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Fantastic Beasts meets Pokémon

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After Newt Scamander landed in New York and went through the customs, having set the suitcase with its magical creatures to 'Muggle Worthy' beforehand, he gazed up in wonder at the buildings.

"This great city sparkles with the jewels of mans' invention," called a woman's voice to a crowd. It was Mary Lou Barebone. "Movie theatres, automobiles, the wireless, electric lights all dazzle and bewitch us."

Newt didn't see that he bumped into a woman holding a hot dog covered in mustard (Tina). "Oh, I'm so sorry," he apologised.

"But where there is light, there is shadow, friend," went on Mary Lou. "Something is stalking our city. Wreaking destruction and then disappearing without a trace."

Jacob Kowalski was heading to the bank, carrying a suitcase.

"Listen to me, we have to fight. Join us," Mary Lou continued. "The second Salamers in our fight." 

"Excuse me, doll." Jacob pushed through the crowd. "Just trying to get to the bank."

"You hear me, we have to fight together for the sake of our -" 

Jacob nearly tripped over Newt's case when he went to put it down.

"So sorry. My case," said Newt.

"No harm done," said Jacob.

"You!" Mary Lou pointed at Newt. "Friend, what drew you to our meeting today?"

"Oh, I-I was just passing-" Newt grinned.

"Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?"

"I'm more of a chaser, really."

A man came out of the bank and tossed a coin in the air.

"Hear my words." Mary Lou carried on, saying about witches living in society and how they should fight them, whilst Credence handed out leaflets to the crowd. "What do you say to that, friend?"

However, Newt noticed his Niffler had escaped when he saw it by a pillar, taking a man's hat filled with coins and that the case was opened. At the top of the stairs, the  Niffler stuffed its pouch with the shiny silver coins from the hat. "Excuse me," he said and hurried up the stairs into the bank. He went over to the bench where Jacob was and sat down.

"Hi," Jacob greeted. "What brings you here?"

"Same as you," Newt answered, still focused on locating the Niffler aka coin thief.

"You're here to get a loan to open up a bakery?"



Charlie Watson, Ottilie Davis, along with Francis Anderson and Emily Philipps arrived sometime in New York after Newt. Charlie was twenty one and had slick dark hair, brown eyes and wore casual clothes. Ottilie was a pre-teen girl with brown hair reaching her waist, light blue dress with blue flowers and white flowers, black leggings, white socks and black high top Chuck Taylor converse shoes with white soles. Francis wore a black hoodie and had brown hair and blue eyes. Emily wore dark blue jeans, a t shirt, white socks and black high top Chuck Taylor converse shoes with white soles like Ottilie. 

"Where are we?" Ottilie asked in her German accent.

"It's not just the case of where are we, it's also when are we," said Charlie. "We're in New York in the year 1926." He nearly tripped. "Oh, dear."

"Are you ok, Charlie? What's the matter?"

"I had a vision," Charlie whispered. "There'll be danger and a great evil."

"Not Azaaroth, is it?" Francis said.


"Thank goodness."

"What do we do?" Ottilie said.

"We find someone who can help," Emily said.

"And if we can't?"

"Ask for help from our friends. Or use sensing."


Elsewhere outside the bank, Tina questioned Newt if he obliviated the No-Maj.

"Sorry, we call them Muggles," Newt explained having not known what Tina meant at first.

"You wiped his memory, right? The No-Maj with the case?" She pressed on. "That's a Section 3A, Mr Scamander. I'm taking you in. Come on." She took him by the arm.

"Er... sorry, but I do have things to do, actually."

"Well, you'll have to rearrange them! What are you doing in New York anyway?"

"I came to buy a birthday present."

"Couldn't you have done that in London?"

"No, there's only one breeder of Appaloosa Puffskeins in the world and he lives in New York, so no."

"I got a Section 3A," she told a guard before she and Newt went in the Woolworth Building. "By the way, we don't allow the breeding of magical creatures in New York. We closed that guy down a year ago."


"Let's see the little guy," Graves said and Tina lifted the latches, with Graves and Abernathy watching (Newt was in the corner) and opened the case - to reveal pastries.


"Do you know anything about wizarding community in America, Mr Scamander?"

"I do know a few things, actually. I know that you have some rather backwards laws. That you can't befriend or marry Non-Majs which I think is rather absurd."

"Who's gonna marry him?"


Tina pushed Jacob and Newt through the door leading to where she lived. Inside, clothes folded themselves by magic by the fireplace.

"Teenie," said a woman from another room. "You've brought men home."

Tina turned to the men. "Gentlemen, this is my sister."

The blond woman hurried over with a concerned expression when she saw Jacob flop down on an armchair. "Oh, he hasn't eaten a thing all day. And... oh, that's rough. He didn't get the money he wanted for his bakery." She suddenly smiled. "You bake, honey? I love to cook."

"You're a Legilimens?" Newt asked. 

"Oh dear," Emily responded, wondering what will happen if Newt and the others discovered that she, Charlie, Ottilie and Francis were from 2018 - 92 years from 1926.

"Yeah, but I've always had trouble with your kind. Brits. It's the accent."

"You know how to read minds?" Jacob asked.

"Don't worry, honey. Most guys think what you was thinking the first time they see me," Queenie assured the No-Maj. "Now. You. Need. Food." She lightly poke his stomach with her wand when she said 'food'.

Tina waved her wand and magically laid out the table with the plates flying out of the cupboard, whilst Queenie prepared the meal.

Newt had his hand reaching for the doorknob when Queenie turned to him and asked, "Do you prefer pie or strudel?"

"I really don't have a preference."

"Well, sit down, Mr Scamander," Tina said to Newt, who was standing by the door with his case, "we're not gonna poison you."

"Nah, we're orphans. Ma and Pa died of dragon pox when we were kids."

"Can you not read my mind?" Jacob asked.



"What, you rescue them? Call me Jacob."


"Madam President, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is critical-" Tina stopped short when she walked into the room full of people with Newt's case.

"You better have an excellent excuse for this intrusion, Miss Goldstein," said Madam President.

"Yes, I do. Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case full of magical creatures. And unfortunately some have escaped. There were also four others and they had creatures called Pokémon."

"Did they arrive yesterday?"

Tina nodded.

"You've known for 24 hours that an unregistered wizard has set loose magical beasts in New York and you see fit to tell us when a man has been killed?" Seraphina was not impressed. "And the same goes for those four?"

Tina looked around in shock. "Who's been killed?"

"Where are those people?"

Tina knelt down, put the case on the floor, lifted the latches and knocked on the top. Newt lifted the cover before climbing out and was accompanied by Jacob. People talked amongst each other when they saw Jacob. One man assumed Newt was Theseus (his older brother).

Ottilie orbed in with Charlie, Francis and Emily.

Tina explained to the President that Jacob was a No-Maj and that he was bitten by Newt's Murlap. Some of the crowd called to Obliviate him.

We all looked at the ceiling where it had an image of a man - the Senator's son Henry Shaw Jr - dead.

"You know which of your creatures was responsible, Mr Scamander?" a woman asked. She even asked Charlie, Ottilie, Francis and Emily the same question, if the Pokémon did the attack.

"No creature did this, don't pretend," Newt answered. "You must know what that was, look at the marks, that was an Obscurus."

"You go too far, Mr Scamander," Seraphina told him. "There is no Obscurial in America."

Charlie yelled, "No!" Ottilie grabbed the case as Seraphina turned to Graves and said "Impound that case, Graves."

Graves stretched out a hand to summon the case, but Ottilie used Protect to shield herself and the case.

A blue aura surrounded Charlie just as a pink aura was around Ottilie. "Those creatures aren't dangerous. Let them go or there'll be justice to pay."

Seraphina paid no heed. "Take them to the cell."

As Jacob, Tina and Newt, along with Francis and Emily were being led away by guards, Charlie and Ottilie played the recording of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina's roars before leaving the case and following the others . . . to their deaths.


Being questioned by Graves in a room wasn't the most interesting thing ever to happen, him asking Newt if his actions were for the Greater Good etc, etc.

"I'm not one of Grindelwald's fanatics, Mr Graves," Newt said, making eye contact when he said his name.

"So, it's useless without the host?" Graves said after he revealed black smoke in a bubble, which reminded Francis, Ottilie, Emily and Charlie of the Enemy Zgtozata.

Newt was shocked. "Useless? That is a parasitic force that killed a child. Why would you want to use it?"

Graves then pronounced sentence which was death and even shushed Tina when she was sobbing in fear of her fate.

Then the six were led to a small room where a chair hovered in mid-air over what looked like clear water.

"Is that water?" Francis asked.

"No," Emily answered. "It's a death potion."

"Ich mag das nicht," Ottilie said.

Emily glanced at the third executioner standing in the doorway. "I know. Between this and the HPV jabs in Year 8, I prefer the jabs. I know what we have to do."

The group managed to escape with Queenie and Jacob, thanks to Newt's Bowtruckle and Swooping Evil, some Pokémon attacks from Charlie, Ottilie and Francis, and knocking out the executioners. "Hold hands," Ottilie said and everyone orbed out. . .