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Ebony feathers

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Yoongi ran as fast as his tired and body would let him through the slim alleyways of Seoul, the streets dark and devoid of people at that late hour of the night.


He ran aimlessly trying to shake off whatever it was that kept following him but every step he took seemed too small, too slow and somehow, he could feel it approaching.


Yoongi reached for his phone again, desperately trying to call his best friend for the hundredth time that night. The call rung and rung and once again no one picked up.


He let out a frustrated huff as he turned left on a whim, feeling his eyes water. His lungs were burning, and he could feel his knees wanting to give up under him. He had been running for so long he had lost track of time.


Yoongi turned and looked back for a second. He saw was nothing. But the constant feeling that he was being watched didn’t disappear, the image of those bright blue eyes invading his mind. He forced himself out of his thoughts and made to move his again, stumbling on his own feet, feeling the first tears roll on his cheeks.


On a quick move Yoongi turned right on the next turn, his brain clouding with the fear and adrenaline and he could only run as fast as he could until he found a place to hide.


An abandoned store. An open door. He needed it and before Yoongi could even register the thought properly he had run through the entrance only to be met with darkness. Breathing hard he allowed himself to relax feeling the crippling sensation of being followed disappear.


Shaking he moved deeper inside the store and crouched, back leaning against the wall and quickly taking out his phone.




He dialled Hoseok’s number again, trembling fingers struggling to keep the phone in place. He heard the calling ring and it seemed slower, like it was mocking his despair.


And finally, a voice.




“Hoseok! Hoseok, it’s after me, I need help!” his voice came out muffled and rough as he tried to speak quietly but the fear was still too overwhelming in his entire body.


“What? “


“It’s real, Hoseok! It- It’s following me!”


“Hyung, no… just come back home.”


He had to believe! He wasn’t going crazy!


“Hoseok, it- “


A loud bang echoed through the building and Yoongi stopped listening to Hoseok’s voice. He shrunk into himself on the small corner he was crouching in. There was no escape, it was going to get him.


“Hyung, are you still there?”


When he finally saw the silhouette and its bright blue eyes, he felt his mind go blank, phone falling hard on the ground with a smash.


That. It couldn’t be real.


Yoongi looked up, eyes wide and expression frozen in terror. He didn’t even have enough time to register the figure approaching with outstretched hands and the impish smile on its face before everything turned completely black.



When he woke up it felt like a dream, a separate world he couldn’t understand.


Yoongi couldn’t grasp how much time had passed or where he was, everywhere the dark-haired boy looked he faced darkness. The only ray of light was shining down on him from somewhere he couldn’t see, almost as if he was a character in a stage play. He felt alone and yet he couldn’t shake the unnerving feeling that he was being watched.


He would be convinced none of that was real had it not been for the pain. The pain, the burning feeling that filled him from the tips of his fingers and resonated through his whole body, threatening to consume him.


For a few moments his mind went blank and Yoongi felt like he was watching himself as an outsider. Watching as his body contorted and folded on itself, falling onto its knees to the floor. The pain was making flashes of white appear in front of his eyes each time he closed them, his breath coming out ragged as he struggled to breathe.


Yoongi clutched his hand over his heart, feeling its unsteady rhythm through his skin when an especially sharp pang flowed through him.


His head snapped back, and a raw, animalistic growl escaped his throat and echoed into the darkness and when he finally started to calm down and opened his eyes an unknown sensation was starting to replace the painful heat inside him.


A foreign sense of strength, an unexplainable force flowing in his veins.


A last, unexpected pang of pain made him shoot one of his hands up to his face, covering it to muffle his screams until it all stopped and Yoongi felt himself regain control over his body at last.


He felt tired yet powerful, a different kind of burning inside him and slowly he moved his head again to look down at himself. With slow and calculated moves, he let his hand slip from his face, black hair falling into his eyes, the brown orbs appearing darker and more intense and a mischievous smirk playing on his lips.


He felt like he was born anew.


And yet, as he tried to lift himself up, his whole world turned blurry, his vision unfocused and it was as if all the energy he had left had suddenly been robbed from him. Yoongi flopped back to the ground with a thud, body heavy and head hanging low.


The sound of resolute footsteps echoed loud all around him, but he couldn’t gather the strength to lift his head up, he only knew they were getting closer and closer until they came to a stop right in front of him and yet he couldn’t move.


Moments passed in silence and his eyes felt heavy. He knew his whole body and mind were shutting down.


The last thing he remembers is hearing an amused and low hum as the other crouched in front of him, the tan skin of his upper body exposed through his robes and the big dark wings that stretched out directly behind him.