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Child of Earth, Heart of Fire

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     The forest had been quiet for the most part. Every so often she’d hear the skittering of an animal in the distance or her partners quips. She’s thankful for the relative silence though; makes the journey a bit more peaceful. At the drop of a hat that silence is shattered as the air is filled with the wails of a child. She stops her steed to look down at the bundle snuggled close to her chest. Her son is not the source of the noise. He remains asleep in the sling across her torso. In a matter of seconds she’s dismounted from her horse and haphazardly starts her search for the source of the sound. No care is given to the words of protest her elven companion calls out.

     After a few a minutes of wandering around in a circle the crying sounds louder, and she assumes she’s grown closer to the source. Then it stops. for a brief second. Grey eyes are cast about scouring the area for any signs of life. Nothing save for a rotted tree trunk surrounded by shrooms and other flora. It’s not what she was looking for but she won’t pass up the opportunity to obtain more alchemy ingredients. With a huff of a sigh she moves towards it. When she goes to bend down to pick a few of the shrooms scattered about, she notices an opening within the wood. Rays of light softy ignite the inside of the hollow trunk. It’s then she catches a glimpse of movement and hears something stir. At last she realizes what it is. There within the rotted wood confines atop a bed of moss and an animal pelt is a baby. With caution, she reaches inside, careful not to injure herself, her son nor this new little one.

      Shura’s breath seems stop a moment after she pulls the infant out into the open world. Her brows furrow, looking over the babe for any wounds. Poor thing couldn’t be more than a week old. She knows without a doubt she’s already become attached to the little one It’s not long till her partner finally catches up with a rather sour look on his face.

      ❝What in Oblivion do you think you’re doing?! You can’t just run off like that! Especially not with Azuol—❞ He stops though the second he sees the human cradled in her grasp. There’s a quick glance up at the orc woman and from the look on her face he already knows what she’s thinking. Andrrus gives a quick shake of his head. ❝I know what you’re going to say and the answer is no .❞ He can see her getting ready to argue with him. It’s foolish. He knows it and she knows it. Gods know though he can try all his might to convince her of it. ❝We can’t keep it.❞

       ❝And why not?❞ Shura says, frowning down at him. What else were they going to do with the child? Certainly not leave it. Not in a millenia.

       Andrrus doesn’t hold back the groan of annoyance as he pinches the bridge of his nose. He watches while she tries to readjust both babies,trying to fit them into the one sling. ❝Surely you don’t mean that as a serious question. Dearest,❞ he says, the pet-name dripping with a sort of saccharine venom, ❝In case you’ve forgotten you are an Orc , along with our son, and I am a Dunmer. The child is human! Probably Nord at that… People will talk. Hell, someone may think we up and stole it from a village or some nonsense! Let’s just turn around, go back to Riften and leave it at the Orphanage or on the steps of the temple.❞

       Shura’s motion come to a halt, shooting him a fearsome glare. ❝ I’m not going back to Riften . Nor am I condemning her to a bleak fate such as that. My choice has been made.❞ Yet before he can say something else, she gently shoves the infant into his grasp. Irritation melts into confusion and a slight awkwardness. All he can do is stare at the child in his arms. Her brown eyes meet his red ones. There’s a twinkle in her eyes — a sort of mischievous look. A tiny hand reaches up only to rest on his chin It dawns on him just how little she is. He’s use to Azuol, who happens to be not only heftier but a tad chunkier. She let’s out what’s suppose to be a giggle and his heart skips a beat. This period of time feels so similar to when he held Azuol for the first time. The It takes him a minute to realize his companion is speaking to him.

        ❝Well, are you going to hand the child back to me or not?❞

        He can hear the smugness in her voice despite her features showing none of that. His expression softens as he gives the child back to his wife. ❝I know there’s no changing your mind. Fine. We’ll keep it.❞ he murmurs. ❝Just keep in mind that the child is human and not…like us. And it’s another mouth to feed.❞

         She merely rolls her eyes, smiling down at her new daughter. With a bit of ease she places her beside her other child, smile growing as they end up curling up together. Truly she has been blessed. She now has two children, a husband to provide support, and soon they would be free from Skyrim. Free from the nasty looks, the whispers and past. Just as soon as they crossed the border and moved past Bruma, everything would work out for the better.

         ❝It will all be fine. I have no doubt that not only were we destined for great things, but so are our children. Just wait and see, Andrrus.❞