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I ran my hand along the blue streak in my hair. “Because you and Sir Harlem wedding is based off of Blue, it makes sense!” Margaret, my maid, told me, brushing my silver hair.

“It looks okay…” I murmured, wondering again exactly why Harlem of all people chose me. He was a demon. Through and through. However, whenever I asked this question, he had many answers. One focused around looks, another personality, one time he even told me to go do something else.

“Margaret! Is Elizabeth almost ready?” a rough voice asked. It was Veronica, Margaret’s sister and Harlem’s personal guard.

“Almost, Veronica. Just a few more touches.” My dress was a light blue color, far from white, but still light enough to look like a wedding, with darker blue accents. Margaret finished braiding my hair and did an intricate design with it and the gold accents Harlem insisted I wear. Taking a deep breath, I started out to the wedding area. And froze. White was everywhere. I took a deep breath and opted to focus on Harlem, who, I very quickly realized, was wearing white. I was the only one wearing a different color. Images flashed through my head. Ludociel. Sariel. Tarmiel. Mael. Nerobasta. What they did to me… A dark feeling of dread brought my head snapping behind me. There stood a short man with short, and very spiky, blonde hair. He wore elegant black armour with a iron crown and blue and green gems in it. In an instant, the entire hall bowed, myself included.

When they finished, Harlem ran over and held me. “What do you want?” he snarled.

The boy smiled. “Come now, Harlem! Is that anyway to treat your king ?” he sneered.

Harlem huffed, still glaring at him. “Fine, King Meliodas. What do you want?” he snarled.

King Meliodas turned to me. I gulped, feeling a sense of dread wash over me. “Elizabeth made a promise to me. And I’m here to fulfill it. Now, come, Elizabeth.” Meliodas ordered, holding out his hand.

Harlem snarled, “Like hell she will! Just because you’re the King doesn’t mean you’re more powerful than me.” I turned to him.

“Please, Harlem. I don’t want anymore bloodshed.” I begged, then turned to the waiting demon. “I’ll go, Meliodas.” I told him walking over to him.

“No! Eliza-” Harlem’s cry was cut off as Meliodas took me somewhere else.

I squeezed my eyes shut, wondering what was going on. When I opened my eyes, we were in a bright and rather surprisingly sunny throne room. “Welcome to my home… the others should be here any minute…” Meliodas trailed off, looking around. Suddenly, eight people landed in the room, making me jump in surprise.

“Sorry! I’m Diane! Nice to meet you, Elizabeth! Meliodas has been-” the first person, a rather tall, well-built woman with brown hair in pigtails, purple-ish eyes, and orange clothes, got cut off from Meliodas clearing his throat. Diane giggled and rolled her eyes. “This is King…” a man with orange hair, brownish-orange eyes, two pairs of wings (!?), and a black tuxedo, “Gowther…” a teen boy with a female-looking face, female clothes, pink hair, and amber eyes, “Merlin…” a tall woman with rather revealing clothes, raven black hair, and gold eyes, “Ban…” a tall, terrifying looking man with red clothes, pale blue hair, and red eyes, “Escnaor…” a buff man, even more terrifying than Ban, with a green tuxedo (?), orange hair, and blue eyes, “Zeldris…” an exact copy of Meliodas but he had black hair, red clothes, and iron armor, “And Estarossa!” A taller version of Meliodas and Zeldris but with silver hair. Like my own, but not at the same time.

Meliodas huffed a little, “I have things to do. Zeldris. We need to talk.” the short man nodded and black wings appeared on his back. The two quickly flew off.

Diane walked over to me. “You must want to get out of that! Me and Merlin will help you!” the said woman floated over and nodded. The others walked (or flew) away to go do something. On the way to my new room, Diane explained everyone to me. “I’m a Giant. King’s a Fairy. Ban’s immortal. Escanor’s a human. Merlin’s like a half-demon person. Zeldris and Estarossa are Meliodas’s brothers. Gowther’s a doll… and I think that covers the species. I’m Meliodas’s third in command. I help shoulder his work load. Merlin here is his mage/adviser. King is his second in command. Escanor helps Zeldris with commanding the armies, even though most of the time they don’t see eye-to-eye and Estarossa has to find the middle ground. Poor guy. He probably does most of the work. Escanor also only listens to Merlin. Gowther is Meliodas’s spymaster. And Ban is just… there… we don’t know what he does.” the Giant (? This was all very confusing for me) shrugged. By the time Diane finished explaining what everyone does, we were outside my temporary room. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and get out of those clothes while Merlin and I find some clothes?” Diane asked. I quietly nodded and went into the large bathroom. I slipped out of the very squeezing clothes and into some clothes that were there. It was a frilly, pink, and rather revealing shirt with a light blue bow. There was also a really short skirt with a pink-ish belt, one black legging with a white shoe, and one black shoe. Strange… I thought as I put it on, This wasn’t here when I got in… I shook it off and stepped out of the bathroom. “Maybe it’s a bit too much… I told you to go easy on her!” Diane complained to the now-floating mage.

“Well. If she’s going to be living here, she needs to get used to the clothes here.” Merlin responded, her voice smooth as silk.

“All the same! We don’t need Meliodas eyeing her up every five second!” Diane protested.

Merlin sighed and instructed me back into the bathroom. “There should be some clothes that Diane picked in there.” the sorceress told me. I looked around and eventually found some yellow less-revealing clothes. After I put them on, I went out again.

“Perfect!” Diane clapped, “Now, it’s time for food! Ban cooked today!” she giggled.

“Well, I don’t usually eat food. But now that Ban’s cooking all the time instead of the Captain, I suppose I’ll have to start.” Merlin laughed. Diane linked her arm with mine and led me down a bunch of stairs and to a large dining room. There, at the head, sat Meliodas. Estarossa on the left, Zeldris on the right. Next to Estarossa sat King, Escanor, and Gowther. Next to Zeldris were three set places. Merlin sat next to Zeldris and Diane bounced to the seat next to her. I awkwardly sat next to the happy giant. In an instant, food appeared on our plates. Ban grunted and walked in, sitting next to Gowther.

Meliodas waited until Ban had sat to place down his papers. “Dig in.” He told them. The others instantly dug into their food while I just pushed my food around on my plate, taking little nibbles every now and then.

Diane paused and glanced in my direction. “Are you okay?” she asked, real actual concern in her voice.

I smiled and nodded. “I’m just not that hungry.” I told her. To keep her from worrying more, I took a rather large bite out of one of the potatoes. A few minutes of quietness later, Estarossa spoke up.

“There have been reports of spies on the southern border going missing.” he said. This sparked a whole web of conversations.

“This is unacceptable! We must declare war on Arthur Pendragon and Southern Britannia!” Zeldris protested.

“That will be an unnecessary battle!” Escanor growled.

“I agree with Zeldris. This is an act of war!” Ban snarled.

“I agree with Escanor. It is quite unnecessary.” Merlin shot back.

“Merlin and Escanor’s right.” Diane put it.

“I’d hate to contradict you, Diane, but Zeldris and Ban are right.” King looked disgusted from it, but he continued, “In the Fairy King’s Forest, when a spy went missing along the border with humans, we declared war. Humans are selfish and greedy, no offense to you, Ban and Escanor, but they are. They would rather slowly kill hundreds of Fairies for money than be friends with us. Elaine spent years keeping human after human away from the Fountain of Youth.” The Fairy pointed out. I noticed Ban wincing a little at the mention of “Elaine” and decided to ask Diane about it later.

I cleared my throat, causing seven angry glares snap to me. Meliodas and Diane looked at me curiously. “I’d hate to contradict or insult any of you in your own home, but this is honestly so simple it’s actually a little funny. See if you can find the spies. Every of the spies that Harlem gave up came home and was classified as ‘missing’ by you guys. They could’ve just went home. If not, then ask this Arthur about it. He might know. If he does, then declare war. If he doesn’t,” I gulped as I prepared for my other suspicion to be voiced.

“Ludociel could be back…” Meliodas murmured, his voice cold and yet angry. The others looked at each other, clearly shocked and scared. I felt images flash through my mind at the mention of my ‘older brother’ but shoved them away. “We will do what Elizabeth had suggested. It does make sense. I also have a certain someone to yell at. Merlin, King, Escanor.” Meliodas ordered, walking away. The three summoned followed him out.

Diane gently grabbed my arm and led me out. As soon as we were pretty far away, Diane turned to me. “I can’t believe it… Meliodas actually listened to you! He hardly listens to anyone!” she looked excited add a little jealous. The Giant cleared her throat and walked with me to my room. She talked about the rare times Meliodas did listen to someone else, and the tragic event that followed when he didn’t. “Ban once tried to teach him how to make an apple pie. Escanor was sick in bed for days !” she giggled. After waving goodbye to me, she skipped away. I walked into my room and sighed in relief to see there was some pajamas in there. After changing, I slipped into my bed to hopefully get some sleep. Oh boy, was I wrong.