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Meet Me Halfway

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When she arrives home from her last day at the White House, there's a podium waiting at her apartment, complete with a backdrop featuring an almost-impeccable copy of the Presidential Seal (“I kinda like you behind it,” he says, with that little smirk of his almost hidden in his beard, “so sue me, okay?”)

On their first Christmas together, there's a Santa suit waiting for him - “So sue me,” she says, and then, a few hectic moments later, “No – keep the beard.”

And always – every time another Gail is disposed of (with great dignity; woe betide anyone who wonders why they don't just flush them), there's another swimming in the tank within days, until the day CJ says, “You know, she looks a little lonely in there, all by herself,” and from then on, it's the pair of them, swimming along side by side.