, defiantly making eye contact with a frown. as if daring him to put him in his place. “really? this is what we’re doing?” jin chuckles in disbelief, as if scolding a child. “have it your way, then.” he doesn’t wait another second before grabbing yoongi’s shoulder and using it to flip him over, scooting him over a bit so he’s fully on the towel again. “don’t try to tell me i was being unfair after this,” he adds before yoongi hears him folding the belt in half. he’s really gotten himself into deep shit now, hasn’t he.


he tenses as he mentally prepares himself for the sting of the belt, his eyes shutting as tightly as they can and body flattening against the disgusting towel, holding his breath in wait. fuck, he just wanted to cum , he didn’t deserve this. his cock is pushed uncomfortably against his stomach, heat pooling up in his stomach in desire and want and frustration. “how many do you think you deserve, kitten?”


“none,” he bites back. getting spanked with his hand was one thing - a very pleasurable thing, might he add - but the belt was just a little too harsh for his taste. that was why it was a punishment, though.


jin chuckles at that. “mm, i’ll go easy on you this time. how about five, and then i’ll eat you out again, how does that sound?” okay, that… wasn’t bad at all, actually. he shudders at the memory of when he’d been particularly fussy one day and gotten twenty lashes. forced to count every single one. he’d rather not have a repeat. he wordlessly nods, whimpering and burying his head into the pillow when he hears a step forward. “aw, baby,” he murmurs as he leans down to run his fingers through his hair. “this isn’t too much, right? safe word?”


that was another thing - while jin was definitely a fucking asshole most of the time, it was moments like these that reminded yoongi that he cared, as foreign the concept seemed when he first met him. it wasn’t something that the elder would ever explicitly confess to in a million years; he was more the type to express that through making sure he was alright through the way he spoke to him or the way he took care of him whenever he was sick; how he looked at him when he thought he wouldn’t notice. a tender softness that he reserved only for him. yoongi becomes so lost in thought that he’s forgotten to answer, and when he looks up he sees a concerned look on jin’s face. oh, shit. he was probably staring blankly at the sheets and gave him the wrong impression. before he can explain himself, though, he’s being flipped over onto his back and tugged onto his feet. seokjin’s scent has changed completely as well, from a more sickly sweet vanilla to one meant to comfort. he pulls him into his arms with no hesitation despite his leaking cock staining the older’s clothes, scenting him softly and kissing onto his glands with a love that he doesn’t need to verbally express for yoongi to understand. “jinnie’s sorry, kitten. i was too mean,” he mumbles as he cards his fingers through his hair affectionately. fuck, even if yoongi was legitimately upset, this was enough to make him pretend to be just so the moment will continue. he definitely loved when he was smacked around a bit, but - but this was something else. seeing someone as cruel and uncaring as jin usually was suddenly showing so much compassion and love for someone like him made his heart hurt. he really wasn’t worthy of this.


“j-just... no spanking, this time,” he mumbles guiltily. “want you to be nice. make me feel pretty.” the aggression and brattiness he displayed toward the other omega earlier was all but gone now, replaced with someone who just wanted to be taken care of. “please, sir.”


seokjin visibly softens at that, a warmness in his eyes that yoongi sees once he pulls away making his heart do backflips once again. “whatever you want, yoonie.” and with that, the younger is being pressed into the towel again (ugh, slick) , legs gently placed over jin’s shoulders. but instead of getting right to the point, he seems to be taking his time now, slow and languid presses of his lips to his inner thighs. licks that make yoongi’s cock stand straight at attention, mumblings of praise into his skin - “my baby boy. my pretty baby, my little prince,” and god does he love it. his chest is aching in a good way, hips raising in surprise and pleasure when his tongue is back inside, one hand lightly gripping jin’s hair to get him deeper. his whines are so loud but he can’t find it in himself to care, not when the love of his life is making him feel so precious and desired.


it only takes a few strokes of his cock to reach his climax, painting his chest white as his legs shake from overstimulation when jin just keeps eating him out. “f-fuck, hyung, too much ,” he mewls, trying to push his head away. “i’m gonna die-”


he does not die; in fact, he manages to cum twice more by the time he’s done with him.


when jin deems his job finally done, he pulls away with a satisfied smirk, licking the remaining slick off his lips and wiping the rest off his chin. “told you i’ll ruin you for anyone else.” yoongi groans at that, forcibly pulling a leg off of his shoulder and kicking him away in the chest with his foot. “rude! and after all i’ve done for you!” he laughs, adjusting his pants at his still obvious erection. yoongi’s eyebrow raises at that, more than happy to take care of that himself, but before he can vocalize this point the elder seems to have read his mind. “it’s alright, i wanna take care of you first.”


yoongi gapes at that. “you literally just-


“i mean clean you up, get your mind out of the gutter,” he responds teasingly, taking his hands and pulling him up. he then casually reaches around to feel for how wet he still is, smiling so fucking arrogantly that he wants to punch him. “that good, huh?” yoongi just rolls his eyes at that, until his hand comes back around and is running over his lips. oh, fuck no. he seals his mouth, right up until the moment jin gives him that look. “come on, you taste amazing, kitten,” he teases. “i would know, i just ate your ass for thirty minutes.” did he have to put it so bluntly?


he opens his mouth hesitantly, and jin doesn’t waste a second to pop his finger into his mouth. “suck, baby,” he instructs. and - oh, fuck, he was right. he wasn’t bad at all.


“i taste okay, i guess,” he says with a blush.


“mm, the way your scent got sweeter when i put it in your mouth tells me otherwise.”


“just shut up and take care of me.”