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Ancient Viewing

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"So let me get this straight-" Burkhard began only to be cut off by Athena giggling. 

"Good luck with that" She said teasingly causing the German to roll his eyes in exasperation before he returned his attention to the largely grinning Romulus, who was practically vibrating with excitement while clutching a plainly covered book to his chest. 

"God came to you and told you that we had to interfere with our children's, or in your case grandchildren's, lives by having them read a book filled with each other's secrets via diary entries and statements" He said slowly as if talking to a child and all Romulus did was nod excitedly as he bounced in place. 

"Isn't it perfect? With this, we'll be able to help them heal and they will all become closer to each other!" He exclaimed excitedly causing the other ancients to sigh. 

"Or it could cause discord and for their situations to worsen" Genevieve said seriously causing the Roman to pout childishly. 

"But It's Gods decree" He protested weakly causing the others to give him very unimpressed looks.

"Yeah, and where's your proof?" Akila asked only for a bolt of lightning to strike the ground right next to her causing her to jump and land in Athena's arms. Both women were staring at the scorched ground with wide eyes. 

"Okay, we believe you!" The two women shouted in unison as they shuffled away. The other ancients just sighed before nodding in agreement causing Romulus' smile to return. He put the book under his arm before he cupped his hands together and caused a small ball of light to appear in his hands surprising the others. 

"Alright, we'll leave them a message via this ball of light. So that when they have their next meeting it will relay the message and give them the book. Also, it will temporarily freeze time outside of the conference building" He said all in one breathe causing the others to become even more baffled than they already were. 

"How did you do that?" Burkhard asked slowly causing Romulus to give him a deadpanned look. 

"Magic" He said simply causing Burkhard to huff in annoyance, though his lip did twitch in amusement when he heard Alicia mutter 'That's my line' under her breath. 

"Alright let's record the message" Romulus said excitedly and though everyone sighed in exasperation they complied and walked over to help record the message. Once that was done Romulus clapped his hands causing the ball of light and the book to disappear. 

"Awesome, now we just have to wait till the next world meeting" Romulus said excitedly causing the others to groan, except for Andriy who gave the Roman a deadpanned look. 

"You do know that the next world meeting is 3 months away right?" He asked rhetorically causing Romulus to give him a horrified expression while everyone else laughed.