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Echanted By You

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The wind felt like a thousand needles that were embedded on his lungs with each breath.

A veil of darkness covered the sky,making it impossible to see while entering the dense forest that marked the limit of the two kingdoms.


Faster, he ought to run faster.

It wouldn’t take too long until they realized he was gone . Escaped, fled like a coward. He didn’t dare to use his magic, he could not risk the chance of being found once again.


The branches of the sturdy trees scratched his pale skin, his classy clothes completely destroyed and soaked by the rain.


He was far away from home.

The forest became more and more extensive, he no longer recognized the environment and, sincerely, it didn’t matter anymore.


The witch continued running, overwhelmed by his thoughts. He didn’t even noticed the creature he was approaching to.

Too late whatever it was, it already was aware of his presence.


The witch stopped on the spot...


He hadn’t revealed himself, hidden behind some trees. The figure didn’t take long to sheathe a shiny sword. A knight


The witch finally understood where he was. And now someone knew he was there, it didn’t matter if the knight hadn’t seen his face. It was done. And though it didn’t feel right, the witch knew exactly what to do.


And so, despite the knight was only doing its job, despite the knight was innocent. The witch prepared himself. It only took a second for him to take out a blade and two more to get out from where he was hiding, elude the knight’s sword, immobilize its body and place the deadly blade against its throat, phylum against skin.


Just one cut,just one and everything would have ended. He could continue running, but he had to see. If he was going to murder someone, at least he had to know who.


The witch lift his face to meet their eyes, and he saw a pair deep blue ones staring back at him, widely open.


A male. Young.


The deep blueness created a feeling of attraction into a warm ocean of emotions. It was like all the shades of blue swirled together to form those breathtaking flickering azure orbs.

Striking, yet soft, focused.


It sent electric shocks that made his blood dance beneath his skin.

No sign of fear, maybe surprise but there was no sign of sorrow or plea. Those eyes that stole his breath looking right through him.


And the witch stared at them for too long. The sudden sound of raindrops that  filled his eardrums were enough to pull him out of his trance. Not giving it a second thought he retrieved the blade and backed away, still seeing those eyes until he was far enough to continue running, hopping the dark and rain would cover his trace.


Running far away,deeper into the woods,

The witch wondered why he didn’t kill the knight, wondered why he wanted to look back.