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The New Queen Rises

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It's a normal morning in the castle when Ariel gets a knock on her door. "Oh, come in, what's the matter?" asks Ariel.

"Well, princess, it's your father, he's he's dead."

Ariel then asks the messenger to go fetch Eric which he does and brings him to her.

"What's wrong, my dear?" asks Eric concerned.

"My father, he's dead. I need to return home, but how?"

"Well," says Eric rubbing his neck, "you could use Ursula's necklace, I kinda had the shipwreck salvaged and the necklace recovered and brought to the castle." He then walks over and hands it to Ariel. "Now go home and to the funeral."

Ariel nods and runs off to the sea, puts on the necklace, and jumps in, her tail returning as soon as she hits the water. Eric then watches her swim off from a perch on the balcony. "Be safe, my love." All of a sudden, Melody sneaks up behind her father.

"Daddy, where's mommy?" asks Melody confused. "She was supposed to take me to tea this afternoon."

"Something came up," responds Eric.

"What came up, daddy?" asks Melody insistingly.

"Fine, her father's funeral and to bring her sisters out of exile and home to a new kingdom, a new Atlantica."

"Well, I hope she'll be safe," responds Melody.

"I do too, my dearest daughter, I do too." He then takes Melody by the hand and takes her to tea in her mother's place.

Meanwhile in Atlantica, Ariel soon finds and frees her sisters from an aweful prison and they then go and attend their father's funeral together. After that, they and the mermaids and mermen swim off to find a new home and after several months, they find one that they happily name Mermista. Ariel then leaves her eldest sister in charge and returns to the surface. There, she takes a ship back to Eric's kingdom and is reunited in a sweet family hug by Eric and Melody.

"I missed you, momma," says Melody with a smile.

"And I, you," responds Ariel as she gives her daughter a kiss on the head. They then go in after watching the sunset together as a family.