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Being an Omega and a Kingsman

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There are three sub-genders in the world; alphas, betas, and omegas. The alphas made up less than a quarter of the world population, thought of as the capable leaders of the society, the strong ones that dominate, and the ones who are thought of as elite. They were tall, muscular, with sharp canines to mark their mates. There were much of them because they breed between each other, making sure their offsprings were alphas too.

The next in line are the betas, the most in number, making up over three quarters of the world population. They are the inbetweeners, the ones who resolves conflict, and the ones who keeps the peace between the three dynamics. They’re your average joe, free from the problems the other dynamics have, such as ruts and heats--and they’re thankful for that. 

Last but not least, the omegas. The least in number, favored by the people all over the world. They are the nurturer, the ones who fiercely protect their family, and the ones who would love their friends and families to death. They are the most fertile out of all the dynamics, being able to give life, be it man or woman. Omegas are sought out--especially by alphas, and especially the strong ones who are believed to produce the best and healthiest offsprings.

And for Eggsy, that’s just sick.

He’s an omega. From all the dynamics, he just had to be an omega. His parents were betas with recessive omega blood, and even then omega males were rare as fuck (“Eggsy!” his teacher had scolded him once for saying that in class), making up only a fifth of the omega population, he just had to be one.

It was predictable, really. He was shorter than the other kids when he was younger, quite petite , by what his Mum said. He had the brightest blue eyes with the softest, lithest body which he can never get muscled and thick (but enough to join the gymnastics team in his school). So really, it wasn’t that much of a shock when he found out about his sub-gender during a blood test in secondary school.

But as he grew up, he had quite broad shoulders (his hips widened too, what the fuck) and he managed to gain a few pounds of muscle mass during his time in the marines through suppressants. He had never presented before, and he was sure he was turning into a beta, before his Mum would sigh and bring out the results of his blood test back in the day without saying a word.

“I swear, if I turned out to be a beta in the next check-up, you owe me a hundred pounds, Ryan,” Eggsy snarled at his phone as he fiddled with his necklace. As an omega who hadn’t presented, the doctors in the nearby clinic in his neighborhood told him to get a check-up once a month. And it’s free--as long as its regarding his sub-gender, it will always be subsidised by the government.

“That’s impossible, bruv. And you know it,” Ryan cackled. “Oy, Jamal. Eggsy said he’d probably turned into a beta in the next check-up! Fuckin’ dumb, eh?”

“You know I can still hear you shout from here, right? Fucking prick,” Eggsy spat with no malice.

“Well mate, jokes on you. You befriended this pick and you’ll have to deal with it. See you at the bar in the evening?”

“Sure, whatever,” Eggsy chuckled, hanging up on the phone. He sighed and stood in front of the mirror. Nothing changed--not his facial features, not his broad (really, Eggsy loved how broad his shoulders are, even though Ryan would argue that its not very wide) shoulders, not his amazingly wide hips, nothing. He looks at the medallion the strange man gave him when he was just a toddler, as a tribute to what his father had done in the field. Could he be a hero, someone like his father too? He smiled bitterly, he could only wish.

“Eggsy?” his Mum called from outside, “Eggsy, come here please!”

He sighed and tucked the medallion inside his shirt. “What is it, Mum?” Eggsy went out of his room, fixing his cap. “I’ve got to go to the check-up.”

“Have you got any rizla, babe?” his mum asked, sitting snugly beside Dean fucking Baker, ignoring his last statement.

“No,” Eggsy shook his head. If only his mother could stop smoking. He was sure his mother didn’t when he was a child, so it was probably because of shitty Dean Baker who pushed her back to it.

“Why don’t you do your Mum a favor, go down to the shop and get some?” Dean ordered, looping his hand around his Mum’s shoulder. Oh, how he was itching to push it off her.

“No. I’m busy, I have a check-up to attend to, so fuck off.”

“Oy. What have I said to you about speaking to Dean like that?”

Eggsy rolled his eyes. “Three’s a crowd, ain’t it? Why don’t Dean’s poodle go?” Eggsy argued. He eyes the short man who’s watching their TV obliviously.

“I’ll tell you what,” Dean said haughtily, rummaging through his pockets to take out some cash. “Why don’t you take this and go and get some rizlas, get yourself some sweets? And while you’re gone, we’ll show your mother how three can be good company.”

Ew , Eggsy thought. He did not need a mental image of that. He glanced at Daisy’s crib and sighed. He’s doing this to keep the flat peaceful. He’s doing this for Daisy, and only Daisy.

He took the money with a glare directed to Dean, and walked towards Daisy’s crib. “Hi, my little flower,” he cooed at the fussy baby. “I’ll be away for a while, stay safe, alright?” he tapped the baby’s nose who giggled. He had always had his ways with kids, and even if Daisy is the baby of his mother and fucking Dean’s, he still loved her nonetheless. If anything happens to her, Dean is the first man Eggsy will kill. Definitely, he’ll be out for his blood.

He gave Daisy her favorite dummy before walking out of the house, a quick wave to his mother unnoticed from Dean, and head out to the clinic. Fuck the rizlas. He’s not going to let his mother smoke.

The bells rang when he went inside the clinic, the smell of rubbing alcohol and sanitizers all mingled up together creating a sharp scent he can never get used to.

“I’m here for the monthly check-up,” Eggsy said to the receptionist, Ms. Mary.

“Yes, of course,” the nurse tapped into her computer. “Still no heat this month, Mr. Unwin?”

Eggsy shook his head. It was better to not have one, with all the people in his house. His mother he’s not that wary of, but Dean and his lackeys are dangerous to be near. He’d saw them harass a few girls every now and then, some omegas if they were lucky. Fuck, one of them even followed an omega back to her house. He could only imagine what would happen if he suddenly went into heat inside the flat...shit.

“Well,” she smiled apologetically. “I hope you finally do. Well, Doctor Clive is empty. Go on ahead and get in immediately.”

“Thanks Ms. Mary,” Eggsy said quietly before walking to Doctor Clive’s office. The clinic was quite empty today, since it was still monday morning. Everyone was probably going to work or school.

“The only male omega in town,” Doctor Clive greeted happily, taking his eyes off a book he was reading. He adjusted his round glasses and gave a toothy grin. “How are you Eggsy? You feeling good?”

Eggsy chuckled. “Normal,” he smiled, giving the doctor a firm handshake. The doctor had known Eggsy ever since he was a teenager, and surely missed him when he went for the marines. He was also the one who prescribed Eggsy the suppressants, the safer ones from the market, considering he had never presented before. 

“As usual I’ll be taking your blood and we can discuss a few matters while we wait for the results. It’ll be done in a jiffy, considering the small amounts of patients we had ever since we opened today.”

Eggsy nodded and let the doctor do his job. He cringed a bit as the needle punctured his skin, never getting used to the sensation.

“All done,” the doctor said as one of the nurses took the syringe and placed the blood in a tube, scurrying away from the room. “Now, Eggsy. I would like to discuss a few matters.”

Eggsy nodded. “You’re 22 now, yes?” Another nod. “But you still haven’t gotten your heat yet.” Another nod.

The doctor sighed. “According to a book that I read, published in the early 19s,” he took off his round glasses and looked at Eggsy with his brown eyes, “Heats were also affected by the mind of the omega. Their well-being. Their psychology. Heats were supposed to happen when the omega feels safe and secure in their environment. Hormones are not the only playing factor here, Eggsy.

“And from what I’m observing,” he frowned, “Your environment is less than capable of giving you that feeling. Do you get me?”

“I’m sorry, what-”

“I know how your family’s doing, Eggsy. Back before you went for the marines. The moment you came here alone for your check-ups. Eggsy, you were only fifteen at that time! An omega, too. None of my omega patients come alone, Eggsy.”

“Yeah, well I’m a male omega. I don’t need protection. I can stand up for myself.”

“That’s not what I meant, Eggsy. I’m sure you can handle some thugs, you joined the marines, for God’s sake,” the doctor chuckled, “What you need is emotional support, Eggsy. Get yourself a partner. Move out of the place if you have to. The sooner you get your heats, the less intense it will be. I’ve heard of people-”

“But what if my sub-gender changed, and then what? I can’t move out, not when Daisy’s out there with ‘em. With those monsters. I’m scared of something happening to her, Doc. I want her to have a good life. Not like me- I’m- I’m a fucking failure,” Eggsy lashed out. If he could, he would leave. But not without Daisy.

“Daisy...I believe she’s your little sister your mum gave birth to a couple years ago, yeah?” Eggsy nodded. “I- I understand. But I do need to correct you there, sub-genders cannot be--”



Ryan laughed. “I knew you’d stay an omega,” he told Eggsy, while Jamal chugged his beer with a smile on his face. “Listen, Eggsy. Even if beta’s sense of smell are pretty shitty, we could still differentiate between the three sub-genders, ‘aight? You still got that sweet scent of yours, and believe me when I say that it’s somewhat intoxicating some days.”

“True that, bruv. It’s quite different from the omega ladies, much more pleasant for me. But eh, I’m a beta. Ask an alpha or another omega for a better explanation,” Jamal added, to which Eggsy sighed. He’d rather not meet an alpha. The last one he met sent flowers and chocolate to his flat--and seriously he couldn’t care less.

“You’re more sought out than female omegas, Eggsy,” his doctor once told him before he went to the marines. “Male omegas are believed to be able to produce stronger and healthier babes than the women, much more stronger and capable of it. And there’s quite a challenge to pursuing one for the alphas, you see. Alphas love challenges. ” Well, fuck challenges.

“So your mother. Still with that bastard?” Eggsy nodded at Ryan. “Why? He never treats her right.”

“Probably low self-esteem,” Jamal hypothesised. “That’s her problem.”

“Why would she though? She’s pretty well-fit,” Ryan laughed, joined at Jamal before noticing the troubled look on Eggsy’s face. “No offence, though Eggsy.”

“It’s fine,” Eggsy waved it off. “One of these days I’m gonna smash his face in.”

“Are you mental?” Jamal frowned, pointing rather indiscreetly. “I know you’re confident of your skills mate, but he’ll just get that lot to do you and then pretend he knew nothing-”

“Oy,” someone--if Eggsy wasn’t mistaken was nicknamed Rottweiler by Dean--banged the table, “Think you can chat shit about us and we won’t do nothing, just cause our governor’s bangin’ Eggsy’s mum?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” he shrugged, without a care in the world. His two friends were already glaring at him for saying that.

“Just leave it. Let’s just go, man. It’s not worth it,” Jamal whispered-shouted to Eggsy, who was still frowning. He’s not afraid of a few beta thugs, but Jamal was right. They weren’t worth his time. 

“You boys have outstayed your welcome. Leave,” Rotty said in a deep voice, probably imitating an alpha to sound authoritative. Jamal and Ryan stood up and quickly left the pub, but not Eggsy.

“Sorry about that, love,” Eggsy stood up, placing his hands around Rotty’s waist and dragging him closer. If there’s anything advantageous about being an omega, it’s this. “I’ll be sure to make it up later,” he said with a cheeky grin, before leaving Rotty and his friends awestruck and wide-eyed.

“Y-Yeah, just fucking leave, Mug.”

Eggsy let out a hearty laugh and left the pub, a smirk on his face that made his two friends cringe. “They weren’t worth it, boys. What did you do to him?”

“Nothin’,” Eggsy chuckled.  “Y’know what? It’s freezing.” He took his arm up and showed them what he’s got. “Why are we walking?”

Jamal’s eyes went as big as saucers. “You jacked his fucking car keys!?" 

“Yep,” Eggsy shrugged. “And now we’re gonna nick his car.”

The three of them quickly jumped in. Eggsy of course, took the wheel and started checking the car out. A manual-type and it feels quite new in his grip.

“Think you can do some tricks?” Ryan asked, sitting beside him. Eggsy scoffed. 

“I’m fucking Eggsy Unwin, broth. The one and only omega in the city--of fucking course I can do shit!” Eggsy shouted, twisting the gear and revving up the car before going into circles right in front of the fucking pub.

He was doing this on purpose, of course. What a way to stir up a dickhead.


Without stopping, Eggsy laughed at Rotty’s horrified face--he’s enjoying this so fucking much. “That’s my fucking car! Oy, Oy!” Rotty tried to advance, but really, he couldn’t because his leg could get driven over by Eggsy. The beta took out his phone and made a phone call, but he couldn’t care less. His mates all scrambled out and watched in utter horror as Eggsy and his best friends kept making faces and shouting profanities.

Until they hear the sirens.

“Fuck, Eggsy, we gotta fuckin’ go!”

With a quick hand, Eggsy went on reverse and gassed it up, avoiding the police in fucking reverse just because.

“Bloody hell, Eggsy! You’re one hell of a driver!” Jamal shouted in awe. “Although I’m probably about to get sick like this.”

“Oh, shut up Jamal!” Eggsy laughed, the adrenaline filling up his blood. He loved feeling like this, loving the chase and the pressure--

Before he spots a fox in the middle of the road.

He quickly turned the wheel to avoid it, gritting his teeth as he braced for the impact he knew he was going to get for backing up to another car. Shit. Is he going to have to pay for the damages? He hadn’t any money at all.

“Dick head!” Ryan screamed out the window.

Jamal sighed, looking a bit green in the face. “Foxes are vermin, Gaz. You should’ve driven it over.”

Well, at least he knows his friends are fine. 

“I should’ve done a lot of things,” he tried to smile, assuring his friends. The sirens were getting closer and closer. “I’ll sort this, now get out of the car.”

Jamal and Ryan twisted their faces. “No, we-”

“I said get out of the fucking car, or I’ll bite your neck off!” Eggsy growled, blue eyes shining out. Jamal and Ryan knows best not to push an angry omega. Or generally an angry Eggsy. Worse than annoying a woman in her red days.

When the two of them finally got out, Eggsy let out a frustrated groan and tried to move the car forward--cringing when the car he just crashed into created a rather large ‘crack’ noise as he stepped on the gas. When he was finally out, the police car who was chasing him crashed to him.