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Hail The Shinsengumi

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        Hijikata-san, your hands.

        Toshizo could still remember how she had removed his gloves to touch his bare skin, loosely holding his large hands in her own, considerably smaller and more fragile than his own. Her eyes had shut, a gentle glow emitting from her fingers as energy flower through them. Slowly but surely, the Berserker felt his injuries begin to fade away, healing with a faint green light. His shoulders unknowingly relaxed, an odd sense of fatigue washing over him despite his supposed lack of need for sleep. The demeritting factor of her magecraft, it seemed. It was never such an intense drawback, however, never enough to cause major problems. It exhausted her much more than it did him, after all.

        How her clothes shifted a little, hair lifting slightly as the breeze let off by her mana drifted around them - Toshizo found it oddly enchanting. He didn't avert his gaze when her eyes opened again, meeting his. The silence was deathly still, tension resting on their shoulders, but it wasn't awkward tension. They both disregarded it a moment later when she released his hands carefully, the male calmly pulling his gloves back on. His clothes could repair themselves with a little time, his wounds entirely gone as he stood up.

        My thanks.

        The magus simply nodded in reply, waving a little with a subtle and polite smile as he left the room. As soon as those doors shut behind him, however, he was met by the sight of a familiar Archer standing there, her long black locks shifting as she grinned smugly at him.

        Heh, the big bad Shinsengumi is too wimpy to make any moves.

        Toshizo stared down at her before wordlessly turning to the side and walking off. That only made the short Archer laugh, who began skipping after him. She loved antagonizing him over this, the Berserker knew.

        You do realize that not doing anything means that Assassin-Berserker guy's gonna take her, right?

        There was a pause in his steps, slowing to a stop. The Archer hummed at his response, satisfied. She was about to walk off when Toshizo turned around, an odd look in his eye.


        Nobunaga peered at him over her shoulder.

        What do you mean by that?

        She raised a brow.

        What, you're saying you didn't notice? That Jekyll and Hyde guy, he's into her too.

        Toshizo was quiet for a moment, processing the Archer's words before nodding once, walking off again. She stared after him before sighing.

        Man, he's an idiot.