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They stood within shadows, gazing down on the endless stars that painted the universe. They were beautiful, glimmering, full of wonders and mysteries. It made them sick just to look at. In the center of it all, there was a particularly bright star. One could say it almost "popped" out against the rest of the canvas of the galaxies and cosmos. That was their target. Their prey, lying dead within their sights. They licked their lips, almost unable to wait until they were able to feast upon it.

"There it is... disgusting place," one of them said.

"I know. The light disgusts me. Makes my stomach twist and turn like some kind of rotten pretzel," the other said, faux gagging.

"I can't wait until it's gone. Completely smothered by our darkness. That day cannot come soon enough!"

"You idiot! That day is today! We have nearly arrived... be patient, nitwit! Your hunger shall be satiated soon enough." The tall figure crossed his arms and chuckled. "Ah, Dreamland... the land of dreams. I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate it. And you... you innocuous ball of marshmallow fluff... you, I hate most of all. But, rest assured, my revengeance will be swift. I will squeeze the life out of you and make it one with my own. Then, everything will be back on track. All according to my plan..."

"Master, your genius astounds me! I am not worthy!" the lesser figure groveled pitifully.

"I know. But, don't be ashamed. No one is worthy of my presence." He cackled, his harrowing howls echoing through the room like the howls of wolves on a mid-summer's eve. With his single eye, he stared down at the glowing star and twisted his face into a crooked smile.

"Kirby... I have not forgotten what you did to me. Rest assured, your days are numbered. Yes... your demise quickly approaches."